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    CHRONO CROSS FAQ..     ver 1.2
    5th December 1999
    By dariru (dariru@hotmail.com)
         I noticed a dearth of faqs on the internet... I've been playing this 
    game for quite a while, (up till midway through disc 2) so I thought I'd 
    give you some help with yours, as Chrono Cross is not exactly the most 
    helpful of games when it comes to giving hints on what to do next... I'm too 
    tired to actually write a list to be systematic, so forgive me, but I'll try 
    to answer some of the more annoying questions that I've come up against. To 
    avoid spoiling the game, I've tried to be obscure, so you won't know what 
    I'm talking about until you reach the point at which you need the info. I'm 
    also assuming you know the controls to the game. I've tried to answer ONLY 
    the most annoying problems, so if you have any other questions, feel free to 
    e-mail me.
    THIS IS NOT A WALKTHROUGH. Got that? ^_^
    (And if you want to reprint info gleaned from this faq, please ask me, okay? 
    I can be reached at dariru@hotmail.com, so don't steal.)
    1) Updates
    2) Plot advancement questions
    3) Secrets and items
    4) Spells and names. Character ratings!
    5) Credits
    Part 1: Updates!
    December 5 1999 - Completed the game twice over ^_^
         Made update on how to get Lenna! Updated everything...
    December 3 1999 - Finished writing version 1.0
    Part 2: Plot advancement questions, (the annoying ones)
    Aruni Village:
    Q: How do I fulfill Lenna's desires?
    A: She's either a sentimentalist or a material girl. Give her a necklace.Go 
    to the lizard beach southwest of the village and kill all the kodomo lizards 
    (the colourful ones) to get their scales, which you make into one.
    Q: What do I do with the bone?
    A: Give it to the big purple dog. (It's name is Poshel)
    Q: Nobody likes me!
    A: Like, duh. Go talk to your mother. (This actually pertains to the game. 
    You'll see what I mean)
    Q: How do I get Lenna to join me?
    A: She apparently hates competition. The first time you meet Kidd, keep
    on refusing to let her join, no matter how many times she asks you,
    (That's the second option for those non-japanese literate ppl out there) The 
    next morning, she should wake you up and tell you to escort her to Termina.
    Snake-bone building(the best translation I can make from Chinese)
    Q: How do I get in?
    A: At the start? I only know of two ways. The first is to go through the 
    woods, after talking to the dancer on Slash's ship in Termina. Just keep 
    following him until you reach a dead end and then examine the skeleton to 
    get the scent pouch. This pouch will enable you to get little coloured balls 
    from the trees around the place and these balls attract their respectively 
    coloured Uvula-Octopi things.  Lead one to the big green plant thing and 
    kill the plant thing.
        The second way is to talk to Pierre, the guy in blue and purple in the 
    back of Sappa's shop (the blacksmith). You can then get his badge from one 
    of the children outside and give it back to him, whereupon he devises a plan 
    to break in from the front.
    Q: I can't find the switch the old geezer told me about!
    A: It's on one of the pillars in the screen with two guards.
    Q: How do I get the treasure chests behind the snakes that shoot water at 
    A: You can't get them yet. Check back later in the game. The guard will have 
    disappeared. Examine the wall behind him. One of the chests contains a sword 
    for Riddle's father (It looks freaky).
    Q: How do I get the chest next to the grate I see in the waterway?
    A: Once again, temperance is the key. Wait until a point in the game where 
    you can access the grate behind the chest. Press the circle button to bang 
    on the grate and cause the chest (and the monster on top of it) to fall. Now 
    go back and get it.
    Q: What's the code for the turning snake?
    A: Check next to the bed Glenn stands next to in the dorm. If he's not there 
    yet, talk to him in the canteen.
    Q: How do I get the chests in the four heavenly king's rooms?
    A: The only trouble you'll have is with the chests belonging to Zoa and
    Kash. You can get both later in the game, once you've made friends with them 
    Q: How do I get into the locked door?
    A: Which one? You can't get into the grates just yet. The key to the door on 
    the first floor is next to the guard in the jail (B2).
    Q: I can't get back in!
    A: Bring Ishito. He's one of them, remember?
    Q: I keep falling through the pit when I try to take the chest!
