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    Speed FAQ/Walkthrough by MajinChrono86

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 11/05/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      __/  \__
     /  ____  \
    /  |    |  \
    |  |    |  |
    |  |    `-.|           _    _                      ,-'/
    |  |   _____  _____  _| |_ | |  ___  _            /  /_____  _ __   _   _____
    |  |  /  _  \/  _  \|_   _|| | / _ \\ \          /  //  _  \| '_ \ | | /  _  \
    |  |  '.| | || / \,'  | |  | || | | |\ \        /  / '.| | || / \ || | '.| | |
    |  |     _| || \____  | |  | || |_| | \ \      /  /     _| || | | || |    _| |
    |  |  ,-'   | \____ \ | |  | ||  ___|  \ \    /  /   ,-'   || | | || | ,-'   |
    |  |  | ,-| |,-'   \ || |  | || |   __  \ \  /  /   |  .-| || | | || | | .-| |
    |  |  | |_| || \___/ /| |_ | || |__/ /   \ \/  /    | |__| || | | || | | |_| |
    |  |  |___,_|\_____,' \___||_| \____/     \   /     |____,_||_| |_||_| |___,_|
    |  |            ___                        \ /     _            . __ 
    |  |     ,-|   (        _ _  _ |_  _  _     V  _ _/_` _|_|_  _   |  \o _ |_ _|_
    |  |    |  |    `-. \ \| | || \| |/ \| |\ \   / \ |    | | |/_\  |  ||| || | |
    \  |____|  /    ___)|_|| | ||_/| |\_/| ||_|   \_/ |    \_| |\_, _/  |||_|| | \_
     \__    __/         (_,'    |           (_,'                          ._/
        \  /                     \
    Version: 1.4
    Last Update: October 4th, 2004
    Updates: Added Alternative Solutions and Best of the Best. Minor typos.
    ~ CONTENTS ~
    1. Contact Info
    2. Introduction
    3. Before Starting...
    4. Speed Walkthrough
    5. Summary
    6. Best of the Best
    7. Credits
       You can reach me through email or AIM if you have any
    questions or comments. If you find any errors or have an
    idea of how to get past something quicker, please notify
    me. Anything else, go ahead and contact me.
    Email: ronchan@cox.net
    AIM: ronkun2
       Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the Playstation
    is one of my favorite games of all time. The astounding
    music and detailed layers give the game a very nice feel.
    In my opinion, SotN is the best platform/side-scrolling
    game of all time. Throughout this FAQ you'll find details
    which will lead to beating the game faster. By following
    this FAQ, the game should take no longer than three hours
    to beat. My current best time is under two hours.
       Keep in mind that using this guide will not obtain a
    high percentage in game completion. Also, you will not
    unlock any special secrets. After having beaten the game
    fully a number of times, this was just a test to see how
    fast I could defeat Dracula and finish the game. So
    remember, this is for fun only, once again... YOU WILL
      To achieve the lowest time and not have to restart over
    and over again, there are a number of things I suggest you
    do before embarking on the fastest quest.
    1. Play the game and beat it normally.
    2. Learn the map and areas of the game.
    3. Read through my main guide, then use the Summary to
    check off each thing and move quickly.
    4. Remember that time doesn't pass when you pause, but it
    does pass when there are cinematics. Press start to skip
    5. Prepare a Boss FAQ to whiz through the bosses.
    6. SAVE OFTEN! To make good time you won't be levelling up
    until the very end or not at all! This means most enemies
    will be a lot harder than usual!
    Part A: Richter's Victory.
      The game begins as Richter. Skip the secret area and
    grab the Holy Water. Jump at Dracula when he appears
    and hit him in the head, then let your whip spin around
    to destroy the fireballs he launches. After a few hits
    wait until just before he appears to use Hydro Storm.
    Once the second form is complete, use another Hydro Storm
    and start whipping away, maybe even using Richter's
    down + up attack. He should die fairly quickly.
    Part B: The Quest Begins.
       Immediately move right when you've entered the castle.
    Using the triangle dash is very effective, and a must
    for making good time. Avoid using the down, down-right,
    right attack, as it takes a lot of time to execute. Kill
    the warg and continue down the long hallway. Continue
    straight right until you run into Death. Skip the speech
    and go through the right opening, then up, and left.
