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    Boss FAQ by BlurYamaneko

    Version: 0.8 | Updated: 06/20/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |       C H R O N O               |
    |             C R O S S           |
    |                                 |
    |  **                             |
    | ********  **********         ** |
    |**      *  *        *         ** |
    |       *   *        *        **  |
    |      *    *        *       **   |
    |    **     *        *     **     |
    | ***       **********  ***       |
    |                                 |
    |  **                             |
    | ********  **********  ********* |
    |**      *  *        *  ********* |
    |       *   *        *        **  |
    |      *    *        *      ****  |
    |    **     *        *    *** *** |
    | ***       **********  ***    ***|
       B  O  S  S     G  U  I  D  E
    By BlurYamaneko
    1. About this FAQ
            - Normal gubbins
            - Other gubbins
            - Revision history
    2. Boss guide
            - Disk 1 bosses
            - Disk 2 bosses
    3. Boss List
            - Disk 1 bosses
            - Disk 2 bosses
    4. Thanks & Links
            - Thanks
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    |A B O U T   T H I S   F A Q|
    N O R M A L    G U B B I N S
    This FAQ was written by me, BlurYamaneko.  First of all, please forgive me
    for being unclear in some of my strategies; this is my first attempt at a
    serious FAQ, and will need a lot of polishing and such things before it's
    totally complete.  If anyone knows the exact HP of the bosses *please* email
    me.  This would be a great help and of course you'll get credit, and a link
    if you have a website, my undying thanks, and maybe even a cup of tea (Hail
    Cid Highwind!).
    You can do pretty much anything with this FAQ as long as you don't charge
    for it, don't change it, and as long as you credit me.  Thanks.
    The proper copyright message is at the bottom so don't go ripping me off
    then whinghing in court that you "didn't see it".  Besides, that defence
    only works in 9-year-old court.  Not that I could be bothered to take
    you to court over it anyway.. oh I'll shut up now. :)
    I split the game up into seperate sections; the main sections you could 
    the game up into I suppose.  I gave them different chapter names to what the
    game offers, mostly because
    a) I don't even know if Chrono Cross has chapter names.
    b) If it does then I won't be able to translate the Hiragana easily, or the
       Kanji at all (I've only just started learning Japanese ^_^).
    c) The proper chapter names probably give too much away about the story.
    Finally, the boss list is near the bottom, and the name of every boss is 
    bar the last boss and a few other spoiler-ish ones.  Also, the last boss 
    is pretty near the bottom of the boss guides, so if you don't want to know 
    he/she/it/they is/are/aren't (spoiler minimisation or what ^_^), steer 
    Don't say I didn't warn you.
    O T H E R   G U B B I N S
    Hopefully you can get the latest version of this FAQ at www.gamefaqs.com and
    Andrew Dean's homepage www.ravensnest.demon.co.uk.  Add to that list
    www.gameadvice.com, and www.rpg-vortex.com, and an html'd up version will
    soon be up at www.strange-earth.com.  It's nice to be popular :D
    To all of you: big thanks for hosting my FAQ!
    Re. Kidd's name; I always took the correct English spelling to be 'Kidd' but
    now I'm not so sure due to the references throughout the game (some of them
    in English) which refer to 'Kid'.  It doesn't make a whole lot of 
    but I thought I'd clear it up anyway :)
    Oh yeah, there are SPOILERS ahead.  You've been warned.  Don't look any 
    than the "Asbestos Underpants" section if you don't want any major spoilers.
    Finally, since I started adding a rough approximation of some of the bosses'
    HP, I think I should point out that I was playing New Game + at the time, 
    I'm not sure if this is true of all bosses but I'm 99% sure that Karsh, 
    and Salton had mcuh more HP in New Game + than in a normal game.
    I'll probably add the proper HP amounts once the English version is out.
    R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y
         20/06/00 - Finally got round to uploading this :D  lol still version 
    0.8 tho
    0.8  20/03/00 - All bosses (that I know of) covered.
                  - No more lame "I don't remember how to do this fight"
                    copouts :D
    0.5  16/01/00 - Made the last boss guide clearer and added a bit.
                  - Made one of the spoiler bosses' section more accurate.
                  - Corrected some info and added a few general tips (mostly
                    thanks to Elranzer)
    0.4  09/01/00 - Revised Boss List at the bottom; A few more bosses
                    marked '****' to minimise Spoilers.  Some bosses added
                    to the list, too.
                  - Added *rough* HP for some bosses (judging on New Game +)
                  - Updated boss guides, corrected spelling mistakes and
                    other such stuff.
                  - Updated info on defeating the last boss and made it a
                    little clearer.
    0.3 03/01/00  - Added new section, "Attack of the Little Men", for
                    one of the subquests.
    0.2 28/12/99  - A few more boss guides added, deleted all uses of tab.
    0.1 27/12/99  - Rough boss list completed.  Thanks to Toastyfrog for
                    letting me use his translations.
                  - Completed some boss guides from various points in the
    |D I S C   1   B O S S E S|
    I n   T h e   B e g i n n i n g
    These are 3 really easy fights that you really shouldn't need a guide for
    unless you're an absolute beginner, and even then you'll probably have no
    bother with these.
    Boss              Mother Kodomo Lizard
    HP                ????
    Location          Tokage Lizard Grotto (Home)
    My party          Serge
    Element Level     2
    This is the first boss fight of the game and you've got to fight it
    straight after fighting one of the little Kodomo lizards.  Don't
    despair, though, because the Mother is about as hard as a Sugar's
    tubby gut.  Basically, hit it with physical attacks first, build them
    up though (1pt attack, 2pt attack 2x 3pt attack).  When she's nearly
    dead, finish her off with an element.  Try to keep your element
    level up (not hard), as you may need to cure.  Highly unlikely
    Boss              Karsh, Sugar, Salton
    HP                ????,????,????
    Location          Southern Elnid, Western Cape (Another)
    My party          Serge, Kidd
    Element Level     2
    Yet again, another easy boss fight to break you in to the game gently.
    You now have Kidd at your disposal ;-)  This is a Good Thing.  She's
    an extremely funky character, and her 'steal' skill (when she aquires
    it) is really really good to have.  Firstly, take out Sugar (the egg
    headed fat guy), as he doesn't have too many HP but hits you a lot more
    than Salton.  Then, go for Salton.  Karsh is a little harder than the
    aforementioned, so hit him with your elements.  You'll probably need
    to cure a few times, but Tablets will do just fine for now.  This
    is another fairly easy battle.
    Boss              Sugar & Salton
    HP                ????
    Location          Valley of the Dinosaur Bones
    My party          Serge, Kidd
    Element Level     2
    They just don't give up :-P  You'll be seeing a lot of these guys (mostly
    in combat), so get used to them ^_^...  This is a kind of joke fight.  I
    think it may be a tutorial about using elements (They talk about elements
    a lot before the fight starts).  This time I killed Salton first because
    Sugar has higher HP and Salton seems to attack more now...  Still, these
    two are a complete pushover.
    T o   Y a m a n e k o ' s   M a n o r
    There are 3 different paths into Yamaneko's house, and depending on which
    one you take you get a different boss.  Here's the lowdown on all three
    Alf's path:
    Boss              Skarf, Wingar, Wingel
    HP                ????
    Location          The hill up to Yamaneko's manor
    My party          Serge, Kidd, Alf
    Element Level     3
    Now this is a challenge!  At least compared to the previous boss fights.
    Each of these three big birds can do quite nasty amounts of damage,
    especially with their special attacks.  Take out the Blue elemental
    first (Wingar I think), it is the most damaging of the two 'side kicks'.
    You will need to cure a lot and your HP will be over 100 by now so
    bring plenty of tablets and buy some heal elements at Lisa's shop
    in Termina (Lisa's kawaii! ^_^).  Once Wingar and Wingel have been
    defeated (try to hold back on the elements when fighting them),
    unleash your hardest offensive elements on Skarf.  This big bird
    is tough and likes to kill you, so it's best to deal with it
    as fast as possible once the other two have been killed.  Remember
    to conserve your elements as you won't have many yet, so instead
    of casting an element when your stamina is down to 1, defend.  It
    will make the battle much easier and give you a better chance of
    Slash's path:
    Boss              Zoah, Sugar, Salton
    HP                ????
    Location          Forest east of Yamaneko's manor (Another)
    My party          Serge, Kidd, Slash
    Element Level     3
    Only done it on New Game +.  Deal with Sugar and Salton first, though,
    Pierre's path:
    Bare with me.  I haven't done this one yet.
    I n s i d e   t h e   M a n s i o n
    Boss              Marcella
    HP                ????
    Location          Library
    My party          Serge, Kidd and whoever you picked at Termina.
    Element Level     4
    Marcella is a vicious little brat to say the least ^_^.  Don't be fooled
    by the fact she's only 9 years old or something; she's every bit as hard
    as you.  Conserve your special attacks (apart from Steal) until she's
    weak, because when she's weak she starts to heal herself.  Instead,
    diminish her HP with physical attacks, and one or two elements (Fire
    works best; green is good also).  You'll need to heal, and she can do
    about 50 damage in a single turn so don't take too many chances.
    When she's weak, she will start casting nasty elements like freeze, so
    make sure you keep your HP as high as possible, and remember, when she's
    weak, that's the time to unleash your powerful elements.
    Boss              Yamaneko
    HP                ????
    Location          Top room.
    My party          Serge, Kidd and whoever.
    Element Level     4
    Is that scythe cool or what? ^_^
    Yamaneko is the evil cat man, and oh yes, he's evil.  Make sure to equip
    all your healing stuff to level 1 or 2, you will need to heal fast.  Any
    element is fine here, apart from black.  Alf's level 3 skill, In Body, is
    still effective, though.  Remember to steal from him.  Basically, just use
    everything you have, and when you need to, heal.  If you are low on stamina
    and your element level isn't high enough, defend (This is a useful strategy
    to use throughout the game from here on in).  Defending is useful; it boosts
    your stamina and actually defends against the physical attacks of the enemy,
    which is very useful here.
    Boss              Tukuyomi
    HP                ????
    Location          Solitary Island (Another)
    My party          Serge, Glenn (If you recruited him after the mansion) and
                      whoever (Kidd if you have her, mainly to steal).
    Element Level     4
    I didn't know where to put this battle, so I stuck it on the end of here.
    OK, so it's not in Yamaneko's mansion..  As soon as you get the boat, head
    to the island with black smoke emerging from it on the big world map.  
    you will fight Tukuyomi (you can't fight her if you go to the ghost ship
    first, though).  Why Serge would want to fight her is beyond me, she's
    kawaii!  At least I think she is in the CG at the start.  Just use white
    elements.  This is a pretty easy fight, and doesn't take too long.  If Kidd
    has rejoined at this point, get her to steal a Photon element from her.
    You'll get one for winning anyway, but two is better than one, and Photon
    is the best white spell you will have at this point.