    A: Read the scroll, dummy! It's a clue. Take it from the back. And if you 
    couldn't read the scroll, you proabably don't know enough Japanese to read 
    the message either. Go read the Secrets section.
    Q: Who can equip that shield I found in the treasure room?
    A: Only Pierre. It's one of the three adventurer's items he's seeking.
    Gardobe Town
    Q: Mell stole it! I can't find her!
    A: Talk to everyone in the town, especially the guy outside the chieftain's 
    tent. Now exit off that screen (don't take the flying fox!) and you should 
    see her. Run!
    Q: I can't get in the tent.
    A: Show the half of hate to the old lady in the "Another" world. Get the 
    seal and show it to the guard.
    Hidora Swamp
    Q: That plant keeps slapping me!
    A: It will, until later in the game. Stay away.
    Q: What do I do with the whistle?
    A: Blow it to summon big insects. Once at the place where you got 
    (hopefully) the protective suit. Once later, but more on that when we get 
    Q: I can't re-enter the portal.
    A: You won't be able to until much later.
    The Otherworldly dimension
    Q: What do I do now?
    A: Shake the branch and sneak inside the house.
    Q: How do I get out of the temple?
    A: Follow your previous party members and exit in the same directions. 
    They'll leave you for a LONG while, btw.
    The Muteki Boat!
    Q: I'm stuck!
    A: Try using the air vents.
    Q: The captain keeps winning!
    A: He cheats. (This part's rather fun!) Go to the bar and watch the show. Go 
    to the inn. Go back to the bar and volunteer, then run out before you get 
    turned back. Now you can talk to all the cats! Don't forget to sneak onto 
    Slash's ship. The rest should be easy to figure out. ^_^
    Q: How do I catch that janitor?
    A: He has a pattern. Go into a doorway he's coming out from.
    Q: How do I win the monster battle contest?
    A: This is rather tough. It's mostly luck, but I recommend you use your most 
    powerful monster, (the Eruufu) in the second battle as it's very tough. Try 
    using the attacks of the Forbidden and the Lifeless, namely "Get Soul" and 
    "Inferno" for instant kills and hope you get lucky! The girl, Janice, joins 
    you afterwards.
    The Dead Sea/God's Sea
    Q: How do I get in?
    A: Use the "remote control" the janitor gave you.
    Q: There's a sword blocking my way.
    A: Ah! The cursed Grand Dream (I think it's called the Grand Lion while it's 
    cursed. More on that later). Follow Radius' advice and go to the house, then 
    to the Isle of Dead people.
    Q: I can't get back in!
    A: One of the two people will tell you that you need to use the Dragon's 
    Tear to open it.
    Q: I've got the Dragon's tear. So?
    A: Not here, silly! Remember? Go back to the Dragon City and try not to go 
    blind when you see the FMV, 'kay? Yes. All the way back to that room with 
    the six statuettes. Annoying, no?
    Q: There are three points of fate. What do I do with them?
    A: Get the help of the six dragons and come back. Get ready Disc 2!
    Q: So now what?
    A: Visit the three isles and talk to the triangles. Clothos, Lachesis and 
    Atropos (the three fates) will then attack you.
    Q: How do I get Security level 2 clearance?
    A: Examine a computer panel on the second floor, it has a big red light on 
    Q: I can't get into the door on the fourth floor!
    A: Go to the first floor and enter the docks (with the save point). talk to 
    the Sephiroth-like black jelly thingy there. Now go back.
    Q: How do I open the safe?
    A: There are five lockers. Starting from the right, they are valued 1, 2, 4, 
    8, and 16. Examine the number of lockers that are open and enter in their 
    added numbers. Or else, just close all of them and enter in "00". Easy, no?
    Q: I can't get into B1!
    A: You need a card key. Enter the left door on the fourth floor and kill the 
    Q: Where is the wind dragon?
    A: In the southwest isle that you can't reach by boat. Go to Hidora swamp.
    Q: How do I get to the earth dragon?
    A: Blow up the turtle-things or kill them, then move them into the holes 
    spewing sand.
    Q: I went to XXXX but the dragon wasn't there.
    A: Try another dimension. Ugh, bad pun.
    Lucca's house (the dream)
    Q: How do I put out the fires?
    A: Go to Lucca's room and examine the top right wall. "Lucca's Super Ice 
    Gun, use in case of fire". Take it, but one of your party members will 
    disappear! (Grand Dream weakens, I think.)
