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    Richter Time-Trial FAQ by WonderLlama

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    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    Richter Time-Trial FAQ
    June 16, 2000
    WonderLlama (WonderLlama_@hotmail.com)
    July 5, 2000 - This is the first version.
    1) What is this FAQ about?
    2) Techniques to practice
    3) Routes
    4) Step by step walkthrough
    5) Copyright notice
    =======================What is this FAQ about?=========================
    	Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is a very fun game.  But most 
    players have to admit, playing as Alucard isn't very hard.  After 
    playing this game far too many times, I looked for ways to make the 
    game more challenging.  My first try was to limit Alucard; I did things 
    like not getting the Cube of Zoe, not using spells, and only using 
    fists.  While lots of fun, (I highly recommend it) it doesn't make for 
    a very interesting FAQ.
    	Another challenge I came up with was to beat the game as fast as 
    possible with Richter.  This means you don't have time to gather all 
    the life max ups, and you don't have time to save the game.  There is 
    also the challenge of coming up with the fastest route and the fastest 
    ways to beat each monster.  Plus there's the thrill of knowing that 
    every second counts, and every mistake will count against you.
    	This FAQ is dedicated solely to beating the game quickly with 
    Richter.  I will not discuss Alucard, nor other aspects of Richter.  
    There are plenty of other FAQ's for such purposes.  My personal record 
    is 12 minutes, 40 seconds.  The way I calculate my time is to actually 
    save in the save point before Shaft, and then proceed to beat him.  
    This always takes me 40 seconds (this part is easy, and I timed it 
    several times with a watch).  I then look at the time in my save game 
    and add 40 seconds.  I actually lose about 10 seconds by saving here, 
    and I never get hit by Shaft (he takes one Hydro Storm), so my best 
    time really should be about 12:30.
    	If you can beat my time, or even find other routes that produce 
    fairly fast times, I would love to hear about it, especially the 
    methods you use to get fast times. 
    =======================Techniques to Practice==========================
    	By ducking and pressing jump, Richter slides across the floor.  
    Press jump again and he does a long, low jump kick.  These moves are 
    very important, because they are the fastest means of travel Richter 
    has.  You should practice sliding in several areas to get used to the 
    distance.  Also practice the timing to get him to do several slides 
    back to back.  Practice executing the slide-jump as well.  It is useful 
    because it does twice as much damage as the slide, and if you slide 
    into and enemy and don't kill it, it knocks you back.  You should use 
    this move to kill the wargs at the beginning, as it is much faster than 
    stopping to whip them.  You can also slide jump to land on door ledges, 
    which saves a little time, but be careful.  If you touch the ledge, you 
    will get stuck in place for a little while.  Practice the distance you 
    need to land on the ledge.
    	Press down, up, jump to do an uppercut.  If you hold up/forward 
    during this move, you go much farther to the side.  Press up, do a 
    5/8ths circle to down/forward, and push attack to do a blade dash.  
    Practice both these moves until you can do them nearly every time.  
    Personally, I find it much easier to uppercut by jumping and then doing 
    it in the air; this also gets to just the right height to land on many 
    ledges.  Practice using the uppercut to get to the ceiling, and then 
    blade dashing across the room, using another uppercut if you drop too 
    low.  I can't get this technique to work every time, but I save a lot 
    of time when it works.
    Blade Dash:
    	If you can't kill an enemy quickly, it may be better to just 
    blade dash through him and keep going.  I'm terrible at blade dashing 
    on the ground, but it's a good technique to learn.
    	Dashing is usually faster, but on uneven ground or in areas with 
    many weak monsters, running is better.  Forward, Forward is the 
    traditional method, but I find Back, Forward works, and is more 
    Fall recovery:
    	Anytime you fall too far, Richter will crouch to the ground.  
    This costs you time.  The moment you hit the ground, you should either 
    jump again, or slide.  Either one stops you from crouching, just decide 
    which is more useful in each situation.
    	Since Richter doesn't need to collect items, there are several 
    routes he can take through the game.  I have a favorite route, which I 
    believe is the fastest.  I won't list any other routes unless someone 
    else convinces me there's a faster one.
    	The first choice you have is right after the room with Death in 
    Alucard's game.  Instead of going along Alucard's route, uppercut up to 
    the top of the room and head right through the room with Cthullu. This 
    path leads to the clock tower.  From there, head right to the outer 
    wall, then straight up to the top.  Head left across the top of every 
    room and enter the reverse castle.  Retrace your steps back to the 
    clock tower.  You're done.
