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    Game Script by Sheamon

    Version: 2.4 | Updated: 09/23/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Complete Chrono Cross Script
    Version 2.4
    Last Updated on 9/23/2001
    Table of Contents
    I. Script Info
       A. Things to Notice
       B. Disclaimer
       C. Author Info
       D. FAQ
       E. Versions
       F. Key
    II. Script Disc 1
        A. The Komodo Quest
        B. Trapped in Another World
        C. Termina
           Branch 1: Guile
           Branch 2: Pierre
           Branch 3: Nikki
        D. Viper Manor
        E. Kid's Illness
        F. Hermit's Hideaway Destroyed
        G. The S.S. Invincible
        H. The Ice Breath
        I. Mount Pyre
        J. Fort Dragonia
        K. Trapped in A Dimensional Vortex
        L. Return to Home
        M. Early Sidequests
           1. Recruiting Mojoy
           2. Recruiting Zappa
           3. Recruiting Van
           4. Recruiting Starky
           5. Skelly Sidequest
        N. S.S. Zelbess
        O. The Masamune and Einlanzer
        P. The Dead Sea
        Q. Return to Viper Manor
        R. Return to Hermit's Hideaway
        S. More Sidequests
    	  1. Confrontation with Solt & Peppor
            2. Dario
            3. Return to Hydra Marsh
            4. Return to Guldove
            5. Recruiting Janice
            6. The Criosphinx
            7. Revival of Marbule
            8. Recruiting Draggy
    	  9. The Master Hammer
    	 10. Glenn's return to Termina
        T. The 6 Dragons
        U. Return to Fort Dragonia
    III. Script Disc 2
         A. Chronopolis
         B. Lucca's House Aflame
         C. The Spaceship
         D. Terra Tower
         E. The Last Sidequests
         F. The Final Battle
    IV. Endings Scripts
        A. Regular Ending
        B. Chrono Cross Ending
        C. Developer's Room Ending
    V. Other Scripted Parts
       A. The Solt and Peppor Battles
    VI. Villager Dialogue
        A. Arni Village
        B. Arni Village(Another World)
        C. Chronopolis
    IA. Things to Notice
    Here is the complete script to the U.S. version of Chrono Cross.  I made this
    guide so people like myself could use it as a story reference to refresh certain
    parts of the story, get favorite quotes, etc...
    Obviously, the exact text may differ from the text you see when you play?  Why?
    Well, Chrono Cross has 44 different playable characters, and it is virtually
    impossible to get every single character's text for a scene.  The character who's
    text appears at that part of the script is the character I used, so when you
    play you might get something different.  I also fixed any gramatical and spelling
    errors I found in the text.
    Seeing as I am a college student, have a job and work on 2 web sites, do not
    expect this to be updated frequently.  Don't be surprised if it takes a few months
    for it to be completed, after all, it will contain the entire story, plus all
    sidequests and the dialogue from all the town people as well when it's finished!
    It's gonna be a huge project, but eventually it will be finished.
    The story part of the script is finished. Currently, the script is being revised in order to
    have dialogue from all the possible answers you can give when asked, and the text for each of
    the parts that branch out (like at Termina) Once that part of the script is finished, I will
    go back and get village people dialogue as well.  If anyone wants to do this part in order
    to hasten this script's completion, you can email me asking to help.
    This script has every spoiler imaginitable.  So, if you haven't beaten the game yet
    I suggest you don't read those parts you haven't gotten to yet!
    IB. Disclaimer
    The copyright to the game Chrono Cross, and all it's characters and terms belong
    to Squaresoft.  However, this written down version of the script belongs to me.
    It may not be copied in any way, whether on paper or electronically without my
    permission.  If you want permission to put it on your site unaltered, email me at
    bshea@worldnet.att.net and give me a good reason why you want to use my work.  The
    following sites have gained my permission:
    If you see the script on a page not listed here, please notify me.  I would really
    appreciate it.
    IC. Author Info
    Main Author
    Job: Everything but Village Dialogue
    The author of this is Sheamon, who can be reached at cain@xenogears.org for all
    comments and suggestions.  I have also done the complete xenogears script, which
    can be found at http://xenoquarters.xenogears.org and GameFAQs.  I also work at Ground
    Zero Network, located at http://www.gznetwork.com, and am the webmaster for Visions of
    Escaflowne, located at http://www.escaflowneonline.com.  My aliases include Sheex The Dark
    Stalker, ^^^IONS^^^ and Emperor Cain.
    Job: Village Dialogue
    Clint wrote this...I don't have a fancy nickname...a kid once called me
    "guy", but that's probably because he didn't know who I was.  Anyhow, you
    may have seen my work...ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE!!!  That's right...I've never
    done a damn thing on the internet.  I beat Chrono Cross and got almost
    everything available (that I knew about), but I still wanted to do something
    with it...and decided to write [this part of] the script.  I can be contacted at
    mephistopholes@prodigy.net if you want to criticize, compliment, or make
    a suggestion about my work.
    ID. FAQ
    Q. Are you going to do the Chrono Trigger Script as Well?
    A. No. The Chrono Trigger Script is already on the web, so there's no need for
    me to do it.
    Q. Know of any good Chrono Cross sites?
    A. See www.chronoshock.com, the only good site I've seen dedicated to Chrono
    Cross so far.
    Q. Are you going to contain any walkthrough info here?
    A. No, this is just for the script.  There's plenty of other walkthroughs at
    www.gamefaqs.com . Use one of them.
    IE. Versions
    Added the Draggy, Master Hammer, and Glenn returns to Termina sidequests. Also
    added all the 'villager dialogue' for Chronopolis.
    Well... its been around 6 months but I've finally gotten around to working on
    this again.  I suppose some explanation is needed.  When I started this script a
    little over a year ago, I was greatly helped by the fact that I was able to use a laptop
    to type down all the dialogue.  Without the laptop, I would have to write by hand everything
    down then go and type that on my computer.  Well, with the help of the laptop I was able
    to get pretty much the entire script done. However, since it was lent to my by my school,
    I had to return it in December, mere days after the last real update.  I'm glad to say
    that this semester I've once again been lent a laptop and am able to do extensive work on
    this script again.  What remains?  There's a few sidequests to do, all of the New Game +
    endings, and villager dialogue.  So look forward to plenty of that stuff over the coming
    weeks as I wrap this gigantic project up.  And what do I have for you now? I've got the
    Criosphinx sidequest dialogue up, check it out in the second sidequest section for the first
    disc.  I've also got all the dialogue from the Developer's Ending, including the all
    converstions with every person you can talk to there. Its the first of the New Game + endings
    to make it to the script. Expect more updates in the coming days/weeks/months as this project
    heads towards completion.
    2.2 minor revision
    Updated email address and site address.
    Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it?  I've been really busy with school and websites, which
    is why I haven't updated this in a while. Clint has taken up the task of doing village dialogue
    for this script, and has submitted the dialogue for Arni Village in both the Home and Another
    World.  He also submitted the Recruiting Mojoy sidequest, which can be found in the first
    sidequest section.
    I've added the second answers you could have given during the part of the game up
    to Viper Manor. You can tell it's the second answer by the {} Brackets that surround it.
    Look at the key for more info, it's not too difficult to understand. I also added the Pierre
    Branch of the quest.
    I'm glad to say that the first edition of the script is complete. Today I finally got
    the script done through the ending.  Just to note, the dialogue from the book FMV at
    the end has some text missing, since I couldn't type fast enough to catch up.  I'll be sure
    to fix that up soon.  So, what's next?  Well, this script is still far from done!  Now
    I'll be going through the game again, going down the paths I didn't in the first, and
    getting those characters I missed.  I'll also be doing the second choice that I didn't
    do when asked questions so I can get the opposite reaction.  And finally, I'll be
    getting the dialogue from the additional ending.  I'm taking a break for a few days, I
    hope you enjoy the first finished version!
    The rest of the Terra Tower part has been added.
    Sorry for not updating this lately, I've been quite busy.  The script now goes up to
    the Dragon God fight.
    The script goes through Terra Tower, up through the defeat of the Aquator.
    The script now goes up to when you reach Terra Tower.
    The Return to Fort Dragonia and Chronopolis sections have been added to the script.
    The dialogue from the various ghosts and computers that I felt were necessary were
    put in, but some things may have been missed.  In version 2, after the story script
    is finished, I’ll go back and get dialogue from the other ghosts and computers.  Also,
    the Dario sidequest has been added in the sidequest section.
    Huuuuuuggggggeeeee update today.  The following sidequests have been added in the
    second sidequest section: Recruiting Janice, The Orlha fight in Guldove, Return to
    the Hydra Marshes, The Revival of Marbule and the Isle of the Damned fight with Solt
    and Peppor where you learn more of Karsh's past.  Also, the whole Dragon Quest part has
    been added to the script.
    Another big update, The script now goes up to the part where Harle leaves the
    Wow, three updates in three days.  Just goes to show how much I want to complete this.
    And using a lap top to do it makes everything a lot easier and quicker.  Anyway, I've
    updated it through the events in the Dead Sea. It goes up to when the Sky Dragon
    drops you off at Marbule.
    I added the Zappa, Starky and Van sidequests, and updated the script up to the part
    when you get the Fiddler Crab from the Marbule Sage on the S.S. Zelbess.
    I added a lot more to the script, it now goes up the part where Harle, Lynx and
    Sprigg arrive at Hydra Marsh in Serge's home world.
    Well, I have some good news.  My college lends out laptops, and I was able to get
    one so now instead of having to type/write down the script on paper, then convert
    it to the computer, I can do it right on the laptop, cutting the time to do the
    script in half!  Since I've been rather lax lately on it (well exxxcccuuusse me
    for having schoolwork -_-)  I spent 2 whole hours on it tonight, finishing the
    S.S. Invinsible part, and adding both the Ice Breath quest and the trek through
    Mount Pyre. We also got the third Solt & Peppor battle in.  Enjoy!
    Added the Hermit's Hideout part of the script and started the S.S. Invinsible
    I added more to the Skelly sidequest, and finished up the Kid's Illness section.
    The script now goes up to the conversation with Glenn in Termina when you find
    out about Fort Dragonia.
    I added more stuff to the script, it now goes up to the completion of the
    Hydra Marshes.
    I added more to the script, up to the part in Guldove.
    I added more to the script, up to the part when Kid, Serge and Guile enter Viper
    Manor. I also fixed a few spelling errors earlier in the script. I might be
    offline for a few days, so while that doesn't mean that I won't update, it does
    mean that the updates won't go online until I'm back.  Sorry.
    I changed the kid that Leena was babysitting from 'Kid' to 'Child' to avoid
    confusion with the character Kid.  I also added more to the script, up
    to the introduction of Glenn in Termina. I also put up the first part of the
    sidequest section, the Skelly sidequest, and included the text from the first
    2 Solt & Peppor battles. I fixed the ground zero network link error, I forgot
    to include the www part before.
    The original version of the script, it contained all the basic script info
    except for the faq, and contained the script up to when Serge heads to Opassa
    Beach for the first time.
    IF. Key
    The key is used to explain things in the script that may confuse you.
    When something appears in brackets like the example above, it is a description
    of the actions currently occuring.  None of the text in the brackets appear in
    the game.
    Occasionally, you will see this symbol in front of another bracketed description.
    This is there to show that that is an FMV scene.  There will be another symbol like
    that to symbolize the FMV's end.
    Name: text
    The dialogue is simple to understand, the character's name who speaks the text appears,
    followed by a colon, and space and then the text the characters says appears.  Not
    too difficult to understand, eh?
    (Serge): text
    Despite the fact that Serge doesn't have dialogue in the game, occasionally he is
    forced to make a decision in the game.  When this occurs, the Serge name in rounded
    brackets will appear to symbolize this.  After the colon the choice Serge made
    will be shown.  Once I play through the entire game again, I will get the opposite
    choice, obviously it will be a little while until this is in the script.
    Sometimes you are offered choices.  One choice will appear outside these brackets, the
    alternate choice will appear inside them.
    2A. Script Disc 1: The Komodo Quest
    [In the middle of a large mountain range lies a huge fortress.  It is rectangular
    shaped and tall, with a small sphere like object levitating above the center.
    Surrounding the fortress is 6 dragon statues.]
    [An elevator comes up to a hallway with 2 exits.  Three people step out of the
    Irenes: What ist it, Herr Serge?  You look troubled.  Dis is it.  Dere is no turning
    back, now!
    Kid: Oi! C'mon Serge, Irenes!
    [she turns and faces Serge]
    Kid: Just you wait, Lynx!  Today's gonna be the day of reckonin'!!! Say yer prayers
    ...Not that it'll do ya any good!!! Heh-heh-heh...... HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAA!
    Irenes: Herr Serge!
    [Serge comes out of the elevator and joins them.  They head through the fortress and
    reach a room with a black beam emenating from the floor.  When they approach it,
    it vanishes.  They head back into the main hallway and step on a black circular object
    that like an elevator carries them up hundreds of feet to the spherical levitating
    Kid: Oi!  What the bloody hell just happened?
    [She looks over the edge of the platform they stand on.]
    Kid: Wooooow!  Bugger...!!! We're so high up!  Is this thing floatin'!?
    Irenes: Did it feel like your body passed t'rough the floor just now?
    Kid: This sure is some fort... Eh, Serge?  !?
    [She turns and faces him.]
    Kid: You alright, mate?  You've been actin' all weird.  Who knows what's up ahead,
    so just stay on your toes, eh!?
    [Serge nods.]
    [They head towards the door leading them in.  Serge stands in front of it.  His
    heart starts beating fast.]
    [The door opens, suddenly Serge sees a vision.  Kid falls to the floor, apparantly
    dead.  Serge, with a bloody knife in his hand smiles.  The vision ends.]
    Voice: Serge... Good morning, Serge!  C'mon sleepy head, get up!
    [Serge wakes up from his bed.  He is in his home, in Arni Village.  He puts up the
    shades then heads downstairs to see his mother.]
    Marge: Good morning, Serge.  You're finally up. The sun's already reached high noon.
    By the way, didn't you have plans to meet with Leena this morning?  Leena came by to
    see if you were up, but you, young man, were still off in never-never land.  You
    shouldn't break promises like that.  Girls can be pretty scary if you make them angry!
    [Serge leaves his home and heads the the dock where Leena is watching over some kids.]
    Leena: You're late, Serge.  Sleeping in as usual, I suppose?  You promised you'd go get
    some Komodo Dragon scales for my necklace, remember?  Since you were late, my mom asked
    me to baby site the kids!
    Child: Whoo-hoo!  Sergey, Leena, look at me!
    [Serge and Leena watch.]
    Child: C'mon, you guys should join us!  It feels really good!
    Leena: Unlike the rest of you, we're not here to play!  Don't swim out too far, now!
    Kid: Ooookay!  Gotcha!
    Leena: Kids sure have it easy... Remember when we were like that?  Not a single care or
    worry on our minds... How each day lasted an eternity, filled with newness, fun and
    excitement... But the important thing now is not our childhood but my Komodo-scale
    necklace!!! YES!  We have to face up to reality and live each day anew!!! So, I want you
    to go to Lizard Rock and get some scales for me!  I would join you, but I still have to
    watch the kids... It's your fault; you were late!  Once you collect some Komodo dragon
    scales, I'll catch up with you at Opassa Beach.  Is that okay with you, Serge?
    (Serge): Sure, no problem!
    Leena: Good!  That's what I wanted to hear!  OK, then!  Don't just stand around!  Go
    collect some scales at Lizard rock... Let's see... I think 3 should be enough.  Good
    luck, Serge!  I'm counting on you!
    (Serge): Nah, Forget it
    Leena: EXCUSE ME!? What did you just say? Hm? Serge!? Think about it! It's your fault for
    sleeping in, you know!  Seeing as how you let me down, I'd say you owe me a couple hundred
    of those scales! Now go!  Go to Lizard Rock and get some scales for me! I'll let you off
    easy this time with only 3 scales.  I'm counting on you, Serge.  Good luck, OK?
    [Serge heads to Lizard Rock, where he catches 3 Komodos and beats a full grown one as
    well. He heads to Opassa Beach, like Leena said.]
    2B. Script Disc 1: Trapped in Another World
    [After collecting 3 Komodo Scales, Serge heads south to Opassa Beach.  He is
    surprised to see the beach empty.  Suddenly, Leena calls out to him.]
    Leena: There you are!
    [She runs over next to him.]
    Leena: Sorry I'm late.  I hope you didn't wait too long, Serge.  Well?  How'd it
    go?  Did you get the Komodo Dragon scales?
    [Serge gives her the scales.]
    Leena: Oh, they're beautiful!  I'll be able to make a great necklace with these.
    Thank you, Serge!  It sure has been a long time since we last came here.  We used
    to come here all the time.
    [They stare at the sea.  Leena sits down.]
    Leena: The sea never changes, does it...?  It's been rolling in and out, like
    this, since before we were born.  It's been here for eternity, it seems... It's
    probably seen many things... Heard many things... It'll probably keep rolling in
    and out, long after our lifetime... Without a singel change... Hey, Serge...
    Remember we used to sit and talk like this when we were kids?  With the gentle
    sea breeze and the tranquil sound of the waves?  Just the two of us... Talking...
    Do you still remember that day?
    (Serge): I don't remember
    Leena: Oh... Then I guess you forgot about the promise we made... Well, I guess it can't
    be helped. We were so young... On top of that, you almost drowned back then. It was
    a traumatic time for you.
    (Serge): I remember.
    Leena: Really!?  You do...? So, Serge, you haven't forgotten about the promise
    we made that day!?  Hehee...... That makes me... happy.
    Leena: But aren't memories strange?  Just when you think that you've forgotten about
    something, it comes floating back into your heart.  I guess it's just lying there in wait.
    Waiting for that right moment... Why, we might even remember this very moment someday!
    In 10, 20 years... when we're all grown up and married, and have kids of our
    own... Then one day... When that time comes, I wonder what kind of adults we'll
    be?  What kind of life will I be leading...? I wonder what to make of this
    (Serge): We'll forget it eventually.
    Leena: Yeah...... I guess so...... But...... That would be really sad...
    wouldn't it?
    (Serge): We'll never forget this day!
    Leena: Yeah... I hope you're right.
    Voice: Serge...
    Leena: Um, Serge... There's been something I've been wanting to...
    Voice: Serge...
    [Serge looks around, puzzled by the mysterious voice.]
    Leena: What?  What's wrong, Serge?  Serge?
    [Serge, looking at the sea sees a vision of a boy running, surrounded by 2 men
    and a panther.  The waves come down over him as a green light surrounds him.
    The world seems to transform around him, and he passes out.]
    Old Man: What are you doing there, boy?  It's dangerous to sleep out here.
    [Serge wakes up on the beach to see an old man and a baby Komodo dragon near
    Old Man: You alright, boy?  What on earth are you doing lying down, anyway?
    For a second there, I thought you might have been a dead body, washed ashore.
    [Serge gets up, and realizes Leena isn't there.]
    Old Man: Huh?  Where's Leena...? You were the only one I saw when I got here.
    Are you a friend of Leena's?  I believe she's in the village, babysitting.
    Well, I'd best hbe on my way.  Anyway, if you're looking for Leena, you
    should stop by the village.  You know, yous shouldn't be playing you here,
    boy.  Wouldn't want anything to happen to you, now.
    [They leave.  Serge heads back to the city and finds Leena on the dock,
    babysitting.  He talks to her.]
    Leena: Who are you?  Have we met somewhere before...? Are you from
    Child: HEEEY! Yeah, YOU!  Don't be tryin' to pull any moves on our Leena,
    you jerk!
    Leena: Don't be silly!  Don't go swimming out too far now, you hear!?
    Child: Ooookay!  Gotcha!
    Leena: Kids... I guess kids will be kids... Don't worry about them. Hmm...
    You know... You look a lot like the boy who used to live next door to me...
    (Serge): What was his name...?
    Leena: Why...? Why do you want to know his name?
    (Serge): What happened to him?
    Leena: What happened to him...? Why do you want to know? It's really none of your
    Leena: That boy... died...... He drowned... When he was very young...  This all
    happened 10 years ago. Soon after, his mother passed away, too... I was still very
    young back then, so I don't remember too well, but my mom says his name was...
    (Serge): I'm Serge!!!
    Leena: ......!?  You're Serge!?  Oh, stop that!  That's not even funny!!! The boy is
    dead, don't you understand!?
    (Serge): That's nonscense!
    Leena: Why would I lie about something like that!?  Do you think I'm so cruel as to make
    something like that up!?
    Leena: That boy... I guess I kinda liked him... If that boy were still alive today, I
    wonder what would've become of us?  Sure is weird... Why am I opening up to you like this?
    Well, I  guess there's no use thinking about the past.  It's not like Serge is going
    to come back... Mom always tells me I shouldn't dwell on a lost love one...
    ...... You can find his grave up on Cape Howl.  Actually, why don't you go
    visit the grave site?  No one's been up there in a while... Well, I still
    have some chores to finish.  Sorry I blew up at you like that.  Good-bye...
    [Serge heads to Cape Howl, and he sees a small grave on the top of a summit.
    He walks up to it and reads it.]
    Grave: R.I.P. Our beloved Serge Died age 7  Nobody can take anything away from
    him.  Nor can anyone give anything to him.  What came from the sea, has returned
    to the sea.
    Voice: So you must be Serge... The ghost of the boy who died 10 years ago.
    [Serge turns and sees 3 men show up.  2 of them are in typical Acacia Dragoon
    armor, while the third, the leader is dressed more elegantly, with blue hair and
    red eyes.  He speaks.]
    Karsh: Don't move!  ...It's no use.  There's no escape that way.  All you have
    to do is come with us.
    Solt: But, Sir Karsh... do you think it is truly true that this chap is a ghost?
    He seems like a perfectly perfect young boy to me...
    Karsh: That doesn't matter!  We found the boy here, just as "he" said we would,
    didn't we?  Now seize him!
    [They get closer to Serge when a voice calls out.]
    Voice: Hold yer sea horses!
    [A young woman around Serge's age with blond hair shows up on the cliff
    overlooking them.]
    Karsh: Who the...?
    [She jumps down off the cliff and lands next to Serge.]
    Karsh: Outta the way, missy!  You don't wanna get hurt, now, do you?
    Girl: Shut yer trap!  You're the ones who'd betta get outta the way.
    Peppor: ...You have a problem!? Do you have a shakin' idea who you're dealing
    with, missy?
    Karsh: That's enough!!! Listen up, junior!  Our orders are to take you in.  We
    don't wanna hurt you.  Just come with us.  Or else... This axe o' mine will have
    to do the talkin'.
    Girl: For cryin' out loud... Would ya just shut up and get on with it...! I'm
    gonna kick yer sorry arses so hard you'll kiss the moons!
    Karsh: Fair enough... You leave us no choice.  You'll regret this, missy!
    [They fight, Kid and Serge are victorious.]
    Peppor: S-Sir Karsh!  I say we shake it on outta here, so that we can live to
    fight another day!  Th-These aren't no ordinary brats we're dealing with...!
    [Peppor and Solt run away.]
    Karsh: Damn cowards! [He faces Kid.] As for you, missy...! We won't forget this!
    [He leaves.]
    Girl: Oooh, I'm sooo scaaared!  I'll be happy to take you on, anytime!  Think
    I'll lose to scum like you!? Hah! [She turns to Serge.]
    You alright, mate?  Serge... You're name's Serge, ain't it? ...... Oh, me? My
    name's... Call me "Kid". Nice to meet ya.  I just couldn't stand by and watch
    those blokes gang up on you like that they just pissed the bloody hell outta me.
    I wish I could've beat 'em up some more! But why was that mob after ya?
    [Serge shakes his head.]
    Kid: Whaddaya mean you've never met 'em before?  Eh? Ahhh, forget it.  Hey,
    Serge...! How about you and me team up for a while?  That Karsh fella ain't
    gonna just leave you alone, that's for sure!  And to tell ya the truthy, I'm
    new to these islands... It's pretty lonely travelin' around here on me own.
    Hehehe... So, how 'bout it, Serge?  Perhaps it was fate that we would meet up
    like this!
    (Serge): Travel together
    Kid: Beauty, mate!  That decides it then!  We're real good mates now!  Anyways,
    it'll be gettin' dark soon.  I suggest we head to Arni and shack up for the
    night!  Oh, and Serge. Don't be tryin' any funny stuff just coz I"m cute 'n
    [They rest at the place that Serge thought was his home.  When they awake...]
    Kid: Oi! Let's get our arses down to Termina!  Oh yeah, mate... I nearly
    forgot... Let me give ya this.  It's a Tele-Porter.  You'll be able to switch
    yer party members from afar.  A really handy gadget.  All you have to do is...
    Ahh, it'a a pain in the arse to explain... Look it up in the menu.
    (Serge): Refuse...
    Kid: Hang on! Are you tellin' me, you're gonna refuse the company of a lonely, vulnerable,
    sweet little girl?
    (Serge): ......
    Kid: You sure there, mate? You might live to regret it, ya know!?
    (Serge): No, thanks
    Kid: Sheeze! Well, have it your way, mate!
    [Kid leaves, turns on the way out.]
    Kid: I'll be headin' up north to a town called Termina. It'll be gettin' dark pretty soon.
    I suggest ya go find a place to shack up for the night. Don't want ya to become Heckran bait,
    now. Hehehe... Well... See ya!
    [The next day Leena comes into Serge's house and opens the shades.]
    Leena: Rise and shine! A new day awaits! I'm glad I found you here, though. Serge, right...?
    Kinda feels odd calling you that... You know... I"ve been thinking... Maybe you had some kind
    of accident and hit your head. That's why your memory's all messed up. You're really someone
    else, but you think you're the Serge who died 10 years ago.  I want to help you. I can't
    just leave you alone like this.  And... You don't seem like such a bad person, either...
    You're planning to go to Termina, right?  Then let me join you. I have some errands to run
    over there, anyway. And to tell you the truth... It feels like I've always known you... Sounds
    strange, doesn't it? Well, that's it! Shall we get going?
    Poshul: Wait for I!  Me am coming, too! A field trip we will go! A field trip we will go!
    Hi-ho the merry-o, a field trip we will go!
    Leena: OK! Let's head to Termina!
    Poshul: PO-SHU-SHU! Full thpeed ahead!
    [On their way out they are stopped by a man coming in.]
    Man: Huh...? Who the...? What are you doing in my house?  My house isn't a
    playgroudn for you kids, alright?  Go play outside.  Huh...? Who? Marge...?
    Who the heck is that?  I've lived in this house for 5 years now.  Sorry, that
    name doesn't ring a bell.  Whatever with all your gibberish man... Just get
    outta here.
    [They head through Fossil Vally on their way to Termina.]
    Guard: Our excavation is nearly complete.  Just stick to the low path and make
    your way through.  We still have some of our men working on the high ground,
    so do not interfere with their work.
    [They head towards the exit, where Solt and Peppor wait.]
    Peppor: Shake it! W-We can't just shake it on back to the manor like this...
    We failed in our missioN!
    Solt: That was awfully awful back there, Peppor.  I want a rematch!
    Peppor: B-By the way... Do you remember what kinda outfit he was in?
    Solt: Hmmm... [he turns and sees Serge.] Just something justly like that,
    Peppor: O-Oh, you remember.  So he looked like that, huh?
    Solt: Actually, it is him, Peppor!
    Peppor: So you're sure about this?
    Solt: Wonderfully wonderful timing, Peppor!
    Peppor: L-Let's shake it! W-We're really gonna shake it to you this time!!!
    [After they are defeated...]
    Solt: Retreat!!!
    Peppor: L-Let's shake it on outta here!
    [They leave the Fossil Valley and head to Termina.]
    2C. Script Disc 1: Termina
    [Kid and Serge enter Termina.  They see a young man around their age in a
    uniform talk with a shopkeeper.]
    Shopkeeper: Sorry, I'm totally out of bellflowers.  There's a big ruskus down
    in Fossil Valley.  Men from the dragoons were setting road blocks in the valley.
    I'll get some in a few days, so come back again then.
    Young Man: ...... You have my sincerest apologies.  I understand we are here to
    protect you as Acacia Dragoons... Those knights should be done with their work
    Shopekeeper: Oh, that's alright.  I can get my flowers from other places, too.
    Never mind that.  I haven't seen Karsh around here lately.  What is he doing?
    Young Man: Well... He said he was going ghost-hunting down south.  I'm just a
    private, so I do not know for certain, but I heard a rumor that Lord Viper
    ordered him to go.
    Shopkeeper: A ghost!?  Now that is something... I just hope it's not a sign of
    a coming disaster.  If you ever see him, give him my regards.
    Young Man: I will do that.  And I will be back, too.
    [He leaves.  Kid turns and faces Serge.]
    Kid: Oi, did ya hear that? Karsh is that bastard we saw at the cape!?  And that
    ghost he's huntin'... Ain't that you, mate?  So, that Acacia Dragoon mob is
    behind this after all... Let's check this place out a bit more!
    [As they head up the walkway, they hear a old man talking to a statue of General
    Old Man: Master Viper... I'm here to polish your statue again!!! Alright, all
    squeeky clean.  It's got to be extra clean for the coming festivities.  Have you
    folks come to see the Viper Festival? Termina is peaceful thanks to the watchful
    eye of our Master Viper.  At times warm, at times strict, Master Viper watches
    over us always.  With that said, of course, the real Master Viper resides in his
    manor, along with his Acacia Dragoons.  If you'll allow me to brag a little bit,
    I was invited to the manor a while back.  It is a magnificent place... If there
    is a heaven on earth that would be it... The manor is beautiful and its design
    incorporates the surrounding terrain to its advantage, making it an impenetrable
    fortress.  On top of that, there are powerful soldiers standing guard in front
    of the main gates that can destroy any monster with just one blow!  Well, an
    upriht citizen like myself might be invited to the manor's garden party, but not
    so for you folks.  The most you will get is a cold reception from the gate guards.
    Ho ho ho!
    Kid: Alright, that's settled!  We've gotta sneak into Viper Manor.  You gotta
    find out what those Acacia Dragoons are up to, right? Why was Karsh tryin' to
    capture ya? I've got some business there as well, so I'll go with ya.  How 'bout
    it, Serge?
    (Serge): OK, let's go!
    Kid: It's the obvious choice, right? According ot grandpa here, this Viper Manor's
    a bloody large place, which also means it'll be easy to break in to!  There's
    gotta be more than one way in.  If we don't plan this right, it'll cost us our
    If Kid is not in party, this dialogue follows after the introduction of Glenn.
    [They head to Termina and encounter Kid.]
    Kid: Gawd, you're slow!? Ya made me wait forever. Makin' a lovely lady like......!? Ahaa......
    So that's it.  I get it! This sheila over here is yer sweetie, eh? I'm right, ain't I? No need
    to be shy! I'm not so bold as to break up lover's tender moments. I'm understandin'... I'll
    wait till yer little date's over. Well then, have a bloody good time...!!!
    [She leaves.]
    Kid: Alright, that's settled!  We've gotta sneak into Viper Manor.  You gotta
    find out what those Acacia Dragoons are up to, right? Why was Karsh tryin' to
    capture ya? I've got some business there as well, so I'll go with ya.  How 'bout
    it, Serge?
    (Serge): OK, let's go!
    Kid: It's the obvious choice, right? According ot grandpa here, this Viper Manor's
    a bloody large place, which also means it'll be easy to break in to!  There's
    gotta be more than one way in.  If we don't plan this right, it'll cost us our
    lives.  Oh yeah, Serge, I'll leave this in your hands just in case.  It's a Teleporter.
    This is a really handy gadget that allows ya to exchange party members from afar. The way
    ya use it is... Ah, forget it.  Check it out for yerself.  I hate explainin' the details.
    [Kid joins the party.]
    [They explore the town until they cross a bridge that contains a small shop.
    There is a blanket covering a large tank, and a woman tending it.  A few kids
    walk up to the shop.]
    Boy: Yahoo!
    Woman: Hell there! Come and see for yourself! This is the prize of all prizes, a
    rare catch, a live mermaid!  This is what you call a real treasure.  Remember
    that, kids.  Unfortunately, this one isn't for sale.  She's my most valuable
    [She removes the blanket, revealing the mermaid in the tank.]
    Woman: So, what do you think? This isn't some stuffed animal or anything.  She's
    really alive.  Her pure, clear skin, like it's made from crystal.  Her gem-like
    eyes.  she is the ultimate collector's item! Phew... Nature's creations are indeed
    great.  Such a beautiful thing...
    Boy: Is this thing really alive?  Hey, come on! Look over this way!
    Girl: Oh, how beautiful she is...
    [A young boy with a mohawk suddenly arrives, and throws a rock at the kids.]
    Girl: Ouch!
    Boy: Yeow!!!
    Korcha: Hey, you! You think this is really fun? How wouldCHA feel if you were
    trapped in a tank like that, being stared at everyday, huh?
    Boy: Yikes, it's Korcha!!! Run!!!
    [The woman covers up the tank and speaks to Korcha.]
    Woman: Korcha, not you again!? Don't you go bothering my customers.  This is
    no place for the likes of you! Just leave now!!!
    Korcha: CHA! Shut up! What customers!? You're sellin' a bunch of bull!
    Why didn'tCHA keep the tank uncovered when I showed up? Heey everybody!!!
    This shop is a bunch of boloney!!!
    Woman: Sh-Shut your mouth! Don't you say such ridiculous things!!! Get back
    to your demi-human friends!
    Korcha: Heh, I won't take that from a sleaze-bag like you! Hey, you guys.
    Your'e not from around here, eh? Don'tCHA wander around too much, or you're
    gonna get burned.  Just watch your back.
    [He jumps off the bridge on to his boat and leaves.]
    Woman: That's Korcha!  He's from Guldove.  I wonder why he hangs around
    here in Termina all the time? You shouldn't mess with the likes of him!
    I tell you... he's nothing but trouble!
    [Kid and Serge continue through town until they reach a gravesite, where the
    young man from earlier, and a young woman visit a grave.]
    Young Lady: So, she was out of flowers... That is unfortunate.  Then let us
    pray without any flowers for today.
    Young Man: Hmmm...?
    [He walks over to Serge.]
    Young Man: Is that a bellflower you have there? Would you be so kind as to
    give up that flower to us? We need a bellflower for our prayer.
    (Serge): Give it for free
    Young Man: For free? Are you sure? I thank you deeply.
    [He takes it.]
    Young Lady: Please, let me offer you my gratitude as well.  The souls that
    rest beneath this sword loved this flower in life.  That is why we always
    bring some here when we pray here... Dario, here is a bellflower that you
    used to love so much.  Soon, the flower's seeds shall sprout, bring leaves,
    and bloom flowers everywhere.  And we shall age another year, while you will
    remain the same, in memory.
    [She puts the flower on the grave.]
    Young Man: Father... Brother...
    Young Lady: It is such a mystery; this sword never rusts, even when left in
    the rain... It's seems as if the souls of its masters live within it. Do you
    not think so, Glenn?
    Glenn: Yes... I have engraved in my memory the lives of my father and brother,
    who had wielded the sacred sword Einlanzer.
    Young Lady: Let us hope that is true...
    Glenn: What do you mean by that? Miss Riddel, I cannot allow even you to...
    Riddel: Do you think there is something odd about the dragoons of late...?
    Daddy's face shows anguish, and even Karsh was saying he was sent on a
    "ghost hunt"...
    Glenn: Miss Riddel...
    Riddel: Everyone has been acting oddly, ever since that beastly guest arrived
    in the manor.
    Glenn: ......
    Riddel: Glenn, promise me to always keep the unclouded truth in sight.  Do not
    be swayed by the masses.  The splendor of the Einlanzer must no be tarnished...
    Glenn: ...As you wish.
    Riddel: ...Chuckle...
    Glenn: ...?
    Riddel: Oh, forgive me.  I just found it a little awkward to hear you say such
    words... Chucle...
    Glenn:...... Miss Riddel, a chill wind has risen.  Shall we return to the manor?
    Riddel: Yes... Of course.
    [They leave.]
    2C. Script Disc 1: Termina Branch 1: Guile
    [Kid and Serge go into the bar, where they meet a blue haired, masked man.]
