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    Recruitment FAQ by Daredevil3181

    Version: 4.1 | Updated: 04/14/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Chrono Cross
    Recruitment FAQ
    Version 4.1, 4/14/04
    By Daredevil3181 (Joseph Diamond, GostRider0@aol.com)
    DISCLAIMER: This FAQ was written solely by me, Joseph Diamond, and 
    may not be used on any site other than GameFAQS, GameSpot, Chrono
    Compendium, or Neoseeker without my permission.  Since it has been
    published in a public forum it is now also *Copyright 2003 Joseph
    Diamond* (always wanted to say that).  If you would like to post this
    guide on your site please e-mail me your request with the subject line
    "Posting Recruitment FAQ". Chances are I will most likely give you the
    green light, but you still need to ask.  Also, be sure to check back
    for updates to this guide if it is posted.  There's no point in
    posting an outdated guide.
    With that out of the way, here are the meat and potatoes you've been 
    looking for.
    -- Table of Contents --
    I.	Version History
    II.	Why I Wrote This Guide
    III.	Recruiting Characters and Level 7 Techs
    IV.	Endings, New Game/Continue+, and the "Perfect Game"
    V.      Frozen Flame Quotes
    VI.     Character Closing Comments
    VII.	Character Relations
    VIII.	Thanks and Credits
    -- I. Version History --
    Version 1.0 11/26/03: Finished everything and still managed to keep
    up in school.  I'll update from here as I see fit.
    Version 1.01 11/26/03: That was quick.  Already found a few errors as
    I am currently playing through with my guide.  Very slight, but
    I'll fix them anyways.
    Version 1.11 11/27/03: There was a bad error on Number 20 regarding
    Mel.  It must be done after acquiring Korcha and putting Kid in the
    lead of your party, but Korcha does not have to be in your active
    party at the time.
    Version 1.21 11/29/03: Finally posted!  Yeah!  Also, another little
    problem with everyone's favorite sibling, Mel, was cleared up.  Turns
    out you can acquire her after the events of Ft. Dragonia, but it has
    to be after Kid has been woken up with the the Mastermune (thanks to
    alucard6787 for this information).
    Version 1.31 12/2/03: One more thing about Mojoy.  Two sources have
    told me that you can acquire him as soon as the events in Cape Howl
    take place when you get to another.  I have never been able to
    acquire him this way, but it could just be a glitch in my game, so
    I'll include the info as a Note by him in Number 26.
    Version 1.41 12/8/03: You can actually get Luccia slightly earlier
    then originally listed in this guide.  I'll post the correction in a
    notation down between Numbers 13 and 14.  Also, you can get NeoFio
    much earlier than I initially noted, which is on Number 43 and 47.
    Version 2.0 12/15/03: Added a new section, Character Closing 
    Comments,and fixed a few other minor errors.  I'll probably have one
    more update sometime before New Year's to streamline the guide a 
    littlemore and make it easier to read, but for now all the info in
    here is accurate and up-to-date.
    Version 3.0 12/31/03: Major streamline and update to the guide.  It
    is now much easier to read.  Pay no attention to any specific numbers
    mentioned in the version history section, as most have now been
    changed.  However, the numbers within the bulk of the guide itself
    are accurate.  This should be the last update.
    Version 4.0 3/20/04: Fixed a typographical error in Guile's Closing
    Comment.  Also, I added a new section in the "Frozen Flame Quotes" as
    other guides out there list them along with personal bias.  This
    version is complete and contains no commentary.
    Version 4.1 4/14/04: Caught a rather nasty typo dealing with Doc and
    listing him in the incorrect route in one point (even though he was
    mentioned correctly in another part of the guide).  Shame one you all
    for not catching that one!
    -- II. Why I Wrote This Guide --
    The point of this FAQ/Guide is to make the quest of recruiting 
    characters in this game a lot easier for you, the player.  There has 
    been a lot of confusion as to the earliest points in which characters
    can be recruited and at what point they can be permanently missed, if
    such a point exists.  In addition, if you follow the creation of 
    different files that I have outlined for you, it will drastically cut
    down on the tedious play throughs you must do in order to obtain
    every available character and all 12 endings.  I do not mean this 
    guide to be a comprehensive walkthrough, as there are plenty of those
    out there already, but merely to facilitate your gaming experience.
    Also, as an added bonus I tried to include fast and easy ways to 
    obtain every single character's Level 7 Tech that is not learned 
    inherently. The following characters learn their Level 7 Techs
    automatically: Serge/Lynx, Guile, Marcy, Zappa, Radius, Macha, Glenn,
    Miki, Harle, Mel, Leah, Van, Sneff, and Pip (once you evolve him).
    Sprigg doesn't have one.  The other 29 characters need to do some
    sort of action or watch an event in order to obtain theirs.  I tried
    to make this guide as thorough as possible without going overboard,
    while injecting a little humor here and there in an attempt to give
    you a chuckle (stifle the urge to call the insane asylum, I assure
    you I am quite sane as of right now).  I hope you enjoy it, but more
    importantly, find it useful.
    -- III. Recruiting Characters and Level 7 Techs --
    This guide should be read in numerological order (you know, the way
    you were taught to count in Preschool) for the character recruitment
    and alphabetical order for Level 7 Tech acquisitions, unless stated
    otherwise in my notes and caveats.  I do not go over game elements in
    detail unless I feel it particularly pertains to obtaining a certain
    character or Tech skill. Sometimes I will also point you in the right
    direction in order to get things done more efficiently, so do pay
    attention to those, as I wrote everything here for a reason (and no,
    it wasn't because school was becoming too boring...well, it was, but
    that's not the point).  There are small spoilers present, but nothing
    major if you don't read the numbers too far ahead.  So with your
    powers combined I am CAPTAIN PL...just read the guide.
    1. Serge - If you have to ask me how to obtain him, just put this 
    game down now and try something more your speed, like Elmo's 
    Adventures on Seasame Street.  Anyways, you start off with him.
    2. Poshul - Get the Heckran Bone from underneath the bed behind the 
    restaurant in Arni before heading out of the village.  Go to the 
    screen to the far left and you will see her running around with a 
    little girl.  Give her the Heckran Bone with the square [] button 
    and Poshul the "Wonder Dog" will now join you (speech impediment 
    and all).  This needs to be done before defeating all three of 
    the komodos at Lizard Rock in Home.  Note: If you do not get Poshul
    here you will have one more chance to do this when you recruit Leena
    a little later on into the game.
    3. Mojoy - Go into the upper-right house in Arni village before the 
    events at Opassa Beach.  Go down to the basement.  Here talk to the
    fisherman and receive the Shark Tooth.  You cannot obtain Mojoy 
    yet, but this item is needed to get him in a little bit.
    After defeating Mama Komodo go to Opassa Beach for an automatic
    scene with Leena and Serge.  When she asks you different questions,
    respond with the following answers, "I Remember" and "We'll never
    forget this day".  This will allow you to ensure that you will obtain
    Leena's Level 7 Tech later in the game.
    4. Kid - You can obtain her after the fight at Another's Cape Howl, 
    but it is better to wait, as you will miss out on another character
    permanently if you accept her now.  You can allow her to join, but if
    you want Leena (which you should) refuse her offer three times.
    5. Leena (and Poshul possibly) - Refuse Kid three times and you will 
    be taken back to Another's Arni Village.  There Leena will 
    automatically join your party and Poshul will too if you had not 
    already recruited her in Home.  If you do not obtain these characters
    here they will be forever lost to you in this playthrough.
    6. Mojoy  - Go into Arni Village in Another and go into the same area
    you originally received the Shark Tooth from the fisherman in Home
    (upper right house's basement).  Show it to him and he will become
    angry.  As you attempt to leave the basement Mojoy will come to life
    and automatically join your party.  This is the earliest he becomes
    available to you, but you can acquire him at any other time in the
    game though.  Thanks to Alanna82 and PeckingBird for this info.
    7. NeoFio and Skelly (Good Backbone) - As soon as you leave Arni in
    Another, go east to Hydra Marshes.  Stay out of the water, as it is
    toxic and you will take damage.  Go left to the next screen.  Here go
    up to the next screen.  Move up and right to another screen.  Now
    move up and right yet again.  Here you will come to a bunch of
    explorers standing around a wide, open area.  Talk to the one closest
    to you on the bottom (Captain) to receive the Safety Gear.  It will
    prevent you from taking damage in the poisoned waters.  Now head back
    to the entrance screen and move one screen up to the north.  Walk on
    the log and examine the plant.  It will slap you!  You can't gain
    any further access to the Hydra Marshes, but as long as you tried to
    explore it now you have set the stage for opening it up to a more
    thorough exploration later.  Leave the Hydra Marshes now and continue
    on to Termina.
    8. Skelly (Heavy Skull) - In Fossil Valley go up to the middle of the
    first screen and tell the man that you are the exorcists and he will
    allow you up the ladder.  Go to the top right of the screen then and
    talk to the Skeleton Head.  Agree to help him.  This is piece 1 of
    9. Draggy (Big Egg) - On that same screen that Skelly was on go to 
    the bottom left and climb down the bones.  A man will warn you not to
    go down there, but head down anyway.  You will now be on the
    previously inaccessible area of the first screen.  Grab the one
    unbroken egg with X.  It will say Serge received "Big Egg".  You will
    then have to fight a Dodo.  This will not obtain Draggy in and of
    itself, but it will put you on the road to getting him a little later
    in the game.
    10. Kid - You will talk to her briefly in Termina and after seeing 
    you with Leena she will run off in a hurry.  Ignore her.  Go right to
    the next screen and from there also go to the right.  You will see
    Korcha messing around with the shopkeeper.  Go down and talk to him
    after seeing Glenn and Riddel.  Then go back to the first screen you
    entered into in Termina and go up to the top.  Talk to the man who is
    polishing it.  Kid will then come in and ask to join you.  You can
    refuse her here and still obtain her a little later on in the game,
    but you don't gain anything by doing so, so it's best to accept her
    offer now.  Regardless of if she joins you or not you will receive
    the Key Item, Tele-Porter, which allows you to swap out party members
    on the World Map or at a Save Point with the Square [] button.
    Tele-Porter and Swapping out Characters
    It's fine to settle on a favorite party of 3-5 characters in this 
    game, but due to its unique leveling system, swapping characters 
    around becomes integral.  All characters gain a star level after a 
    Boss Battle (characters you have in your active party, characters in 
    your inactive party, and characters you have not yet recruited), but 
    there are Mini Level-Ups that occur for 1-5 battles afterward (every 
    now and then you will receive NO Mini Level-Ups after a Star Battle, 
    but those instances are few and far between until you reach around 70
    stars, but keep on trying even here, as there are still intermittent
    stat boosts).  These can only be gained by your ACTIVE party.  It may
    be tedious, but make sure to play ALL available characters to you, as
    it will benefit you in the long run.  Comparing files even on the
    first time through there were slight differences in vital stats, but
    the biggest difference came in HP.  There was generally a 50 point HP
    disparity at the end of a playthrough between a file that used this
    method and a file that did not, and in some cases it was around 100.
    Tips to remember for fighting enemies: 1. If you can get out to the
    World Map a great place to do this is in Lizard Rock South in Another
    with the four Opah Fish flying around in a circle. 2. Moving away a
    distance of at least two screens and then returning to the original
    screen will cause the enemies to respawn in the original screen.
    3. Loading Data from a Save Point (make sure to save your current
    position before doing this) will cause enemies in a dungeon to
    totally respawn the whole way through (not bosses and other one-time
    only enemies though).
    Note: Out of Options 11-13 you can only choose one party member on 
    your first time through.  If you want to minimize the amount of 
    recruiting you do in subsequent playthroughs the best course of 
    action is to create three separate files with the three different 
    available options and play through the Viper Manor sequence (highly 
    recommended...whenever you save your game up until Guldove make sure 
    either Pierre, Nikki, or Guile is in your active party so as not to 
    confuse the three files).  Also, whichever path you choose, be sure
    to get the Hero Medal for Pierre, to ensure that he will have all 3
    pieces of Hero Equipment when you attempt to create a perfect game.
    11. Guile - After viewing the events at the Viper statue in Termina, 
    look at the left-hand side of this screen for a Bar.  Go in and head
    all the way to the left.  Talk to Guile and allow him to be your
    guide.  Then go back to Korcha and talk to him to set the story in
    motion.  His WandaIn (you will gain it very shortly) will be very
    strong at this point in the game.
    12. Pierre - After viewing the events at the Viper statue in Termina,
    go to the next screen to the right.  Here go up to another screen.  
