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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Elranzer

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    Chrono Cross - The Complete Walkthrough
    Author: Elranzer
    System: Sony PlayStation
    Version: 7.0
    E-mail: faqs@elranzer.com
    This FAQ is copyright 2000 to me. Do not copy it, plagiarize it, and especially 
    do not rip off my writing techniques.
    Despite its alarmingly small size, this is a complete walkthrough. However, it 
    does not contain a lot of extra garbage that would make it too long to print. In 
    fact it covers all possible paths through the game at each storyline junction. 
    This is a print-friendly guide, and has been re-designed from the ground up to 
    make it even more print-friendly than the original was in 1999. The guide is 
    spoiler-free and inspired by Versus Guides.
    Events are defined as entering an area and completing tasks before moving to 
    another area on the world map. I will tell you where to go and what to do next, 
    but it is up to you to explore the areas, solve the puzzles, beat the bosses and 
    find the good Elements.
    This guide is optimized for printing with Microsoft Word, with 1" top/bottom 
    margins and 0.92" left/right margins. It will most likely look odd through a web 
    browser. However, it should print fine with any browser or Word Processor, as 
    long as set those margins through the Page Setup feature.
    Total Pages: 10
    Table of Contents
    A. Welcome Page				01
    B. Walkthrough				02
    ..... Disc 1				02
    ........... Events 01 ~ 06		02
    ........... Events 07 ~ 11		03
    ........... Events 11 ~ 18		04
    ........... Events 19 ~ 26		05
    ........... Events 27 ~ 34		06
    ........... Events 35 ~ 41		07
    ..... Disc 2				08
    ........... Events 42 ~ 47		08
    ........... Events 43 ~ 50		09
    C. Extra Quests				10
    						-- 01 --
    Walkthrough : Disc 1
    1. ??????
    - Find your way to the pillar of light
    - Step on the glowing magenta platform, press <CIRCLE>
    - Enter the gate
    2. Arni Village
    - Talk to Marge (Mom)
    - Go to the docks and talk to Leena
    - Get a Shellfish Window Skin from the item stand
    - Get the Shark Amulet from some guy in his basement
    - You may get the Heckran Bone under the bed in the bar
    - DO NOT let Poshul (the dog, I think that's what it is) join you!!
    - Leave
    3. Lizard Rock
    - Push the boulder in front of the cave, fight the first Komodo
    - Use the cliff to leap onto the second Komodo
    - You must just chase and fight the third Komodo, then fight Mama Kodomo
    - Exit left to the beach, it's all straight forward to...
    - Go to Arni and talk to Marge and Leena
    - Go to where you got the Shark Amulet to get Mojo
    - Go to the Cape Howl and examine the tombstone
    - Fight Karsh, Solt, and Peppor
    - Name Kid but DON'T let her join you (second option, three times)
    - Leena and Poshul joins (this is the ONLY way to get Leena!)
    - With either Kid or Leena/Poshul, procede to the Hydra Swamp
    5. Hydra Swamp
    - Go northwest, find a guy who will give you the Radioactive Suit
    - Leave for now, go to the Fossil Valley
    6. Fossil Valley
    - Cool music, go up the ladder
    - Here, get the Skull for a character named Skelly
    - Also get the Bell Flowers and the Giant Egg (near the bird)
    - Go back to the first screen, exit left, fight Solt and Peppor
    						-- 02 --
    7. Termina
    - Go to the statue at the top of town (get Kid, maybe)
    - Go to very east side of town, give flowers to Glenn
    - Choice One: Get Guile - Talk to him in the bar
    - Choice Two: Get Nikki - Talk to Miki on Magical Dreamers ship
    - Choice Three: Get Pierre - In Smithy, get his Badge from little boy outside
    - You cannot get all three on one regular game, wait until you beat it...