    Guile: My name is Guile.  I am having a certain bet with the fortune-teller
    by the bridge.  If I can bring the item of proof from the manor within a week,
    I shall win.  If I cannot, I shall lose, but... As there is a trick behind
    any mysterious magic... there is no such things as an impregnable fortress in
    this world.  A toast to my coming victory...!  Hmm, so you have business at the
    manor as well... interesting.  Gambling is a lot more interesting with higher
    stakes... What we need now is a seasoned sailor and a sturdy boat to cross the
    rough waters.  If you can find one, Leave the rest to me.  I will guide you to
    Viper Manor.  What will it be?
    (Serge): Ask for his help
    Guile: Once you find a boat, leave the rest to me.  I shall guide you. I
    believe the fortune-teller said the target for the bet is located in the manor's
    mess hall...
    [They head to the shrine area, where Korcha is talking to a boy.]
    Korcha: ...and that guy rushed and hid it as soon as I got there. It was a
    hilarious sight!
    Boy: Hya hya hya, that's great!
    Korcha: Oops, I've got customers. Sorry, I'll getCHA some BIG fish next time you
    come by.
    Boy: Alright, Korcha. But is it really gonna be big this time? [(There is another
    sentence here, but I missed it, sorry!)] Your boating skills are first class, but
    your fishing skills suck...
    Korcha: Aw, shawdup!
    Boy: See ya
    Korcha: Oh it's you guys.  You're tourists, right? The festival's a waste of
    time.  My name's Korcha.  I'm here from Guldove workin' as a ferryman. I can
    take you anywhere you like with this boat.  I take money, but don't worry,
    it's not that much.  My boatin skills are quite famous around here, I guarantee
    a comfortable ride.
    Kid: Hey, you.  We want to get to Viper Manor.  Can you take us there?
    Korcha: Viper Manor? WhatCHA gonna do up in that place? Ya gonna go steal treasure
    from the vaults or somethin'?
    Kid: Don't go snooping into yer customers' privacy.  Are ya gonna take us there
    or what?
    Korcha: As long as you pay me, I'll take you anywhere you want.  It's just that
    I don't know how to get to the manor.  If you want to get there, bring someone
    who does.
    Guile: I shall guide you there.
    Korcha: Are you sure you can get into a place like that?
    Guile: Yes, trust me.  All you need to do is prepare the boat.
    Korcha: You got it.  but, it'll cost ya!  It's gonna be 100G.
    (Serge): Pay it
    [Korcha gets on the boat.]
    Korcha: Come on, get on board.  It's a little tight with four of us, but it'll
    be a short trip.  Don'tCHA worry about a thing.
    [They get on and get going.]
    [They pass under the large bridge in town.]
    Woman: Hey! Those guys didn't listen to me!  Geez...
    [They pass by a boy looking at the water.]
    Boy: Wow! It's Korcha's boat!
    [They eventually reach a the bottom of a cliff near Viper Manor.  They get off
    the boat.]
    Korcha: Don'tCHA think it's pretty dangerous!?
    Guile: Indeed... We'll make it...
    Kid: You sound confident... Alright, let's get our arses in gear.
    [They start climbing. Unfortunately, a soldier notices them.]
    Soldier: Huh!? Intruders! Begin stone toss! Raarrhhhh Arghhhhh!
    [He starts throwing stuff at them from above.]
    [Eventually, they reach the top.]
    Soldier: AHHH!  They made it up!?  HA-HA-HA HA-HA Let this be the end of you!
    [He attacks them, but is defeated.]
    Soldier: Darn! Have some of this! Darn it! Huh?
    [A weird bird man comes and throws him off the cliff.]
    Soldier: AHHHH!
    [They defeat the bird man and head inside the manor courtyard.]
    Kid: Oi, Serge.  We're inside the premises.  Let's wait here till nightfall.
    2D. Script Disc 1: Termina Branch 2 Pierre
    [They find a man looking at himself in the mirror in Zappa's House.]
    Mysterious Swordsman: Swordsmanship is as beautiful as a rose. The rouge ambition hidden
    beneath its beauty... Ahh, these words fit moi perfectly... Oh, pardon me monsieur. Moi forgot
    to introduce myself. Mon name is Pierre. I am renting this room from Monsieur Zappa. I am on my
    way to see this General Viper soon. From what I hear, there is a vacancy among the 4 Devas of
    the Acacia Dragoons. Such a position is perfect for such a splendid swordsman as moi... One
    graceful flash of mon sword will surely have them saluting moi as the guest of honor... But
    I have lost mon precious medal, symbol of heroism... Without it, I will certainly be turned
    away at the gate.  Sacre bleu! What am I to do?
    Boy: I just found something super! Tadaa!!! It's cool, ain't it? A shiny medal on my chest!
    It fits me perfectly!
    Leena: I know someone who's looking for that...
    Boy: Well... I'd be a thief if I didn't return lost items... And I want to be a hero, not a
    thief! OK, here you go!
    [They see Pierre.]
    Pierre: Oui, monsieur! That is my medal! Merci, merci, thank you!!! Ahh la lah, what a darling
    you are! Now I can finally head to Viper Manor! I insist you take moi when you call at the
    gates of Viper Manor. Alone, of course, moi would have no problems, but you could also be
    useful... After all, thorns like you are necessary to add charm to a rose... Now, come with
    (Serge): OK, let's go.
    [Pierre joins.]
    Pierre: Now, follow my lead to Viper Manor, mon faithful followers!
    [They go to Viper Manor.]
    Pierre: Yoo-hoo, there! Monsieur soldier-man! Moi have come here to do you a favor and join
    the Dragoons. Open the gates, mon frere. Ta-ta-tah!
    Dragoon: We don't need any street performers.
    Dragoon2: Now go on home. Get!
    Pierre: Non, non, non... Moi am a hero... Ahh la lah... They said, non. Even mon hero's medal
    didn't work. Ahh la lah...? What should we do? We can't just barge in...
    (Serge): Charge!
    Kid: Hell yeah! C'mon!
    Pierre: A-Are you serious...?
    Kid: Oi! Open up and let us through!
    Dragoon: You asked for it!
    Dragoon2: Don't mess with the Acacia Dragoons!
    Both: C'mon!
    [They are defeated.]
    [They head inside and see Solt and Peppor.]
    Solt: What is it? Is there something wrongly wrong, Peppor?
    Peppor: S-Someone shook the gate open.
    Solt: You are...!?
    Peppor: Serge!
    Solt: You cannot seriously be serious about coming through the front gate!?
    Peppor: W-We're gonna shake it to you good and get our revenge!
    [They battle.]
    Peppor: The nerve of these guys! Thinking they can storm our front gate! This time we ought
    to give them the shaking they deserve!
    Solt: I agreeingly agree!
    Peppor: Today we brought along a helping hand! He's tough! He's mean! And he's really, really
    big, too! Show them what you can do!!! ...... I said show them what you can do! ......
    Yoo~hoo~! Oh, Ketcho~p! Come out, come out, wherever you are!
    [A large man appears.]
    [He kills Serge.]
    Peppor: Ooooohhh! You see...!? My, my! Aren't we stong now!? This time we're gonna beat you for
    Solt: What a manly man!
    Ketchop: S-S-S-SSAAAAUUUUCCCEE! (He seems happy... perhaps?)
    Peppor: Yes, that's the spirit! Show us what you can do!
    Solt: Go! Go! Ketchop!!! Try out your special Karate-Ket-Chop on them!
    Ketchop: T-T-TOOOMMMAAATTTOOO!!! (He seems pumped... perhaps?)
    [Solt heals Serge.]
    Peppor: Hey! What the hell are you doing? What did you heal them for?
    SOlt: Well... I thought that we all wouldn't get to see how fiercely fierce Ketchop is if they
    were left exhausted like that!
    Peppor: ......... Have you got your priorities straight!? Doesn't that defeat our whole
    purpose!? Do it again, and you're shaken dead meat, Solt!
    Ketchop: S-S-SSSAAAUUCCCE! (He seems angry... perhaps?)
    [Later in the battle...]
    Peppor: This doesn't look good! We could be shaken here...! Hey Ketchop! Why don't you
    shaking-well do something?
    Ketchop: T-T-TTOOMMAATTOO!!!
    Peppor: Huh??? Wwaaaahh!!! What are you doing!?
    [He kills Solt and Peppor.]
    [After battle.]
    Pierre: Escuse Moi, but shouldn't we wait till nightfall?
    Kid: Oi, I suppose so...
    2D. Script Disc 1: Viper Manor
    Eventually, night comes to the manor.]
    [They head through the courtyard to a small barn and go inside.]
    Old Man: Who are you? Oh yeah... You must be the new helpers I was told about.
    (Serge): That's right.
    Old Man: Oh great.  You're just in time.  My back gave out recently... and I
    can't feed the dragons.  I want you to take over for me.
    Kid: Do ya have a key to the manor?
    Old Man: Sure do.  Wouldn't mind givin' it to ya if you take on this job.
    Kid: Do it, Serge.
    Will you feed 'em?
    Old Man: All you have to do is feed the dragons and satisfy their hunger.
    I'll give you a nice gift depending on how many timees you feed the dragons.
    How many times?
    (Serge): 10 times.
    Old Man: 10 times, eh? OK, I'll be countin' Good luck to ya!
    [Serge feeds the dragons.]
    Old Man: Good! A job well done.  You'll find the key in the cupboard.  Take
    it.  And here's the gift that I promised.  Come feed the dragons for me again,
    [With the key, the 3 of them are finally able to enter the manor through the
    front door.]
    [They find a door they cannot open at the end of the hall.]
    Kid: Wishful thinkin'...
    Guile: This door does not have a keyhole.
    Kid: Is this a trick door of some type?
    Guile: There must be a way to open it.
    [Serge finds a snake like statue next to the door. He turns a knob on it, causing
    the floor to collapse from beneath them. They fall in a cell, surrounded by 3
    Soldier1: !!!
    Soldier2: Intruders!?
    Soldier1: How'd you get past our security?
    Soldier3:Heh heh... I can't believe you would fall for a trap like this...
    What should we do with these fools?
    Kid: Hehehe...
    Soldier1:What's so funny?!
    Kid: You dragoons are a bunch of dag-nuts!
    Soldier2: You're askin for it!
    Soldier3:Take it easy.
    Kid: So you're afraid of us, eh? CHICK-EN!
    Soldier2: This should be interesting.  Let's teach them a lesson! Open it up.
    Soldier3: Man, don't be taken in by her fast talk.
    Kid: Bring it on, chums!
    [They open the cell.]
    Soldier2: Now, get out! We'll teach you a lesson!
    [The soldiers are defeated.]
    Kid: Why don't we disguise ourselves with these suits?
    [They put on the dragoon uniforms.]
    [They head into the mess hall and talk with a dragoon.]
    Dragoon: What!? It fell down again? How many times do I have to tell you? It's
    ...... to the right and ...... to the left.  Got that?
    Glenn: Better write this down before I forget.
    [He leaves.  They follow him to the soldier's quarters.]
    Glenn: I better write that down.
    [They head to the library, where a little girl waits.  An old man stands on the
    balcony above them.]
    Girl: So, like... What are you doin' here!? Dragoons aren't allowed up here, you
    Kid: We're not really dragoons.
    Girl: What are you talkin' about?
    [They remove their dragoon costumes.]
    Girl: So, like... What's your point?
    Old Man: What is it, Marcy? Is someone there?
    Marcy: Some weirdos.
    Old Man: Hmmm... Marcy, lower the ladder, please.
    Marcy: Alright.
    [She pushes a switch on the wall, causing a ladder to fall from the balcony so
    the old man can come down.]
    Old Man:If you did not know you were not allowed in here... Then you must not be
    one of our dragoons.  Oh my... You must be... Yes, yes... You must be Serge.  My,
    how you have grown.
    Marcy: Like, can I kill 'em yet?
    Old Man: Patience child, patience!  I need to have a word with these people...
    Kid: Who are ya? And how do you know Serge?
    Old Man: Hmmm... How do I explain...? I guess you could say I am the prophet of
    time. Listen carefully.  The world is not just a single entity.  Another world
    similar to ours exists in another dimension.  There you will find what you might
    have become, a world of possibilities that might have existed, a whole history that
    has not been written yet... It is out there somewhere... We are simply unable to
    see, feel, or experience it.
    [The background changes, to a space like enviroment.  Maps of the 2 worlds
    appear behind them.]
    Prophet: Serge... This world is not the world you grew up in.  10 years ago,
    something happened that put your very soul teetering on the balancing scales
    of fate... with a fifty-fifty chance of life or death!  This is when your future
    was split in twain.  In your home world, you survived to live a happy and
    prosperous life.  That is how you made it to the present point in time.  However,
    here in this "alternate" world, you are, in fact, very dead and buried.  You died
    10 years ago, but this world's time line has flowed on regardless.  You have no
    place in this world... Here, you are but a ghost brought back from the past! I do
    not know what happened 10 years ago... Nor can I guess what triggered your entrance
    into this world.  The locations where such divisions in the time-space continua occur
    are called, "ANGELUS ERRARE" - "Where Angels Lose Their Way." It is said that, there,
    the borders of two dimensions fluctuate in such a way as to make the passage between
    the parallel realities a possibility.  Perhaps in this world, you are the missing
    piece from a giant puzzle.  And maybe, just maybe... the vacuum created by your
    non-existence here has drawn you across the border between the dimensions to fill
    the void in that puzzle.  Of course, no one can say for sure.
    [The background changes back to normal.]
    Prophet: However, it appears as though these 2 worlds are connected by some unknown
    force. Depending on the location, the 2 worlds influence each other in strange ways.
    I am quite certain there is a wormhole that connects the 2 parallel worlds... For
    your information, if you press the START button while on the world map, a menu
    window will appear that allows you to display which world you are in: Your Home World
    or Another World.  Select ON to display this.
    Kid: If what you say is true, and this world is an alternate reaality... Then why
    the bloody hell did Serge die...? The reason has to be somethin' that happened 10
    years ago!
    Prophet: You can only find out by moving on...
    Marcy: No way I'm gonna let you!
    Kid: Shut up, you little brat!
    Marcy: Can I!? Can I!?
    Prophet: I guess it cannot be helped... This may be fate in itself.
    Kid: We ain't here to play jacks!
    Prophet: I advise you not to take Marcy lightly. This child is one of the 4 Devas,
    the highest rank of the Acacia Dragoons.
    Kid: What!? This little brat?
    Marcy: Hee-Hee...! Too late now.  Say bye-bye!
    [She is defeated.]
    Marcy: Hmph! It's not over yet! I'll get you next time!
    [She leaves.]
    Prophet: Hoh-hoh-hoh... I did not think you would be able to defeat Marcy. Very
    well.  I shall advise you of your next step.  There are 8 pillars standing in the
    main hall. Behind the 2nd to last pillar on the left is a button to release the
    platform.  Dragoons are not allowed up there, so it is best that you go up as you
    are. Beware, however... There is a much stronger being you will encounter.
    [They head back in the hallway, and make there was to the pillars. A Harlequin stands
    in their way though.]
    Kid: Huh!? Who the...?
    Harlequin: Hmmm... You are Serge? You are even more sexzy zan I t'ought! Ooh la lah!
    Kid: And who the bloody hell are you!?
    Harlequin: And zis vulgaire one must be Kid... You disgust moi!
    Kid: Whadja say!? If you're gonna insult someone, you should at least speak propa
    Harlequin: Je m'appelle Harle.  I am ze right-hand harlequin to Monsieur Lynx.
    Serge, mon puze... If you lie down wit' a dog like zis femme, you will surely
    catch flez, non? I t'ink you can do much better if you gave her up! Actually,
    I suggest you all turn back. You should not defy him.
    Kid: Oi!!! What's yer problem...!?
    Harle: Pleaze, mon Serge.  I would hate to see anyt'ing sad happen to you.
    Kid: I've had it up ta here with you!!!
    Harle: Taisez-vous! You shut up! I am having a serious conversation with Serge!
    Why don't you mind your own buziness!
    Kid: THAT's IT! Put up yer dukes! I'm gonna kick yer arse so hard, you'll kiss
    the moon!
    Harle: You are ze one who iz going to have her derriere kicked!! Non? But alas...
    I cannot be caught fighting you here... Imageine ze trouble I would get into...
    Au revoir, mon Serge!  See you again! And Serge, pleaze dream of moi!  Oui?
    [She leaves.]
    Kid: Sheeze! What's her problem?
    [They push the switch and head up to the higher floor on the elevating platform
    after defeating a pair of soldiers.  They head into a room where a large blue
    crystal lays on a desk.]
    Kid: Oi! Could this be...!? Naah... It ain't the Frozen Flame.  Don't see any
    other booty here, either.  I guess I betta ask the general direcctly then...
    [The bookcase behind the desk moves over and the general comes out.]
    Viper: What is it you want to ask me?
    Kid: ......!
    Viper: My compliments on getting past my security.  Now, may I ask yoiu, who
    in heaven's name are you?
    Kid: So you're General Viper? Don't feign ignorance on me now! Why did ya send
    yer dragoons to get me mate Serge here!?
    Viper: Serge...? My dragoons...? I'm afraid, my dear, I haven't the foggiest
    idea what you are talking about.
    Mystery Man: General, I believe these vermin are here to see me.
    [An odd cat like man enters the room.]
    Mystery Man: Well, it seems you have saved me the trouble of finding you!
    Kid: LYNX!?
    Lynx: Hmm...? Young girl... Are you...?
    Kid: What's the matter!? Cat got yer tongue!? I've finally caught you by the
    tail now, Lynx! I've come for two things... The Frozen Flame and yer life, ya
    Lynx:Aha... So you must be Kid then... A member of the fearsome band of thieves
    known as the Radical Dreamers, correct?
    Viper: Radical Dreamers...? This young lady...?
    Lynx: Precisely! Don't let her innocence fool you, General.  She is quite
    Kid: Hah! Ferocious!? My arse...! After what you've done!
    Lynx: I hate to dissappoint you, but the Frozen Flame is not here.  That fire
    lies hidden in the Sea of Eden, the place where past and future collide...
    Kid: Alright then... It looks like I'll have to put that part off 'til later.
    In the meantime, I'll settle my score with you, Lynx! Prepare to meet yer maker!
    [After a short battle, Lynx falls.  He transforms into a shadow like cat.  The real
    Lynx shows up across the room.]
    Kid: Bugger...! It was just a shadow!
    Lunx: Did you think I would be stupid enough to pick a fight with a rabid dog?
    Why, just a shadow of mine is enough to deal with the likes of you! Now, Serge...
    What do you desire from this world?  Do you wish to live again? Do you want to
    erase your demise from the pages of history?
    Kid; What's wrong Serge?
    Looking at the crystal, Serge's face transforms to Lynx's for a brief moment.  He
    has a vision of a large city, on an island. Suddenly, and explosion envelops the
    mountain. Serge finds himself in a windy haze, with a orange crystal in front of
    Lynx: Listen to me... The end of the human world is nigh!  When this time comes,
    Serge, there shall be a deep emnity between you and the world!  This is not
    speculation or prediction... This is history!
    [2 more mysterious shadow cats show up.]
    Kid: Bugger...! This doesn't look good...
    Lynx: You cannot escape.  There is something I want to ask you...
    [Suddenly, Riddel enters the room.]
    Riddel: Daddy! About that voyage I've been planning... Oooh!
    [Kid pulls a knife on her and hold it to her throat.]
    Kid: Don't move a whisker if you want this girl to live!
    Riddel: Goodness gracious! Who are you!?
    Viper: My darling Riddel!!! Why you dirty...!
    Kid: Shuddup, old-timer!  Our lives are at stake here! There ain't nothin
    dirty about savin' yer own life...! [to Riddel] Just stay calm and quiet, and
    I won't hurt ya OK...? I just need ya to come with us 'til we reach a safer
    place. You alright, Serge!? C'mon, let's bust outta here!
    [They head out of the room.]
    Viper: Don't be foolish! Do you really think you can escape!?
    [Karsh and 2 dragoons come up the stairs.]
    Guile: We are blocked in!
    [Kid backs up the other set of stairs.]
    Karsh: You fiend...! Take your dirty hands off Lady Riddel!
    Kid: Oh...OK... Whaddya take me for!? An idiot!?
    Karsh: GRRRRRR...!
    Kid: Serge, this way.
    [They head up the stairs and outside to the balcony.  The others follow. Kid
    backs up to the edge of the balcony.]
    Lynx: We have you now, you vermin. There is no way outta here.
    Kid: Bloody hell!
    Viper: Let's work out a deal. Release my daughter, and I shall let you walk
    away. How about it?
    Kid: Yeah, right! As if we can trust you!?
    Lynx: Are you willing to jump to your death?
    [Kid looks over the edge.  As soon as she's distracted, Lynx pulls out a knife
    and throws.  Serge ducks out of the way, but it strikes Kid in the arm.  Lady
    Riddel escapes from Kid's grasp as she weakly topples over the edge into the
    waters below.  Serge looks over the edge himself.]
    Lynx: What do you live for? What are you willing to die for? I've been waiting
    for you, Serge... Waiting a long, long time for you...
    [He steps closer to him.]
    Lynx: Now come to me Serge, The Assassin of time! THE CHRONO TRIGGER! Come to
    me, Serge.
    [Serge shakes his head and along with Guile jumps over the edge]
    Lynx: N-No!
    [They fall into the water below.]
    2E. Script Disc 1: Kid's Illness
    [Serge awakens in a bed.  A large black woman in the room notices him.]
    Lady: You're finally awake? If you're looking for your friends, they're outside.
    [Serge heads outside, where Kid, Guile and Korcha wait.]
    Kid: Oi! Serge! Ya finally woke up, eh? Give yer thanks to Korcha.  He's the one
    that saved us after we fell off the cliff.
    Korcha: No sweat. It's just part of my job as a ferryman.  But I have to admit,
    you caught me by surprise when you came fallin' from the sky.  You're lucky that
    it was the sea thatCHA fell into and not the rocks!
    Kid: But geez, you're such a wuss!  How could you get knocked out from such a short
    fall!?  As for me... A little graze like this... ain't gonna... knock... me...
    [She collapses.]
    Korcha: Ugh, oh man! She's burnin' up! There's a clinic in this village.  We should
    take her there.  C'mon, I need your help too!
    [They bring her to the doctor.]
    Doctor: It seems the patient has been poisoned with Hydra Venom.  I would say the
    most she has to live is about two days... If we had some Hydra Humour we would be
    able to nuetralize the poison... Korcha: Doc, if we find this Hydra Humour, we
    can save this girl?
    Nurse: Yes, but that's impossible now.  Hydras are extinct on El Nido...
    Korcha: What do you mean, "extinct?" What's goin' on!?
    Doctor: Hydras are ver rare and valuable creatures.  The blood, bones, meat...
    Every part is valuable.  It's considered to be a panacea for various illnesses.
    That is the reason Hydras were hunted to extinction in El Nido.
    Nurse: As a result a whole species has been made extinct.  Just to make a quick
    Guile: Is there no way to find this humour? If we could cross the sea to the
    mainland, there might be a chance, right...?
    Doctor: ...That is not possible.  The currents of El Nido are extremely dangerous,
    this time of year.  It is highly improbable to cross the sea unless you are on
    a large vessel... Even if you manage to get there, your chances of finding
    Hydra Humour are bleak... We do not have much time.
    Nurse: ...Doctor?
    [The doctor starts walking out.]
    Korcha: H-Hey, doc!  Where are you going!? Nothing's been resolved yet!
    Doctor: ...Excuse me. I need to be alone for a while.
    [He leaves.]
    Guile: Serge, what are we going to do? Kid is going to die if we leave her like
    Korcha: I-Is this some kinda joke? Wait right here. I'll go get the doctor back!
    [He walks to the door and stops.]
    Korcha: Who the hell are you!?
    Harle: What'z zis? Non apologiez for bumping into moi? Ooh la lah, don't you know
    any mannerz?
    [She comes in.]
    Harle: Ha haa, she iz down for ze count, just az I t'ought.
    [She walks up to Serge.]
    Harle: Serge, mon ami, why don't we just leave her be?
    Korcha: Who are you, and what's with that strange costume!?
    Harle: Se taire! I have no buziness wit' no chicken-hawk.  I am having a
    converzation wit' Serge. You're bothering moi, so keep your mouth shut.
    Korcha: Why you... I ain't gonna letCHA barge into this room and get away with
    all the stuff you've said! You've made me mad. I'll show ya some manners!  I'm
    not gonna cutCHA any slack just because you're a girl!
    Harle: Try if you dare. I am not so weak az to be caught by a chicken-hawk!
    Korcha: Heh, you've got some nerve. You're gonna regret it! Charge!!!
    [He runs at her but she vanishes!]
    Korcha: Oops. Dammit, where'd she go?
    Harle: Ahahaha You're amuzing.
    [She reappears at Kid's bedside.]
    Harle: Ahaha, such a simpleton.  It'z so much fun playing jokez on you. I
    waz only here to see how she waz doing, but I had fun while I waz at it.
    So long, Sere, au revoir, mon ami! Pleaze dream of moi every night! Oui!
    [She vanishes.]
    Korcha: ...Tsk, she's a loon. What's her deal? I just don't get it. Yo,
    Serge, are all of your friends like that?
    Kid: Oooo...... Serge......
    Korcha: C'mon, go talk to her.
    [Serge heads to the bed.]
    Kid: Serge, I'l leave this... with you. It's my favorite amulet.  Remember
    what the... prophet said... Serge. Where did... it all start? Where...
    do angels... lose their way...? ...Try to... remember ...Serge. I'm
    fellin' a  bit tired... I'm gonna rest up... for a while...
    Korcha: You heard what the doc said. There are no more Hydras in this world.
    On top of that, there's no way to get to the mainland, and El Nido isn't that
    small a place. Are you gonna take a one-in-a-million chance to search for this
    thing, just to save a girl you barely even know? Hey, whatCHA gonna do?
    (Serge): Find a way to save her.
    Korcha: Alrighty then! I'll come along with ya.
    Korcha: ...By the way, so you even have a clue where to start lookin'? Hey,
    do ya?
    [Serge shakes his head.]
    Korcha: Tsk, that's what I thought.  Where in the world should we start?
    ... All we have left is that girl's amulete... Damn, what are we gonna
    do!? If only we had some kinda clue!
    Nurse: ...Um maybe you should go see the shaman? The shaman might be
    able to give you some clues from that amulet.
    Korcha: ...... That's right. The shaman...
    Guile: ...A shaman? That is an unfamiliar word.
    Korcha: The shaman inherits the power of the Dragon God and governs the
    village.  They're like a mayor or chief. The shaman might know something,
    although I can't say for sure. It's worth a try. We'll continue this
    outside. Let's decide what to do at the boat.
    [They start heading out when an odd cat like ghost comes in.
    Korcha: Huh?
    [It turns into a regular cat.]
    Korcha: Oh, you're... Luna, from Mel's place.  What...
    [Mel comes in and takes it.]
    Korcha: Oh hey... ......That Mel... What is she up to? What's up? It's just
    a cat. Strange guy.  Come on, let's get goin'.
    [They head outside of his home.]
    Korcha: We need to get goin' as soon as possible, but you probably need to equip
    yourselves, right? I'll be waiting here.  Call me when you're ready to go. We
    haven't much time, so hurry.  If you need to seee the shaman, go down this way.
    Take the ladder to the second floor of the merchant tower and go left.  There's
    a tower called the Dragon Shrine.  Compared to Termina, this is a small village,
    so you shouldn't have any problems of getting lost.
    [They head to the Dragon Shrine where an older lady sits and a younger, white
    haired lady stands.  She talks to them.]
    Shrine Maiden: Welcome to the Dragon Shrine.  I am Steena, a shaman serving
    Village Chief and High Priestess Direa.  I presume that you have come to this
    shrine seeking assistance? Please don't hesitate to ask Chief Direa for guidance.
    Direa: ...You possess a young but gentle air about you... Hmm? There is an odd
    wind that is whirling about. I have heard that such windbearers appear at time,
    [Serge informs her of what has happened.]
    Direa: ...Do you speak the truth? That you are already dead in this world...?
    Hmm, I see... So that's why you have an odd air about you. As for a way to
    return to your original world, I do not know, but there are always reasons
    why such phenomena occur... The Land of Genesis. Your only key may lie there...
    The key that connects your world to this one.  ...Shall we say, it is a
    "Dimensional Distortion" of sorts?
    Steena: If events in your world are different from events here... It may be
    possible to save the girl, stricked with the Hydra poison. That is if the
    extinct Hydra still exists in your world...
    [They head back to see Korcha, at his boat.]
    Korcha: Are you ready to go?
    (Serge): Ready any time.
    Korcha: Are you really sure? Don'tCHA dare tell me you want to come back later!
    Think about it really carefully.  Are you positively sure?
    (Serge): I'm ready.
    Korcha: Alright, we're off. All of you get in the boat.
    [They get in and sail back to Termina.  Korcha docks in an empty spot.  A man
    is obviously upset by this.]
    Man: HEY!!! Who said you could dock that thing there!? Get that thing out of here,
    right now!
    Korcha: Hey, don't be such a hardhead.  It's not like we're robbin' from anyone.
    Besides, nobody else is dockin' here, right?
    Man: That's not the point! What I'm trying to say is...
    Korcha: Here, keep it.
    [Korcha gives him something.]
    Man: You can't bribe me with some...!!! Th-The delicious scent and this subtle
    texture...! This must be the famous, rare drink of Dragonians, the "Dragon's
    Korcha: (I thought this might happen, so I snagged some from my ma's kitchen.)
    Man: A-Alright. I'll give you special permission this time. But next time I
    might not be so easy. When that happens...
    Korcha: Don't worry. I'll get some more for you.
    Man: Very well. Heh heh heh... You're pretty quick for a kid.
    [He leaves.]
    Korcha: If you don't hurry, that girl's gonna die. You two can't do this alone.
    Why don'tCHA let me come along?
    [Korcha joins the party.]
    [They head to Opassa Beach.]
    Guile: Opassa Beach... Angelus Errare... Is it true that this place has split the
    flow of time in twain?
    Korcha: So, Serge.  WhatCHA gonna do now?
    [They find an odd green hole on the ground in the beach.]
    Guile: What is that...? Is it reacting to something?
    Korcha: So this is the hole that connects the 2 worlds... The whatCHAmacallit hole,
    [Serge takes out the Astral Amulet.]
    [Reacting to the amulet, a portal opens up around Serge and brings him back to his
    home world.]
    Guile: It felt like my body split in two. A very strange feeling...
    Korcha: So now we're in that other world... I still can't believe it, though.
    [They head to the Hydra Marshes.  A man stops them.]
    Marsh Guy: Why, if it isn't Serge! Didn't the village elders tell you not to come
    near here! Do you have some kind of business here? ...Hmm, I won't ask you what it
    is.  I can tell by the look on your face that it's something important.  Here, go
    on through.  I'm sure the 3 of you can handle yourselves.  Before you enter here,
    I'll give you a word of advice... The marshes are like a maze full of poisonous
    monsters. Be prepared!
    [They continue on.  Serge sees a ghost of an odd creature.]
    Korcha: WhatCHA doin' standin' there in a daze!? I hate cold and clammy places!
    Besides, we ain't got time to sit and toast "marshmellows," man!
    [Serge nods.  They continue on and climb on a huge tree branch.]
    Korcha: Everybody down! Something big's headin' our way!
    [A giant Wingapede flies by them.]
    Guile: What was that thing? I cannot believe this place!
    [They reach a cliff, where an odd yellow creature with an umbrella comes out of
    the shadows then hides again.]
    Korcha: Did you just see a strange lookin' creature up ahead?
    [The creature comes out again.]
    BubbaBeeba: This beebas no place for humans, beeba! Go away! Beeba off!
    [They defeat it in battle.]
    BubbaBeeba: I beeba sorry! Here! I give you this! Please forgive beeba! This
    beebas flute that is handed down in the beeba family. It beeba magical! It
    calls Wingapede! It makes Wingapede beeba good Wingapede! It is best beeba used
    in a "wide open space!" Well, I'll beeba seeying ya!
    [The creature leaves, they take the flute.]
    Korcha: Why don'tCHA try blowin' the flute here, Serge?
    [He does that, nothing happens.]
    BubbaBeeba: This beeba the wrong place! This isn't the "wide open space" I was
    talking about!
    [It leaves once more.]
    [They continue on and reach a wide open area.]
    Guile: A wide open space... could this be it?
    Korcha: Serge, why don'tCHA try blowin' that flute?
    [The Wingapede returns.]
    Korcha: So this is Wingapede... it's actually smaller than I thought.
    Guile: Serge, why do you not try feeding it something?
    [Serge does, and the Wingapede attacks them!  They are forced to defend themselves.]
    Korcha: The foothold could give way at any minute.  Serge, we should avoid passin'
    through the middle.
    [They continue on and eventually are surrounded by a group of dwarves.]
    Dwarf Chieftan: Halt, humans! We cannot permit you to advance any further!
    DaffyDwarf: The Hydra is the tutelary deity of this forest, hi-ho! Without it, this
    forest will die...
    DaggyDwarf: Should you still wish to advance, you will have to get by us! Prepare
    for battle, wicked humans!
    [They are defeated.]
    Dwarf Chieftan: Too...strong... Are we unable... to stop them...?
    [He leaves into a nearby  clearing.]
    Guile: The Hydra must be up ahead.  Let's go, Serge!
    [They head into the clearing.  The Dwarf Chieftan is there, as is the Hydra, who is
    Dwarf Chieftan: You befouler of the forests...! Human vermin!!! Prepare to receive
    the anger of nature that you so deserve! Hi-ho! O great Hydra! Hear my voice! Turn
    on these wretched humans... Teach them how the forest, no... our planet... is pained
    by their existence! Hi-ho, Hydra, away!
    Korcha: This sure the hell ain't my world! I can't believe there's a Hydra before my
    eyes...!  It's comin'!!!
    [The Hydra rises out of the water and fights them.  It is defeated, and collapses to
    the ground.]
    Dwarf Chieftan: What do you humans intend to do with out mother planet? Not thinking of
    the future... cutting down trees like there's no tomorrow! Burning the forests to make
    your towns even bigger! And all for what? Do you think that you are the only ones who
    live on this planet? Do you even know the works of life-forms other than yourselves?
    Hi-ho!? Hi-ho!? Don't kid yourselves!  Youa re just hairless apes! Or worse, hi-ho! You
    are nothing more than freaks of-of-of evolution!!! Hiiii-hooooowwww-ugh!
    [He runs away.]
    [Serge goes up to the Hydra and gets the Hydra Humour.  Then the Hydra dies.]
    [They head out to the main part of the marsh, and are surprised to see no
    Korcha: There's not a single dwarf roamin' this forest anymore... Have they abandoned
    this place?
    Guile: ...Let's hurry.
    [They go to see the doctor.]
    Docter: Can this be!? Hydra Humour... but how? We will discuss that later.  As long as
    we have this, making an antidote will be easier than catching a wave!  We can save
    the girl with this!!! We will prepare an antidote right away. Nurse, help me with
    the preperations! Stat!
    Nurse: Y-Yes!
    Doctor: I have no idea where in the world you found this... nor do I now who you
    really are... But now is not the time to ask such questions.  You have done your
    part, now you can leave the rest to me.
    [He leaves.]
    Korcha: You heard the doc; we've done all we can. Just trust him and wait.
    [They wait in the other room...]
    Guile: It is already close to nightfall.
    [The Doc comes in.]
    Korcha: Do, how is she? Will she be alright?
    Doctor: Yes, she has passed the critical period.  There are no signs of complications
    from the poison.  The girl has held up well, but only thanks to you dudes.  You have
    done the impossible by finding the antitode... I still cannot believe it... You,
    with the red bandana, you are Serge, correct? She would like to speak with you.  It
    will be a little while before she falls asleep from the anesthetic.  Will you speak
    with her, dude?
    [Serge nods his head and they go in.]
    Doctor: I will be in the room next door, so when you need me.  And do not forget that
    even though the poison is gone, she has not completely recovered. ...Well then, catch
    you later, dude.
    [He leaves.]
    [Serge goes up to Kid's bed.  She turns and faces him.]
