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    Original Soundtrack Guide by Adrenaline SL

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/14/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                      -----      C H R O N O  C R O S S      -----
                                Original Soundtrack Guide
                                     By AdrenalineSL
                             E-mail: toiletrabbit@hotmail.com
                           Version 1.0: Released August 14, 2002
    Welcome to my FAQ for the Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack, very possibly the
    most astounding soundtrack since Xenogears. This has got to be one of my
    favorites, right next to Xenogears (which was also composed by Yasunori
    Mitsuda). It is not the greatest of game music wonder, but it's terribly
    close. There are several reasons why you have to get this yummy soundtrack.
    One being, that it is better than most RPG music scores (that's my opinion,
    so call off that hitman). Two: see number one. Three: see number two. Anyway,
    I believe that this FAQ is the first of its kind. If not, who cares.
    1. Introduction
    2. Soundtrack List
    3. "Radical Dreamers" Lyrics
    4. Song Meanings
    5. Name That Song!
    6. Linear Notes
    7. The Whole Lot
    8. Outro
    ~=~=~                          1. INTRODUCTION                          ~=~=~
    Mitsuda's music in this game was made up of relaxed and even lazy pieces as
    opposed to more oppressive and action-oriented ones. Scores like the lyrical
    song, "Radical Dreamers", seemed very depressing, but you will get used to
    it. Sorry for the goofed up names of the tracks. Blame my sidekicks. If it
    were not for them, this document would not have been possible. They are not
    accurate, but give the guys some credit. You can find the names of these
    mystery guys in the credits section.
    The soundtrack includes all the songs from the game (obviously) packed into
    three amazing CDs. Plus a booklet with a little inspiration story by Yasunori
    Mitsuda, as well as some linear notes and song meanings. There is also an
    interview with Noriko Mitose, who sang the credits song, Radical Dreamers.
    Plus some additional linear notes with the game's producer, sound programmer
    and then some.
    As with all game OSTs, Square does not have plans to release this amazing
    soundtrack overseas. Therefore, only import versions are available at a
    reasonable price. You can get them at the following sites:
            - Gamemusic.com
            - Animenation.net
            - ebay.com
    There may be more, but searching for it is up to you. Personally, I wouldn't
    get my copy from the internet, and I would never do so. I went to a nearby
    Japanese store to get my copy. Anyway, it costs about 3,364¥, which is about
    34 US dollars, I believe. Remember! If it doesn't say Digicube, Yasunori
    ain't making a penny!
    ~=~=~                          2. SOUNDTRACK LIST                       ~=~=~
    Due to some minor disagreements in song translations, I have decided to make
    another list. Ok, I admit the names of the songs are a bit goofed up I guess.
    So what I'll do to clarify this mishap is to make different versions of the
    song names. It may confuse some of you, but I will label the new list,
    "Alternate Song List". This list was specifically made for one's convenience.
    So if you'll be so kind as to excuse a few errors here and there, please feel
    free to browse through the list. Same applies for the lyric translations.
                           CHRONO CROSS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK
                  Composed, arranged, and produced by Yasunori Mitsuda
      Disc One - CAUSE
    Running Time: 69:54
    1.  Chrono Cross~Time's Scar (Opening Theme)
    2.  Edge of Death
    3.  Home Arni Village
    4.  Plains of Time (Home World)
    5.  Dancing the Tokage
    6.  Reminiscence ~Thoughts not Extinguished~
    7.  Dreams of the Shore Near Another World
    8.  Another Arni
    9.  Singing Emotions
    10. Lost Pieces
    11. Drowning Valley
    12. Another Termina
    13. Quitting the Body
    14. Forest of Cutting Shadows
    15. Snake Remains Chamber
    16. Triumph ~Gift of Spring~
    17. Lost Child of Time
    18. Another Galdove
    19. Swamp of Hidora
    20. Dream Fragments
    21. Voyage (Another World)
    22. Ghost Ship
    23. Death Volcano
    24. Ancient Dragon's Stronghold
    25. Pathetic
      Disc Two - UNVEILING
    Running Time: 60:03
    1.  Beginning of a Dream
    2.  Dimension Breach
    3.  Home Termina
    4.  Dragon Knight
    5.  Voyage (Home world)
    6.  Home Galdove
    7.  Home Mabuure (Marbule)
    8.  Zerubess (Zelbess)
    9.  The Big Splendid Astonishing Magic Group
    10. Doze
    11. Chronomantique
    12. Dilemma
    13. Optimism
    14. Island of the Dead
    15. Dead Sea (Ruined Tower)
    16. People Imprisoned by Destiny
    17. Lost Before Light
    18. Earth Dragon's Island
    19. Navel of the World
    20. Hurricane
    21. Victory ~Call of Summer~
    22. Another Mabuure
    23. Fairies Yield Magic
    24. Etude 1
    25. Etude 2
    26. Magical Dreamers ~The Wind, the Stars, and the Sea~
      Disc Three - CHANGE
    Running Time: 53:25
    1.  Garden of God
    2.  Chronopolis
    3.  FATES ~God's Destiny~
    4.  Jellyfish Sea
    5.  Orphanage of Flame
    6.  Star-Stealing Girl
    7.  Dreamwatch of Time
    8.  Dragon's Wish
    9.  Star Tower
    10. Frozen Flame
    11. Dragon God
    12. In the Time of Disorder
    13. Life ~Faraway Promises~
    14. Reminiscence ~Thoughts not Extinguished~
    15. Radical Dreamers ~The Unstolen Jewel~
    16. Dream Fragments
    Here's the soundtrack list with slightly different translations. Thanks to my
    buddy, David Xu for giving me these bastardized translations.