    The Star Shrine
    Q: How DO I get there?
    A: In a flying boat. No, really. Go to the Moon sea (between three rocks in 
    the south of the map) and get the "Hoshii no Kakera" (star fragment). Now go 
    to the Sky Dragon's Isle and explore to get the star child ^_^. Take him 
    back to the Moon Sea and kill the Jellyfish.
    Q: How do I kill the Jellyfish?
    A: According to the boat above, it's only vulnerable to one kind of 
    element... It's water, so take a guess. I suggest using "Heat"s to kill it 
    Part 2: Insane Object Quests/Secrets!
    Q: What do I do with the egg?
    A: Steal it. It wasn't the bird's egg anyway. When you fight the annoying
    boss that looks like a sun with a face in the ancient city, after you kill 
    it, go down using the elevator (second option) and use it in the only 
    glowing receptacle you see there.
    Q: What do I do with the bones?
    A: Get them all! The spine is in the Hidora swamp in the "Another" world, 
    the skull is in the mountains (you should have gotten that first) the hips 
    are gotten from the trading girl in Gardobe, the miscellaneous parts are in 
    a cave on the dead Person's Isle, the ribs are gotten as part of the plot (I 
    think, I'll have to check. I can't quite remember). Anyway, once you put 
    them all together, he thanks and leaves you, saying that he'll help you 
    later. I don't know where he goes to, because I completed the game first, 
    but a good bet would be Termina (the house with the two people who talk 
    about him) or the Isle of dead people. Sorry I can't be of more help ^_^.
    Q: I found a secret place!
    A: Yayy. There are three. The Dragon falls, the Battle Arena and the 
    secluded isle.
    Dragon Falls
    Q: Where is the seventh dragon?
    A: If you have to ask this question, play a little further until you get 
    Kidd back. You'll see.
    Q: What do I do here?
    A: Place the fragment of hate and the fragment of love on the two censers. 
    See no censers? Go to "Home". You'll get the Chrono Cross! Whoopie.
    Q: What does the chrono cross do?
    A: It's an eighth-level element spell which has no element/all elements 
    (pretty rainbow effects). It makes pretty balls of an element colour appear 
    at the top of the screen whenever an elemental attack is used during battle. 
    I really have no idea what it actually does. Please do tell if you find out!
    Battle Arena
    Q: Hey! This looks like the End of Time!
    A: Mm-hmm. I don't know how you get through the door in the back though.
    Q: What is there to do here?
    A: Gaspar (I think), the Uvula-Octopus thing tells you that you can fight 
    all those nasty things you've fought before in each light pillar. Whee. Get 
    materials you missed.
    Secluded Isle
    Q: What's this?
    A: Congrats! You have stumbled upon an annoying secret quest!
    Q: So now what?
    A: Take Riddle and Kash and go there in "Home". You'll find Dario! He's lost 
    his memory though. Riddle says that she needs to show him the pendant of 
    recall/memory, in the snake-bone conservatory's secret treasure room (some 
    secret), so take Ishito and go there. Second floor, to the right, where the 
    robot was. You'll get a note that tells Kash to go to the Isle of Dead 
    people. Go there and fight the Salt and sugar idiots (bring Kash!). Now go 
    back to the isle with Riddle in your party and get ready for the most 
    annoying battle (next to the one with Fate) in this game so far!
    Q: How do I defeat Dario?
    A: The Grand Dream is controlling him. I defeated him using Riddle, Kash and 
    Yamaneko. DON'T cast spells like Comet on him with Riddle, he'll retaliate 
    with "Lightning Pin", which is basically "Spire" from Chrono Trigger, 
    killing whoever cast it. I equipped everyone for defense, gave Kash his 
    level three technique, Gyrator (after you beat Salt and sugar, you'll get 
    it) and everyone with a ton of Heal winds and Recovers and both the revives 
    I had, one on Yamaneko and one on Riddle. They had all the Denadoro 
    equipment. I attacked with every character using weak and medium attacks 
    only, and defended when I reached one point of stamina. Before you use 
    Gyrator, cast "Fill yellow on him", which will make him weak to Kash's 
    attack. Whenever you do a special attack, he will retaliate with recover. 