    Trust Tukuyomi to give you funky elements ^_^
    H i d o r a   S w a m p
    Finally!  I wrote this section up...Vaguely.  I hope it's ok cos it's
    probably all I'm gonna do now until the English version come out :p
    Boss              Flying Hidora
    HP                ????
    Location          Hidora Swamp, Top of Fungal Stalk (Home)
    My party          Serge, Lutianna, Korchaorcha
    Element Level     4
    Not a terribly difficult fight (well, actually a lot of people seem
    to have trouble with it.  Guess it's kinda like Redrum from Xenogears,
    eh?  He never game me any bother, just everyone else ^_^).
    This nasty bug has pretty low HP but is very good on the offensive.
    Its attacks can do you in very quickly.  The Flying Hidora's poison
    attack is nasty, although if you're lucky it won't cause poison to
    everyone.  Nevertheless, it will do about 50+ hp to the whole party.
    Also, it's physical attacks range from 30hp (weakest) to 75hp (strongest).
    Bear in mind that sometimes he does the weakest more than once.
    Basically, heal anyone if he hits them more than once.  Try to
    keep everyone's HP above half (this is vital).  Also, hit him with
    boosted elements.  Discharge +1 is nice and Freeze (if you have it) is
    great.  Also, don't hold back on the physical attacks.  Chance a lot of
    3 point hits, even if the percentage is low.  If you hit, this can
    cut the battle time in half.  If you miss, unlucky :)
    Lutianna's special skill Pen Strike is good, as is Serge's level 3
    skill (the name escapes me :p).
    More on this later...
    Boss              Land Kraken
    HP                ????
    Location          Hidora Swamp (Home)
    My party          Serge, Korcha, Lutianna
    Element Level     4
    Here's another nasty bug.  Not only does he have more HP than the
    flying Hidora, but he also has nasty attacks.  Lay off the blue
    elements (although Freeze is good), because he's quite resistant
    to them, being a blue elemental et al.  Green and yellow elements
    are best, especially a boosted Discharge, and Air Saucer.  For
    healing purposes (and you'll need them), use Heal and Cure.  If
    you have Eagle Eye, cast it on Serge and the fight will last
    a little less time as you can hit the Kraken with 3 point attacks
    all the time (but if you're amazingly unlucky like me you'll still
    miss with a 99% chance of hitting *:P*).
    Side note: after the battle, remember to grab the recovery element
    behind Lazully's cage.  It's the best healing element available at
    this point; it cures everyone 100+ hp.
    Again, more later.
    Boss              Six Dwarves (3 master dwarves, 3 littler dwarves)
    HP                ????
    Location          Hidora Swamp (Home)
    My party          Serge, Lutianna, Lazully
    Element Level     4
    Gahh!  I can't stand these guys, mostly cos they're nasty to the
    faeries.  Thing is, they can be a bit of a pain.  Not terribly
    challenging if you know what you're doing, but a real pain in the
    arse if you don't.  Anyway, the taller dwarves (the 'master' dwarves)
    are the brains, and the littler dwarves are the force, it seems.
    At the beginning of the battle, they will do a horrible group attack,
    which will severely damage your entire party.  At least 70 hp will be
    taken from everyone.  To Serge, that's half HP.  To Lutianna, that's
    two thids and to Lazully that's critical.  In fact, that attack has
    the power to take Lazully out completely (yep, me being unlucky again).
    Here's what I did (although it requires Eagle Eye to run smoothly).
    Boost Lutianna (or whoever has Eagle Eye) to level 3/4 (depends where
    you've put it on the grid), and cast Eagle Eye on Lazully.  Now, her
    3 pt attack will hit all six dwarves at once, with a 97%-99% chance
    of hitting.  Doing this twice will kill one or two of the dwarves.
    Four times and it will win you the battle.  Of course,  that isn't
    enough.  Remember to heal as soon as the group attack hits, that takes
    priority.  First time, use the recover element you got a little earlier.
    After that, use whatever you have (the stronger the better, though).
    Also, if you don't have Eagle Eye, concentrate on taking out the larger
    dwarves first.  When these guys aren't present, the smaller ones' group
    attack will be much less painful.  Also, when there are only two dwarves
    left the group attacks stop and the dwarves get their spades out and
    smash them into your face for a crappy 12 HP a hit.  It's still
    enough to kill you if you haven't been healing, though.
    You get some nice stuff for winning this battle, but remember to run
    back to the save point and save; there's another one coming up.
    Boss              Hidora
    HP                ????
    Location          Hidora Swamp, big pool (Home)
    My party          Serge, Lutianna, Lazully
    Element Level     4
    Compared to his avian friend, this guy is roughly...equal. His physical
    attacks are slightly weaker (Around 25-40hp is the best I've seen him
    do), but his defence is quite high and his breath attack is roughly the
    same (50-70hp damage to everyone).
    Remember to keep Lazully's HP high, or the breath attack will
    more than likely knock her out straight away.  And you need to
    keep Lazully alive long enough to at least cast her "Lazully's Star"
    skill, which does about 200hp damage to the Hidora.  Green elements
    are good, then.  Freeze is also a good one if you have it, doing 100
    hp damage.  Cast Eagle Eye on Serge and again, 3pt attacks should
    do fine.
    The Hidora's main advantage (apart from his defence) is his speed.
    When I say make healing your main priority, I really really mean
    it this time, cos sometimes you only get the chance to do 3 moves
    between his attacks.  And that next attack just might be the dreaded
    breath attack, so don't take that chance.
    When he's on critical, he puts his defence up and takes yours down.
    No problem, finish him off with Lutianna's Pen Strike, aquaball
    and any other green/blue elements you have spare.
    T h e   S t r a n g e   S h i p
    Lots of boss fights in a row, but nothing *too* tough...
    Boss              Bird (Haven't got a clue what the proper name is)
    HP                ????
    Location          Pirate Ship
    My party          Serge, Kidd, Lazully
    Element Level     4
    The bird is a red elemental, and so blue attacks work surprisingly
    well here.  Even Aquaball is lethal, clocking in at 170hp damage,
    and of course Freeze is good, which will do around 200hp damage.
    Also, green is good here, Lazully's Star and Needle will work well.
    Aside from these, use mainly physical attacks to take out the bird.
    None of its attacks are too tough so you shouldn't have much trouble.
    Boss              Farga
    HP                ????
    Location          Pirate Ship
    My party          Serge, Kidd, Lazully
    Element Level     4
    ...And Farga is a blue elemental.  His physical attacks can be very
    nasty (his strongest does 70hp damage), so if anyone is getting
    low on HP, healing takes priority (as always ^_^).  That said, you
    can probably manage to pull through with 1 KO'ed character.  Elements
    like the ever-great Lazully's Star will again do lots of damage, aeound
    200hp's worth.  Other good elements in this fight are meltstone and
    Upheaval.  Watch out for Farga's Hellplant attack, it does a nasty
    60-80hp damage to everyone.  You'll need to pull out recover, or heal
    very quickly with everyone, after that, so he doesn't finish whoever he
    decides to hit next.  Again, not such a hard battle.
    Boss              Daimonja
    HP                ????
    Location          Pirate Ship
    My party          Serge, Kidd, Lazully
    Element Level     4
    The Daimonja can be a tricky little fishy.  Its element is black, so
    Serge will suffer from his attacks more than anyone else.  Keep healing,
    cos people will die in this fight, and you don't have Revive yet.  Red
    elements work well on Daimonja as well as Green elements which wreck him.
    So Air Saucer and Needle are the order of the day.  And uh.. that's it
    really.  No special strategies or anything here.
    A t t a c k   o f   t h e   L i t t l e   M e n !
    This bit is optional; I haven't read in any FAQs how to get here so I
    decided to put it in here because it's a funky little subquest and
    it makes the fire cave a little easier ^_^.
    Basically, after you've cleared the Phantom Ship go to Aruni Village
    in 'Home' world.  Talk to the guy on the pier (where Rena is), and pick
    the bottom option.  He'll take you to the flooded ruins where some nasty
    dwarves are making a nuisance of themselves.  Cue boss fights!
    Oh, If you have Lazully, bring her so as to get her Level 7 skill at
    the end.
    Boss              6 Dwarves
    HP                ????
    Location          Flooded Ruins
    My party          Serge, Kidd, Lazully
    Element Level     4
    These six (Not 5 as I previously thought) little plonkers take a fair
    beating, but if you went to Hidora Swamp and fought the dwarfs there then
    you'll know the drill already.  If you don't have Lazully it'll be good
    to bring Alf or Bancliffe (if you can have him by now.. I don't know.. ^^)
    cos their 3pt attack hits everyone at once.  Refer to the 5 Dwarves at
    Hidora Swamp section for tips on this battle.
    Boss              Dwarf Tank and 2 Dwarves
    HP                ????
    Location          Flooded Ruins cave
    My party          Serge, Kidd, Lazully
    Element Level     4
    This wasn't as tough as I was expecting, but it does take a fair
    beating.  Take out the two dwarfs at either side of the tank first.
    Then, concentrate on the tank (obviously).  His gun attack is bad,
    it does between 50-100 damage (depending on who he hits and what
    element he fires), and his dash attack does about 75 to everyone.
    So bring your Heal Winds and Recovers along.  If you have Eagle Eye,
    cast it on your most damaging member (I think mine was Lazually and
    not Serge, surprisingly).  Again, there's not really much to this
    fight.  Just do the obvious, hit and heal.  Oh, and this is another
    one who doesn't like green and red elements.
    A s b e s t o s   U n d e r p a n t s
    This section is about the fire cave.  Tough bosses ahead ^_^
    Boss              Sugar & Salton
    HP                ????
    Location          Fire Cave, East Elnid Island
    My party          Serge, Kidd, Glenn
    Element Level     4
    This battle may at first seem difficult (even though it's Sugar
    and Salton) because chances are your HP will be at 1 when you start
    it because of the lava (if you didn't tackle the above subquest
    If needed, run away from the fight, cure, and return.  After that
    these guys are, as always, a pushover.  Take out Salton first
    this time, then deal with the fat guy.  No special strategies
    here; just use whatever and they'll accept defeat quickly enough.
    Oh yeah, this fight seems to be a Trap Element tutorial.  And it's
    pretty funny ^_^.
    Boss              Fire Dragon
    HP                ????
    Location          Fire Cave, East Elnid Island
    My party          Serge, Kidd, Glenn
    Element Level     4
    I'd say this is the hardest boss so far.  I got stuck on this one
    for quite a while..  The Fire Dragon is a vicious little reptilian that
    is well deserving of a swift death, or at least a good thrashing.
    Sadly, he views you in the same way and he's better at killing you
    than you'd think ^_^
    Casting Mana Feeble here isn't essential as I prevously thought, but
    still, don't hesitate to cast it if you want, it makes the battle
    much easier.  And *don't* bring a blue elemental if you decide not
    to cast Mana Feeble cos it will kill them instantly.
