How do I save Marbule?

  1. I am Lynx and I don't know what to do and I think that the only thing I can do is save the island Marbule but I don't know how?

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    sissyfromhell - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Have you completed the events on the SS Zelbess where you are turned into a cat and such?

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  1. Saving Marbule is split into two parts and the first is mandatory.

    For Part 1, board the SS Zelbess and confront Fargo about saving Marbule. He'll challenge you to a rigged game of Roulette where you cannot win. Go to the theater to watch Sneff's magic show. Enter the Inn and the innkeeper will descend the ladder (you'll notice the casino is above the inn) and scold the cat for trying to head up.

    Go to the magic show and Sneff will change you into a cat. Run away (even if Sneff catches you, he hurts his back too badly to change you back) and into the kitchen for some free stuff, then into the inn. Climb the ladder and watch as Sneff (whose back is a bit better now) doubles his debt to Fargo in the rigged Roulette game. Grab the Handle and head to the magic show.

    Behind the scenes, Sneff changes you back. Challenge Fargo again and he'll lose the un-rigged Roulette game than see the Handle, realizing you've busted him. Head to the area that the janitor went to to find him exiting a cannon port. Go downstairs if you're feeling lucky enough to win the Grand Slam to recruit Janice. Otherwise, go in and out of cannon ports until you run into him.

    BOSS: Sage of Marbule
    Do NOT use Elements against the Sage. He'll use Turn (same color you used) then hit you with the opposite Level 3 Element, an attack routine, a (same color you used) debuff Element (i.e. Weaken for Red) then the opposite Level 5 Element. His Innate is White.

    He'll give you the Fiddler Crab then tell you to head to where the tide is different north of Marbule. Nikki enters asking about saving Marbule, too, then asks to see you on his ship. Agree to the plan once aboard to recruit Irenes.

    Part 2 has to wait until Lynx is seeking the 6 Dragon Relics to get the second Dragon Tear. Put the SS Invincible Fargo into the party and go to the SS Zelbess Fargo's chambers to see a scene. Nikki begs Fargo to help sail the Zelbess and reclaim Marbule and recognizes a special piece of furniture (I won't spoil it for you).

    Invincible Fargo confronts his wimpy Zelbess alternate and takes charge to move the Zelbess to Marbule (despite saying the Zelbess is unable to be sailed by Zelbess Fargo's men). Watch the scene where Nikki's band performs a play and the song to restore physical form to the monsters haunting Marbule (the play mirrors how Fargo and his late wife, Zelbess, fell in love).

    Time to kick some Lagoonate asses out of Marbule. Slay everything there and you'll hear a dragon roaring (the Black Dragon has awakened in the other Marbule and this one is saved).

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  1. Yup,Kraleck is right,you have to do that to save Marbule.Try it and enjoy

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