    Whenever you use any spell on him, he will cast the opposing element's 
    status decreasing spell on you, so be careful. the exception is white, which 
    he is weak against, unfortunately, he will retaliate with Lightning Needle. 
    I recommend using fire, as "Slip" isn't very scary; he'll hit you ANYWAY. 
    Always have one character with a high enough energy level to cast Heal Wind, 
    in case he does "Hard Slash". After a LONG time, he'll go down. You'll get 
    the Grand Dream! It's VERY powerful, I daresay the most powerful weapon in 
    the game. Equip it on Serge! (Sky arrow has Masamune in it! this replaces 
    the normal image of Serge.) Riddle will learn her level 3 special. Dario, 
    being an annoying twit, doesn't join you yet and goes off to rebuild the 
    Snake-bone conservatory.
    Q: I read the above without finding this isle. Where is it?
    A: This isle is quite anoying to find. It's in the northeast of the big 
    continent. On the big map, look closely for some place by the rapids that 
    gives out little white poofs of smoke. It's there.
    Q: I can't get in!/Salt and Sugar are here... it's their house.
    A: You have to be in "Home" to meet Dario. Salt and Sugar live here in 
    "Another". Wow, that sounded really freaky, bad grammar and all.
    Q: How do I win the stupid dino feeding game?
    A: Practice. 1st prize is an iron mail, so it's no big deal.
    Q: How do I win the dumb casino roulette game?
    A: This is really a cheat, but here are the rules:
    Pointer stops at:
    	N: Double Points! Woohoo!
    	E: 50 Points.Yay.
    	S: Death. You lose.
    	W: -50 Points. Ugh.
    The trick is to pause the game and hold down the circle button, then unpause 
    it. When you pause the game, check the pointer. If it is:
    	Between N and E - Pointer will end up S
    	Between E and S - Pointer will end up W
    	Between S and W - Pointer will end up N
    	Between W and N - Pointer will end up E
    So just pause and unpause the game until you get the cursor between S and W 
    and hold down the circle button, then unpause. A cheap way of getting 
    Denadoro stones.
    Q: Okay, I completed the game, so what?
    A: Restart the game by continuing from the save slot you made at the "Fin" 
    screen (You made one, right?) You'll be given two choices, to make a 
    "Tsuyoukute New Game" or a "Tsuyoukute Continue". Read this as "Strong New 
    Game"(New Game +) and "Stong Continue"
    Q: What's so strong about it?
    A: It's more "Dewprism" than "Parasite Eve". The enemies don't power up at 
    all, so have fun! Try killing the first boss in one hit!
    Q: What's so new?
    A: You have three items with you from the start of the game. One of them 
    allows you to "Fast forward" or "Slow" the game by pressing R2 or L2 
    respectively. VERY useful for tedious scenes. The Time egg "Toki no tamago" 
    should be used at the beach, as before, to fight the final boss, a la Chrono 
    Trigger. The last one allows you to replace Serge (in battle only) with 
    another character. Useful when you want to find those oh-so-rare combo 
    Q: How do I kill the last boss?
    A: With Serge only? That's a hard one. I recommend using Tsuyoukute attacks 
    with the most powerful accessory - the "Elite Dragon Knight Proof" to kill 
    it. You shouldn't miss very much, even if you do, a strong attack should be 
    doing 300+ damage. Equip the Blue seal to stop getting frozen (you lose 
    instantly) and since it only does special attacks and spells, cast "Mana 
    Feeble" and "Wall". Alternatively, just bring Poshel, but I don't know if 
    this affects the ending you get. Good luck! ^_^.
    Q: And what do the dragon knight proofs do?
    A: They change a party member's attack element whenever he/she/it gets hit 
    by elemental spells, also raising his attack power. To see what element he's 
    set to (as in: will do stupid damage to) look at the top right of the 
    character status box for a colour.
    Part 3 - Spell and Character ratings!
    Blue: Aqua Beam - Useless.
          Ice Lance - Use only during start of game.
          Aqua Ball - Decent damage, dump for Freeze.
          Freeze - Wonderful! Freezes enemies solid occasionally. Steal
                   your first one from Marchela early in the game.
          Flood - As useful as Heat, but not as common. A very good spell.
          Iceberg - It's only useable by people with blue elements.
                    Otherwise, it's better than Flood.