    This dragon has a nasty Fire Breath attack.  It does about 150-180
    to a fire elemental and 200-250 to everyone else.  And 300 to a blue
    elemental.  Luckily it only hits one target at once, but he does it
    so often that no matter how many times you cure he'll always finish
    you off in the end if you don't defeat him quickly enough.  So, it's
    best to cast Mana Feeble first and cure anyone when they are hit by Fire
    Breath (Heal Wind included, it's probably the best cure spell around
    at the moment, even if you only need to heal one person).
    Remember that Fire elements heal him so don't even go there unless
    you have a death wish.  Attacks of any other element are OK, but
    only use the ones which will damage him significantly (I'll list them
    when I play through again, in two or three weeks' time probably).
    At the end of the battle he'll run off!  The coward :P
    Boss              Zoah, Marcella, Karsh
    HP                ????, ????, ????
    Location          Fire Cave, East Elnid Island
    My party          Serge, Kidd, Glenn
    Element Level     5
    ...And then these three appear.  Zoah in his almost-nakedness, Karsh
    in his facial scariness and Marcella in her childlike brattiness is
    enough to make anyone tremble.  The way they fight is pretty worrying
    too.  I was down to my last character in this battle (Glenn I think).
    Zoah likes to do his special skill where he leaps into the air and
    fires himself like a missile into your character.  This is pretty
    worrying (and damaging), so look out, and cure whoever he does it to.
    Marcella's most worrying attacks are her line skills, one of which
    strikes a single target for a nasty amount of damage, again heal
    when this happens, and another that is not as damaging but hits
    everyone.  Heal Wind is essential.  Karsh does his Dragon Ride
    (As does Zoah), so look out for that.  That's not *too* damaging
    though.  I took out Zoah first, Karsh second and Marcella last, but
    I'd say after Zoah it's best to get Marcella because Karsh doesn't
    do too much damage here.  Oh, and don't be fooled when Karsh looks
    like he's about to suffer a KO, he seems to take more damage in when
    he's like that than when he was standing upright.
    E e r i e   T o w e r
    Look familiar?  It should do..  You'll probably be wondering what
    happens when Serge opens the big door at the top of the tower, then?
    Well be patient because with bosses like the Acacian Rider you're
    not gonna get there in a hurry :)
    Boss              Acacian Rider
    HP                ????
    Location          Dragon Tower (Entrance)
    My party          Serge, Kidd, Glenn
    Element Level     5
    First things first, when I played on New Game +, and when I played
    it through for the third time, this boss wasn't here.  I think it
    depends on what answer you gave Tukuyomi when she appeared and asked
    Serge a question after the previous boss fight.  Or maybe it's
    based on whether you went to save the faeries or not (as I read
    somewhere.. Probably Toastyfrog's guide, which you really should
    check out).
    As soon as you enter the tower this nasty fellow sets about you.
    As you might have guessed, this is another hard boss.  His
    skill where he charges at you will almost kill anyone straight
    away.  I guess casting Mana Feeble is completely essential unless
    you have *very* good armour and magic defence.  Curing takes
    priority; if someone dies you only have 1 revive, so remember
    to keep curing (It's probably best to assign 1 character as
    an attacker, 1 and an attacker and curer, and one solely as a
    curer).  Don't use the X Strike here, it's better to just use
    Glenn's and Serge's level 3 attacks separately as it's easier
    to achieve and does more damage in total.  Use Kidd's Red Needle
    and steal also.  Physical attacks are fine, but hit him with
    a couple of Heats and Meltstones (they kill everything!).
    You might want to summon the G Frog (Giant Frog?), but it will
    be difficult.  I didn't so I don't know how much damage it will
    More on this when I play through the game again (and get attacked
    off him.. if that ever happens again :P)
    Boss              Massive Gel
    HP                ????
    Location          Dragon Tower (Blue Switch room)
    My party          Serge, Kidd, Glenn
    Element Level     5
    ...And here's another hard boss :)
    OK, so it's not *that* hard, but if you don't kill it fast
    enough it decides to play silly beggars; it casts Iceberg (Damn,
    I LOVE that attack!) Iceberg tends to kill everyone straight away
    (it hits everyone too).  Basically, you *need* to be on full HP
    when Iceberg is cast or you'll die.  Chances are you'll die anyway
    So, yep you guessed it, it's best to cast Mana Feeble.  Even
    then it's still nasty.  Using Heat and Meltstone, along with
    Green and Yellow (and for once, Black) elements will be
    most damaging to the Massive Gel.  When it casts Iceberg,
    you've got to heal; it's only a matter of time before it's
    cast again.  Remember to cast Mana Feeble regularly if you
    can because if it runs out, Iceberg will kill you :)
    Of course, another strategy is to take an Iceberg Trap Element,
    which you can purchase in Mabulle (or is it Mabure? :P), although
    I don't remember if you can actually purchase one by this point
    or not.  Or, you can kill the Gel before it gets the chance to
    cast Iceberg.  This is possible, but tricky.
    None of the Gel's other attacks are that bad, so just heal
    when you've got to and hit it as usual.
    Boss              Drago
    HP                ????
    Location          Dragon Tower (Yellow switch room)
    My party          Serge, Kidd, Glenn
    Element Level     5
    Ah, Drago isn't so bad.  Infact, he's a pushover.  He's into physical
    style attacks (even his special elements are physical rather than magical).
    Nothing to worry about here.  Glenn might be in a spot of trouble since
    he's a green elemental.  On the flipside, that could also be bad news
    for Drago.  He's yellow (a coward AND Glenn's opposite element.  How
    about that).  In other words, use Glenn's specials on him (refrain from
    using X-Strike, it's better to just do Serge and Glenn's seperate Level
    3 skills).  Have Kidd steal to obtain a 'Trap Tornado' element.
    That's it :)
    Boss              Sun Facer
    HP                ????
    Location          Dragon Tower (White Switch room)
    My party          Serge, Kidd, Glenn
    Element Level     5
    Although it has high defence (both physical and elemental), Sun Facer
    isn't really anything to worry about because of its low HP.  Even with
    upgraded weapons, it'll appear like you're going nowhere fast in terms
    of taking away his HP, but don't worry.  He only has about 400, if that.
    Basically, just pummel it with 3pt attacks (you may want to use Eagle
    Eye), attempt a steal with Kidd (don't remember what it gives you but
    it'll probably be good ^_^).  Oh, cherish the nice effects when it
    dies :)
    Boss              Kamei
    HP                ????
    Location          Dragon Tower (Black Switch room)
    My party          Serge, Kidd, Glenn
    Element Level     5
    Kamei is a red elemental.  If you have it, use Trap Heat, as he uses
    Heat shortly while after the battle starts.  This puts your HP right
    down, and you don't want that when you see what's coming.  If you don't
    have trap heat, stick Heal Wind on high slots.  You'll need it.
    After being hit a few times, Kamei reveals his true self; a nasty
    big eye thing!  And he's now a black elemental!  Oh dear...  Well,
    enjoy the graphics, they're some of the most impressive effects I've
    seen in an RPG.  Kamei's physical attacks are quite nasty, and his
    special attack (where he fires a nasty looking laser from his eye)
    can be very hurtful, especially to Serge since he's the elemental
    opposite of Kamei.  He might even die from it, so it's probably best
    to give your Revive(s) to someone else here.  If you trapped Iceburg
    from the Massive Gel, now would be a good time to test it out.  So,
    if you like, bring along a blue elemental here and let it go.
    Finally, this is one of those healing takes priority fights.  Don't go
    hitting him thinking "ah, one more hit and he'll be on critical" or
    "one more hit and he'll be dead!" because it'll be more like one more
    hit and you're dead.  Two words of advice: Heal Wind.
    Boss              Jyakotu
    HP                ????
    Location          Dragon Tower (Top room)
    My party          Serge, Kidd, Glenn
    Element Level     5
    Ah, it's the leader of those Acacian Dragon Knights again.  Just think,
    it's his fault that Karsh and Zoah, Sugar and Salton, Marcella and those
    smelly Acacian Dragonriders won't leave you alone.  Give him the kicking
    he deserves.  He's an average fighter, although he does look kinda cool
    in an old-warrior kinda way :)
    His special skills aren't that damaging but you might need to heal after
    he casts Wind Cutter (his Level 5 all-hitting skill).  Unleash your best
    on him.  All your highest elements, special attacks, everything, and he'll
    be sorted in no time at all.
    Boss              Yamaneko
    HP                ????
    Location          Dragon Tower (Top room)
    My party          Serge, Kidd, Glenn
    Element Level     5
    Catmaaaan! :D  Yamaneko is back and he's well pissed off that Jyakotu
    turned out to be such a weakling.  This time, he'll use Glide Fork, his
    special skill, which smarts.  You especially don't want it to hit
    Serge, put it that way.  He's also pretty nifty with that scythe, it's
    quite damaging and he puts attacks away with it like there's no tomorrow.
    Yep, Yamaneko is a true cat, he's very fast.  So you've got to be fast too.
    Don't hold back anything at all.  Hit him with your strongest elements
    as quickly as possible.  Remember to have plenty of healing stuff available
    because you'll probably need it.  Once your best elements are out of the 
    then instead of casting ones which won't do much damage, defend.  This will
    help as Yamaneko likes his physical attacks more than anything else.
    After the fight...Something interesting happens :)
    T h e   ' M i s c e l l a n e o u s '   b i t
    This bit ties up all the fights that I couldn't be bothered to
    categorise between the Dragon Tower and where you enter the land
    of all coolness.
    Boss              Radius
    HP                ????
    Location          Aruni Village (Home)
    My party          Serge (Yamaneko), Tukuyomi, Spriggun
    Element Level     5
    Nothing hard about this fight, Radius is weak and crap ;) (Luckily
    he's better once he's on your side).  No special strategies, other
    than he's not keen on red elements (like every other boss in Chrono
    Cross really ^^).  I've had regular attacks harder than this :)
    Boss              Kenja
    HP                3200
    Location          Zelbess.
    My party          Serge (Yamaneko), Tukuyomi, Bancliff
    Element Level     5
    Kenja is a semi-pain.  He is a black elemental and can cast 2
    elements in a row, which usually involve a lot of damage (I think
    it was Feel Black and Photon but I'm not sure).  Anyway, other than
    that, and his physical attack that can do up to 60 damage, he's quite
    easy.  He does have plenty of HP though, so expect this battle to
    last.  Just hit him with anything you have (boosted elements are good),
    and he shouldn't cause any problems.
    Boss              Garai
    HP                3500
    Location          Bone Cave.
    My party          Serge (Yamaneko), Radius, Irenes
    Element Level     6
    Garai looks a little pissed off in his character portrait just
    before the battle, and believe me he fights like he's just popped
    a haemorrhoid.  He is clad in lots of armour, has 2 big swords that
    just scream "DIE!" at you, and he's not scared of unleashing their
    full potential on you.
