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    Boss FAQ by virgilkx

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 10/07/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    10/08/04 By dukevirgil@yahoo.com
    I'm not much for lengthy introductions. Basically, this guide's purpose is to
    assist you through the boss fights, without having to sift through a
    walk-through. IĎm also trying to make this as comprehensive as possible (This
    guide could also be helpful to those that are trying to win the battles through
    skill, maybe by using less equipment, or by using the Luck cheat).
    Mostly, Iíll just list strategies to use, and assume you have the proper
    equipment to deal with the situation. However, I may call upon specific
    equipment which you should use in a boss fight, in which case, Iíll direct you
    to the location(s) of said equipment.
    To simplify things for you, try using CTRL + F to find what youíre looking for.
    Version 1.3: 10/08/04 - Another year passed, not much updated. A few reader
    submissions, though I plan to keep chugging along with this. Lots of grammar
    and other mistakes need to be corrected. :(
    Version 1.2: 9/16/03 - Wow, itís been three years since Iíve updated this
    thing. Iíve done a basic updating to the year 2003 - Added a better
    introduction, version history, and the ever needed table of contents. Had to go
    through and space out the paragraphs better since I had to convert files. A lot
    more is sure to follow now that Iíve got the ball rolling again.
    Version 1.0: 5/07/00 - The first version of the guide. Every boss listed, along
    with strategies.
    Richter's Game:
    Level:  ??
    HP:  600.
    Strong VS.:  None.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  None.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp:  0.
    Before you start off the game, you will play as Richter, will must defeat
    Dracula. (This bit was taken from the Japanese game, Dracula X, I believe.
    If I'm wrong, someone e-mail me with the true game.) You can defeat him, even
    if you "die" (lose all your HP, and Maria will show up, and give you
    invincibility.), but the true purpose of this battle is to decide Alucard's
    starting stats.
    Therefore, you'll want to do good.  Taking damage, time elapsed, and the
    amount of hearts used, all affect how Alucard's stats look.  Dracula has two
    forms, both of which you must kill.  The first form attacks much like he did
    back in Castlevania IV.  There are two seperate ways to kill him.  One being
    the cheap way, and one being the harder way.  I'll explain both:
    The cheap way:
    Grab the Holy Water in the room with Dracula.  When Dracula appears, press
    triangle to activate the Hydro storm.  This will consume 15 hearts, and most
    likely, will kill his first form in one shot.  Simple.
    The harder way:
    This will take practice to pull off, but it will save you your hearts, and is
    the better way to do things.  You won't need any special weapons for the
    first part, just some good ol' agility.
    When you see Dracula appear, get far from him, but close enough to hit his
    head, then jump and hit Dracula as he appears, and when you land, jump again
    and him him, and then on your third jump, you'll barely miss the fireballs,
    and hit him a third time.  As you can guess, this is not as easy as it
    Of course, this isn't Dracula's only attack.  After three times of this,
    he'll launch two shadow fireballs at you.  You can still manage to hit him
    three times, but you must be good and quick.  When he appears for the fourth
    time, jump and hit him as he appears, land, jump and hit him again, duck,
    jump over the 2nd fireball, and hit him for the third time.  You can usually
    get off two hits, but three is very hard to get.  He'll repeat this pattern,
    three times shooting normal fireballs, and then the fourth time, shooting
    shadow fireballs.  Like I said, it'll take some practice, but eventually,
    you'll leave unscathed.
    Dracula's 2nd form is that of a giant gargoyle-like creature.  Your best bet,
    is to have collected the Holy water in the room, and then use the Hydro
    storm.  That's what I do, and it'll save you a lot of time and energy.  While
    the Hydro storm is taking effect, whip Dracula into submission.  The Hydro
    storm will wear off, but you'll be able to kill him easily now.  If he shoots
    fireballs at you, use the air dash to blow right through him.
    By the way, the only way you'll be able to get the least amount of time, is
    by retrying the game after you beat it, so that you can skip by all the
    dialogue and such.  The game still tacks on the clock during these
    interludes, thus, lowering your score.