          Cure - Essential, dump for:
          Curera - Better than cure, even at negative powers.
          Cure Rest- Only useable by blue elemental people. It's even
                     better than Heal wind!
          G Frog - It's a Summon.
          Terror Well(?) - Another Summon. Big wave.
          Fill Blue - Adds blue element to anyone.
          Slip - Lowers evade rate.
          High Grip - Increases accuracy.
          Anti Red - Stops enemy from casting Red Spells.
          Blue Earth - Makes the entire field blue.
    Green: Leaf - Useless
           Air Saucer - Use at start of game. See a pattern?
           Needle - Pretty good on Green characters.
    	 Waha - Sonic waves. Damaging and causes status effects, but not
                 as good as Freeze
          Tornado - Like Heat and Flood, but takes longer to watch. Boring!
          Hell Plant - A BIG plant eats and poisons your enemies! Cool!
                  Once again, only green people can use it.
          Heal - Level 2 Cure. Not much better, so change to Curera.
          Heal Wind - VERY Useful. Cures a lot. Buy!
          Leaf Heal - A very powerful Cure, but it's too high level for a
                single cure spell. Only Green people can use it.
          Sonia - A summon spell.
          Jinn - Another summon spell.
          Fill Green - Adds green element to anyone.
          Eagle Eye - Increases accuracy.
          Totter - Decreases accuracy
          Info - Picks off enemy HP.
          Anti Yellow - Seals yellow spells.
          Green Earth - Makes the entire field green.
    Red: 	Fireball - My crappy 1st level spell of choice.
          Bomber - You'll be using this spell a lot during the early game.
          Burning - Decent damage, but unimpressive.
          Melt Stone - May confuse enemy. Does good damage, but rarely does
    		actually confuse anyone.
          Heat - Fast, common and damaging. Me like. Even at -2 levels.
          Volcano - Very powerful attack spell.
          Marid - Summon.
          Salamander - Summon.
          Fill Red - Adds red element to anyone.
          Weak - Decreases enemy attack.
          High Muscle - Increases attack.
          NaiNai(NineNine) - Increases accuracy of all attacks to 99%
    Anti Blue - Doh.
          Red Earth - Makes the entire field red.
          Uplift - Use-less!
          Discharge - Eeew. But it's okay.
          Upheaval - Pretty nice damage-wise.
          Lightning - A lot of damage and may affect status, you get the
                    drift. It's okay.
          Lightning Ballet - Pretty! It's Ultima!
          Earthquake - Takes a LONG time, but does a lot of damage ^_^ Only
                   Yellow people can cast it.
          Golem - Summon.
          Thunder Snake - Summon.
          Fill Yellow - Adds yellow element to anyone.
          No Clothes - Decreases defense. (Tell Zoa!)
          High Protect - Increases defense.
          Anti Green - Stops Green spells.
          P Eraser - Stops the target from making physical attacks.
          Yellow Earth - makes the enitre field yellow.
          Laser - Does crap damage, but is fast.
          Shooting - A small meteorite falls on your enemy. Pretty.
          Photon - Ooo.
          Comet - Very nice! It does good damage and looks impressive.
          Holy - FFT anyone?
          Mana Call - All elemental spells do 1.5x damage for a while.
          Recover - A poor man's heal wind. Serge and Riddle are better off
                  with this.
          Revive - Essential. Revives unconscious characters.
          Holy Light - Only white people can cast this. Heals an obscene
                   amount of damage from all your party members, and cures
                   all status effects. Very nice!
    Purify - A spell best put at 1st level. Cures negative status
          Unicorn - Summons a stupid unicorn that cures you. Whoopie.
          Saints - Evil Summon spell. Three angels cause heinous damage to
                your opponents and cast the equivalent of a holy light on
          Fill White - Adds white element to anyone.
          Wall - Magic defense up.
          Sensitive - Magic defense down.
    	M Eraser - Magic effects do not affect character for a while.
          Anti Black - Stops Black spells.
          White Earth - Makes the entire field white.
          Heavy Blow - USELESS! TOTALLY!
          Get Soul - Very small chance of instant kill. YUCK.
          Graviton - Does slightly better damage than bomber.
          Inferno - Better than Get soul, but still rarely works.
          Friction - Does nasty damage to one enemy.