    His strongest physical attack does an impressive 70HP damage to you,
    and he can do it twice in a row, followed by a weaker attack that hits
    for about 50, or 30 (depending on which he chooses).  In essence, that'll
    be one character almost finsished.  And that's *before* he unleashes
    his special skills.  Defending is *very* good (I'd say essential infact),
    as it knocks the amount of damage done by his strongest physical attack
    down from 70hp to 40hp.
    Then, he brings out his elemental specials.  3 Hit is a total bastard;
    he hits you three times and it kills you.  I don't believe there is
    any way to stop this killing you in one hit, even Tukuyomi's wall
    can't stop it.  Well, actually I tell a stinking lie, cos Mana Feeble
    will lower the damage it does extensively (you'll have 100 hp to spare
    after it ^_^).  So casting Mana Feeble is a *great* plan (In fact,
    I couldn't win without it).  Make sure you do that ASAP, before he
    uses one of his elemental attacks.  His other attack, of which I don't
    remember the name, isn't as bad but will still kill Serge straight
    away because of his new-found Black Elemental status.  Unless you cast
    Mana Feeble (You get the idea.  Cast it! ^_^).
    Heat is a good spell here, and so is Needle.  So put them both on high
    slots.  Also, buy as many Heal Winds as you can (shop around for them..
    I think kawaii Lisa in Termina sells them), and equip them *all*.  I
    had about 20 equipped in this battle.  Some on high slots, some on low
    slots..  Just make sure you have plenty :)  You *will* need them.
    So, in summary, cast Mana Feeble at the start, hit him with regular
    physical attacks, then at the end, if you don't need to heal, defend!
    If you have full HP, however, instead of defending you might want to
    cast the aforementioned Heat.  Don't panic if someone dies, just cast
    Revive.  If you run out of revives, don't panic anyway.  You need to
    really concentrate here, as one mistake can totally muck up your chances.
    All in all, I'd say this is one of the three hardest bosses in the game.
    Good luck!
    B e t t e r   T h a n   E s t h a r !
    As futuristic-type places go in your modern-day Japanese RPG, they
    don't come (literally) cooler than this.  But is it really better
    than Esthar?
    Boss              Kevin
    HP                ????
    Location          Dead Sea (Vortex) Highway
    My party          Serge (Yamaneko), Tukuyomi, Irenes
    Element Level     6
    The thing about Kevin is that when he launches his nasty gas attack upon
    the party, it causes a black status ailment (Blindness) that can be
    a real pain, as not only does it make your physical attacks miss a lot
    (which is half your arsenal gone already), but this also means you can't
    build your element levels much.  And this makes this fight a lengthy
    struggle.  Thankfully, Kevin hasn't got many hard-hitting attacks up
    his sleeve.
    Well, his physical attack can be a bit of a pain, especially if you're
    struggling to cure.  So casting Tukuyomi's wall skill (her Level 5 special)
    will help out.  Also, to lessen the blow done by his special gas attacks,
    you might want to cast Mana Feeble.  Taking Eagle Eye and NaiNai will
    also help, as when your accuracies are depleted, you can use these to
    boost them).  After a while, Kevin will blow up, letting you continue
    on down the highway.
    Boss              Miguel
    HP                3700
    Location          A *very* familiar place.  If you've played Chrono
    My party          Serge (Yamaneko), Tukuyomi, DragonChild
    Element Level     6/7 (Serge is at 6, everyone else at 7)
    Miguel is Mr. Funky himself.  Not only does he look suspiciously
    like Citan (Well, me and my friend think so anyway), but he also
    fights like him ^_^.  This, as you might have guessed, isn't such
    a good thing for you.
    OK, so he's not as billy solid as Citan was, but he's no pushover.
    He likes to cast two elements at once, giving him an upper hand.
    Since Serge is in Yamaneko's body, and Miguel being a white elemental,
    this is especially bad for him.  Tukuyomi is also black elemental, but
    she can do more damage per turn than everyone else (at least she did
    for me) and she has more HP than everyone at this point.  And she's
    kawaii.  Cast Wall on Yamaneko and Tukuyomi, this will lessen the blow
    done by Citan, er, Miguel's white sword attack (I'm not sure of the proper
    name).  After casting Wall (And curing whoever he hits with his first
    few attacks; you may need to revive someone also), cast Mana Feeble.
    This will lessen the effects of his powerful elements which include
    Holy and the dreaded white sword thingy.  Have fire elements,
    particularly Meltstone and Heat on high levels on DragonChild, as these
    are quite damaging to Miguel.
    S n a k e b o n e   M a n o r   R e v i s i t e d
    Upon returning to Snakebone Manor, something is up.  And that thing
    involves being nasty to Ridel, so you've gotta stop it :D
    Boss              Laum
    HP                ????
    Location          Snakebone Manor sewers.
    My party          Serge (Yamaneko), Tukuyomi, Karsh
    Element Level     7
    This can be an irritating fight.  Laum isn't exactly that powerful but
    her kids can be a real pain in the ass.  Anyway, make sure you bring
    plenty of fire elements because Laum is a blue elemental.  Hit her with
    all the usual, Heat, Meltstone, you know, just like my strategy for
    every other boss ;).  Using Tukuyomi's level 5 wall skill will come
    in handy for softening the blow recieved by Laum's larvae attacks.
    If you choose to bring a red elemental here (which will be good), you
    might need to cast Mana Feeble or Hi-Protect to protect them from
    Laum's attacks.
    Boss              Evil Orcha
    HP                ????
    Location          Snakebone Manor (Prison area)
    My party          Serge (Yamaneko), Tukuyomi, Karsh
    Element Level     7
    Orcha is being manipulated here, it seems.  Or hypnotised.  Well,
    whatever, he's being nasty to Ridel so that's a good prompt to kick
    his ass.  No real challenge here.  Remember he's a red elemental (don't
    be confused by his blue exterior), so you might want to bring a blue
    elemental.  Orcha shouldn't be able to take them out, his elements
    are all quite weak, so don't worry about the elemental opposites thing.
    When he's low on HP, he will use his Level 3 special skill 'Spice',
    which heals him roughly 200HP.  Which you can take away again in
    3 or 4 hits.
    Boss              Gyadrun
    HP                ????
    Location          Snakebone Manor hall.
    My party          Serge (Yamaneko), Tukuyomi, Karsh
    Element Level     7
    Gyadrun is big on HP, has quite good defence, a healthy physical attack
    and good elements.  In summary, he's a real pain :).  His special attacks,
    Head Sabre and Rocket Arm, aren't too worrying, but keep your HP above
    half just in case.  The real challenge here is in the form of his physical
    attacks.  His strongest hits for 60-80 damage, which is worrying because
    he loves his physical attacks and uses them more often than most.  Defending
    is great here, it can knock that 60 down to a mere 20.  Which is very
    useful when he decides to cast Infinity.  When he does this, defend with
    everyone.  Make sure you do this.  Don't bother healing (unless you're
    down to 100 HP or something).  The reason to do this is because when he
    casts Infinity on himself, it means he's about to go wild and hit one
    character with 7 times in a row with his physical attacks.  Whoever
    he hits will most likely die from this, unless you defend.  Then, the
    total damage of his attacks will only be a measly 100 or so.  The reason
    to defend with everyone is that you don't know who he's going to hit.
    It's better to be safe than dead, right?
    Don't worry about if he KO's one of you members though, I managed to
    succeed with just 2 left standing.  Tukuyomi's Wall skill is useful
    so cast that at the beginning of the battle.
    Boss              Adios
    HP                ????
    Location          Snakebone Manor hall & Snakebone Manor Library.
    My party          Serge (Yamaneko), Tukuyomi, Karsh
    Element Level     7
    ...And then, as if there haven't been enough consecutive battles
    already, this mega-golem starts on you.  And to make matters worse,
    you're under pressure to win because it's a long time since your last
    save.  And to make matters worse still, I probably mistranslated the
    name ^^.
    Actually, Adios is not hard at all.  His special skill, Heat Edge,
    isn't as nasty as you'd think (looking at it slice through your characters),
    and it is a yellow element, even though it has a fire-like appearence.
    It's not even that damaging to Karsh, who is a green elemental.  Use
    a Heal Wind after he uses it just to be on the safe side, though.
    Other than that, just hit him with anything.  After you defeat him,
    he'll do a Final Fantasy VIII and chase you until you have to fight
    him again.  So, just do the same again, no biggie.  I think he has
    even less HP this time you fight him though.
    T h e   ' M i s c e l l a n e o u s '   b i t   p a r t   2
    Another misc. bit.  I think you can do these whilst in the middle of the
    Dragon subquest, too.
    Boss              StarChild
    HP                ????
    Location          Sky Dragon Shrine (Crescent Island) (Home)
    My party          Serge (Yamaneko), Ridel, DragonChild (Or Miki if you
                      have her by now)
    Element Level     7
    You can use Miki here if you have her.  She's one of my favourite characters
    so please excuse me mentioning her all the time (Kinda like a whole new
    Tukuyomi.  She has a star on her face too).  StarChild is nice and easy,
    which is good because soon you'll be up against some really nasty
    bosses.  There are no special strategies, really.  Just hit him with
    everything you have.  His physical attacks are nothing to worry about
    and he doesn't use many elements, and when he does they aren't significantly
    damaging.  After the fight, he joins the party :D albeit in his smaller
    form ^_^
    Boss              Orlha
    HP                ????
    Location          Gardov (Another)
    My party          Serge (Yamaneko), Ridel, DragonChild (Or Miki if
                      you have her by now)
    Element Level     7
    It took me three attempts to beat Orlha (aka Pigtail Girl!), she's
    tougher than she appears.  And she appears to be drunk when she does
    one of her special skills ^_^.
    She likes her physical attacks, and she's strong so you'd better
    watch out and have those curative elements at the ready.  Casting
    fire elements is good, so bring DragonChild along (or any other
    fire elemental really).  Concentrate on using elements with Ridel
    and physical attacks with Serge.  If you have Eagle Eye or NaiNai,
    cast it on Serge so he can do his strongest attack all the time and
    hit.  You'll need to cure regularly here so equip lots of Cura's,
    Heal Winds and Recovers.  You're well rewarded for winning here;
    Orlha will join you later in the game, and then you have your very
    own Pigtail Girl!  Oh, she's also one of the strongest characters
    you can have in your team :D.
    Boss              Tyranno and Big Bird
    HP                ????
    Location          Funky Prehistoric-type island (home)
    My party          Serge (Yamaneko), Miki, Ridel
    Element Level     7
    You fight this on the way to face the Green Dragon, but I put it
    here because, err, it's not a dragon.  This fight is pretty easy.