    Kid: Hehe, you've become bloody handsome while I was out of it.  I don't know
    all the details, but I heard what happened from the doc.  Looks like there's
    been a lot goin' on while I was asleep... I guess it proves that you can take
    care of yerself now, eh? ...Oi, Serge. Ya did good, mate.  Why don't ya look
    cheerful for a change?  Ha, I would've been alright without any antidote at all!
    Strth... Now I owe ya one... Serge... Thanks.
    [She falls asleep.]
    [Later, in the other room, they talk to the doc.]
    Doctor: ...A world different from our own? That is far out, man...! That there
    really is such a thing... And you dudes are from this other world, I presume?
    Korcha: Just to make it clear, Doc.  The only one that's from the other world
    is Serge.  All the others, including myself are from this world.  We're all with
    him for different reasons though.
    Doctor: Another world... So I suppose some things are slightly different.  The
    Hydra Marshes are a good example of this.  Otherwise we would have never found
    a Hydra in this world. Parallel worlds, never to cross each other, yet existing
    along side one another...
    Korcha: Hey, Doc, let's not think too deeply about this.  There isn't any easy
    way to explain it.  Even after going through it myself, I still doubt what I saw.
    Let's just drop the theories, Doc!  The girl's been saved.  That's all we need to
    know, right?
    Nurse: ...Hahaha. That's very like you, Korcha.  But he's got a point, doctor. Kid's
    life has been saved.  I don't think we need to think about anything further for the
    time being.
    Doctor: Well, I guess you are right... I cannot find an answer to this by thinking of
    it on my own.  It is pretty late.  We have been talking for quite some time...
    Let's call it a night.  One good day's rest should be enough to let her get up and
    hang ten.
    [That night, a girl sneaks into Kid's room, and steals something.  She then leaves.]
    [The next morning...]
    Kid: Whatcha gonna do, Serge? You've already found a way back to your world, right?
    You could just go back home and live a peaceful life, pretending that nothin' ever
    happened. But can ya really forget everything you've seen here? And can ya live
    with yerself after ya turned yer back on us?
    [Serge sees a town on an island blowing up.]
    [He thinks back to Lynx, walking towards him in Viper Manor.]
    Lynx: Now come to me Serge, The Assassin of time! THE CHRONO TRIGGER!
    [Back to the present...]
    Kid: What are ya gonna do, Serge?
    (Serge): I won't go back yet!
    Kid: I see... Then I'll stick around with ya a little longer.  But just don't
    slow me down, ya hear?  I don't know what happened 10 years ago... But it looks
    like Viper's mob has got something to do with it.  Let's go after 'em.  I need to
    bash up that Lynx charactter and get me hands on the Frozen Flame!  Lynx...
    He stole something precious from me... He's taken away my future...! I'll find
    him!  No matter what it takes! Korcha, I heard that ya helped in the search too.
    Korcha: Hmph, It was nothing.
    Kid: Yeah? Well, thanks for nothin' then...
    Korcha: ...Now then. At one point I thought we were doomed for sure, but it looks
    like it's all settled now.  All that's left is to take you guys back to Termina,
    right? My job ends there.  You get a special discount price of 300G for the round
    trip.  Sorry, but I need to make a livin' too.
    Kid: Haha, you're pretty damn shrewd, eh? I shouldn't have thanked ya earlier.
    [She looks around.]
    Korcha: What is it? Ya lookin' for something?
    Kid: ...Hmm, yeah.  Well, the Elements I had on me grid are gone.  Oi, Serge.
    Didja remove the Elements from me Grid?
    [Serge shakes his head.]
    Kid: Hmm, if it wasn't you... then who did?
    Korcha: The only ones looking over you while we were gone were the doc and the
    nurse.  They should be in the room next door, so let's ask ehem when we head
    out.  The doc should know something.
    Kid: ...... I hope you're right.
    [They head into the next room, where Korcha's sister Mel stands.]
    Kid: Huh? Mel, whatCHA doin'...
    Mel: Hey, blondie! If you wantCHA stuff back, I challenge you to catch me!!!
    [She runs away.]
    Doctor: What is it, dude? Is MEl up to something again?
    Korcha: Well, yeah. The same old mischief, but... This time, she's gone too far.
    Geez, that idiot... What is she thinkin'? I don't get it.  I'm sorry about her,
    Kid. I'll get the stuff back from her later, so go easy on her, alright?
    Kid: Ahh, that's no problem.  It ain't anythin' I'll suffer without anyway. Not
    to be rude, but I don't have time to play around with brats.  I've gotta go
    chase after Lynx now! Hmm, what is it, Serge?
    (Serge): ...It's nothing.
    Kid: Why are you actin' so strange? Just when I though you'd loosened up a
    little... Don't worry. Korcha said he'd get me stolen stuff later. Let's just
    get a move on!
    Korcha: Don'tCHA worry, Serge leave the rest to me.  I'll go grab that kid after
    I take you guys back to Termina.  I won't make you guys wait too long.
    [They head outside.]
    2F. Script Disc 1: Hermit's Hideaway Destroyed
    Korcha: I'll take care of getting back the stolen Elements, so don'tCHA worry. It
    was just a kid's prank, so go easy on her, alright? OK then, come and find me when
    you're ready to go.
    [When ready, they see him.]
    Korcha: You want to go back to Termina?
    (Serge): Yep, back to Termina.
    Korcha: OK, let's go. Heh, it was nice knowing ya, but this is good-bye.
    [They get on the boat and head back to Termina.  When they get there, they bid
    farewell to Korcha and start heading out of the town when they see Glenn talking to
    a man.]
    Glenn: The general and his men are headed for Fort Dragonia.  There has been word
    that the major power of the east, Porre is up to something suspicious. They seem to
    have heard the rumors of the Frozen Flame in El Nido and are coming to investigate.
    Man: My then, that means the Porre army might invade this town any time now.  I
    wonder if we will be alright...
    Glenn: Yes, that is why we are moving to the fort for a while.  That fort is far
    from town, so it is not used normally, but it has good defenses.  I was ordered
    to remain at the manor and protect Miss Riddel, but... She felt very uneasy about
    the way General Viper was acting before he left, so...
    Kid: Oi, Serge, didja hear that? When I was snoozin' away in Guldove, Lynx and his
    mob hightailed it out of the manor. That fort's supposedly a ruin built by the
    extinct Dragonians... i heard there've been all kinds of mystic rituals there.
    It's said that the Dragon Tear was needed for the rituals... Bloody bastards,
    what are they up to now?  Serge, this is no longer just our problem.  If we don't
    stop these buggers now, they're gonna cause some major hell around here!
    Guile: Fort Dragonia is on top of Mount Pyre, southeast of here... It will be hard
    to get there by land, so... The question now is how are we going to get a boat?
    Glenn: !? Blonde braids... A blood red blouse... That sounds like the description
    of that thief from the Radical Dreamers... And that red bandana... He is just like
    the ghost Karsh was describing.
    Kid: So what? Ya wanna take us on or something'? Sorrydorry, but we're in a
    bit of a rush... to that Fort Dragonia of yers...
    Glenn: What business do you have at the fort...? That makes me even more
    suspicious... I will draw my sword if needs be...
    Man: Oh Glenn, stop that! Your brother woudl never have drawn a sword in such
    Glenn: Leave my brother out of this!
    Kid; Oi, don't get your knickers in a knot... I don't care if ya draw yer sword
    or what, but I ain't stoppin' for ya.  See ya!
    Glenn: Allright. Forgive me for my rash behavior... Come to think of it, I really
    have no interest in who you are. Really, I only want to know the truth of what is
    happenening here. I shall follow my own way to find the truth.
    [He starts leaving, but turns before he goes.]
    Glenn: If you intend to head to the fort, I would offer you a word of advice.
    When you get on your boat, first head north, and then east.  You should find a
    small island there.  A retired dragoon now lives there. Find him and ask for
    his advice.  There are many frightful rumors about that fort, you know. You
    never know what to expect there.
    [He leaves.]
    Kid; All we need to do now is find a boat! Let's git a move on it!
    [They go back to Korcha.]
    Korcha: You guys need to cross the sea? Then I might, just might, think about
    lending you my boat. With two conditions...
    Kid: Ha, with that clunky boat of yers, I don't think we're gonna survive a round
    trip. But I guess this ain't the time to be picky.  So, Korcha, what are yer
    Korcha: First, if you ever find the Dragon Tear, give it to me. The other
    condition is... O-once all this ruckus is over... Um... I wantCHA to... Mumble,
    Kid: What was that? Stop mumblin' and speak up.  Can't hear ya.
    Korcha: I a... Argh... I wantCHA to be my wife!
    Kid: Huh...? What... did you just say?
    Korcha: I said, "I WANTCHA TO BE MY WIFE!"
    Kid: ...!!! Oi, Korcha!!! Don't mess with me! I'm gonna kick yer arse so hard
    you'll kiss the moons!
    Korcha: I'm not joking! To tell you the truth, I, um... That it... It was...
    love at first sight...
    Kid: Mmmnn...! Oi, ya know who I am, don't ya!?
    Korcha: Yeah, you're some kind of thief, ain'tCHA? Don'tCHA worry. I don't care
    about your past, and I don't wantCHA to feel forced.  We can wait until all this
    fuss is over. So, please...
    Kid: Mmmghh...!
    (Serge): Just tell him that you will
    [Kid kicks him.]
    Kid: Serge, this is none of yer business. It's me own problem.  OK, understood!
    But this ain't somethin' I can agree to on a whim.  I'll consider it. Until I
    settle the score with Lynx, that is. That's about the best I can promise.  I
    can't guarantee you anythin' more.
    Korcha: Alright, that's all I need for now. OK, I'll lend you the boat.
    KKid: What was that Glenn guy sayin' earlier?  Somethin' 'bout goin' to see an
    old man on a small island to the east...
    Korcha: Hey, you be careful with yourself from now on.  Just remember that you're
    life is not just your own anymore. You're carrying my wife-to-be.
    Kid: Brrrhh! (Goosebumps!!!)
    Korcha: Do you want me to come with you?
    (Serge): Take him with you
    [Korcha joins party.]
    Korcha: OK, then I'll be heading home now.  Remember that I'm just LENDING you my
    boat! Don'tCHA dare sink it! Take care!
    [He jumps in the water and swims away.  They get on the boat and head to the
    hermit's island.]
    [They arrive there to find the place burned to the ground.]
    Guile: What happened here!? Did Lynx do this!?
    Voice: Zat's correct.  Hmm... Maybe not?
    [Harle arrives.]
    Harle: Ze correct answer iz, I did zis under Monsieur Lynx's order.  Say, Serge.
    Did you miss moi?
    Kid: Not you again!!!
    Harle: Tsk, tsk, tsk! Excusez-moi, Serge, but do you want to know why I burned this
    place to ze ground?
    Serge: Tell me
    Harle: Well, first of all to teach you all a lesson... And second of all to get
    rid of zat geezer who livez here.  He is an ally of ze Acacia Dragoons, and I hear
    he's quite skilled.  I waz disappointed to see zat ze geezer izn't here. I wonder
    where he went?  And one more t'ing, Serge.  Monsieur Lynx gave moi one more order.
    Zat iz to slow down your pursuit.  Here I go!
    [They fight.]
    Harle: Enfin... Take all ze time you wish.
    [after a long fight...]
    Harle: Mon Dieu!  Moi iz defaited!
    [After the battle ends.]
    Harle: Ooh lah lah... YOu really are strong, trez fort, Serge. Pleaze, Serge. Turn back
    now.  She iz not'ing but bad luck! She will bring not'ing but misfortune to your life.
    [She vanishes]
    [The hermit arrives.]
    Old Man: Are you one of Lynx's minions?  Actually, I see that you are not. It must have
    been that munchkin that just flew away.  Miss Riddel had informed me that Lynx
    and the General were heading to Fort Dragonia.  I played it safe and went into
    hiding for a while... And it looks like Lynx did pay me a visit.  I'm sure the
    general has no idea what happened here.  Lynx is the one behind all this. I had
    a feeling something like this might happen. That is why I made sure to build a
    sturdy stronghold underground. I believe it should still be intact. Are you here
    to ask me questions? Come, there's no need to be shy.
    [They go inside.]
    Radius: I see... so you have met Miss Riddel and Glenn.  Yes, I once wielded a
    sword as a proud member of the Acacia Dragoons.  Glenn's father, Garai, the
    blacksmith, Zappa and I used to tear up the battlefield.  But that was a good
    fifteen years ago... When Garai lost his life on the central continent, I vowed
    to become his son's guardian.  I officially retired four years ago, after Dario
    received his father's sword, the Einlanzer. I have been here ever since, living
    a carefree life away from the rest of the world.  However, Dario is no longer with
    us... Life is so unpredicable... It was then that Lynx approached General Viper.
    He spoke of the legendary treasure, the Frozen Flame, which is able to heal all
    illnesses and fulfill any dreams. I do not know what this man Lynx is plotting...
    But I believe General Viper intends to overthrow the nation of Porre with the power
    of this legendary flame.  Porre is a nation governed by militarism and has brought
    on suffering to many people on the central continent of Zenan.  Perhaps the general
    envisions a bright and peaceful world, much like the Guardia was at one time... Or...
    Is he planning to find the answer as to why we have continued to hurt and kill each
    other since antiquity...? In any case, I no longer wish to involve myself in any
    conflicts.  Besides, there is no way I would want to face General Viper in battle.
    Youngons, should you plan to engage in battle with Lynx, beware... He is a fearsome
    man.  I suggest you rest here for the night and leave in the morning.  There are
    many cursed spirits wandering the seas around here. Rumor has it, they attack ships
    and suck the souls out of humans...
    Guile: I have heard rumors about this accursed ghost ship...
    Kid: What? A ghost ship? Hah! You tryin to scare me!? Don't make me laugh.
    Radius: Do not take the sea lightly, young lady.  Mankind knows only but the land
    and the surface of the sea.  No man can truly know what hides beneath the waves.
    [The next day they leave.]
    2G. Script Disc 1: The S.S. Invincible
    [They travel through a foggy area and see a large ship that appears to be empty.]
    Guile: Could this be...
    Kid: ...The ghost ship?
    Guile: Well, what are we waiting for?
    Kid: You're right... We won't be able to navigate our boat in this fog.
    [They get on the boat and go up to the deck.]
    Guile: What is this...?
    [They are surrounded by pirates.]
    Guile: Who are you?
    Pirate1: Make way for Cap'n Fargo...!
    [The captain comes up.]
    Fargo: Arg! Ya seem to be a bit young for one of Lynx's subordinates.  Well, who
    Guile: What do you want from us!?
    Fargo: That's up to you... But first things first... What is yer intention?
    Kid: ???
    Pirate2: Don't play stupid!  We know that you're tryin' ta get ta Mount Pyre! We
    saw General Viper's and Lynx's ships anchored nearby. Are ya tryin' ta deliver
    them a message? Is that it?
    Guile: Sigh... That is untrue...
    Fargo: Huh? Are ya serious? Explain yourselves.
    [They explain it to them.]
    Fargo: I see... So that explains why you're after Lynx.  But... don't ya know
    you're riskin' yer lives? Don't ya recognize the danger associated with Lynx?
    He's a monster... A cold-blooded monster... An incarnation of death... To be
    frank with ya, we've had our shares of encounters with Lynx, too. But that was
    a long time ago... Ever since then,  we've had ta disguise ourselves as this
    ghost ship.  So you're gonna face Lynx, eh...? That's easy to say, but...
    Guile: What are you getting at?
    Fargo: Arg! Bring out you-know-what!
    Pirate1: Aye-aye, Cap'n Fargo!
    Fargo: I just wanna see if you youngsters can match up to the likes of Lynx.
    Just makin' sure you're not all talk. Looks like they're ready. Let's see
    what you can do!
    [They defeat the monsters.]
    Fargo: Just loosen' ya up! Time ta get serious!!!  Polly!!!
    [A giant parrot comes, which they beat.]
    Polly: Gya-Gya-Gya Gya-Gya-Gya-Gya-Gya-Gya Gya-Gya-Gya-Gya-Gya-Gya-Gya
    "Not bad... mateys... We'll meet again." ... Is what he said.
    Fargo: Arg... Stronger than I expected.  You got me blood boilin'. I'm next!!!
    [They fight him.]
    Fargo: Jolly ho! Up and at 'em!
    [When he's weakened...]
    Fargo: Now that smarts...
    [They win the battle]
    Fargo: Not bad... But keep in mind, we be pirates!
    Serge: ???
    [He collapses.]
    Guile: Serge!!!
    Pirate2: It's a tranquilizer made from jellyfish stingers.  You lubbers will fall
    asleep for a while.
    [Guile and Kid collapse.]
    Fargo: Well, that's that! Arg! Stick these land-lubbers in the hold!
    [A panther attacks.]
    [Serge wakes up in a room in a lower level of the ship.]
    Guile: Are you alright, Serge? You do not look so well.  Be on your guard. There
    is something going on outside.
    [On the deck...]
    Pirate: Huaah... standing watch ain't easy... What's up with the fog today...?
    You can't even see the water out there... ...... ............ I-I-I ain't
    [Ghosts appear]
    Pirate: Aghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
    Guile: ...... Something is up...
    [Ghosts come in and are defeated.]
    Kid: What are these monsters doin' here? What's goin' on?
    [They make their way through the ghost filled halls up to the deck.]
    [They find an odd creature in a weapon room.]
    Small Creature: Why do you keep apwoaching me? Can't you see that I'm hiding?
    Hm? You wanna know why I'm here? I'm a stowaway. I wanted despewately to see de
    sea. When I woke up, there were monsters all over de pwace! It weally scared me...
    Anyway, I want to see de world because all my life, I've been wocked up in a wab
    ... Can you bwoaden my view of de world?
    (Serge):Sure, come along.
    Pip: Thank you very much!!!
    [They reach deck, where pirates are battling ghosts.]
    Pirate: A-Aye...!  Just in time, mateys!
    Pirate2: Look out!!!
    [They fight more ghosts.]
    Pirate: There's too many of 'em!
    Fargo: Arg! You call yerselves sea-dogs!? Show some spirit!!! Huh!?
    Pirate: Cap'n, look out!!!
    Pirate2: Cap'n!!!
    [More ghosts appear.]
    Pirate: Damn! Mateys, go help the cap'n!
    [They head there, where 2 ghosts are fighting him.]
    Fargo: Get yer... stinkin'... ghostly hands... OFF ME!
    [He defeats them.]
    Fargo: ARG!!! Looks like we got a big one comin'! [collapses]
    (Damn, me arm...) Yer name's Serge, eh!? Go take the wheel!
    (Serge): Aye-aye, Cap'n!
    Fargo: I'm countin' on ya!  Keep yer heads high, mateys! Don't forget we be
    pirates aboard the S.S. Invincible!!!
    [They go to the wheel.]
    Fargo: Man yer stations! It's time ta show these monsters what we're made of!!!
    All: Aye-aye, Cap'n!!!
    Fargo: Serge!!! Keep yer head high! They're comin'!!!
    [They fight a bizarre beast that is made of 5 different ghosts.]
    Fargo: Looks like the sea's back to normal... You said you were headin' to Fort
    Dragonia to go after Viper and his men. Let me give ya some advice. Mount Pyre
    is a fiery hell.  Without any protection against fire, you'll lose strength fast.
    I suggest ya go see the Water Dragon for his divine protection. Although I haven't
    heard much about him recently. I wonder if that dragon's still alive... Actually...
    I haven't heard much about the other dragons, either. And those monsters we just
    beat... What's goin' on nowadays...? ...... I tell ya, even the sea seems ta have
    changed its nature... It's probably because we human folks have come around...
    Kid: Yeah... yeah... I don't need this mushy talk from a pirate.
    Fargo: In the name of Davy Jones... What have we done...?
    [They bid farewell to Fargo and leave.  With no way to get through Mount Pyre
    without protection, they decide to visit the Water Dragon in Serge's world.
    They first go back to Arni Village.]
    2H. Script Disc 1: The Ice Breath
    [They see the old man on the dock.]
    Old Man: Oh, it's you, Serge.  Great day, huh? How's your day been? What was that...?
    You want me to take you to Water Dragon Isle? Wellk, it's not too far, so I'm
    willin' to take you there for 100G.
    (Serge): Yes, take me!
    Old Man: Great! Shall we get going?
    [They get on the boat.]
    Old Man: There you go.
    [They head to Water Dragon Isle.]
    Old Man: Hoho, it's been a while since I visited this isle, but its beauty never
    fades. But there's something strange... I don't see any of the fairies that usually
    dance around the pond. Oh, pardon me. There's a small village of fairies on this isle.
    It should be just beyond this pond. I don't know what brings you to this isle, but
    it's best to ask the fairies to learn about the place. In the meantime, I'll be
    'round here fishing.  This pond is great for fishing.
    [They head further through the isle and find the dwarves destroying the place!]
    Dwarf Chieftan: Hmph, just when I thought it was a rarity to see humans on this
    remote isle, you all hi-ho along. Look at thsi isle... It's beautiful, a perfect
    fit for our new home!  Too good for these damn fairies. You humans taught us that the
    world is built on the dead bodies of other species... Now, hi-ho away with you... along
    with the fairies... to the deeps of the sea!
    [They go further into the cave.  Serge and the others follow.]
    Dwarf Chieftan: Hmph, I knew you'd come.  Now we must confront you fools once again...
    I suppose this is fate... This ends now... With your death! Die, human scum!!!
    [The dwarves are defeated.]
    Dwarf Chieftan: Krr... What strength.  I can not allow our clan to be defeated here...
    Next, the next will be your last!  Come after us, humans.  If you want to save the
    fairies! Retreat! Tallruf, Beardruf!
    [They run further in the cave.]
    Dwarf Chieftan: So, you've made it this far, but you will not find us so easy to
    defeat! We will settle our scores here by avenging the extinct Hydra and our
    dying homeland with your death!
    [They defeat the dwarves and their tank.]
    Dwarf Chieftan: Grrh, such strength... Are we to be driven off our land once again?
    Is there no land on this planet where we can live in peace? Oh, Goddess of Fate,
    why are we dealt such a hand... Are humans really the greatest species on this planet?
    These heretics of evolution, these destroyers of the planet...? Ugh...
    [They die.]
    Guile: Serge! There is a fairie over there...
    [They head to it.]
    Guile: ...Serge. Is it alright?
    Rosetta: Agh...who are you? I will be fine.  The other fairies, are they alright?
    Kid: I don't feel their presence in the caves anymore... I am sure it's safe outside
    as well.
    Guile: We are sorry, but wait right here for a minute... We need to go further into
    the cave. It will only be a little while...
    [They continue on, to the Water Dragon.]
    Water Dragon: Welcome, son of man. Now, come to me...
    [They walk up to it.]
    Water Dragon: ...Thou needeth not explain. I know already what thou seeketh here.
    There is naught to be surprised about. It is but a trifle for we "Sleeping Dragons,"
    who hath dwelt upon this land for ages... Mount Pyre, the land thou seeketh is home
    to the "Fire Dragon." Unless thou quench his red blazes, it will prove a difficult
    journey. Take this, son of man. My breath can freeze even boiling lava...
    [They get the Ice Breath.]
    Water Dragon: Take my subordinate as well... It will be useful in holding back
    the Fire Dragon of Mount Pyre...
    [They get the Frog Prince summon.]
    Water Dragon: Wilt thou change this world... Or wilt thou change thyself? Wilt thou
    live with thy mother planet... Or wilt thou turn thy back on the planet and tread
    another path?
    [Later, they talk to the fairies.]
    Fairie: They said they "were chased out of the forest by the humans." And they
    drifted down to our island... so the humans are to blame!!!
    Fairie2: Because of you humans, our village, our friends have been made victims!!!
    Why can't humans live in harmony with nature? Why do you continue to act the way
    you do? Don't you see what the outcome of your choices will be in the future!?
    Why, why...
    Fairie: You crooks, I hate all you wicked humans!! Hurry up and get off this island!
    Rosetta: A very sad tragedy, triggered by acts of humans. We have lost so many of
    our people and loved ones. Although our village has been saved, no one here thinks
    kindly of man... I am extremely sorry, but please leave the island as soon as you
    [Kid faints]
    [Children's drawings burn.  In a dark room, stands Lynx.]
    [Kid awakens, later at a campfire.  The others are asleep.]
    Kid: ...Where am I? I fainted, eh?
    [Serge awakens]
    Kid: Sorry... Did I wake you up? I had a bad dream. Seein' that fairy's eyes
    filled with tears over losin' her friends... That must've triggered memories
    of me own past. I was an orphan... I was abandoned when I was a baby... There
    was someone who took me in and raised me as if I were her own little sister...
    I'm alive here today thanks to her. There were a lot of others like me at Sis's
    place, and... she was always makin' strange stuff... We didn't have money, but
    we were all happy. UP until that Lynx bastard... came and shattered our happiness
    to pieces! Lynx raided our house, burned it down, and kidnapped Sis! Sister...
    never came back... Since then, I've wandered the world and experienced so much
    pain, just to get by... No one was there to help me. I was always alone. If you
    ask me, the idea of guardian angels watchin' over us all the time... that's a load of
    [She stands.]
    Kid: In this world, the underhanded always gets the last laugh. Only the ones who don't
    think anything of hurtin' others are the ones who get blood-stained fortunes. The
    ones who kill, the ones who devour, they're the ones who survive. That's the only
    rule of this world.  The great species of mankind... our wonderful world, filled
    with love and happiness... HA! Don't make me laugh! But if that's how it is, that's
    fine with me. As long as I'm alive, there ain't no goin' back. I'll abide by this
    world's rules, and do what I gotta do, despite the rotten hand of cards I've been
    dealt! I'll make sure that bloody bastard pays for what he's done!!! I will get
    even...! No matter what it takes!!!
    [The next day, they start leaving.]
    Guile: Huh? What is going on? The old boatman is gone!
    Kid: Did he head back to the village because we were so late?
    [The old man comes.]
    Old Man: I figured you'd be coming back, so I set the boat out.  Are you all safe?
    Oh, many pardons. It didn't look like you'd be coming back before sunset, and I had
    to return before it got dark. Well, since you made it back here, I guess you did
    what you needed to do? ...But you guys look a little gloomy for it to have gone
    well... No second thoughts? Then let's head back to the village.
    (Serge): Let's head back to the village.
    Old Man: ...You sure? Then let's go back to the village.
    [They return to the village.]
    2I. Script Disc 1: Mount Pyre
    [They head to Mount Pyre.]
    [They meet Solt and Peppor in the mountain.]
    Solt: AHHHHHH! They're really here!
    Peppor: Th-This time, let's shake it to them for sure!
    Solt: Y-Yes. I'll do my best, Peppor!
    Peppor: Let's shake it. Get ready...!
    Solt: To shake it...! As Peppor would say.
    [They easily defeat Solt and Peppor.]
    Peppor: S-Shake it outta here!!!
    Solt: P-Peppooooooor!
    [They run away]
    [On a bridge they see a reptilian creature trapped in the ground.]
    Guile: What is that? It looks stuck.
    [A small red dragon comes up to them.]
    Mini Dragon: Hey, lad! Wanna challenge me to a fight!? C'mon, whaddya say!?
    [They fight the small dragon.]
    Mini Dragon: Hey! Not badk, lad! I'm sure I'll see you again.
    [They continue over the bridge to an opening in the cave.]
    Man's Voice: That's far enough!!!
    [Karsh, Zoah and Marcy come in.]
    Karsh: So you made it this far, huh, junior?
    Guile: Acacia Dragoons? Step aside.
    Karsh: HAH! In the name of the Acacia Dragoons, you ain't gettin' past here!!!
    Marcy: And Serge!!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!! I hate your friends, your mom, your dad,
    your grandma, your grandpa, your great-grandma, your... I HATE THEM ALL!!!!!!
    I hate you! I despise you! I REALLY, REALLY ABHOR YOU!!!!!!
    Karsh: Gah hah hah! Looks like she can't stand you. Well, then... It's time for
    you to die!!!
    [They battle.]
    Karsh: I-Impossible... There's no way I'd lose!?
    [He leaves.]
    Karsh: Dammit! I'll get even for this!
    [He leaves.]
    Marcy: Nah, nah, na-na-nah...!!!
    [She leaves.]
    Voice: Serge...
    [Harle appears.]
    Harle: If you proceed any further, zere will be no turning back, non? Even so...
    You still wish to go, Serge?
    (Serge): Keep going.
    Harle: I see... I won't stop you. But... Don't die...
    [She leaves.]
    2J. Script Disc 1: Fort Dragonia
    [They leave the mountain and see Fort Dragonia.]
    [It is the fortress from the start of the game.  We see a few visions of Serge stabbing
    [They enter the fortress.]
    [After lots of exploring and boss fighting, they reach the elevator from before and
    head up to the top area. They go to the door.]
    [The door openss.  Serge sees a vision of himself stabbing Kid.  The vision ends.]
    [The door opens.]
    Kid: C'mon, mate!!!
    [They head inside.  There the dragon tear sits on a pedestal.  Viper and Lynx
    wait there.]
    Lynx: Finally... We've been expecting you.
    Viper: I have nothing personal against you, but anyone who hinders our plan must
    be eliminated. I am rather sorry about that...
    [They fight him.]
    Viper: Care for some warming up first, eh? Then come now lads, I will take you on!
    [He is defeated.]
    Viper: Hah-hah-hah!!! Hah hah hah... You are a worthy opponent... But let us see
    how you do now.  I shall give it my all...
    [Lynx stabs him.]
    Viper: L-Lynx......... You......traitor......!
    Lynx: You were extremely useful in helping me make my way around these islands. I
    appreciate your help, General. However, I no longer have any need for you. This fort
    shall serve as a fine grave marker for you and your dragoons. May you rest in peace.
    Viper: D-Damn...! Forgive... me......... Riddel......
    Lynx: Now, let this be your final resting place as well.
    Kid: C'mon, Lynx!!! You're goin' down!
    [They fight.]
    Lynx: You're more trouble than I thought... But do you really think your skills
    are superior to mine?
    Kid: Sore loser!!!
    [He vanishes then reappears further back.]
    Lynx: Serge, have you ever questioned who you really are?
    Kid: Serge...!?
    Lynx: What has been the significance of your existence up until now? On that
    ominous day 10 years ago, the boundary of space and time was torn, and part of
    me, in fact, died...
    [The jaguar in the woods attacks someone.]
    Lynx: You cannot defeat me, Serge... This is because denying me is the same as
    erasing your very existence.
    Kid: Don't be taken in by his rubbish, Serge!!! This guy's full of it!
    Lynx: Huh... We'll see about that. There are two sides to every coin. Life and
    death...... Love and hate...... They are all the same.
    Kid: What'd you say!? Talk some sense, will ya!
    [The dragon tear glimmers]
    {Serge looks in it, his reflection changes into that of Lynx's.  He clutches his
    head and falls to the ground.  His shadow turns to that of Lynx's.  He rises,
    a dark look on his face.]
    Kid: Serge! What's wrong!? LYNX!!! What have you done to Serge!? Serge! You
    Serge: Yes... I'm fine... I'm just fine, Kid.
    [Lynx looks confused at the situation.]
    Serge: What are you doing, Lynx? Now's your chance, Kid! Kill him!!!
    Kid: Yeah... I know.
    [She walks up to him.]
    Kid: This is the end of you, Lynx!!! Say yer prayers!
    [They battle, Lynx loses.]
    Serge: You did it, Kid.
    Kid: Y-Yeah...
    Serge: Now finish him. What's wrong? Settle it once and for all.
    Serge: Here, hand me your dagger. I'll finish him off.
    [He takes Kid's dagger.]
    Serge: Watch this, Kid... I'll avenge Lucca for you! Die, LYNX!
    Kid: WAIT!!!
    Serge: What, Kid? He's your foe, isn't he?
    Kid: ...... How do you know Lucca's name?
    Serge: ......? What are you talking about, Kid...?
    Kid: Not once did I ever mention Lucca's name to you, Serge...
    Serge: ......!!!
    Kid: No... Don't tell me you're...!?
    [Serge stabs Kid.  She falls to the ground. Lynx growls upsetly.  Bloody dagger
    in hand, Serge smiles.]
    Guile: Serge... Why...!?
    Serge: QUIET!!!
    [Using some electrical orb he knocks Guile unconscious.]
    Serge: This is the end of the road for you, Kid.
    Kid: U-Ugh...! Y-You're Lynx... ain't ya!?
    Lynx: Heh heh heh...! I'll send you to see Lucca.
    [He puts the knife away.]
    Lynx: I'll finish you off later.
    [He walks up to Lynx/Serge.]
    Lynx: Look at yourself, Serge... I mean, Lynx! Heh heh heh... Excellent! The
    enmity is growing! The only thing pure in this world is enmity! Well then, the
    time has come for the curtain to fall. Your services are no longer needed.
    Even your very existence is worthless... Farewell, Serge.
    [He takes the Dragons Tear.]
    Lynx: Finally, I have the key. The key to the gate of Fate!  The time has finally
    come for the Frozen Flame to awaken!!!
    [He vanishes and appears near Serge.]
    Lynx: Come to the Sea of Eden, Serge... Should you wish to end your dream of 10
    years ago...
    [The Dragons Tear glows, and a shock wave comes out that blows up all the dragon
    statues in the room.  An electical energy leviates Lynx/Serge.]
    Lynx: Now, let love bleed! Darker and deeper than the seas of hell! Heh heh heh...!
    [Everything fades out of view.]
    [Kid stands on the beach and turns.]
    [We are shown a view from underwater.]
    2K. Script Disc 1: Trapped in a Dimensional Vortex
    [Serge, now in Lynx's body, awakens in a strange surrealistic landscape. Knocking
    a piece of fruit off a tree causes a woman to run out of her house.  Lynx runs inside.]
    Sprigg: 'EY YOU!!! Wot are you doin' in me 'ouse!? Hmmm... I figured you for another
    wanderin' spirit... 'ow many yearz has it been since a physical bein' wandered
    into this world...? Very strange indeed... Rightly so, the world is controlled
    by chance and chaos. Anythin' can 'appen as quick as a wink. Nobody knowz. Somethin'
    you 'ave today may be gone tomorrow. Just like this berry I'm 'oldin'. Important
    stuff, irreplaceable stuff: all theze may come to 'arm with superlative eaze.
    And wot'z frightenin' is... There be absolutely no meanin' to wot 'appens in our
    daily livez... Meanin' is non-existent. No matter wot'z born, lost or changed...
    It'z beyond calculation. There may be no one or nothin' watchin' over you...
    Such is life.
    [She gets in a hammock.]
    Sprigg: I'm goin' to bed. I suggest you rest up, too.
    [Lynx does that.  The next morning Lynx tries to leave...]
    Sprigg: Just a second there. I give ya a place to sleep, and you're leavin' without
    a word of thanks?
    [She jumps down.]
    Sprigg: I'm comin' with ya. I have a feelin' I can get outta 'ere if I tag along.
    Besides, ya won't be able to make it inside that tower alone.  I'll open it for ya.
    [They go to the tower. Harle waits inside.]
    Harle: You are tres late, non? Come on, Monsieur Lynx, let'z go. We don't have ze
    time to be dawdling here. We may truly get lost in time. I can't afford to lose you
    just yet.
    (Serge): I'm not Lynx...!
    Harle: You are no longuer Serge. You are Monsieur Lynx.
    [She jumps down.]
    Harle: Allons, regarde-toi! Just look at yourself... Who in zeir right mind iz going
    to believe you are Serge? C'est simple. If everybody, except for yourself, sayz zat
    you are Monsieur Lynx... zen...
    [She jumps back up to the second floor.]
    Harle: Voila! You are Monsieur Lynx! It'z az simple az zat. Zat iz who you are! C'est
    la realite! If you try and go against realite... Realite will surely crush you.  Realite
    will kill you. And realite will continue to go on az if not'ing ever happened...
    >From yesterday to today, and from today to tomorrow. Realite marchez on...
    Leaving your crushed body behind...
    (Serge): But I'm Serge!
    Harle: Ooh la lah... So, you still insist zat you are Serge, oui? Regardless your
    memoire az zis Serge... You may be able to rewrite it if you use ze Dragon Tear.