    Enter into the Blacksmith's shop on the left-hand side.  Talk to
    Zappa (the Blacksmith) and he should talk about Pierre, who is behind
    on his rent.  Go down through the door.  Talk to Pierre in here.  Go
    down again.  Talk to the children running around and you will receive
    the Key Item, Hero's Medal.  Go back to Pierre's room and give him
    the Hero's Medal with Square.  He will now join you.
    13. Nikki - After viewing the events at the Viper statue in Termina,
    go to the next screen to the left.  Go up the ramp at the far left
    and you will end up on a boat.  Here go in the door on the first
    floor and talk to the man on the right-hand side of the room.  He
    will mention Nikki, who hasn't been back for a while.  Then Miki will
    come in and offer to distract the guards (I wonder how she'll pull
    that off?) if you go to Shadow Forest and look for Nikki.  Agree.  Go
    back to the world map.  From Termina go toward the forest, which is
    east of Termina.  Enter it and head left to the next screen.  Here
    you will see a man trying to play rock music to a creature with no
    effect.  He will then run to the next screen.  Follow him.  The same
    man is being attacked by demons here (Cassowaries) and needs your
    assistance.  Just run into them to initiate the fight.  After
    defeating the monsters he will hop down into a little hole underneath
    the waterfall.  Follow him.  In here talk to him and after a little 
    bit he will offer his assistance.  Agree and he will now be in your 
    14. Skelly (Angry Scapula) - In the same cave underneath the 
    waterfall where you talked to Nikki (or read #13 for the location 
    if you did not pick him as your guide) examine the letter here.  
    After reading it you will notice a pile of bones next to it.  Pick
    them up and you will receive Piece 2 of Skelly.  If you did not pick
    Nikki as your guide you will have to do this after the Viper Manor
    sequence, as Shadow Forest will be blocked off to you otherwise.
    Note: Once you have seen the FMV of Viper Mansion and are inside the 
    grounds you CANNOT use the Tele-Porter to swap characters until this
    sequence is done, so make sure you have the three characters you want
    settled on, as you will be stuck with them for a little while.
    15. Pip and Luccia - In Viper Manor go to the right of where the
    security device dropped you.  You will see two guards who ask for a
    password.  Don't pick any choice and they will eventually let you in
    (pick a response if you feel like fighting them).  Do what you want
    in this room and then inspect the necklace to the right.  Pick any
    option and it will fling you into a cage in the next room.  Luccia 
    will sic some Neo N Bulbs on you, so just defeat them.  Then go to
    the lower left of this room and talk to the caged creature (Pip) and
    open the latch to his cage.  Then talk to Luccia as you leave the
    room.  You cannot officially acquire either of these two characters
    at this point in the game, but you need to take these actions now in
    order to recruit them at a later point.
    Note: In Guldove after the escape from Viper Manor you are offered 
    two choices regarding Kid's Health.  You can either attempt to save 
    her or leave her alone.  No matter which option you pick, she will 
    eventually live, but the route you take will determine which 
    characters you get from this play through.  Out of Options 16-31, the
    order for the two routes is as follows.  In the "Save Kid" route do
    them in the order of 16-18 and 21-30.  In the "Leave Kid Alone" route
    do them in the order of 16, 18-22, and 27-31.  I've labeled the
    pertinent numbers with [LKA] Leave Kid Alone, [SK] Save Kid, and [B]
    Both to make the guide easier to follow.  It doesn't matter which
    path you take with each of the three files you have made (you did do
    that right?), but I would highly recommend setting up Nikki for the
    "Save Kid" path and either Guile or Pierre for the "Leave Kid Alone"
    path.  Then continue on with either the Guile or Pierre file (The
    Guile file would be a better bet, as he is a stronger character now
    than Pierre is) and leave the other two at the next available save
    point (there's one in the shrine with Steena and Direa) to come back
    to after you have completed the game once (more on this later).
    16. [B] Skelly (Pelvic Bone) - After the selection of what route you 
    want to take exit the house.  Talk to the man (Element Trader) in the
    bottom right portion of the screen.  When he gives you an option pick
    "Trade".  Now you may either Trade elements or exit out of the screen
    with the O button.  No matter what you pick he will then offer you a
    skeleton piece he has.  Accept it to receive Skelly's Pelvic Bone,
    which is Piece 3.  Head one screen to the left and enter the bar.  
    Here you will see a short scene between Orlha and Doc.  Do what you
    need to do in Guldove, and then come back to the bar after speaking
    with Direa and Steena.  Speak with the crazy, spinning dwarf in the
    back.  After letting him talk his crazy talk for a bit he will give
    you the Key Item, Green Tinkler.  This will allow you to become King
    of All the Urinals.  After coming off your sugar-induced high, you
    will find that this item actually allows you to control the slap-
    happy plants in the Hydra Marshes.  Now talk to either Macha (Leave
    Kid Alone) or Korcha (Save Kid) by the docks to head to Termina.
    17. [SK] Korcha (temporarily) - As soon as you dock in Termina Korcha
    will automatically join your party.  This is a "temporary" join
    though (you will have the opportunity to allow him to join
    permanently after Kid recovers).
    18. [B] Greco - In Termina now head one screen to the left.  Go down
    toward the entrance and watch a scene with Glenn and the flower lady
    (this scene only occurs with the "Leave Kid Alone" route, otherwise
    the steps are the exact same).  Glenn will then leave.  Go all the
    way to the area you initially saw Glenn and Riddel praying at (the
    far right side of town) and you will see Greco performing a funeral.
    After the service follow him into his house.  Talk with him for a
    little and then agree to let him join you.  Head to Number 21 if you
    chose the Save Kid route.  Otherwise move on down to Numbers 19 and
    19. [LKA] Glenn - Go back to your boat after obtaining Greco and talk
    with Macha.  Eventually Glenn will come in and ask to journey with 
    you.  Accept his offer.
    20. [LKA] Macha - After Glenn has joined your party some more 
    dialogue will happen.  Then Macha will offer her services.  Accept
    them.  Note: for a funny scene exit out of the selection screen after
    Macha has joined your party and DO NOT put her in your active party,
    as she will now swim back home to Guldove.  She will still be
    available to you with your Tele-Porter though, so don't worry.
    21. [B] Skelly (Good Backbone) and NeoFio - From Termina, immediately
    head back to Hydra Marshes.  From the entrance screen head up one
    screen to the north.  Here go up to the plant that initially slapped
    you and use the Green Tinkler on it with [].  It will now roll down
    and allow you passage.  Go up to the next screen.  Now go right.
    Go right again and you should come to an area with two Goblins
    looming over a treasure chest.  Beat them and then open the chest
    for the Key Item, Life Sparkle.  This is an item required to awaken
    NeoFio.  Now exit out of this area.  Go down and then right to the
    next screen.  Here go down and to the right and you should see a
    little hole just to the left of the treasure chest.  Go inside here
    and hit the X button and you will find the Good Backbone.  This is
    Piece 4 of Skelly.  Now exit out of the Hydra Marshes and make your 
    way back to Viper Manor.
    22. [B] NeoFio and Luccia - Go back to Viper Manor.  There is a robot
    guarding the main gate, so just bust it up and then examine the gate
    to open it.  Go inside the mansion and take the chair back up to the 
    level where you fought Lynx.  Go right to the next screen and you 
    will see Luccia talk about her newest life form, NeoFio.  Now she 
    will leave the area.  Use the Life Sparkle Key Item on her with []
    and she will wake up, automatically joining your party.  How cute!
    Go back down the chair elevator and head left to the library.  Walk
    behind the Prophet and you should hear a little noise.  Hit X here
    and go down the ladder.  Talk to the creature here (Nu) to receive
    the Porre Furnace Frame.  You can also change your name by speaking
    with him.  Leave the library and go back to Luccia's lab (it's the
    middle door in the right-hand side basement level) and talk to her.
    She will now accept your offer to join the party.  Note: You can get 
    her later on in the game so long as you have freed Pip and 
    witnessed the NeoFio event, but it can only be done in Serge's 
    body (you'll see what I mean a little farther into the game).  It
    does not matter what body you are in to acquire NeoFio though.  
    Thanks to Alex Jackson for this info on acquiring Luccia and NeoFio
    earlier than I had originally listed them.  If you chose the Save Kid
    route continue on to Opassa Beach and Razzly on Number 23. Otherwise,
    head back to your boat and skip to Number 27.
    23. [SK] Razzly - In the Hydra Marshes in Home World, from the 
    entrance go to the next screen to the left.  Go up to the next screen
    from here.  You will encounter a Beeba.  Give him a Beeba-beating and
    he will cough up the Beeba Flute.  Go to the next screen to the
    right.  Go up and right to the next screen.  Use the Beeba Flute in
    this open space and call the Wingapede.  Beat it.  Now stand in the
    middle of this screen and the ground will cave in underneath you.
    You will see a demonic plant here, Pentapus, which intends to eat the
    fairy it captured.  Talk to the fairy to wake the plant up and then
    give it a thrashing and free the fairy.  She will automatically join
    you.  Note: This must be done before killing the Hydra or else there
    is a good chance Razzly will have died by the time you get there.  
    Also, if you exit the swamp after killing the Hydra and then return,
    she will definitely have died, so make sure to get her now.  Do not 
    put her in the fight with the Hydra though as it will prevent her 
    from getting her Level 7 Tech later on in the game.
    24. [SK] Mel (and Kid) - Kid will recover from her poison back in 
    Guldove.  During the night, Mel will come in and swipe Kid's
    elements.  In the morning Mel will approach the party when Kid 
    realizes she's missing her elements and will challenge Kid to find
    them.  Tell Kid you "Need Those Elements" and to "Go After Mel". 
    Your party will now automatically consist of Serge, Kid, and Korcha.
    Go left to the next screen.  Here go up the ladder and to the left
    again.  Talk to the man in front of the Dragon Shrine.  He will tell
    Korcha that Mel is at the Residential Tower.  Go right and you will
    see Mel run away.  Go right again and your party will automatically
    confront Mel after a little planning and dialogue.  Then, the
    Tele-Port screen will pop up minus Korcha (he joined "temporarily"
    remember?).  You cannot get Mel at this time, as all she will say is
    something to the effect that she is sorry and won't do it again, but
    this needs to be done in order to get her very shortly.
    25. [SK] Korcha (permanently) - After the Mel scenario return to 
    Termina with Korcha.  Here go right to the next screen and toward the
    entrance and you will see a scene with Glenn and the flower lady. 
    Now go back to Korcha and his boat and he will lend it to you upon
    two conditions: 1. You give him the Dragon Tear when you find it, and
    2. Kid will become his wife.  Note: Tell Kid to accept his offer to
    see how badly her temper flares up!  Then Korcha will offer to join
    your party, so accept his help.  Note: Like Macha if you don't put
    Korcha in your active party after this he will swim back to Guldove
    for the time being, but you still have access to him with the Tele-
    Porter (What is it with this family?  Were they raised by dolphins?).
    26. [SK] Mel - Go back to Guldove.  Your party must consist of Serge,
    Kid, and whoever else.  Go talk to Mel (she's still on the bottom
    floor of the Residential Tower).  Kid and Mel will have some "Girl
    Talk" and Serge and the other party member will wonder what the heck
    they are talking about.  Kid will agree to something between her and
    Mel and then Mel will automatically join your party.  Note: You can
    do this anytime after acquiring Korcha permanently, so long as it is
    before the events in Fort Dragonia.  According to alucard6787: You
    can get Mel after the events in Ft. Dragonia, but it will have to be
    MUCH later as you have to wake Kid up with the Mastermune first,
    which doesn't occur until Disc 2.
    27. [B] Skelly (Sturdy Ribs) - Take your boat and head to Water
    Dragon Isle, which is located just south of the main island.  There
    is not much to do here as the water has all dried up.  Go to the top
    right of the first screen and talk to the man here.  He will give you
    the Sturdy Ribs, which is Piece 5 of Skelly.
    28. [B] Skelly (Mixed Bones) - All the King's horses and all the 
    King's Men, couldn't put Skelly back together again.  Well, guess 
    what?  You can!  Sail to the Isle of the Damned(cheery place, isn't
    it?), which is located to the far northeast of the main island.  Now
    on the first screen go all the way into the hole in the top left and
    hit X.  You will receive Skelly's Mixed Bones.  If you have been 
    following this guide, this will be Piece 6 of Skelly, his final part.
    Skelly will now sing a little song for your party and then thank you
    for helping him.  The 6 parts of him will now leave your inventory
    and he tells you he will make it up to you somehow later on (I
    suggest blackmailing him for extortion...or you can just have him
    join you extremely shortly).  Head to Termina.