    Take out the big bird first, or it'll just be an irritation.  The
    Tyranno has plenty of HP, so you don't want to put up with the
    bird too.  Again, no special strategies are needed, but avoid using
    red elements because they don't do much, especially against the
    bird.  You'll need to heal, and defending when possible is a good
    idea cos the Tyranno relies on his physical attacks more than anything
    T h e   6   E l e m e n t a l    D r a g o n s
    Here we go then, Dragon lovers.  6 whole dragons to fight, all look
    different, and half of them put up a decent fight.  Here we go, then,
    in the order I fought them:
    Boss              Flame Dragon
    HP                7000
    Location          Fire Cave (Another)
    My party          Serge (Yamaneko), Starchild, Ridel
    Element Level     7
    Here we go then.  The Flame Dragon is one of the three 'challenging'
    ones.  Don't bring a blue elemental here, because Fire Breath will
    damage them severely.  Instead, just get lots of blue spells and
    stick them in high slots on your element meter.  Freeze is best
    I'd say...  All other offensive blue elements seem to be pretty
    naff at this point.  Green elements and White are good to use too,
    but I wouldn't cast Mana Call because you'll probably die when he
    decides to do Fire Breath again.  Heal whenever he does this.
    In fact, I cast Mana Feeble to lessen the effect of it.  What is
    it about Fire that makes it kick the shit out of all of your characters?
    Anyway, I shouldn't grumble, and nor should you, because you can
    use this to your advantage as we'll soon prove.  Oh, and don't hold
    back on those physical attacks!  Casting Eagle Eyes on Serge is a
    good idea, this will help quite a bit.  Heal using Heal Wind and
    in emergencies use a level 7 Heal Wind, Recover or Ridel's level 3
    special skill.  He should finally give up after about 5 minutes of
    Boss              Black Dragon
    HP                7000
    Location          Back-left cave at Mabulle (Another)
    My party          Serge (Yamaneko), Miki, Dragonchild
    Element Level     7
    The black dragon is one nasty looking dragon, and is one of the harder
    ones (in fact, he's probably the hardest).  I recommend bringing two
    fire elementals here, Miki and Dragonchild, because they're the strongest
    ones you have (at least they were for me), and fire elements seem to
    be his nightmare.  The Black Dragon has a nasty 3pt physical attack, which
    can do between 80-100 damage depending who it hits.  Defending will help.
    His special attacks include Graviton Bomb, which halves your HP (or maybe
    it was just coincidence when that happened to me ^_^), and Dark Breath,
    which hits the entire party for over 200 damage.  Also, he sometimes
    casts Forget, which is basically like "Lock" from Chrono Trigger (is that
    what it was called?).  In other words, it leaves you with only physical
    attacks; it locks out your elements totally.  Meaning no healing.  But if
    he casts it, don't worry (too much), cos it wears off after a bit.  Just
    pray he doesn't do Dark Breath too much while you can't use elements.
    Another hard thing about him is that Dark Breath and Graviton Bomb both
    cause a status ailment, darkness, which makes hitting the enemy a real
    pain (it halfs your chances, even with Eagle Eye or Nainai it drops the
    hit rate from 99% to 49%).  So if you get affected by this, cast Eagle
    Eye (or Nainai) afterwards to rectify it.  After all, physical attacks
    are the key to winning this battle due to his strength against elements
    (although he shows weakness for stronger Red elements, like, you guessed
    it, Heat, Meltstone and Volcano if you have it).
    Boss              Earth Dragon
    HP                7000
    Location          Earth Dragon's Island (Sand Cave) (Home)
    My party          Serge (Yamaneko), Miki, Dragonchild
    Element Level     7
    This is one of the easier dragons.  His physical attack is slightly above
    average but it's not too damaging.  Still, if you want to, defend, it'll
    make the fight even easier.  Nothing much to say here, it's a very
    straightforward battle.  Again, fire elements are quite nasty against
    him so red elementals are a good idea :)
    Boss              Water Dragon
    HP                7000
    Location          Flooded Ruins (Home)
    My party          Serge (Yamaneko), Miki, Ridel
    Element Level     7
    Another of the easier dragons, the water dragon isn't a challenge at all.
    Her physical attacks are again average and her special attacks are nothing
    to worry about at all.  You can probably even get away with casting Mana
    Call if you want.  But, taking 2 fire elementals might be a bit risky here,
    so leave it at one and bring someone else (Ridel's good with her elements
    so I chose her).  Red elements don't do a particularly nasty amount of
    damage, though, surprisingly.  But green elements and white elements fare
    better.  So taking another white elemental or a green elemental is a good
    Boss              Green Dragon
    HP                7000
    Location          Funky Prehistoric-type Island (Home)
    My party          Serge (Yamaneko), Leea, Miki
    Element Level     7
    Hmph..  Trust the Green elemental Dragon to be the most irritating ^_^.
    If he casts Green Earth, cast a non-green element as soon as
    possible because when the field effect is all green, he'll do
    a nasty big Venus-fly trap thingy (Hell Plant) which does about
    200 HP damage to everyone.  Which, you can probably tell, isn't
    that good for you.  And surprisingly Yellow elements don't do much to
    him.  Fire however, is pretty damaging, so take Miki ^_^ (or any other
    fire elemental like... grr......DragonChild :P).  Also, keep Leea in the
    party (I don't even know if you have the choice to take her out anyway),
    because her high HP and good attack power will help out a lot here.  But
    don't bother with her special attacks (remember, yellow elements aren't
    good against the Green Dragon).
    Don't worry about your stamina points always being low (because of the
    constant element casting to dodge Hellplant), although physical attacks
    are the key here, you'll be fine.  Remember, as long as he doesn't cast
    green earth (or as long as the field effect meter isn't all green; keep
    an eye on it), you can defend to build your stamina back up.
    Finally, don't be afraid to use heal wind, but if the field effect meter
    is already all green it's probably not a good idea.  Bring plenty of
    potions (black element item, heals 200 HP), and Recover elements.  Cura
    is good, too, especially on high slots.
    Boss              Sky Dragon
    HP                7500
    Location          Opening, Crescent Island (Another)
    My party          Serge (Yamaneko), a green elemental and (as always)
    Element Level     7
    Possibly the hardest dragon, although it took me more attempts to
    kill the Black dragon.  But don't underestimate her.  Serge in
    Yamaneko's Black Elemental shell makes this fight a bit of a
    pain as his Holy Breath attack (the hard hitting version) can
    really do him in.  If she casts Mana Call, it's best to cast
    Mana Feeble immediately after, because that means she's about
    to do his hard version of Holy Breath which is a Bad Thing.
    Cast Wall on Serge and don't use black elements on the Sky
    Dragon.  Instead, bring along a green elemental (With a fair
    amount of HP), because for some reason Green elements seem to
    really hurt her.  Needle especially.  She should go down after
    a lengthy battle.
    Basically, heal when needed (after Holy Breath and her physical
    attacks), if she casts Mana Call, use a green element against her
    then cast Mana Feeble.  At first she seems really hard but she's not
    that bad with a bit of practice.
    That wraps up the Dragon Quest (sorry), so now it's on to the last
    2 bosses of the disk.  One of them's optional (for now at least)
    which is lucky because he's billy solid.
    T w o   o f   t h e   B e s t
    This section is so-called because these two are two of the best
    fighters you've faced yet, so brace yourself! ^_^
    Boss              Dark Serge
    HP                ????
    Location          Dragon Tower (Home)
    My party          Serge (Yamaneko), Gyadrun, Miki
    Element Level     7
    Serge is lucky he hasn't got a desire to go one-on-one with his rival
    or this would be his life just about over and done with.
    Dark Serge has Yamaneko's special attacks, curiously he doesn't
    have Serge's, and also he tends to kill you a lot.  Since Serge
    in Yamaneko's body and Gyadrun are both black elemental his
    nasty special attacks won't *completely* decimate you.  I strongly
    suggest not to bring a white elemental character here because his
    special attacks will finish them off straight away if his physical
    ones don't.  His defence is average so, unlike the forthcoming battle
    from hell with Dario, you can hit him and do some worthy damage.
    Casting Mana Feeble is all well and good, but after he's done
    Eternal Zero maybe you should cast Mana Call and do it back ^_^
    (he only used it the once against me, but he might do it again).
    Fire also seems to damage him a fair bit, so don't hold back with
    Miki's special skills and Heat, Volcano and Meltstone (All great
    fire spells, especially when boosted).  The trick is to hit him
    hard and fast because he gets a lot of attacks in.
    Oh, and when you need to heal, HEAL!!  Give a revive or two to
    Gyadrun because he'll probably be the last man standing, because
    of his high HP.  Use the usual; Cura and boosted Cura for emergency
    situations, and Heal Wind and Recover (Boosted if you have enough)
    for all-round purposes.
    Boss              Dario
    HP                3500
    Location          Elnid; Solitary Island (Home)
    My party          Serge, Ridel, Gyadrun
    Element Level     8
    Dario is probably the hardest battle on disk 1 (and, if you wait
    until disk 2 to fight him, he's probably one of the hardest on that,
    too).  Although his HP doesn't seem *too* high, his defence is.
    Serge's strongest attack does around 30 damage.  Any element cast
    against him will lead him to counter attack with a nasty opposite.
    If you cast a white element against him (for example, comet), he
    will counter with a nasty black elemental attack which will kill
    whoever it hits straight away, probably.  His 'hard hit' attack
    immediately kills Serge and Ridel, given that they're both white
    elemental.  You may wish to fight this battle whilst Serge is still
    trapped in Yamaneko's body, but this will mean that you can't use
    8th level element slots and this means no level 8 summons, which I
    feel are the key to winning this battle.
    How I won:
    You need -
    White:            Red:        Green:      Black:
    Saints (Summon)    Heat        Heal Wind   Mana Feeble (Unnecessary)
    Mana Call
    These are the only elements I needed.  Offensive black and white
    elements just lead to counterattacks that you do NOT want.  Attacking
    with a black element will prompt Dario to heal himself with Recover,
    which will probably heal him more than you can hurt him.  His attack
    pattern is simple, A physical attack, Hard Hit (500-700 HP to a white
    elemental and about 300 to a black elemental), another physical attack
    and another special attack that only does about 100 damage, nothing to
    be too worried about.  He repeats this pattern all the time.  And believe
    it or not, you're gonna die without a nice amount of skill and a nice
    amount of luck.  I gave Saints to Ridel, Mana Call to Serge, 2 revives
    to Gyadrun, Wall on level 1 to everyone (this is quite important),
    Recover and Heal Wind to everyone (spread them out evenly amongst your
    characters), and an optional Mana Feeble to whoever.  The reason I gave
    Saint to Ridel and not Serge is that when Serge had it, Dario seemed to
    want to kill him all the time, and I only have 2 revives (It's possible
    to have 3 at this point, though).
    Start the battle by hitting him twice with Gyadrun, level 3 attack.