    Alchemy Labatory - Slogra and Gaibon:
    Level:  6.
    HP:  200.
    Strong VS.:  None.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  None.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp:  200.
    Level:  6.
    HP:  200.
    Strong VS.:  None.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  None.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp:  200.
    You'll be using the trusty Short sword and leather shield for this, most
    likely.  It would help to have the Axe for this battle, too.  Hit Slogra (the
    spear wielding monster), whenever he's on the ground, and Gaibon (the flying
    gargoyle) will lift him up into the sky.  Get some free shots by launching
    the Axe at them, or jump up and swing your sword at Slogra.  Move away from
    them though, so that Gaibon doesn't drop Slogra on you.  Hit Slogra again,
    and repeat the above steps.  Soon, Slogra will fall.
    Now its just Gaibon.  Have your shield out at all times, so that you can
    block any fireballs of Gaibon's.  Try and hit him in the air if you can,
    while blocking his shots.  When he drops to the ground, try to get close to
    him, so that you can hit him.  Duck and swipe at his feet.  His shots will go
    harmlessly over your head.  Keep this up, and he will reach his red form.
    Basically, he shoots out fireballs faster, and has a powerful fireball.  In
    all though, he is pretty easy to beat, so long as you continue the same
    ALTERNATE STRATEGY by Alex Priebe:
    "When you first enter the room, run forward far enough to activate both
    monsters. Immediately start running backwards, and back up to the
    doorway where you entered. Gaibon should follow you, leaving Slogra behind.
    When Gaibon flies up so he is level with you, whip throwing knives at him as
    fast as you can. If you're fast enough, he will fall and change into his red
    state before he fires a single shot. Repeat this until he falls, and
    remember, if he does manage to get off a fireball or two, your trusty
    leather shield can block them all. Once he's dead, Slogra becomes a
    piece of cake. You can just fight him normally, or if you really want to be a
    cheapskate, just stand on a platform above him and repeatedly cast
    Summon/Tetra Spirits until he dies."
    Notes: Hey, if you're having that much trouble with the first two bosses, then
    this should definitely help you out.
    Outer Wall - Doppleganger10:
    Level:  10.
    HP:  120.
    Strong VS.:  None.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  None.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp.:  500.
    You'll probably still be using the short sword for this foe. (although its
    possible you picked up the Jewel knuckles along the way... still, use the
    short sword, simply because you don't want to get in close encounters with
    him) As the name suggests, this is a clone of you.
    Have your shield out at all times.  Jump toward him and diagonally hit him.
    Take a few steps back.  Repeat.  This is the basic pattern you can use to
    beat him.  It works fairly well, although sometimes he'll jump at you, or
    swing his sword at you.  If he does jump make sure to catch him in the
    mid-air with a slash.  Don't try to corner him, because he'll use the wing
    smash, and it will HURT.  Take it nice and slow, hitting him in the air, and
    using the above pattern.  Additionaly, you can use the Holy water to trap.
    Lay it down on the ground, as he approaches.  It won't take too much to kill
    ALTERNATE STRATEGY by Alex Priebe:
    "The Dopplegangers are the only boss in the game (as far as I know) who are
    affected by the stopwatch. Make sure to grab the stopwatch before going into
    either Doppleganger fight, then once he appears use it. He will freeze
    completely. You should be able to kill either Doppleganger before the five
    seconds are up simply by standing in front of him and slashing."
    Chapel - Hippograph
    Level:  16.
    HP:  800.
    Strong VS.:  Thunder.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  None.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp:  800.
    This bird isn't too bad.  When it flies in the air, keep in your scope, so
    you know where it lands.  When it's on the ground, get in close, duck, and
    attack it.  You'll avoid its fire, too.  Watch out when he's on the ground
    sometimes, though, since he may decide to dive at you.  If he hatches an egg,
    destroy it.  You can try to attack this beast in the air, although you may
    get hit when he decides to land.  That's all there is to it.