    8-A. Guile to Viper Manor
    - In Termina, find Korcha's boat
    - The rest is easy, fight up the cliff
    8-B. Nikki to Viper Manor
    - Find Slash in waterfall in Shadow Forest
    - Get Aroma Bag, use it to lure Gels to sleeping plant monster with pollen
    - Go through tree, be sure to block the hole with the cricket monsters inside
    8-C. Pierre to Viper Manor
    - Go through the front gate
    9. Manor Outside
    - Observe that the front door is locked
    - The key is in the top right corner of the Dragon-feeding den
    - You must play the drogon-feeding game at least once
    10. Viper Manor
    - "Radical Dreamers" was this whole section only!
    - Rotate snake statue, fall in trap
    - Fight guards, take clothing, go in west rooms
    - In Kitchen, talk to Glenn, then go to his room, he'll write the statue combo
    - In east rooms, try to take the pendant, fall into another trap
    - Fight Luccia's Frankenstein Onion Knights
    - Back in entrance, use correct combo on snake statue
    - Go west, to library (is this Belthaser...?) Search around, fight li'l Marcy
    - Talk to old man, go back to large room, search pillars for a switch
    - Fight guards, take elevator-throne to high levels, go in right door
    - Fight Lynx, then there's some scenes, I won't spoil much now...
    11-A. Guldove - Macha's Mission
    - Do NOT opt to save Kid (all top choices to Korcha)
    - Get Pelvis for Skelly from trading girl near the boat
    - Talk to Mamacha and everyone else in Guldove
    - Take Korcha's boat to Termina, go to entrance, see Glenn
    - Go back to boat, you'll get Glenn and Macha, go to Foggy Sea east of El Nido
    - Do the "Pirate Ghosts" section then return to Guldove for Doc and Kid
    						-- 03 --
    11-B. Guldove - Korcha's Mission
    - Opt to save Kid yourself (bottom choices to Korcha)
    - Get Pelvis for Skelly from trading girl near the boat
    - Take boat to Termina, you cannot get Glenn, but get Greco anyway
    - Go to Opassa Beach, use Kid's Astral Amulet to wormhole back HOME
    - Go to Hydra Marsh, fight Pipapipa and get flute, use it at north most section
    - Fight Giant Hydra Insect, then Kracken thingie, the get Razzly the fairy
    - Procede until you fight Hydra Centipede, get medicine, return to Guldove
    - Be sure to chase and catch Mel if you want her later (Only with Korcha)
    - Get Kid, proceed to "Pirate Ghosts" section (Go to the Foggy Mist)
    12. Pirate Ghosts
    - Go to the foggy shroud between El Nido and the Sea of Eden
    - Once the ghosts attack, observe that the main door is locked
    - Kill all skeletons and talk to all pirates to find the key
    - Find your way to deck, fight the jelly-like Diamond Jar 
    13. Burnt-Out Hermit's Hideaway
    - Fight Harle, get her Moon Glasses accessory (a good one)
    14. Viper Manor/Termina
    - Get Luccia in the manor
    - Get Greco in Termina
    15. Arni Village (HOME)
    - Talk to old fisherman near Leena, he'll take you to Water Dragon Isle
    - Here, make your way to the Water Dragon, he'll give you the Icey Breath
    16. East Coast of El Nido (ANOTHER)
    - Go through Mount Pyre; use Icey Breath to freeze the lava
    - You should be sick of the next area by now...
    17. Dragonian Fort
    - Solve each of the puzzles and bosses (I'll let you figure them out)
    - For one of the annoying puzzles, you will have to switch character order
    - After completing the puzzles, you can proceed to the second floor
    - After Sun Face boss, it's same as the intro, you know what to do
    - Lynx and Master Viper are here, be prepared to fight...
    18. ABSTRACT WORLD and Beyond
    - Shake an apple from the tree, Sprigg comes out
    - Go in her house, she'll join you (Yes, Sprigg's all woman!)