    29. [B] Skelly (The whole she-bang!) - Go back to Termina now and
    from the entrance go all the way up and then into the house on the
    right.  Talk to the lady here (Skelly's Grandma) and Skelly will then
    come in and you will see a reunion between the two.  Now exit out of
    the house and come right back in.  Talk to Skelly, who is sitting in
    the chair now.  Call in his debt and ask him to help you out.  Skelly
    will now join your party (finally!).  From here head to Hermit's
    Hideaway to speak with Radius and then into the fog to confront the
    S. S. Invincible.
    Note: Just like in Viper Manor, you CANNOT use your Tele-Porter for 
    a good portion of the S. S. Invincible scenario once you have 
    boarded the boat, so be sure that you are happy with your party 
    members before you begin the sequence.  Once you talk to Pip and then
    exit the area that contains him, you will see a Save Point.  From 
    here on out you regain the use of your Tele-Porter and are almost at
    the end of this level.
    30. [B] Pip  - He can be found on the S. S. Invincible.  Once you 
    have obtained the Ship Key you can follow the path and will find 
    yourself outside.  Keep on going and you will re-enter the ship, 
    albeit in a different location.  In here you will see Pip in the 
    upper middle part of the screen.  Approach him and hit the X button 
    and he will run away.  Keep following him and hitting the X button 
    until he settles in the lower left portion of the screen. Here you 
    will talk with him and he will ask to join your party.  Agree.  
    Note: This is the earliest you can get Pip, although you can get him
    later on, so long as you opened his cage when you initially visited 
    Viper Manor.  Just come back to the hold of the S. S.Invincible any 
    time after.  Note: Pip is an interesting little character, as he 
    evolves over the course of your game.  To sum it up,if you want him 
    to evolve toward the Angel side, use a lot of white, green, and blue
    elements.  If you want him to evolve toward the Devil side, use a lot
    of black, yellow, and red elements.  For any additional questions 
    there are plenty of guides that deal with Pip in more detail out 
    31. [LKA] Doc (and Kid) - Return to Guldove after the S. S. 
    Invincible.  Go back to the Doctor's house on the first screen.  Go
    all the way right to look for Kid.  She's gone!  Not to worry,
    though, as she comes in the room all cured and no worse for the wear
    (although she is in a "sissy" gown).  After some dialogue Doc will
    automatically join your party and Kid will now be available to you
    once again.
    Before doing the Water Dragon Isle sidequest in Home, make sure 
    Razzly IS NOT in your party if you obtained her.  Also, waste as much
    time fighting the dwarves as possible.  Your aim here is to make sure
    Rosetta dies (Yeah, it's heartless, but it's the only way to get
    Razzly's Level 7 Tech much later in the game).  If she survives after
    the Hi-Ho Tank reload your game from the last save and just waste
    more time until she dies.  You only need to worry about Rosetta dying
    if you took the Save Kid route.  Otherwise, you get to see a cool
    camp scene and a little dialogue between Kid and Serge (although it 
    is hard to really say Serge has a dialogue with anyone, as he is mute
    for all intents and purposes).
    32. Turnip - Complete the Water Dragon Isle mini-quest in Home and
    then return to Another.  Go to Hermit's Hideaway and you will notice
    a patch of ground that is so hot vegetation won't grow.  Use the "Ice
    Breath" Key Item on it and cool it off.  You won't be able to get
    Turnip until later in the game, but you need to do this before you
    can acquire him.  Head to Ft. Dragonia by going through Mt. Pyre.
    End of Fort Dragonia sequence.  From now on whenever I say Lynx I 
    will be referring to the main character to make this guide easier to 
    33. Lynx - Obtain him automatically after the events at Ft. Dragonia.
    He's one bad motha...SHUT YO MOUTH!
    34. Sprigg - In the Temporal Vortex (end up here automatically), go
    around and to the right from your starting position.  Kick the fruit
    off the branch by walking over it.  You will see a strange creature
    run out of the house.  Go inside the house and you will have a chat
    with the being.  She tells you her name is Sprigg and she has been
    stuck here for a while (and she's the wife of Methuselah).  After
    resting, attempt to leave and she will automatically join your party.
    Note: Although she has no Level 7 Tech, her Level 5 Tech Dopplegang
    is quite cool.  The way you get more monsters added to the list is by
    either having Sprigg or a character that is equipped with the Forget-
    Me-Not Pot deliver the finishing blow on a monster.  Also, the
    monsters you have available to you for the Grand Slam Tournament will
    be the same as Sprigg's Dopplegang list.
    35. Harle - After getting Sprigg go into the house at the top of the
    screen.  Here you will see Harle and have a conversation (she seems
    quite at home here as she walks on the walls).  Answer however you
    like.  When Serge appears enter the parallel door to whichever one he
    enters (if he enters top north door, you go into the bottom north
    door).  Do this three times and you will be taken to another screen.
    Harle then automatically joins your party for the trip back to 
    36. Radius - Escape back to the real world and go to Opassa Beach. 
    Attempt to use the Astral Amulet to find it does bubkiss (they just
    don't make them like they used to).  Go to Arni Village and go into
    Serge's house (last house on the left in the entrance screen).  Talk
    to Marge (Serge's Mom).  Radius will then come in and challenge you.
    Defeat him and he joins your party automatically.
    37. Zappa - Go into Termina in Home after acquiring Radius.  From the
    entrance go one screen to the right.  Now go one screen up.  You
    should recognize this area from Another, as it is Zappa's Blacksmith
    shop.  Go into the shop and talk with Zappa.  He'll tell you he's
    looking for some Rainbow material.  Then he'll ask if he can come
    along with you to get some.  Accept his offer and he will also give
    you the Smith Spirit, a very valuable Key Item that allows you to
    forge things anywhere on the world Map and at Save Points.
    38. Van - Right after recruiting Zappa exit the Blacksmith Shop.  Go
    up to the little shack down the road and enter it.  Believe it or not
    this is the same place that the huge mansion used to be in Another! 
    Talk to Van's father, Gogh, who is painting at the easel.  Then go
    right into Van's room.  Talk to Van and choose to "Hire Him".  You
    will then see an automatic scene between Gogh, the landlady, and Van.
    When the landlady asks you if you are really searching for the Frozen
    Flame reply "No, we're serious".  Then you will be brought to a scene
    of just Van alone.  When he comes out of his room the party, Van, and
    Gogh will all have a little talk.  When all is said and done Van will
    automatically join your party.  Before you leave Termina make sure
    you have spoken to the man on the left-hand side of the Termina
    entrance screen and that Radius is in your party.
    39. Norris - Go to Viper Manor to find it in ruins!  You will see a
    short scene at the old entrance to the mansion with Radius.  Now go
    down the well at the bottom of the screen.  Go to the left and enter
    the hole where the waterfall is.  Go up to the next screen.  Move all
    the way around the room here in a counter-clockwise direction to the
    top left.  Climb the ladder here.  Move through the door here and
    then go all the way to the right and into this door.  Here you will
    find Norris.  The party will talk and then Norris automatically joins
    your party.  You are brought to the docks.  See that boat big boat at
    the bottom of the screen?  That's not yours.  Now see that little
    dinghy to your left?  Yep, you guessed it.  That's your boat.  Oh
    well, at least you now have command of a boat in Home.  Finally! 
    Before sailing on the boat to the far reaches of space though, exit 
    Termina and head back to the world map.
    40. Funguy - From the world map head back to Viper Manor and go down
    the well.  From here go one screen down.  Now one of two possible
    things can happen depending on whether or not you rolled a boulder to
    stop the flow of insects on this screen in Another.  If you rolled
    the boulder, talk to the little kid and then examine the right-hand
    side of the screen a little below where the flow of water ends.  An
    insect will jump out into a hole and a man will pop up.  If you
    didn't roll the boulder you will see a man being attacked by a
    wraith.  Kill the wraith.  Either way you will end up with the Key
    Item, Mushroom from the man.  Now head down one screen.  From here
    head down again.  Head down yet again here.  You should recognize
    this area as Shadow Forest.  Remember where you found Skelly's Angry
    Scapula (Number 14)?  Go underneath that waterfall and you will find
    a man cooking some stew.  Give him the mushroom and he will be
    transformed!  He'll be pissed at you and will then automatically join
    your party to find a way that he can possibly change back (Or else!).
    Now go back to where you left your boat in Termina and board it.
    From here there are a number of different characters that you can 
    possibly recruit.  I've outlined them all in options 41-46.  Also, 
    Numbers 43-46 are meant to follow as a chain to make it easier to 
    obtain the characters.  It's best to follow them in the order I have
    listed, so this way you won't miss out on any Mini Level-Ups from
    any boss fights for Draggy and Starky.  You can follow them any way
    you please though, but make sure to obtain them all before you head
    to the Dead Sea.
    41. Draggy - Remember that Big Egg you found a while back in Another?
    Well, it's time to hatch it!  Dock your boat on the shore of Mt. Pyre
    and head inside.  This is exactly the same, except for a few
    different enemies, from when you came here in Another, so just go on
    through to Ft. Dragonia.  Go inside Ft. Dragonia and turn on the
    first four pillars you come to, just like before (it takes time, but
    isn't nearly as long as before, as there are no bosses).  The enemies
    here are much harder though, so fight them only when you absolutely
    have to.  Make sure to pick up all the treasure though, as it will
    be of great value to your elemental stock.  Once the four pillars on 
    the elevator are activated, get on it, but instead of going up, go 
    down.  Go to the middle incubator and place the Big Egg there with 
    the Square button.  It will hatch and out comes Draggy!  He will ask
    you to help him find his mother and father.  Agree and he will join 
    you.  Note: You can wait to do this until you meet up with Steena, as
    she will allow you to bypass activating all the pillars.  However, 
    why put off for later what you can do right now?  Oh yeah, you're 
    lazy, that's why.  Anyway, don't procrastinate and get him now.
    42. Starky - When aliens attack!  This little bugger is a multi-task
    in and of himself.  First, take your ship into the Triangle of
    islands, known as the El Nido Triangle, located in the southern area
    of the world map.  You'll see a little white area here.  Enter it. 
    You're underwater now, and yet you can breathe?  You'll learn more
    about that later.  For now make your way to the ladder in the top
    left of the screen and head down.  On this screen make your way to
    the middle and open the chest here for the Star Fragment.  Now head
    back to the surface and the world map.  From the El Nido Triangle
    head north and west to Sky Dragon Isle (it's crescent shaped).  Go
    inside.  Go all the way to the left and then up the stairs here.  Now
    continue up to the next screen.  Here you will see something quickly
    run into the bushes.  Examine the chest in the middle only to
    discover it's empty.  Suddenly a huge alien comes out of the bushes 
    yelling for his baseball.  His name is Warren (actually it's Starky
    looking for his Star Fragment).  Fight him.  After you win, he will
    shrink down to his "normal" midget size.  Not only that, but he will
    swipe your Star Fragment!  Catch him with the X button and after a
    little conversation he will automatically join your ever-growing
    43. Irenes - Go to Marbule, which is located on the southeast 
    corner of the map.  Go inside and talk to Toma.  Ask him everything.
    Now go inside the hut by the entrance.  Choose to sleep there and at
    night you will hear voices (not just in your head this time), so
    choose to go outside to investigate.  You will see a figure standing
    on the bridge and it will then jump into the water and swim away when
    you try to approach.  Toma comes over and tells you it was a mermaid
    who lost her singing voice.  He also tells you to go to the S. S.
    Zelbess in the morning.  When you awake you will see the mermaid
    again as you try to leave and she says she will be heading to the
    S. S. Zelbess and will meet you there.  Leave Marbule and head to the
    ship that is anchored to the east of Shadow Forest.  This is the
    S. S. Zelbess.  Inside go into the main ship area.  Go to Fargo's
    quarters, which are located all the way to the left on top.  You will
    see Fargo talking to Irenes here.  After they finish arguing Irenes
    will leave in disgust.  You can't get her right this second, but you
    need to do these things first in order to obtain her shortly.
    44. Janice - After the events on the S. S. Zelbess unfold a little
    more you will find yourself in an area where the Sage of Marbule
    continually walks in and out of doors.  At the top here is a ladder
    and by it is a sign that reads "Welcome Iron Man!".  This is the
    Grand Slam Tournament and Janice heads it.  Go down the ladder and
    talk with the man at the top right of the screen to challenge Janice.
    You don't have to beat her right now, as it may take some time for
    you to acquire better monsters, but just know that she's here.  In
    order to acquire her you need to beat her three times in a row.  As
    you try to leave she will then request to join your party to find
    better monsters.  Agree.
    45. Irenes - After defeating the Sage of Marbule, Nikki will ask you
    to meet him at his ship.  Now go up to the top deck of the S. S. 