      Disc One - AWAKENING
    Running Time: 69:54
    1.  Chrono Cross~Wounds of Time~
    2.  Deadline
    3.  Aruni~Home
    4.  Fields of Time~Home World
    5.  Lizard Dance
    6.  Reminiscing~Forgotten Memories
    7.  On the Beach of Dreams~Another World
    8.  Aruni~Another
    9.  Thinking Back
    10. Missing Piece
    11. Drowned Valley
    12. Termina~Another
    13. Departed Souls
    14. Forest of Illusion
    15. Shakotsu Mansion
    16. Victory~Gift of Spring~
    17. Lost in Time
    18. Galdolf~Another
    19. Hydra Swamp
    20. Pieces of Dreams
    21. Sailing~Another World
    22. Ghost Ship
    23. Extinct Volcanoe
    24. Cliffs of Ancient Dragons
    25. Grief
      Disc Two - ACCEPTANCE
    Running Time: 60:03
    1.  The Dream Starts
    2.  End of Dimension (End of Time)
    3.  Termina ~Home~
    4.  Dragon Knights
    5.  Sailing ~Home World~
    6.  Galdove ~Home~
    7.  Marbule ~Home~
    8.  Zelbess
    9.  The Great Sneff's Troupe
    10. Bed Time
    11. Chronomantique
    12. Predicament
    13. Optimism
    14. Island of Departed Souls
    15. Dead Sea/Tower of Extinction
    16. Prisoners of Fate
    17. Previously Lost Hopes
    18. Island of Earth Dragons
    19. Navel of the World
    20. Gale
    21. Victory ~Shouts of Summer~
    22. Marbule ~Another~
    23. A Touch of Magic From the Fairy
    24. Etude 1
    25. Etude 2
    26. Magical Dreamers ~The Wind, the Stars, and the Waves~
      Disc Three - RETURN
    Running Time: 53:25
    1.  Garden of Gods
    2.  Chronopolis
    3.  FATES ~God of Destiny~
    4.  Jellyfish Sea
    5.  Orphanage Fire
    6.  The Girl Who Stole the Star
    7.  Time of Revealing Dreams
    8.  Hope of the Dragon
    9.  Star Tower
    10. Frozen Flame
    11. Time Dragon
    12. Dark Realms of Time
    13. Life ~Faraway Promise~
    14. Reminiscing ~Forgotten Memory~
    15. Radical Dreamers~Unstolen Gem~
    16. Piece of Dream
    ~=~=~                     3. "RADICAL DREAMERS" LYRICS                  ~=~=~
    Radical Dreamers- "The Unstolen Jewel"
    Performed by Noriko Mitose
    Music by Yasunori Mitsuda
    JAPANESE                             | ENGLISH
    Itokenai te ni tsutsunda             | Held in young hands,
    Furueteru sono hikari o              | That light is shivering
    Koko made tadotte kita               | I've come all this way
    Jidai no fuchi o samayoi             | Wandering the edge of time
    Sagashitsuzukete kita yo             | I came still searching
    Namae sae shiranai keredo            | I don't even know your name, but
    Tada hitotsu no omoi o               | One little feeling
    Anata ni tewatashitakute             | I just wanted to hand over to you
    Toki wa ai mo itami mo               | Sometimes I catch and hold
    Fuku dakitome                        | Love and pain, tightly in my arms
    Keshite yuku kedo                    | It will fade away, but
    Watashi wa oboete iru                | I'll remember
    Zutto...                             | Forever...
    Watashi no mune no oku ni            | It'd been echoing in my chest
    Itsukara ka hibiite ita...           | For who knows how long...
    Yotsuyu no shizuku yori mo           | Though it's a whisper tinier
    Kasukana sasayaki dakedo             | Than a drop of evening fog
    Itetsuku hoshi no yami e             | Toward the darkness of frozen stars
    Tsumugu inori ga                     | A spinning prayer
    Tô anata no sora ni                  | May it reach to your distant skies...
    Todoku yô ni...                      |
                               To wrap the young hands,
                          Around the light that shines down.
                                Persue to this point,
                       Then wandering around border at this hour.
                              Continuing in the search,
                              For the name I never knew.
                          But there's one thought in my mind,
                            When you offer your hand to me.
                            History can be love and pain,
                                Hugging deep within.
                         Until death, I will be remembering
                                  Inside my heart,
                           For how long it has been echoing.
                             Ever since the drop of night,
                            However there's a faint whisper
                     The cold settles in the darkness of the stars,
                                 Spinning hopes
                         Reaching out into your faraway sky.
    ~=~=~                           4. SONG MEANINGS                        ~=~=~
    NOTE: Song meanings are not originally worded by me. This was taken from the
    booklet that was included with the soundtrack.
    EXPLANATION: by Yasunori Mitsuda
        D I S C  O N E
    1. Chrono Cross~Time's Scar
       The opening track for Chrono Cross! Somehow or other, I felt that the
       level of the musicians are very high! During recording, time and again new
       ideas and inspiration sprouted, but they can still easily adapt to the
       changes! The foundation of this piece is mainly the percussions, the
       sounds of MIX and the GRAN CASSA beating to the brass sticks is absolutely
    2. Edge of Death
       I think there are two versions of this in the game: one with vocal and one
       without. The one in this OST is the vocal version. I didn't like the way
       the ordinary orchestra would play it, so I emphasized on the percussions.
       But I forgot where I fiddled around with it (laughs).
    3. Home Arni Village
       As the theme for the very first town in the game, I injected the feeling
       of sunshine and brightness to it, something with a good atmosphere. I felt
       that the Fado guitar would do an excellent choice to bring out that
       feeling, even though traditionally the image of the Fado is one of sadness
       and sorrow. But I realized it can bring out the cheeriness of a
       song...maybe what they say about Fado is wrong...(laughs)
    4. Plains of Time~Home World
       Hey! Recognize that melody?! Yup, I had re-arranged the main theme for
       Chrono Trigger. I started by converting the boring C-melo because I didn't
       have time to compose another piece with the same passion of Chrono
       Trigger. Hmm...why did I deliberately use the Sitar on a Chrono piece?
