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    Save State Hacking Guide by demonsword2

    Version: 0.96 | Updated: 12/08/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Chrono Cross(c) Square, 1999
    Save State Hacking Guide 
    Copyright 2010 Carlos Eugenio
       This guide is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike,
    avaiable here http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/legalcode. 
    Simplifying the legalese, that means that you are free to copy, print, 
    distribute, and otherwise use this guide any way you want as long as you don't
    violate the license i.e. give credit where it is due! :)
       Derivative works of this guide are allowed provided that you credit me for
    the original work *AND* release it under this same license or other free, 
    copyleft license compatible with Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike. If
    you indeed produce a derivate, kindly inform me after it's done so I can enjoy
    it too and maybe even improve this guide (you will be credited for it too of
    Version History
    2010 April 9: v. 0.9
            -First Version, still a lot to do. Probaly a lot of wrong offsets and
    values too... and typos... but hey I'm releasing it before prime time bear 
    with me okay? :D
    2010 April 14: v. 0.91
            -Added the money offsets. NOW you can be filthy rich, at least inside
    the game :D 
    2010 April 16: v. 0.95
            -Improved way to handle the save state files!!
            -Figured out the Elements/Tech offsets & completed their lists. Most
    work probably been done... but still missing the remaining char's offsets &
    their grids with equipped Elements, and some minor stuff
    2010 December 7: v. 0.96
            -Added quite a few offsets, still a ways to go before guide completion
    but hey! Most of them untested yet. See on the thanks section for our brave 
    contributors' names :) 
            This is a save state hacking guide for Chrono Cross, a classic PSX
    RPG by Square. Why I bothered writing this stuff? Well... this game is GOOD
    I can tell you, and you probably know it if you are reading this! I've beaten
    it beginning to end a handful of times but oh well... there's a lot of stuff 
    that requires far too many time to accomplish (i.e. get all summon elements is
    one of them)... the game isn't hard but it ain't a pushover too and sometimes
    you just want to breeze through it... I could go on but I guess you got my idea
    right? :) So I did fiddle a little with a hexeditor, a diff tool, some save 
    states and now I want to share it with you, my dear lazy classic RPG gamer. 
    Enjoy :)
    PS: This guide won't teach you hex editing. There are plenty of other guides 
    who'll teach you better than me.
    PS2: I used ePSXe. State hacking with ePSXe is a bit tricky but I'll explain
    it in detail on section 1.0.
    PS3: Use this guide with moderation! You can ruin your fun if you go overboard
    and max out everything. In fact, I recommend that you beat the game first
    without cheating, and in subsequent replays hexedit away. 
    And, before anyone bug me with annoying accusations, I played on a emulator
    yes, but I DO OWN a copy of this game!
    Well, on to the guide...
    1.0 Save state?
    1.1 Char stats offsets (alphabetical order)
    1.2 Money
    1.3 Items
    1.4 Elements/Techs
    1.5 Lists
        1.5.1 Materials List 
        1.5.2 Weapons List
        1.5.3.Armor List
        1.5.4 Accessories List
        1.5.5 Elements List
        1.5.6 Techs List
    1.6 Thanks & contact info 
    1.0 Save state?
            Save state is a file with a snapshot of the game progress on a given
    instant. More specifically, its the CPU & Memory data on a given instant. This
    guide was made and tested on ePSXe for Linux (stated above, before the index).
    I guess that the files structure are the same on Linux and Windows but I cannot
    be certain, since I can't and won't install Windows EVER AGAIN :P
    EDIT: in fact the save states works in both versions. Just tested the Windows
    version using wine. (and, surprise! running the Windows version via wine is way
    better than playing the native Linux version. Go figure...)
            As I said earlier it takes some effort to hack the states. First thing,
    ePSXe save states are compressed using gzip, so before you edit anything at all
    you must decompress it (used gunzip but I guess 7-Zip, WinRAR, etc should do the
    trick on Windows). Then you load the file on your hexeditor, edit whatever you
    want, then recompress the file. Remember to remove any file extension that gets 
    added to the recompressed file, if any. Now you can load the save state on the 
    emulator. A word of warning, it seems that ePSXe somehow keeps the save state 
    in memory, so to edit it you must close it before. Phew! I said it was tricky :)
    EDIT: I recently used ePSXe 1.7 -- wine emulation :P -- and there's no need to
    gzip the file again after you're done editing it... just load it (no need to
    restart the emulator too!!)