    Clock Tower - Karasuman
    Level:  22.
    HP:  500.
    Strong VS.:  Dark.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  None.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp:  1,000.
    Probably one of the easiest bosses, if you know what you're doing.  The cheap
    and easy way, is to beat it into submission, by repeatedly hitting it, so
    that you don't allow it to touch the ground.  If he starts charging up, and
    then flies into the air, get below him, so that the bats don't hit you.  Try
    to stay below him, in case he's airborne.  He might try to shoot out beams,
    which will hit you, unless you're below him.  In any event, the key to
    winning is to just keep hitting him.
    Coloseum - Minotaur and Werewolf
    (Stats unavaliable at this time)
    Now here's a tough team.  This tag team will certainly give you a run for
    your money, even if you know what to do.  Concentrate your attacks on one of
    them, until it falls.  I would go after the Werewolf first.  When the
    Minotaur throws his axe, run toward him and jump over him when he does the
    uppercut.  You'll avoid their duo attack that way.  When either of them kneel
    down, prepare to jump, because they'll dive to opposite sides of the room.
    Watch out for the Minotaur's jumping axe attack.  You should try to keep both
    of them in your sights, so that you know what to expect.  The Werewolf may
    also try launching a fireball, which will rebound off the Minotaur.  After
    defeating the Werewolf (which shouldn't take too much), you'll still have
    your hands full with the Minotaur.  Attack him with caution.  His axe will
    keep you at bay, and he can do a short range petrify breath attack.  He'll
    still do most of the attacks he did, when the Werewolf was alive, so keep an
    eye out.  Attack him when he uppercuts, or when he leaps in the air.  I
    wouldn't try to attack him when he's just standing there, because of his axe.
     It can hurt.  You might even be able to get a good hit in while he's diving
    at you.  Be patient, and he'll fall soon enough.
    Enchanted Library - Lesser Demon
    Level:  20.
    HP:  400.
    Strong VS.:  None.
    Immune:  Dark.
    Weak VS.:  Holy.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp:  100.
    After the Minotaur and the Werewolf, this guy isn't too bad.  When he's
    roaming around on the ground, jump and strike at him, run back, jump and
    strike at him, and repeat.  This is to avoid the swipes he may throw at you.
    When he goes airborne, jump and slash him when you can.  He may try to summon
    a monster, (at which point he is invincible) and if he does, destroy the
    monster, and continue attacking him.  Keep up the pace, and he'll die out.
    Olrox's Quarters - Olrox
    Level:  25.
    HP:  666.
    Strong VS.:  Dark.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  None.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp:  500.
    This boss can be pretty tough.  It has two forms.  (You may have the Sword
    familar.  If so, have him out, so that you can get some extra hits in.) The
    first is a green, almost human like sorcerer form, and the 2nd is a giant
    green monster.  Whenever you go to attack him while he's on the ground, duck,
    so that you don't get hit by his energy blast.  He summons up bats, and
    flaming skulls.  Destroy them as they appear, and continue attacking him.
    Try to get in some hits while he's gliding towards the other room.  He can
    also summon up waves of fire.  Get into a position where there is no fire
    swarming on the ground, and duck.  This will allow to avoid the walls of
    fire, and the possibility of him shooting out an energy blast.  Strike at him
    when you can.  When you finally weaken him enough, he'll do a transformation,
    into his green monster form.  This can get a little tough.  Try to have your
    shield out at all times, to avoid his sudden wave-fireball attack.  Also,
    when you see a wave of energy fly from his mouth, try using triangle to dodge
    back, and then move forward if he tries it again.  It may take some practice
    to get the hang of.  Basically, you'll want to keep swiping at him, but keep
    some distance at the same time, because he may try to take a swipe at you.
    He'll start getting more aggresive after he's taken a lot of damage,
    resulting in a faster fireball fury, or constant energy blasts.  As long as
    you can avoid his energy blasts, and duck/have your shield out when he does
    his fireball attack, you can avoid the blunt of his attacks, and come out on
    Underground Caverns - Succubus
    Level:  25.