    5. Dancing the Tokage
       The theme for the first dungeon in the game. The faint sound of the
       Angklung (an Indonesian instrument) was steadily introduced into the
       theme. It did create the feeling of a cheery dungeon of good weather,
       doesn't it? Feels good though...(laughs)
    6. Reminiscence ~Thoughts Not Extinguished~
       The feeling of love...I didn't know that the piano could bring it out so
       well. Because I'm not very good at the piano, I didn't edit much of it due
       to the feedback on the Playstation. Even so, the message of love is
       eminent in this simple song.
    7. Dreams of the Shore Near Another World
       Those who know will recognize immediately, that this is the main theme of
       Radical Dreamers. The use of both themes Chrono Trigger and Radical
       Dreamers in Home and Another World themes was actually the idea of our
       director Mr. Kato. I thought it was not a bad idea after all.
    8. Another Arni
       I had the inspiration of emptiness and not existing in another dimension
       when I tried composing for this piece. The raw sound of the piano and
       guitar used in the arranged versions of the Home Arni Village was
       surprisingly good.
    9. Singing Emotions
       Again I used the electric piano and the clarinet for this piece, which is
       heard when Leena and Serge were exchanging thoughts. Though there aren't
       any conflicts of love in this game, but in real life, it's quite rare to
       find couple nowadays actually sit down and exchange thoughts.
    10. Lost Pieces
        The guitar and cello version of the Chrono Cross opening theme. Mr. Kira
        was excellent on the guitar, and I have constant fear that there will be
        a change in tempo when I mix in my part. I was very worried that I might
        screw it up. (laughs)
    11. Drowning Valley
        I failed twice in using the recorder to create a melody with a medieval
        atmosphere. All along I was using 5/8 beat rhythm (laughs). I had no
        choice but to alter the beat and to my surprise, I can gradually hear the
        melody I had in mind.
    12. Another Termina
        Come on out everyone! This is my 18th festive song with 6/8 beat. This
        time I gave it a Scottish beat in arrangement. I don't know why...but it
        reminded me of the festive air of the Guardia Millennial Fair in Chrono
        Trigger (laughs)...it actually wasn't suppose to be of that type.
    13. Quitting the Body
        I did not regret, to decide to show the bravery of the Dragon Knights in
        the second part of the song. The Heihachi and Shinobue (Japanese flutes)
        harmonized well with each other and gave it a peaceful sound to it. I
        wanted to have it til the end but I thought it's best to drop the idea
    14. Forest of Cutting Shadows
        This is my favorite genre of music: Minimal Music! What differentiates
        it from the other music is to repeat the motive of the theme again and
        again, in moderation. Don't know how many times I have dozed off during
        the making of this song...everyone! Did you guys fall asleep listening to
        this during the game??
    15. Snake Remains Chamber
        With surplus memory, I had a discussion with Synthesizer Programmer, Mr.
        Yamazaki, as to how we could make this theme sound more interesting.
        Well, we did alter it...and to this day, every time we hear this
        laughable song, we'll exclaim "This is STUPID!"
    16. Triumph~Gift of Spring~
        This is the orchestral arrangement of the Fanfare song in Chrono Trigger.
        In my opinion, the inclusion of a fanfare gives a sense of the old school
        RPGs, giving a majestic feel to the game.
    17. Lost Child of Time
        For the most part, the cello built up the emotion of this song, and then
        the pizzicato takes up the second-half. Do you think I managed to display
        the sense of insecurity of being lost in an unfamiliar dimension? However
        I felt this track was laughable and stupid...(laughs)
    18. Another Galdove
        In this game, when you visit towns in the parallel dimension, you'll hear
        the second arranged version of the Home World ones. Sometimes I don't
        know which parts to differentiate from the original version and ended up
        arranging it wrongly. This game is in my opinion, pretty interesting to
        be capable of putting me in such a predicament.
    19. Swamp of Hidora
        The inspiration came from the dancing movements of the dwarves. Maybe the
        choreography of the dwarven dance had good timing. It gives both the
        sense of pop music and mystery to it. But it was tough combining both the
        elements into the same song.
    20. Dream Fragments
        Well, Mr. Kato's project was to make sure that the music for the Musicbox
        made an appearance in the game. Even though the Musicbox song was simple,
        yet it can dig out the deepest emotions to those who listen. I think the
        musicbox is a very fascinating instrument (machine?), isn't it?
    21. Voyage (Another World)
        Heard when you ride around on the boat. It has a TWO-FOUR progression,
        then rapidly return back to the original beat, making it quite a self-
        contradicting piece.
    22. Ghost Ship
        I wonder why the sound of the vibraphone reminded me so much of the Enka
        song <Yosaku> (laughs) (Enka songs are traditional Japanese theatrical
        music, something the younger generation dislikes, which is why Yasunori
        was laughing. And so happens that Yosaku uses the same instrumentation as
        this song!) It was not my idea to create that image, didn't want people
        to listen and immediately think of Yosaku, but I just can't shake it off!
        Must be the huge impact of Yosaku on me...
    23. Death Volcano
        After the flat bass intro, gradually the African Beat fades in. After
        that, I switched to using Ireland's Aeolian Harp and the unique
        percussion of Udo. This song has an extremely wide variety of
        instrumentations from all around the world.
    24. Ancient Dragon's Stronghold
        I have to arranged this 2 to 3 times before I was satisfied with it,
        because it didn't fit into the ambience of the place in the game.
        Actually I had the inspiration to write a long 20 minute track for this,
        but I didn't have enough space on the score sheet (laughs).
    25. Pathetic
        Oh, please listen to Mitose's "Ghostly Wails" (laughs). Though the track
        lasts only a couple of seconds, but it was very fitting and scary when
        coupled with the FMV. I tripled Mitose's 6 wails to make 18 of them
        altogether. (In fact I wanted to create more, if not for practicality
        reasons.) Very nice screams...thank you Miss Mitose!
        D I S C  T W O
    1. Beginning of a Dream
       This was composed only for Square's internal presentation, and NOT used in
       the game itself. Not many tried their hands on the Chrono Cross Demo
       either, so I thought of putting its full version into this soundtrack for
       completeness. The first impression of the game gave me when I heard this
       song, was the image of the sea, don't you think so?