    So, to be clearer, that's how I (used) to do it myself:
    $ mv SCUS_942.54.001 SCUS_942.54.001.gz
    $ gunzip SCUS_942.54.001.gz             #decompressing the file
    $ bless SCUS_942.54.001                 #loading on the hexeditor
    $ gzip SCUS_942.54.001                  #done editing, recompressing it 
    $ mv SCUS_942.54.001.gz SCUS_942.54.001 #removing file extension
    $ cd ..
    $ ./epsxe                               #play away
    Since now there's no need to gzip again the file neither restart the emulator
    it may be already running... SO here's the improved way:
    $ wine ePSXe.exe &                      #yeah the windows version IS better :P
    $ cd sstates/                           
    $ mv SCUS_942.54.001 SCUS_942.54.001.gz #save state name of course
    $ gunzip SCUS_942.54.001.gz             #decompress file
    $ bless SCUS_942.54.001                 #load it on hexeditor
                                            #reload it on ePSXe and play away
            BACKUP YOUR FILES before you edit them to save yourself a lot of grief
    in case something goes wrong! Saving in two or more slots and editing one does
    the trick neatly.
    1.1 Chars stats offsets (alphabetical order)
            BEFORE you get frustrated, let me say that the status won't change 
    immediately after you change them. If you played before you remember that
    after you grab a star your stats raise a bit an then a little more with battles
    after it. It's the same thing here, you raise a stat then you must fight some
    random battles, then it'll reach the value you hacked in.
    TODO not all chars done!! read below.
       You probably know that there's a ton of chars in the game. I plan to beat
    the game to test it, but for now if you don't wanna wait it out you can (at 
    *your* own risk of course!) try to raise the other char's stats. Each char 
    seems to be described by 204 bytes, that always start as:
        0x40 0x00 0x40 0x00 0x40 0x00
    SO, I guess that all stats positions are the same for every char -- i.e 
    Max HP is 124 bytes off the char start offset, and so on. Have fun!! :D
    ALSO you can send me your results if you don't mind... getting all the 
    possible characters requires at least some four playthroughs you know...
    that's A LOT of work!! So help me out, ya? Pretty please? :D
    EDIT: only eleven chars so far so lots of hacking yet so... have fun again :D
    Note: Stamina Recovery seems to be fixed by char, issue still open to further
    investigation at this point...
    Current HP       0x7015A
    Max HP           0x7015E
    Strength         0x70162
    Accuracy         0x70164
    Resistance       0x70166
    Agility          0x70168
    Magic            0x7016A
    Magic Res.       0x7016C 
    Current HP       0x6FBC6
    Max HP           0x6FBCA
    Strength         0x6FBCE
    Accuracy         0x6FBD0
    Resistance       0x6FBD2
    Agility          0x6FBD4
    Magic            0x6FBD6
    Magic Res.       0x6FBD8 
    Current HP       0x6FD5E
    Max HP           0x6FD62
    Strength         0x6FD66
    Accuracy         0x6FD68
    Resistance       0x6FD6A
    Agility          0x6FD6C
    Magic            0x6FD6E
    Magic Res.       0x6FD70
    Current HP       0x6FFC2
    Max HP           0x6FFC6
    Strength         0x6FFCA
    Accuracy         0x6FFCC
    Resistance       0x6FFCE
    Agility          0x6FFD0
    Magic            0x6FFD2
    Magic Res.       0x6FFD4 
    Current HP       0x6F3CE
    Max HP           0x6F3D2
    Strength         0x6F3D6
    Accuracy         0x6F3D8
    Resistance       0x6F3DA
    Agility          0x6F3DC
    Magic            0x6F3DE
    Magic Res.       0x6F3E0 
    Current HP       0x6FEF6
    Max HP           0x6FEFA
    Strength         0x6FEFE
    Accuracy         0x6FF00
    Resistance       0x6FF02
    Agility          0x6FF04
    Magic            0x6FF06
    Magic Res.       0x6FF08 
    Current HP       0x70FB2
    Max HP           0x70FB6
    Strength         0x70FBA
    Accuracy         0x70FBC
    Resistance       0x70FBE
    Agility          0x70FC0
    Magic            0x70FC2
    Magic Res.       0x70FC4 
    Current HP       0x6F302
    Max HP           0x6F306
    Strength         0x6F30A
    Accuracy         0x6F30C
    Resistance       0x6F30E
    Agility          0x6F310
    Magic            0x6F312
    Magic Res.       0x6F314 
    Serge/Lynx (yeah shared stats to both!)