    Zelbess and to the left you will see a tall pole.  Climb it and take
    the platform to the Magical Dreamers, which is Nikki's ship.  Here
    the band will talk about a plan to free Marbule from those ghost
    monsters you saw earlier.  Agree to help them.  Then when everyone
    leaves the cabin Irenes will offer her services to the party. 
    Accept.  Now leave the Magical Dreamers and head back onto the deck
    of the S. S. Zelbess, but don't leave the ship yet.
    46. Sneff - Go back into the Casino and you will a short scene of
    Sneff winning now, as Fargo cannot cheat anymore.  He will then leave
    the Casino.  Go into the room to the right of where he performed his
    stage show.  You will see Sneff talking to his fellow performers.  He
    is now free to go, but the rest of the people are sad to see him go. 
    He relents and offers to stay and help them until their acts are
    ready, as they have become like family.  After this little scene is
    over, you can ask for him to join your party.
    A. Janice - Head to the Bend of Time, which is located just northwest
    of Marbule, even though it most likely is not posted on your map yet
    (you need to enter it at least once for it to show up on your map as
    a name, but you can enter it at any time).  You can fight some
    battles here using the portals here if you want, but that's not the
    real reason for coming.  Put Janice into your active party.  Talk to
    the land octopus here and she will receive her Level 7 Tech
    WhatsupDoc? (this is very early compared to most other characters). 
    Now leave here and head to the Dead Sea using the Key Item, Fiddler
    Crab.  Note: From here on and out, try and get the Level 7 Techs
    when I say to.  You may not be able to allocate them at that point
    in the game, but they don't go anywhere, so there's no harm in
    holding on to them.  As soon as a Level 7 slot elemental slot appears
    on your character's grid, feel free to allocate them.  Also, when
    you remove all a character's elements their Level 7 Techs will remain
    on their gird just like their Level 3 and Level 5 Techs.
    Make a separate save file here to leave alone for a later time.  If
    you have been following this guide you should now have 3 files saved
    at certain parts of the game (that you don't touch) and one file you
    are actively playing, for a total of four files.  Continue on with
    your game normally now.  Oh, two more items you should definitely
    pick up in the Dead Sea, the Medical Book and the Prop Sword.  They
    are both located in the Tower of Geddon area.  The Medical Book is
    found through the doorway of the second level of the entranceway. 
    Hit X by the bench and watch the spectre talk about the train and
    then disappear.  Examine the area where he vanished and you will find
    the station pass.  This will allow you through the turnstile up top. 
    Go out to the left and then all the way down to find a treasure chest
    that houses this rare item.  For the Prop Sword exit out of the
    entranceway through the doorway on the third level.  Up top here is
    a stage.  Go around and examine the sword sticking out of it to
    receive this.  The Medical Book is for Doc and the Prop Sword is for
    Pierre, both to be used later on in the game.
    B. Steena - As soon as you get back to Another head to Hydra Marshes.
    Go back to the screen where you received the Safety Gear from the
    Captain.  Now there is a big hole there.  Allocate everyone with
    braces and jump down the hole.  You will be attacked by the ghost of
    the dead Hydra, the De-Hydrate.  Beat it and you will receive the
    HydraShadow Tech, which is for Steena (this is a Level 5 Tech, but it
    is the ONLY Level 5 Tech in the game that is not learned inherently).
    Now go up the ladder out of the hole.  When you arrive outside go as
    far to the right as you can and hit X.  You will be given the option
    to jump so do it.  Go around and exit out of the Hydra Marshes and
    swap Draggy in your party before heading into Fossil Valley.
    C. Draggy - The enemies are different here than your last time
    through.  Go to the place where you got Skelly's Heavy Skull and an
    automatic scene will take place.  Draggy will communicate with the
    spirit of his dead mother.  When all is said and done Draggy will
    have gained a super attack, his Level 7 Tech, BigBreath.
    47. Karsh or Zoah - Once in Termina head to the bar.  You will be
    called over to the door on the far left.  Go inside and hit X on the
    top left portion of the wall.  You will find yourself inside a secret
    room.  Here the party will talk with Karsh and Zoah and they will
    recount what has happened in Another since Lynx has left.  You will
    receive the Tear of Hate and then have a choice between either Karsh
    or Zoah to join your party.  It doesn't matter which one you pick as
    you will receive the other one automatically later on in the game,
    but you can kill two birds with one stone if you pick Zoah now (more
    on this later).  Exit Termina and head to Viper Manor, making sure to
    put Norris in your party if he isn't already.
    48. Orcha - After trudging through the sewers, you will finally enter
    up through the jail cell.  Go to the door to the far right and you
    will enter into a room with Orcha and Riddel.  The only problem is
    Orcha's possessed and has become the Hell's Cook!  Bam!  Fight and
    beat him and afterwards he will automatically join your party.  Note:
    If you can afford to, swap Zoah in as one of your active party 
    members either before or right after this fight, as after this 
    ensuing Tele-Port screen you will not have access to your Tele-Porter
    for a little bit.
    D. Zoah - After the fight with Orcha you are "trapped" on the ground
    floor of Viper Manor unless you go up the stairs in the entranceway.
    Before you leave the ground floor, if Zoah is in your party you can
    now put him in the lead with the Select button.  Enter into his room
    (it's the one on the far right) and you can now open the chest that
    was inaccessible earlier.  This is Zoah's Level 7 Tech, the
    49. Grobyc - After the final event in Viper Manor, the "Dragon 
    Stampede", he will join automatically.  You now have access to your
    boat again!  But don't board just yet as there's another character
    you can pick up right now.  Put Norris in your active party and head
    back to Viper Manor.
    E. Norris - Put Norris in your party and the guards will allow you
    back into Viper Manor.  Inside go all the way left to the room you
    received the "Prison Key" from Norris in.  He's still here.  Talk to
    him and he will give the Norris in your party his Level 7 Tech,
    TopShot.  Now go back to the entranceway and head up the stairs.  Use
    the chair to go up to the next level here.  Enter the door on the
    right.  This was the same room you initially fought Lynx in.  Examine
    the bust of Viper's head and it will reveal a hidden room behind the
    bookcase.  Go inside and inspect the drawer and read the note. 
    Afterwards go back down to the entranceway of the mansion.  Go all
    the way right and down the stairs.  Enter in the first door you see
    here on the left, which brings you back to the armory.  Push the
    snake pillar so that is in the same position as the one next to it
    and the wall will slide back to reveal a passage.  Don't go inside
    just yet.  Examine the pillar to the far left and a little cubbyhole
    will be revealed.  Examine it again and press the button inside.  You
    should hear a click.  Now you can enter into the new passage for two
    treasure chests.  One contains a Rainbow Shell and the other houses
    Viper's Venom, one of the coolest looking swords in the game (only to
    be used by General Viper though).  Now leave the mansion and head
    back to the world map.
    F. Orcha and Funguy - Head to Opassa Beach and travel back to Home 
    world.  Swap Orcha into your party and go into Arni Village.  Go into
    the restaurant (the first door on the right) and talk to the cook. 
    It's Orcha's brother!  Orcha will now receive his Level 7 Tech,
    DinnerGuest.  Exit out to the world map and swap Funguy into your
    party.  Head over to Shadow Forest.  Go underneath the waterfall
    where you initially acquired Funguy and you should see a little
    mushroom. Choose any option and the mushroom will speak.  It's 
    Funguy's offspring from his spores.  His "children" choose to come 
    with him and give him his Level 7 Tech, Myconoids.  Finally, go back
    to the Another World and save as soon as you get here.  Create two 
    save files like before - one that you will now actively use and one 
    to keep on reserve (if my math is right you should be up to 5 save 
    files now).  Get on your boat and travel to Hermit's Hideaway.
    51. Riddel - Head to Hermit's Hideaway to meet up with Radius and the
    other Dragoons.  Talk to everyone and finally when you approach
    Riddel she will automatically join you.  Then choose to rest to
    progress events along.  When this next scene plays itself out you
    will find yourself on board the S. S. Invincible again.
    Make sure to unequip everything you currently have on Harle.  This 
    includes elements and normal equipment.  I'm not sure if you lose 
    them otherwise, but this is just to be on the safe side.  You'll see 
    why very soon.
    52. Viper, Fargo, Marcy, and Karsh or Zoah (yes, in that order) - Go
    below decks aboard the S. S. Invincible and you will see Fargo and
    Viper about to fight.  They will postpone their grudges and Viper
    will join.  Not one to be outdone, Fargo joins a few seconds later.
    Now Marcy and Karsh or Zoah (the opposite of the one you picked
    earlier) come in, both say their shpiel, and join your cause.  They
    should change the new of this ship from the S. S. Invincible to the
    S. S. Recruiter (OK, it was a really bad joke).  Afterwards you will
    automatically head to the Sea of Eden.
    G. Karsh - Go to the Isle of the Damned and before you enter swap
    Karsh into your party.  Now go through this area just like you did
    back in Home.  Make your way to where Garai's grave used to be and
    you will see Solt and Peppor.  After a short flashback, they will
    take you on, so bring it!  Beat them and Karsh will receive his Level
    7 Tech, Axiomatic and the Memento Pendant.
    54. Orlha - Head over to Guldove.  Here you will see a scene of
    Orlha, who appears to have gone crazy...for the taste of human 
    heads!  Actually, she's just pissed off at Porre and needs to take
    her aggression out on someone.  After flat-lining some soldiers, she
    will then engage you in a fight.  Mop the floor with her as fast as
    possible.  She will then be knocked senseless and you will be taken
    to a scene in Doc's house.  She will tell you a little of her past
    and then give you the Key Item, Sapphire Brooch.  You cannot acquire
    her right now, but as soon as you regain your body back, show her the
    Sapphire Brooch and she will join your party.
    H. Fargo - Time for another side-quest.  Go to the S. S. Zelbess in
    Home and bring the Fargo from your party to the Fargo of Home to talk
    with one another.  Your Fargo will then force the other Fargo to go 
    through with the concert, as you attempt to free Marbule.  You will 
    see an awesome concert with Nikki's Magical Dreamers (if you watch 
    very closely it actually seems to tell the story of Fargo and 
    Zelbess) and then Fargo will unlock his Level 7 Tech, Invincible.  
    Equip it and head to Marbule.  Here the monsters, or Lagoonates, are 
    finally corporeal.  There are 9 total wandering around Marbule in 
    various areas (don't forget the final two in the cave in the back).  
    Beat them all and you will hear a dragon's roar, as if something has 
    just awoken.  The Black Dragon in Another has now reawakened and this
    also sets the stage to acquire Irenes' Level 7 Tech later on.  Now,
    get back on your boat and head back to the S. S. Zelbess.
    55. Miki - Get on the S. S. Zelbess and head into the restaurant
    (it's the first door on the left as soon as you go into the ship).  
    Go to the back and you will see Miki looking forlorn as she gazes
    over the ocean.  Talk to her and she will tell you that she gets
    depressed after shows.  The Magical Dreamers are now on vacation, so
    she offers to join your party out of boredom basically.  Accept. 
    Note: There's not a huge window of time that you can attain her, so
    do it immediately after liberating Marbule to ensure you won't miss
    At this point in the game you can now begin the Dragons' Blessing 
    Quest.  The locations of the Dragon's are as follows: Black - 
    Marbule (Another), Blue - Water Dragon Isle (Home), Green - Gaea's 
    Navel (Home), Red - Mt. Pyre (Another), White - Sky Dragon Isle 
    (Another), and Yellow - Earth Dragon Isle (Home).  You must fight 
    the White Dragon last, but the rest of them you can take on in any 
    order.  I would recommend fighting them in this order: Green, Yellow,
    Blue, Red, Black, and White.  You get another character after
    fighting the Green Dragon, so the earlier the better.  Also, when 
    fighting the Black Dragon be sure not to take a party of all demi-
    humans to fight him.  The characters that are demi-humans at this 
    point are as follows: Lynx, Janice, Draggy, Starky, Sprigg, NeoFio, 
    Funguy, and Irenes.  All these dragons will give you valuable 
    summons, but not if you kill them by using a summon, so if you 
    usually use a summon in a battle, either do it early or hold off 
    entirely.  Finally, a good idea is to bring Fargo into all these 
    battles, as you can steal a particular plate off each of these 
    dragons that will cause you to absorb elements rather than taking 
    damage from them, which will be invaluable when fighting a few bosses
    later on in the game.
    56. Leah - She's quite easy to recruit once you go through Gaea's 
    Navel, the only problem is getting there, as it is not accessible by
    boat.  Go to Hydra Marshes in Another and go to where you received 
    the Beeba Flute in Home (if you haven't gotten this yet go look at
    Number 23, Razzly, for instructions how to).  You should see a Beeba
    being attacked by two goblins, so rescue him.  After doing so he will
    thank you and give you the Key Item, Ancient Fruit.  Combining this 
    with the Beeba Flute will allow you to call and tame a Wingapede.  