    Quickly dispose of the first skeleton and snag the Short
    Sword. Equip it immediately and head up. Save here if you
    feel comfortable doing so. Don't worry about the Red Rust,
    I despise this weapon anyways. Grab the Cube of Zoe. Now
    head left to the first real area of the game. From here
    on be sure to grab every heart you can and stock up. In
    the Alchemy Laboraty, head straight to the left and
    destroy the skeletons. Hit the switch to lower the spike
    and grab the Hide Cuirass. Equip it and quickly move up.
    Now from here go left and hit the orb to get the Leather
    Shield. Equip it in the available hand and climb the
    platforms and go to the left. In here you will get your
    Knife, and use it sparingly. Hit the ground here for a
    boost in Life Max, otherwise, move up and left to the
    next room.
       Here you can skip the spikes and move up and left,
    skipping Axe Lords when you can. Here you can pick up an
    easy Resist Thunder and move upwards again. Here you can
    jump over to the save room if you like. Now head up. If
    you would rather have the Axe secondary weapon, take it.
    I think the Knife is more useful here. Head to the right
    for your first boss battle.
    HP: 400 (200 each)
    XP: 400 (200 each)
       When the battle starts launch a quick volley of Knives
    at Slogra. Move from side to side to avoid Slogra being
    dropped on you and jump attack when he is airborn. Slogra
    will eventually perish and you'll contend with Gaibon.
    Block his fireballs and such with the shield, and when he
    falls to the ground and fires a long, repeated assault,
    move in with the shield and duck and slash away. Refer to
    a Boss FAQ for more help.
    Part C: To the Library!
       Head to the right and then up, saving here if you wish.
    Then go right again. You'll enter the Marble Gallery and
    continue on a right path. Hang on to the Holy Water.Forget
    about the spirit Orb and continue right. You'll run into
    enemies, use your shield to block the plant's stone attack.
    The rest should be fairly easy. Be sure to check the
    candles and collect money, you will need it. Eventually
    you will reach the Outer Wall. Go down and to the left.
    Here you will need the Holy Water to defeat to Knight
    blocking the path. Defeat him and enter. Destroy the lower
    portion of the wall for some food. Now stand fully in the
    hole and stand still. After a bit a secret elevator will
    take you down. Get the Jewel Knuckles and the armor, which
    will protect you from stone. Equip them both. Now head back
    up and then right, then up again. Go past where you came
    in then left. Head down the hallway and save if you want.
    Go up and right to encounter the second boss.
    HP: 120
    XP: 500
       Don't use any secondary attacks. Just attack him. Continue pummelling
    him and you should be able to catch a rythym that won't allow him a
    chance to attack. Refer to a Boss FAQ for more help than this.
       With him defeated, head right. Go right. If you trust your jumping
    skills, get the Life Max. Otherwise, head up. Go in thenext door you
    find on the left. Head into the Library.
       Go left until you get a chance to go up. Head up and then right. Go
    up then left again, walking past the books. Head down and left and you
    come upon the Librarian. Skip the cinematics and purchase the Jewel of
    Part D: A Long Way to the Top.
       The next necessary item to obtain is the Leap Stone. Exit the Library
    the way you came and head up. Hit the switch to activate the elevator and
    go back down to get the Soul of Wolf. Head back up and enter the Warp
    Room. Use the warp and exit to the right. Open the gate and head up, back
    to the Alchemy Laboratory. Head through as quickly as possible like before,
    and get all the way to the room before the Slogra and Gaibon battle. Jump
    to the left and open the door to reveal the second meeting with Maria. Move
    on to the right until you can go up. Head up the long stairs, defeating
    what enemies you can and avoiding the Spike Ball at the top. If things are
    rough you can exit right and return, get close to the Spike Ball and duck.
    Attacking with the Jewel Knuckles will hit it twice and you can gain a few
    levels easily here. When I'm not pressed for time I usually get to Level
    18 or 19 here. Continue in an upwards and right pattern to reach the third
    boss, Hippograph.
    HP: 800
    XP: 800
       This is an extremely easy battle. Just bash him with the Jewel Knuckles
    and duck under his fire-breath. Destroy any eggs quickly, and the battle
    will be very short.
       SKip the cinematics and head to the right and all the way across. Take
    the little elevator up and go left, all the way across. You'll obtain the
    Leap Stone and the ability to double-jump.