    Current HP       0x6EE3A
    Max HP           0x6EE3E
    Strength         0x6EE42
    Accuracy         0x6EE44
    Resistance       0x6EE46
    Agility          0x6EE4A
    Magic            0x6FD6E
    Magic Res.       0x6EE4C
    Current equip    0x6EDA2
    Current HP       0x702F2
    Max HP           0x702F6
    Strength         0x702FA
    Accuracy         0x702FC
    Resistance       0x702FE
    Agility          0x70300
    Magic            0x70302
    Magic Res.       0x70304 
    Current HP       0x6F49A
    Max HP           0x6F49E
    Strength         0x6F4A2
    Accuracy         0x6F4A4
    Resistance       0x6F4A6
    Agility          0x6F4A8
    Magic            0x6F4AA
    Magic Res.       0x6F4AC 
    1.2 Money
            Money offsets are reversed i.e. the most significant digit is the
    last one. As a little example, say you want 150000G (wow that's a lot right!)
    150000(decimal) = 0x249F0. You should fill the offsets like this: F0-49-02.
    Money offsets: 0x71B62 - 0x71B63 - 0x71B64
    1.3 Items
            There's only one inventory, shared by **all** equippable items and
    materials. It works like this: there's an offset where you define which item
    you want, and another where you define its quantity. Quite simple huh? But mind
    that in the definition offsets you must space the items with a 0x00 between 
    them, like this: 
    --first offset: 0x7149A, say you want a @Rainbow Shell: 0x06
    0x7149A -- 0x06
    --let's say you want forty of them (plenty huh)
    0x7179A -- 0x28
    --now you want five Sunglasses 'cause they rock so much: 0xF7
    0x7149B -- leave empty, 0x00
    0x7149C -- 0xF7
    --five of them right?
    0x7179B -- 0x05
    Inventory -- items, weapons, etc
    Item definition offsets (start):      0x7149A
    Item quantities offsets (start):      0x7179A
    So simple right? Now go nuts with the @Shiny materials that are SO damned 
    boring to create... :)
    1.4 Elements/Techs
            Elements are just like inventory items: there are two relevant offsets,
    one defines the element and the other its quantity. Element definitions are 
    spaced with one empty offset 0x00 just like the inventory ones. As a example,
    say you want 10 Volcanoes and 12 Black Holes:
    --first offset: 0x7191A, Volcano is 0x0C
    0x7191A -- 0x0C
    -- ten of them...
    0x71A9A -- 0x0A
    -- now the Black Holes:
    0x7191B -- leave empty, 0x00 
    0x7191C -- 0x24
    --...12 Black Holes
    0x71A9B -- 0x0C
            Techs show as regular elements too, but you won't be able to use most
    of them, at least until I find out the equipped Elements offsets of course --
    IF it is possible to use a Tech that wasn't designed for a given char that is.
    But it will be very fun to find out!! :)
    EDIT: it is possible to equip Serge's skills on Lynx!!!! The game doesn't lock
    but the animation sprites look quite odd -- see it for yourself! ALSO as they
    are White-innate they do great damage (as Lynx)... Using the MasterMune with
    FlyingArrow shows Masa&Mune as your 'shadow'... if the sprites didn't look so
    messed up you bet I would use it all the time :D
    Elements -- all of them (attack, healing, consumables, traps, techs...)