    Don't worry if he misses, it's not too important, yet.  If he lands
    a critical hit on Gyadrun, heal him.  This is very important because
    he has your revives, it's important to keep him alive.  Build Serge's
    element level up to 5 (or wherever you have Mana Call; 5 or above is
    best), and Ridel's up to 8.  While you're doing this, cast a black
    elemental on Dario (NOT Mana Feeble).  He counters with Recover but
    don't worry, this is part of the plan ^_^.  Basically, you do this to
    start building your element meter all white.  Another way, of course,
    is to wait until you have the White Earth element and cast that.
    Immediately after this, cast Mana Call with Serge and Wall with anyone
    who can.  Then, if Ridel is not on Element level 8, get her there as fast
    as you can and cast Saint.  This, combined with the element boost from
    Mana Call will do 3000 to Dario and heal everyone 999 hp.  Which is nice.
    After that, hit him a few times with Heat, and that should be it.
    Remember, heal when you need to, and if he kills anyone, revive them
    immediately.  If he kills Gyadrun, run away.  You can't go and save
    but you can heal and start over.  Remember the long cutscene before
    this battle?...  You don't want to sit through that every time you
    lose and need to reload (which will be about 10,000 times).
    Finally, time it right.  Start building the field effect meter all
    white as soon as he's done Hard Hit the first time.  You will have
    time for about 10 moves before his next elemental attack.  (Including
    defending and element casting).  If he kills someone, instead of
    attacking him with a black element, revive them; this will add the
    first white bit to the field effect meter.  The reward for beating
    Dario is none other than the Masamune.  Well, it's now called the Grand
    Dream (or Grandream if you directly translate it), but it's kinda the
    same idea as CT's Masamune (Was the Masamune called Gradream/Grandleon
    in the japanese CT?)
    Oh, and one last tip.  Bring along M Eraser (and P Eraser) if you have
    them and give cast them on Serge.  They can *really* help.
    Phew!  That's probably a lot more confusing to you that it was to me..
    Hope it helps, though..
    Congratulations!  You've defeated all the bosses on the first disc and
    the second is only minutes away.  If you're playing an import with an AR
    cart, it's time to get that disk swapping trick perfected, Disc 2 of
    Chrono Cross is something you do NOT want to miss.  Here we go :)
    |D I S C   2   B O S S E S|
    A   M Y S T E R I O U S   P L A C E
    When you reach disk 2 you're in the same place in Another world as you
    warped from in Home world.  But it looks a lot different to the icy
    ruins that were there before.  Get ready; you're about to enter another
    cool futuristic-type place!
    Boss              Vita #?
    HP                ????
    Location          Lachesis, Clotho or Atropos Island
    My party          Serge, Orlha, Miki
    Element Level     8
    Compared to the uber-boss that is Dario, Vita is a pushover but
    can still be a fair challenge if you don't take it seriously, as I
    found out.
    Remember how Opiomorph (Piloted by the extremely kawaii yet undeniably
    evil Miang?) was one of the hardest (if not THE hardest) bosses in
    Xenogears?  The fact that it got stronger the more you hit it meant that
    if you were too fast you'd get totally annihilated straight away, and
    if you didn't hit it fast enough you'd get slowly taken apart :)
    Anyway, Vita kind of reminds me of that.  It starts of easy, but
    its defence and physical (and Element) attack power seems to increase
    throughout the battle.  And they don't go down again after it hits you
    back either :)
    That said, it's not too difficult, because it seems that its power goes
    up in set amounts as you do so much damage to it, so it'll never get
    so hard that it can kill you in one hit (like Opiomorph could), as it'll
    be dead before it gets that powerful.
    Anyway, it has 3 attack modes.  Atropos, Lachesis and Clotho (bet ya
    didn't see that one coming).  The Atropos mode is mean and nasty.  The
    Clotho one is a peice o' piss and the Lachesis is kinda inbetween.
    It has a habit of casting Green Earth, but it didn't do much with it
    afterwards which was weird.  Maybe it was meaning to cast Hellplant
    or gear up for a summon.  Well, the physical attack of Vita can be bad.
    Sometimes it does a pathetic amount, like 30 or something, but more
    often than not it's more like 100 per hit.  I think it depends on the
    attack mode.
    Boost Serge's accuracy with Eagle Eye or Nainai, (Vita also uses Eagle
    Eye), and go for physical attacks.  With a 3pt attack you almost always
    get a critical hit (a trend which is apparent throughout the next
    dungeon too, for some reason).  Orlha will have a good physical attack
    as always, and Miki is good with the fire elements that damage Vita
    quite a bit.  So stick those on high slots.  Actually, it's quite weak
    against green elements too, even though it is a green elemental itself.
    Also, don't forget you can use your level 7 skills now so go for it!
    Miki and Serge's are both inherent, but I'm not sure if you can grab
    Orlha's yet or not.
    One last note, the name of the boss changes depending on which statue
    you fight it at.  Vita #1 shows up at Lachesis, Vita #2 at Clotho and
    Vita #3 at Atropos.  You can activate the pyramids in any order (I think
    that might be the order of the attack modes actually).
    Boss              Beryl
    HP                ????
    Location          Chronopolis (F1 Entrance)
    My party          Serge, Orlha, Miki
    Element Level     8
    * I think this fight is very tough if you don't yet have the Grandream,
    so go get!
    Basically, he's another one who packs a very hard punch!  His favourite
    attack, 'Megaton Punch' will kill anyone (apart from white elementals)
    in 1 hit.  Maybe I need to equip some new armour or something (can't
    remember the last time I did that ^_^).  I beat him by simply using
    Serge's strongest attack twice in a row each time his stamina was at
    7, and when the element meter is all white, summon Saints (You don't
    need to do this, but it will make the fight go faster and he will have
    a better chance of killing you if you don't). Then, hit him more with
    Serge, and use everyone else for healing purposes.  If he has the
    Grandream equipped he will do over 200hp damage per hit, and saints
    does just under 1000 and fully heals everyone.  If someone dies, it's
    best to revive them but if it's a choice between revival and summoning,
    you know which one to do.  You may have an M Eraser element.  If so, use
    it!  On Serge, preferably.  This means that no elements can hit him,
    making your chances of success skyrocket :)  but remember it only lasts
    for a limited amount of time.
    In short, summoning saints and hitting him with 3pt physical attacks
    is the best way to take him out.  Oh, and if you still have trouble,
    give casting Mana Feeble a shot.  oh, and M Eraser will help, so cast
    it on Serge (although you definately won't need it if you have the
    Boss              Fate
    HP                ????
    Location          Chronopolis (B1 Project Kid room).
    My party          Serge, Glenn, Miki
    Element Level     8
    Fate isn't terribly difficult.  Apart from at the start of the fight
    where it casts Mana Feeble It's attack pattern is thus; it does a 5
    stage countdown, attacking at each stage.  If you cast Mana Call to
    cancel Mana Feeble out, it may cast Mana Feeble again at some point,
    but I doubt it (it has a higher chance of killing you with Mana Call
    active ^_^)
    The Five Stages:
    5: (Restart Countdown): A physical attack on a single target (or Mana
       Feeble at the start of the battle)
    4: Graviton to everyone.
    3: Laser Attack on a single target.
    2: Friction on a single target.
    1: Heavy Blow twice (on the same target for me both times; it may be
       able to hit two different people though).
    0: Dark Energy to everyone.
    Dark Energy does about 300 to everyone, and 350-400 to Serge.  Taking
    another white elemental here is probably not the best of ideas, then.
    Oh, and if you cast Mana Call to counter Fate's Mana Feeble, the Dark
    Energy attack will totally annihilate you.  So make sure to cast Mana
    Feeble again between 1 and 0 on Fate's countdown.  Also, the laser attack
    is quite damaging and nasty, so maybe you'd better leave Mana Call out
    of it altogether.  You're probably better off just using physical
    attacks rather than elements anyway.  Fate doesn't appear to have any
    major weaknesses, but Needle and Air Saucer work quite well on high
    levels (not on Serge though, cos his physical attack is really strong
    by now, so it's not worth having him lose 7 stamina for an element).
    If you don't have the Grandream, you might have to summon saints (although
    I managed it without either, so it's not impossible to pull off); you'll
    have enough time to cast three white elements and then the summon.  Physical
    attacks are best here, and heal everyone (to full if possible) immediately
    after Dark Energy or his forthcoming physical attack will kill whoever it
    And finally, don't give up!  Serge died after the second countdown and
    it proceeded to do it once more, killing Miki also, then Glenn's final
    hit killed it ^_^.  Second time through, Serge and Orlha died, but Miki,
    with the help of M Eraser, won me the battle :)  Just before dark energy
    hit for the fourth time, too :)
    T H E   D E E P
    Guess where you are in *this* section?  That's right, an instant custard
    factory!  Err, just kidding.
    Boss              Jelly King
    HP                1500
    Location          Underwater
    My party          Serge, Kidd, StarChild
    Element Level     8
    This battle isn't terribly hard, but only if you know what to do.  And
    even if you don't it's not hard to work out.  The Jelly King is only
    harmed by red elements, and that means *only* red elements.  Nothing
    else damages it, and that includes physical attacks by a red elemental
    character.  Casting Heat, Meltstone and Volcano will work wonderfully
    here, and should be all you need (apart from curative stuff), so stick
    them all on your element grid's higher slots.
    T H E   B E G I N N I N G   O F   T H E   E N D ?
    Is this to be your final destination?  Seems like it...  But then again,
    in the wonderful world of Squaresoft not everything is what it seems.
    Boss              Doll Clay
    HP                ????
    Location          Entrance hall of Star Tower
    My party          Serge, DragonChild, Ridel
    Element Level     8
    The first of Star Towers' elemental guadians.  Doll Clay isn't too
    difficult.  He starts the fight by upping his defence and taking away
    your party's.  Get used to this, all the Doll Guardians are very much
    into doing this at the start of each battle.  And several times throughout,
    too.  Doll Clay uses mainly yellow elements, his hardest attack being
    Omega Yellow (the hardest hitting Yellow element), which can hit for
    between 250 and 450 depending on who it hits, their magic defence and their
    element.  Apart from this, there's nothing much to worry about here.
    By now, physical attacks are better than elements (without the Grandream,
    Serge will still be hitting for at least 200, which is just as much as
    an element would, but costing 4 less stamina).  Use only powerful elements
    on the highest slots possible, and remember to take Trap Golem incase Doll
    Clay decides to summon Golem.  That's all really.  Nothing to worry about.
    Boss              Doll Magma
    HP                ????
    Location          Star Tower Labyrinth
    My party          Serge, DragonChild, Kidd
    Element Level     8
    The second Doll you'll face is the red elemental one.  Again, ups his own
    defence and lessens yours at the beginning of the battle.  This one is
    even easier than the yellow one, although he might summon Mariid so
    make sure to take along Trap Mariid and cast it at the start of the
    battle.  Again, physical attacks are best (even though he's upped his
    defence).  Kidd isn't too hot in the physical attacks department, however,
    so I had her cast elements (not fire though, because that'll heal him).