    	This walkthrough covers the entire game in nearly move by move 
    detail.  It may be boring to read the entire thing through.  If so, 
    maybe you should just skim to the section you're working on.  This is 
    just the way I play to get my best time.  If you can improve on it, let 
    me know.
    	Throughout this walkthrough, you will hydro storm a few times, 
    and collect some hearts.  The number of hearts you get is somewhat 
    random.  However, you tend to have enough hearts to hydro storm every 
    time I tell you to (5 times) and then one more.  Use this to bail 
    yourself out if you get in serious trouble, but remember you only get 
    	Immediately jump up and right, and do two uppercuts while 
    holding right.  Get the life max up and fall.  Try to land right in 
    front of the warg while whipping him.  Then slide into the next room.
    	You will slide all the way across this room, slide-jumping the 
    wargs.  Slide, slide, jump, slide, slide, jump, slide, jump, slide, 
    jump.  The last warg isn't as far away as the rest, that's why you only 
    slide once.  At the end, the timing of the last jump is very difficult, 
    it should land you on the ledge by the stairs.
    	The next room is about the same.  Slide, jump, slide, slide, 
    jump, slide jump.  Do the same thing to land on the ledge.
    	In death's room, run then jump.  At the peak of the jump, 
    uppercut to the left to land on the ledge.  Get the heart max up 
    (you'll need it for hydro storms).  Do a running jump off the ledge, 
    then uppercut to the left, but not as hard to the left as you can.  You 
    should jump right through the hole in the floor.  Go left.
    	Run and jump to the left.  At the top of the jump, uppercut to 
    the right to get the life max up.  Then run and jump as far as you can 
    from the ledge, and uppercut to the right.  You can make it to the top 
    ledge in one jump, but it isn't easy.  Proceed to the next room.
    	The second candle in this room has a holy water.  Get it, you'll 
    need it and hydro-storm.  Slide across the room until you see Cthullu 
    (about 4 slides).  Pause for just a moment, and he'll jump towards you, 
    then immediately slide under him.  If he hits you once, you probably 
    won't be able to get past him, so just kill him.  Use two uppercuts to 
    get to the next floor.
    	This room has ghosts popping out from nowhere.  Run through most 
    of the room avoiding the ghosts.  Slide whenever there's enough room.  
    When you get to the skelerangs, jump and uppercut as straight up as you 
    can.  Land on the top ledge.  Slide to the right, but stop in front of 
    the plate lord.  Whip him to death.  Exit to the right.
    	Slide through the table.  At all the jumps in this room, you 
    want to uppercut, then blade dash so you don't fall back down.  You can 
    even clear a few enemies by blade dashing.  At the top, whip the two 
    skeletons, then slide to the next room.
    	Jump, then uppercut up to the next screen.  Blade dash at the 
    top of your jump so that you land at the top of the stairs.  This jump 
    is hard to time because of the screen changing.
    	Slide across the clock tower, ignoring the flea men.  At the end 
    of the room, slide jump.  If you time it right you can land in the next 
    room.  Run across the big clock, then slide through the next room with 
    flea men the same way.
    	There are 4 diplocephaluses and 2 stone roses in the next room.  
    You want to slide up to each of them and whip them.  I recommend 
    watching the arches at the top to judge the timing.  Count the number 
    of arches between enemies.  Slide-jump to land right in front of the 
    	In the outer wall, repeatedly uppercut, aiming for the small 
    hole in the ceiling.  Break the vase, it has a life max up, which you 
    probably need.  Keep running for most of the way up the wall, that way 
    you will jump high enough.  There are a variety of weak enemies along 
    the way; try to whip each one while you are in the air, as that way you 
    don't stop running.  Once you reach the top of the elevator, uppercut 
    past the door, ignore the sword lord, head right and up.
    	At the top of the outer wall, you pass a save point.  While 
    you're learning, I recommend you stop here and save, but later, it 
    won't be worth the time.  Then head left.
    	Go across the top of the first room.  In the big room, uppercut 
    and blade dash across the top of the room to land on the top ledge.  
    There is a room at the top right with a lot of life max ups.  You can 
    get them if you need them, but they take a while, so I don't.
    	You are now in the medusa head area.  Run and jump across to the 
    door on the left.  Then uppercut up and left through the next room to 
    land in the doorway.  Just ignore the enemies.  In the next room, slide 
    to the left.  You will land on a gear.  Slide left off the gear, then 
    drop down through the rest of the platforms.  Try to land just to the 
    left of the spikes at the bottom, but if you hit them, it's ok.  Get 
    through the door on the left as fast as you can before it's blocked by 
    medusa heads.