    2. Dimension Breach
       I had a sudden itch to compose this out and did it in 2 hours!! (laughs)
       Maybe it's the strong sense of inspiration that befall on me. If only I
       have this kinda power everyday, I can compose this whole soundtrack in
       just 10 days (laughs)!
    3. Home Termina
       I decided to create a totally different for Termina of another dimension.
       The beginning of this track is actually for an event, while the one after
       is the actual track. I also tone down the festive mood for this track.
    4. Dragon Knight
       The so-called "Pop Orchestra" (laughs). I had to have this type to present
       the bravery in those knights. I thought the Brass section did quite well,
       wondered why Mr. Yamazaki edited it.
    5. Voyage (Home World)
       The fine and delicate sounds from the Distortion Guitar...makes it a very
       fast-paced number.
    6. Home Galdove
       When I was composing the rhythm of this track, I had Home Arni Village as
       the main idea, then skillfully changing the tune into the Galdolve theme
       (laughs). In the midst of producing, the tremolo of the guitar started to
       become obvious. Looks like it's impossible to work with raw guitar sounds.
       *sigh* if only I had a better guitar.
    7. Home Mabuure (Marbule)
       This was inspired by music from the Middle Ages, so I used a lot of
       instruments from that era. I originally wanted to have the orchestra
       playing it, but somehow the results didn't turn out well. Maybe, I'll try
       it one more time for the Chrono Cross Arranged CD.
    8. Zerubess (Zelbess)
       Somehow this song just brings me back to reflect on life. All work and no
       play makes Jack a dull boy. You have to live a balance life...I wish I
       could go to the Zelbess. (laughs)
    9. The Big Splendid Astonishing Magic Group
       Why does the image of "Magic" and "China" come into my mind? Why? Is it
       only me? This track is screwing up my mind. (laughs) It wasn't
    10. Doze
        OK everyone, let's sleep! Altogether now....1...2...3...zZzZzZzz
    11. Chronomantique
        This is a rendition of the Chrono Trigger theme. It's played only for a
        short while in the game. The track is quite long as compared to the
        time-frame it is used. I tried to re-arrange it but it turned out
        completely different! I guess I have to perfect my skills in arranging
    12. Dilemma
        Well, similar to Lynx' mansion, we had extra memory for this track. So I
        decided to add in the male voice "Zon!" , but I didn't expected the
        result to be amazingly excellent! You could feel the ambience listening
        to it, huh?
    13. Optimism
        What an optimistic feel! Made it a little funky. I arranged the second
        half of the track, but even though the moods in the two parts are
        different, I found it funny that it still conveys the optimism. If I
        borrow this game, I'll be laughing a lot at this track.
    14. Island of the Dead
        Appeared as one of the dungeon's music. In the middle of the track, I
        made a weird tune out of my flute "Heeee...rururu" that made a lot of
        impact on the mood of the track. The percussions and Ring Rhythm
        (Yasunori made up the phrase himself) contributed a lot too. (laughs)
        Ring Rhythm is actually setting a percussion to a speaker, then position
        each speaker in the form of a ring, the result is the effect of the beat
        rotating on a spot. This is probably the first and last I combined the
        use of Minimal Music and Polyrhythm into my works.
    15. Dead Sea (Ruined Tower)
        For this track, I was very worried about the sound of the clarinet,
        basically due to the Playstation hardware problem. If I set its volume a
        little low, its reverberations will drown itself out to the main tune. If
        I set it a little higher, there's a gross imbalance to the volume of the
        other instruments. I found myself in the worst situation possible.
        Luckily my savior, Mr. Yamazaki skillfully solved the problem.
    16. People Imprisoned By Destiny
        The scene accompanying this piece is really heart-wrenching. When this
        track is played during the battle, I did not have the heart to input the
        battle commands. Somehow, the Strings Arrangement was amazing in setting
        the mood. Aahh...how sad!
    17. Lost Before Light
        When the game was in production stages, this was the first track that I
        finished composing. The theme made up of guitar sounds, and I didn't
        bother checking the memory it would take up. Initially they said they'll
        use the track for events with major decisions made, but ended up with
        "Game Over" message...this game does have its poisons! (laughs)
    18. Earth Dragon's Island
        I think this theme managed to portray the sense of space and mystique
        very well. The feeling of vastness and transparency forming itself into a
        painting...just by this music itself. I don't know how I managed to
        compose such a thing, must have taken all the powers of me and Yamazaki
        combined. (laughs)
    19. Navel of the World
        All-out percussion for this one. A sense of a fast-paced song, but the
        actual scene of the game shows a very carefree mood. Otherwise, the rest
        of the track matches. Used the MIX to change a lot of parts to this
    20. Hurricane
        The use of Polyrhythm. Up to now, I don't think there's a battle music
        like this, by mixing the 9/8, 3/4, 4/4 and 5/4 beat altogether, a
        seemingly impossible feat.
    21. Victory ~Call of Summer~
        This track name was thought up by Kato himself. "Call of Summer"...what a
        GREAT name! Up to now, I cannot see myself thinking up such a befitting
        name for this jingle. Ties in the first "Gifts of Spring" version very
        nicely! How admirable of Mr. Kato! (laughs)
    22. Another Mabuure (Marbule)
        How should I arrange the Marbule track? I was thinking of a way to
        differentiate it from the original Marbule track because I didn't know
        what class the music belongs to. Well, it was simple. I reduced the
        emphasis of each type of instrument and came out with the result.
    23. Fairies Yield Magic
        The music of Miki the dancer and Slash teaching a lesson on life. It is
        the setting pattern for the big scene to come afterwards.
    24. Etude 1
        This event was thought up by Kietsu. She instructed me to create a tune
        to show that Slash was going through a transition of having trouble with
        his guitar, by omitting the "soul" of the tune. Well, it was easier said
        than done. Certainly it's different from understanding her.
    25. Etude 2
        I think this is what she meant by "putting soul" into Etude 1...How was
        it? I'm sorry if I didn't really understand.