    Green elements work well.
    Boss              Doll Wind
    HP                ????
    Location          First teleporter in Star Tower
    My party          Serge, Orlha, Leea
    Element Level     8
    Again, nothing hard about this one.  Omega Green can be pretty nasty
    (it'll might kill Leea in one hit because she's a yellow elemental,
    so you might not want to take him), and Hellplant will no doubt appear
    once or twice in this fight so take Trap Hellplant and grab one for
    yourself.  And also take Trap Sonya, because Doll Wind sometimes summons
    her.  You'll have the Yellow Earth element from beating Doll Clay, so
    summoning either Golem or the level 8 Yellow summon (the name of which
    escapes me) will be a good idea, and easy to do :)
    Boss              Doll Heavy
    HP                ????
    Location          Left 'wing' of Star Tower
    My party          Serge, Ridel, Orlha
    Element Level     8
    The black elemental guardian of Star Tower and one of the hardest.  Will
    sometimes summon Visitor (cool Level 7 black summon, although I dunno if
    that's the official name or if that's just what all the people I've asked
    about it call it ^^), so take along Trap Visitor.  Heh, I guess I was stupid
    for taking Ridel (I couldn't help it, the gal's just too kawaii!) seeing
    as she's a white elemental not too big on HP, Doll Heavy's attacks totally
    tear her apart, but you can still win ^^.  Casting Mana Feeble is a fun
    idea because the Black Hole element is billy solid to a degree which you
    won't believe. If you're not on fully HP when its cast you can wave goodbye
    to ever finding the Frozen Flame, put it that way.  Luckily, you can trap 
    so that's a good bit of news, eh?  Bring along Trap Black Hole also, then.
    And cast it immediately.  Another one to look out for is Omega Black (you
    get the gist of all these Omega attacks now, eh?).  This will severely
    damage Serge (and in my case Ridel), so look out for it.  It's probably
    best to give your revives to someone else here, then, incase Serge
    recieves the full weight of Doll Black's attacks.
    Having said all this, you now have some excellent curative elements.  Or
    you should have.  And Heal Wind is *still* great when you boost it.  So
    Cure Rest, Heal Leaf and Holy Light are the order of the day.  You should
    have at least one of them, so use it!
    Boss              Doll White
    HP                ????
    Location          Right 'wing' of Star Tower
    My party          Serge, Ridel, Orlha
    Element Level     8
    The toughest of the strange elemental beasts of Star Tower.  Holy
    attacks cure it, so don't summon Saints unless you've desperately
    got to cure; it heals him by over 1000.  He has some really powerful
    attacks; Omega White is the hard hitting single spell, whilst his Ultra
    Nova hits everyone for big damage (400+ in the worst cases).  When he
    casts Mana Call, counter it with Mana Feeble, twice if possible.  This
    should help keep the damage of his elements to a minimum.  I won this
    battle with physical attacks, using elements only to cure and give me
    an upper hand (Mana Feeble, Sensitive etc).  Ridel's curative 3rd level
    skill is useful, as is Holy Light which cures your entire party 900+ hp.
    He seems to be good at evading too, so take along Eagle Eye and cast it
    on Serge.  With the Grandream his strongest attack will do 300 each time.
    If someone dies, it's best to bring them back to life, but healing takes
    priority.  1 knocked out character is better than 2.  If you're down
    to your last character, and they have M-Eraser and P-Eraser, cast them!
    It can win you the battle (well, it did for me).
    On a final note, Doll Holy uses Holy, Ultranova and Unicorn (White Level
    7 summon), so you might want to bring Trap Elements for all of these.
    Boss              Doll Ice
    HP                ????
    Location          Inside Star Tower's top section
    My party          Serge, Orlha, Kidd
    Element Level     8
    The final elemental guardian.  Doll Ice is sort of an anti-climax.  Doll
    Heavy and Holy were hard as nails and Doll Ice is about as hard as a mushy
    pea.  But anyway, such elements as Heat Shot (Kidd's level 7), Salamander
    and Mariid (you have Red Earth from Doll Magma so summoning isn't a problem)
    and the likes of Volcano and Heat are great and should provide you with
    an easy win.  Oh, and physical attacks are just fine.  Don't hold back and
    the fight will be over very quickly.
    That's it for the elemental guardians of Star Tower.  So...What's next...?
    Boss              Moon Dragon
    HP                Bloody loads
    Location          Top of Star Tower
    My party          Serge, Ridel, Kidd
    Element Level     8
    Is it just me or does Tukuyomi look kinda different without her
    jester outfit on?
    Basically, there are seven stages to this flying monstrosity, each
    one has it's own element.  I'm not sure if they have a set pattern
    or not, but for me it was; White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black,
    White (yep, it starts and ends with white).  There are plenty of
    distractions in this battle, the stunning visuals and one of the
    best pieces of music ever made are the main two, but anyway...
    In truth, this battle isn't *too* hard, just long, if you cast Mana
    Feeble at the start of the battle.  Here, the dragon doesn't use
    elements specific to its element; it'll cast anything.  Thankfully, it's
    element power and physical attack power isn't that great.  Just hit it
    with physical attacks and your weaker elements if needed (keep your
    strong ones for later).  Eventually it will warp you (amidst some funky
    lighting effects) to the next area and the dragon becomes the element
    of that area (ie, in the sand cave it will become yellow elemental).
    Remember to heal, especially when your people are reduced to critical
    HP levels, as then it can take any character out in one turn.  The
    black element doesn't like to play nice; she prefers GetSoul.  If it is
    effective it could really muck up your chances.  The blue elemental
    casts Inferno, as does the red, which also can throw any chance of a
    win out of the window if it works and you have no revives left.  This
    battle will be next to impossible with only 2 characters left as you
    will end up spending all of your time curing.
    When it finally returns you to the top of Star Tower, and assumes
    white elemental form again, heal fully.  This time, it will cast
    Ultranova.  This isn't the best of situations you could find yourself
    in as proved by Doll White's experiments on you with it earlier.
    Finally, it is worth taking Kidd along for this battle, or someone else
    with Steal, as you can grab a Holy Light element from it which will come
    in very useful (for those who don't know, it heals over 900hp to all
    characters, but it's quite rare).
    After winning this battle you are rewarded by a gorgeous CG sequence.
    T H E   F I N A L   S H O W D O W N
    This is a SPOILER!!!  And you won't be overly chuffed with me if
    I spoil one of the biggest and best surprises in any Squaresoft
    game ever.  So please, if you don't wanna know, STOP READING NOW!!!
    Don't say I didn't warn you.
    Boss              Frozen Flame
    HP                Quite a few
    Location          Time Gate (on Opasa Beach)
    My party          Serge, Kidd, Ridel
    Element Level     8
    Surprise!  You wondered what happened to Schala after CT? Here's
    your answer.  Of course, your goal is NOT to defeat Schala; she's
    possibly the best NPC ever! (IMO It's a toss-up between her and
    Ellone from FF8 ^_^).  This battle isn't that hard, to be honest.
    I'd say it was only a little more difficult than the Fused Dragons,
    especially if your people die, but I beat it first time and no-one
    was KO'ed.
    To beat the FF normally, you've just got to use common sense, really;
    heal when you need to, hit it with everything (Heat, Meltstone... ^_^).
    If its attacks become too much, cast Mana Feeble.  You *CAN* run
    away from this battle!  So if you're gonna die, leg it.  Summoning
    will probably be good, but it's not necessary.  FF uses elements all
    the time so unless you have one of the '(Element) Earth' elements
    (ie Red Earth, White Earth etc), you probably won't have much luck
    in this department.  Having said that, it likes to continually cast
    green elements at the start of the battle, and the field effect will
    turn all green if you leave it up to the Frozen Flame.
    Just keep hitting it with everything (though white elements don't
    damage it much apart from Ultranova), and have some powerful healing
    spells, Cure Rest, Holy Light, Heal Wind (Still effective enough), and
    Heal Leaf if you have it.
    The FF should give up sooner or later, and then you've finished the
    best game ever!  But, unless you want a *proper* ending, you're gonna
    have to do it the hard(er) way.
    Defeating this offshoot of Lavos isn't enough, because that would
    surely kill Schala, too.  You can't leave it at that!  You've gotta
    rescue Schala!!  It takes a lot less time than killing the Flame
    normally, but it's a little harder.  Basically, you've got to have the
    Chrono Cross equipped, and you've got to line up the elements along the
    top of the screen, one of each, then use the Chrono Cross.  Sounds easy?
    Then, how's this:  you've got to do it in order.  The order is the same
    order the Moon Dragon appeared in (barring its initial white incarnation),
    and the order of the chimes in the 'crystal room' in Star Tower.  The
    order is: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, White then Chrono Cross.
    You've got to do it all consecutively and yep, you guessed it, FF
    has an uncanny knack of mucking up your combination ^_^.  This is
    the no-frills rough guide to doing it:
    Build everyone's Element level to 8.  Put some of each element in
    low-level slots (level 1 on Serge if possible).  When the Flame casts
    its second or third element, start building.  The Frozen Flame gets
    one attack to each of your six (I think).  Casting Chrono Cross will
    be tough cos you need to cast seven elements consecutively, no?  Read
    ----The solution----
    Firstly, you NEED Serge (you probably know this already but only he
    can equip the Chrono Cross).  Secondly, you absolutely MUST start
    the chain immediately after the Frozen Flame has cast an element or
    you won't be able to fit everything in.  Build everyone's stamina to
    7 or 8. With Serge, cast Uplift, then with character 2 use Tablet, have
    character 3 cast Needle, then Serge can cast Cura, character 2 casts
    Heavy Blow, Friction or Graviton, and have character 3 cast Recover.
    You will have time to get Serge's element level back up to 8 (see below),
    then cast Chrono Cross.  And enjoy the really lovely ending themes ^_^
    ----Stopping its attacks----
    This only works when you're trying to cast Chrono Cross (I think).  Casting
    a black then white element in a row stops the Frozen Flame attacking for the
    rest of the battle.  So after you've done that you've got as much time as 
    need to build your stamina back up.  You've probably got to complete the 
    for it to work though.  I'll test this more extensively at a later date.
    So... you think that's it?  The best game ever over and done with?
    Well, you're wrong :P
    T H E   B E G I N N I N G   A N D   T H E   E N D
    Again, this section is about the LAST BOSS.  And is a SPOILER.  So
    shut your eyes now if you don't wanna know.  Basically, in a New
    Game + you can fight the Last Boss right at the start of the game,
    with Serge alone.  Technically this bit should be in the first disc
    section.  But tough :P.  Is it possible to beat the last boss like
    this?  Of course!  Here we go:
    Boss              Frozen Flame
    HP                ????