    In realite, you died 10 yearz ago in ze odder world. How can you say for sure zis
    iz ze real you? Maybe for you it is evident, but... I wonder if you ever really
    were Serge...? Furthermore... what waz zis Serge? A figure, a shape? A spirit?
    A soul? Where waz zis Serge?
    [She transforms into Serge.]
    Serge: Who am... I? Who are... you? You're not me. I'm not you. I am reality... You
    [She walks through the west door.]
    Sprigg: Now, open the door to reality only. One mistake, and you'll never make it
    back to the real world.
    [They go into the next room, following Harle until they reach a new area.]
    Harle: How boring... Fine, I understand how you feel. Let'z head back to reality.
    [They go through the maze and portal back to the Hydra Marshes.]
    2L. Script Disc 1: Return to Home
    Harle: We are back to realite.  Doez zis place look familiar to you, Monsieur
    Lynx? Do you need moi to tell you where we are?
    (Serge): No, I already know.
    Harle: Ahhh, you remember.  Then let'z leave zis forest marshez at once.
    Sprigg: ...Ahhh...yes... I'm finally back in the real world! Ahh... A world with
    substance... Even the water and air is different! This is great! It's time to
    pahr-tay! Let's have a toast to our return into the real world!
    Harle: Listen, old lady... You are not getting any younger. Try to control your
    emotionz.  And zere iz absolutely no time to be partying! We must hurry along.
    Sprigg: Wot's your problem, lass? It's been yearz since I've been back to the
    real world. You sure are a buzz-kill. ...So, anyway, where to now?
    Harle: Ooh, Monsieur Lynx... You seem worried about zat Serge character. Do you
    still remember? Ze place where it all started... "Where Angelz Lose Zeir Way"...
    Sprigg: Where Angels......... WHATEVER! It has a bad ring to it. So wot exactly
    is it?
    Harle: A gate to anodder world....... Somet'ing like zat.
    Sprigg: Wot!? Are you sayin' there's another dimensional distortion in this world!?
    Hya-hya-hyah! Very interestin', indeed! So, where is this place?
    Harle: Leave zat up to Monsieur Lynx.  Let'z just get going! But first, we must
    leave zis forest.
    [The portal appears and vanishes.]
    Sprigg: Wot the...? It dissappeared... Wot's goin' on?
    [They leave and go to Opassa Beach. There, the Astral Amulet fails to work.]
    Sprigg: Wot's wrong, Lynx? Don't tell me the dimensional gate won't open...!?
    HEH! You be in hot water now!
    Harle: Of course it won't open. Ze missing piece to zis world haz been found.
    Zere iz not'ing we can do. You are now just an unwanted piece.
    Sprigg: Very interestin'... What are ya gonna do now, Lynx? 'ow about we go
    explain your situation to your movver? We may be able to find somethin' out.
    [They go to Serge's House.]
    Marge: Who might you be? May I help you? What...? What did you just say...!? You're
    Serge...? ...... Please explain to me exactly what is going on here...
    Marge: ...... I see... So that man told you to go to the Sea of Eden. I really
    don't know about dimensional distortions or about the other world. But if, like
    you say, something big is really on the verge of happening... It may have all
    started 14 years ago... On the night of the storm...
    [There's a flashback of a ship out in the Sea of Eden.]
    Marge: That night, your father, Wazuki, and his friend Miguel set out to sea, despite
    a storm... It was an emergency... They were swallowed by the high waves and lost
    consciousness. When they came to, they found themselves inside the Dead Sea... A
    place where no living creature dares enter.  I don't know what happened, but that
    incident changed your father. And your father's friend, Miguel... That was Leena's
    father. He never returned... Back then, that place wasn't called the Dead Sea...
    Yes, I believe they called it "Sea of Eden" ... That was 14 years ago.
    [Back to the present.]
    Voice: Are you the ones everybody is talking about?
    [They turn, Radius comes in.]
    Radius: No... this can't be... Are you Lynx!? You're still alive...!? Step outside,
    Lynx! For I, too, was once a valient member of the Acacia Dragoons! I must put a
    stop to you!
    Harle: Lah-la-la... Geezer, I wouldn't show off like zat.  Zat iz if you want to
    live... Do not underestimate ze power of Monsieur Lynx. One blow and it'z off to ze
    other world wit' you!
    Radius: Silence! Now step outside!
    [They fight.]
    Radius: En garde!
    [When defeated...]
    Radius: I stand defeated!
    [After the fight.]
    Radius: Hmm...!? I do not sense any malice in your attacks... Do you really mean to
    tell me that you are not Lynx? And is it true that the general is still active in
    the other world...? Here, the general has been missing for the past 3 years now...
    Understood! I shall accompany you! We may still have a chance to save the general
    and Riddel in the other world.
    Harle: Zut! This geezer iz only going to get in ze way...
    Radius: We must gather news in Termina, about General Viper's disappearance. We
    may find clues to show us how to return to the other world. I, Radius, shall give
    it my all, in the name of General Viper!
    [They head to Termina, to gather clues.  While passing through Fossil Valley...]
    Porre Soldier: Y-Yo... Check out that guy's face! Way... scary...!
    Porre Soldier2: Our investigation is done. Let's get the hell outta here!
    Porre Soldier: I wanna go back to Porre!!!
    [They run away.]
    [They enter Termina, to find it taken over by Porre Soldiers.]
    Soldier: !!! Lynx!!! How dare you have the nerves to return to this town! Get out
    of here!
    Radius: Looks like the young 'un's an unwanted guest here, too.
    Harle: Humanz are very selfish, non? To t'ink zat zey used to bow zeir headz down
    to curry favor wit' Monsieur Lynx! Zey're alwayz searching for someone or somet'ing
    to lay zeir blame on.
    [They head to the west.]
    Guard: ......!!! Can it be you, Sir Lynx!? You are safe, sir? Where have you been
    all this time...!? We have set up a temporary military dock beyond this point.
    Nobody may pass without permission from Commander Norris... not even you, Sir Lynx.
    Commander Norris is at the ruins of Viper Manor.  Please report your current status
    to him immediately!
    [They head to Viper Manor to see Norris.]
    Radius: I believe it has been 4 years since I retired from the Dragoons... Sigh...
    Time sure does fly... I was shocked to hear of Dario's death 3 years ago... And
    now, the general and the others are missing... The manor is in shambles... I
    took the liberty of conducting my own investigation, but I have discovered nothing...
    All I know is that a man named Lynx approached the general and has involved him
    in some kind of incident. The only difference with the other world you talk about is
    that something happened to the general 3 years ago... I just hope that this Norris
    fellow knows something...
    Harle: I know not'ing. I waz not involved wit' ze plan. I do not find it amuzing!
    [Going through the well they make their way into the manor and see Norris.]
    Norris: Sir Lynx! It has been a while sir. As you can see, the manor is in
    shambles. There is no sign of the general or the others. We are still investigating
    the area, but it appears that the Frozen Flame is not here. Sir... Are you really
    Sir Lynx? You seem different than I last remember...
    Radius: You are correct. This man is not Lynx.
    Norris: Excuse me, sire, but who might you be?
    Radius: I am Radius, a dragoon. Although I have been retired for 4 years.
    Norris: So you are Radius, one of the former 4 Devas!? it is an honor to meet you,
    sir! I believe you, sir, but... It is still hard to accept that this man is not
    Sir Lynx.
    Radius: He may look like Lynx, but his spirit is of another.
    Norris: That is... quite strange if I may say so.
    Radius: It is up to you what you want to believe. So, what business did you have
    with Lynx? Have you uncovered anything about the dissappearance of the general?
    You will be doing us a great favor by telling us what you know.
    Norris: Very well.. I will tell you what I know.
    [We see a view of all El Nido.]
    Norris: It was actually Sir Lynx who approached us about the existence of the Frozen
    Flame in El Nido. Being from the main continent, we had doubted its very existence, so
    I was sent to El Nido Archipelago as a spy. I had narrowed down the location to Viper
    Manor, but it appeared as though General Viper and his men were in search of it as well.
    Eventually, I was called back to Porre, but it was then that I heard General Viper and
    his men had disappeared and that the manor had been destroyed as such. I heard only
    recently that there is good evidence the general and his men headed to the Dead Sea.
    The Dead Sea is an ocean located to the east, surrounded by coral. It used to be called
    the Sea of Eden, but even then, not many dared enter. We investigated the area, but to
    no avail. We could find no entrance.
    [Back to normal.]
    Norris: It is you, Sir Lynx, who wished to change this distorted world using the Frozen
    Harle: Ooh la lah! Such grand dreamz Monsieur Lynx!
    Radius: Hold your tongue.
    Harle: Zut!
    Radius: So... The Dead Sea... That ocean was called the Sea of Eden until 3 years ago...
    This may just be the clue we were looking for. Once we uncover Lynx's plans, it should
    be easy enough to counter them.
    Norris: Are you planning to go to the Dead Sea? There is no wasy to get in there. We
    searched all over for an entrance, but to no avail. No one knows anything about it,
    Radius: Yes, I doubt you will be able to get in. I'm sure the demi-humans of Marbule
    know something about this, but they detest humans. Especially those from the main
    continent. Perhaps they would give us a hint if we were to go.
    Norris: Then... May I join you, sir? I want to know. I want to know if the Frozen Flame
    really exists, and about everything else that has happened here.
    Radius: What about you?
    Harle: Hm? Moi? But of course! I will follow zis Monsieur Lynx!!! Ze odder one iz no
    longuer Monsieur Lynx.
    Norris: There is a military boat docked at Termina. Let us use that.
    [They get in the boat and head to Marbule.]
    [The place is devoid of many people, yet ghosts are wandering around.]
    [They rest.  That night...]
    You hear voices outside... Check it out.
    [They go outside and see a mermaid jump in the water.]
    Great Explorer Toma: What are you doing up at this hour? A mermaid? A homecoming,
    maybe? Oh... You say she was crying? Hmmm... A mermaid returns in the middle of the
    night, crying... Actually, it could possibly be that mermaid who lost her singing
    voice... Mermaids are known to have a beautiful voice and sing about love and
    happiness. But mermaids are forbidden to sing songs about holding grudges against
    humans. If a mermaid breaks the taboo, she will lose her singing voice. I don't
    blame her though, for all that's been happening in this day and age... You're heading
    to the Zelbess tormorrow, right? You should get some sleep. Oh, and don't forget to
    give your regards to Captain Fargo when you get there. He can be devious, so keep an
    eye on him.
    [They leave.]
    ???: The Cruise Ship - S.S. Zelbess -? Fargo...
    [The next day...]
    ???: Excuse me, son of man.
    Irenes: Will you be boarding the Zelbess? Take me with you. Let us go.
    Radius: ...... W-What's that...?
    [They head to the S.S. Zelbess.]
    2M. Script Disc 1: Early Sidequests
    [Recruiting Mojoy]
    [Serge goes to the Fisherman's House and shows him the Shark Tooth…he says the same thing
    as he did before]
    [As Serge is walking out of the basement…]
    Voice: Boogum!  Hold on a second there!
    Fisherman: W-What was that…?
    Voice: Love is always in the air!  It’s just that no one notices.
    Fisherman: (Pointing at the straw doll) Y-Y-You’re……Mojoy!?
    Mojoy: (Becomes Animated) I am Mojoy!  And I bring-om good foortune!  Boogum!
    Fisherman: Th-Th-This can’t be happening…!  How in the…?
    Mojoy: I sense some kind of purpose.  Seems like fun, soo I will jooin-om yoou!
    Fisherman: W-Wait a second…!
    Mojoy: There’s-om nothing drooll about me!  Just a word of advice.  Stop-om running and come
    face to face with yoour life.
    Fisherman: Ergh…
    Mojoy: A messenger of love and courage, I am-om!  I’m lucky, I’m lucky, I’m luck!  Uh-huh-
    Mojoy joined-om yoour party!
    Fisherman: ……Was the decision I made 10 years ago wrong…?  If so, then…what have I been doing
    for the past 10 years…?
    [Serge shows the fisherman the Shark Tooth]
    Fisherman: ……So you’re saying there’s another “me” who’s a fisherman…?  That’s ridiculous.
    What are you trying to do by showing me that amulet?
    [Recruiting Zappa]
    [They head to see Zappa in Termina.]
    Zappa: Aye, that should do it. This here forge has always had a fire since aulden
    times. 'Tis sad to see it without its blaze. Mah apologies... Closing this shop for
    mah own selfish desires.
    Zappa's wife, Zippa: Ah've had to listen to ye for the longest time, and ah dinnae
    want to hear ye say it's foolish now! Never mind that, dear, so ye're really goin'?
    Zappa: Aye. Now that ah dinnae have the shop no more, likesay, it's time to finish
    what we started long ago. Ye stay here and wait for Karsh's return.
    Zippa: It's already been 3 years... These years haven't been too good to us. Our
    best patrons, the Dragoons, disappear, the Porre military gets on our arses...
    Well, since we've had such bad luck 'til now, ah'm sure things'll be good here on
    out... Our son's probably fine as well...
    Zappa: Aye...
    Zippa: Ye're all travelers, aren't ye? Have ye seen our son anywhere? His name is
    Karsh. He's a pretty rough character, but he's a good boy. It's tough havin' a son
    who's a knight. Ye never know when he might just come back as a ghost in armor...
    Ah wonder what could've happened at the Dead Sea... If ah could see mah son again,
    ah dinnae ask fer anything else.  Oh, ah'm sorry to make ye feel blue.  Well, if
    ye ever find him, just tell him to come back for a little while.
    Zappa: Radius...!? It's been a while... How fares the village?
    Radius: You need not worry about the village... There are bigger things to concern
    Zappa: Ah'm guessin' ye're no from around here. Do ye ken a thing called the
    "rainbow"? It's a superb material that can be forged into anythin'. Ah'm thinkin'
    of searchin' for this rainbow. Ye wouldnae mind if ah joined ye, aye?
    (Serge): Let him join.
    Zappa: Aye, great! Then ah'll give ye a wee token. Use this anytime, and ah'll find
    ye and do mah job, anywhere ye are. ...Ah give mah word! Call me anytime ye like.
    [Recruiting Van.]
    [They visit Van in his room, who's putting something hidden away behind a painting.]
    Van: !!!
    [He closes it.]
    Van: At least knock before you enter! Are you guys tourists? If you want, I'd be
    willing to guide you around. Of course, there's a small fee involved.  I think it's
    a bargain. How about it?
    (Serge): Hire him.
    Van: You got it!
    Gogh: Th-That is...!
    Van: Huh!?
    [They walk in the other room, where the land lady yells at Gogh.]
    Land Lady: You've had long enough to pay your debts and I'm not going to wait any
    longer. Either you pay up now, or I'll have you move out of this house...!
    Gogh: But what will happen to my son and me...
    Land Lady: That's none of my concern. I just want to make this place into my personal
    storage for my precious treasures!
    Van: Hey, wait! I'll pay that debt!
    Land Lady: Well, this is amusing. How is our little Mr. Van today? How much have you
    saved from your allowance?
    Van: None of your business! This is what I got!
    Land Lady: Ha ha ha! This won't even pay off the interest. Better luck next time!
    Van: Tsk! Just wait a little bit more! Then I'll be able to get the money you need!
    Land Lady: What are you planning to do little Van? Don't waste your energy on something
    Van: I'm going with these guys to search for the Frozen Flame! So, please! Wait just a
    little longer!
    Land Lady: Ahahaha! Just listen to you! You're pretty bright, but you're still just a
    kid! It's so naive of you to believe in such a fairy tale like the Frozen Flame.
    Of course it's a joke, isn't it?
    (Serge): No, we're serious.
    Land Lady: Amazing. You actually believe that legend...? Are you people crazy or
    something? Hahaha... Not a bad joke, though. The Frozen Flame is supposed to be the
    treasure of all treasures... Even if it's just a legend, there's something very
    tempting about it. Alright. I will wait a little longer. Have the Frozen Flame ready
    by the time I come back here. Be careful not to burn yourself. Although you'll
    probably never find it. Hahahaha!
    [She leaves.]
    Van: Humph, how arrogant of her to push us around just because we're poor. If only we
    had money, If only we had money, this never would have happened...
    Gogh: Hey, hey, Van. None of that. Besides, even though we don't have money...
    Van: I don't want to hear that from you, dad! Where are we going to live as of tomorrow!?
    We're out of money because we're not selling any of the paintings we have in this room!
    Gogh: I'm sorry Van... These pictures are just not good enough to sell yet. I only want
    to sell pieces that I'm satisfied with to those who understand my work...
    Van: Fine... Then I'm going to have to be the one to find us a place to live... Do you
    enjoy watching family disputes? There's absolutely, positively nothing here, so there's
    no point in hanging around. Thanks... Thank you for going along with my bogus story...
    [He goes in his room.]
    Van: Hmm, I think it's a pretty good picture... So, why doesn't it sell? Dad isn't
    too active about selling his work. He says cocky things like he'll only sell to those
    who understand his work. Oh well... I guess I'll have to come up with the money myself.
    OK, let's see. My piggy bank is... Yup, it's here. OK, the money's in here, too. Now, the
    hardest part is finding a place to live. [He takes his money] Next we have... Dad's
    homemade paint color, El Nido Blue. [He takes his paint.] Painting the sea in this color
    gives it the smell of salt water... supposedly. If I were dad, I would've sold this
    paint by itself and made a fortune off it. This seashell... [He takes it.] Mom... The
    only remaining reminder between me and mom is this shell. Tsk, it's cracked. I can't even
    hear the sound of the sea. But I... I remember it all... Mom found this shell and held it
    gently to my ear.  And I remember that sound... that sound of the sea... I also had a fit,
    because I couldn't take home the sand castle I made that day. And now, we have to move
    outta the house mom and I lived in... But don't worry, mom. I'll take good care of dad for
    [In the other room.]
    Gogh: Van always had a hard time dealing with our troubles... Ever since he was a child,
    I made him do without so many things that he's grown a bit sarcastic. Yet, he is very
    kind at heart, like his mother always was. One day, I wish I could let him do as he
    pleases, just like other children...
    [Van comes in.]
    Van: You guys are still here? You need something? Or are you here to buy my dad's
    Radius: Actually what you were just saying...
    Harle: We really are looking for ze Frozen Flame...
    Van: Huh? If you're being sarcastic, you got me pretty ticked! Oh, I get it. Are you
    trying to cheer me up or something? Don't underestimate me because I"m a kid! I know
    that no such thing exists in this world. Or are you all some kind of simpletons?
    Radius: Whether you believe it or not is up to you.
    Van: ... Stop looking at me like that. You remind me of my mom. Your eyes tell me
    that you're telling the truth. Even I can see that. But I can't do it. I just can't
    leave my dad here and go off on some fool's errand, although it's tempting...
    Gogh: I'll be alright, Van... You don't have to find any Frozen Flame or anything.
    I just want you to go out into the world and broaden your horizons. Of all the people
    in the world, only a handful live in happiness... No, maybe even those who look happy
    aren't really happy at all... I want you to go find out for yourself what real
    happiness means. So, go...
    Van: Dad...
    Gogh: Van...
    Van: Just be careful to lock up at night... It'd be bad if any of the paintings were
    Gogh: I will... Be careful out there. Oh yes... Wait just a moment.
    [He gets him a boomerang.]
    Gogh: Take this with you.
    Van: This is... a boomerang!? Dad, I'm not going out there to play! What am I going to
    do with this toy...?
    Gogh: This isn't a toy. During your journey, there will be danger. This should help you
    when that time comes. And... a boomerang comes back when it is thrown. I want it to be
    a reminder to you.
    Van: ...... So it's a good luck charm, huh? Humph, I don't care for such things, but oh
    well, I'll take it with me, just in case.
    [He takes it.]
    Van: Alright... We gotta go before she comes back again!
    [Recruiting Starky]
    [They head to Sky Dragon Isle and see a weird creature float by.]
    Radius: ......? What is that...?
    [They open a chest, finding it empty.  Suddenly, a huge alien creature comes out from
    the woods!]
    Man: Nooo, it's heeeeere!!!
    Creature: Give mee Star Fragment!
    [They beat it.]
    Radius: So, the real body of the "monster" was this small?
    Mysterious Creature: Whoopipeee! Star Fragment miine.
    [It runs, but they catch it.]
    Mysterious Creature: Starky shocked! Starky got caught. Youu win.
    Radius: Who are you?
    Mysterious Creature: Starky come from farawaay stars. But Starky's ship fall from sky.
    Star Fragment is Starkey's ship fragment. The ship turned to fragments after crash.
    Radius: So that's why you were collecting fragments. If we're lucky, your ship might
    still be intact in the other world.
    Starky: Reeally! Whoopeee! Starky will come with youu.
    [The Skelly Sidequest]
    [In the Fossil Valley, Kid and Serge approach a trooper standing in front of a
    Trooper: We are investigating a supernatural phenomenon up there... It is off-
    limits to the... Hey, are you the exorcists we sent for?
    (Serge): Yes, we are.
    Trooper: Ohhh, great!  I thought you'd be a little older... Please make your
    way up to the rope ladder.
    [Up there they meet with another trooper.]
    Trooper2: Are you the exorcists?  You're younger than I expected.  Anyway, do
    you hear that howling sound from down yonder?  All we want you to do is to stop
    that noise.  I don't believe in ghosts, but go do what you have to do.
    [They approach a large dinosaur skull when a small clown like skull hops out
    and comes over to them.]
    Skelly: Nyak-nyak-nyak!  Looks like I'm causin' quite a stir.  I've been
    waitin' forever for someone like you!  Yeah, I know. You and I are both dead,
    eh?  I don't remember how I ended up like this... I don't have a body and I
    don't remember a thing!  You understand what I'm goin' thru, don't ya?  But I
    have a feelin' everything will come back to me once I find my body parts.  So,
    how bout it? Will ya help me find my body?
    (Serge): Sure.
    Skelly: Nyak-nyak-nyak!!! Yeah!? I'm heavier than I look, but I hope ya don't
    mind!  And don't swing me around too much. I start feelin' nauseous.
    [In Guldove, they speak to a woman.]
    Woman: Dear sirs, you're travelers, right? Although I hesitate to do so, I have
    a favor to ask of you.  I received this bone from a trader, but I would like you to
    set it adrift in the seas... I'm sure its real owner would like to have it returned
    to nature... So, can you fulfill my request?
    (Serge): OK, I'll do it.
    Woman: Why thank you! Here it is. Please take good care of it.
    Skelly: Yeah, you need guts to get through life! Hey...!? That's right! My favorite
    dish is Termina's squid gut pasta!
    2N. Script Disc 1: The S.S. Zelbess
    [They arrive on the boat and go into Fargo's room.]
    Fargo: It's been quite some time, Irenes... You've grown up...
    Irenes: Fargo... You have not changed at all... You are still here drowning in
    memories of the past...
    Fargo: What do you know...!? I lost everything when I lost Zelbess...
    Irenes: Dat ist untrue... My sister left hope... A treasure that may one day bring
    humans and demi-humans together...
    Fargo: You mean Nikki...?
    Irenes: Ja... And his sister... Marcy.
    Fargo: ......!? That child died with Zelbess when Luccia...
    Irenes: You do not know anyt'ing, do you...? Or you refuse to know. You only remember
    the past which ist favorable for you. Luccia tried to save my sister Zelbess...
    But she was only able to save the baby... Marcy... Luccia felt responsible and has
    supported Marcy from a distance throughout her life. Look at you now... Where ist
    the old you, who had the passion and desire to build a new world with my sister?
    Fargo: I told you... The old me is dead...! Now what do you want!? I don't need to
    be lectured by you!
    Irenes: ...... Understood. Let me get to the point. You have taken away the "song"
    of the demi-humans. In otter words, we would like you to free the sage...
    Fargo: I see... But why? You know that song, too, don't you?
    Irenes: Do not feign ignorance, Fargo. You should know better... Only when the song
    is sung by one with special power can the effects be brought into full play. My
    sister, Zelbess, ist dead, and you have taken away the sage. Marbule no longer hast
    its true power without dat song... Marbule is not a nesting ground for evil dream
    Fargo: Interesting... But so what? I don't want outsiders in Marbule... That suits
    me just fine.
    Irenes: How much longer are you going to be stubborn? The Marbule you once knew ist
    no longer there...! You will only find a nightmare.  Open your eyes to reality...
    Fargo: I'm not releasing the sage no matter what you say.
    Irenes: ...... Fine... I will not beseech you. I will not give up on the resignation
    of Marbule. I will continue to strive to make my sister's dream come true...
    [She leaves.]
    Fargo: ......
    [They leave and head downstairs.  They enter a room with many demi-humans inside...]
    [A familiar looking man with a mop walks up to them.]
    Old Man: Excuse me, but I need to get to work... Please let me through.
    (Serge): Let him through.
    [He leaves.]
    [In the hall...]
    Old Man: I have to mop the floors. Let me through.
    Pirate: Alright, go. Don't slack off!
    [He walks through.]
    Pirate: That old man used to be the leader of Marbule. But now he's down in the dumps,
    moppin' the floors of the Zelbess. Through this door is the "Grand Slam," a world
    where the weak are victims of the strong! Power is justice! Just what the captain
    preaches! Anyway, I'll let you through if you get the captain's permission!
    [They go and see a magic show.]
    Sneff: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Sneff's ffantastic magic show!!! Is there anyone
    in the audience who would like to volunteer ffor this next trick? How about you, young
    Lady: Who, me? Well... It does seem like fun... but... You're not going to slice me in
    two, or stick knives in me, are you?
    Sneff: Noffing to worry about, young lady... You're in good hands wiff Sneff. Now,
    please step up to the stage.
    Lady: Here goes nothing...!
    [She goes up to the stage.]
    Sneff: Now, what is your name?
    Lady: Jill...
    Sneff: Well, let's start off wiff someffing simple. Jill, you are going to walk on air!
    You're ffeeling lighter, Jill... Very... light... One! Two! Free!
    [He casts a spell, she floats.]
    Jill: Eeeek!
    [Everyone claps.]
    Sneff: And now, ffor the main event! Jill... You will now become a chair. You will be able
    to wiffstand any weight! One! Two! Free!
    [A pirate swipes the air above and below her.]
    Sneff: See... No strings!
    [The pirate sits on her.]
    Sneff: She's even able to support a ffatso like him! OK then, it's about time we brought
    Jill back! One! Two! Free!
    [She goes back to normal.]
    Sneff: So... How was it, Jill?
    Jill: Ummm... It felt like I had no control over my body... But it didn't hurt me one bit!
    It was very strange...!
    Sneff: Fank you very much ffor your assistance.
    Spectator: You're a phony!!! You and her probably had this all planned out!
    Sneff: ......!? You don't believe in magic...? Looks like I have someffing to prove to you.
    Step up to the stage!
    [He does.]
    Spectator: Yeah... Go ahead and do what you want. I know there's a trick!!!
    Sneff: You're a real live wire! What's your name?
    Spectator: It's Jack!
    Sneff: Seeing as how restless and irritated you are, here's one of my ffavorite tricks!
    I will turn you into a cat...! I call it... "Cat on a Hot Tin Rooff!" One! Two! Free!
    [He changes into a cat.]
    Sneff: So, what do you fink? Don't be affraid. I'll change you back to normal. One! Two!
    [He changes back to normal.]
    Sneff: Do you believe me now, Jack?
    Jack: ......
    [He steps down.]
    Sneff: Fank you very much ffor your assistance. I hope everyone enjoyed the show. That's
    about it ffor today... Until next time!
    [He leaves.]
    [They visit Fargo upstairs.]
    Radius: We'd like to get through the Grand Slam...
    Fargo: Oh? The Grand Slam, eh...? So you're out for blood... Tell me, where did you folks
    come from?
    Radius: Marbule.
    Fargo: What...? Marbule...? What are you doing here, anyway?
    Radius: We're looking for the sage of Marbule.
    Fargo: Well, well, well... I'm sorry, but there's no one of that sort aboard the Zelbess.
    Plus, I don't want strangers ruining my fun on my ship. Sorry... I can't grant you access.
    [He smokes.]
    Fargo: But that wouldn't be fun now, would it? The foundation of the Zelbess is entertainment.
    What do you say you try your luck?
    Radius: Try our luck...?
    Fargo: That's right. There's a casino down below. If you win, I'll give you access to the
    Grand Slam. But if you lose, how about you give me your boat docked by the entrance? Well,
    what do you say?
    (Serge): Let's do it!
    Fargo: Good. That's the spirit! I'll meet you down at the casino! Don't chicken out now...
    Hah hahahaha!
    [They go there.]
    [Sneff is gambling.]
    Sneff: Noooooo...! Not again...!!!
    Fargo: Give it up, old man Sneff. You don't have what it takes. Just keep doing your shows,
    that's all.
    Sneff: Nuff...!!! One of these days, I'm gonna slap your dirty fface wiff a wad of cash and
    get the hell offa this ship!
    [He leaves.]
    Fargo: Well, well, well... Look who's here. That old man has built up quite a debt from this
    casino.  So now, I own him. I suggest you don't let the same happen to you! Excuse me,
    everyone... May I have your attention please... I need to have a private game with these
    folks. Would you mind leaving us alone for a while? I'll clear any debts you may have.
    Man: Are you serious, Captain?
    Fargo: Did I stutter?
    Man: Alright!
    [He leaves.]
    Guy: The captain is G-O-O-D! Better watch it!
    [He leaves.]
    Gambler: Take it easy on 'em, Captain.
    Fargo: Hah hahahahah!
    [He leaves.]
    Fargo: Thanks everyone. I'll be done soon. OK then, let's begin.
    Dealer: The usual, Captain?
    Fargo: Yes, "Sudden Death." The rules are simple. Press the X Button after the dealer spins
    the compass. We'll alternate turns. The pointer will stop on north, east, south, or west.
    Should the pointer stop on south, where it stands now, you lose. Simple game, isn't it?
    Just don't make the pointer stop on south. It's a game of luck rather than skill. OK then,
    I'll go first...
    [He goes and gets a west.]
    Fargo: Heh heh... You're up.
    [You go and get a south.]
    Fargo: Hah hahahah! You've got a ways to go before you can beat me!!! Well then, it looks
    like you owe me your boat. Don't hold a grudge. I won that game fair and square. I guess
    that means you'll have to swim back! Hah hahahaha!
    [He leaves.]
    [They go to the inn.]
    Owner: Ohhh... Sorry about that! ...Didn't realize I had a customer. Please
    excuse me, hehe... So, what can I do for you?
    [His cat goes up the ladder behind the counter.]
    Owner: HEY! Don't go up there!!!
    [It crawls back down.]
    Radius: Right above this inn is...
    Harle: The casino where we played Fargo...
    Radius: Something's fishy... If only we could move around freely, like that cat...
    [They return to the magic show.]
    [Sneff comes out.]
    Sneff: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Sneff's ffantastic magic show!!! How about we
    start offf wiff my "Cat on a Hot Tin Rooff," today!? Do I have a volunteer ffrom
    the audience? You ffolks must be new around here... Would you like to volunteer?
    (Serge): Sure
    Sneff: Excellent! Please step up to the stage.
    [They do.]
    Sneff: Are you ready!? One! Two! Free!
    [They change into cats and run away.]
    Sneff: Nuff! Where do you think you're going!?
    [They go up the ladder in the inn to a hidden room. There stands the inn owner.]
    Owner: Hehehe... Pop's at it again...
    [He turns the handle from below, causing Sneff to lose.]
    Sneff: Nooooo! Why me!? This happens to me every time I start winning big!!!
    Fargo: Hah hahaha!!! Too bad, old man! You have to learn when to quit!
    Sneff: Nuff... I wanted to buy some cat ffood ffor those ffolks...
    Fargo: Cat food...? For whom?
    Sneff: Nuff...! None of your beeswax! O-O-Ouch...!!! M-My back...
    Owner:!!! Phew... Don't scare me like that...
    [He sits, you steal the handle.]
    [They visit Sneff in his room.]
    Sneff: You had me worried sick...!!! I had to lie down a bit because I stained my
    back running... Ffinally... I'm able to stand up. I'm not 100% better yet, but...
    I fink I can change you back... Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Sneff's ffantastic
    magic show!!! Uhhh... I have to start offf like that to concentrate. Anyway, here we
    go... One! Two! Free!
    [You change back.]
    Sneff: Ffew... That's a load off my shoulders... I better stop using that magic.
    Listen, I'm very sorry you had to put up wiff being a cat. Iff there's anything I
    can do to make it up to you... I would like to help but... Due to unfforeseen
    circumstances, I'm fforced to stay on this ship... Please do come by again iff you're
    ever around. The least I can do is offfer you a cup of tea...
    [You go visit Fargo, who's talking to Nikki.]
    Fargo: I can't allow you to see the Grand Slam.
    Nikki: But why? I really need to talk to the sage about teaching me the song...!
    Or else... that beautiful island, Marbule, will be gone forever! I can't just
    stand here and do nothing...!
    Fargo: You don't understand... True beauty if found within a dying entity.
    Therefore, I will watch over Marbule when its time comes... Furthermore, you and I
    have a contract. For the time being, you are in my possession. What am I supposed
    to do should anything happen to you? That would be a great financial loss for me...
    Nikki: So you're saying I'm nothing but a mere object...
    Fargo: ...... If that is what you think, so be it.
    [He turns.]
    Nikki:!!! Th-That dressing table... It looks exactly like my mother's...! There's
    even that scratch I made when I was a child...! Wait a minute...!? Could it be that
    you are my... Father...!?
    Fargo: ......
    Nikki: The gentle and caring father I used to know!? You're my father, aren't you!?
    But why aren't you participating in such dubious acts!?
    Fargo: I am no longer the father you once knew... I lost everything when your mother,
    Zelbess passed away... Including myself... Laugh at me all you want. Pity me if you
    wish... But remember this, Nikki, man is not as strong as you think.
    Nikki: ......Father... ...I......
    [He leaves.]
    Fargo: Do you folks want to challenge me again? You know you can't beat me.
    (Serge): Let's do it!
    Fargo: Oh really!? You folks never learn... I'll meet you down there.
    [They go to the gambling room.]
    Fargo: I thought you might have chickened out. OK then, I'll go first...
    [He gets a south.]
    Fargo: WHAT...!? Impossible! ......!!! Interesting little item you have there...
    So I guess you found me out. I lose... heh heh... As promised, I'll give you
    access to the Grand Slam. Of course, you'll get your boat back as well. But how
    did you get a hold of that handle?
    [He leaves.]
    [They go to the Grand Slam area.]
    Old Man: Yes, what is it? Why are you following me? As you can see, I am quite busy.
    I do not have the time for a game of tag.
    (Serge): Where's the Dead Sea?
    Sage: The Dead Sea...? Why do you wish to enter the Dead Sea? Do you realize humans
    have stolen our land along with our legendary treasure? Humans will do anything for
    profit, no matter what the cost. The demi-humans aboard this ship are living proof.
    We have lost all sense of pride, with no dreams for tomorrow. We just cling to the
    mercy of humans every day. Why must we demi-humans lend a hand to humans? What will
    you do if I refuse...? Will you go as far as using brute force?
    (Serge): Of course!
    Sage: I see... Then prepare yourselves...
    [They defeat him.]
    Sage: Hmmm... I sense that you are quite serious about entering the Dead Sea...
    Could it be that you are carrying the burden of fate for the human race, no, for
    all life-forms...? Then let me give you this... I am sure you will be able to put
    it go good use. But remember ...opening a new gate also brings forth a new misfortune.
    Do not forget. There is an area near the Dead Sea where the tides are different. Use
    that item there. Nature will take over from there.
    [Nikki comes in.]
    Nikki: Finally... I knew I'd find you here... You know the legendary song of Marbule,
    right? I want you to teach me the song... Please...!
    Sage: Why do humans have to be so selfish? That song only has a place in the hearts
    of demi-humans. Why should I teach you the song?
    Nikki: Irenes asked me...
    Sage: Heh... I see that she has not given up.
    Nikki: But it's not only because she asked me to. But it's only because she asked me to.
    I personally have a great interest in that song. A beautiful song, originating from
    a beautiful island... I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to pull it off... But if it means
    I can save someone through my song...
    Sage: There was once a man just like you...
    Nikki: ......! Who?
    Sage: Fargo...
    Nikki: ... My father!?