    26. Magical Dreamers ~The Wind, the Stars, and the Sea~
        As I got the hang of Etude 2, I gave it the best "soul" I could ever
        thought of and then decided to use this take. In the second half, the
        microphone audio field gave the guitar sounds a classical feel to the
        melody, immersing all into a unique world altogether.
        D I S C  T H R E E
    1. Garden of God
       The singing of the boys' choir really gives a feel of being in the Garden
       of the Gods, and I was set to use it in the game's title screen. But I
       might as well put this track to the beginning of this CD "Disc 3". So let
       the high-tension music begin!
    2. Chronopolis
       The techno-rhythm of this track was inspired by the chords of Chrono
       Trigger and became the foundation for it. But I felt it did not deviate
       too far from the image of Chrono Cross.
    3. FATES ~God's Destiny~
       Once again, a progressive tune. In the middle, the organ and bass was
       inserted during the 4-beat period. This was one of the best in my final
       works, as was "Boss Battle 2" in Chrono Trigger soundtrack. How come both
       are similar in situation?...How mysterious...(laughs)
    4. Jellyfish Sea
       This belongs to the category of Ambient Music. The harmony of the bass and
       piano combine happily, to create the wonderful feeling of being under the
       sea. Similar to the track Forest of Illusion, I don't know how many times
       I had dozed off in the process! (laughs)
    5. Orphanage of Flame
       The gregorian-like female chorus and the opera-like male chorus was mixed
       in this composition. At the very last chord, just as the help was about to
       start, the chord suddenly twist to give it that added kick. Listening to
       this track makes you experience the deep hatred that Yamaneko had inside
       him. Yamanekooooo...!
    6. Star-Stealing Girl
       Kid may look intimidating, but she is actually a kind person hidden deep
       inside her heart. This song portrays that kindness in her. I like the way
       Miss Mitose's "Lan la la lan" scat, which brings out the image of Kidd
       perfectly. Kidd is my favorite character in the game.
    7. Dreamwatch of Time
       This track was used in the Demo Game's teaser trailer. By subtle editing
       of the Chrono Trigger and Radical Dreamers themes, I think this song sort
       of summarizes the contents of the whole game.
    8. Dragon's Wish
       My favorite composer, Jerry Goldsmith, made a special appearance for this
       track. His unique way of beginning his piece and his orchestration is
       something I need to "digest" and learn. I can see the various challenges
       ahead of me. But I'm at a loss for words. (laughs) Must learn more variety
       of music...
    9. Star Tower
       You think that this sounds like an ordinary track, but gradually, the
       music fades and is taken over by the choral vocals which gave it an
       indescribable sense of unsettledness. This song portrays the sense of "Oh,
       I'm getting nearer and nearer to the end, huh?" feeling. Is everyone's
       heart starting to quicken? (laughs)
    10. Frozen Flame
        This was taken from the game Radical Dreamers. It portrays the image of
        the gem's search for the sorrow of mankind. This track sounds quite
        ordinary. I wanted to remix it but I forgot how I composed this song.
    11. Dragon God
        The choral vocals, String Quartet and percussion were lavishly used in
        this piece. The vocals in the intro part and the brass & strings arranged
        in the middle part were fairly easy to create. I saw the scene of the
        battle before the music was added in, and thought to myself how in the
        world should I do to portray the sense of a last boss. Well, after this
        track was added in, the battle seemed to become very up-tempo.
    12. In the Time of Disorder
        Yasunori didn't comment on this one.
    13. Life ~Faraway Promises~
        Sound effects gradually forming shape into a synchronized melody and
        doesn't need extra explanation. When I first saw the scene accompanying
        this music, I had goose pimples for a very long time. If you only bought
        this CD without the game, I beg you to listen to this in the actual game
    14. Reminiscence ~Thoughts Not Extinguished~
        At the end of the story, the words "forgotten memory" appeared. I wonder
        whether the memories Serge had were actually important. And also, whether
        the photo had any meaning to it.
    15. Radical Dreamers ~The Unstolen Jewel~
        It's unbelievable. Kira's guitar and Mitose's ethereal voice matched so
        well in this song. Initially, for two times I had been trying to add the
        strings into the song, but it just didn't sound right. Finally I decided
        to let the guitar be by itself. Such a simple song for the ending. The
        song, though low on melody, but it showed hesitation and pain in it. With
        such convincing melody, I think this was a big success in my opinion.
        Mitose's lyrics were wonderful too; certainly worth a listen to.
    16. Dream Fragments
        When you hear this tune, everyone should agree with me that it gives a
        final sense of conclusion. (laughs) I too had a great sense of
        accomplishment when I finally saw the ending. Close your eyes, think back
        to the many adventures you encountered during the game.
    ~=~=~                          5. NAME THAT SONG!                       ~=~=~
    Ok, here is the list of the songs and where you hear them in the game. It may
    not be entirely accurate, since I wrote this based on my memory. And adding
    little excitement to it, I've added a little opinionated sentence (or two)
    with it. It'd be nice, if you'd help out ya know. It would be appreciated.
    I've left a lot of them blank, and I know that most of them are wildly
    inaccurate. The nicest thing you could do for me is help me with corrections!
        D I S C  O N E
    1. Chrono Cross~Time's Scar~
       The song for the opening CG, in the very beginning of the game. Very cool.
       Probably one of my favorite songs.
    2. Edge of Death
       Played during your first trip through the "mysterious dungeon". This is
       also the boss battle theme. It adds a very dramatic effect.
    3. Home Arni Village
       Obviously, the mellow theme in Serge's village in the Home World. *yawns*
       Makes you kind of sleepy (meant that in a good way).
    4. Plains of Time (Home World)
       World Map theme in Home World, when on foot. I like it. The various use of
       the instruments in this song was very well done!
    5. Dancing the Tokage
       The merry little theme in your first dungeon, Lizard Rock. Awww...it's so
    6. Reminiscence ~Thoughts not Extinguished~
       While Serge and Leena are talking about their childhood on Opassa Beach,
       this song is being played in the background. Heavenly isn't it?