    HP:  666.
    Strong VS.:  Dark.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  None.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp:  2,000.
    Not really that tough.  Jump up to attack her, and keep pounding her.  Try to
    keep underneath her, so that you don't get hit by the tentacles she shoots
    out.  Also, she may try to make duplicates of herself.  Just destroy the
    duplicates until you find the real one.  She'll fall rather quickly.
    Underground Caverns - Scylla Wyrm
    Level:  10.
    HP:  130.
    Strong VS.:  None.
    Immune:  Water.
    Weak VS.:  Thunder.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp:  100.
    A piece of cake to beat.  Simply strike at it when it gets close, and before
    you know it, the beast is dead, however...
    Level:  14.
    HP:  200.
    Strong VS.:  None.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  Thunder.
    Absorb:  Water.
    Exp:  500.
    ... the Scylla Wyrm was really part of another beast, the Scylla, which
    becomes quite apparent when you reach the room with it.  If you have the Holy
    water, step back, and throw it on the pillar on the right.  The Scylla wyrms
    will be destroyed as they fly into it, eventually eliminating all of them.
    Then, move in, and just jump and hack at the main beast's body.  You'll
    destroy it quickly.
    Abadoned Mine - Cereberus
    Level:  24.
    HP:  800.
    Strong VS.:  None.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  Ice.
    Absorb:  Fire.
    Exp:  1,500.
    It helps if you picked up the Holy Water in the beginning of this area.  If
    not, you can still beat him, but it might take a little longer.  If you do
    have the Holy Water, stand on a ledge above the beast, and throw it down on
    him.  You'll avoid his diagonal shots, and his horizontal shots.  A few
    volleys of Holy Water, and it'll be over before you can blink.  Another way
    you can beat him, is get in close, duck, and swipe at him.  You'll avoid any
    shots he dishes out at you.  As he moves back, try to sneak in and get a few
    more shots off, but try to watch it.  You might get caught up in his
    horizontal shots.  Adjust yourself as necessary, if he leaps over you.  Easy
    Catacombs - Granfalloon
    Level:  28.
    HP:  400.
    Strong VS.:  Dark.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  Holy.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp:  3,000.
    Your eyes aren't deceiving you.  Yes, this being is litterally composed of
    dead bodies.  Probably one of the sickiest beings you'll see in this game.
    The screams add all the more enjoyment, too.  The Axe is the weapon of
    choice, although you can do fine with the Holy Water too.  Your first
    objective is to skin off some of his 'skin'.  Take the Axe and chuck at its
    body.  Bodies will come flying off as you attack it, but they can be
    destroyed with little or no effort.  Get a few swipes in with your weapon of
    choice as well, until parts start to break off.  You'll want to reach the
    middle part, and get rid of that, so that you can start doing some real
    damage.  Once you've exposed the middle area, being attacking at it.  Use the
    Axe, or just jump up and strike it.  When you see a tentacle open up, get out
    of the way of it, because it'll fire a powerful laser.  This can be avoided
    easily, provided you're paying good attention.  Hack away at any bodies that
    are in your way, and only concentrate your attacks on the middle body.  Don't
    try to skin off the rest of his body, because if you do, he'll go berserk,
    sending out sporadic waves of lasers, which are damn near impossible to
    avoid, or predict, even if you have the Power of Mist.  Just go after the
    middle part, and eventually, it'll fall.
    Castle Keep - Richter Belmont
    Level:  48.
    HP:  400.
    Strong VS.:  Holy and Stone.(??)
    Weak VS.:  Dark.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp.:  0.