    Sage: Ahhh, so you are his son... I guess history does repeat itself. I had high hopes
    for that man. High hopes that he would one day tear down the wall between demi-humans
    and humans. But look at us now. The walls seem even higher.
    Nikki: Please... Don't speak badly of my father... No one understands the pain and
    suffering he's going through! Even though he has built up this lively place, he screams
    in sorrow alone, within his dark, deep self... But I can hear him! His screams of despair,
    which no one else can hear... or wants to hear...
    Sage: ...... So you can hear him, too...
    Nikki: I beg of you, please... I bet if my father hears that song...
    Sage: I am sorry, but I have other areas of the ship I must mop...
    Nikki: But...!
    Sage: ...While I hum myself a song...
    Nikki: Then you'll...!? I saw the way you fought back there. I've been looking for tough
    guys like you. It would be an honor if we could talk inside my ship.
    [He leaves.]
    [They head to get on Nikki's ship.]
    Guy: Nikki has told me all about you guys. Hop on!
    (Serge): Hop on
    [They get on his boat and go in Nikki's room.]
    Nikki: Rockin'! I knew you'd come! Well, now that we're all here, here's my idea. How
    would you all like to save an island with a song?
    Miki: Hah! Think before you speak, Nikki! You've gotta be out of your mind!
    Nikki: No, I'm serious. According to Irenes, the island of Marbule is infected with
    monsters. Their only weakness is a demi-human song that the sage knows... While we
    perform our gig near the island, these people will exterminate all the monsters.  That's
    the plan. Of course you'll help out, right?
    (Serge): Of course!
    Nikki: Rockin'! I knew you'd help.
    Irenes: I shall gat'er all the demi humans on dis boat to play backup instruments. It will
    be difficult for humans to play the proper notes for our song...
    Miki: But don't we have to bring this ship over to Marbule? Our ship's chained to the
    Zelbess, you know?
    Guy: And plus we have a contract with that Fargo guy! We can't just leave...!
    Nikki: Yes, I know. I don't intend to go with our ship alone. Wouldn't want to dissappoint
    our fans aboard the Zelbess... The only hurdle left to clear now is how to convince my
    fath... I mean, Fargo. I'll leave that up to you, Irenes. We have to concentrate on
    setting up the gig.
    Miki: Hey, you know... This is starting to sound interesting... It's almost like a test
    to see how far we can take our show.
    Nikki: So you're with me on this, Miki!? Great! Let's get ready for rehearsal, everyone!
    Thank you for your support, Sage.
    Sage: Heh heh heh... I trust you will put on a good "gig!"
    [Everyone leaves but Irenes.]
    Irenes: Excuse me... We seem to have involved you in quite a task... If there ist anyt'ing
    at all I can do, I will be happy to join you...
    (Serge): Have her join your party
    [They leave and get to their boat.  You head to Death's Door.]
    2O. Script Disc 1: The Masamune and Einlanzer
    [Using the Fiddler Crab, an opening appears to the Dead Sea. They enter.]
    [Inside, they get out of the boat and find a huge sword inbedded in the ground.]
    Radius: W-What is the evil sword, Masamune, doing here!?
    [He walks up to it, it emits a powerful field.]
    Radius: Ugh... It's no use... We will not be able to proceed without going mad.
    Serge... We have no choice but to withdraw for now.
    Radius: The path appears to be blocked off by that sword.  He must already be in
    there... The negative sentiment associated with that sword has intensified. It will
    be impossible to proceed without going mad...
    Harle: Zere haz to be a way! Ze Dead Sea iz right under our nose!
    Radius: Only the dragon sword, Einlanzer, can break the seal of the Masamune.
    Harle: Ze Einlanzer?
    Radius: Yes... The legendary holy sword, forged by the Dragonites... I have placed
    that sword to rest beside its rightful owner, Garai. May he rest in peace within
    that cavern... Although it pains me to disturb his eternal sleep, we have no other
    Harle: Where iz zis cavern...?
    Radius: We know it today as the "Isle of the Damned." It used to be an ordinary
    cavern until it mutated into a nesting ground for demons... I believe this may be the
    result of Garai's sentiments which lingered. A negative sentiment, which the holy
    sword could not even restrain. In order to make our way in there, we need a certain
    item that Garai used while he was still alive. I have stored it away in a hut where
    Garai and I used to train.  We must go and get this item...
    [They go to the Hermit's Hideaway...]
    Radius: ...... Dario's father, Garai, and I used to frequent this island for our
    [He flashes back to years before, they are dueling. Garai wins.]
    Radius: Sigh... I lose again...
    Garai: Hmph! You're always a half-step too slow. And you have a habit of turning your
    wrist when you swing down. I can read your every move.
    Radius: Hah! You're about the only one who knows that, since we practice together so
    Garai: And I thought I was a genius.
    Radius: Yeah, right...
    [They laugh.]
    Radius: The Einlanzer is a legendary holy sword passed unto the most skilled swordsmen
    of the Acacia Dragoons. It belonged to Garai before Dario took over the title. He was
    a magnificent dragoon...
    [Radius and Garai are in a cavern, the Masamune is in front of them.]
    Radius: Could this really be it? The sword of legend... The Masamune!!! My word...
    Garai: Leave it alone! There's something... wrong about this.
    Radius: What could be wrong? This is a legendary sword!!!
    Garai: No! Don't touch it!
    [Radius takes the sword and holds it high.]
    Radius: See, Garai... There's nothing to fear!
    Garai: ...... Hmm, perhaps not. Let's go, Radius! No use hanging round this eerie place.
    [He leaves.]
    Radius: Aahhh...
    [He leaves.  Back to the present...]
    Radius: The Masamune... That sword is cursed with hate and sorrow... Anyone who lays his
    hands on it will be overcome with negative sentiments and will be driven mad... I......
    ...... Enough talk from an old man... Just wait here a moment.
    [He goes into his house and comes out a minute later.]
    Radius: Sorry to keep you waiting. With this mirror, we should be able to make it to the
    inner parts of the Isle of the Damned. Let us be off to the "Isle of the Damned."
    [They go there and eventually reach a grave, where the Einlanzer lays.]
    Grave: Radius Lynx Harle May you all rest in peace
    Radius: No... Garai...! Nary a day passes when I haven't looked back on that day...
    I was overcome by the power of that sword!
    [He flashes back to years before, when they found the Masamune. Radius and Garai are
    heading down the cliff towards the exit.]
    Garai: Who'd have though we'd find the Masamune in a place like this...!?
    Radius: I know...  Hey, Garai...
    Garai: What?
    [He stabs him.]
    Garai: Aaarrrggghhh...!? What the...?
    [He dies.]
    Radius: HAHAHAHAHAA! Now I'm the top swordsman of the Acacia Dragoons! Hah, I did it!
    I'm the greatest! HAHAHAHAAH...
    [He throws down the sword.]
    Radius: Huh? What happenened? Oh Lord...? What have I done? NOOOOOOOOO!!!
    Radius: I know I lost my sanity because of that sword... But I must admit, the sword
    was not entirely to blame. I was jealous of Garai... I wanted to be the better
    swordsman. The once removed Masamune... "The Holy Sword That Conquered Darkness."
    Could it be merely a tool for murder...?
    Voice: Should you feel remorse for what you have done, then may you fall by my sword,
    you traitor!
    [Garai's ghost appears.]
    Radius: Garai!? No...! Listen to me, Garai! We need the Einlanzer to seal the cursed
    evil sword!
    Garai: Then express your intent to the Einlanzer... ...As a true swordsman would do.
    You must defeat me to proceed!
    Radius: In order to believe in what is right... must one suffer pain and sorrow?
    Garai: Do not hesitate Show me the pride and honor of the Acacia Dragoons. Come, Radius!
    [They fight him.]
    [You get the Einlanzer.]
    Radius: I have always been prepared to fall to a sword held by one of your sons...
    Perhaps Glenn will now take that role, now that Dario is gone. However, I must attend
    to some unfinished business. Please wait a little longer. Garai... Forgive me, my
    [They go back to Death's Door.]
    Radius: Oh, Garai... We shall use the holy powers of the Einlanzer...
    [He takes out the sword, it emits a ray of power.]
    Radius: The sword is a reflection of one's soul. How I pity you... You've done no
    wrong, either...
    [The Masamune explodes.]
    Radius: I just hope that, one day, that sword will be freed of enmity...
    2P. Script Disc 1: The Dead Sea
    [They continue on and find the Dead Sea, a frozen lake with ruins of a city all around.]
    Harle: Zis iz... ze Dead Sea... Zis iz some sight... I feel like I am a living
    Radius: The waves are at a standstill... And... What is that dark shadow in the
    Harle: Ze treacherous ocean... Ze eart', condemned by Dragon Gods... It'z not all zat
    [They head through an old highway and defeat a mechanical creature.]
    [They continue on through strange terrain and go to the Tower of Gheddon.]
    Harle: Zis must be ze center of ze Dead Sea... All zis chaos must have spread out
    from here.
    Radius: The buildings seem to have melted into one giant conglomeration. What happened
    to this place?
    [They go inside and see a ghost on a bench.]
    Ghost: It-is-time... You-must-go... You-will-miss-the-train.
    [They follow it and get a station pass, allowing further access.]
    [They reach a new area. Serge pauses.]
    Radius: What's wrong, Serge? Did you sense something?
    [A girl in a white dress runs from them.]
    Harle: Are you alright?  What...? You saw a child? I didn't see a child anywhere...
    Radius: Nothing will surprise me here. ...Let's just keep going.
    [They go further.  Serge sees a purple haired girl run from them on a balcony.]
    Harle: We're inside a building, yet what'z zis t'ing doing in here...?
    Radius: This place is beyond me...
    [In the next room...]
    [They see ghosts of the Devas, Glenn, Viper and Riddel.]
    Radius: What in heaven's name is going on here...!? General...! Miss Riddel!!!
    And Glenn and the other dragoons...! What could have happened here...!?
    Harle: It iz unfortunate, but it appearz zey were held captive here before zey
    died... It'z too late... Zey are so close, yet so far. No one can help zem...
    [A red haired boy appears, then vanishes.  They go further up and see a portal,
    which he goes through.]
    Radius: Are you alright? What's wrong?
    Harle: You have been acting strangely ever since we entered ze building. Iz it zat
    child again? Zere's no turning back now! We must keep going, Serge.
    [They go through the portal and appear in another area.]
    Radius: ...A sunset!? Have the clouds from the Dead Sea cleared up?
    Harle: It appears zat ze dimension itself iz more unstable here zan elsewhere. It'z
    a time and spacew witt'in a structure completely different from anywhere else. Luckily,
    ze distortion to leave zis place iz still here. Zat'z good newz for us.
    [They continue on and see the 3 children, who look much like Crono, Lucca and Marle.  They
    head to the next area. Serge and the others follow.  They now stand at a square, where a
    bell has fallen from its pedestal.]
    Marker: A.D. 1000 Nadia's Bell May our prayers for peace ring on for eternity...
    But Nadia's Bell will never be heard again... Never...
    Lucca: We... No... Everyone worked to save the planet's future for nothing... It's all
    because of you! You killed it! You...!!! So many lives were supposed to be saved...
    This planet was to be healed with love, hope, and dreams...!
    Marle: How could you? How could you do such a thing...!? It's all your fault that the
    world is going to end up like this! It's all your fault, Serge!!! Murderer!!!
    Radius: Who are those children...?
    Harle: It'z Serge's fault zat ze world will end up like zis...?
    Voice: Don't let it bother you. It's just a distant echo from ones far gone... It's
    just an illusion.
    [A man steps out into view.  He wears glasses and has long red hair.]
    Man: Welcome to the Tower of Geddon... Time Crash Ground Zero! It's been a while, Serge.
    ...But... I guess you don't remember who I am. I don't blame you. You were only a little
    child back then. I'm Miguel. A friend of your father. According to the time outside, it's
    been about 14 years since the night of the storm...
    [Flashback to them standing in a room similar to the area they've just been in.]
    Wazuki: What is this place?
    Miguel: I don't know... but I don't think we're supposed to know about it...
    Voice: That child... That wounded child... Bring him to me...
    Miguel: What, what is that? Who's there?
    [Miguel starts heading further in.]
    Miguel: Wait, Wazuki!!! Where are you going!?
    Wazuki: There's no way we can set sail again in this storm. We don't have a second to
    waste...  Or else... Serge will...
    Miguel: BUT...!!!
    Wazuki: I don't care what lies ahead of us... I'm going. There's no way I'll allow my son
    to die without a fight! I'd appreciated it if you waited for me here. Thank you for coming
    tonight, Miguel... Thank you.
    [He goes in.]
    Miguel: No! Wait! WAZUKI!!!
    [The flashback ends.]
    Miguel: Yes... I've been here in this very place... For 14 years... It wasn't like this
    when I got here, though... An incident that occured 10 years ago, transformed it into the
    Dead Sea. Don't you know...? There's nothing in the world as ruthless or impartial as
    death. All living matter ages over time and eventually dies... No matter how mighty or
    tiny its life force... So being alive means you're creeping closer to death with every
    second... But there's none of that here. No one and nothing ages. Nothing wastes away.
    This quiet, boundless, and beautiful world... An ideal world, straight out of a fairy
    tale, isn't it? A place and time that belongs to no one... Res nullius... It's because
    this is a future that was eliminated!!! History is composed of choices and divergences.
    Each choice you make creates a new world and brings forth a new future. But at the same
    time, you're eliminating a different future with the choices you didn't make. A future
    denied of all existence because of a change in the past... A future that was destroyed
    even before it was born rests here... condensed into the Dead Sea.
    Radius: How is that possible...!?
    Miguel: "Fate." Our lives are governed by fate. Fate knows all and controls all. No one
    can run from fate... Even your presence here was predestined... long, long ago. Wouldn't
    you all like to become one with this world? To be a part of eternity? How about it, Serge?
    You need no longer struggle alone, nor fear an uncertain tomorrow. Well? What do you say?
    (Serge): Refuse!!!
    Miguel: I see... I guess there's only one thing left to do then... I take it you're trying
    to restore the dimensional distortion? If you defeat me and liberate this place, the distortion
    will return to the way it was. I guess this is it... Just as there are times of peace, there
    are times of war... You don't have to hold back.  Attack me with all your soul if you wish to
    live. Let fate take its course...!!!
    [They defeat him.]
    Miguel: Well done! That's the way, Serge! My, you have grown strong. Maybe... just
    maybe... you and your friends have the power to defeat FATE and build a new future
    for humanity. The Dead Sea is the true form of this planet's future. That's right...
    At one stage our world was on the verge of such inevitable destruction... That was
    in 1999, when the parasitical alien life-form known as Lavos awoke and after centuries
    of feeding off this planet. Lavos fell from the heavens a countless number of years ago
    and burrowed deep beneath the surface to eat and sleep. Slowly but deliberately, Lavos
    devoured our planet from the inside out... waiting for the time to ripen its true
    awakening. Finally Lavos did awake and manifested its true form on the surface of the
    planet. That's when our world faced a death from which there seemed no possibility
    of escape... Were it not for a teenage boy and his group of adventurer friends, that
    is... These young heroes caught a glimpse of this planet's future destruction as it
    appeared in the year 2300. They realized they could not turn their backs on our planet,
    even if its death would not be anywhere near their lifetime. Time traveling from epoch
    to epock, they battled Lavos for the future of our planet, and eventually won. But in
    saving our planet from the death Lavos was going to bring about, they also changed the
    course of history...
    Lucca: At that very moment, this whole future time axis ceased to exist. Call it cause
    and effect... It is just a problem of possibilities, after all... In this world, there
    are no such things as absolutes or certainties.
    Marle: But the future that was supposed to have disappeared is about to be restored
    here... The future destruction of our planet is going to become a reality in this world
    once again...
    Crono: The vengeance of the future we killed is about to begin... With Serge serving as
    the trigger...
    Miguel: Perhaps, or perhaps not... Either way, it is all part of the grand game of the
    gods... and "goddesses!" People are dragged into playing this game... forced to put
    their own lives on the line... without even knowing the rules. Without even being allowed
    to complain, they try to do their best under the conditions placed upon them... The only
    alternative is to give up and leave the playing field in a forfeit... Three years ago,
    members of the Acacia Dragoons from Termina visited here... Those knights were after the
    Frozen Flame, of course. But instead they became salt for the Dead Sea... You see, only
    the chosen one can approach the Flame...
    [Shaking occurs.]
    Miguel: It looks like Fate has made its decision and has started to carry it out now...
    FATE doesn't want the Frozen Flame to awaken in this pladce at this time... It would
    choose to destroy the Flame along with the whole Dead Sea, than to allow its enemies
    to take hold of the Flame... This lost future is about to disappear into the darkness
    beyond the dimensions again... You have no time to spare. You must leave here immediately!
    Quick... go!
    Voice: I love you so much... That is why I sometimes desire to smash you to bits!!!
    Miguel: Don't worry about me! You must go now! Farewell, Serge! The future is yours
    for the taking... You... the one that the Frozen Flame has chosen!
    [They run away.]
    Miguel: My dear Leena... May you live in a happier tomorrow!
    [He dies.]
    Harle: We're not going to make it!
    [A huge dragon appears.]
    Dragon: Grab hold... sons of man!
    [He flies away.]
    [A beam of light comes out from the Tower of Gheddon. Lava bursts from the ground and
    approaches the Tower.  A huge shockwave comes out of it, destroying everything in
    the sea. Then it vanishes, sucking all the clouds away with it.]
    [On a nearby island...]
    Radius: Why did you help us?
    Sky Dragon: I, too, would like to witness this. How thou shalt live and how shoult
    die... If thou art planning to bring forth a new entity, prepare thyself for anguish
    and sorrow.
    [He leaves.]
    Sky Dragon: To the Sea of Eden... If thou intend to defy the Goddess of Fate, speak with the
    ancient Dragon Gods, who sit in repose in El Nido... Let the path to the Sea of Eden be
    known when all the powers of the "Sleeping Dragons" are brought together...
    Radius: Serge, you're concerned about the other world, aren't you? The dimensional
    distortion should be back in order. Let's head to Opassa Beach.
    2Q. Script Disc 1: Return to Viper Manor
    [They head to Opassa Beach where the portal is.]
    Radius: So this is the dimensional gate...
    Harle: Zen let'z get going!
    [They transport into the other world.]
    Boy: A-Ahhhh!  Ahhhh!!!!!!!
    [3 odd shadow like cats surround a boy.]
    Boy: G-Go away! Shoo!!! Leave me alone! ......!?
    [Seeing Lynx, they leave.]
    Boy: ......? W-W-What's... going on...? Y-Y-Yikes! O-O-Over here is a scary lookin'
    cat man!!! Boy, am I in a major FIX!
    Radius: Begone, if you wish to live...
    Harle: Get out of our way.
    [The shadow cats leave.]
    Boy: Pheeew...! YOu saved me! I thought you were bad guys, too, from the way you look.
    I was lookin' for rainbow shells when those things started harassing me. But look! I
    got the shells alright!  I better head back and give 'em to Kiki! Thanks a lot for
    saving me! Bye! [He pauses.] Hey, mister, you should be careful, too. Lots of monsters
    are running loose nowadays. All the grown-ups say it's a rebellion led by Serge. And
    I heard this Serge is trying to kill everyone on the island!!! I can't believe someone
    would want to do that! I wonder what's gonna happen to us...?
    [He leaves.]
    Radius: It looks like there is much chaos going on here.
    Harle: An uprizing led by Serge? So, Serge has become ze enemy of ze people...
    [They go to Termina and head to the bar.]
    Bartender: W-Who is it? Y-You are... J-Just wait right there! I'll unlock it for you.
    [They enter.]
    Guile: You are alive...!? But that body of yours will not return to normal, eh...
    Unfortunately, I will not be able to help you at this time... Please understand.
    [They go in back and meet Zoah and Karsh.]
    Karsh: It's been a while, Lynx... Or is it Serge? After we fought you guys, we also
    entered Fort Dragonia too...
    [They flash back to finding Viper]
    Karsh: General!!! !!! You're...!?
    [He sees Serge and Kid vanish.]
    Karsh: He disappeared!? ......! Damn! This is bad...  General! Are you alright!?
    Viper: U-Ughhh... Riddel...
    Karsh: ...... Don't just stand around! Help the general!!!
    Marcy: Like... I can't believe it...
    Marcy: So, like, what are all these shiny shards...?
    Karsh: Not now! We have to stop the bleeding! Marcy, you pick up those broken pieces!
    [Back to the present...]
    Karsh: We brought the general to Hermit's Hideaway and prayed for his recovery. He
    was able to escape death, but he still needs rest. However, we can't leave the manor
    for too long... So we came back here, leaving Marcy behind to take care of him, only
    to find...
    Karsh: DAMMIT! What a shame!!!
    Karsh: That bastard. He's not gonna get away with this! We've got some fault in all of
    this, so we gotta do something about it.  But first, we've gotta rescue Lady Riddel.
    She's being held captive at the manor, which the Porre military has converted into
    their headquarters... Hey, with your uniform, you can enter undetected, right? Let's
    join forces for the time being! It's not too late to go after him!
    Karsh: Oh yeah. The shards on the ground must've been the Dragon Tear... We've gathered
    as many as possible, but we don't have any use for it. You can have them.
    [They choose Karsh to come with them.]
    [On the way outta town, Norris is talking to some soldiers.]
    Norris: Then bring this boy Serge to me, as soon as you find him.
    Porre Soldiers: Yes, sir!
    Norris: Why, Sir Lyns!!! Sir Lynx, where have you been all this time? We heard that you
    headed to Fort Dragonia with the general.  Exactly what happened back there? There have
    been many strange occurrences since then. Perhaps you know of a boy named Serge?
    Soldier: Commander Norris, there is an urgent message from command!
    Norris: What is it?
    Soldier: Umm, sir, it is a level 2 security message...
    Norris: Go ahead, take no heed. This man is one of us.
    Soldier: Yes, sir! Grobyc has just arrived at the manor, sir.
    Norris: Hmm... He is quite ahead of schedule.  Understood, I will return ASAP.
    Soldier: Yes, sir!
    Norris: Sir Lynx, forgive me, but I must return to the manor at once. Please come to the
    manor a little later. We will discuss this in more detail there.
    [They head to Viper Manor.]
    Soldier: Sir Lynx, please go on through.
    [The gate opens. They head inside.]
    [Meanwhile, downstairs, the Porre soldiers hold Riddel captive.]
    Porre Officer: Being stubborn, eh? I'm going to ask you one more time. What happened at
    Fort Dragonia!? Where is General Viper!? And where is the Frozen Flame!?
    Riddel: I do not know. And even if I did, I would never tell you!
    Porre Officer: Damn this goody-two-shoes... Listen up, missy, do you know what kind of
    predicament you're in!?
    Norris: Please, sir, this woman has done nothing wrong.
    Porre Officer: She is a prisoner of the Porre military. This is a legitimate interrogation!
    Norris: I do not believe that, Sir. There has to be a better way to go about this! Just
    give it a little more time and...
    Porre Officer: We don't have the time, Norris! I have no time to be listening to your
    idealistic theories. Now, missy... Let's have you go down to the basement.
    Norris: No, please wait...
    Porre Officer: Norris!!! I've had enough of you for today. I want you to stay out of this!
    Norris: ......
    Porre Officer: Take her away!
    Soldier: Yes sir!
    Soldier: Hah!
    [They escort her away.]
    Porre Officer: You disappoint me... Remain on standby in the parlor! I can't hear you!
    Norris: Please, wait. Think of what you are doing. Can you live with that?
    Porre Officer: He won't talk to you. He has no interest other than fighting.
    Norris: This cannot be... Is he the one from the lab...?
    Porre Officer: That's right. This is the Killing Machine Grobyc.
    Groybc: ...... Grobyc-only-takes-orders from-those-who-are-stronger.
    [He leaves.]
    Porre Officer: Hah...! Another soldier who won't listen... Dismissed!
    [Norris leaves.  Another soldier comes in.]
    Porre Officer: Call in the cook! The "hell" one, of course...
    Soldier: Yes, sir!
    [You enter the manor and head to see Norris.]
    Norris: Sir Lynx! Please excuse these squalid conditions. Sir... This has been
    bothering me since we met up in Termina. You seem to be different from what I last
    remember... You just seem... different...
    Harle: Zis man'z not Lynx.
    Norris: What?
    Harle: He may look like Lynx on ze outside but hiz spirit iz zat of Serge.
    Norris: Is it true? Sir Lynx... What has happened?
    [They explain. Later...]
    Norris: I see... So the Serge commanding the insurgent troops is the real Lynx...
    Everything is starting to make sense. We were wrong all along. We never should have
    joined forces with Lynx... And what brings you here?
    Karsh: Riddel!!! Where is Lady Riddel!!!? Bring her out, NOW!!! You lay one filthy
    finger on her and you die! ARGHHHHHH!
    Norris: I see... Then you are here to rescue her. Understood. I would like to help.
    Riddel should be in the basement prison. Please, take this.
    [He gives you a key.]
    Norris: There is a sewage system below the prison. You should be able to break into
    the prison by making your way through the sewers. Use the hatch downstairs. The
    sewers are full of monsters. Please be alert, I have heard of one particularly
    frightful monster. I will be in the 1F main hall. Please meet me there once you
    rescue Riddel.
    Soldier: Hi, Orcha. It's that time again!
    Orcha: CHA!? WhatCHA talkin' about?
    Soldier: You know... This...
    [He rings a bell.]
    [He transforms into a demonized version of himself.]
    Hell Orcha: ACHA-CHA-CHA-CHA!
    Soldier: Your guest is waiting in the basement.
    Hell Orcha: ACHA!
    [He leaves with the soldier.]
    [They go through the sewers. The current pushes them down to a low area.]
    Harle: Ze water's flow iz too fast... We should be able to stop it somewhere.
    [They continue on.  Suddenly, a huge beetle like creature falls from the ceiling and
    attacks.  It is defeated.]
    [They climb the ladder upstairs. Above is Fargo, in a cell.]
    Fargo: Arg...! What the hell am I doin' here...? I miss the smell o' the sea... ARG!
    [The bed shakes.]
    Fargo: Somethin' down below!?
    [He gets off the bed]
    Harle: Iz anybody zere?
    Fargo: Aye! Hold on a bit. Heave HOOOOOO!!!
    [He moves the bed over, they come out.]
    Fargo: Shiver me timbers! LYNX!?
    Harle: Just calm down... Do you really t'ink Lynx would be here?
    Fargo: He's right before me eyes, ain't he!?
    Harle: Zis izn't Lynx. He'z Serge on ze inside.
    Fargo: You're pullin' me leg! Hmmm... It is strange that he'd be here... But I'm
    honored that you would come save me. I owe ya one.
    Harle: We're not here to rescue you. We're here to rescue General Viper'z daughter.
    Fargo: Oh, is that so. Well, you ended up savin' me anyway. Let me help.
    Harle: Do you know where General Viper'z daughter iz?
    Fargo: Aye...! A young lass was taken to the cell next door. Well, how do we get outta
    Harle: Here'z ze key to ze prison.
    Fargo: Oh, great.
    [He unlocks the door.]
    Fargo: I'm gonna go free the others and make me escape. Good luck to ya.
    [He leaves.]
    [They go in the room next door, where Riddel is.]
    Porre Officer: This man is our secret weapon, Hell's Cook.
    Riddel: You are the cook, Orcha! What have you done to him!?
    Porre Officer: We had him eat some Quadffid seeds, found in Hydra Marshes. It has the
    power to release one's dark side. After that, we just ring a special bell and next
    thing you know, we have Hell's Cook, Orcha!
    Riddel: How horrible... But why, Orcha...?
    Porre Officer: We needed him to steal the Dragon's Tear from Guldove. Of course, his
    true self has no idea what he has done.
    Porre Officer: Now prepare yourself! Who knows what this crazy man will do!
    Riddel: NO!
    [They enter.]
    Karsh: Lady Riddel!!! I have come to save you!
    Porre Officer: You are... Sir Lynx. But why are you here?
    Karsh: Actually, this man ain't Lynx!
    Porre Officer: What...?
    Harle: It's too hard to explain. We're just here to take Riddel back.
    Orcha: Mwa-CHA-CHA-CHA-CHA! Don'tCHA go interferin' with my cookin'! Actually, you'll
    make a fine ingredient for my soup! Let's get cookin'!
    [They defeat him.]
    Porre Officer: S-Sir Lynx has gone mad!!!
    [He and the other soldiers run away.]
    Harle: I told you, he'z not Lynx!
    Orcha: Ughhh-CHA... I have a feelin' I've done somethin' terrible... They saw my
    gloatin' as a weakness and used me. I need more discipline... I wanna make it up to
    you. I wantCHA to take me with you. I wanna help...
    [He joins the party.]
    [Later, in the hallway...]
    Norris: I will take it upon myself to make sure Riddel leaves the premises safely.
    Please distract the soldiers while we make our escape.
    Riddel: I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. I shall be heading
    to Hermit's Hideaway to take care of my father. Please be sure to stop by when you get
    the chance.
    Karsh: Don't worry 'bout us. I'll make sure to wipe out all these Porre buffoons!
    Riddel: Thank you... Karsh.
    Harle: What do you plan to do after all zis?
    Norris: I will be returning here.
    Harle: Zen why don't you join us?
    Norris: Thank you, I am honored. However, as a soldier of the Porre military, I cannot
    abandon my country or my men. I will be fine. Thank you. I wish you the best of luck.
    We must hurry.
    Riddel: Good-bye..
    [They leave.]
    [They head into the next room, where soldiers await.]
    Porre Officer: Where might you be off to, Sir Lynx?
    Harle: I guess we can't talk our way out of zis one...
    Porre Officer: Seize them!
    [They defeat the soldiers.]
    Porre Officer: Argh... Hmmm... Hey! You're up!
    [Groybc steps over to them.]
    Grobyc: You-are-strong. But-Groybc-is-stronger.
    [They defeat him.]
    [The soldiers run away.]
    Porre Officer: Hey! Where are you... Damn!
    [He runs to a machine near the wall.]
    Porre Officer: Heheheh... It's time for this baby... NOW GO! GO and destroy them!
    [Nothing happens. He kicks it.]
    Porre Officer: MOVE IT!
    Machine: GA-GA-HYO... GA-PI-PI...
    [It steps right over him.]
    Porre Officer: Hey! Wait...
    [It attacks you but is defeated.]
    [They start leaving,but it gets up again.]
    Harle: I zought we already destroyed it!? Over here! It must be a new type.
    [They run from it over into the library.]
    Harle: It'z right behind us!
    Prophet: Go up! Keep going!
    [They run up higher to the ladder.]
    Harle: No! We're trapped! What do we do!? We don't have time!
    [They fight and defeat it again.]
    [The Prophet come up to the balcony.]
    Prophet: There is a ladder that lowers the ladder inside the bookshelf. Hurry! You
    have little time!
    [They do that and climb the ladder. The thing gets up again.]
    Harle: It won't be able to make it up here.
    [It jumps on to the chandeller. Groybc heads up the ladder.]
    Harle: !!!
    Groybc: Step-aside.
    Harle: Don't be foolish...!
    [He jumps on the chandelier and cuts it down.]
    Harle: Unbelievable...
    Solder: Over there!  They're up there! We got them now!
    Harle: Zis iz endless!
    Prophet: Break through the window! Do it, now!
    [They jump through it and land in the dragon pen.]
    Old Man: What the...!? Where did you come from? Sir Lynx! Sounds like you ran into some
    trouble up there. What are you gonna do? The Porre soldiers are all over the place.
    (Serge): Hehehehe...
    Old Man: Ohhh... That...! Hahahaha... This should be interesting... OK, leave it to me.
    Soldier: Over here! Huh? What was that noise?
    [The pen opens and the dragons run over all the troops. Grobyc runs up to the barn.]
    Harle: Zis is great! You're...!? Why did you save us?
    Groybc: You-oppose-the-Porre-military. Groybc-finds-that-interesting. Grobyc-only-takes-
    orders-from-one-who-is-stronger. Thus-Groybc-will-join-you-in-your-battle.
    [Groybc joins your party.]
    Grobyc: Call-upon-Grobyc-whenever-you-need-help.
    Harle: Let'z escape while we still can. Zere should be a boat ready. Let'z head to
    Hermit's Hideaway.
    [They head there.]
    2R. Script Disc 1: Return to Hermit's Hideaway
    [They go inside.]
    Radius: Halt.
    Karsh: Hey, gramps...
    Marcy: No, Radius. He's not Sir... I mean he's not Lynx.
    Radius: So you mean to tell me that you are really Serge...? Hmmm... This is hard
    to take in so suddenly, but I do not sense Lynx's evil within you...
    [They speak to Riddel, who joins the party.  Then they rest.]
    [They wake up the next morning to an explosion.]
    Karsh: What the...!?
    Viper: They have come.
    Riddel: You look much better, Daddy.
    Viper: Sorry to worry you. All thanks to Marcy. Sorry to trouble you like this,
    Marcy... Looks like I worried everyone as well...
    Karsh: Aaah... DAMN!!!
    Kid: Show your face, Lynx! Yer 9 lives are up!!!
    Karsh: ......!? I recognize that voice.
    Harle: Kid...
    [Serge runs outside.]
    Karsh: Wait, Serge!
    Harle: Serge...
    [They head outside too. There Kid stands.]
    Kid: Oi, Lynx!!! Today's the day I finish you off!
    [She punches him, he doesn't counter.]
    Harle: What are you doing, Monsieur Lynx!? She iz mon ennemie! And, she iz not ze
    Kid you know!
    Serge: Heh heh heh... Yes... she is indeed Kid. However, right now you are the one
    who is Lynx. And I am Serge. Once our roles were reversed, so were our problems.
    To her, killing you will avenge Lucca. Right, Kid?
    Kid: Yeah, I'll put an end to Lynx today... and avenge Lucca!!!
    Karsh: Serge, I think we'd better retreat for now.
    Serge: Give it up. We have this shack completely surrounded. There's no way you can
    Karsh: ......!!!
    Fargo: We'll see about that! Serge, hop on!
    [He comes, in Polly and gets them.]
    Serge: Damn! They got away. Heh... Anyway... this is only the beginning... of
    [On the S.S. Invinsible.]
    Fargo: Good work, Polly.
    Polly: AGYAAA!
    [Flies away.]
    Fargo: Well then...
    Pirate: Cap'n, the others are safely onboard!
    Fargo: Good, good...
    [Serge steps to the edge of the boat and thinks about Kid.]
    Kid: Hey, Serge...! How about you and me team up for a while?
    [First time you see Kid.]
    Kid: For cryin' out loud... Would ya just shut up and get on with it..! I'm gonna
    kick yer sorry arses so hard you'll kiss the moons!
    Kid: Just you wait, Lynx! Today's gonna be the day of reckonin'!!! Say yer prayers!
    ...Not that it'll do ya any good!!!
    [Kid falls to the ground, stabbed.]
    Kid: I've had it up ta here with you!!!
    Kid: Yeah... I know. This is the end of you, Lynx!!! Say yer prayers!
    [Kid on the beach turns around.]
    Harle: Serge... Tell me... What iz ze most important t'in in your life...? Ask yourself
    what you can do, and what you need to do, in order to obtain it. If not you, zen whom!?
    If not now, zen when!? Right? Serge...?
    [They go downstairs where the others wait.]
    Fargo: Viper!!! Let's settle this old score once and for all!!! Prepare yourself!!!
    Viper: ...... Is that you, Serge? Fargo, our duel will have to wait. I need to have a
    talk with Serge.
    Fargo: Tch... Have it yer way...
    Viper: Serge, Lynx has headed to the Sea of Eden. We must do everything in our power
    to prevent him from obtaining the Frozen Flame. I shall lend a hand. We must put a stop
    to him.
    [Viper joins the party.]
    Fargo: Arg... What the hell... Aye, Serge! I'll help ya out, too. Ya saved me life twice
    already. And, I guess I already know too much. I can't just sit around and ignore the
    [Fargo joins the party.]
    Fargo: Viper! I'll deal with ya later. Once we put an end to this situation, you're mine!
    Viper: Very well. I will not run from you. I will be happy to accept your challenge.
    Voice: Waaaaaait!