    Part E: Battle in the Coliseum
       To go through the Clock Tower is a complete waste of time. Use the nearby
    Warp Room to go to the Outer Wall. Head down and past where you fought
    Doppleganger10. Go left down the original hall back towards the beginning.
    When you reach the center Clock room, wait for the upper left part to open
    up, then continue up to the large room with the Poltergeist. Take the bottom
    right path and retrieve the Onyx through the fake wall, you will need the
    cash. Go back to the room and take the upper-left path to enter the Coliseum.
       Here, enemies are fairly tough and if you went fast you are fairly weak.
    Skip enemies when you can. Go left, and over everything. When you can go back
    down again, save on the left. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED SAVE. Now go down and to
    the left again. This is a very hard room to get through. I usually use 
    up, down, down-right/left, right/left, and attack. Hold up to do the large
    fireballs. Immediately do it again. The pain is the guys shooting the guns.
    If you die you can try again. Successfully doing this gets you a nice sum of
    money and the Shield Rod. Equip this even though the Jewel Knuckles are 
    stronger. The extra length will be very useful. Head out of here and save to
    fill up, then go right to encounter Richter for the first time.
    HP: ???
    XP: ???
       Quickly throw a few Holy Waters below the Werewolf and beat on him with the
    Shield Rod. He should die quickly, leaving the Minotaur. Jump over his attack 
    and beat him, refer to a Boss FAQ for more help here.
       Head right and collect the Form of Mist and use the Library Card you just 
    got. Back here purchase the Iron Shield, remember to sell your gems and 
    stones. Go to the right and double jump up to the ledge. Go left and down,
    and you'll have another boss battle. Make sure you equipped the Iron Shield.
    HP: 400
    XP: 100
       Hold out the shield and attack with the shield rod. Tap twice to summon a
    special attack. The two swords will fly across the screen and hit enemies. 
    From here on for a while use this attack and refer to Boss FAQs.
       Head left and down the right to the grating. Use Form of Mist to go through
    and collect the Soul of Bat. We're now about halfway through the first castle!
    Part F: The Sound of an Echo
       Leave the Library and go back to the center Clock room. Fly all the way up
    the middle to get the Gravity Boots. Go back to the center Clock and up the
    left hand side when it opens. In the room with the Poltergeist take the top 
    right path and open the Warp Room by entering and exiting. Go straight up the 
    long upwards hall. Use the Gravity Boots, down + up, jump, to be more time 
    efficient. Here go left, then down, then across the courtyard. Use Holy Water
    to really whip the half-horsemen guys. Continue left to the next boss battle.
    HP: 666
    XP: 500
       The shield rod ~ iron shield combo is still effective, keep it up.
       Now go left and get the Echo of Bat. This will be used to get the 
    Spikebreaker Armor. A friend of mine knows the dark room by heart and can 
    navigate it safely, but I always get this. To cut a nice chunk of time you
    can memorize that room too. Go back to the center Clock room and go right. Go
    right and up and right again. Stay ont he top part until you open a blue
    door. Jump on the switch and head back left. Find the new opening in the
    ground and go down. Follow around and down again. Continue down until you
    come to a long drop. Use bat to fly into the opening across from the ledge.
    Go down the hall and break the pots to get some items, equip the Moonstone.
    Go in the right entryway to use a fake save point and fight Succubus in the
    Dream World.
    HP: 666
    XP: 2,000
       Shield Rod + Iron Shield, extremely easy. Refer to Boss FAQ if needed.
       Now collect the Gold Ring and leave. Go back and fall down the long pit. 
    Head throught the first left and continue straight along until you reach the 
    waterfall. Fly across straight left and hit the switch. Keep the Iron Shield 
    equipped. Now go right across the waterfall and through the room with the
    wooden bridge. Exit that area then re-enter. Lure the skeleton with the
    barrel to the bridge and have him throw the flaming barrel on the bridge,
    opening a path to the Underground Caverns. Head left, then down, then right.
    Your Holy Water can be a big help in the battle with Cereberus.
    HP: 800
    XP: 1,500
       Holy Water will jack him over, and the Shield Rod + Iron Shield combo is 
    too high an attack. Holy Water should be enough.