    Element definition offsets (start): 0x7191A
    Element quantities offsets (start): 0x71A9A
    1.5 Lists
            As far as I know this section is complete! (unless I made a mistake 
    somewhere, kindly mail me if you find something wrong)
    1.5.1 Materials List 
    @Bone           01  @Copper          02  @Iron           03   @Mythril       04
    @Denadorite     05  @Rainbow Shell   06  @Eyeball        07   @Humour        08
    @Feather        09  @Scale           0A  @Fur            0B   @Leather       0C
    @Fang           0D  @Carapace        0E  @Screw          0F   @Seed          10
    @Shiny Ember    11  @Shiny Dew       12  @Shiny Leaf     13   @Shiny Sand    14
    @Shiny Salt     15  @Shiny Soot      16  Invalid materials -- 17 to 30 
    1.5.2 Weapons List
    Sea Swallow     20 Copper Swallow  21  Steel Swallow    22  Silver Swallow  23
    Stone Swallow   24 Spectra Swallow 25  Mastermune       26  Ivory Dagger    27
    Bronze Dagger   28 Iron Dagger     29  Mythril Dagger   2A  Denadorite Dgg  2B
    Prism Dagger    2C Silver Staff    2D  Stone Staff      2E  Spectral Staff  2F
    Porcelain Rod   30 Brass Rod       31  Iron Rod         32  Mythril Rod     33
    Denadorite Rod  34 Rainbow Rod     35  Floral Rod       36  Bone Sword      37
    Bronze Sword    38 Steel Sword     39  Silver Sword     3A  Stone Sword     3B
    Spectral Sword  3C Hero's Blade    3D  Viper's Venom    3E  Einlanzer (1st) 3F
    Einlanzer (2nd) 40 Slasher         41  Ferrous Gun      42  Argent Gun      43
    Denadorite Gun  44 Spectral Gun    45  Shockwave Gun    46  Plasma Pistol   47
    Porcelain Pick  48 Brass Pick      49  Iron Pick        4A  Mythril Pick    4B
    Pebble Pick     4C Prism Pick      4D  Carrot           4E  Betta Carotene  4F
    Bone Axe        50 Bronze Axe      51  Iron Axe         52  Silver Axe      53
    Stone Axe       54 Rainbow Axe     55  *invalid*        56  Great Hammer    57
    Master Hammer   58 Bronze Lure     59  Iron Lure        5A  Mythril Lure    5B
    Stone Lure      5C Prism Lure      5D  *invalid*        5E  Bronzerang      5F
    Steelrang       60 Silverang       61  Rockerang        62  Prismarang      63
    *invalid*       64 Bone Shot       65  Bronze Shot      66  Steel Shot      67
    Silver Shot     68 Stone Shot      69  Prism Pellets    6A  Private Deck    6B
    Pack of Lies    6C *invalid*       6D  Spatula Ca20     6E  Besom Cu29      6F
    Ladle Fe26      70 Frypan Ag47     71  Saucepan SiO2    72  Crystalpan C6   73
    *invalid*       74 Bone Glove      75  Bronze Glove     76  Iron Glove      77
    Mythril Glove   78 Granite Glove   79  Spectral Glove   7A  *nothing*    7B-95
    Porre army(WTF?) FF
    1.5.3.Armor List
    Ivory Mail      96 Bronze Mail       97  Iron Mail      98  Mythril Mail     99
    Stone Mail      9A Prism Mail        9B  Ivory Vest     9C  Bronze Vest      9D
    Iron Vest       9E Mythril Vest      9F  Stone Vest     A0  Prism Vest       A1
    Blue Plate      A2 Red Plate         A3  Yellow Plate   A4  Green Plate      A5
    Black Plate     A6 White Plate       A7  Feathery Dress A8  Scaley Dress     A9
    Carapace Dress  AA Screwy Dress      AB  Diva Dress     AC  Wisp Cape        AD
    Cloud Cape      AE Stardust Cape     AF  Energizer Suit B0  Ghetz's Shirt    B1
    *nothing*       B2-B9
    1.5.4 Accessories List
    Ozzie Pants     BA Flea Vest         BB Antitoxinal Cap BC  Poultice Cap     BD
    Plaster Cap     BE Antiviral Cap     BF Hero's Medal    C0  Hero's Shield    C1
    Ivory Helmet    C2 Bronze Helmet     C3 Iron Helmet     C4  Mythril Helmet   C5
    Stone Helmet    C6 Prism Helmet      C7 Power Glove     C8  Dragoon Gauntlet C9