    [Marcy and Zoah show up.]
    Marcy: We're comin' too. I hope that's okay with you, Serge?
    [Marcy joins the party.]
    [Zoah joins the party.]
    Viper: Shall we be on our way, Serge?
    [They go to Death's Door. An avalanche has blocked the way.]
    Karsh: A dead end? Do you know how to get through here?
    Harle: You wish to know? Zis place iz called ze Pearly Gates. Zis used to be ze only
    entrance to ze Sea of Eden. However, legend sayz, no one haz been able to see it or
    approach it, ever since ze Dragonz sealed ze evil flame.
    Karsh: Then how are we supposed to get in?
    Harle: You need ze powerz of ze Dragonz zat sealed ze flame. You must break ze seal
    of ze Pearly Gates wit' relics from each of ze 6 Dragonz.
    Karsh: Relics? Break the seal? You mean here?
    Harle: Non. Ze true gate to ze Sea of Eden iz not here. It iz in ze other world, where
    ze Dead Sea liez.
    Karsh: So, where are we supposed to find the 6 Dragons?
    Harle: You will find them scattered around both worldz. Zey will be eazy to find, wit'
    all ze legendz about dragonz throughout ze islandz. Oh, and Monsieur Lynx... Ze other
    Monsieur Lynx, disguised az Serge, iz already in here. Zat iz because hiz appearance
    iz zat of Serge.
    Karsh: What do you mean?
    Harle: Even if you are able to get all 6 Dragon Relics, you will not be able to make
    it inside az Monsieur Lynx.
    Karsh: Then what are we supposed to do?
    Harle: Ze Dragon Tear... Zat iz all I can tell you. Now, it'z my turn to ask un
    question. Monsieur Lynx... If you had to choose between ze world or moi... which
    would you chooze?
    (Serge): Harle
    Harle: Oooh... Merci... Even if it iz a lie.
    [On the ship...]
    Fargo: You go, sea-dog! Go and find yourself!
    Riddel: I wish you well.
    [They head out on the boat.]
    [Harle stands by the edge of the S.S. Invinsible.]
    Harle: Why must I have to tell him such t'ings...? You are such an idiote, Harle...
    Starky: What's wrong, Harle? There is fluid coming out of youur eyes.
    Harle: ......!? Oh, it'z you, Starky. It'z not'ing. Don't worry about it.
    Starky: Something is different. Starky can tell. Harle's maake-up doesn't look the
    saame todaay. Starky don't think it's nothing liike youu saay. Why do you liie to mee,
    Harle: D'accord... OK, OK... I guess I cannot fool you. Listen, Starky... Zis iz called
    a tear. It'z somet'ing zat flowz from your eyez naturellement when you are sad, when you
    get hurt...
    Starky: Teear...? To cry...? Soo water comes out from eyes when youu are sad? Are youu
    sad soo youu can wash youur faace with teear?
    Harle: Sigh... Go to sleep, Starky. And don't tell anyone I waz crying. You promise you
    will not tell?
    Starky: Starky liike promises. Starky will promise not to tell aanyone that Harle was
    cryiing. Waait a minute... Cryiing means that Harle is sad. But why?
    Harle: Even though we are close, I cannot tell you zat. You will find out eventually,
    Starky. If zat time comez... Every problem haz a solution... I hope...
    2S. Script Disc 1: More Sidequests
    [Another Confrontation with Solt & Peppor]
    [You head to Isle of the Damned and go to the area where the grave is.]
    Peppor: S-Sir Karsh...! Y-You actually shook it here!
    Solt: Do you knowingly know why we are here...?
    Karsh: Hell NO! WHAT!? Am I supposed to...!?
    Peppor: Don't shake ignorance!
    Solt: We came to investigate what happened here!!!
    Karsh: ......!!!
    Peppor: Sir Karsh! W-We have stood by your side, unable to shake loose this one
    suspicion we had...
    Karsh: Suspicion...!?
    Solt: We believe you may have killed Sir Dario!
    Peppor: And by shaking it here, our suspicion turned to conviction! S-Sir Karsh...
    We are executing you for the murder of Sir Dario!
    Karsh: Dario...
    [He flashes back to years before, he and Dario are battling with swords, Glenn's
    playing in the yard. Riddel arrives.]
    Riddel: How is your training going, everyone?
    Dario: Miss Riddel!
    Riddel: I brought something special for everybody today...
    Glenn: Oh, really? What is it, what is it? Viper Churros?
    Riddel: Wrong answer, Glenn. Next? Are they really that good?
    Glenn: Uh-huh! I can chomp down ten of those easily!
    Dario: Hahaha... You're always like that. Those churros were originally iron rations
    for knights. Overeating is not good discipline. So, Miss Riddel, what have you brought
    us? Please don't make us hold our breath too long.
    Riddel: This is it! I found it in Fossil Valley. Isn't it pretty?
    Glenn: Ah shoot, it's just a flower!
    Dario: Miss Riddel, did you go to the valley by yourself...?
    Riddel: What, I'm not allowed to? It's just the valley, I'm sure it's safe enough.
    Dario: ......
    Riddel: I have enough for everyone; I will give some to you boys! Glenn doesn't want any,
    Glenn: Since you've gone through the trouble of getting it, I'll take one, too! If I plant
    its seeds, I might get some good fruit from it!
    Riddel: Oh, how silly of you, Glenn!
    [She gives him one.]
    Riddel: Here you go, Glenn. But I don't think it will grow any fruit, though.
    Glenn: You don't know until you try!
    Riddel: Karsh might not like things like flowers, but...
    Karsh: ...... N-No, it's not that...
    [She gives him one, then one to Dario. Karsh walks a few feet away.]
    Dario: You brought me one, too. This is beautiful... What kind of flower could this be?
    Riddel: It is a "bellflower."
    Dario: Miss Riddel, if you ever wish for this flower, I will go for you instead. If
    anything should happen to you...
    Riddel: Then let us go together. Does that sound like a good idea?
    Dario: ...... Yes, very well.
    [Years later, Karsh is still holding a Bellflower in his hands.]
    Dario: ...Karsh? Are you listening?
    Karsh: Huh...? Oh, sorry. So what is it? What's with the formality?
    Dario: ...U-Umm. How should I... Actually, I...
    Karsh: Why are ya acting so strange? Spit it out...
    Dario: ...A-Ay. To tell you the truth...
    Riddel: Karsh, we are pledged to marry. I have already told daddy about it...
    Dario: That is what I wanted to tell you... Will you bless us with your approval, Karsh?
    Karsh: ...? Marry...? S-So that's it! Well, congradulations! So when's it gonna be, and
    Dario: We haven't decided on a date yet. We still need to finish surveying the Isle of
    the Damned, first. It's just that...
    Karsh: Just what...?
    Dario: I want the wedding here. The place where we have cried together, laughed together,
    and shared our dreams... together.
    Karsh: Grin. You never change, Dario. Hey, then I'll have to fill this dull vacant lot
    with loads of bellflowers. Just tell me if I can help ya in any way.
    Dario: ...Thank you, Karsh.
    [He turns, and throws the bellflower to the ground.  Later, the 2 of them with Solt and
    Peppor go in the Isle of the Damned.]
    Karsh: This must be it!
    Dario: Karsh, why are you in such a hurry? The enemy is not going anywhere, and the
    footing here is bad...
    Karsh: Why do you always have to be like that, Dario? The Masamune may be in there!
    Any dragoon would be hyped to see that thing! You know!?
    Dario: ......
    Karsh: Shaker Brothers, you stay here.
    Solt: Sir!
    Peppor: S-Sir!
    Karsh: Let's get goin', Dario.
    Dario: Fine...
    [They go in through the mirror and reach the Masamune.]
    Karsh: Is that... the Masamune!?
    [A vision appears, of Karsh killing Dario with the sword.  Later, Karsh stands in Termina.]
    Karsh: Was I really just possessed by that devilish sword...? Driven by such intense
    hatred and envy...? Maybe deep inside me, I was filled with hatred? Dario, the one
    whom I could never beat, no matter how much I tried... the one who stole Riddel's
    heart from me... What if that sword does not imbed hatred into the mind of its
    wielder... but instead draws out and ignites the flames of hatred hidden within
    the hearts of men...? And if that hatred was something deep within the wielder to
    begin with...? Then what have I...?
    [Glenn watches from nearby.]
    Glenn: ......
    [Back in the present...]
    Peppor: S-So you do know something about it!
    Karsh: Take it easy...! Why the hell do I have to fight you guys!?
    Solt: No time for questions!
    Karsh: Tch! What the hell!?
    [Solt and Peppor are defeated.]
    Karsh: Listen to me... I did not kill Dario... I know the time will come when I can
    speak the truth. But I can't just yet... I hope you can understand.
    Peppor: Sir Karsh...! I have come to an understanding after that battle we just had...
    You are not an eveil person. You would never kill your best friend! Please forgive us...
    Looking back now, you were the ones who took us udner your wing, even though we were
    dragoon outcasts. You are very special to us, Sir Karsh!
    Solt: Sob...! We believe you, Sir Karsh...! We must be on our way, but we hope to see
    you again, sometime, somewhere... When that time comes, we hope you will be readily
    ready to tell us what really happened!
    Peppor: A-And... We're sorry we took this from you. We're shaking it back to you.
    [They give Karsh a Memento Pendant.]
    Karsh: ...Thanks. I'll take good care of it. One day, I promise to tell you guys the
    truth... Take care.
    [They leave.]
    [Dario Sidequest.]
    [They head to a small island and find a small shack. Inside is Dario!]
    Man: Yes?
    Riddel: This cannot be... Are you... Dario!? But of course you are. This is another
    world. You are alive and well in this world!
    Karsh: Dario! That's right... We're in another world.
    Man: Are you saying you know who I am?
    Riddel: What did you say!? No, this cannot be...
    Karsh: Cut the crap, Dario! Of course we know!
    [A lady comes in.]
    Lady: Do you know this man? It has been 4 years since this man washed ashore, clinging
    on for dear life. Every day was a battle between life and death, but miraculously, he
    made it. However, this man has no recollection of his past whatsoever...
    Riddel: Yes, Dario. You do not remember me? I may be the Riddel from another world, but
    every day, I have always... And yet you do not remember who I am?
    Dario: Riddel...? That name moves my heart... I have a feeling I have lost someone very
    dear to me... Forgive me... I just cannot remember.
    Riddel: If only there was something to reawaken your memory... Yes, I know. Take a look
    at this.
    [She shows him a pendant.]
    Riddel: This pendant is a memento from your mother... and a gift you gave me when we got
    Dario: This is...
    Riddel: Try to remember! We have been together since we were little. And we will continue
    to be... I will always be there for you, Dario...
    Dario: Riddel... R-Run... Aaaaaaggghhh!!!
    [He clutches his head.]
    Dario: Riddel... Riddel... That's right... Riddel...
    Radius: Th-This is bad!
    Lady: W-What...? What's wrong?
    Radius: No! Don't touch him!
    [The Masamune appears, knocking the lady back.]
    Lady: Aaah!!!
    Karsh: What the...!? The Masamune!
    Riddel: Dario! No, Dario! Do not touch that sword!
    [He takes it.]
    Dario: Riddel... Mine sword thirsts four your blood...
    Radius: I knew it! The Masamune never actually disappeared from Death Gate. It just
    returned to its rightful owner.
    Karsh: Wait a minute! Then that means Dario's still...
    Radius: What really happened!? I thought Dario died fighting demons on the Isle of the
    Karsh: Actually...
    [Years before... They stand in the Isle of the Damned.]
    Karsh: Is that... the Masamune!?
    [Dario walks up to it and takes it.]
    Karsh: Dario!? What do you think you're doing!?
    [Garai's Ghost appears]
    Garai: ...... DIE! Death to all living creatures!!!
    Karsh: Don't tell me it's that sword...!? Dario, let go!!!
    [He attacks Karsh, and misses.]
    Dario: Tch...!
    [They battle.]
    Karsh: Stop, Dario!!! It's me! Karsh!
    [They continue to fight.]
    Karsh: Damn!
    [Dario knocks Karsh over.]
    Dario: Kill me, Karsh! Hurry...!
    Karsh: N-No...!
    Dario: Do it, Karsh!!! Or else, I'll...!
    Karsh: No, Dario! I can't! Please snap out of it, Dario!!!
    [Garai's ghost reappears.]
    Garai: Heh-heh-heh... You idiot. I gave you a chance... You cannot beat me... You are but a
    mere mortal...
    Karsh: Who the...!?
    Garai: First, I will dispose of you, and then... Riddel... I shall let the Masamune sate
    itself on Riddel's blood... Heh-heh-heh...! HAH-HAH-HAH...!
    Karsh: DAMN YOU...! AHHHHHH...!!!
    [He kills Dario.]
    Karsh: Dario...!!! What have I done...?
    [Lynx appears.]
    Lynx: Pathetic fool...
    Karsh: Y-You are...
    Lynx: Dario was killed by demons. Understand, Karsh?
    Karsh: But...
    Lynx: Are you going to tell everyone about what you just did? Are you willing to tell
    Riddel that YOU murdered Dario because he was possessed by the Evil Sword...?
    Karsh: ......!
    Lynx: Do not worry. Do as I say, and everything will be just fine.
    Karsh: Dario...
    [Lynx takes the Masamune and leaves.]
    [In the present...]
    Radius: Now I know... Dario was possessed by the enmity of the Masamune, too. Prepare
    Karsh: I guess there's no way outta this!
    Riddel: I cannot face Dario in battle!
    Radius: To abolish the darkness, we must defeat the Masamune! It is the only way to
    save Dario!
    Garai: Face the enmity of my sword!
    [They battle Dario and defeat him.]
    Radius: Hmph! It appears the Masamune found a new master.
    Karsh: What!? Lynx!!!?
    Radius: Do not panic. Look around you.
    Riddel: Birds...! The birds that fled are coming back!
    Radius: I no longer sense the slightest bit of malice from the Masamune. There is
    no more fear of succumbing to its enmity.
    Mune: Huaaah... You awake, Masa?
    Masa: Yeah... But looking back... I think we've done something terrible.
    Mune: Heh heh... No one will know if we don't tell.
    Doreen: HEY! What were you two up to!?
    Masa: Yikes! It's Doreen!
    Mune: N-Nothing! We don't remember a thing!
    Doreen: Hmmm, I see... Well, just to make sure you're not up to any mischief... I'm
    coming along.
    Masa: Alright! How many centuries has it been since the 3 of us got together!?
    Doreen: OK then, let's go!
    [Lynx gets the Masamune, transforming his weapon.]
    Dario: Where... am I...? Riddel... Is that you, Riddel? What happened to me?
    Riddel: Dario... Thank goodness... Your memory has returned.
    Dario: Memory? Oh yes... I had taken a hold of the Masamune when... Forgive me,
    Karsh... for what I have put you through.
    Karsh: Ahh, forget about it!
    Radius: Although your memory has returned, let us not forget the harsh reality which
    lies in wait. Come.
    Lady: So... You will be leaving... I have been prepared for this day... Farewell...
    I wish you all the best...
    Riddel: Everyone is hurt and sepearated... Inexperienced and incomplete... However,
    by living as such, we may change for the better into something bigger... Something
    more... gentle...
    [They go to Viper Manor.]
    Dario: My goodness... What has happened during my absense!? Where have the general
    and the others gone? Riddel, you said that you all came from another world. Then
    where are Karsh, you and the others in this world?
    Radius: Unfortunately, no one from Viper Manor who went to the Dead Sea will return.
    Dario: ...Why did the general and the others go to such a dangerous place?
    Radius: In search of the Frozen Flame... They were swallowed up by a terminated
    time line... and have perished along with the Dead Sea...
    Dario: Sigh... How ironic that it is I who have survived...
    Riddel: But Dario... You still have me.
    Dario: Riddel...
    Riddel: We may be from different worlds, but you are you, and I am I.
    Karsh: Yo! That's right! I'm alive and kickin', too! There ain't no one who can take
    my life! Gah-haha-ha! Zoah and Marcy are here, too... We can also call the old dragon
    stable keeper!
    Dario: Thank you, everyone... I guess you are right. I am alive. And I will do whatever
    I must do. I do not know how many years it will take, but I will rebuild Viper Manor.
    It is my duty.
    Radius: My my, my... Perhaps it's about time I came out of retirement... Time for one
    last hurrah! Hoh-hoh-hoh!
    Karsh: OH YEAH! Bring it on! Even though we may be from different worlds, the 4 Devas
    are back in business! But... maybe minus 1. I don't think you're fit for battle, yet.
    Dario: Forgive me... 4 years of isolation have taken their toll.
    Riddel: Are you alright?
    Dario: Riddel... I want you to take this.
    Riddel: Please rest up and just concentrate on rebuilding Viper Manor.
    Dario: Thank you. I shall do so.
    Riddel: Of course, I will help you, too. Plus, I have an idea... Ha-hah-ha!
    [Return to Hydra Marshes.]
    [They head up the side of the cliff and finds a Bebba being assaulted.]
    Viper: Does not that seem odd to you?
    Karsh: Are they quarrelling among themselves? It's pretty one-sided.
    Viper: What should we do?
    (Serge): Help out
    Viper: Stop! Are you not comrades?
    Short Creature: What you be lookin' at?
    Tall Creature: He be not one of us. And neither be you! We be finishin' him off
    [They defeat the odd creatures.]
    BubbaBeeba: Thank you for helping me. You beeba brave. This beeba a token of my
    appreciation. It beeba "Ancient Fruit." which grows in Ancient Ground. I don't know
    if that beeba to your liking, but that fruit beeba tasting good. If you run out,
    don't beeab-fraid to ask for more. I have plenty and I owe you one for helping me.
    [It leaves. They go to the big hole and jump in.]
    Ghost: Humans...mankind... ...This forest... is dead... Our Hydra... perished...
    Our hatred... of mankind Listen to the planet's woes... Humans...
    [Suddenly, a huge Hydra Skeleton appears, but it is defeated by you.]
    Karsh: Have we brought about any change by defeating that Hydra...? Did we do the
    right thing?
    Viper: Who knows what is right or wrong? Nobody has the answer. ...Serge, we should
    get going.
    [They once again encounter the 2 beasts.]
    Short Creature: Muah-hah-hah!!! A rare flower that only be growin' in poisonous
    marshes! ...Finally, it be ours! All because the Hydra be extinct now! Muah-hah-
    Tall Creature: Humans destroyed the ecosystem that kept the water clean... That be
    why the Hydra died out. With the ruler of the forest dead, the dwarves be gone now!
    This forest belongin' to us!
    Karsh: ......... (What are those two talking about...?)
    Tall Creature: What you be lookin' at?
    Short Creature: Pretty impressive, making it through the poisoned marshes... But
    there be nothin' here. Get lost! Beat it!
    Tall Creature: No, wait... They must be pretty weak from the poison... Let's have
    fun with 'em!
    Short Creature: Muah-hah-hah!!! Not a bad idea... Let's tear 'em up!
    [The 2 odd creatures are defeated once more.]
    [Back to Guldove]
    [They enter town]
    Karsh: Serge, isn't there somthing strange about this village?
    Viper: Hmm? What is going on? People are gathering over there. Let's go find out
    what is up.
    [Porre soldiers are surrounding the bartender.]
    Viper: Porre soldiers!? In a small village like this!?
    Karsh: But something's odd. And who's that lady?
    Soldier: Y-You dare to resist the Porre military!?
    Orlha: So what if I resist? Why don't you stop hiding behind your men and try to
    show me yourself?
    Soldier: I'll make you regret that! A-Alright, you, GO! Seize th-this girl.
    Other Soldier: Wh-Why me, sir?
    Soldier: Arrgh, don't talk back! This is a direct order! Get with it, on the double!!!
    Other soldier: Y-You hear us. C-Cease your r-resistance. A woman should... be more
    gentle a-and lady-like...
    [She knocks him out.]
    Orlha: There, that'll teach you a lesson, o great soldier-man! Or do you need another
    Soldier: !!! Why, isn't this Sir Lynx? We cannot arrest this girl on our own. Please
    help us, sir!
    Orlha: There are more of you? But you're still no match for me. Leave this village now!
    [You defeat her.]
    Soldier: Masterful work, Sir Lynx! I knew we could count on you, sir. Thank you for your
    troubles. Please leave the rest to us. We will take her into custody and sentence her at
    Viper: Wait! I order you and your troops to return to headquarters. We will take care of
    this girl. This village will be under Sir Lynx's command until further notice. Report that
    back to high command.
    Soldier: But that will be too much trouble for...
    Karsh: Didn't you hear? This is an order form your superior officer. If you disobey, you
    will be court-martialed. Do I make myself clear?
    Soldier: Y-Yes, sir! We will gather the troops and head back to headquarters at once, sir!
    Orlha: ...You say that you are really Serge? Even though you are in a different body?
    I don't know what happened... but you need to get back your true self.
    Doc: I cannot believe it... Is it possible that such a thing can occur...? Hey, even
    you should not get up so soon. ...Are you alright? Even though you are a trained fighter,
    you should refrain from pushing yourself too hard.
    Orlha: I'll be fine... But I almost bit the big one this time. Ha ha... Looks like I'm in
    need of more training... Ooo, that hurts... As proof that you are really Serge when you
    regain yourself, I will lend you this brooch.
    Doc: Orlha!? Is that your sister's...?
    Orlha: It's alright... for now. Listen, Serge. Promise me this. When you successfully regain
    your true self, come visit me. I will gladly aid you then...
    [After regaining his body, Serge returns.]
    Orlha: This blue gem... Looks like you've regained your true self.  Now it's time to do my part.
    [Orlha joins]
    [Recruiting Janice]
    [After beating all 3 rounds in the S.S. Zelbess...]
    Janice: I can't believe I lost... NO WAY...!!!
    [They head out, she jumps out too.]
    Janice: Hey, hey!!! Don't go! I wanna ask you guys somethin'! Where did you find such
    super-duper monsters!? I wanna come find some more with you!!!
    (Serge): Have her join your party.
    Janice: Give me a holler any time!
    [The Criosphinx]
    [The party heads to Earth Dragon Isle in Another World. They enter the Earth Dragon's
    Steena: Looks like the Dragon does not exist in this world.
    Karsh: But Steena... What's that thing on the ledge up there?  I don't think we've ever
    seen a monster like that before...
    Mysterious Monster: Let those who disturb the peace of the land be punished...
    Karsh: It's coming down!
    [The creature flies down and forces a battle.]
    Mysterious Monster: Quid me vis? I am the Criosphinx.  And thou has trespassed on my
    domain!  Why must thou turmoil to this land bring?  Now turmoil onto thee, I give...
    Depending on how thou meet this trial Thou may be able to alive here leave! However,
    this be an island to which no man has visited for aeons and the Criosphinx is grown
    quite bored...  If thou possesseth the courage to match thy wits to mine, thy sins may
    be forgiven when thou answer correctly my questions six! Now riddle me this...
    Usus est magister optimus.  Here be an easy one to start off with! Auburn nay the burn,
    Iron pyrite nay the fool, All that glitters is nay... But silence be...  Answer my
    question! Which is it I be?
    [Serge casts a yellow element.]
    Criosphinx: Verus... Thou art correct.  Dimidium facti qui bene coepit habet.  Well
    begun is half done. Now, here is my second riddle be...  In my anger, I see... Both the
    rag to charge at, And the flag to stop at.  Blushing, I walk the royal carpet. Answer
    my question! Shat is it I be?
    [Karsh casts a red element.]
    Criosphinx: Verus... Thou art correct.  Now riddle number three!  Bene rem gere! It
    isn't easy being... A friend of the planet, With the jealous monster's eyes Giving me
    a sign to proceed!  Answer my question!  What is it I be?
    [Steena casts a green element.]
    Criosphinx: Verus... Thou art correct.  Thou catch on quick!  Question four... Accipe!
    Mare et caelum et viola, Give ma a melancholy gloom, But a first prize ribbon, Makes me
    feel I've royal blood! Answer my question! What is it I be?
    [Serge casts a blue element.]
    Criosphinx: Verus... Thou art correct.  Velim tibi eta persuadeas... Just two more to go!
    Like pontoon nay the knave, Or Jolly Roger nay the bones, Even the top rank of self-
    defense, Be no protection from the Plague.   Answer my question! What is it I be?
    [Karsh casts a black element.]
    Criosphinx: Verus... Thou art correct.  Nigra in candida vertere.  By deduction alone ye
    should my answer already know... What is the extorted one is bled, With knuckles of fear.
    The plumage of a coward when Faced with the hottest of heat. Answer my question! What is
    it I be?
    [Steena casts a white element.]
    Criosphinx: Verus... Thou art correct. Sat prata biberunt!  Gratulon felicitati tuae!
    Well done! Thou hast solved all of my riddles! Thy brains are as strong as thy brawn!
    Bene vale! Bene valeto!  Always be diligent in thy practice! Me tibi commendo! Vale!
    I take my leave of you! Farewell!
    [The battle ends.]
    [The rescue of Marbule]
    [The party along with the 'other' world Fargo goes to see the Fargo in this world on the
    S.S. Zelbess.]
    Fargo(o): Aye, land-lubber...!
    Fargo(h): Are you, me...?
    Fargo(o): Don't even associate yerself with me...! You're bein' a sissy, Fargo! You're
    pathetic!!! I, too, had the possibility of becomin' a jelly-belly like yerself!
    Fargo(h): ...... I know about the plan... We're movin' this ship along with Nikki's to
    Marbule and showerin' the island with his song at full volume... Once the dream spirits
    awaken, we'll defeat 'em one by one... My ship, the Zelbess... This ship can no longer
    set sail... I can't steer it...
    Fargo(o): Hah! Who's askin' ya anyway? Listen up, mateys! This ship is no longer the
    Zelbess but the S.S. Invincible! Set the course for Marbule, and man yer stations...!
    Fargo(h): It's useless...
    Fargo(o): We'll see about that!
    Demi-Human: C'mon everyone! We're going to take back our beautiful island of Marbule!!!
    Other: YEAHHH!!! Let's do it!
    [The ores start paddling and the ship heads to Marbule.]
    Workers: Heave! Ho! Heave! Ho!
    Fargo(h): H-How the...!?
    Fargo(o): Ya don't even know that!? The desire to return to one's home is steerin' this
    ship foward...
    Fargo(h): You mean the demi-humans...?
    Fargo(o): Once this ship reaches Marbule, Nikki will begin his concert. We gotta do what
    we can to wake those monsters from their nightmare... So long, Fargo... I've come to my
    senses. It's time you did the same.
    [On Nikki's ship...]
    Sage: Heh heh... Looks like they finally did it! Behold, my people... Marbule is straight
    ahead! Well then... It's about time we get down to business!
    [They start playing music.]
    [The party goes on the deck, where the side of the ship comes down and the song starts...]
    [Nikki hangs from the mast.]
    Nikki: Adrift, adrift, adrift... From how many dreams have I awakened? How many morrows have
    passed...? The days when victory meant everything have come to an end... Yesterday's
    friends become tomorrows's foes... So flow the days filled with betrayal and enmity...
    Once one reaches the summit, all that remains is one's inevitable downfall...  All has
    become lost... The innumberable wounds, once decorations of glory, have begun instead to
    ache... Aaah, have I awoken...? Where might I be...? Could this be the Grave of the Narwhales
    that is said to lie hidden in the seas?
    [The other members of the band float to him and release him.]
    Nikki: Where am I!? So... I am all alone. Just deserts for the likes of me...  Betrayed
    by the very ones in whom I trusted... Gone are the friends with whom I shared my dreams...
    Alone, with no lover to share my sorrows...
    [Miki arrives.]
    Miki: Hither...
    Nikki: Is someone thither?
    Miki: O'er hither...!
    Nikki: Be it thou...? My savior sweet?
    Miki: Aye, manly mariner...
    Nikki: Be thou not a mere maiden but a... mer-maiden?
    Miki: Thou art surprised...?
    Nikki: Only that one such as thee would help a human like me... My eternal gratitude is
    thine, sweet siren of the sea...
    Miki: 'Twas but the proper thing... Why art thou alone here? Whence cometh the wounds
    that afflict thee so...?
    Nikki: 'Tis too sad a tale to tell one so fair...
    Miki: If thou wishest not to speak of such things, I shan't force thee to tell them unto
    me. Instead, kind sir, may I inquire as to the world from which thou comest...?
    Miki: Enough! That shall suffice. What a wretched woeful tale thou hast! Thou needest
    not fight e'ermore. The world form wence one comest lacks any form of pleasure.
    Nikki: Pleasure...?
    Miki: Dear sailorman... Let me hear the song that thou dost like best! A splendid song
    from a far-away world, unknown to the likes of me...
    Nikki: A song...? Of such a thing I know naught... Wherefore wouldst thou hear my
    croonings, Neptunian nymph? Surely there is naught to be gained from it!?
    Miki: What a poor, miserable man thou art! Songs be the soul's delight... When one is sad,
    songs gently envelope one's sorrows... And when one is happy, songs are there to share
    the joy with thee. That be the very essence of song!
    Nikki: So thou sayest... Unfortunately, singing has no relevance to me. I long forgot how
    to laugh and how to cry.
    [Miki starts singing.]
    Nikki: How awfully nostalgic!? I feel as though I have heard that song before, somewhere,
    long ago. A mysterious melody that bathes thee in a warm glow...
    Miki: It is a precious song, handed down generation to generation on my island. It seems
    to have reached the heart of thee, who knows not of song... Now make me a promise... Repay
    me for saving you by singing this song for me.
    Nikki: Hold on! Such a thing I cannot do!
    Miki: "Cannot" is different from "will not!" Please promise to grant this one
    [She vanishes.]
    Nikki: Wait! Do not go!
    [Later, he plays the song on his guitar...]
    Nikki: Sigh...! As I thought... I am unable to perform such music!
    Girl: Thou seem troubled...
    Nikki: Who might ye be?
    Girl: Our sister shan't come out agian until thou singest!
    Nikki: Please, I beg ye! Teach me how to sing.
    Girl2: Music and song are not something that thous canst teach or learn. They are things
    that thou must feel!
    Girl: First try playing the notes.
    [He plays them.]
    Girl2: That is terrible! 'Tis void of all emotion! Thou dost need not to be a bard, so
    long as thou express thy feelings. The thoughts of thy heart that words cannot express...
    Let thy instrument tell us what thou want to say...
    [Nikki plays again.]
    Girl2: 'Tis better... Keep it up...
    [He keeps playing.]
    Girl: Thou art a kind man. We can tell from the sound thou makest...
    Girl2: Hehee... Thou hast got it! Aye... 'Tis becoming fun!
    [They fly around the boat while he plays.]
    [Later, he plays with Miki.]
    Nikki: Well... What dost thou think?
    Miki: 'Tis beautiful! Each note enwraps my very soul... If ever thou art sorrowed and at
    the limits of despair... Then croon this song and remember, dear, this very moment...
    The time when our hearts began to beat to one rhythm... And know that our song will
    continue on forever more...
    Nikki: Lo! The stars doth twinkle in accord with our song... The brighter one is the Star
    of Diarmuid... And next to it the Star of Grania can be seen shining so faintly...
    We mariners navigate our vessels by these two stars!
    Miki: Thou art a knowledgeable man! I naught knew the names of such luminaries. I just saw
    them as jewels that shine in the night sky...
    Nikki: I didn't realize that stars could look so beautiful... I never took the time to gaze
    at them like this before... Nor ever heard the song that they had been singing unto me. Now
    that I have spent what seems like days singing here with thee... I have come to realize
    that there is more than what seems be... The twinkling of the stars... The waving of the
    waves... Even silence itself... All sing in harmony with thee and me.
    Miki: 'Tis strange to think that both thy world and mine share the same stars.
    Nikki: Speaking of which, I must soon return to my world.
    Miki: Wherefore, dear sir? Thou dost not like it here?
    Nikki: My pursuers are nigh... My staying here will endanger thy folk...
    Miki: Then allow me to come with thee, sweet sir...
    Nikki: I cannot allow such a thing! One step out of here lie treacherous tempests and
    woeful warfare. Yet, even then... Even then, thou dost shalt come with me?
    Miki: I know that for certainty... Yet for this place only to have peace while the whole
    world is at war is a selfishness itself. Perhaps the love we share can be shared with
    the whole world. Both nature and mankind must surely desire to live hand-in-hand...
    Nikki: Then comest thou to me, my sweet sea sprite...  Until the whole world hath come
    to live in heavenly harmony... Upon that day shall I bring thee back to this idyllic
    isle. Then... Then and only then... Will both our worlds have peace between nature and
    humanfolk... And resonate in chorus with our anthem dear. Together, let us build that
    whole new world... Come my maiden, come...!
    [The show ends. The party leaves.]
    Fargo(h): ......
    [He looks in the mirror.]
    Fargo: Oh, Zelbess... Does this song call out to your heart? You taught me this song...
    For a long time, I've been trying to regain what I've lost, but to no avail...
    But now... I feel as if the one important thing has finally returned... Thanks to the
    irreplaceable treasure you left behind. So you're happy for me, too...
    [On the way off...]
    Fargo(o): Even though she said that... I, too, was unable to fulfill the promise I made
    Zelbess... Her dream is also my dream... Zelbess... I promised never to use this attack
    again, but there is no avoiding it... Please forgive me... This time, I will protect
    you! Alright then...!!! I'll show you how serious I can get! It's time for me to let
    loose in Marbule!
    [They get on the boat and head there.]
    The Great Explorer Toma: Y-Yo, guys...!!! I'm sure you've noticed, but something a-ain't
    right... I-I-I know they're harmless, but they've grown in great numbers! If these monsters
    are somebody's bad dream... then... whose...? O-Or what's...? Dream...? Then does that
    mean that if these monsters die, someone or something will wake up?
    Ash: I bet the dreamer is 10 times as nasty as this nightmare. It's probably some big,
    huge, gnarly dragon! S-Sir Toma! I think we're about done here!
    Toma: Uhh... Err... Yeah... Well, I think I'm through with my investigation here...
    Don't get the wrong idea... It's not that I'm scared or anything! Well, take care.
    [They leave.]
    [All the creatures are defeated.]
    [A roar emits...]
    A dragon's cry was heard in the far-off distance...
    [Recruiting Draggy]
    [The party heads through Ft. Dragonia and goes to the incubator in the lower level.]
    [Lynx places the Big Egg in an incubator.  Draggy appears.]
    Draggy: Huaaarrr...!!! What a good sleep... Good morrrning! Hey? Wherrre did everrrybody
    go...?  My big brrrotherrr... My big sisterrr... My kid brrrotherrr... And my little
    sisterrr... Wherre did dey all go? Arrre you... my motherrr? Rrrreally? You wook more rike
    a fatherrr to me... Sniff... Will you take me to motherrr and fatherrr?
    (Lynx): Sure
    Draggy joined yourrr parrrty!
    Draggy: Wherrre is everrrybody...? Dey must be arrround somewherrre...  Rrrr! Rrrr!
    Wherre arre you!? I know! Dey all prrrobably left the forrrt and arrre playing outside!
    [Draggy takes the elevator up.]
    [The Master Hammer]
    [In a cave in Marbule...]
    Smith: HEY!!! You're an adventurer, right!? Well, you're in luck! I'll sell you my handcrafted
    "Master Hammer" for only 10,000G! Cheap, eh!?
    (Serge): Buy it
    Smith: Much obliged!!!
    [They head to Zappa's in Termina (Another World)]
    Zappa(A): Ye be me...!?
    Zappa(H): Ah need yir help. Ah want to hammer this thing to make that ye-know-what...
    Zappa(A): That thing ye have... It's the Rainbow! So this ye-know-what ye be talkin' about is
    the Rainbow Axe, then?
    Zappa(H): I knew ah could count on meself... So, shall we start hammerin'? It be a wee bit hard
    by meself, but two of us working together should be a breeze.
    Zappa(A): Sounds interesting... Good timing too. Ah've just finished an order. We'll see what ah
    can do...
    [The two of them work together.]
    Zappa(A): So this is the... Rainbow Axe!!!
    Zappa(H): Hmm, it's probably radiating such beautiful colors because of its prismatic nature...
    The response from the hammer is as satisfying as its finish. It be truly an amazing material...