    The time has come to fight Richter.  Of course, your objective here isn't to
    kill him, it is to break the curse on him.  In order to do that, you must
    equip the Holy Glasses, in order to see the Orb controlling him.  Get the
    Gold Ring from the Succubus in the Underground Caverns, and the Silver Ring
    from behind Maria in the hallway in the Chapel. (need the Spike-Breaking
    armor to get through) Once you have those two items, return to the room where
    you first met Maria.  Equip them on yourself, and the path below will open
    up.  You'll Maria down there, and she will give you the Holy Glasses.  Once
    you've equipped the Holy Glasses, attack the Orb above Richter.  With little
    effort, it'll break, releasing the curse on Richter.
    Now, if you actually want to kill Richter (maybe to see the other ending),
    then equip a dark-based sword, because his element is holy.  (Morgemil will
    do quite nicely) He'll cheap you to death, first with a Holy Cross attack,
    and then by trying to corner you with his Holy Water and whip attacks.  A few
    shots from the Morgemil will do the job.  Then he'll unleash a Hydro Storm,
    which will hit you no matter what.  Hit him when you can, and he'll be
    finished.  Of course, this will net you one of the least favorable endings,
    so the true way, is by defeating the Orb that controls him.
    Your job is far from over.  After saving Richter, you must head to the
    Reverse Castle, which is the same as the castle you're in now, except that
    it's been litterally turned upside-down.  New bosses have been issued in
    (except for the Reverse Keep), and Dracula lies in wait somewhere.  Your new
    objective now, is to find Dracula's 5 body parts, and then bring them to the
    Clock room where you used the Gold and Silver Rings at. The way to Dracula
    will open then.
    Reverse Clock Tower - Darkwing Bat
    Level:  35.
    HP:  600.
    Strong VS.:  None.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  None.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp.:  1,200.
    An easy introduction boss to the Reverse Castle.  Strike at it sporadically,
    meaning, hit it, move back, hit it again, move away.  This is to prevent him
    from grappling onto you, or by making any sudden moves, and damaging you.
    When he moves into a corner, and starts flapping his wings, try to duck in
    the opposite corner, or better yet, get behind him, and hit him for some free
    shots.  Won't take long to kill him.  You'll get the Ring of Vlad for beating
    Reverse Outer Wall - The Creature
    Level:  40.
    HP:  1,100.
    Strong VS.:  None.
    Immune:  Thunder.
    Weak VS.:  None.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp.:  2,500.
    Resembles Frankenstein.  Slash at it, and use triangle to move back when he
    raises its axe.  When you see it kneel down, get ready to jump, because its
    going to roll across the floor, hitting the wall, and then rolling back to
    the other wall.  Jump over it as it approaches you, and see if you can get in
    a diagonal hit when you land.  When he stands back up, continue attacking.
    Nothing to it.  The Tooth of Vlad is your prize.
    Death Wing's Lair (Olrox's Quarters) - Akmodan II
    Level:  40.
    HP:  1,200.
    Strong VS.:  None.
    Immune:  Stone, poison, and curse.
    Weak VS.:  Holy and fire.
    Absorb:  Dark.
    Exp.:  2,500.
    Another easy boss.  Attack at him from a distance, because he is surrounded
    with poison mist.  Also, he can hit you with his arm, or grapple onto you,
    and throw you into the wall.  Try using the Axe, the Holy Water, or any other
    special weapon here.  You can use your main weapon to strike at him, without
    getting hit by the poison mist, if you're good.  You'll get the Rib of Vlad
    as the treasure for beating him.
    Anti Chapel - Medusa
    Level:  40.
    HP:  1,100.
    Strong VS.:  Physical attacks.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  None.
    Absorb:  Stone.
    Exp.:  2,500.
    ANOTHER easy boss.  Get in real close, duck, and swipe at her.  Move in as
    she moves back, and duck and swipe.  You'll back her into the corner, where
    she'll be real easy to finish off.  Her main attacks consist of a petrify
    beam, and a sword slash (the reasons for the ducking).  You'll get the 4th
    body part, the Heart of Vlad.  Move on.
    Reverce Coloseum - Trevor, Grant, and Sylpha
    Fake Trevor:
    Level:  41.
    HP:  1,200.
    Strong VS.:  None.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  None.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp.:  1,000.