          Mana Feeble - All elemental spells do half damage for a while.
          Black Hole - A fantastic damage dealer. Only black people can use
          Forget - Seals EVERYONE'S magic for a while. Only black people
                   can use it.
          Revenge - Transfers status effects to enemy.
          Inquisitor - Summon.
          Fill Black - Adds black element to anyone.
          Genius - Increases Magic attack power.
          Foolish - Decreases Magic attack power.
          Anti White - Seals white spells.
          Black Earth - Makes the entire field Black.
          Chrono Cross - Does pretty rainbow sparkles. Ooo.
    Characters: (They have vital statistics! Oh no!)
    Serge: I liked Yamaneko more. Sky Arrow only hits one enemy.
    Lenna: Really cute girl who fights with a frying pan. Uses "Otome" 
    attacks... apparently she's the maiden archetype.
    Pierre: Fop in Sappa's shop. Has a good variety of specials. Does decent 
    damage with "Double hit".
    Kidd: She has Steal. 'Nuff said.
    Lucky Dan: Errgh. Noroi Mai looks silly! And he's average, I guess.
    Slash: Rhythm break does crap damage. His Freeze beat is cool, though.
    Surprisingly, he's a more of a magic-user, but then again, most water 
    characters are.
    Zoa: One of the Shitenhou (four kings of heaven). Looks really silly and 
    obscene, but actually does a lot of damage.
    Kash: Another Shitenhou - He's got above average scores in everything but 
    Marchela: Slash is looking for her. She's a Shitenhou, who can't decide to 
    be a magic user or a fighter.
    Skyomi: Clown Girl (the moon dragon?) Very useful! Her TsukiZan does tons of 
    damage, her Tsuki Hikari is MUCH better than Riddle's white snake seal and 
    TsukiKowa does EVIL damage. Me like! Pity she leaves you though T_T.
    Riddle: The Snake Bone Conservatory (SBC) Master's daughter. Can cast White 
    Snake Recover, which is very useful as it heals status effects too. White 
    Snake Seal is best cast on herself. Her Magic and Attack are quite good! (At 
    least for a magic user)
    Lazuli: At the start of the game, her star attack does scary amounts of 
    damage. Pity you lose her for so long.
    Van Cliffe: Umm... decidedly useless and scary.
    Luciana: Hehe. She's got connections to Lucca (you'll see). And she's quite 
    cool. Her pins do decent damage.
    Dragon Child: Cute and powerful! Good attack and magic...
    Ishito: His gun is damn powerful. His hit rate sucks.
    Star Child: Cute and a surprisingly effective character. Summons a big robot 
    to do a Power ranger-esque move...
    Janice: I haven't used her. Her stats are nothing great.
    Gilbert: Not very strong, despite his appearance. Bad colour sense should 
    keep him out of most people's parties.
    Korcha(Is this right?): USELESS. Decidedly so.
    Ocha: A chef which has good stats, but is too freaky, after the zombie 
    Ria: Little cavegirl. Her strength rivals Zoa's.
    Master of the SBC: Quite good, for an old man. His attack is quite 
    Radius: A surprisingly powerful old man. Most of his attacks are single hit 
    Poshel: A useless bunch of fluff - Kinda like Chu-chu before you pump her 
    full of steroids.
    Stina: Dragon Lady. Looks cool, uses a sword, but has crap stats. Pity.
    Sappa: Useless, but he allows you to forge weapons at savepoints/on the map 
    Spriggan: Fun to use, he can't cast lower level magic, but he can turn 
    himself into a monster of your choice!
    Farga: Good defense and attack, better than most. CRAP magic, you have been 
    Sneff: Useless but fun Cat-magician. Can jumble HP, but why you'd want to do 
    that is beyond me.
    Gadran: Evil assassin. With weird hair. Good attack and weight.
    Little (Chibii): A cute thing caught in Luciana's Lab. Surprisingly 
    Mell: Korcha's sister. Joins if you take Kidd to see her after you get Kidd 
    back the second time.
    Olha: Girl who looks like a valkyrie. Show the blue pendant to her in order 
    for her to join. Her attack power is very good.
    Thanks goes out to SYC, for being himself,
    to Squaresoft, for making such a great, if tedious game.
    And finally, to the guy who first came up with the idea of a Romanji 

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