    Location          Time Gate (on Opasa Beach)
    My party          Serge
    Element Level     8
    I managed this with 750 max HP and 115 attack power.
    The elements you have here are important.  Well, try and equip anything
    that will protect you against Beserk and/or Freeze (if such an armour/
    accessory exists in CC), because if you are beserked you lose control
    of the battle and if you're frozen it's game over automatically.  Take
    along your M-Eraser elements and cast them if he keeps casting Hellplant
    and Omega Green.  For healing purposes, Cure Rest, Heal and Heal Leaf in
    high slots and of course Holy Light is good.  Start the battle by casting
    Mana Feeble.
    Basically, every turn hit until you have 1 stamina left, then cast an
    element.  And that's basically it.  Heal when needed and remember to
    use those M-Erasers if you have them.
    ...But!  There is a way to make this battle a peice o' cake.  As soon as
    the Flame casts a black element, cast a white one *immediately*.  This
    will stop it attacking you altogether and now you can just hit it until
    it goes belly-up.  But don't use elements once you've locked out the FF's
    attacks or it might start attacking again.
    One final note, watch out for Black Hole.  If there's a spell that
    can totally decimate the hell out of you in one fell swoop, this is
    it.  Mr. Freeze likes to cast it just to tease you; "ah good" you think,
    "it's casting a black element! Now I can counter with white and stop
    its attacks!".  Then you die.  So if it starts casting black elements,
    heal *fully*.  Black Hole has been known to take up to 600HP away, even
    on New Game +.
    That's it.  Easier than it first sounds ^^.
    E T E R N A L L Y   M I S C E L L A N E O U S
    Here are some fights that I couldn't (be bothered to) categorise
    anywhere else.
    Boss              Soy Sauce, Mayonnaise, Vinegar (Slash, Flea, Ozzie)
    HP                ????, ????, ????
    Location          End of Time, Back Room
    My party          Orlha, Kidd, Dragonchild (Use Spriggan!! You'll see
    Element Level     8
    Yay!  I was so pleased to see these guys!  Flea still looks like a woman
    (I still reckon she is and I don't care what the symbol says :P)
    Ozzie is just as ugly as before, and Slash is...  Well, Slash.  For
    those of you who haven't played Chrono Trigger (and I recommend you do,
    lots of references to CT in CC), the 'Slash' you face here isn't the
    rock star 'Slash' who befriends you in CC, he's Ozzie's buddy and Magus'
    henchman Slash from Trigger.  This battle can be very difficult.
    Somehow, I managed it first time (but failed the second time I tried it ^^)
    Since this battle is only accessible from New Game + mode, you can
    bring along someone other than Serge for the battle.
    Actually, the party I picked turned out pretty good; Orlha is a Blue
    elemental; Flea's opposite.  DragonChild and Kidd are Fire elementals;
    Slash's opposite.  This is a good thing; 2 fire elementals here really
    helps because Flea has the most damaging attack that does roughly 200 to
    everyone (250-300 for Orlha) and casts berserk on everyone at the same time.
    To win, you've got to take out Flea first so she can't do that attack
    that berserks everyone and causes nasty damage to everyone.  Ozzie tends
    to cast a very handy spell (handy for the enemy party, not you) that
    makes hitting them with anything, physical attacks or elemental, impossible
    for a few turns.  It's best to have one character hit three or four
    time here and defend with everyone else.  When the character hits,
    that's your cue!  Let rip with all you've got because it's only a matter
    of time before Ozzie will cast it again.  I killed Slash secondly, but it's
    probably better to deal with Ozzie so he can't cast that element.  That 
    Slash hits you often; Ozzie barely attacks at all (He always was a
    coward :-P). Once Flea is taken out, the fight should be relatively easy.
    One last thing, if you take Spriggan along, defeat all three of these with 
    they are added to his style copy list and even have cross attacks with some
    other characters ^^).  Thanks to Elranzer for reminding me about this.  Oh,
    and Elranza also told me that this fight is much easier if you use M-Eraser
    so Flea's beserk-all attack doesn't work.  Thanks again!
    Boss              Ginger X (aka Jinjerks)
    HP                Enough :)
    Location          Sand Cave (Another)
    My party          Serge and whoever
    Element Level     8
    This solution was submitted by Elranzer.  Big thanyou! (it would've taken me
    forever to do one myself ^_^)
    1. You HAVE TO Steal (with Farga) the Yellow Plate from Earth Dragon. This
    makes all attack yellow spells affect the wearer as if they were Cure
    2. Put it on your best physical attacker (Serge) and he will never be hurt,
    or his HP will be filled since Ginger X uses NOTHING but Yellow Magic!!
    That's it, short, sweet and simple ^_^
    If you missed the yellow plate, then beating it on a new game + is very
    possible (but it's a difficult fight, not because his attaks are hard,
    because he has so many HP you'll be running out of heal elements, and
    I took a *lot*).  I'll be trying to tackle this on a normal game, and
    I'll write it up if I succeed :D  So wish me luck.
    There you go.  I hope I've cleared up all the major problems in beating
    the bosses!  This is the last major update of this guide for a while
    (probably until the English version is released anyway).
    The next update will probably be 1.0, and will mainly feature corrections,
    more concise information (or, where needed, more in-depth and accurate
    information), each boss' element, gender and maybe a list of their
    elements and special attacks.
    Later everyone :D
    |3. Boss List|
    - Disk 1 bosses
          - In the Beginning
                - Mother Kodomo Lizard
                - Karsh, Sugar, Salton
                - Sugar & Salton
          - To Yamaneko's Manor
                - Skarf, Wingar, Wingel (Alf's path)
                - Zoah, Sugar, Salton (Slash's path)
                - ????,????,???? (Pierre's path)
          - Inside the Mansion
                - Marcella
                - Yamaneko
                - Tukuyomi
          - Hidora Swamp
                - Flying Hidora
                - Hidora
          - The strange ship
                - Bird
                - Farga
                - Daimonja
          - Attack of the Little Men!
                - 5 Dwarfs
                - Dwarf Tank
          - Asbestos Underpants
                - Sugar, Salton
                - Fire Dragon
                - Zoah, Marcella, Karsh
          - Eerie Tower
                - Acacian Rider
                - Massive Gel
                - Drago
                - Sun Facer
                - Kamei
                - Jyakotu
                - Yamaneko
          - The 'Miscellaneous' bit
                - Radius
                - Kenja
                - Garai
          - Better Than Esthar!
                - Kevin
                - **** Spoiler!
          - Snakebone Manor revisited
                - Laum
                - Evil Orcha
                - Gyadrun
                - Adios
          - The 'Miscellaneous' bit part 2
                - Starchild
                - Orlha
                - Tyranno
          - The 6 Elemental Dragons
                - Fire dragon
                - Black dragon
                - Earth dragon
                - Water dragon
                - Green dragon
                - Sky dragon
          - Two of the Best
                - **** Spoiler!
                - Dario
    - Disk 2 bosses
          - A Mysterious Place
                - Vita 3
                - Beryl
                - **** Spoiler!
          - The Deep
                - Jelly King
          - The Beginning Of The End?
                - Doll Clay
                - Doll Magma
                - Doll Wind
                - Doll Heavy
                - Doll Holy
                - Doll Ice
                - **** Spoiler!
          - The Final Showdown
                - **** Spoiler!
          - The Beginning and The End
                - **** Spoiler!
          - Eternally Miscellaneous
                - Soy Sauce, Mayonnaise, Vinegar
                - Ginger X
    |T h a n k s  &  L i n k s|
    T H A N K S   T O
    Squaresoft for being generally the best; for making the best games
    ever, the best games of this year and the last great games of the
    millennium; Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy VIII.
    Toastyfrog (J. Parish) for his brilliant Chrono Cross FAQ, I wouldn't
    have known what to do and where to go in CC without it!  Thanks also for
    letting me use the bosses' names translations.
    Andrew Dean, whose Xenogears and Final Fantasy 7 debug room guides
    inspired me to write an FAQ in the first place; at first it was to
    be FF8 secrets, but now here we are.  Oh, and he's posted this on his
    page, too.  Thanks, Deano ^_^
    CB For her funky character guide that has helped me get a lot of
    characters (some of which I'd never even heard of), and will help
    me get the rest of them!  Even though I'll probably still only use the
    same 10! :)
    GameFAQs, Andrew Dean, Al Amaloo and RPG Vortex for hosting this guide
    on their sites :D
    Elranzer (William Rozell) for a whole load of stuff; reassuring me about
    some stuff to do with the last boss, telling me some correct names (Jinjerks
    is Ginger X, Sugar is Sugar Lou (haven't changed that yet though)), the
    elemental dragons' true names, etc.  Thanks.  Check out his site (in the
    links section), and also his no-nonsense Chrono Cross FAQ (just what you're
    looking for if you need a quick hint).
    And of course, you, for taking time out to read this.  Hope it helped
    in some way!
    L I N K S
    Star Dream        - http://legacy.square-online.com/stardream
    Shameless plug for my unfinished page :D  Please go there ^_^  lol then 
    to see how much it sucks and never return ^^
    Toastyfrog Jump!  - http://www.toastyfrog.com/
    A cool page for anime and Chrono Cross!  And it's also one of the funniest
    sites I've ever seen :D Download Toastyfrog's incredible CC walkthrough/faq
    here.  Easily the best CC FAQ around.
    Andrew Dean's page- http://www.ravensnest.demon.co.uk/
    Home of some splendid FAQs by A. Dean.  Including FF7, Xenogears and FF8
    debug room FAQs, Omega Boost,  Driver, etc...  And this FAQ too :)
    It's just been revamped and looks funkier than Citan's touch of death
    attack.  So check it out!
    The Secret of 006 - http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/cafe/9196/
    Mrs. Shinomori's page :D  Go see her cool artworks! ^_^  I really recommend
    this one.
    K-Chan's pages    - http://members.tripod.com/K-chanLeonhart/
                      - http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Shrine/6660/webring.html
    A talented fanartist, has fanart from ff8 including ellone (She's so hard
    to find on the net yet she's so kawaii!).  Go see ^^
    GameAdvice        - http://www.gameadvice.com/
    RPG Vortex        - http://www.rpg-vortex.com/
    Two more really funky sites that are now hosting this FAQ ^_^  Thanks!
    GameFAQs          - http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    If you're reading this you've probably been here already.  If not, go see!
    The best collection of gaming help ever!  Written by the people for the 
    Err, I'll shut up now.
    Elranzer's CC site  - http://www.ChronoCross.cjb.net/
    I haven't had time to check this out yet (if it's up yet), but it'll
    be worth a look so go take a peek.
    This FAQ is copyright (c)1999 Steven Hand :P - So don't nick it!
    (well, at least don't change it, don't charge for it and credit me if you do
    display it or any info from it on the net or anywhere else).

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