    7. Dreams of the Shore Near Another World
       World Map theme in Another World. On land. Ohh...I really like this song.
    8. Another Arni
       A very different theme from Home Arni, but it's good nonetheless. Read the
       title of the song to find out where you distinctively heard this song.
    9. Singing Emotions
       When Leena just blurts out the horrible news to Serge on the pier in
       another Arni, this song adds more to the tension. Well sort of.
    10. Lost Pieces
        I'm not sure about this one, but I think this song is playing when Serge
        goes visit his tombstone in Another World. Correct me if I'm wrong. One
        of my all-time favorites. It's basically a "quieter" version of Chrono
        Cross~Time's Scar~ You know...without the extra stimulation, kind of
        Valerie says:
        "This music is played when Serge and Kid visit Serge's grave. (I think
        you can get this scene if only Serge and Kid are in your party.  You have
        to let Kid join your party at Cape Howl, and visit Serge's grave again
        before going to Fossil Valley.)"
    11. Drowning Valley
        Fossil Valley theme in another World. Well, I hate to say it, but it was
        a depressing song for me. Don't know why though...
    12. Another Termina
        The name gave it away, obviously. It's the cheery theme in the town of
        Termina in Another World! It reminds me of extreme mirth and lotsa
    13. Quitting the Body
        I love this song! This is played when you see Glenn and Riddel at the
        grave of Garai and Dario.
    14. Forest of Cutting Shadows
        The cute theme in Shadow Forest, or woods. Don't quite remember, but it's
        definitely that song. Weren't those deformed fish creatures adorable?!
    15. Snake Remains Chamber
        When you enter General Viper's manor, this "secret agent" kind of song
        plays in the background.
    16. Triumph ~Gift of Spring~
        The end battle music. You know...when you win a battle, it switches to
        your stats and what have you. That's the song that plays in the
        background. It's a rather boisterous rendition of Lucca's theme in Chrono
    17. Lost Child of Time
        It is actually played at the top floor of Viper Manor, but only your
        initial visit.
    18. Another Galdove
        The song played in Galdove in Another World. Oh, it's so pleasant. Makes
        you just want to recline and sleep.
    19. Swamp of Hidora
        Played in the Hydra Marshes in Home World. The Home World version sounds
        much "happier" than the other version.
    20. Dream Fragments
        The very last song of the game. I'm not sure why it was listed twice
        because there's this one and another one in Disc 3. Maybe there are two
        versions of it, although they both sound the same. No, this is not the
        vocal song that plays during the credits.
    21. Voyage (Another World)
        The theme on the world map when Serge and company are on a boat to get
        around. If you like mellow tunes, then this suits you just fine. It's
        very pleasant.
    22. Ghost Ship
        The ghostly theme, ok not really, onboard the Ghost Ship. Duh. When I
        first heard the song on my soundtrack, I had mistaken it for one of those
        sneaky kinds of music. Like when Mel stole Kid's Elements.
    23. Death Volcano
        This song is the one played in Pyro Mountain (it's the name right?). I
        personally liked this song, it's very "secretive" and um, stuff.
    24. Ancient Dragon's Stronghold
        The song played in the Dragon-like castle. I forget the name. But you get
        the idea, right? This song is pretty cool, although I wouldn't list it
        under "My All-Time Favorites."
    25. Pathetic
        A very haunting song, indeed. This scat was nicely coupled with the FMV
        showing the evil Serge...*SPOILER*...stabbing Kid in the gut.
        D I S C  T W O
    1. Beginning of a Dream
       According to the linear notes, this music wasn't used in the game.
    2. Dimension Breach
       I think this is the song where Lynx is in that Dimension Vortex. Sprigg's
       home to be more specific. Sounds an awful lot like the theme where Leena
       and Serge are having a chat.
    3. Home Termina
       Obviously, the town's theme in the Home World. Need I say more?
    4. Dragon Knight
       This is the song when the Dragoon knights come to Serge's aid. Sounds
       pretty triumphant.
    5. Voyage (Home World)
       The sailboat theme on the world map in Home World. I'd say it would have
       sounded better without the use of the electric guitar. But that's just my
    6. Home Galdove
       The song from the village of Galdove in the Home World. It has a nice beat
       to it.
    7. Home Marbuure
       The song in Marbule in the Home World. It's very fitting isn't it?
       Yasunori is a genius, and I'm being biased. :)
    8. Zerubess
       The cheery theme only heard onboard the S.S. Zelbess! Lotsa things pop up
       in my mind when I hear this song.
    9. The Big Splendid Astonishing Magic Group
       The name's kind of long isn't it? This song plays while Sneff, the ugly
       guy twisted with arthiritus, displays his ability to perform magic. It's
       very akin to a Chinese-style music.
    10. Doze
        The song plays when your characters are replenishing their health, or
        when they're sleeping. Short and simple.
    11. Chronomantique
        This song plays on the world map in Another World, only on a boat, like
        paying the guy in Another's Arni to take you to Water Dragon Isle.
    12. Dilemma
        This is from the Viper Manor Bluffs. It's also used during the Grand
    13. Optimism
        This is the dopey-like song that played in the background when you fought
        with Solt and Pepper for the second time. I love this song! It's so cute!
    14. Island of the Dead
        This song plays when you are in the Isle of the Damned dungeon. Sounds
        kind of eerie. =P
    15. Dead Sea (Ruined Tower)
        This is the song where you are inside the Dead Sea. That one futuristic
        place, where mannequins attack you. =/ I like the bells in this song.
    16. People Imprisoned by Destiny
        The melacholy theme that plays in the background while you fight Miguel.
        Oh well, you know, Leena's father. That g'damn white element boss that's
        hard to kill.
    17. Lost Before Light
        When you game over, this song plays in the background.
    18. Earth Dragon's Island
        If you look at the title of the song, maybe you can figure it out. =P
        Well, for those of you who don't know, it's the song played in Earth's
        Dragon Isle.