    Fake Grant:
    Level:  41.
    HP:  800.
    Strong VS.:  None.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  None.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp.:  1,200.
    Fake Sypha:
    Level:  42.
    HP:  1,000.
    Strong VS.:  None.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  None.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp.:  1,500.
    Remember these guys from Castlevania III?  They're not the real thing, but
    rather, demon copies of the heroes from the legendary adventure/game.
    Concentrate your attacks on one of them, until he or she falls.  Grant goes
    down pretty easily, since he's the weakest.  Knock him down from the ceiling,
    and pound away on him.  He should go down with little to no effort. When
    attacking Trevor, duck and swipe at his legs, while avoiding his Holy Water
    attacks.  You can counter this by using the Axe, or some Holy Water of your
    own.  Meanwhile, Sylpha will be trying to hit you with her Fire and Ice
    spells.  As long as you try to keep away from her, you can be safe.  When it
    comes time to attack her, though, move in, and jump/attack at her.  If she's
    the only one left, she'll try to create zombie clones.  Kill them off, and
    continue attacking her.  The key to winning this battle, is to play smart.
    Don't rush in and attack, but be patient, and get your hits in when you can.
    Necromancy Labotory - Beezelbub
    Level:  44.
    HP:  2,000.
    Strong VS.:  None.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  Holy.
    Absorb:  Dark.
    Exp.:  4,444.
    Lord of the flies.  This boss can hurt you pretty badly, by sending out it's
    mutant flies after you.  They take off a good portion of damage if they hit
    you.  Its highly recommended you have the Axe for this fight, but you can win
    without it.  Start off by hacking away at its legs, until they both go down.
    Equip something like the Topaz Circlet to protect you from the poison damage,
    and kill any flies that get in your way.  After you taken out the legs, go
    for the arms.  Use your Axe to hit them, or you can try jumping up to hit
    them, just be extremely careful you don't get hit by the flies.  After this,
    turn into a bat, and do a Wing Smash into Beezelbub's main body (Hold X, then
    do a counter-clockwise rotation from the up position, then go to right.  Can
    be done clockwise to fly left, also.), hitting him for a good amount of
    damage.  Turn back into a Bat, and do it again.  If it looks like some flies
    are going to hit you, try turning into the mist to avoid them.  It should
    only take about 3 - 5 Wing Smashes to finish him off (Also try using the
    Axe, since this is a less riskier move, and it's much easier to beat him with).
    ALTERNATE STRATEGY by Alex Priebe:
    "On a side note, it is possible to defeat Beelzebub without destroying his
    legs and arms, and by doing so he will not summon nearly as many flies
    to his aid. Simply stand beneath him and a little to one side, then super
    jump up and slash him, hitting the torso and leaving the rest well enough
    alone. He should fall soon enough."
    Reverce Caverns - Doppleganger40
    Level:  40.
    HP:  777.
    Strong VS.:  None.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  None.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp.:  2,001.
    Your evil clone is back.  He's stronger, but then again, so are you.  You can
    actually beat him quite easily, too.  He'll go mid-air a lot, and when he
    does, catch him with a slash.  He'll jump again, and you'll slash him.  If
    done right, you can go the whole battle like this, and beat him very easily.
    If not, just watch for his attacks.  He can do a bouncing ball attack, and
    his sword his poison-tipped.  Also, same as before, don't get him caught in a
    corner, or else he'll Wing Smash you.
    As Alex mentioned in the first Doppleganger fight, this incarnation can also be
    stopped using the stop watch. Give it a shot.
    Cave - Death
    Level:  66.
    HP:  888.
    Strong VS.:  None.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  Holy.
    Absorb:  Dark.
    Exp.:  4,444.
    Death is back, and this time, you'll have to kill him.  Don't be shy, get
    right in there and hack away at him.  Destroy the sickles if they're in your
    way.  Eventually, he'll try some other attacks.  One is where he'll launch
    two energy balls.  Get out of their slow reach, and wait until they stop
    moving toward you.  Continue attacking.  Then he'll launch two red sickles.