    	Run through an uninteresting room.
    	You are now in a room with sword lords that turn into vandal 
    swords.  Whenever you kill a sword lord, you'll probably need to wait 
    to kill the vandal sword too.  As soon as you can, uppercut up.  
    There's a sword lord atop a platform.  It's better if you can jump over 
    him and blade dash, but it's easier to just kill him.  Jump over one 
    pit, then fall in the second.  Head left and kill the next two sword 
    lords.  Run left and uppercut onto the ledge.
    	The boss is easy.  Just hydro storm once.  Get the energy and go 
    	Don't step on the elevator.  Just jump and uppercut left to the 
    ledge (takes one uppercut).  Head left.  You're now in the last room in 
    the castle.  Uppercut twice across the gap, then slide all the way 
    across the floor and enter the reverse castle.
    	Uppercut left.  Run across this floor jumping over the little 
    obstacles.  When you fall, jump immediately left, and then uppercut 2 
    or 3 times to the middle door.
    	Run, jump and uppercut to the left door (Takes one uppercut).
    	This is the bomb knight room.  Do not get hit by a bomb.  They 
    do way too much damage.  Kill the first knight, then uppercut through 
    the hole in the ceiling.  Kill the nights across the top.  The fastest 
    way past the chandeliers is to blade dash though them, but it's much 
    safer to walk across the top.
    	The next room is uninteresting, but you need to slide to recover 
    from falls several times.
    	The medusa room is tough.  Uppercut up and to the left, but 
    leave a little space between you and the wall or you'll get stuck on 
    the left.  But don't stay too far right or you'll get stuck above the 
    door.  In the next room, slide and drop to the bottom left as best you 
    can.  I usually use my extra hydro storm here.  In the third room, you 
    can just run across the floor.
    	Uppercut and blade dash through the big room to the door at the 
    left.  Head left through the small room.
    	You are now at the outer wall.  I don't remember the exact 
    layout of this room, but you generally uppercut upwards, blade dash 
    through stone skulls (or slide under) and whip jack o' bones.  There is 
    one jack o' bones that you kill with an uppercut to the floor beneath 
    him.  When a jack o bones is above you on a ledge you have to uppercut 
    to, try to uppercut through the cross he throws as that will give you 
    the maximum time to kill him before he fires again.  Head through the 
    hole in the ceiling, continue uppercut-jumping through the next room, 
    and land at the vase on the left which has a life max up, which you 
    desperately need.  If you haven't used your extra hydro storm, then 
    this room is a good place to use it.
    	The next room has corpseweeds and skeletons.  Run, jump over the 
    corpseweed, then immediately jump over the square shaped obstacle.  
    Repeat this pattern until you cross an arch without a corpseweed.  The 
    next one will have a skeleton.  You need to whip the skeleton in each 
    subsequent arch before jumping across the corpseweed.
    	The next area has spike traps, jack o, bones, and nova 
    skeletons.  The jack o bones will be in depressed areas with spike 
    traps.  Throw holy water to kill these skeletons, then jump into and 
    out of the pit.  Whip the nova skeleton when there is one.  At the end 
    of the room, uppercut the nova skeleton through the floor before 
    	You're back to the clock tower, but now you have to deal with 
    guardians.  Hydro storm as soon as you see one, and continue right to 
    kill the ghurka as well.  Then hydro storm one more time to kill the 
    second guardian.
    	You should have at least 15 hearts left.  If you don't, get more 
    from the two candles in the clock room.  Then uppercut to the right to 
    land by the save point.  (If you don't want to save here and have some 
    other means of timing yourself, uppercut right up the middle and hold 
    up.  You will immediately use the elevator.)
    	Once you are out of the elevator, uppercut up the middle of the 
    room, slide over to the edge, uppercut to the top, and slide to Shaft's 
    room.  When shaft touches his little sphere, hydro storm.  Do it any 
    sooner and you'll miss with part of the storm.  One hydro storm will 
    kill him, so, congratulations, you won.  Reset back to the title screen 
    and see how fast you were.
         As usual, feel free to do whatever with this FAQ as long as you 
    don't change it, make money off it, or delete this notice.  And it is, 
    of course, Copyright 2000 Justin Lyon.
         I can be contacted with any questions at WonderLlama_@hotmail.com.

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