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    Ending Song Lyrics by AkujinD

    Updated: 12/27/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Chrono Cross Ending Song Translation FAQ
    Radical Dreamers ~ Without Taking the Jewel
    Table of Contents
    1)Version Info
    2)Contact Info
    3)Japanese Romaji version
    4)English (Direct)Translation
    5)Thanks to...
    6)Legal Info
    1)Version info
    12/27/2005: Updated contact information.
    05/06/2002: I thought I wouldn't be updating this anymore, but I went
    through it today, and found so many dumb errors...  Also, new contact
    09/10/2001: First and final version.  I don't think I have anything to 
    add to this FAQ...
    2)Contact Info
    This FAQ was made by AkujinD.  E-mail is akujind[at]  Please 
    don't e-mail me for any questions regarding this game.  If you have 
    questions about the FAQ itself, that's fine.
    3)This is the Japanese Romaji version:
    Osanai de ni suzunta...
    Furueteru sono hikari wo
    Koko made tadou dekita...
    Jikan no uchi wo samayoi..
    Sagashi suzukete kita no...
    Namae sae shiranai keredo
    Tada hitotsu no omoi wo...
    Anata ni te watashi takute...
    Toki wa ai wo itamiru
    Uta kuna kitome...
    Keshiteku kedo watashi wa
    Oboete iru zutto...
    Watashi no mune no oku ni...
    Itsu karata hibi ite ita
    Yuzugu no shizugu yori mo...
    Tasukara sasayaki dakedo...
    Itezuku hoshi no nami e
    Suru mui no ina...
    Tooi anata no sora ni
    Todoku youni...
    4)This is the English (Direct) Translation:
    Held in young hands,
    That light is shivering
    I've come all this way
    Wandering the edge of time
    I came, still searching
    I don't even know your name, but
    One little feeling
    I just wanted to hand over to you
    Sometimes I catch and hold
    Love and pain, tightly in my arms
    It will fade away, but
    I'll remember
    It'd been echoing in my chest
    For who knows how long...
    Though it's a whisper tinier
    Than a drop of evening fog
    Toward the darkness of the frozen stars
    A spinning prayer
    May it reach to your distant skies...
    5)Thanks to...
    Squaresoft for making the game for the Romaji lyrics
    6)Legal Stuff
    Chrono Cross is owned by Squaresoft, it's not mine.  You can put this 
    translation on your own webpage if you wish, but please do not edit 
    any of it.  You must also give me credit.  Heck, just leave the text
    file as it is, and link to it.  Upload it to your own server first.
    This FAQ is Copyright The Duckfather 2001 and 2002

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