    Power Seal      CA Magic Ring        CB Sky Djinn Ring  CC  Magic Seal       CD
    Silver Loupe    CE Sight Scope       CF Third Eye       D0  Knee Pad         D1
    Elbow Pad       D2 Waist Pad         D3 Silver Pendant  D4  Gold Pendant     D5
    Memento Pendant D6 Dancing Shoes     D7 Kung-fu Shoes   D8  Winged Shoes     D9
    Dragoon's Honor DA Dragoon's Glory   DB Defender        DC  Defender Plus    DD
    Silver Earring  DE Gold Earring      DF Earring of LightE0  Earring of Hope  E1
    Stamina Ring    E2 Stamina Belt      E3 Resistance Ring E4  Resistance Belt  E5
    Sea Charm       E6 Flame Charm       E7 Forest Charm    E8  Earth Charm      E9
    Angel Charm     EA Daemon Charm      EB Blue Brooch     EC  Red Brooch       ED
    Green Brooch    EE Yellow Brooch     EF White Brooch    F0  Black Brooch     F1
    Dreamer's Scarf F2 Dreamer's Sash    F3 Trashy Tiara    F4  Golden Tiara     F5
    Profiteer Purse F6 Moonglasses       F7 Sunglasses      F8  Pendragon SigilC F9
    Pendragon SigilB FA Pendragon SigilA  FB Forget-me-not Pot FC Star Fragment  FD
    Dreamer's Sarong FE
    1.5.5 Elements List
    (legend: *-Summon, [-Consumable, >-Trap
    AquaBeam        01  AquaBall        02  Deluge          03   IceLance        04
    IceBlast        05  Iceberg         06  Fireball        07   FirePillar      08
    Inferno         09  MagmaBomb       0A  MagmaBurst      0B   Volcano         0C
    Bushwhacker     0D  Bushbasher      0E  Carnivore       0F   AeroSaucer      10
    AeroBlaster     11  Tornado         12  Uplift          13   Upheaval        14
    Earthquake      15  ElectroJolt     16  ElectroBolt     17   ThundaStorm     18
    PhotonRay       19  PhotonBeam      1A  HolyLight       1B   Meteorite       1C
    MeteorShower    1D  UltraNova       1E  GravityBlow     1F   Gravitonne      20
    FreeFall        21  HellSoul        22  HellBound       23   BlackHole       24
    *FrogPrince     25  *BlueWhale      26  *RedWolf        27   *Salamander     28
    *Sonja          29  *Genie          2A  *Golem          2B   *ThundaSnake    2C
    *Unicorn        2D  *Saints         2E  *MotherShip     2F   *GrimReaper     30
    TurnBlue        31  AntiRed         32  Nimble          33   Numble          34
    BlueField       35  Vigora          36  TurnRed         37   AntiBlue        38
    Strengthen      39  Weaken          3A  RedField        3B   Ninety-Nine     3C
    TurnGreen       3D  AntiYellow      3E  EagleEye        3F   BatEye          40
    GreenField      41  InfoScope       42  TurnYellow      43   AntiGreen       44
    HiRes           45  LoRes           46  YellowField     47   PhysNegate      48
    TurnWhite       49  AntiBlack       4A  StrongMinded    4B   WeakMinded      4C
    Magnify         4D  MagNegate       4E  TurnBlack       4F   AntiWhite       50
    Genius          51  Imbecile        52  Diminish        53   SealAll         54
    Cure            55  CurePlus        56  CureAll         57   Heal            58
    HealAll         59  HealPlus        5A  Purify          5B   RecoverAll      5C
    HolyHealing     5D  Revive          5E  FullRevival     5F   Revenge         60 
    [Medicine       61  [Ointment       62  [Recharge       63   [Antidote       64
    [Brace          65  [WhiteOut       66  [Panacea        67   [BlackOut       68
    [Tablet         69  [Capsule        6A  [Nostrum        6B   >Inferno        6C
    >Volcano        6D  >RedWolf        6E  >Deluge         6F   >Iceberg        70
    >FrogPrince     71  >Earthquake     72  >ThundaStorm    73   >Golem          74
    >Carnivore      75  >Tornado        76  >Sonja          77   >FreeFall       78
    >BlackHole      79  >MotherShip     7A  >HolyLight      7B   >UltraNova      7C