    Zappa(A): We should be able to do this on our own next time... That sure was a brilliant job. Ah
    hope ah can work with ye again!
    Zappa learned how to forge the rainbow material!
    [Glenn returns to Termina]
    [In the shack next to Zappa's in Termina...]
    Marina: Mr. Glenn! Can you help me? These two just won't stop fighting. Mr.Glenn, when you used
    to live here, you didn't fight, did you? Please, tell them to stop!
    Glenn: Ha ha ha! There is no such thing as brothers that do not fight with one another. Even
    we fought, sometimes. But, when Dario realized that he was at fault, he would always apologize
    to me later. You can fight, but you must learn something from it!  So, what are you fighting
    Little Brother: Listen up! Big brother says that he's going to make Marina his bride!
    Marina: ...!?
    Glenn: ...His bride?
    Big Brother: I'm gonna marry Marina!!!
    Little Brother: M-Me too! I want to start a happy family with Marina!
    Glenn: ...... Whoa, you two are mature for your ages. But have you asked Marina how she feels
    about it?
    Big Brother: How do you feel, Marina?
    Marina: H-How do I feel... Um, well... I like you both!
    Glenn: Marina, these two are serious. It is best if you tell them how you truly feel.
    Marina: Uh, ummm... Th-The one I really like is John, who's training outside to become a
    hero... But John alreadey has a girlfriend, Annie, so...
    Big Brother: Oh my gawd!!!
    Little Brother: Nooo! You gotta be kidding!!!
    [They run into the corner.]
    Glenn: ...This might be a bit hard to take, but I guess it can't be helped. But I guess it is
    better than her liking one of you more than the other...
    Marina: Huh...?
    Glenn: Uh, ahem. Nevermind... Even if you do not marry one of them, try to get along with them,
    Marina: Y-Yes... I'll do my best.
    [They head back outside to the grave that Dario & Riddel visited early in the game. The Einlanzer there
    Glenn: ......? The Einlanzer is resonating...?
    [He takes the glowing sword.]
    Glenn: Brother...!? Yes, I understand.  This sword I will take into my hands... And together, we will
    fulfill our unfinished dream!
    2T. Script Disc 1: The 6 Dragons
    [They head to Sky Dragon's Isle.]
    Sky Dragon: Welcome, humans. I am the Sky Dragon of the White Element. First,
    gain the protection of the Five Dragons of the world: Water Dragon, Earth Dragon,
    Fire Dragon, Black Dragon, and Green Dragon. Return to me, only once thou hath
    gained all of them!
    [They first go to Water Dragon Isle.]
    [Right before it's entrance...]
    Karsh: Serge. The Water Dragon's just beyond here.
    [They enter and meet the Water Dragon.]
    Water Dragon: The time has come... My powers I shall grant to the ones who seek
    to break the eternal chains of fate. What is it thou seeketh?
    (Serge): The Dragon God' blessing.
    Water Dragon: Dost thou need the powers of the Sleeping Dragons to cross the Dead
    Sea? Dost thou seeketh to break the chains of fate? A son of man to challenge the
    Goddess of Fate? Fascinating... Then confront my trials.
    [After beating it...]
    Water Dragon: ...Well done, son of man. Thy strength is worthy of my powers. Take
    with thee my prayers...
    [You get the Blue Relic.]
    Water Dragon: I too shall watch over thy Fate, how thou struggle to live, and how
    thou face death... [dies.]
    [Next they head to Hydra Marsh. They encounter yet another Beeba.]
    BubbaBeeba: How did you get that flute...? It beeba handed down in Beeba family...
    That beeba mine, too.........!!! BEEBA-BAH-BAH-BAH!!! Why you beeba-live? What
    happened to Wingapede!? It brings shame to Beeba's family if we always beeba
    defeated. Time for bee-venge! Beeba-Beeba!
    [They defeat it.]
    BubbaBeeba: I beeba-ry sorry! Here! I give you this! Please forgive beeba! This
    beeba Ancient Fruit found in Ancient Ground. You will beeba-ble to tame Wingapede
    with this. All you have to do now is blow the Beeba Flute. That beeba the truth.
    If you blow the flute further down the branch where my friend beeba standing, you
    will beeba-ble to ride Wingapede to Ancient Ground. Why do you have Ancient Fruit?
    Oh well... That beeba no business of mine. I wish you the beebesta luck.
    [It leaves. They head further down the branch where another awaits.]
    BubbaBeeba: You want to go to "Ancient Ground?" Then call Wingapede here. You beeba
    use flute and Ancient Fruit. Use flute to call Wingapede and feed it the fruit!
    [They do that and the Wingapede brings them to Gaea's Navel.]
    Karsh: We'll be able to make it back if we blow the flute again here.
    ???: You come-um from sky?
    [A cave girl stands on a nearby cliff.]
    ???: Ooga-Booga!
    [She jumps down.]
    Leah: You friend of father?
    Karsh: Father?
    Leah: You know-um father? Father is-um brave warrior. Leah lose-um father when Leah
    was very little. Grandma say-um father went-um to sky. You come-um from sky, so Leah
    think-um you know-um father.
    Fargo: We're sorry, Leah, but we don't know yer father. By the way... Where are we?
    Leah: Leah don't know-um either. Leah face-um land anger and end-um up here. Villagers
    not-um here. Only Leah and he come-um here.
    [There's a huge roar.]
    Karsh: What was that? ...The Green Dragon?
    Leah: He pretty tough-um. Leah help-um if you fight-um him. Leah winning-um so far.
    [She joins the party.]
    [After beating all the enemies in the area...]
    Karsh: Why's it so quiet?
    Leah: He come-um!
    [A Tyrano comes out of the trees and attacks!]
    [After it is killed...]
    [There is a roar.]
    Leah: What that!?
    [She heads further down.]
    Karsh: ......!? Leah!
    [They follow and reach the Green Dragon.]
    Leah: Oooga-Booga!!! Leah not know-um he here!?
    Green Dragon: Silence... What is all this ruckus...? Hmm? I see... Thou seeketh
    relics? Come hither... And now for lunch.
    [He is defeated.]
    Green Dragon: Impressive... [dies.]
    Leah: Serge, you always fight-um monsters like that? Looks-um fun. Leah decide-um
    Leah come-um with you! OK, Serge? Maybe Leah find-um father if Leah come-um. Also,
    Leah need decide-um something. Leah decide-um right, Leah return-um to village.
    Karsh: Leah...?
    Leah: Oooga-Booga!!! Let's go-um!!!
    [They blow the flute and are returned with the Wingapede.]
    [They next go to Marbule and see the Black Dragon.]
    Black Dragon: It hath been a long sleep, I am still groggy... You shall provide some
    much-needed exercise.
    [They defeat the dragon.]
    Black Dragon: Aaaah... I thank you for the excitement...[dies.]
    [They head to Mount Pyre and see the Fire Dragon.]
    Fire Dragon: Hey, hey, lad! So we meet again! You look a bit different, but I know
    it's you! C'mon, challenge me again! Whaddaya say!? If you beat me, I'll give you
    the Dragon Relic and my pet Salamander.
    [They defeat it.]
    Fire Dragon: Hmmm... We'll meet again. [dies.]
    [They head to Earth Dragon Isle, where there is a large mound of quicksand.]
    Archeaologist: Hey, guys! That's quicksand over there! Step in there and you'll never
    see the light of day again!
    [They fall in.]
    Archeaologist: What are they, crazy!? I warned them, too! Dammit... Damn amateurs...!
    [Down below, a large creature blocks the way.]
    Fargo: What is this thin'? We can't get through with this in the way.
    Karsh: Can't we just push this thing out of the way?
    Fargo: The thin' won't budge. I don't think the 3 of us can move it, either.
    Karsh: We should probably head back up for now. There's no use staying here.
    [They go back to the surface.]
    Captain: Are you guys alright!? I thought you were goners for sure! So the quicksand
    is the entrance, and the sand boil is the exit... Now why couldn't I figure that out?
    So there was something blocking a pathway, you say? OK, let us take care of it. It may
    take some time, though. Let's see, now... I need to assign some men to investigate and
    prepare explosives to move that rock... Would you mind coming back a little while? We
    have some preperations to do. But thanks a lot for you help.
    [They come back later.]
    Captain: Our investigation is finally under way. Thanks to you, of course. And we were
    also able to move that thing you were worried about. All it took was some explosives
    to clear the path.
    [They eventually reach the Earth Dragon.]
    Karsh: Looks like it's a dead end.
    Fargo: Could this just be a natural cavern of some sort? It doesn't seem like a ruin.
    Karsh: There's no point staying here. There's absolutely nothing.
    Voice: Thou who is bound by fate. What power doth thou seeketh?
    [The Earth Dragon jumps down to greet them.]
    Earth Dragon: The time has come... My powers I shall grant to the ones who seek to break
    the chains of fate. What is it thou seeketh?
    (Serge): The Dragon God's blessing.
    Earth Dragon: Dost thou need the powers of the Sleeping Dragons to cross the Dead Sea?
    Dost thou seeketh to break the chains of fate? A son of man to challenge the Goddess
    of Fate? Fascinating... Then confront my trials.
    [They beat it.]
    Earth Dragon: ...Well done, son of man. Thy strength is worthy of my powers. Take wiht
    thee my prayers...
    [You get the Yellow Relic.]
    Earth Dragon: I too shall watch over thy fate, how thou struggle to live, and how
    thou face death... [dies.]
    [They head back to Sky Dragon Isle.]
    Sky Dragon: Well done. Thou hath gained the protection of the Five Dragons. Let me
    test thy skills to see if thou art truly worthy to enter the Sea of Eden!
    [They defeat it.]
    Sky Dragon: Thy skills, I acknowledge. I will grant thee the protection of the Sky
    [You get the White Relic.]
    Sky Dragon: The Dead Sea has disintegrated, and the gates of time have been opened.
    With the divine protection of the 6 Dragons... Venture deep beyond the Pearly
    Gates, across the dimensions.
    [It flies away.]
    2U. Script Disc 1: Return to Fort Dragonia
    [They go to the Dragon Shaman tent in Guldove.]
    Guard: You, halt. Judging by your appearance... you are foreign-born? For reasons
    we will not explain, foreigners are not allowed to enter the tower. Please leave
    the premises at once.
    Karsh: What should we do now? At this rate, we won't be able to borrow the Dragon
    Riddel: Speaking of the Dragon Tear... Should we not return the broken tear to the
    srhine in the other world? The shaman in the other world might be able to help us
    [They go there and show Direa the Dragon Tear.]
    Direa: How can this be? This is without a doubt, a piece of the Dragon Tear... Serge,
    I shall bestow upon you the Dragon Emblem. It is the symbol of a Dragon shaman. The
    emblem and the Dragon Tear have been handed down by Dragon shamans for generations.
    Although the worlds are different, you should be able to receive aid from the other
    shaman with this emblem. Make haste to the alternate world.
    [They return and show the guard the Dragon Emblem.]
    Guard: Th-That is a Dragon Emblem!? How did a foreigner like you get a hold of it...
    Steena: Welcome... Travellers across the dimensions... Bring them before me.
    Guard: Yes, if it is your wish, Miss Steena... You have permission from the chief.
    You may pass, foreign travelers.
    [They go in and see Steena.]
    Steena: As promised, I will lend you the Dragon Tear. I shall accompany you to the
    fort as well. May the 6 Dragons bestow protection upon we children of the planet...
    [They go to the Fort.]
    Steena: Place the Dragon Tear here... The fort shall open itself up for you...
    [They do so, shaking occurs.]
    [They go to the central room where Dark Serge waits.]
    Serge: Heh... So you finally made it. But this is as far as you will get... It's
    a little too soon for you to get your original form back.
    [They battle. Afterwards...]
    Serge: Impressive... I may have underestimated you. Anyway, I must get on with my
    affairs. Besides, it's too late...! Good-bye, Serge...
    [He vanishes.]
    [They go up to the top level of the Fortress and go to the door. It opens.]
    Steena: Serge... You must proceed alone from here. You must see and confirm for
    yourself who you really are... Truth shall manifest itself, once you believe in
    your heart.
    [He goes in, the door closes.  Inside, he places the Dragon Tear on the Pedestal.
    The room is lighted up by a spherical light, with a mural behind it on the wall.
    It moves along the wall as it speaks, revealing scenes of evolution, dinos and
    Being: All life on this planet was born in the sea. The life-forms softly slumbered
    within the womb of our mother sea... Until eventually they developed free will and
    were able to swim about the ocean freely. Then there came those that, not satisfied
    with life in the water, looked up from the ocean floor towards the blue skies and
    dreamt of the feel of the land. Aeons passed before their preposterous dream became
    a reality, and they rose up from the seas onto the earth. The land became full of all
    kinds of creatures. Among these, the dragon lizards and the more evolved Reptites
    thought they would reign over the earth forever. And for a long while it seemed like
    they would... However, the unforeseen coming of the mighty one from the heavens
    suddenly smashed their kingdom to pieces. That one was known as "Lavos!" The great
    crimson flame...... Wielding absolute power, Lavos buried the dinosaurs - the kings
    of the land - in the space of a night. However, the timid "apes" who had lived
    hidden in the forests... ...came into contact with the crimson flame that fell from
    the sky, and evolved into "humans." Or perhaps it was not "evolution," but
    "transformation." In this way, humans increased in number and filled the earth...
    The fearsome "progeny of Lavos" who, like their progenitor, began to devour our
    mother planet.
    [It moves into the Dragon Flame.  The room lights up. ]
    [Lynx submerged in water, falls to the ground and vanishes.  A small baby grows
    in the Dragon Tear and becomes Serge.  The Dragon Tear lays shattered on the pedestal.]
    [Serge comes out.]
    Steena: Serge!!!
    Karsh: Serge!!!
    [The door closes.]
    Steena: Serge... You have regained your identity without being led astray. Your eyes,
    which forsaw the truth, shall help you to regain your trust among your comrades...
    There is nothing we can do about the Dragon Tear... Its shattering result does not
    come as a surprise. However, you also carry the fate of the Dragon Tear from another
    world. The broken pieces of love and hate: although contradictory, they are two
    sides of the same coin... A mysterious force may come to light when the two pieces are
    united... Perhaps this force will be the legendary Chrono Cross... The only problem
    is, the shrine, which is said to give life to the Chrono Cross, is nothing but a cavern
    inside Divine Dragon Falls. Serge... You may hold the key to bringing forth its powers.
    [They leave and go to the Dead Sea finding a Fate Distortion.]
    Voice: I deem you worthy of entering the Sea of Eden... Let the path be known for
    the ones facing fate...
    [The Dragon Relics go inside the water and form a portal.]
    End of Disc 1
    3A. Script Disc 2: Chronopolis
    [They are now in a strange new area, 3 islands surround a large triangle made
    of water.  On top of the triangle is a city covered in water.  They head to a
    nearby island.]
    Clotho - Spinning the thread of life
    [The triangle vanishes.]
    [They head to the next island.]
    Lachesis - Measuring the thread of life
    [The triangle vanishes.]
    [They head to the final island.]
    Atropos - Cutting the thread of life
    [The three triangle appear.]
    Voice: Art thou worthy of facing fate...?
    [A creature appears.]
    Karsh: Are we being tested?
    [They defeat it.]
    [Shaking occurs. They find the triangle gone, a city there instead. They enter
    the city.  A few ghosts talk nearby.]
    Ghost1: I heard group 3B's experiment today is going to be a biggie. They're
    releasing the Flame's lock-level to D in order to trace the counter-time effect...
    Ghost2: Yeah, but based on previous experiments, I'm sure it'll work out just
    fine. During their simulation, FATE guaranteed that they would be able to use the
    Flame as a up-link to extract the anti-annihilation energy associated with it.
    Don't worry, it'll be a success.
    Ghost1: I hope so...
    [They continue on, but a huge robot arrives. They defeat it.]
    [They go up to the 4th floor and go into the Eastern lab.]
    Computer: Everyone gather around.
    [The ghosts do so.]
    Computer: Let's see... In the 11th Century, a scientist by the name of Lucca indicated
    the possibility of time travel through the use of a "Time Egg," which utilizes miniature
    black holes. Whether this could actually be possible or not is still the subject of
    intense debate and no conclusions have been made.
    [A hologram of a black hole appears.]
    Computer: According to her theory, by rotating a single point of supergravity, space-time
    continua can be drawn in... thus making it possible to transform that singular point
    which pulls in everything else, into a ring formation.  Using this ring as a Gate between
    dimensions, it should be possible to travel back and forth between various space-time.
    [The hologram vanishes.]
    Ghost: I've heard that the Time Egg already existed during the legendary, ancient
    Ghost2: We shouldn't have to rely on theories from an ancient civilization that may not
    have even existed. We can do this.
    Ghost: But it's been said that time was altered using the Time Egg...
    Ghost2: That's just a legend. There isn't even any evidence to prove that this ancient
    dynasty ever existed.
    Ghost3: The experiment should be starting soon.
    Computer: After we discovered an unusual gravitational field in this barren sea of El Nido,
    we build several artificial islands and established Chronopolis. This was all done to
    facilitate our top secret research. But now, our research is about to come to its end. Once
    the final adjustments are made, the experiment will commence. It's just a matter of time...
    so everyone should keep up their good work!
    Ghost: The chief hasn't returned yet.
    Ghost3: He hasn't...? Then, we'll have to hold off until he gets back.
    [The ghosts seperate.]
    Ghost3: To think that time is not absolute, but elastic... Relative and subjective... That
    there can be individual differences caused by changes in time... Perhaps the same people
    and life-forms can even exist in several different space-times. An independant time that
    flows with a will of its own...? Hah... What nonsence...
    [They go downstairs and talk with a ghost.]
    Ghost: The chief said he was going out for a walk. He's probably by the docks somewhere,
    gazing out to sea.
    [They go and see him.]
    Chief: The Time Research Lab, which served as the foundation of this research center,
    appeared out of nowhere in the year 2300 and was headed up by the scientific genius
    Belthasar. However, at the peak of ihs career, he simply vanished. We've continued his
    work and have come this far. Our work is almost complete. Well, it's about time I headed
    back... The experiment's about to begin...
    [He leaves.  They follow to the previously guarded door. Whie there, they get the keycard
    for the basement. They leave and head down to the basement in the elevator. They cross a
    bridge over to a large structure that says Project Kid on it. Serge steps on the security
    Scanner: Fingerprint and retina scan required. Please step inside the circle and
    hold up your left hand.
    [Serge does so.]
    Scanner: Analyzing... Please stand by. .........Analysis complete. Fingerprints, retina,
    and C class DNA all clear. Data discrepancy due to aging within permissible range. 96%
    confirmation that this individual is the last registered arbiter. Access granted. Welcome
    back, Chrono Trigger.
    Karsh: So that's why!!! So that's why Lynx needed Serge's form!
    Steena: Lynx must be inside already.
    Karsh: Yes. ...Along with the Frozen Flame.
    [They enter the room, where a gigantic orange orb, surrounded by mechanical equipment,
    all headed into the center, lies.  It is the Frozen Flame.]
    Karsh: Where are we...!? Is that... the Frozen Flame!?
    Voice: Exactly.
    Karsh: ......!?
    Voice: The hearer of people's prayers... The provider of riches, fame, and power...
    The bestower of eternal life... The promiser of peace and happiness...
    [Lynx appears. Kid lies unconscious on the floor.]
    Lynx: This is the essence of what descended from the heavens in the prehistoric age.
    The living crimson stone... the Frozen Flame!
    Karsh: Lynx!?
    Lynx: What took you so long? You had me worried. Worried that you might have perished
    on the way here.
    [Serge bends down to see Kid.]
    Karsh: Are you alright?
    Lynx: It's no use. I put her soul to sleep. I had to remove any potential obstacle from
    us having this talk.
    Karsh: Who are you!? What are you after!?
    Lynx: You still don't know? I am the human incarnation of FATE... The living interface
    of the FATE computer system... Or put simply... I, too, am FATE!
    Karsh: What!?
    Lynx: 14 years ago, on the night of a terrible storm, the cogs began to turn. That
    night, Wazuki and Miguel set out to sea carrying a sick, young child in their boat.
    That child was you, Serge, after you had been attacked by that panther demon.  Your
    poisoned wounds were beyond the healing abilities of the doctors in Termina or even
    Guldove. So they set sail to Marbule in order to see the sage there... not knowing
    how bad the storm would become. Being skilled sailors, the two men were able to survive
    the storm. But they were blown off course and came ashore on this island, where they
    decided to seek shelter. At the time, this research center was off-line due to the
    severity of the storm. It only took 10 minutes for the system to power back up, but by
    then, the Flame had found you... Contact with the Flame healed your young body. But
    that was not all... Once the security card system was rebooteed, it would only grant
    access to you... the "arbiter." You can't imagine the trouble this caused the FATE
    computer system in achieving its objective. Inside of FATE, there was a stand-alone
    circuit that had been kept hidden since the old Mother Brain generation. That circuit
    was designed to start a malfunction, or more precisely, a "rebellion." Who would
    have though that such a small bug, a "traitor" could exist inside of FATE? That hidden
    circuit was based on the initial Ashtear model circuit board, with extra logic added
    by another scientist. FATE itself did not realize that this circuit was present within
    the core of its system. Or, more correctly... ...the circuit was programmed so that
    the moment FATE did detect it, it would erase all record of its detection. Dr. Lucca
    Ashtear... Unbelievably intelligent, and incredibly enthusiastic. You might even go so
    far as to call her a mad scientist. Of course I don't believe it was Lucca alone that
    devised this plan. I"m sure the first curator of this research center, a man named
    Belthasar, had a hand in it, too. FATE! Bring out the traitor, Prometheus...
    FATE: Affirmative.
    Prometheus: Aaaah... You have finally released me. Welcome back. So you're the real
    Serge. I've waited a long time for you... I'm glad you made it in time. Serge, I
    beg you! Please bring an end to the enmity between FATE and the Dragons...
    Lynx: FATE! Eliminate him.
    FATE: Affirmative. Now eliminating Prometheus.
    Karsh: No! You can't...
    Prometheus: Serge... P-Please... For the future of mankind...  F-For... th-the...
    f-fu...ture... o...
    Lynx: Idiot. Destruction to those who oppose the Goddes of Fate!
    Karsh: ...... Lynx... Why you...!
    Lynx: Hah... Come, Serge!
    [He transforms into his real form, a humanoid computer like system.]
    Lynx: Show me what the purpose of your life on this planet is... Teach me what it means
    to be "alive!!!"
    [They battle it and finally after a long fight destroy it.]
    [Kid had now awaken.  Lynx lays on the floor, mortally wounded from the battle.]
    Lynx: Nooo!  How could you...? I... FATE... the Goddess of Fate... was not meant to die...
    [He dies.]
    Kid: Ah...! Huh...? Where in blazes am I? Serge... What happened to me? Aha!? That...?
    That’s it!!!
    [She climbs up the machinery to the top of the Frozen Flame.  Suddenly, Harle appears.]
    Harle: NON!!! Arret! Ne touchez pas! Do not touch it! Kid! I know ze feelingz you have
    inside of you... Ze urge to bring everyt’ing to not’ing iz now stronger zan your dezire
    to save everyone.  You may want to t’row yourself down ze cliff of destruction... Zat
    iz your imperatif. But si’l vous plait, Kid... Do not drag Serge and ze odderz down into
    destruction wit’ you!
    Kid: Shut up, ya looney! I know what I’m doin’! It’s too late! There’s no turnin’ back
    [The Flame emits a beam of light, injuring Harle.  Above, Kid stands.  The Frozen Flame
    blasts loudly.]
    [In Water Dragon Isle...]
    Water Dragon: FATE has fallen... Fate has died...
    [In Mount Pyre...]
    Fire Dragon: Finally, the time has come...
    [In Gaea’s Navel...]
    Green Dragon: Indeed... The long, endless night shall finally come to an end.]
    [In Earth Dragon Isle...]
    Earth Dragon: Now... For mankind...
    [In Marbule...]
    Black Dragon: I shall make you bleed!!!
    [At Sky Dragon Isle]
    Sky Dragon: Feel a million years of this planet’s pain and suffering!
    [He flies there, as does the others.]
    [Sky Dragon Isle crumbles, a huge tower comes from underneath it.]
    [Meanwhile, back at the Frozen Flame...]
    Kid: Terra Tower... It’s come back to life again...! In the year 2400, during a
    counter-time experiment, the Flame goes out of control... This causes the dimensions
    to rip apart, resultin’ in the Time Crash. Engulfed in an enormous dimensional vortex,
    Chronopolis was hurled ten thousand years back in time. Perhaps it was the awakenin’
    Lavos who pulled the Frozen Flame back through time to it. Maybe so that Lavos, who
    saw the possiblity that some young adventurers might destroy it, could create a backup
    plan. But that ain’t all... At the same time, another city from a different dimension’s
    future, was also thrown back in time. Dinopolis... The future city of the Reptites --
    Azala’s descendants, who had evolved more closely with the planet. Just as Lavos, in
    an attempt to save itself, summoned Chronopolis from the distant future... Perhaps
    our planet beckoned Dinopolis into the past... maybe as a measure against Chronopolis
    and humanity. It wan’t the Dragon Gods who sealed up the Frozen Flame! It was FATE,
    which used the Flame’s power to divide and seal the Dragons in slumber! And now that
    FATE has been defeated, the Dragons will join together again to start their revenge!
    [The 6 Dragons approach Chronopolis.  Harle opens her eyes, and the Green Dragon attacks
    the White Dragon. A red seal surrounds it.  The Water and Earth Dragons head to it
    as well,  The Red and Black follow, causing the Dragon god to turn into it’s original form.
    It circles Chronopolis and stops.]
    Harle: I feared it would come to zis... I didn’t want to have to fight wit’ you if it
    could have been avoided! Adieu, Serge! Adieu!
    [She vanishes into the Frozen Flame. Kid collapses.]
    [Later, on the S.S. Zelbess...]
    Karsh: Give me a frickin’ break! You mean to tell me we were bein’ used all ths time!?
    Fargo: Yeah...
    Karsh: Damn!!!
    Viper: ...... What is done is done. Although we may not like it... In any case, we need
    to make our way into that floating tower.
    Riddel: Yes. We cannot just twiddle our thumbs and do nothing.
    Viper: The only problem is...
    Fargo: So, we have ta find a way up there, right? It’s not like the great S.S. Invincible
    can make it up there, either...
    Riddel: There has to be a way.
    Viper: Hmmm... At least our objective is clear. I do not know how, but we must find a way.
    Marcy: So, like... whatever happened to Kid after that?
    Karsh: Doesn’t look like she’ll ever wake up...
    Riddel: Her spirit seems to be possessed by the past. A powerful item is necessary to dispel
    Fargo: There’s no sense stayin’ here! C’mon, matey’s Let’s shove off!
    Everyone: Yeah!!!
    3B. Script Disc 2: Lucca's House Aflame
    [They head to Divine Dragon Falls and go in the cave there. Inside they find 2
    Steena: By the Great Dragon Gods!!! The sacrarium of the Divine Dragon Falls
    still exists... and it seems functional! It's just as the legends of old said
    it would be! What a blessing! Utilizing its power, we just may be able to create
    the "Chrono Cross" here! Try placing the two pieces of the Dragon Tear... THE
    Tear of Hate and the Tear of Love... on these stands.
    [They do so. The Dragons Tears combine into the Chrono Cross.]
    [They go to Hermit's Hideaway to see Kid.]
    Masa: Huh? Hey, it's the princess.
    Mune: Lemme se... Whoa! I think you're right.
    Masa: I wonder what happened? Do you think we should help her?
    Mune: Nah, it's not our job.
    Masa: Yeah, I guess so. It's probably out of our league, anyway.
    Mune: Yup.
    Doreen: HEY! Aren't we heartless!
    Masa: AHHH! Sis...
    Mune: B-But, the princess is bound by the past, and even we can't bring her back here.
    Doreen: Look closely... See that?
    Masa: Hey!? It's the...
    Mune: ...the Time Egg?
    Doreen: Yes. Although it's not in its complete form.
    Masa: Did that girl with the glasses make it?
    Doreen: Probably. Even though it's in its incomplte form, if we can focus our powers into
    Mune: Then maybe it'll work.
    Masa: Yeah... OK, new master. Yup, its you.
    Doreen: We're going to lend you our powers for a little bit.
    Mune: We're sending you back to the past where the princess is bound.
    Masa: We only have 1 chance.
    Doreen: Take care of the princess!
    [They find themselves in Lucca's House, which is burning.]
    [They rescue a small boy.]
    Boy: Wow, mister! You sure are strong. When I grow up, I wanna be strong like you!
    Oh, yeah... Here, mister! Take this... Oh... and there are other kids hiding in this
    room! Also I saw another one of us in that bedroom!
    [They go in a room and find Kid on the ground.]
    [The children pictures burn. Standing at the window, lookin gout is Lynx and Harle.]
    Kid: It's burning...! Our "home" is burning! Lucca... All my friends... They're, they're...!!
    Why...? Why did this happen!? You... Are you going to go away? Are you going to leave me? I'm
    going to be left all on my own again, aren't I? Everybody I have ever loved has gone far,
    far away...
    (Serge): I won't leave you!
    Kid: Really!? Do you mean that? Your cheek... It's wet...? Thank you... Thank you for
    saving me... Will I... Will I ever see you again? ......!!!
    [Serge vanishes.]
    Kid: What? Where did you go...? No! Come back!!! Don't leave me... Please, no...!
    Don't leave me all alone!
    [Back in the present...]
    [Kid gets up.]
    Kid: Serge... How've you been...? I'm... right here...
    Radius: Thank goodness... This must be the power of Serge's love. Hoh-hoh-hoh!!!
    Ahh, yes, Kid. Luccia is waiting for you in her lab in Viper Manor. She wanted to
    give you something. Anyway, there's no need to rush. I suggest you rest here for the day.
    [Later, Kid and Serge are alone.]
    Kid: What...? My wound...? Lynx stabbed me...? What are you talking about? Ohhh... wait
    a minute... Not again... I lose my memory sometimes. Whenever I'm in a dangerous
    situation where I might get hurt, I just seem to disappear and vanish. And when I come to,
    I wake up somewhere safe without a single scratch. But the thing is, I can't remember
    what happened. I don't get it... Anyway, it's happened to me plenty o' times in the past,
    so it's nothin' to worry about! C'mon, mate! Let's go!
    [They head to Viper Manor to see Luccia.]
    Luccia: I have been vaiting, Kid. Dere is somet'ing I vant to give you.
    Kid: Huh? Me...?
    Luccia: I vas told to give it to you vhen the time vas right. It's for you... from
    Kid: !!! You knew Lucca!?
    Luccia: Here...
    [Kid opens the letter.]
    My dear Kid, How are you doing? I wonder how old you are as you read this letter?
    Perhaps you've matured into a beautiful woman, raising a happy family, by now? I was
    hoping to talk to you in person when you were old enough, but just in case something
    happnes, I'm writing my feelings down on paper and leaving it with Luccia. Perhaps
    you already know... or perhaps you yourself are also now caught up in some historic
    crisis as a result of all this. But, anyway... A long time ago, we -- my friends and I,
    that is -- changed the future in order to save our planet from being devoured by Lavos,
    a monster from some unknown planet. We still feel proud of the role we played in saving
    our world, and in how we were so freely able to change the flow of time. But sometimes
    I think of the darker side of what we did... What has become of the future that was
    "once" supposed to have existed? Where did the "time" that now is no longer allowed
    to exist "go?" It is true that, thanks to our altering the flow of history, we were
    able to save so many lives and prevent so much sadness and suffering... But when you
    think of it, we also caused the deaths of so many that were meant to have come into
    existence in the time line we destroyed, and also caused new sadness and suffering
    further along in the new future we created... That is why I worry that someone
    might seek revenge on us for what we did. I have had a constant dread in my heart that
    someone in our new future will travel back in time, just like we did, and try and kill
    or capture my friends and me.  So, even if something dreadful does befall me, Kid, know
    that what was meant to happen will happen, and that I was always prepared for the worst.
    Oh, but don't you dare think the Great Lucca is going to go down without a fight! (I've
    got a reputation to uphold!) Whatever lies waiting for us around the next corner better
    watch out, 'cause it's gonna find a pretty mean counter-attack coming its way! Kid...
    When I think of you, I remember someone I once met a long, long time ago in the distant
    past... Heh! But she was the complete opposite of the you in this time line... So
    quiet and gentle... Someday I'll also tell you about her... When you are ready to know
    of your real name and heritage. I'm not the slightest bit worried about you, Kid! I
    know that, no matter what happens, "he" will always be there looking out for you!
    Or perhaps he has already found you and is there by your side as you read this? If so,
    hello, Janus! Please take good care of my "little sister" for me! There is so much more
    I want to tell you, but I must leave it for another time. Don't worry! Everything is
    okay! We will overcome whatever woes may occur! That's for certain! Later, when you're
    all grown up, I'll come visit you and we'll talk over tea. I look foward to that day!
    Well, anyway Kid, until we meet again... Forever and ever your friend, (No matter which
    time line it is!)
    yours sincerely,
    Lucca Ashtear
    P.S. Cut out the tomboy act! Believe me! You'll become a beautiful young lady one day,
    or my name isn't "Lucca the Great!"
    Kid: Sorry, but... I'd like to be alone for a while...
    [They leave.]
    Kid: I can't believe you, Sis... You're the one who always laughed about how there's
    nothin' "definite" or "certain" in this world... Sis...
    3C. Script Disc 2: The Spaceship
    [They go to El Nido Triangle and go underwater. They find Starkey's spaceship,
    but first beat a jellyfish like creature.]
    Starkey: Woooooow! Starkey's ship in this world not brooken! Starkey am happy!
    Kid: Could that be the reason why we have air down here?
    Starky: Affirmative. Starkey's ship creeates a special foorce field. Starkey think
    in the other world Starkey's ship is in pieeces and the parts are buried underground,
    but still working.
    [He opens the door.]
    Starkey: Yeah! It oopened!
    [They go inside.]
    Stakry: Yeah! Everything is in oorder! The navigaation system is operaational.
    Starkey's bed is niice and coozy, too.
    Kid: Can this take us to Terra Tower?
    Starkey: This ship is oonly big enough to fly Starky.
    Kid: Then what do we do?
    Stakry: Leave it to mee!
    [He pulls a lever and goes downstairs.]
    Starky: The engine maay bee a bit rusty, but otherwiise, perfect. Oh yeah! That...!
    Hmmmmmm... Maaybe wee can uuse this?
    [He throws up an odd device.]
    Starky: Starky maay bee aable to scrounge up moore stuff. Starkey will come back laater.
    Eeasy does it.
    Kid: What's this?
    Starky: It's an anti-gravity deeviice. If youu attach this to youur booat, it will fly to
    Terra Tower eeasily. All wee neeed now is aa facility to install it.
    Kid: I remember there was a dock inside of Chronopolis.
    Starky: Alriight! Let's bee on our waay to Chroonopoolis!
    [They go there]
    Starky: Leets see. Starky neeed this and that. Oh yeah! This should do the trick.
    Kid: Oi... All you have to do is load that thing on the boat, right?
    Starky: What are youu talking about? Wee neeed to attach aa staabilizer to keeep the
    Autoo-gyroo from spinning out of controol.
    Kid: I don't get it... but just hurry it up, okay!?
    Starky: Tiime to get to work.
    [Later, it is installed.]
    Starky: Pheew. Starky am done.
    Kid: See! All ya did was load it on the boat!
    Starky: Negative!
    Kid: So this is it...  Never expected our encounter to turn out like this, didja, Serge...?
    Starky: Why were wee born? Why do wee live?
    Kid: That's what we're gonna find out with our own eyes!
    [Later they head out.]
    Kid: Let's do it!
    [The ship heads towards Terra Tower. and starts flying. It heads into Terra Tower...]
    3D. Script Disc 2: Terra Tower
    [They reach Terra Tower and get out of the boat.]
    [They go inside and confront a yellow blob in the hall.]
    [They defeat it.]
    [They continue on and walk underneath a large face statue in the ceiling.]
    Face: Serge... Serge... You finally made it this far Serge...
    Karsh: What was that...? Are you human?
    Face: When I was still human, I was locked up here, and I have been here ever since...