    Make sure you stock up on a lot of antidotes.  Go back to Home's 
    Hydra Marshes.  You can utilize your item combo after talking to a 
    few Beebas to find the exact spot.  The Wingapede will then fly you 
    over to Gaea's Navel.  As soon as you get here Leah will temporarily
    join your party.  Basically, what you have to do here is clear out 
    all the enemies in order to initiate a confrontation with the Green 
    Dragon.  Make sure to save after the fight with the T-Rex, as there 
    is always the chance that the Green Dragon may kill you.  The trick 
    to beating him is to use Panaceas to rid yourself of any really 
    deleterious status effects and if the field is ever all green quickly
    use ANY element of a non-green color, which will minimize the amount
    of times he uses Carnivore (either that or bring Carnivore Traps).  
    After beating him Leah will officially join your party.  Go back to 
    where you came in and blow the Beeba Flute again to call the 
    Wingapede and head back to Hydra Marshes.
    Make an extra save file here that you will not touch.  This should 
    now be your sixth save file.  You can also fight Dario at any time 
    before completing the Dragons' Blessing Quest and entering 
    Chronopolis through the Sea of Eden.  He can be found on Home in the 
    Forbidden Island, which is just to the northeast of the main island 
    (there is a puff of smoke coming off it).  You must bring Serge/Lynx,
    Riddel, and the third character is up to you.  I would personally 
    wait to face him until you have defeated the Black Dragon at the very
    least as the Black Plate will be a lifesaver in this particular 
    fight.  Also, it might not be a bad idea to wait until you recover 
    Serge's body, as his white magic can really pound Dario then (you can
    then put Glenn into your party as well, which will provide a few 
    extra lines of dialogue during the whole scenario).  For beating him 
    you gain Riddel's Level 7 Tech, SnakeFangs and the Mastermune, which
    is Serge's best weapon in the game.  Also, if you then go to Dario's
    grave in Termina (Another) with Glenn in your party he will gain the
    ability to wield 2 Einlanzers, which rocks.  Beat the remaining 
    Dragons now (if not already done) and then head over to Another's 
    57. Steena - After completing the Dragons' Blessing Quest, go to 
    Guldove in Another.  Show Direa the Tear of Hate and she will give 
    you the Key Item, Dragon Emblem.  Now go to Guldove in Home and show 
    the Dragon Emblem to the man outside the tent where Direa and Steena 
    were in Another.  He will let you in.  Talk to Steena and she will 
    give you the Dragon Tear and automatically join your party.  You can
    now equip the HydraShadow Level 5 Tech to her before leaving (the 
    thing you got from defeating the De-Hydrate).  Now head to Ft. 
    Dragonia to get Serge's body back (Finally!).
    Once you regain Serge's body back take a look at your character list.
    You have regained all the character's that left you when you became 
    Lynx!  I guess since Serge originally established a connection with
    those people, they would only trust Serge to call them up on the 
    Tele-Porter.  Swap out any equipment or elements you want now for
    these new (old) additions and head to Hermit's Hideaway (Home) with 
    Poshul in your party.
    58. Turnip - Upon entering examine the area you cooled off with the 
    Ice Breath back in Another (Number 28).  Serge will attempt to pull 
    out the weed growing there if you press X, but to no avail.  Poshul 
    will then take over and do the dirty work.  She yanks the weed out, 
    to find out it's some strange creature.  He thanks you for pulling 
    him out and then automatically joins your party (on a side note, he 
    also becomes the party's dealer...but don't tell him I said that).  
    Head to Guldove in Another now via Opassa Beach.
    59. Orlha - Once in Guldove go into the Bar.  Show Orlha the Sapphire
    Brooch and then she will automatically join your party.  Simple as 
    that.  If you got Doc earlier, go into his house and show him the 
    Medical Book (the thing you got from the Dead Sea way back), making 
    sure he is not in your active party.  He will be astonished at the 
    info in there and then gain his Level 7 Tech, HangTen.  Leave 
    Guldove.  Congratulations!  You have attained all the characters 
    possible in a single playthrough!  But you're nowhere near done yet,
    as you are still short on Level 7 Techs for a little less than half
    of your characters.  Below I will detail how to obtain every single 
    Level 7 Tech you are missing in the most efficient way possible, 
    assuming you are starting from just obtaining Doc's from above.  
    Also, I will include a few other things that will expand upon your 
    party's abilities.
    Level 7 Tech time (alphabetical order):
    I. Pierre - Head to Termina (Another), making sure Pierre is not in 
    your active party.  Go to where you initially found Pierre around 
    Zappa's Shop.  On the way you will see a scene between Zappa and a 
    Porre soldier if you haven't already.  He is now running around the 
    table in his room.  What the...?  Talk to him and he will say that he
    was never really a hero all that time and was just pretending to be 
    one (big surprise).  The Prop Sword will then glow (the one you got 
    from the Dead Sea) and it will become the Hero's Blade.  Pierre will
    also learn his Level 7 Tech, SlapOfCyrus.  Note: This tech will 
    always fail unless you equip Pierre with the Hero's Blade.  Also, it
    is a good idea to equip Pierre with all 3 pieces of the Hero's 
    Equipment (Blade, Medal, and Shield), as he will be able to do more 
    damage with this combo than with the Spectral Sword!
    J. Korcha - Swap Korcha into your party (there's a save point in the
    Inn).  Bring him one screen to the right and examine the mermaid's 
    tank where you initially saw him harassing the element trader.  He 
    will tell the mermaid that if she wants to be free then she needs to
    save herself.  Now exit this screen and come back to it.  Examine the
    tank again to find the mermaid has gone.  Go to the screen where 
    Greco's house is and you should see the mermaid waiting out here.  Go
    up and talk to her and she will give Korcha his Level 7 Tech, 
    BigCatch.  Leave Termina and head to Viper Manor, swapping Norris 
    and Luccia into your party.
    K. Luccia - Once inside, head to the Kitchen (go left from the 
    entrance and down the stairs, then it's the middle door).  You'll 
    find grating on the floor here.  Go down and then follow the path 
    around and up.  Here will be a chest with a Magic Seal in it and if 
    you exam the blob just to the right of it Luccia will discover that 
    it's a new life-form.  She will then gain her Level 7 Tech, 
    TestAmeba.  Head back into the mansion and go into the jail area.  
    Use the save point there to swap in NeoFio and Turnip.
    L. Turnip - Head over to where you initially acquired NeoFio (take 
    the chair up and then head to the right to go outside).  Examine the
    pool and NeoFio and Turnip will have a little conversation.  Then 
    they will proceed to murder Serge (it's always the ones you least 
    expect)!  Just kidding.  Turnip will then jump in the pool and turn 
    beet red (I guess Square was trying to make a joke here).  Afterwards
    he will gain his Level 7 Tech, VegOut.  Leave Viper Manor (don't 
    forget to put Norris back in your party or else you will have to 
    leave through the well and go all the way around Shadow Forest).  
    Head back to Home and swap Leena and Poshul into your party.
    M. Leena and Poshul - Put Leena at the head of your party and then 
    enter her house in Arni Village (it's the one to the right of 
    Serge's).  Talk to her grandma there.  They will have a short 
    conversation and then Leena will receive her Level 7 Tech, 
    MaidenFaith.  Now head over to the dock and speak with this world's 
    Leena.  She will tell Serge that he seems different to her.  Then she
    will give Poshul her Level 7 Tech, Unleashed.  Before you leave swap 
    Mojoy into your party.  Go down to the fisherman in the basement (the
    one you received the Shark Tooth from) and he will tell you he has 
    been hearing weird voices in his head lately, something to do with 
    praying to Lasery, Aurey, and Lickey.  Keep this in mind and then 
    leave Arni.
    N. Greco, Skelly, and Viper - Head to Termina and swap Skelly and 
    Viper into your party.  Go to the Bar and speak with the waitress 
    without having Viper in the lead.  Skelly will approach and ask for 
    some Squid Gut Pasta (sounds appetizing, no?).  She will whip some up
    for him and then he will gain his Level 7 Tech, OnARoll after eating
    it.  Then the next phase will automatically kick in.  The waitress 
    will recognize Viper and say something was left for him in the back.
    She will open the door.  To get in back simply hit X just like before
    when you spoke to Karsh and Zoah earlier in the game.  Examine the 
    tapestry at the back and you will hear some inspiring music.  Viper 
    will then receive his Level 7 Tech, FlagBearer and a Dragoon's Glory
    (Note: there is a very interesting glitch here.  As soon as you 
    receive Viper's Tech, leave this room, but DO NOT leave the small 
    room the waitress is in.  Go back into the room where Viper received
    his Tech and examine the blank wall again.  The exact same scene will\
    happen and Viper will receive another FlagBearer, but more 
    importantly, another Dragoon's Glory.  Repeat this until you have 
    enough for all characters, or 44 total, as this is one of the best 
    accessories in the game).  Go to the Inn and swap Greco in (hey, that
    rhymed).  Head over to where his house was in Another's Termina.  
    Inside talk to the man and he will be possessed by the spirit of 
    Ghetz, Greco's dead friend.  They talk and then Greco will receive 
    his Level 7 Tech, GraveDigger.  Leave Termina, swap in Nikki (if you
    have him) and Irenes, and then head to the S. S. Zelbess (now docked
    by Marbule).
    O. Nikki - On the S. S. Zelbess, go over to the Magical Dreamers ship
    via the platform like before.  In here go in the top door and have 
    your Nikki speak to this Nikki.  They will rock out and then he will
    learn his Level 7 Tech, LimeLight.  Note: you can also bring Kid here
    a little later on to see a cool scene of her talking with Nikki (in 
    my opinion any time you can hear that Magical Dreamers song, then 
    it's a cool scene).
    P. Irenes - Once in Marbule, you will see that the demi-humans have 
    re-colonized their home.  Go inside the first hut you come to and 
    speak to the man here (the Witch Doctor, not the apprentice).  He 
    will give Irenes a letter from her departed parents.  After reading 
    this she will then learn her Level 7 Tech, SirenSong.  Before leaving
    here go into the cave in the back.  Toma is here and has taken a 
    mermaid for a wife (he has some of that aqua fever).  Talk to the man
    on the left and he will offer to sell you the Master Hammer for 
    10,000 G.  It's a hefty price, but buy it.  Now head over to the Isle
    of the Damned and swap Steena into your party.
    Q. Steena - Go to Garai's grave here.  Inspect it and Steena will 
    "feel Garai's pain" (and it's probably pretty bad, since you whooped
    him pretty hard).  She will then receive her Level 7 Tech, 
    GaraiShadow.  Head to Guldove and swap Orlha into your party.
    R. Orlha - In Guldove go into Doc's house and speak with him.  He 
    will mistake Orlha for her twin sister, Tia.  Orlha will then ask to
    see Tia, who is in a coma in the next room.  After a short reunion 
    Orlha will be given the other half of her gem, which will combine 
    with her piece to form the Blue Brooch.  Then, in another scene right
    after Orlha will receive her Level 7 Tech, Sisterhoods.  This is 
    definitely one of the sadder parts of the game.  Speaking of sad, if 
    you haven't already, head over to the Forbidden Island and go kick 
    Dario's sorry arse.  After that make a duplicate save file here, 
    which should bring your files up to a total of seven.  Now head to
    Sky Dragon Isle and swap NeoFio into your party.
    S. NeoFio - Take your boat over to Sky Dragon Isle.  Go all the way
    left on the first screen and you should see a land octopus chasing a
    butterfly.  Distract him a few times with X and then go up the
    stairs.  Go back down the stairs and the land octopus has eaten the 
    butterfly!  Keep hitting X to hear the butterfly's cry for "Help" and
    move the land octopus around in any direction by running into it. 
    Eventually he will spit out the butterfly.  Then butterflies will
    swarm NeoFio and give her the Level 7 Tech, BamBamBam.  Now head back
    to Another and swap Mojoy into your party.