    19. Navel of the World
        The enthusiastic melody played in Gaea's Naval.
    20. Hurricane
        Chrono Cross's battle theme!
    21. Victory ~Call of Summer~
        When the battle is over and you've won, this is the victory theme you
        will hear. =D
    22. Another Mabuure
        The theme played in Another Marbule. This song will play when you've
        cleared the area of the ghostly figures. See a walkthrough for details.
    23. Fairies Yield Magic
        In the little stage show the Magical Dreamers put on for you, the two
        girls will sing this short song. Well, they're kinda like wails, but
    24. Etude 1
        One of the two types of the Magical Dreamers guitar cords.
    25. Etude 2
        The second of the two types of the Magical Dreamers guitar cords.
    26. Magical Dreamers ~The Wind, the Stars, and the Sea~
        The full Magical Dreamers song that Nikki plays on the on-stage
        performance that Serge and party was invited to.
        D I S C  T H R E E
    1. Garden of God
       This song plays when you meet any of the 6 dragons you will encounter in
       the game.
    2. Chronopolis
       On the way to the mysterious building in the Sea of Eden, this song will
       play in the background as you continue your journey.
    3. FATES ~God's Destiny~
       The boss battle theme for when you battle FATE.
    4. Jellyfish Sea
       The adorable theme that plays when you are underwater in the El Nido
    5. Orphanage of Flame
       When Serge is in Kid's past (i.e. the orphan), this song will continuously
       play in the background. Reminds me of an opera house.
    6. Star-Stealing Girl
       The sad song that plays when Serge rescues Kid from the burning orphanage
       and also plays while Kid talks to Serge on the Water Dragon's Isle.
    7. Dreamwatch of Time
       On the title screen, if you stall a while, a demo will ensue. This song is
       the demo's theme. =D Simple as that.
    8. Dragon's Wish
       This is played while you are in the lower levels of the Terra Tower.
    9. Star Tower
       The disturbing song played while in Terra Tower.
    10. Frozen Flame
        Played when you enter the Chamber of The Arbiter in Chronopolis, before
        you fight FATE.
    11. Dragon God
        The boss theme while battling the Time Devourer. This is one of the
        coolest songs. Really!
    12. In the Time of Disorder
        This is actually the background from the fight with the the Time
        Devourer's Ultimate form (Schala/Lavos/Dragon God).
    13. Life ~Faraway Promises~
        When you save Schala from Lavos (correctly), this song will play after
        using the Chrono Cross.
    14. Reminiscence ~Thoughts Not Extinguished~
        The same repeated song when Serge was with Leena on Opassa Beach at the
        beginning of the game.
    15. Radical Dreamers ~The Unstolen Jewel~
        The credit's song! The absolute most coolest song in the gaming world,
        IMO! Noriko's ethereal voice really is wonderful.
    16. Dream Fragments
        Again, a repeat from the same song in Disc one.
    ~=~=~                           5. LINEAR NOTES                         ~=~=~
    Music Composer:
    Yasunori Mitsuda
    It's been 10 years since I entered the world of "music." If I think about it,
    I went through it really fast. I'm going to work the same work until I die.
    When I was a youth, I remember what I was pondering all day: "I'm trying too
    much." Yet, I don't get accepted... If I think about this now...no one really
    cares about it. I didn't realize this when I was young.
    I don't differ from a youth now, but now I get accepted...No, I don't do this
    job for acceptance, but for the people to hear and be moved by my work. When
    I thought of this, I feel I moved out of the young stage and into adulthood
    listening to the music in this game. Did anyone else's feelings get moved?
    Study Until I Die
    "People should study until death," was my father's sane. I hated to study. I
    couldn't accept what my father forced me to believe. But what if studying
    didn't mean "studying"? What if "studying" meant "dissolve"? People in this
    world always has trends; to know what trends are and how they work. This age
    became conquered by trends. Is this "dissolve" and "trends" what father had
    been talking about all these years. In the world of music, there are no
    trends. It is what you filter through the mind. The filtered material become
    the originality of one. "Study until Death", we can't ignore it. I'll start
    trying father...
    The Power of Sound
    Sound has a mysterious power: "song". It will overcome time. In any great
    song, it becomes useless when sound is not inputted. As a composer, if he
    does not care about how his melodies sound, it means he doesn't have any love
    for it. All sounds have colors.
    In this game, most of my work is "guitar sounds". I used the guitar to its
    Maximum level. Mr. Yamazaki, the editor, did wonders for this song. I can't
    thank him enough.
    Maximum Strength
    I am needing strength to make the music in this game. Most of the things I
    want in the music are limited because of the memory, or the program. I feel
    satisfied if I could do half of what I've expected some sounds in this game
    are impossible to do in real life. The programmers gave me the strength with
    encouraging words. The music in this CD is brought to you with the
    encouragement my peers gave me.
    The lasting civilization of music. The music in this game are based on the
    Sounds at underground channels. I tried a "fade style" in my music. "Fade
    Style" is a smooth vocal. Well, from here, I would like to hear everyone's
    thoughts on the game and please wait until my next CD comes out!
    Game producer:
    Hiromichi Tanaka
    World of Computers
    Anyone has a computer now. Twenty years ago, it was really rare. Now it's a
    toy that a kid uses. It's been 5 years since Chrono Trigger had been first
    released. Now the computers have changed; the hardware has changed. It is
    the F-1 stock car of the game world.
    All the anti-Squaresoft people say, "The more money Square has, the better
    the game becomes!" That is, however, not true. That people that build the
    game need to have love for the game. Without the needed love, no one can make
    a good game. Every monster a character designer makes, one drop of the
    designers tears are mentally inserted. Same for the people that make the
    A looong time ago, the sound was...different. Where did these sounds come
    from, the "pico, pico, puu." One can't put such sounds in Chrono Cross. The
    sounds are replaced by the noise of my guitar and the edited sounds. The
    power of the specialists can make this possible.
