I dont know what to do!!!?

  1. okay since my 2 disk of ths game was f*cked i decided to start a new game until i get a new 2 disk... anyhoo i really dont have a clue what to do.. im in the save marbule quest or whatever its called and i truely dont know where to go next!! llike i couldnt even explain to you where im at cuz i've skipped soooo much optional sh*t its crazy! Mostly i want to know the quickest way of getting back to Serges orginal self.....please help!!

    User Info: _Cat_Bert_

    _Cat_Bert_ - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    It's pretty hard to know where you are since you have to the parts of that quest at different times in the game.

    My first question is what part of the quest are you on. Have you already asked Nikki's band to play for Marbule and you can't do anymore after that. Or are you at the point where you need both Fargos to meet each other.

    Also, to give a better understanding of where you are in the story, try and answer these questions to the best of your ability
    - Have you completed the Dead Sea?
    - Have you encountered Grobyc and is he a part of your usable team members?

    If you answer both of these questions with a yes, you still have a bit of way to complete but I can better point you in the right direction.

    User Info: Spirolli

    Spirolli - 8 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    um.....yeah i've done both.....i've also defeated the black dragon before all the other dragons.....so as of right now i am done with both of your questions, && i've defeated the Black, Yellow, and Blue dragons. I have also got that Dragon Emblem (idk if i spelled it right) and the Tear of Hate. Then when i went to the Shaman she told me to go to the other world to go and speak to the other shaman...i did but she wont help me what-so-ever..shes supposed to give me something if i remember right but all she does is speak of something...&& shes supposed to join my party, correct? well...in my case she hasnt...soo...i dont know what im supposed to do.,..do i kill the other dragons or what??

    User Info: _Cat_Bert_

    _Cat_Bert_ - 8 years ago
  4. Additional Details:
    I'm really not lying when i say i have the Dragon Emblem! how would i know about it if i didnt?! anyhoo i have now gotten Serge back to normal......and i was only impatient cuz i had Glenn (and hes f-ing awesome!!) but thanks for your help, you really did help me cuz i didnt know that i had to kill all of the dragons cuz when my brother played he was Serge when he was fighting the Sky Dragon....


    User Info: _Cat_Bert_

    _Cat_Bert_ - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Hahah, this is a bit hard...First of all, you mentioned you wanted to go turn back Serge in his original form the earliest possible, correct? And you only have defeated so far the dragon's Black, Yellow, and Blue correct? And given that, you are hopeful that you can have that Dragon Emblem easy, right? And best of all, you don't have the most stable idea which part of the game you are now on the save marbule quest? You know? You're totally screwed! No offense...better face reality. :-)

    Anyway, like Spirolli said, it's not easy to help you out given the information you've laid and on top of that you're so impatient to turn back Serge in his true form quickly, something you don't have full control of. So as I'm hoping of being able to help you out, I'll try to answer some part on your questions in general broken down into 3 parts:

    1.) There's no such thing as the easiest way to transform back Serge in his original form as early as what you want. Why? Because there are things that you don't have full control of, like how a game was designed and the process you're required to accomplish. You are required to get the 6 relics, meaning:

    2.) you need to deal with all the 6 dragons. Basically, you'll have to fight them all except for the Black Dragon for there is an optional way of getting the Black Relic from him w/o a fight and that's if you didn't accept the save marbule quest invitation. Though doing so would mean missing a few more items. Without dealing with all six of them would mean that...

    3.) You don't have all 6 relics. Which, would automatically mean that you won't get any favor from the 'another world' shaman, Direa, from whom you'll receive the Dragon Emblem.

    You see, if you're referring to skipping a few OPTIONAL things or quest, it doesn't mean you won't be able to transform back Serge in his original form and thus hinder you to finish the game. The game was not designed that way, that's why they're optional.

    *So for anybody to be able to help you out effectively and concisely, you need to remember and lay out where exactly you are on the game. Or else, you're damn doomed! Hahah, better start all over. Hope you won't need to. Anyway, try to check shotgunnova's FAQ post by going to the FAQs section of this website to check whether where you may already be on the game and hearby get some tips on how to get your bearings in the game as you move forward.

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    lady0uroboros (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. From what you are saying it appears you still have to fight the Earth Dragon, the Fire Dragon and the Sky Dragon to get all their relics. I think you have to face the Fire Dragon and the Earth Dragon before you can fight the Sky Dragon although I'm not sure of this. Anyway I'll try to help you out.

    - To face the fire dragon, you need to go to Mt. Pyre (Another World) and navigate your way through the corridors to face him. I can't provide a map but if you remember the place where you faced the fire dragon before you went into Fort Dragonia, he is on the level below.

    -To get the Earth Dragon you have to quite a bit of stuff. First go to Hydra Marshes (Home World) and go to the western part of the Marshes. In this part of the map you need to get the Beeba Flute and Ancient Fruit (consult FAQs for a more detailed description). Fly the Wingapede to Gaea's Navel. Finally destroy every monster on Gaea's Navel to open the passageway to the Earth Dragon and face him basically where you came into Gaea's Navel.

    - The Sky Dragon is on Sky Dragon Isle (Another World) and requires none of the difficult navigating of the other two dragons. He is at the top of the island and not hard to find.

    You can now go to the Shaman in the Home World and she will join your party and give you the Dragon's Tear. At this point, you can do sidequests or you can go to Fort Dragonia to get your old body back. I would really suggest doing some of the sidequests since they can give you some pretty good items. Hope all this helps.

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  2. There's no proper sequence. But like most I've seen approved by the game itself, you need to fight the Sky Dragon last. As far as I can remember, it will refuse to fight you unless you have all 5 of the other relics with you. Try to consult FAQ walkthough postings in this website for better info on how to fight these dragons.

    *Just a correction, after you have all 6 relics, you first need to go to the shaman on guldove's 'another world' to obtain the dragon emblem with which you'll need to gain favor from Steena, the current high priestess in Guldove's 'home world'. Then, she'll join. Accompany you to 'home world' fort dragonia and will guide you on retrieving back your old self.

    User Info: lady0uroboros

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