    T. Mojoy - Go inside Arni village and go down to the basement of the
    zealot where you originally acquired Mojoy (top right house).  Here 
    you will see three cat statues in the room.  Remember the order the 
    fisherman in Home said?  It was Lasery, Aurey, and Lickey.  You need 
    to examine them in that order here.  Lasery is on the bottom left, 
    Aurey is on the right, and Lickey is on the top left.  After this 
    sequence Mojoy will tell you his feelings (Serge doesn't care so he 
    lights him on fire...just kidding...or am I?).  Then Mojoy will 
    receive his Level 7 Tech, HoodooGuroo.  If you haven't already head 
    over to Dario's grave in Termina with Glenn equipped with the 
    Einlanzer to allow him to become a two-handed swordsman.  Also, while
    in Termina head over to Zappa's shop with the Master Hammer equipped
    to your Zappa and at least one Rainbow Shell in your inventory.  They
    will work together and you will then gain the ability to forge Prism
    equipment, which is some of the best equipment in the game.  You're 
    now done obtaining all the techs you can at the moment, so just head
    over to the Sea of Eden (Home) and watch the storyline advance.
    U. Grobyc - In Chronopolis, right before going down to meet FATE, put
    Grobyc in your active party using the save point at the loading 
    docks.  Take the elevator to the second floor and go to the door on 
    the right.  In here go up and open the next door.  Examine the coffin
    on the right and Grobyc will receive his Level 7 Tech, StrongArm.
    V. Kid - After defeating FATE and watching the FMVs you will be taken
    back to the S. S. Invincible.  From here head to Hermit's Hideaway.
    Approach Kid and you will be drawn into her memory (Serge will go 
    alone if he is equipped with anything other than the Mastermune).  On
    this first screen now you will see a grandfather clock and to the 
    left of it is a machine.  First go up to the machine and hit X once 
    to activate it (you should hear a chime).  Then, hit these buttons in
    the following order: L1, Triangle, R1, and Triangle, making sure you
    hear a chime after each one.  Now hit X again and you should receive
    Kid's Level 7 Tech, HotShot.  Go through this whole sequence and at 
    the end Kid will wake up and she rejoin your party for good.
    W. Chrono Cross - After waking Kid up sail over to the main island 
    and dock by Arni.  Now you will see a waterfall to the east.  Hit X 
    over here, although nothing will show up on your map yet.  This is 
    Divine Dragon Falls.  Go up and around and when you come to the end 
    you will see two pedestals.  Put the Tear of Love and the Tear of 
    Hate on there (doesn't matter which order) and they will combine to 
    form the element and the Key Item Chrono Cross (two separate uses 
    though).  Now if you were playing from a New Game+ or Continue+ game
    (which you shouldn't be on your first time around) you can now get 
    your characters from previous saves back.  To do this simply go back
    to Sprigg's dimension (if you use the Astral Amulet from the second 
    screen of Home's Hydra Marshes).  Sprigg will be here and will be a 
    little disgusted that her water source comes from Hydra Marshes 
    (eeeeewwwww).  The Chrono Cross will react to the dimensional 
    distortion here and if you use the Key Item now you will regain your
    other party members from the "other dimension".  Leave Sprigg's world
    by examining the water pot in her house.
    X. Razzly - Go to the Water Dragon Isle now and swap Razzly into your
    party.  Go to the second screen where the fairies are flying about.  
    Examine the tree in the middle where Rosetta was buried.  You will 
    discover that flowers are now blossoming there.  Razzly will then be
    in touch with her sister's spirit, who has now forgiven her for 
    helping humans.  She will then bestow Razzly her Level 7 Tech, Raz-
    Flower and give her the Floral Rod.  Now leave here and go to 
    Y. Stock up on lots of red elements and then go to the El Nido 
    Triangle here.  Do not put Starky in your party.  It now glows just 
    like the one back at Home did.  Enter it and make your way around to
    where the Star Fragment in Home was.  There is a blue blob here.  You
    must fight, but the trick is only Red elements will damage it.  
    Physical attacks and other elements do nothing (like the goggles).  
    After beating him come back to the surface and sail over to the main
    island.  Now make two separate save files (yes, again, although this
    is the last time), so you should now have eight files.  Swap Starky 
    into your party and go back to El Nido.  Take him to the downed 
    spaceship.  Soon you will be on your way to Terra Tower.
    Z. Starky - As soon as your ship docks in Terra Tower, go back to it
    and hit X.  You will have the option to leave Terra Tower.  Do so.  
    Make sure Starky is in your party again and head back to his ship 
    underwater.  He will inspect the inside again and find what he has 
    been missing all along. Porn!That and his Level 7 Tech, StarStruck!
    This covers all characters and Level 7 Techs now.  All that is left
    to do is go back to the Terra Tower, clear it out, and follow the end
    of the storyline from there.  What are you supposed to do with those
    save files you ask?  Good question.  I'm not going to answer that.
    Oh, who am I kidding?  Sure I will.  Go down to the next section.
    -- IV. Endings, New Game/Continue+, and the "Perfect Game" --
    This game has 12 endings total.  Here I will list the specific points 
    in the game that you need to beat Time Devourer (TD) to achieve them.  
    Keep in mind that only endings 1 and 2 can be got on a normal first-
    time playthrough.  The rest can only be obtained on a New Game+ or 
    Continue+ game.  Very important though, NEVER save over any of your 
    current save files.  Instead, save a completed game to a separate
    save file and keep on overwriting that one.  Also, as an added bonus
    I will tell you how to use those save files you have (you did make
    them, right?) in order to hit every ending quickly.
    1. Beat TD without using the Chrono Cross after clearing Terra Tower. 
    Use your save file after you beat Terra Tower.
    2. Beat TD using the Chrono Cross after clearing the Terra Tower.  You 
    must cast an uninterrupted stream of elements in the following order: 
    Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, and White.  Then have Serge
    immediately cast the Chrono Cross allocated on his Level 8 slot.  Use 
    your save file after you beat Terra Tower.
    3. Beat TD as soon as Serge wakes up in Arni in the beginning of the 
    game without talking to anyone.  Do this with Serge only.  Use the
    New Game+ option from your completed file.  You might want to wait
    until you have a higher star power for this one.
    4. Beat TD after Opassa Beach and before you choose a guide to go to 
    Viper Manor.  Like Ending 3, use the New Game+ option.
    5. Beat TD right after Kid is poisoned and you are dropped off in 
    Termina.  Use one of your save files where you chose a "Save Kid" or 
    "Leave Kid Alone" route (either Nikki or Pierre file from Guldove,
    doesn't make a difference).
    6. Beat TD anytime after Kid is cured and before Ft. Dragonia without 
    Nikki and Razzly in your party (don't choose Nikki as your guide and 
    take the "Leave Kid Alone" path, so use your Pierre file).
    7. Beat TD anytime after Kid is cured and before Ft. Dragonia with 
    Nikki and Razzly in your active party (use the Nikki file).
    8. Beat TD before rescuing Riddel and after you become Lynx (the 
    earlier file with Harle in your party).
    9. Beat TD after rescuing Riddel and before going to Hermit's
    Hideaway (you should have a save right here).
    10. Beat TD after rescuing Riddel and after the events in Hermit's 
    Hideaway.  Use the save before you completed the Dragons' Blessing 
    Quest and before killing Dario.
    11. Beat TD after beating Dario and before beating FATE.  A good save 
    here is the one after Serge just gets his body back.
    12. Beat TD after beating FATE but before going to the Terra Tower.  
    The file right before bringing Starky to his spaceship.
    Here's how New Game/Continue+ works.  Basically it takes your old
    save data (star level, stats, etc.) and either starts off a New Game
    with that or lets you continue into a previous game (this only works
    with a non-NG+ or Continue+ game, hence why you should never save
    over them with the new data).  You don't carry over any key items,
    summons, Level 7 Techs, or special weapons, but everything else comes
    with you (by pouring a Continue+ into the save right before beating
    TD in a loop you can effectively add all other elements and items to
    each other until you max them out).  Also, you gain the Time Egg
    (lets you fight TD at Opassa at any time), Time Shifter (invaluable
    to speeding up gameplay), and Relief Charm (sub in another character
    for Serge, but only in battle).  Finally, the door in the back of the
    Bend of Time opens allowing you to fight everyone's favorite trio
    from Chrono Trigger: Ozzie, Flea, and Slash!  Sprigg can morph into
    these three, so pick them up as soon as possible.
    Each person has his or her own definition of what a perfect game is.  
    To me, it means getting to 99 stars, max stats, having all
    characters, Level 7 Techs, and summons (12 total), Prism equipment
    for all, defeat all optional bosses, all Sprigg's Dopplegangs, and
    having enough elements and supplemental items that you will be
    content.  Using your previous saves and a Continue+ game, I'll tell
    you the best way to get all characters by the end of one Continue+.
    Start with your completed game (I'll assume you took the Guile and
    "Leave Kid Alone" paths).  Continue+ that into your game with Nikki,
    Razzly, Korcha, and Mel.  Beat TD and overwrite your completed file.
    Continue+ that file now into your Pierre game.  Beat TD and overwrite
    your completed file yet again.  Finally, Continue+ that file into one
    where you still have Harle and beat TD.  Now if you Continue+ that
    result into the one right before you beat TD for the first time and
    then use the Chrono Cross in Sprigg's world you should have all
    characters available to you.
    As far as maxing out stars and character stats goes, each completion
    of the game will net you 48 stars if you fight all available bosses.
    So start a New Game+ with at least 51 stars (48 + 51 = 99). Now out
    of the path-dependent characters (Guile, Pierre, Nikki, Korcha,
    Razzly, Mel, Macha, Glenn, and Doc) four of those have inherent Level
    7 Techs (Guile, Mel, Macha, and Glenn). Two of those characters with
    inherent Level 7 Techs are in the "Leave Kid Alone" route (Macha and
    Glenn), one is in the "Save Kid" route (Mel), and the last one is a
    Viper Manor guide (Guile).  I would highly recommend taking the "Save
    Kid" route, as Razzly's Level 7 Tech is hard to come by otherwise.
    Nikki and Pierre have easy Level 7 Techs to get, but Pierre with the
    hero equipment will give you more bang for your buck than Nikki would.
    The choice is entirely up to you though, but if you do take Nikki
    make sure to get Pierre's Hero's Medal (I'm not sure if he
    automatically comes with it if you Chross him in, as I have always
    gotten it, so you might as well to be on the safe side).  When you
    emerge out of Terra Tower then you should have all characters and
    their respective Level 7 Techs.  Voila!
    Well, I hope you found this guide useful and had as much fun playing 
    this game as I did.  Do be sure to watch all the endings as some of 
    them are just plain hilarious and some of them are quite grand.  The 
    next few sections were just for fun, so feel free to skip them if you
    want.  However, if you can send me a better connection list (not as
    many connections pulled from weird places and it flows better) I might
    just post it in here and you will get credit of course.  That's all I
    really have to say for now.  I'm now off to fight for truth, justice,
    and the gaming way!  Ciao!
    -- V. Frozen Flame Quotes --
    As the party reaches the top of Terra Tower they encounter both the
    Frozen Flame and the Fused Dragons version of the Time Devourer.
    Prior to this epic battle, the Frozen Flame reaches out and sends a
    message to each character who approaches it.  The Frozen Flame will
    only give one message for this entire sequence so who receives it
    depends on who is in the lead of your party.  I have listed all of
    the characters' reactions to this message below, free from commentary
    and other biases.  Enjoy.
    These are what the voices say as you climb the stairs to the Frozen
    Flame - "A-ARRGH...HELP...S-STOP IT...KILL ME...WELL COME...Welcome...
    Humans...Those who know the torment and joy of creation know also the
    pleasure and pain of destruction.  Therefore, all that pass through
    here must be prepared to share the burden that I carry."
    Serge - While Serge refrains from saying anything, he does hold his
    hands to his temples while shaking his head back and forth.  It has
    communicated something to the silent protagonist, however, we are not
    aware what the message is.
    Kid - (This the entire script of the exchange between the characters
    and the Time Devourer as well.  The only thing that varies between
    characters is what they say in between the Frozen Flame flashing and
    the effect wearing off.  Kid will always say her lines off to the side
    of the party as she waits for you on top of Terra Tower if she is not
    in your active party)
    Kid begins - "So this is the true Frozen Flame...Struth! (Kid warns
    whoever is approaching the Frozen Flame, but does not shout this
    warning to herself obviously)  Hold on!  Don't touch it!  (Kid
    approaches the Frozen Flame and it flashes)  An ancient magical
    kingdom...?  That you destroyed ten thousand years ago...?  What are
    ya talkin' about?  Stop it...I don't know nothin'!  I'm...I'm Kid!! 
    I'm myself and nobody else!!  (Effect wears off)  Is everyone okay? 
    Bugger you!  Us humans ain't gonna let you have yer way any longer! 
    C'mon!  Show yer bloody self!"
    The Time Devourer now shows itself and speaks - "In order to survive,
    all living things in this world fight desperately and devour those
    they defeat...Must one kill other living things in order to survive?