    Aku no Tesaki:
    Masato Kato
    Hands of the Devil
    Now it's the end of the fun nightmare. Chrono Cross didn't do good in sales
    as I have expected it to. Since Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, Xenogears,
    and Radical Dreamers cam out. Radical Dreamers came out right after Chrono
    Trigger. People might have not noticed, but Radical Dreamers was a part of
    Chrono Trigger. The main character, was a sub-character in Trigger.
    This game as well, didn't succeed. The days without sleep ended up as a waste
    of time. I planned to finished what we started with Radical. The inspiring
    voice of "Kid" in Chrono Cross made me realize what I have done. My battle is
    not over yet. It all started in Trigger...It was all different. The hardware,
    the system, and the programs. The difficulty made it more "fun". This "new
    fun" made it possible to finish Chrono Trigger and go on to new things.
    In my heart, Kid and Serge were there. Chrono Cross is not a Chrono Trigger2.
    It's a result of a pulled trigger. It's another "Chrono". See the ending of
    the game and you will know what I'm talking about.
    Sound Programmer:
    Ryo Yamazaki
    When you played the game, what did you hear? Did you hear your Playstation
    generate the sound?
    The people that say, "I don't care about the music" have a big problem. They
    don't know how hard it is to fake a huge song and push it into a _Piece of
    Memory_. These people are dirty in soul. No emotion. They don't have the
    brains to listen to the hard work Mitsuda-san went through. For the people
    that know his pain, we give you this soundtrack.
    ~=~=~                           7. THE WHOLE LOT                        ~=~=~
    All music composed, arranged and produced by: Yasunori Mitsuda
    Synthesizer Programmer: Ryo Yamazaki
    Sound Programmer: Minoru Akao
    Recorded & mixed by: Kenzi Nagashima
    Mastered by: Ichiko Furukawa
                 Hitomi Misaizu
    Art Direction & Designs: Keiichi Yamashita
    Directed by: Kishio Ozawa, Tsuyoshi Takemura
    Sales Promotion: Saiko Fukui
    Production Coordinator: Kosei Ito
    Production Assistant: Emiko Funahashi
    Prodcution Manager: Keiji Hamada
    Supervisor: Susumu Arai, Hirofumi Yokota
    Co-Executive ProducerL Kensuke Matsushita
    Executive Producer: Nobuo Uematsu
    Composed & Arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda
    Acoustic Guitar & Bouzouki: Tomohiko Kira
    Shinobue & Shakuhachi: Kinya Sogawa
    Percussion: Tamao Fujii
    Electric Upright Bass: Hitoshi Watanabe
    Keyboards: Yasunori Mitsuda
    Strings Quartet:
    1st Violin: Hijiri Kuwano
    2nd Violin: Motoko Fujiie
    Viola: Jun Yamamoto
    Cello: Haruki Matsuba
    Recorded & Mixed by: Kenzi Nagashima
    Assistant Engineer: Ken Hiranai
    Recorded at STUDIO GREENBIRD
    Recording Coordinator: Kenichi Funayama
    Composed & Arrange by: Yasunori Mitsuda
    Words by: Noriko Mitose
    Acoustic Guitar: Tomohiko Kira
    Vocal: Noriko Mitose
    Recorded & Mixed by: Kenzi Nagashima
    Assistant Engineer: Ken Hiranai
    Recording Coordinator: Kenichi Funayama
    ~=~=~                               8. OUTRO                            ~=~=~
     Version History
    Version 1.0 (8/14/02)
    With 20+ FAQ experience later, I've wiped the dust off this guide and re-did
    a few things for proper viewing. Nothing special. New e-mail. New format.
    Final update.
    Version .83 (5/3/01)
    Nothing big here. Just corrected the songs in the Name That Song section
    (thanks to Valerie S Yoza). Just fiddled around with the format. Like I said,
    it's nothing big; not worthy of a huge update report, ya know? Um, I forgot
    what else I did anyway. =P So until the next update, which I hope would be in
    the next few years, see ya!
    Version 0.8 (4/11/01)
    Finished Linear Notes sections. I promised a Norkio interview didn't I? D'oh!
    Oh well, I will have it up later. =D Added a new section: Name that Song!,
    which basically tells you what the song in the game is. Well that's about it.
    Cya next time!
    Version 0.7 (3/1/01)
    Added additional sections. Linear Notes and the Chrono Cross Crew now
    available for viewing. But the Linear Notes section isn't finished yet. I'll
    add an interview with Noriko Mitose later once the translation is done.
    Version 0.6 (2/14/01)
    Added Alternate Tracklist and lyrics. Also added Song Meanings to enhance my
    guide a bit from its ultra-boring state. Corrected some English errors.
    Version 0.4 (2/6/01)
    The format has changed a bit and added an extra "Final Words" section. After
    this update, there won't be too much to add, so I'll just leave at this for
    the time being.
    Version 0.3 (2/5/01)
    Sorry for the poor formatting on the first version. My word processor has a
    mind of its own. Anyway corrected minor errors. Further Updates will come
    Version 0.2 (2/3/01)
    First version of the FAQ. Got everything pretty much done if you ask me. More
    updates will follow pretty soon. Ciao
    o|                        S P E C I A L  T H A N K S                       |o
    - Yasunori Mitsuda, for creating a wonderful masterpiece.
    - CJayC, for maintaining one of the best gaming websites on the net.
    - Frans Alexandra, for offering a few suggestions to add to the FAQ.
    - Valerie S Yoza, for filling in the blank stuff and correcting me in many
    - Seiken, Freddie, and David for practically being the co-authors of this
      FAQ. I only maintain it.
    - PaiFujii, for correcting errors I made in the "Name That Song" section.
    - tobbethespy, for correcting an error I made.
     Shameless Plug
    If you're interested, you can check out all of the walkthroughs and guides
    I've made here:
    Thanks for reading!
                                   MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!
                        - The Chrono Cross Soundtrack Guide -
                          Copyright 2001-2002 Stephanie Lee
                                   February 2001

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