    >Unicorn        7D  ChronoCross     7E  *invalid techs!!*  7F - 87
    1.5.6 Techs List
    Z-Slash         88  DeltaForce      89  DraggyRider     8A   VitalForce      8B
    TossedSalad     8C  Flamenco        8D  DoubleTake      8E   PitchBlack      8F
    SwordStorm      90  DragonSpike     91  WindSlash       92   DashSlash       93
    TheStare        94  MaxDefense      95  GlideHook       96   FeralCats       97
    ForeverZero     98  Dash&Slash      99  SonicSword      9A   Dive&Drive      9B
    GlideHook(2)    9C  FeralCats(2)    9D  ForeverZero     9E   X-Strike        9F
    Dash&Slash      A0  Luminaire       A1  FlyingArrow     A2   Pilfer          A3
    RedPin          A4  HotShot         A5  WandaIn         A6   WandaSwords     A7
    LightninRod     A8  SpiralRay       A9  SunShower       AA   TopShot         AB
    GrandFinale     AC  ChillOut        AD  LimeLight       AE   G-Force         AF
    AirForce        B0  FlagBearer      B1  SnakeEyes       B2   SnakeSkin       B3
    SnakeFangs      B4  DragonRider     B5  AxialAxe        B6   Axiomatic       B7
    DragonRider(2)  B8  Gyronimo        B9  Toss&Spike      BA   Cat'sCradle     BB
    StringPhone     BC  WebSurfer       BD  HeadButt        BE   Hook&Sinker     BF
    BigCatch        C0  Pin-Up Girl     C1  Mix&Match       C2   TestAmeba       C3
    K9-Ball         C4  DoggyDunnit     C5  Unleashed       C6   Raz-Star        C7
    Raz-Heart       C8  Raz-Flower      C9  HammerBlow      CA   HammerThrow     CB
    BallsOfIron     CC  SpiceOfLife     CD  MysteryMenu     CE   DinnerGuest     CF
    LongShot        D0  QuickDraw       D1  VitalEnergy     D2   Pillage         D3
    CannonBalls     D4  Invincible      D5  BottomsUp       D6   Folding         D7
    DirtyDishes     D8  Dash&Gash       D9  SonicSword      DA   Dive&Drive      DB
    MaidenHand      DC  MaidenHeart     DD  MaidenFaith     DE   HeadBopper      DF
    SexyWink        E0  DanceOnAir      E1  MoonBeams       E2   MoonShine       E3
    Lunairetic      E4  BeatIt          E5  24Carrots       E6   What'sUpDoc     E7
    CoughDrop       E8  CoughMix        E9  BigBreath       EA   StarLight       EB
    StarBurst       EC  StarStruck      ED  Doppelgang      EE   VoodooDance     EF
    CartWheel       F0  HoodooGuroo     F1  VegeChopper     F2   VegeMight       F3
    VegOut          F4  PopPopPop       F5  SlurpSlurp      F6   BamBamBam       F7
    ClothesLine     F8  Flip-flop       F9  GraveDigger     FA   JugglerVein     FB
    BalloonLoan     FC  OnARoll         FD  LumberJack      FE   SporeCloud      FF
    Myconoids       001 *invalid gibberish*     002-???
    *going beyond 0x003 here crashes emulator!*
    BUT I think that Monster Techs are in that range, if you want to try it out,
    be my guest... IF you find anything interesting mail me so I can update this 
    list! You will be credited for it of course :)
    1.6 Thanks & contact info
    -Thanks to Square, for this wonderful game, I enjoy it to this day!
    -Thanks to the free & open source software people!
    -Thanks to the GameFAQs people!
    -Thanks to Junior for finding Glenn & Zoaf offsets!!
    -Thanks for Stan Chin for Serge's equipped offset & a few Weapons offsets!
    -Thanks to DarkPrince for discovering lots of chars offsets :)
    -Thanks to anyone who deserves a thanks but I forgot to mention!
    You can reach me on demonsword at gmail dot com. Please, if you want to mail
    me, write in proper English so I can understand you. Offensive mails won't 
    get replied. And please, I'm a busy man, so if I don't reply to you the same
    day/month/year/century don't be mad at me ok? :)

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