    Must one destroy another world in order to allow one's own world to
    continue?  The wounded in turn wound and torment those weaker than
    they themselves are...There are only the killers and the killed...The
    sinners, who are judged, and the victims that do the judging...What
    meaning is there to such a world?"
    Kid continues - "Whether there's meanin' to our lives or not...we
    still go on livin', you know!  You've got no right to deny that!"
    The Time Devourer concludes - "I shall cleanse this blue planet of you
    filthy humans once and for all!!" (Fight then begins)
    Guile - "Is this what I have been searching for all this time...No...
    Stop it!  I am no such thing.  What good is it...to possess such dark
    Norris - "If I take this with me back to Porre, there will be even
    more bloodshed.  And yet, it will give us the power to withstand the
    other major countries.  Is that all I have really desired this whole
    Nikki - "Marvelous...It's a truly marvelous tone...It brings out light
    and darkness within me clearly!"
    Viper - "Hmm...Good Lord!  Is there nothing more to life than
    destroying and defeating one another after all...?  And only then
    shall living beings advance forward, to a higher level?  The "survival
    of the fittest?" Is that the true meaning of evolution?"
    Riddel - "What an awfully sad light...As long as we are alive, it is
    impossible to avoid partings.  If that is so, then perhaps it would be
    better if one did not meet others at all...Excuse me?  No!  It cannot
    be...Is it you...?  It is you!  Oh, I am so relieved.  You were always
    by my side, and yet I never noticed..."
    Karsh - "For crying out loud...Stop it!  I know that already!  Don't
    read my mind any further than that!"
    Marcy - "What?  Oh, I already knew that...I know that half of the
    blood within me is that of a demi-human...And I know that it'll be
    easier for me if I can accept that fact...What are you, my school
    counselor or something?  Like, tell me something I don't know..."
    Korcha - "HotCHACHA!  This is greatCHA!  It feels like firecrackers
    are going off in my head.  I getCHA...I understand it now!  All living
    things are really connected in their hearts!  There's nothing to worry
    Luccia - "Ack!  Vot power...Dis power is not somet'ing man should
    possess.  Da...it is just as I t'ought.  Several civilizations have
    already been destroyed because of dis immense power...As you said, my
    friend...Science should only be used for the betterhood of mankind,
    Poshul - "Why can't we all be friendth?  Ith that tho hard to do?
    Watch out.  Me won't lose againtht any big, bad, ugry enemy!"
    Razzly - "I can hear the voices of the trees and the flowers...They
    are just like humans.  They are all hurt and are all sad.  We are all
    life born from this planet..."
    Zappa - "Aye...These auld bones have seen countless faces of the flame
    in mah lifetime...But with this un, ah cannae say ah've ever seen more
    pure and genuine hatred..."
    Orcha - "The one that's hidin' within me is not "another me"...It's
    just another "part of me." I am who I am...including my dark side.  It
    isn't right to think of my other side as a separate entity whom I can
    criticize...Rather, I must accept who I am as a whole..."
    Radius - "Ooh...With this power, even an old knight like me could...
    No!  This is the same as what happened before, with the hatred of the
    Masamune.  Oh Garai...forgive me!  I almost made the same grave 
    mistake.  What was that...?  You say it is behind us now?  Is that
    you, Garai...?  Have you forgiven me...?"
    Fargo - "Ha ha ha!!  Arrgh, what are you trying to tell me, Flame?
    You say that we are all born in sin and all die in sin?  Well, I say
    that is why we should continue to sin, then...Ha ha ha ha ha!  Yet, is
    not the very reason we go on living so that we can make ammends for
    our sins!?"
    Macha - "Why can't we all just be happy for once?  If only we could
    all hold hands and live together in peace and harmony?  Why can't
    people understand this...?"
    Glenn - "You have no right to say such a thing!  I am my own person!
    I will choose my own destiny with my own strength..."
    Leena - "Yes...Yes...I know that what you say may be true.  But it is
    because we have such a petty and short life...that we all live life to
    the fullest, for all it's worth!  No one, including you -- whoever you
    are -- has the right to take that away from us..."
    Miki - "You say it's no use to live pretentiously?  Well, I know
    that...But isn't it like me to live happily and tenaciously?"
    Harle - She says nothing but just shakes her head, similar to Serge.
    Janice - "The monsters aren't attacking people randomly.  They're just
    trying to protect themselves.  So why do people have to kill them
    indiscrimately for?  What a pitiful life we lead if that's what it
    means to live!"
    Draggy - "Why can't drrragons and humans and everrryone live
    togetherrr in peace?  Draggy is doing his parrrt..."
    Starky - "Woowzer!  Out of this world...!  The liight of the big
    baang!  All starts from heere and all ends heere...What liies beeyond
    Sprigg - "This is a power I can't make me own...Hah!  There ain't no
    use tellin' me to do anythin', chum!  ...You don't 'ave to tell me
    nothin'!  I knows I might've led an easier life if I'da been kinder to
    Mojoy - "True love is-om here...?  Love is-om immortal...Love is-om
    eternal...Love is-om illusion...?  That can't...be-om true.  ...Even
    if it is-om soo, I'll continue-om to convey-om true love to all..."
    Turnip - "I don't exist-eth?  But what difference is there between
    reality and a dream if thou cannot tell-eth it is a dream?  I think-
    eth, therefore I am-eth!  I might be-eth part of some person's dream,
    but so long as I can think-eth, I exist-eth!"
    NeoFio - "There is no meaning to my existence...Other life-phorms are
    born naturally, then raised to adulthood, give birth to ophspring,
    then die...Perhaps I am like that, in a way..."
    Greco - "Wherever there is light, there is also shadow...So it is the
    light that gives birth to shadow!  Ghetz, I now understand, amigo...!
    But is it too late...?"
    Skelly - "Now that I'm dead, I've got nothin' to fear...But what's
    this strange feelin' I have when I look at this flame..."
    Funguy - "Once I became a friend of the forest, I realized...Humans
    don't produce things, they just destroy things!  It has become an
    inescapable cycle of destruction...We need to return to nature...Like
    it was long ago..."
    Irenes - "It ist instinct to despise otter species.  And a necessity
    to preserve one's own kind.  You say it ist a fact of life...But I
    t'ink not!"
    Mel - "Wow!  How pretty!  This is mine and nobody else's!  Finder's
    keeper's!  I know, I know...!  Not everything in this world goes the
    way I want it to..."
    Leah - "Land angry!?  We live is bad?  We make land angry?  But Leah
    not bad!  Leah good Leah!"
    Van - "Mom...!?  Is that you I see, Mom!?  No, you aren't her!  You're
    just showing me what you think I want to see!"
    Sneff - "Yes.  I know my liffe is ffull off mistakes.  But I didn't
    know back then what I know now, so I have no regrets!"
    Steena - "This is...divine power!  I see...in order to save the many,
    the few have to be sacrificed...That is the truth...!?  It makes us
    seem oh-so-powerless...!  That is the reason why we must live
    shoulder-to-shoulder and hand-in-hand!"
    Doc - "Humans are, like, totally powerless, dude!  With crafty
    knowledge we may extend our lives a fraction, but we just extend our
    suffering, too.  But in reality, all we can do is leave ourselves in
    nature's hands and die the way nature intends us to...That is the
    awesome truth!?  Gnarly!"
    Grobyc - "Complete-destruction.  You-say-it-is-Grobyc's-for-the-
    taking?  But-what-is-left-once-you-use-it?"
    Pierre - "I understand now!  A true hero knows fear...And yet, while
    knowing fear, he still has the courage to put up a fight!  If moi lack
    the caliber to be called such then moi will just have to work harder!"
    Orlha - "Yes...I know Tia is alive!  The Flame tells me so!  But why
    are you telling me this...?  What is it you are after?  I don't
    Pip - "I am evowving!  And will keep on evowving...But what I tuwn
    into, nobody can tell..."
    -- VI. Character Closing Comments --
    Throughout the game the party goes through a lot in order to reach
    the end goal of laying the Time Devourer to rest.  If you were like
    me then you probably had anywhere from 5-9 characters who you
    actively played and only subbed in the rest to gain stat boosts.
    Each character has their own unique personality and backstory (OK,
    not everyone has a backstory) and a different take on the events in
    the game.  That being said, I'm going to give each character their
    "last word" on the matter.  Some are serious, others are funny, and
    still others are just plain retarded.  I'll let you decide that for
    yourself.  I also wrote a little blurb before giving each character's
    quote and they were not meant to be taken seriously, so please do not
    get angry or write me back with scathing remarks (everything is said
    in good fun).  All these quotes can be obtained after beating the Time
    Devourer normally using the Chrono Cross (Ending 2).
    Serge - True, he's mute the entire rest of the game, but something
    amazing happens when you free Schala.  He says...nothing!  HA!  Got
    you all excited, didn't I?
    Kid - For all intents and purposes, she IS Schala, so anything one
    says the other intends basically.  There is one piece of dialogue in
    the ending that is decidedly Kid-like in structure, so I'll include
    it. "It was bloody good knowing ya, mate!  Thank you for being born
    'you,' Serge!  I guess now's the time to say, 'see ya later mate!'
    But...I'll find ya...Sometime, somewhere...I'm bloddy sure of it!
    No matter the time period, no matter the world ya live in, I'll find
    ya!  I'm sure...I am sure I will find you..."
    Guile - Here's what everyone's favorite drunken pseudo-Magus says.
    "It was an interesting journey, Serge...I will set out in search of a
    new enigma.  Let us toast, in hopes that our paths may cross
    Norris - Guns are cool and so is Norris!  The "true" blondie speaks.
    "You have broadened my horizons, Serge!  I sincerely hope to see you
    Nikki - Who says Marilyn Manson should have all the fun?  This punk
    rocker plays his heart out. "Serge...I must say that was a rockin'
    gig.  I hope to jam with you again, sometime.  You're always welcome
    with us, the Magical Dreamers!"
    Viper - Would the owner of a geometrically inexplicable sword like to
    say anything? "Come see me should you ever need anything!  You will
    make a fine dragoon, young man.  God be with you!"
    Riddel - The "Damsel in Distress" sounds off. "...Thank you.  You
    have given me another wonderful memory of my dear Dario.  I shall
    never, ever forget my last moments with him.  Thank you again, and
    take care, Serge..."
    Karsh - A good character, but the pants are too much.  Here's his
    shot at redemption. "We sure went through a lot together, didn't
    we...It was fun.  I may never see you again, but...take care,
    junior...I mean, Serge."
    Zoah - He's big, he's bad, he's...a walking contradiction? "BE WELL.
    Marcy - Does Marcy even care what she says?  Like, whatever! "Bye-
    bye, Serge!  Next time we meet, I'll be a lot bigger!"
    Korcha - Note to Korcha: Mohawks and Speedos don't mix.  He begs to
    differ. "Well...Uhhh...Ummm...It's been fun, Serge.  Hope to catch
    up with you again, sometime.  Later!"
    Luccia - Who says good scientists have all the fun? "T'ank you.  I
    vas able to gatter valuable data.  And...uhhh...Serge...Grow up to
    be a fine young man!"
    Poshul - I still don't understand this character for the life of me.
    Does she even understand herself? "It'th over!  Come on, Sergeipoo,
    ret'th go home!  Momma Marge and the other Leena are waiting!  Me am
    hungry...Me want thome Heckran thoup!"
    Razzly - She's small, she's sweet, she's...not Zoah. "The planet is
    gonna be alright, right, Sergey?  Tee-Hee!  I know it will!  As long
    as it has someone like you or me!"
    Zappa - A blacksmith's work is never done.  And Zappa is really
    ticked off about that. "Take care, laddie.  Ah plan to open up
    another smithy.  Donnae feel shy 'bout stoppin' by."
    Orcha - Man boobs.  ::Shiver::  He doesn't wear a shirt, so he might
    as well get something off his chest. "So long, Serge.  I wantCHA to
    know you're always welcome!  I'll fix ya somethin' real tasty!"
    Radius - He might've slain Garai, but when he speaks he has a heart
    of...an old man. "Our business is done.  Shall we head back home?
    Kiki, Lolo, Una, Gonji, and all the others are waiting."
    Fargo - It's funny that out of all the stereotypical accents in the
    game, he really doesn't talk like a pirate most of the time.  Go
    figure. "Aye, Matey!  It sure was a swash-bucklin' voyage!  If ya
    ever wanna become a pirate, be sure to come see me...Aboard the S.S.
    Macha - The Bahama Mama gon' be reel quick like mon'. "Well, it's
    time to pack my bags and head on home.  Don'tCHA think it's a nice
    feelin' havin' someone special to go home to?  Be good, Serge!"