    - Go north to weird room, follow Serge in each door he goes in (from your floor)
    - Harle joins! Now leave, you'll be in Hydra (HOME)
    - Try to go through the Wormhole on the beach, and the Fossil Valley
    - Go to Aruni, talk to Marge, fight Radius, now go through Fossil Valley
    - Get Zappa and Van in Termina
    						-- 04 --
    19. Viper Manor
    - With Radius, enter through woods entrance (Nikki's path)
    - Get Skelly's Shoulders in the waterfall, if you haven't already
    - Now in the dungeon, talk to Norris, he'll join only if Radius is there
    - Go to Termina, you can now use a blow-up raft where Nikki's ship used to be
    20. El Nido Triangle
    - Swim to the bottom, get the Star Fish Crest
    21. Sky Dragon's Isle
    - Check chest, fight Starky, get him
    22. Marbule
    - Talk to Toma, everything you can say, and the other guy
    - Sleep in the "inn," talk to Irenes the Mermaid at night
    23. Fargo's Zelbess
    - Try to go through door at bottom of boat (you can't, but Sage will)
    - See Sneff's magic show, then talk to Fargo, attempt to play Roulette
    - Go to Inn, see manager in a worry at his cat, be turned into cats by Sneff
    - Go up ladder in Inn, get the Handle
    - Play Fargo at Roulette again, he'll lose, now go through that door
    - Fight Sage, get the Crab Key
    - You can now get Irenes and Miki here on the boats
    24. Sea of Eden
    - Use the Crab Key from the raft
    - Enter, you'll see the Masamune
    - After chat, go to Hermit's Hideaway, talk to Radius, get Garai's Keepsake
    25. Island of the Damned
    - Get Mixed Bones for Skelly in cave at northwest of first screen
    - Find your way to the left-most mirror (go down through the snake skeleton)
    - Fight Garai (the coolest character in the game, too bad you can't be him...)
    - Get Einlanzer (Elranzer... ^_^), use it to smash the Masamune in the Sea of 
    26. Mysterious City (Sea of Eden)
    - Make your way to the center building
    - In this mall-type place there's a way too familiar area from Chrono Trigger
    - Fight Miguel here, and the city will be destroyed (Sky Dragon will get you)
    						-- 05 --
    27. Termina/Viper Manor (ANOTHER)
    - Go to the bar, there's a hidden room here, get either Zoah or Karsh
    - Go to Viper Manor. and talk to Norris in a west room from entrance
    - Go to the sewer grating near the kitchen, first find and turn off the valve
    - Back in the first section, now you can cross, turn off a second valve here
    - Next screen, turn the valve up, then go back around to the other side
    - Turn it down, then procede, you'll fight a big bug, then the Evil Chef
    - After all that, head toward the library, you'll fight Grobye and Mecha
    - Escape to the library, fight Mecha again, then escape out the window
    - Grobye will now join, you can now leave
    28. Guldove
    - Fight Orlha
    - You'll get her Broach, give it back once you're Serge again to join you
    29. Hydra Swamp
    - Look around, you'll find Skelly's Spine in a cave
    30. Water Dragon Isle
    - Some guy'll give you Skelly's Ribs, now he's all good to go
    - Skelly'll join in Termina, the house near Master Viper's Statue
    31. Hermit's Hideaway
    - Many people will join, but Harle leaves (FOR GOOD!!)
    - Triggers the Kid/Evil Serge event
    32. Sky Dragon Isle
    - Trigger the events by talking to the Sky Dragon (ANOTHER)
    - There are eight dragons, one for each element
    - Remember to Loot (Fargo), each dragon has an element-blocking armor
    - They are the most basic elemental enemies (ie. Use opposite element spells!)
