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"RPG Medievil Wonder!"

WOW!!! Can you believe a game like this. Many weapons, items and other stuff on one disc! Unlike the ''Final Fantasy VII/VIII'' RPG genre type, this one is packed with more story, funner gameplay, and BLOOD AND GORE!! Can U believe a game like this. Powerful, action-packed gameplay, and they use real voices unlike ''Final Fantasy VII/VIII'' games. Vampires, zombies, skeletons, bats, ghosts, hidden creatures, and other beings roam around in the castle. Unlike KONAMI's intro to the PSX-Legacy of Bore, many people probably, I hope enjoyed this game more than it. The problems are with the graphics, you are in a 2d world until you reach cut-scenes. But don't get me wrong, the special effects are BAD as in the good way! Many people take graphics for granted. I don't know how they CRAMMED THIS GAME ONTO ONE SINGLE DISC! I mean, it has two discs worth of ''Final Fantasy VII/VIII'' gameplay and story. Konami has done great with this game. Oh yeah down to the ratings!

SE(Special effects)=An 8/10

Great special effects but not the best. You can actually see the lightning in HUGE FLASHES though. You might notice my compares from Final Fantasy to CSOTN(CASTLEVANIA:SYMPHONY OF THE NIGHT). Final Fantasy has better graphics and special effects, but notice, Final Fantasy has four discs! I'm sure that Konami did not know how to works games to be on 2 discs. But to up my rating of special effects, it should have not been crammed onto one single disc.

SOUND=A 9/1-0

WOW! You can actually hear the dudes screaming after they die! You can hear the two characters talking to each instead of Final Fantasy's word boxes. Sound is TOTALLY better than your old Final Fantasy sound. SLASH! CLING! BONG! You walk, you hear footstep noises. Advanced sound for a late '96 game. Man, just trust me on sound, it is very, very, very etc. great!


Believe me, this game is no warrior in the battle of great graphics. It looks actually like an Super NES game to me. You only see 3d in the cut-scenes, Example-The end of Dracula's messed up castle. And unlike Zelda for Super NES, you can only move left and right. Like most Super NES games. If you want a great graphics game with nothing else? NEVER EVER BUY CASTLEVANIA!!!


Weapons, items everywhere!!!! You go through about fifteen swords, and about ten other main weapons. From your basic short sword to your ALMIGHTY CRISSAEGRIM! You like weapons and items? This is one of the best for that category!!!


A great game to buy if you are looking for a nice challenging game to play. It has an average difficulty and an above average fun rating. Castlevania is yours to keep and cherish forever.

Signing off,
Manmill is the name, never wear it out

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/18/00, Updated 10/18/00

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