    Glenn - Two swords are better than one! "Yes!  I will continue to
    follow in my brother's footsteps as a great dragoon!  Good luck to
    you, Serge!  I look forward to the next time we meet."
    Leena - Is she the love interest?  Does Serge have feelings for her?
    Does anyone really care? "Well...I guess this is it.  You're going
    back to your home world, right...?  Thank you...You've given me a
    special place in my heart for the Serge who passed away ten years
    ago...Good-bye...Serge from another world...And have fun with the
    other me!  Good-bye..."
    Miki - The dynamite dancer opens her mouth...unfortunately it's
    because of an episode of explosive Tourette's. "Take good care of
    yourself, Serge.  Now, who wants to see me dance!?
    Harle - Dark Moon Dragon, eh?  Yeah, I'll show you a dark moon...
    Suprisingly she also gives us the silent treatment and decides to
    keep her mouth shut.  Probably had something to do with the fact that
    the Fused Dragons are already dead.  Whoops...
    Janice - The original playboy bunny sheds light on her true feelings.
    Hugh would approve. "Whoo-hoo!  Me and my cutesy, cutesy monsters are
    goin' for the gold!  Good luck to you, Serge."
    Draggy - He'll be a powerful dragon once he grows up.  For now he's
    just a little matchstick. "Thanks, Serge!  We'll always be frrriends,
    rrright?  Always!"
    Starky - His mission to take over the world never succeeded.  Silly
    alien!  Planets are for beings who can control space and time! "Youu
    are gooing hoome, Serge?  Starky am gooing hoome, too.  My comrades
    are heere to pick mee up.  Starky learned a lot from huumans.  Youu
    are welcome, Serge."
    Sprigg - Some would call her the jack of all faces and a master of
    none.  But not me.  I just call her "hey you." "Wot an adventure!
    'Twas just wot I expected.  I think it's about time I retired in
    peace.  So long, Serge-us!"
    Mojoy - Cursed voodoo dolls make for interesting dinner table
    conversation.  That is until you realize you're the one being eaten.
    "Serge-om...I am-om soo happy to meet-om you.  I'll continue to do-
    om my best as a messenger of love and courage!  Take-om care, Serge-
    om!  Until we meet-om again!"
    Turnip - Never trust beings who come from the ground.  Unless they
    bribe you with presents.  Then it's OK. "Thanks, Sir Serge.  I will
    always be-eth everywhere.  See-eth thee in dreamland!"
    NeoFio - She's cute and all, but am I the only one terrified to see
    that her hands are actually barbaric vines?  Probably. "Bye-bye,
    Sergeipie.  Take good care!  Iph you come across a phlower somewhere,
    remember me!"
    Greco - Ese?!  Are you calling me some kind of term paper? "Finally,
    I feel I am relieved of a burden...I can move on now.  Adios,
    amigo...Thank you..."
    Skelly - Skelly actually had the last piece of Aztec gold, Captain
    Barbosa.  Suckers! "Hey, Mister S...I really owe you one.  Thanks a
    lot, man...Be sure ta give me a holler somewhere...sometime...Nyak-
    Funguy - He's not really fun, but I guess it was easier to say than
    MildlyUninterestingObsessedMushroomguy. "Well, I guess it's time for
    me to head back to the forest.  You know, I really don't mind the way
    I look anymore.  So don't worry about it.  Well, good-bye!"
    Irenes - I never understood how a mermaid could just get up and walk
    around on dry land with no problems.  For that matter how is it that
    the offspring of a human and mermaid is human?  Strange. "Thank you.
    My sister's dream hast become a reality and he hast awaken from his
    nightmare...Should you ever hear dat song again somewhere, please
    t'ink of us..."
    Mel - The bratty sibling of Korcha and daughter of Macha tries to act
    all tough.  Keep trying sister. "I guess this is good-bye then, Serge.
    Hah hah!  Don'tCHA worry, I'll be a good girl!  Good luck in the other
    world!  Bye-bye, Serge!"
    Leah - Ayla was an awesome character in Chrono Trigger.  What did they
    replace her with in Chrono Cross?  A midget. "Land calling-um Leah...
    Time Leah go-um home.  Leah already have-um name for Leah's child.
    Big, strong name.  Aylaaaaaa!!!  New song of land!  Bye, Serge.
    Van - Such a moody artist.  Maybe he should be more like his namesake
    and cut off his ear so he won't have to hear himself whine all the
    time. "Good-bye, Serge.  We'll probably never see each other again.  I
    won't be sad...Well, maybe just a little bit...Sniff..."
    Sneff - Number one on Sneff's Christmas list next year?  NEW FRONT
    TEETH. "There are encounters, and then there are ffarewells...
    Ffarewell, Serge!  But iff I happen to spot you in an audience, I will
    ask you to volunteer again!"
    Steena - She looks all tough with her sword and summoning powers, but
    she's not.  And if you rearrange the letters in her name you can spell
    "Ten Sea," which means nothing. "Thank you for everything, Serge.
    Please take good care."
    Doc - If Chrono Cross was a movie, I think Keanu "Whoa" Reeves would
    make a great Doc. "I believe I may have changed for the better, thanks
    to you, dude.  Our hearts will always be with you, even in the other
    world...Catch you later, Serge."
    Grobyc - After the adventure Grobyc goes on to pursue his one true
    calling in life: Battle Bots! "Something-new-Grobyc-can-do...That-
    Pierre - Is Pierre going to say something stupid?  I gah-ron-tee! 
    "Take care, Serge!  You know who to call when you are in trouble! Oui,
    the true hero!!!"
    Orlha - Must...not...stare...at...bouncing...booty...I'm sorry, were
    you saying something? "I guess this is good-bye then, Serge...I'm glad
    I met you.  Even though our worlds are different, I will never forget
    you...Thank you, Serge."
    Pip - This little guy could probably give Team Rocket a run for their
    money.  I choose you, Pipachu! "I will continue to twavel de world and
    bwoaden my howizons.  See you again, Sergeikins!"
    -- VII. Character Relations --
    This is a rather interesting section.  I was tossing and turning in
    bed one night while working on this guide and I began thinking of how
    some people called some of these extra characters "fluff".  I said to 
    myself, they are not total fluff, as at least each one is connected
    to someone else in the game, either an NPC or PC.  Then that really
    got me thinking.  Wouldn't it be cool if hook back each and every
    character to Serge either by association or familial relation.  Any
    time I mention a character I will put a number in parentheses next to
    them until all 45 characters are present and accounted for.  There
    are definitely spoilers present and some of the connections I
    basically pull out of my arse, but I had to work them in somehow.
    Here is the result of my endeavor.
    Obviously, we will start out with the main character Serge (1). Serge 
    is the son of Marge and Wazuki.  Wazuki was good friends with Miguel, 
    the father of Leena (2). Leena's dog is named Poshul (3) and can talk 
    and use elements.  Radius (4) is the chief of their village and was 
    also a member of the Acacia Dragoons along with Garai.  Garai had two 
    sons, Dario and Glenn (5). Dario was betrothed to Riddel (6), who was 
    the daughter of Lord Viper (7). Also, other Devas of the Dragoons are 
    Karsh (8), Dario's childhood friend, Zoah (9), and Marcy (10). Karsh 
    is also the son of Zappa (11) and Zippa. Zappa rents out a room in
    his shop to Pierre (12), a wannabe hero. Marcy is the sister of Nikki (13) 
    and the daughter of Fargo (14) and Zelbess, who is the sister of
    Irenes (15). Miki (16) is in the Magical Dreamers with Nikki and has strong 
    feelings for him.  Marcy was abandoned after her mother died and was 
    raised by Luccia (17) in Viper Manor, who was a close friend of Lucca
    from Chrono Trigger. Luccia was a scientist and also created Pip (18)
    and NeoFio (19) in her experiments.  Get all that?
    Lucca ran an orphanage and there she took in and cared for Kid (20), 
    who was a daughter-clone of Schala.  Harle (21) was also a clone of 
    Schala, but the Dragon Gods created her instead of Schala directly.  
    Schala's brother was Janus, who is the character design Guile (22)
    was originally based on and whom the makers intended him to be before
    they realized this was not feasible.  Speaking of character designs,
    Turnip (23) was clearly based off of Frog from Chrono Trigger, from
    the way he talks, to his clothes, and all the way down to the sword
    he wields. Guile made a bet with the Fortune Teller, who is friends
    with Sprigg (24). The Fortune Teller's stall was right next to the
    Element Trader.  The Element Trader was continually harassed by 
    Korcha (25) for keeping a mermaid captive.  Korcha is the brother of
    Mel (26) and the son of Macha (27) and that whole family lives in
    Guldove.  Doc (28) is the physician of Guldove and is good friends
    with Orlha (29).  The chieftain of Guldove is Direa, and in Home
    World Steena (30) is her successor.  That's over half of the
    characters now, but we're not done yet.
    Going back to Wazuki, he also later became Lynx (31), who was the 
    biological incarnation of FATE.  FATE was what caused the two worlds
    to be vastly different, as it meddled in the affairs of Another World 
    through the Records of Fate.  The Records are what caused the Zealot
    in Arni Village to purchase and worship Mojoy (32), a cursed voodoo
    doll. Speaking of different worlds, Starky (33) had his ship
    destroyed in Home, but saw that it was still intact in Another. FATE
    also divided up the Dragon God into its six respective parts. Of
    those parts, the Water Dragon made his home on Water Dragon Isle,
    where Razzly (34) and the other fairies usually frolicked.  The Green
    Dragon made his home in Gaea's Navel, a remnant of the past that
    carried Leah (35) along with it.  Have I run out of steam?  Nope, I
    just need to go back a little more at a different angle.
    Luccia is the sister of Grobyc (36), who was remade into a cyborg 
    assassin by the Porre military.  Norris (37) was an officer in the 
    Porre military and while he was undercover he worked as the
    dishwasher for Orcha (38), the cook of Viper Manor. Orcha attempted
    to kill Riddel, but thankfully she was saved, because is she was
    killed she would have ended up like Dario in a grave.  Dario's grave
    is right next to where Greco (39) lives in Termina.  The bellflower
    that was placed on Dario's grave came from Fossil Valley, which was
    where Draggy's (40) egg came from.  Back in Termina, Lisa, who is
    friends with Leena, had a father who was obsessed with mushrooms...
    for medicinal purposes.  He later becomes Funguy (41). Skelly's (42)
    grandmother has a nice little house in Termina.  Van (43) lives in a
    mansion in Another's Termina, but can't even keep up his rent in
    Home's Termina.  So close, but yet so far?  Not on your life!
    To finally round out this full cast of misfits, we go back to none 
    other than Fargo.  Fargo was a pirate in Another, however in Home he 
    was the owner of the cruise ship S. S. Zelbess.  On the Zelbess
    Janice (44) headed the Grand Slam Tournament.  Sneff (45) was the
    Zelbess' magician, who also starred as a midget in the movie Ankle
    Biters, where the main star was Kevin Bacon. Whew! Finally pulled it
    off.  So to all those who doubted me: NYAH!
    P.S. I have nothing against midgets.  Or Kevin Bacon.  I just can't 
    stand the sight of midgets occupying the same space as Kevin Bacon.
    P.S.S. I am just joking.  I apologize to all those midgets out there 
    who might take my comments offensively.  But I refuse to apologize to 
    Kevin Bacon until he repays me the $20 he owes me.  You heard me
    Kevin.  PAY UP.
    -- VIII. Thanks and Credits --
    The nerdy teenager over at Electronics Boutique, who recommended this 
    unique game to me.  On that note, I'd also like to thank my wallet at 
    the time, for actually having cash inside it.
    The University of Miami School of Medicine, for giving me enough free 
    time in between classes to support my habit...of playing quality
    video games that I can really sink my teeth into.
    DingoJellybean and ATaedo for writing walkthroughs that helped me out 
    when I got stuck in certain places during my first game.
    Akaihiryuu and TCBSilber for answering a few of my ending questions.
    Alucard6787 for clearing up a few annoying Mel questions.
    Alanna82 and PeckingBird for telling me an earlier time you might be
    able to acquire Mojoy.
    Alex Jackson for telling me a slightly earlier time in which to get
    Luccia and a much earlier time for acquiring NeoFio.
    Square, for merging with Enix, because saying "Squenix" is a lot 
    funnier than saying "Squaresoft".
    GameFAQs, for having such a great website that facilitates all my 
    gaming needs.
    You, the gamer, for picking my FAQ out of the bunch and using it when 
    playing your game.  Or reading it just to make fun of me.  Either one 
    is A-OK in my book.
    And finally, ME, for writing this FAQ while still being able to pass 
    all my tests.  Whoo Whoo!  Like a Freight Train!!

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