    - Opposite element characters deal and recieve 2X damage
    - Same element characters deal and recieve 1/2 damage
    - Same element spells will HEAL them
    - There may or may not be a specific order, but this one works
    33. The Water Dragon (HOME)
    - Go to the Water Dragon's Shrine (Fairy Island)
    - He's at the bottom, of course
    34. The Fire Dragon (ANOTHER)
    - Go to Mount Pyre
    - Go to the lava waterfall room, go down the first fall and into the door
    - The dragon is the little one, not Salamander
    						-- 06 --
    35. The Green Dragon (HOME)
    - Go to ANOTHER Hydra Swamp, get the Cactus (Pipapipa has it) and Flower
    - Go to HOME Hydra Swamp, use the Pipa Flte near the second Pipapipa
    - The Hydra Bug will take you to Gaea's Naval
    - Here, get Leea, and deafeat ALL the Walking Mosquitos and Giant Birds
    - If you did, the Tyrano will appear, behind him is the Green Dragon
    - Be sure to cast any non-green spell if the dragon casts Green Field
    36. The Black Dragon (ANOTHER)
    - Bring Fargo to see his HOME self on the Zelbess
    - After the Magical Dreamers concert, go to Mabulle and defeat ALL the Efts
    - Go to ANOTHER Marbule and the dragon is in the cave
    - You may NOT have to fight him for the Black Crest if you've got Pierre
    37. The Earth Dragon (HOME)
    - On the Earth Dragon's Isle, go into the big patch o' sand
    - You should be in a cave, go left and down, get the dynamite from the guy
    - You must kill and push each turtle into the geyser holes
    - The dynamite blows up the right-most turtle
    - Jump into the new geyser and fight the dragon (STEAL HIS YELLOW PLATE!)
    38. The Sky Dragon (ANOTHER)
    - Go back to his shrine, FIGHT!
    39. Guldove (ANOTHER)
    - Show the broken crystal to Direa and Steena, get the Six-Slotted Amulet
    - Show this to the guard of Steena's tent in HOME Gardove
    - Bring Steena to Dragonian Shrine
    40. Dragon Shrine (HOME)
    - Just like the ANOTHER one, except no bosses, solve all riddles
    - Put the Amulet in the slot at the entrance
    - Fight Human Lynx in the elevator room
    - Go down, and place the giant egg in the center to get Draggy
    - Go up, go into the main room, you'll see what happens...
    41. Sea of Eden (HOME)
    - With Einlanzer-equipped Glenn and Steena, go to a portal
    				    End Walkthrough : Disc 1
    						-- 07 --
    42. Isles of the Fates
    - Go to each island
    - The third one should have a fight with the Fates
    43. Eerie Chronopolis
    - A surprise battle ahead
    - Find a hatch in a computer room; go into the basement 
    - Use the remote-controlled robot to turn on a bridge
    - In the main room, go right to the stairs room
    - Sprigg's Forget-Me-Not Pot is in the bottom-most chest here
    - Go to floor two, in a room you can activate the elevator
    - Go to floors three and four, observe everything, you cannot get into one room
    - Go to the first floor, on the docks, talk to the blue ghost (he should leave)
    - Go to the room you couldn't enter, get the Card Key to the basement
    - In the basement, there's another cool scene
    - Now that the seventh dragon is here, the seventh element is activated
    44. Divine Dragon Falls (HOME or ANOTHER)
    - The falls are just east of the Fossil Valley
    - The pillars may be in either ANOTHER or HOME's falls, depending on whatever
    - Use the two Crystal Fragments on the pillars
    - You'll now get the Chrono Cross spell and item, place it in Serge's first slot
    - Note the colored balls that appear in battle now
    45. The Masamune Quest (HOME)
    - You'll need Riddle and Karsh
    - Fight Solt and Peppor at Island of the Damned (ANOTHER)
    - Go to the hidden island on the northeast corner of El Nido (HOME)
    - Use the pendant (I think) and this'll trigger a fight with Dario
    - The Masamune turns into the smashing swallow, Mastermune
    - Put Glenn in the front posiotion and bring him to Dario's grave
    - With the Einlanzer equipped, you can pull out the other one in his grave
    - With two Einlanzers, Glenn is the most powerfull character in the game
    46. Hermit's Hideaway ~ Lucca's House
    - Go to the island, you'll see Kid
    - If you have the Mastermune, you'll enter a dream
    - In Lucca's house, look around, there's a trap door in the upper-east room
    - In the first room, press L2, Triangle, R2, and Triangle on the machine
    - You'll get Kid's Level 7 Attack
    - You'll need Lucca's Super Deluxe Ice Ray from one room to kill the flames
    - Reach Kid, the dream's over
    47. El Nido Triangle (ANOTHER)
    - Take Starky; fight the Giant Jellyfish at the bottom of the sea
    - The Jellyfish is weak only to Fire, not even physical attacks!