    Move to each side of the room to avoid them (which pretty much means, stay
    with Death), it may take some practice, but not too tough to get used to.
    Once he's taken enough damage, he may try a final desperate energy attack.
    This can be hard to avoid, so your best bet is to just wail away on him.
    Then he'll enter in his 2nd form.  Get in there and slash at him.  When he
    raises both sickles get out of the way, because he'll slam them down.  When
    one of his hands go up, try ducking, or getting to the either side of him,
    because he'll boomerang one of his sickles.  This form should go down easily
    enough, so long as you don't take too much damage, of course.  The Eye of
    Vlad is the last piece of the puzzle, so now you can go and fight Dracula,
    but you'll want some more challenge, right?  Move onward. (besides, you can
    pick up the Alucard Sword along the way to the Inverted Catacombs)
    Inverted Catacombs - Galamoth
    Level:  50.
    HP:  6,666.
    Strong VS.:  None.
    Immune:  None.
    Weak VS.:  None.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp.:  9,999.
    The slew of easy bosses ends with Galamoth.  Galamoth is a strictly optional
    fight, and for good reason, too.  Packing 6,666 HP, standing two screens
    tall, and able to give/take the damage, this fight is not one you can breeze
    by, even if you are at a good enough level.  First off, you'll will want/NEED
    the Beryl Circlet equipped here.  This will restore HP by lighting damage,
    and he uses a few lighting attacks.  (Find it by going to the beginning area
    in the Inverted Castle, and break the rocks where you see the Merman in the
    regular Castle.  Both sides should be now broken.  Now, starting from side,
    turn into the wolf, and move to the other side.  From there, turn into the
    bat, and go back to the side you started at.  I hope this makes sense... if
    it doesn't contact me, and I'll try to be of further assistance.  Now, a wall
    will break in the northeast corner (speaking from the Inverted castle).  The
    Beryl Circlet will be inside.) You'll also want the best stuff equipped.  The
    Twilight Cloak, Alucard Sword, Alucard Mail, Dragon Helm and the Alucard
    Shield should be the best possible lineup.  For your two relics, try
    equipping the Moonstone or the Sunstone to increase your stats.  If you were
    lucky enough to find a Ring of Varda from the Paranthropus in the Inverted
    Outer Wall, EQUIP IT.  This will raise your stats to God-like levels.  For
    the other accesory, try something that increases attack and/or defense.  It's
    up to you.  Being at a high level will also be a big factor in this fight.
    At, or around, 50 is fine.  Now, its time to fight!  When he kneels forward
    with his staff, he'll do a big lighting attack.  With your Beryl Circlet
    equipped, you'll absorb this for HP restoration.  Get in there and hack away
    at his legs.  If you're doing around 40 or 50 of damage, you're fine.  With
    the Ring of Varda equipped, you'll get at least close to 100 easy.  When he
    raises his staff high in the air, get all the way to the corner, because he's
    throwing out shadow energy balls at you.  These do NOT restore your HP with
    the Beryl Circlet, so watch it.  If they look like they're getting too close,
    transform into the Mist.  When he stops, resume attacking.  He can also
    thrust his staff down on you, but this shouldn't be too much of a problem.
    (For extra hits, try equipping the Shield Rod and Alucard Shield, then press
    Square and Circle at the same time, to get the Alucard Shield powered up.
    Then hold the shield near his legs.  It'll hurt him for a good amount of
    damage, hopefully.) He is also vulnerable to attacks in his head, so you can
    try mixing things up by Wing Smashing his head.  If you're not doing around
    40 or 50, you may need to level up, or find the right equipment.  (If you do
    need to level up, try fighting the Guardians near the Clock room where the
    final confrontation with Dracula will take place) Keep up the damage, and
    avoid his lethal shadow ball attacks, and eventually, he'll die out.  Believe
    me though, it WILL take some time.