    Part G: No Longer Fear Spikes
       Head right and down after the battle, then left to further dungeons in 
    Castlevania. Go straight down and then left to get the Demon Card. Activate 
    the Demon familiar and continue down. At the bottom, go right and follow that
    all the way over. Eventually you will come to a room that is pitch dark.
    Turn into a bat and use the echo ability to safely navigate the treacherous
    path. Once on the other side, fall on the white block to return the lights.
    Head right to the end and fall down, then go straight left and obtain the
    Spikebreaker armor. Equip this immediately and return the way you came.
    Then, go to the room across from where you got the Demon Card and use the 
    teleporter to go to the center of the castle. Head up the long shaft and then 
    left. Drop down a level then go straight left. In the next room you can break
    a portion of the ceiling to get the Sword Card, but it isn't necessary. Open
    the pathway and head through to the Chapel.
       Go up from here and in the next door on the left. Use Form of mist to go 
    through the grating and walk across the spikes to reach a room with Maria. 
    Skip the cinematics and get the Silver Ring on your left. Now go back through
    where you just came to reach the Center Clock Room the quickest. Equip both
    the Gold and Silver Rings. Head down the opening to have another cinematic
    with Maria. Skip it and head up to the nearest Warp Room. It's time to fight
    Richter. Warp to the top of the castle, taking the path of Richter to the
    left and up. Enter the same room in which Richter fought Dracula and let the
    battle begin.
    HP: 400
    XP: 0
       Equip the Holy Glasses you got from Maria, and wait for the orb to appear. 
    Attack it and avoid using the special attack so you don't kill Richter. Skip 
    the cinematics and prepare for some quick rounding up of Dracula's parts.
       I haven't yet perfected a fast way to do this area. There are a number of 
    methods, I will simply state my main method and extra options on the way. 
    First things first, head left, then up, then right along the top. Continue
    and you will find Medusa.
    HP: 1,100
    XP: 2,500
       I suggest wearing the Mirror Cuirass for this battle, then use the Shield 
    Rod + Iron Shield combo as usual. See a Boss FAQ for a more in depth strategy.
       For this you get the Heart of Vlad, which prevents Curse. Now go back left 
    and head straight in that direction. You will run into another boss fight in 
    no time.
    HP: 600
    XP: 1,200
       This is a fairly simple battle. Refer to a FAQ if needed. For this the 
    Ring is yours.
       Now comes my least favorite part of the game. Go left and you'll find 
    yourself in the Clock Tower. Get through these rooms as quickly as possible. 
    It will be tough so use that Shield Rod special often. Once outside again go
    left and up until you reach the reverse Outer Wall. Here is the point where
    you reach a choice. You can continue and have a very hard time finishing, or
    do what I do. Save at the bottom right save point here. Go up and enter the
    Reverse-Library. Repeatedly fight Schmoo, the flying ghost looking thing
    with the sheetlike appearance. I spend 5 minutes trying to get a Crissaegrim.
    If I don't get it I reset and start over again. As soon as I get it I
    continue on. So this FAQ will assume you do that.
       Next, leave the library and go up to the area in which you fought 
    Doppleganger10. Now a Frankstein-like enemy will be there, and with the
    Crissaegrim in hand, this gets easier than anything else.
    HP: 1,100
    XP: 2,500
       Just slash away, it doesn't get any better than this.
       Now you've earned the Tooth of Vlad. Head around then up, then right down 
    the long hallway, a simple job with the Crissaegrim. Get to the center Clock 
    room and go down the right-side opening. Head all the way down and into the
    old Poltergeist room. Take the bottom-left passage and unlock the Warp Room
    here. Fall down the shaft and go right. In the Reverse-Courtyard, go across
    and through the righthand door. Continue down the hallway to fight the next
    holder of a Vlad piece, Akmodan II.
    HP: 1,200
    XP: 2,500
       This is by far the easiest battle of the entire game. Stand firm and swing 
    that Crissaegrim, he'll fall in a few seconds. Now the Rib of Vlad is yours.
       Now there is only one piece left to the puzzle. Head left and up and back 
    to the Center Clock Room. Go right and continue that way until you reach the 
    hole in the ceiling that leads to the Reverse-Underground Caverns. Head up
    into them and go into the room where you fought Cereberus. Death will be
    HP: 888
    XP: 4,444
       Death can withstand constant Crissaegrim beating a little longer than 
    other bosses, but it won't save him. Skip the cinematics and you're home free 
    with the final Vlad 
    piece, the Eye.