    - Now take the flying boat to Floating Dinopolis
    						-- 08 --
    48. Floating Dinopolis ~ Terra Tower
    - Here is pretty straightforward, defeat the six elemental Dolls
    - You can use Trap Elements to get the Bosses's summons spells
    - At the end, you'll encounter the Lunar Dragon
    - Notice the order of colors of which he changes into, write them down
    - If you beat him, the Frozen Flame gets lost in a time warp
    - You'll get the Time Egg
    49. Opassa Beach (HOME)
    - Talk to the three familiar characters
    - Use the Time Egg (The Chrono Trigger) on the pink Wormhole when you're ready
    50. Grand Finale: Into the Tesseract
    - Method One: KILL Time Devourer along with ??????! You'll get the Bad Ending
    - Method Two: Save ?????? from Time Devourer! 
    - You must cast spells, make the balls appear in order of the Lunar Dragon
    - The song is: Earth, Fire, Tree, Water, Gravity, Sky, and Chrono Cross
    - It helps if you build everyone to Slot 8 and have each element in Slot 1
    - Use healing spells so Time Devourer won't counter and screw up your ball order
    				    End Walkthrough : Disc 2
    						-- 09 --
    Extra Quests 
    *** New Game + ***
    - You'll have the Time Egg to fight Time Devourer at any time
    - The Pass will transform Serge to anyone you want from your party
    - The Speed Control lets you Fast-Forward or Slow the ROM with L2 or R2
    - The game remembers who you had when you beat Time Devourer for later
    - The following only apply to New Game +
    *** Secret Programmer's Rooms ***
    - Beat Time Devourer with ONLY Serge at the beginning of a New Game +
    - Use elements that power up your strength, and lower TD's magic power
    - Do not waste turns with attack magic, use only physical attacks, it's easy!
    *** Character Cross ***
    - In New Game +, go to ABSTRACT WORLD, use the Chrono Cross item
    - You'll pull in all characters you had at beating the game before
    - No matter what, you can never get Harle back (well, without Gameshark...)
    *** Getting ALL the Characters ***
    - This is annoying and redundant, but it will get you even Harle back
    - It involves beating the game FIVE TIMES!!!!!!
    - Beat the game the first time to get New Game +, play it
    - Work your way up to getting Harle and Lynx, then beat it again
    - Now Harle is saved to your New Game +
    - Beat the game three more times, each to get Guile, Pierre, and Nikki
    - It takes a while, but it gets rid of that ANNOYING hole where Harle was
    *** Ozzie, Slash, and Flea ***
    - Go to the Bend of Time (the circle of islands near El Nido in HOME)
    - Go into the door, talk to the blob, and run around the room three times
    - You need the Forget-Me-Not Pot from Chronopolis
    - Equip Serge (or your best fighter) with the Forget-Me-Not Pot
    - Cast MagNegate right away to block Flea's Charm Spell
    - Use Serge (whoever has the F-M-N Pot) to finish them off
    - Sprigg can now Dopplegang the three bosses!
    - Slash (Sprigg) can do a Triple Tech with Serge and Kid
    *** Earth, Wind, and Fire: the Criosphinx ***
    - He's the big bonus super-boss but has a great item
    - Answer his riddles, the answers are all colors (use Elements)
    - Just in case, have someone wear a Yellow Plate
    - If you cannot answer his riddles, prepare to fight!
    						-- 10 --

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