    ALTERNATE STRATEGY by TopPat8@cs.com:
    "I noticed a flaw in your Boss FAQ regarding Galamoth. While you do
    mention the fact that using the shield rod and the Alucard Shield can do a good
    amount of damage, you weren't entirely correct. Once you use the shield rod in
    combination with the alucard shield, all you have to do is hold out the
    shield and run up to Galamoth's leg and keep the shield on him. It doesn't
    what level you are, what other items you equip, and it will take all of 20
    seconds. The lighnting doesn't affect you, his dark energy balls shouldn't
    you either. Now, you will get hit if you come into contact with his foot or
    his mace but the damage is inconsequencial and you should get right back up and
    be able to press the mightly enhanced alucard shield up against him again to
    any finishing blows."
    Notes: Oops. Yeah, I was a bit vague in my original description. This definitely
    shouldn't take much skill at all, though it's good if you wish to just beat
    Galamoth and move on.
    Final Battles
    Its time to take on Shaft and Dracula now.  Reach the Clock Room (the same
    one where you met Maria in the regular castle) in the Inverted Castle, and
    with the 5 body parts in hand, unlock the area 'above'.  If you had little or
    no trouble with Galamoth, Shaft and Dracula won't be too tough to take down.
    Fighting Shaft:
    Level:  88.
    HP:  1,300.
    Strong VS.:  None.
    Immune:  Poison.
    Weak VS.:  None.
    Absorb:  None.
    Exp.:  0.
    He may be a Dark Priest, but with your equipment, and such (assuming it's
    good), he's rather weak.  Avoid the balls floating around him, and attack
    him.  If you can catch it in time, watch for two of his energy balls to turn
    to fire, and then duck in the corner, so that they don't hit you.  Next watch
    for his energy balls to start bouncing around the room.  Try to avoid them,
    or use the Mist power.  When he charges his energy balls up with electricity,
    turn into the Mist to avoid getting shocked.  It really shouldn't take long.
    Fighting Dracula:
    Level:  98.
    HP:  9,998.
    Strong VS.:  Fire and Thunder.
    Immune:  Poison.
    Weak VS.:  None.
    Absorb:  Dark.
    Exp.:  0.
    Dracula posseses hit points close to 10,000 HP, so if your stats are a bit
    weak, this battle could drag on.  Bring your Sword Familar with you, to get
    in extra attacks.  His first attack will be trying to swipe at you.  Stay in
    the middle, and avoid the claw swipes when he attacks.  Get in your attacks
    when possible.  Then, when you see energy charging in the middle, he's
    summoning a monster decoy to squash (and squash you), so duck in the middle
    to avoid this.  Then he'll move into the backround, and charge up a huge
    energy ball.  Turn into the wolf on one side, and run to the other when it
    gets close, or simply turn into the Mist to avoid this.  Turn into the Mist
    when he comes back, because all three of his skulls be trying to hit you.
    Then he'll have a delta attack, and pound you with energy triangles.  As long
    as you're in the Mist, you can avoid this.  He then repeats all of his
    attacks, so repeat your patterns of attack/defense as well.  With good skill,
    equipment, and levels, Dracula won't be tough to defeat, even with his high
    HP.  Dracula will fall, and you will have beaten the game!  Congratulations!
    Thatís it. If you have a question, e-mail me, but please try to make it
    relevant to the guide. E-mailing me with strategies or questions about bosses
    are fine and Iíll even accept general questions about the game ... Until it
    gets to be too much.
    Feel free to use this guide on your own website, but ONLY if you get the updated
    version YOURSELF. That means everytime I come out with a new version,
    whether it be a day or two years from now, it is your responsbility to update
    it. If you can not be bothered by the hassle, then simply don't use it. Thank
    - Me, for writing this guide. Ha ha.
    - Alex Priebe, for submitting a few hints for
    Beezeebub/Doppleganger10 & 40/Slogra & Gaibon
    - TopPat8@cs.com, for giving me the correction about Galamoth + Alucard Shield
    Copyright 2000-2004 Shaun Littlefield

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