       Now you're ready to confront Dracula. Go back to the Center Clock Room. 
    Upon entering the path upwards is revealed, and you may confront Dracula. 
    Here, you save. Go up and around one side and drop down to the small room.
    Skip the cinematics and Shaft attacks.
    HP: 1,300
    XP: 0
       If you beat Death, he'll be no sweat. Jump and swing the Crissaegrim. 
    Piece of cake.
    HP: 9,998
    XP: 0
       Skip the cinematics and let the brawl start. Move from side to side to 
    avoid his attacks, and keep swinging the Crissaegrim. Since Dracula has 
    10,000hp, it could take a while. Still, with such speed it can't be too
    long. The battle is easy and the game completed. Congratulations!
    Alternative Solutions
    Thanks to Weyr_D for this information.
       I have recieved emails on a few possible ways to increase speed. Of
    course, having the luck cheat to keep all of Alucard's equipment could very
    easily decrease total time significantly. If you want to do it, enter your
    name in the beginning as "X-X!V"Q"     This will grant you increased luck
    at the expense of other stats. When you reach the room before Death, where
    two Wargs reside, kill the first and jump over the second. Unequip everything
    and wait for the warg to strike. Jump up so it hits you in middair. Alucard
    should be propelled across the screen which you encounter Death. Don't pause
    or anything and head up. Enter the Alchemy Laboratory and go back immediately.
    Now equip everything continue your quest.
       Another trick that makes a grand difference is the Alucard Shield and
    Shield Rod combo. You can either skip getting the Crissaegrim and make way for
    Alucard Shield, which would end up being faster, or just use the aforementioned
    Luck Code cheat and use the awesome power as soon as you get the Shield Rod,
    cutting off even more time. This method has yet to be used by me, and sounds
    fun. Although these are very useful, the luck code is like cheating... it
    depends upon how you feel about it.
    ~ Summary ~
       These are the major events in beating the game quickly, use it like a 
    - Beat Slogra and Gaibon
    - Get Jewel of Open
    - Get Leap Stone
    - Beat Minotaur and Werewolf
    - Get Form of Mist
    - Get Form of Bat
    - Get Echo of Bat
    - Get Gold Ring
    - Get Spike Breaker
    - Get Silver Ring
    - Get Holy Glasses
    - Rescue Richter
    - Medusa
    - Darkwing Bat
    - Get Crissaegrim
    - The Creature
    - Akmodan II
    - Death
    _ Dracula
    ~ Best of the Best ~
    Traditional Masters: No Alucard Shield and No Luck Code
    1. Matt Martin, IA
       Time - 1:03:10
       Lv. 37   Completion 68.3%
    2. Ron Irvin, Ca
       Time - 1:24:38
       Lv. 40   Completion: 73.9%
    Shield Weilders: Alucard Shield + Shield Rod Combo and No Luck Code
    1. Matt Martin, IA
       Time - 1:05:41
       Lv. 36   Completion: 70.4%
    Invincible Shield Wielders: Alucard Shield + Shield Rod Combo plus Luck Code
       This is going to be my list for the best times I've recieved from players
    who email me their best times. Each individual can hold a single place in each
    category. So start emailing me those best times! Be sure to include whether
    Alternative Solutions were used or not!
    ~ Credits ~
       I have sources and people to thank for help with this FAQ:
    	- Weyr_D, First contributor of the Alternative Solutions section
    	- Osrevad, that ASCII Art is the shiznit!
    	- Sean Littlefield, thanks for your Boss Guide for the Boss stats.
    	- Nev (http://www.serenitygrotto.com/), for your nice map.
    	- Game FAQs for hosting these valuable resources.
    	- Brock Taylor, for copy editing my FAQ.
    	- Konami and Sony, for making such an awesome game possible.
      ~ Sites Approved to host this FAQ: GameFAQs, Neoseekers ~
    	If you want to host this FAQ on your website,
    	please email me for permission first. RonChan@cox.net
       Thanks again everyone! My first FAQ is now finished!
    Copyright 2004 Ron Irvin (MajinChrono86)

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