    This tower is a fortress belonging to the ancient Reptites... A symbol of revenge,
    brought against mankind by the Dragons... With the defeat of FATE, the seal has been
    broken and this tower has surfaced... In the eyes of the Dragons, we humans are the
    foes... A brain that has developed abnormally to 3 times the original size in the span
    of 3 million years... We humans have evolved at an enormous rate because of our
    contact with Lavos's flame... In a sense, mankind is Lavos's offspring... We humans
    are extraneous to this planet... Now... How will you fight, Serge...
    [They continue up and encounter a red creature.]
    [It is defeated.]
    [They keep going and reach a place that looks like Viper Manor.]
    Karsh: Could this be... ...Viper Manor!? What's going on...?
    [They enter the library where the Prophet and children are.]
    Prophet: Welcome. It's good to see you finally made it here! I have been expecting
    you... Serge!
    Karsh: Where are we? Is this... Viper Manor?
    Prophet: This is a space that does not exist. But don't mind that... More importantly,
    I have something I must explain to you!
    Karsh: ......... Who are you?
    Prophet: Oh, my name is Belthasar... In the ancient, magical Kingdom of Zeal, I was
    known as a sage of reason... Well, that was up until the Queen of Zeal attempted to
    harness the power of Lavos... Let's just say, things got out of control and Lavos
    created a dimensional vortex that threw me far into the future! There, I seized the
    oppurtunity to study the science of the future... I was then able to apply to that
    the knowledge I brought from my own era, including magic, which was long lost in the
    future. Anyway, this led me to make huge progress in the research of time. Well, that
    researchled to the creation of Chronopolis and to the Time Crash... You might think I
    really blew it, but perhaps it was really my finest hour! Ho-ho-hoh... Anyway... I
    created a compact time machine that I dubbed the "Neo Epoch." I used it to time warp
    to this age to learn of Chronopolis and FATE's plans, and to see how things were
    turning out.
    [Flashback shows Terra Tower.]
    Belthasar: Terra Tower is really a city of the Reptites from another dimension's
    future... It was originally "Dinopolis"... The castle of Azala's descendants, who
    achieved an evolution much more intimate with our planet. Dinopolis was drawn into
    this dimension's past about ten thousand years ago... This was done so that it would
    serve as a counter-balance against Chronopolis, which Lavos pulled here.
    [Picutres of jets attacking Dinopolis.]
    Belthasar: Needless to say, a fierce battle ensued... In the end, Chronopolis emerged
    as the victor, and the Reptite's fortress was sealed away by FATE...
    But more important now is the role the Dragons play in all of this... Originally, the
    whole Archipelago of El Nido was known as the Sea of Eden. This was because it was
    where the Dragon Gods resided. But then FATE sealed away the Dragon Gods' powers, in
    effect becoming a god itself. Thus the islands where the new godhead, FATE, existed
    came to be called the Sea of Eden instead. Perhaps you didn't realize it, but you
    were used by the Dragon Gods to eliminate FATE! It was not true that the Dragon Gods
    sealed away the Frozen Flame... Rather, it's quite the opposite... It was FATE that
    used the power of the Flame to seal up the Dragon Gods. In reality, the Dragon Gods are
    in opposition to man, while FATE itself was actually the protector of humanity! The
    Dragon Gods were originally a singular plasma life-form... ...A living accumulation of
    the planet's energy! Originally it was a biological machine used to control the powers
    of nature in the future society of the Reptites. In order to control the natural energy
    itself, FATE divided the one Dragon God entity up into 6 weaker plasma life-forms...
    Then scattered them across the land and sealed them away. Their dragon-like appearance
    are just pseudo-guises... ...Temporary forms they take so that they can appear in this
    dimension. But all that changed when FATE was vanquished and its powerhold was eliminated!
    At that moment, the seven Dragons who had been rendered almost powerless and forgotten...
    traveled across the dimensions to reunite into a single entity!
    Karsh: Seven Dragons? I thought there were only six!?
    Belthasar: There were six Dragons you knew of and one more hidden Dragon you didn't...
    Like the second moon that once was lost, but later found... Although the same planet,
    my world didn't have two moons! Look up at the night sky and you will see seven celestial
    bodies... Five stars and two moons... Five brother stars that correspond to the five
    colored Dragons, ruling like gods over the night skies... One moon that corresponds to
    the white Sky Dragon... And another darker, daughter moon to counterbalance them.
    The Fire Dragon, the Water Dragon, the Green Dragon, the Earth Dragon, the Black Dragon,
    the Sky Dragon, and one more... The final Dragon... The dark moon Dragon... The one
    who was to work to free the other Dragons from their bondage by the FATE computer...
    The child the others created on the night of the electric storm that temporarily
    caused FATE to loosen its hold on them... I believe you knew her as... Harle.
    Karsh: ......!!! Unbelievable!
    Belthasar: The Dragon Gods were the essence of nature on this planet... Perhaps we can
    consider what's happening as our planet's vengeance on us... To finally sweep away the
    unwanted humans from the face of the blue planet...
    Karsh: First it was FATE, now it's the planet...?
    Belthasar: Or vice-versa... But either way you look at it, now's the time to set things
    right. The future of mankind... The destiny of this planet... Everything depends on the
    next battle you will fight. But unfortunately the time for us to part has come...
    Chrono: Hey, mister! Is that the Chrono Cross you guys have there? The Chrono Cross...
    The melody and harmony... It has the power to cross space and time and unify people's
    thoughts and feeling...  It has the power to transfer memories... By using it as an
    Element, it has the power to draw on the sounds of the six colored Elements to produce
    a healing harmony... It has the power to combine the sounds of the world into one
    [The kids leave.]
    Belthasar: I'm sure we'll meet again soon, in one time period or another... Be careful
    now... And good luck...!
    [They leave and continue on through the place.]
    [They defeat it.]
    [They reach a new area and find themselves in front of the path to the top.]
    Kid: Serge, up there...
    [It is blocked by a blue field.]
    Kid: That must be the summit.
    Karsh: Look! Those two beams coming from either side... I wonder if they act as some
    kind of sealing device?
    [They continue on, defeating the 2 creatures and breaking the seal.]
    [They reach the summit of Terra Tower.]
    Voice: A-ARGH... HELP... S-STOP IT... KILL ME... WELL COME... Welcome humans... Those who
    know the torment and joy of creation know also the pleasure and pain of destruction.
    Therefore, all that pass through here must be prepared to share the burden that I carry...
    [They go to the senter section, where an odd orb levitates.]
    [Harle, the frozen flame, looks at Serge.]
    Kid: So this is the true Frozen Flame... Struth!
    [Serge walks up to it.]
    Kid: Hold on! Don't touch it!
    [It glows, they fall.]
    Kid: Is everyone okay? Bugger you! Us humans ain't gonna let you have yer way any longer!
    C'mon! Show yer bloody self!
    [The Dragon God comes.]
    Dragon God: In order to survive, all living things in this world fight desperately and devour
    those they defeat...  Must one kill other living things in order to survive? Must one destroy
    another world in order to allow one's own world to continue? The wounded in turn wound and
    torment those weaker than they themselves are... There are only the killers and the killed...
    The sinners, who are judged, and the victims that do the judging... What meaning is there to
    such a world?
    Kid: Whether there's meanin' to our lives or not... we still go on livin', you know! You've
    got no right to deny that!
    Dragon God: I shall cleanse this blue planet of you filthy humans once and for all!!
    [After the battle...]
    Dragon God: Now I shall truly awaken again... This too is destiny...
    [It flies away.  Belthasar shows up.]
    Belthasar: That thing... the "Dragon God"... is only a quasi-existence... ...A
    temporary form that the real Dragon God uses in order to appear within this dimension.
    The actual Dragon God was consumed long ago, in the distant past... Integrated by the
    entity known as Lavos in a time on the other side of the dimensional darkness. The Frozen
    Flame is a splinter from the extra-terrestrial being Lavos. The one who connects with the
    Frozen Flame, in effect, links with Lavos itself. As the mediator between Lavos and living
    things, that one will gain extraordinary powers! By binding with the new seed of destruction...
    the "Devourer of Time!"
    Kid: What in blazes is a Devourer of Time!?
    Frozen Flame: Now, go to the place where time became divided and weave the threads of time
    together again... Chrono Trigger!
    [It vanishes.]
    Belthasar: The Devourer of Time is a new life-form... Born out of the fusion of a life-form
    from this planet with Lavos, who nests on the far side of the dimensional void. In the far-off
    future, when the fusion becomes complete, IT will awaken... Then, the Devourer of Time will
    begin to consume all space-time continua... Despair and hatred... To return all things to
    nothingness... That is what IT desires. Here... Take this with you.
    [Get Time Egg]
    Belthasar: That Time Egg will enable you to travel beyond space-time... The world is in your
    hands... Go! Release the life that is imprisoned...
    [The Dragon God leaves the Tower, causing it to shake.  The water level inside the tower
    Kid: Cripey! What in bloody hell's happenin'!?
    Karsh: This place is going to crumble to pieces!
    [They leave.]
    [Terra Tower transforms]
    Kid: So that's Terra Tower's final, true form... In the end, we're all the same... Everyone
    dreams of bein' greater, more powerful...
    Karsh: We've come this far. All that remains is to defeat the Devourer of Time. Once we wipe
    the Devourer of Time off the face of this planet, it's all over! Hopefully, everything will
    go back to normal again...
    Kid: You're wrong... Things won't ever go back to the way they were! Destiny... "Fate"...
    is dead! From now on, us humans have to choose our own way in life... We also have to take
    responsibility for the choices we do make. And somethin's gotta be done about the way we go
    hurtin' and killin' one another! We've gotta settle our differences once and for all! Listen...
    What's really important is what we do now... The issue ain't whether we defeat that bastard
    or not! I'm afraid that, dependin' on how we go about it, we could lose out on gainin'
    somethin' real precious... So the issue is the way we fight!
    Karsh: So where on earth is the real Devourer of Time?
    Kid: My guess is the key to findin' it lies at that beach... That's where this whole thing
    started. It's also where this whole thing'll end.
    3F. Script Disc 2: The Final Battle
    [They head to Opassa Beach, where the 3 ghost children are.]
    Lucca: So you finally made it, Serge... When did this sorry tale all begin...? Was it
    10 years ago, when you almost drowned here? Or was it 14 years ago, when you were wounded
    by that panther demon that attacked you... ...resulting in you being carried to Chronopolis
    where you came into contact with FATE and the Frozen Flame...? Or perhaps it was even 2,400
    years in the future, when the Time Crash hurled Chronopolis back to prehistoric times?
    Or even it could have been 12,000 B.C., when an ancient magical kingdom met its end after
    trying to use Lavos...? Each is close to being correct... And yet at the same time, so far
    from the right answer! The true beginning was during the destruction of the ancient Kingdom
    of Zeal! As the palace collapsed around her, Schala was sucked into a dimensional vortex
    along with the Lavos Mammon Machine. Schala and Lavos became unified into one even more
    powerful entity that would evolve into the Devourer of Time. Filled with the hatred
    and sadness of Lavos, half of Schala's mind became set on destroying all of existence. Yet
    at the same time, the other half of her mind desired to save the universe and to be
    rescued herself. As Schala fell through the time gate in this condition, she heard your
    crying echoeing through time... That is when her story and yours began to intertwine...
    It is also when the past and the future began to intersect, and when the world became
    divided into two... Led by the pitiful crying the young Serge made as the panther demon's
    poison took hold of him... Princess Schala traveled ten thousand years in time to try and
    make contact with this dimension! This caused a raging magnetic storm that resulted in
    FATE's system malfunction, which led Serge to the Frozen Flame.  Yes, Serge... The sound of
    your crying touched the heart of Princess Schala... Before the destructive mind-set could
    become dominant, she cloned herself and sent her copy into this dimension. Schala left her baby
    daughter-clone with her ancient pendant, possessing magical powers. This was to safeguard her
    daughter-clone in life-and-death situations. The pendant would rewind time a little, sending
    her daughter-clone into a safer point in the immediate past. That's right... Kid is Schala's
    Kid: You're wrong! I'm me! I ain't no Schala's daughter or clone!
    Lucca: ...... Yes, that's right Kid! If that's how you feel... I think Princess Schala would
    have wanted it to be that way too!
    Kid: ......
    Lucca: And now, about "Project Kid" ... the time control project Belthasar planned out. The
    whole project existed to lead you to this one, special point in time! The founding of
    Chronopolis, the Time Crash, and the battle between FATE and the Dragon Gods... It was all
    coordinated so that you would get your hands on the Chrono Cross and come to this place!
    Of course, Kid was not to know anything about this whole plan until later, when all this will
    finish. Further in the future, Kid is meant to travel back ten years in time from now to save
    Serge from drowning. And then, Kid was also meant to call Serge into the other world as he
    spoke with Leena here on Opassa Beach!  You're our last hope... Our final chance... Only
    you, who came into contact with Schala, and Kid, Schala's clone-daughter, can do it!
    In the darkness that exists on the other side of time, Schala has been integrated with the
    Devourer of Time! Please, Serge! Release Princess Schala from the binds of that monster and
    her own hatred! Show us, the life-forms that exist on this planet, what our new future will
    Kid: ......
    Marle: A new species is about to be born on this planet -- an alien life-form even more
    evolved that the old Lavos! At the darkness beyond time, the weakened Schala came under
    the influence of Lavos, and the two became one entity. It is now up to you, the one whom
    the Frozen Flame has chosen as its "arbiter"... You alone can decide how the new Lavos,
    which has encaged Schala within it, will evolve from here! Your actions will determine
    whether in the future all time is devoured by Lavos, sending the world into everlasting
    death. Belthasar foresaw this was going to happen, in his new world in the year 2300.
    And he was determined to prevent it from happening, no matter what it took... The Chrono
    Cross... It alone can combine the sounds of the planet that the six types of Elements
    produce! The melody and harmony that brim within all life-forms... Use the "song of life"
    to heal her enmity and suffering... We entreat you, Serge! Please save Schala...
    Crono: Where even angels lose their way... Ten years ago, you died at this very spot.
    There's no mistake. You drowned.  The truth is, this world, in which you are still alive,
    is the irregularity... This is the false reality! Ten years ago, it was Lynx who tried to
    kill you at this beach. After Prometheus broke the link between FATE and the Flame, FATE
    tried to eliminate any obstacle that stood in its way!  In the meantime, the six Dragons
    had sent Harle forth to try and gain possession of the Flame. Harle made contact with
    FATE's biological incarnation, Lynx, and tricked him into temporarily joining forces. The
    elimination of the Prometheus circuit's lock on the Frozen Flame was everyone's top
    priority! Lynx and Harle abducted Lucca, who alone could release the Prometheus lock that
    guarded the Flame... But the whole attempt only ended in failure.  Then, they just
    waited for you to appear instead! You see, FATE calculated that you would one day cross
    the dimensions and try to make contact with the Flame. I don't know how to break this to
    you, but... Lynx was actually your father, Wazuki! Drawing closer to the Flame caused him
    to become unstable, and the image of you dying in terror changed him completely! Finally,
    after having his psyche totally eroded, he lost his soul and was easily integrated by
    FATE... FATE turned Wazuki into a biological interface, modelling him after your worst fear
    at the time -- a panther. Although Wazuki managed to escape from Chronopolis with you, he
    later succumbed to FATE.  Humans are such fragile, disjointed, imperfect things. Love and
    hate... Life and death... Perhaps even FATE itself dreamed of using the Flame to some day
    reincarnate itself into a new species. It is quite sad, really... It's like when you gaze
    into the Flame, the Flame gazes back into you.
    [They go through the portal and battle Lavos.  When they defeat it, Lavos crumbles to
    dust and Schala is released.]
    4B. Chrono Cross Ending
    Schala: I have been waiting an eternity... just for this very moment...  Meaninglessly
    hurting one another... The disappearing life-forms... The words that become delted...
    The thoughts that become buried... The pool of cells that slowly evaporate... The
    echoes of consciousness that slowly fade... Love to hate... Hate to love... Why are we
    born? Why do we die? Evolution? The "survival of the fittest?" What is there to be achieved
    from harming one another... killing one another...  The "eggs" that we call planets... And the
    innumerable "spermatoza" which gather around these that we call life-forms... When one
    of those countless seeds inseminates a planet, a new universe is born. But until that occurs,
    hundreds of millions of years will pass, and innumerable life-forms will be born, then die...
    That is the be-all and end-all. Everything exists for that one moment. All so that the universe
    can evolve into the next dimension...  Does that make us all just pawns?  Are each of our short
    lives nothing but a cheap sacrifice just so the one chosen life-form can be born? No. That is
    not the case!  Each and every one of us has a chance of becoming that one chosen life-form
    which inseminates a planet.  Yes, it could be "you"...  Genes and enviroment... Each of us
    tries to do his best under the limited conditions we are each dealt.  Each life-form that
    attempts to eke out a decent life for itself forms a link in the golden chain that leads to
    the creation of a new universe. If one link is missing, there will be no future. There is no
    such thing as a useless life-form... No such thing as a pawn!  Every single thing in the whole
    of nature is perhaps just dreaming a dream of "life"... All of them are also perhaps nothing
    more than a dream dreamt by the planet before it is born.  Oh, but yes... Eventually all dreams
    will return to Zurvan... to the sea of dreams...  Serge...! Don't go yet, Serge...!!! It's
    alright.  Everything is alright now.  Time, which has been divided, will be unified again now.
    The time for farewells has come... You will lose all memory of this whole adventure and return
    to your own time.  But this time you will be able to live your own life!
    Karsh: We sure went through a lot together, didn't we... It was fun.  I may never see you
    again, but... take care, junior... I mean, Serge.
    Schala: We alone do not have the power to heal the world's woes, or to solve all its
    mysteries And yet, even then... It was bloody good knowing ya, mate! Thanks for being born
    "you," Serge!  I guess now's the time to say, "see ya later, mate!" But... I'll find ya...
    Sometime... somewhere... I'm bloody sure of it! No matter the time period, no matter the world
    ya live in, I'll find ya! I'm sure... I am sure I will...
    [On Opassa Beach.]
    Leena: Serge... Serge...! Hey, Serge!
    Leena:Are you alright? What's the matter?
    [Serge gets up.]
    Leena: Don't scare me like that! You just passed out all of a sudden! Hm? What...? Terra
    Tower...? FATE? What are you talking about? We just got here. You got some Komodo dragon
    scales for me... Don't you remember?  You sound confused... Come on, Serge... Get with the
    program. Our summer's just started...
    Thus the curtain closes on another tale.
    And eternity has passed, fleeting dreams fade into the distance...
    All that is left now is my memores,
    But i'm sure we'll meet again, someday you and I
    Another place, another time although
    You may not know who I am
    Let us open the door to the great unknown across another reality
    And live another today even when the story has been told.  We'll meet each other again
    Schala Kid Zeal
    I will find you... Even if I have to search the world over... Sometime, somewhere... I'm
    [Schala/Kid on the beach]
    The End.
    4C. Developers Room Ending
    [You enter Viper Manor.]
    Peppor: Welcome to the "Development Room!"
    Solt: Welcome!
    Peppor: Th-This is where the development team gets to shake there thanks? to the players.
    Solt: What was that "?" for, Peppor?
    Peppor: ... S-Stop interrupting me. Just shake it and say your line!
    Solt: Oh, that was terribly terrible of me! Ahem... Be sure to talk to Peppor or me
    when you wish to leave.
    Peppor: Th-Thats the way it goes. You won't be able to shake it outta here otherwise.
    Well, have a good time!
    Solt: Have a splendidly splendid time!
    [The following is dialogue from the people you can talk to:]
    Shuichi Sato: I was in charge of the battle effects, and I was so busy, I didn't even
    have time to tend to my butt hairs. Just kidding! (About the butt hairs) But let me tell
    you about my goatee.  It's not like I dye the bristles, but there's some red hair mixed
    in there. See? Black hair, black hair, red hair, red hair, black hair, red hair...
    Kanji Ooiwa: Oh, Tsuyoshi! The player's finally here. Man, we sure waited a long time!
    I thought you might have called it quits. What? There's something you'd like to discuss?
    Mix jello... with... and a bomber jack will appear... To place a rubber band on your cup...?
    What on earth are you talking about!?  Listen, you're not getting any younger, so stop playing
    games and go spend some time with your daughter.
    Hiroshi Uchiyama: Rrrargh! Rule #1 about making games! Keep on dreaming to find the right idea!
    Rule #2! Work up a burning passion to make your idea into reality! Rule #3! Show love for your
    work! That's all! Rrrargh!
    Richard Honeywood: Whom do you want me to impersonate? (Pick a number: 1-43)
    [Pick one to see a random portrait for him while he speaks.]
    Richard Honeywood: I work at SQUARE in Tokyo where I "live" with the Chrono Cross team. I was
    the Localization Director, the Localization Programmer, and one of the translators. One
    interestin' feature of this game is its automatic accent generation ability. Without this
    system... all the text for the 43 main characters wouldn't have fit into the game, makin' an
    English version impossible! I created an English auto-accent system where we could just write
    the plain translation and... leave it up to the program to convert it real-time into the
    "voice" of whoever's speakin' at the time. So... I am also responsible for all those funny
    speecdh impediments that we're sure drove ya crazy! But I bet ya never realized they were
    auto-generated, right? Anyway, see ya later, Serge!
    Yasuhiro Akiyama: Kung fu... is awesome.
    Hikaru Anzai: I worked really hard on the movies. So hard, in fact, that I got blisters on
    my fingers from all the texturing. We all worked really hard on them, so be sure to watch them!
    Ko Arai: Thanks for playing. I really mean it.
    Kiyoshi Yoshii: We're finally done.  Aaaah, I can sleep in peace. Hey, you should get some rest,
    too, you know that? Good night... and RESET...
    [The game resets!  Fortunately once you push start it goes back to normal.]
    Dark Uchimichi: Don't shy away from darkness. You must face it. Mwa hahahah hah...
    Masataka Hata: I'm responsible for the monster animation.  To anyone who wins battles with ease:
    How about some monster-watching by using the Defend Command? You might see a power move you've
    never seen before. But I won't take responsibility if you see the words GAME OVER by doing so.
    Take care.
    Hitoshi Oguchi: I did all the character animations. Like the character you're controlling now!
    And a whole bunch of deadly ones! I'm sorry if they were over your head! I hope there was at least
    one character you liked. Well, see ya!
    Norikazu Sato: I made all the various creatures of this world.  And there were plenty, let me tell
    you! Actually, the character you're controlling now, and the others around you, all started off as
    one tiny little gray box. Well, I hope to see you again in another world! Bye!
    Mika Nunokawa: Why did we have so many characters? That's what I kept asking myself when I was
    drawing all of them... Oh well...
    Sentaro Hotta: Hey, how's it goin'!? I was in charge of magic and other effects.  Man, am I
    bummed out... My memories of the summer of 1999... I was at the beach... in my dreams... It was a
    nice amusing dream, except... for the sea of blood.  Heh heh... And lastly, here's some advice to
    all my friends, young and old! Don't cast any magic with your nose pressed against the TV screen!
    Yufuko Hatae: I did some battle effects and worked on Pip's design.  I joined the team midway,
    but I feel good about what I accomplished. Some of my memorable moments were watching the sunrise
    and fireworks outside our office window, and a late night trip to the video store in Ebisu to rent
    "Flamenco." I need to add variety to my daily routine. Do you think we'll meet again?
    Kiyoshi Tsuchiya: I was in charge of the field map  I hope you enjoyed the world of Chrono Cross.
    Keep on playing to find all the hidden field maps!
    Noriko Saito: Well, I think I'll play again.  This time, I'm taking a different character along!
    Chrono Cross is so much fun! There are so many characters to choose from!
    Tsuguharu Aoki: Alright! Chrono Cross is complete! Good job, everyone! Good job, to me too!
    It was really great working with the Chrono Cross team. Teamwork is a beautiful thing. I was
    also happy about the average age of the team members being so high. Born in 1967, I'm starting
    to worry about my waist size.
    Yoshiyuki Oku: I handled the battle animation, sometimes... I worked really hard, sometimes...
    I spelt, sometimes... I was frustrated, sometimes... Well, I guess we're finished, or not...?
    Next time, I hope to improve the animation, or not...? In any case, I plan to live a lovely life
    for now.
    Takashi Wakou: Many people come and go. Which brings me to the following: "As long as time and
    space is in accord with me, then everything is fine."  This is what the other me is saying.
    Thats how I felt about this project.  I'm glad I was able to meet the other me.
    Hiroki Chiba: Hello everybody! Just like in the original, I was in charge of the events for
    Chrono Cross. This time around, there were lots of characters (How many did you all get?) It
    was really a difficult task for me to come up with that many events. But since all the characters
    had their own unique personality and style, it made my work a lot of fun.  Who did you all like?
    My favorite is... a secret.
    Yusuke Kigoshi: Phew... Looks like we finally made it. What kept me going was envisioning the
    expression on your face while you played the game. Did you enjoy it?
    (Serge): Of course I did! [or] It was awesome! [both have same result]
    Yusuke Kigoshi: Really... I'm glad to hear that! Thank you very much for playing. But I'm not
    too sure about the name Serge... Well, I hope you're looking forward to our next project!
    Yoshitsugu Saito: The magnificent story of the planet has ended, and a new journey unfolds. At
    the end of the eternal journey is... ......Anyway, there are so many sub-events in this game,
    you won't be able to see all of them the first time around. The course of action you take and
    the choices you make may reveal new events. Play the heck out of Chrono Cross!
    Masahiro Kabe: Thanks a lot for playing Chrono Cross. Hope to see you again, somewhere...
    [When you speak to this person, a new music starts.]
    Noriko Mitose: This music seems so distant, yet so close... From a fond dream, long ago... They
    remind me of a season. How I was able to meet and accomplish something. I hope to meet again.
    A message I leave behind... "Thank you."
    "Sammy" (Shigeto Matsushima): Hi! I'm one of the Localization Specialists at SQUARESOFT who
    worked on the US version of Chrono Cross. First off, congradulations on clearing the game and
    finding this room! I hope you've enjoyed the world of Chrono Cross and its strange... (Ahem!)
    ... "unique" inhabitants. As our Localization Director, Richard, mentioned, this game would not
    have been possible without his auto-accent system. Having more than 40 main characters was a
    challenge to us, and it was hard to keep characterization consistent throughout the game.
    But overall, we managed to give each of them distinct characteristics, without sacrificing
    consistency in the common lines. The same lines you saw when you played with one party
    combination will appear differently if you take different members to the same location. Try it
    out! If you've enjoyed the game, send you donations to yours truly at P.O. Box... Just kidding!!
    But seriously, please tell your friends about this game, and invite them into the wonderful
    world of Chrono Cross! Thanks!
    "Teddy" (Yutaka Sano): Shake it, baby!!! Erk it!
    Tomoko Murakami: Heee... I really like him... That "man with the goatee." Dressed in black, on
    a southern island! What? He's too hairy? He's bald underneath that hat!? ............Heee!
    That's what I like about him!
    Yoichiro Hori: It's important to push when you can't pull.
    Kazuhiro Hasegawa: There are many people in various places. You act differently towards many.
    You're always searching for yourself. What kind of "you" do you like? And what kind of "you"
    do you want to be? I hope you find the right "you." Good luck to you. ...... This is
    according to specification!
    Touro Ooshita: Dad, mom, grandma, brother, sister, Oka-chan, Keiji-son, Shin-chan, Gorota,
    Nori-chan, Mon-chan, Shimamo-chan, ...Ummm, and everyone else... And to all of you who played
    Chrono Cross: I did it! Yeah! I did it!
    Yukio Nakatani: Thanks for playing all the way through. Did you enjoy it? Anyone who's confused
    should play again. Anyone who wants to know about the sequel... Wait 2 more years... Just
    Ryosuke Aiba: I made a lot of monsters. Over 100, actually! But because they're monsters,
    every one of them will be defeated.  That's kinda sad, really... They didn't do anything wrong.
    Don't tell me you... Nah, you wouldn't do such a terrible thing. ............ You didn't...
    did you...?
    Yoshihiro Takeshita: Hey! Good job, making it this far. Aaaah... I see... Yes...yes...
    Sounds like you had quite an adventure... It brings a tear to my eye... I have a small present
    for you... Pick one.
    (Serge) Green light. [or] Blue light [the room temporarily becomes that color.]
    Mizushi Sugawara: To all you item collectors out there: Where you able to get them all? I'll
    be doing my best!
    Yoshimasa Furukawa: Burn it, freeze it, fly it.
    Yasuki Honne: I went all out on the art. Phew... Momentum is a powerful thing. How about it,
    everyone? A long vacation? I guess not.
    Takuji Anai: I drew the world map. I really worked my heart out, so it'd be great if you could
    play the game a number of times.
    Pink creature: Which song should I play? Please enter a number!
    [Do to hear a random song.]
    Drummer: What song, huh? Enter number, huh!
    [same effect as before.]
    Takashi Kimura: From the depths of the dark ocean bottom Gazing up at the bright world so far.
    What exists there? What will you find...? Heh. Just kidding. Thats out of character.
    Takato Ito: It would make me so happy knowing that you enjoyed the game so much that you lost
    track of time... No, really!
    Yoshinori Ogura: So sleepy...
    Masato Kato: Another exciting nightmare is about to end... What kind of love and dream await you
    around the next corner? Have faith in tomorrow and live it your way... Good luck!
    Ryo Tsurumaki: Hello! I was in charge of creating the field map ID data and mask processing. If
    you ever run into problems like "Its so hard to get around on this map!" or "The character's
    clipping the chair!" It's my fau... cough... It's a feature! Huh? ID data? Mask processing?
    Ohhh... I hope to see you again, somewhere!
    Kyoji Umakoshi: There's something really scary in the sound room. I'd better make a run for it.
    Yoshitaka Hirota: I'm so busy, busy, busy! I wanna take off somewhere far away on my bike.
    Chiharu Minekawa: Women must be strong and live vigorously. Are you strong?
    Yasuhiro Yamamoto: I love Pip. That thing's so cute!
    Ryo Inakura: Call me Funky. I bought a new pair of jeans because my other ones have a hole. What
    do you think?
    Ryo Yamazaki: Well, whaddaya think? Great sound, eh? Watch for us on the PS2!
    Yasunori Mitsuda: How do you like the music? Hmmm... What should I do next time? Anyway, I'm off
    on another trip! Oh yeah, the soundtrack should be out by then, so be sure to go out and buy it!
    See ya...
    Masanori Hoshino: Hello. I just started working as a planner. That's why I look like this.
    Tetsunobo Tsunoda: Puuushu-mura-mura! Push! Puuuuush-Puuuuuush. See, I'm a little more pushy.
    No? Not at all...?
    [By seeing the red dragon like guy in the room, a battle between a skeleton and the Black Dragon
    Toshiaki Suzuka: Heeeyaaah! It's no use! I'll never win...!
    [The dragon attacks.]
    Hiromichi Tanaka: Muahahaah!!!
    [The battle ends.]
    Yoshiyuki Miyagawa: I programmed the visual effects. Due to the magnificent work of the
    designers, the quality of was suprisingly excellent. I hope my programs will really add to the
    game so that you may further indulge in the world of Chrono Cross. I hope you feel your time
    playing this game was well spent.  Please enjoy the extra features the second time around.
    Koji Ohno: I was in charge of programming the menu and effects. I hope you enjoyed it! Boy, it
    sure was tough. Dealing with odd and even numbers... Huh? The flickering? Oh, its supposed to
    be that way...
    [By seeing Beach Bum like guy, you are brought into a battle environment.]
    Katsuhisa Higuchi: Hello, people! I'm Katsuhisa, and I'm a programmer. Unlike the artists,
    musicians and scenario writers, etc., we programmers don't stand out that much I guess. So
    today I thought I'd teach you folks just what a program is! Hold on while I call some of my
    friends! Heeey yooouuu guuuuuysss!!!!
    [He summons more Beach Bums.]
    Kazumi Kobayashi: Hi. I'm Kazumi. Nice to meet you.
    Katsuhisa Higuchi: Kazumi programmed the sections that display maneuver Polygon Models.
    Why don't you show 'em, Kazumi...?
    [Kazumi attacks Serge.]
    Katsuhisa Higuchi: That was "moving!" Who's next?
    Yoshiyuki Miyagawa: I guess that's me... You can call me Miya!
    Katsuhisa Higuchi: Miya wrote the program sections that manipulate "Effects"... His "Effects"
    look like this...
    [The landscape changes a lot.]
    Katsuhisa Higuchi: Mighty "effective" don't you think?  And lastly, but not leastly, we
    Kohji Ohno: OHNO!!! No, I'm not in trouble ... that's my name!
    Katsuhisa Higuchi: He coded the "Special Effects" used in the battles, as well as the
    menu system's program. Go for it, Ohno!
    [A stone hand hits Serge.]
    Katsuhisa Higuchi: How "handy!" Oh, and as for me... Well, I was responsible for the
    overall Battle Program. Why, I even wrote the data and functions that allow this image
    of me to talk to you like this! The artificial intelligence and logic of the monsters
    and other enemies was also written by yours truly. Thanks for listening to my long
    speech here. Oh, and I appreciate that you bought a copy of Chrono Cross, too! Well,
    until we meet again in some other game, take care and... SA~YO~NA~RA~~~!
    [The battle ends.]
    [Finished talking, Serge goes back to Solt & Peppor.]
    Peppor: You wanna shake it on out?
    (Serge): No
    Peppor: E-Enjoy your stay.
    (Serge): Yes
    Peppor: A-Are you sure? It's "game over" once you leave.
    (Serge): Actually, I'll stay
    Peppor: F-Fine. So you're staying.
    (Serge): Yes
    Peppor: So you've decided to shake it on outta here.
    Solt: Please be carefully careful! Next time we meet, the Shaker Brothers will win
    for sure!
    Peppor: Y-You heard the man. You better be ready! Well then...
    Good-bye. Shake it!
    Solt: And thank you!
    5A. The Solt and Peppor Battles
    These are the battles with Solt and Peppor.  During each battle, they explain
    to you how to use your Elements.  These are meant to teach you how to use them.
    Since they don't really have much to do with the story, I put them in a special
    [The Cape Howl Battle]
    Solt: Sir! His innately INNATE Element color attribute is... WHITE!
    Karsh: Right! That does it...! Quick, attack him with the opposite Element
    attribute color... BLACK!
    Solt: How unfortunately unfotunate! I do not seem to have any, Sir!
    Karsh: You nincompoop! You should always carry Elements of every color! Then
    how about you there...?
    Peppor: I'm shakin' in my shoes to tell you this, Sir, but I don't have any either!
    We'll have to let you, Sir Karsh, show us how it's done...
    Karsh: !? Useless fools!  Errh...... Real Men don't need magic when they can fight
    with their might!
    [The Fossil Valley Battle]
    Solt: This time I made sure to bring a BLACK Element with me, Peppor!
    Peppor: Good work... Well, shake it on up and attack him with it!
    Solt: Affirmitavely affirmative Peppor...
    [He casts the Turn Black Element on Serge.
    Solt: Oh deary dear! ......?
    Peppor: That was no BLACK ATTACK Element you used just now, was it!? It was
    a Black Element that makes your foe MORE SUSCEPTIBLE to attacks from the
    opposite color attribute, WHITE wasn't it!?
    Solt: I'm afraid you're right... How terribly terrible!
    Peppor: You DID bring a WHITE ATTACK Element with you, didn't you!? If you
    didn't bring one with you, you're more stupid than I thought!
    Solt: Errh...... How awfully awful! I'm afraid I didn't, Peppor...!
    [The Mount Pyre Battle]
    Solt: This time we shall not be beaten! I shall blow them to pieces with one
    of those powerfully powerful elements you bought me, Peppor!
    Peppor: You mean one of those "Summoning Elements?" Now we're shaking!
    Solt: How tragically tragic!!! I hate to tell you this Peppor, but... I just
    remember that I lost the Summoning Element I had with me!
    Peppor: ......!? What do you mean, you "lost" it? Don't tell me you dropped
    it or your dog ate it or some other stupid excuse like that! You're asking for a
    darn good shaking if you do!
    Solt: No... I'm not that stupidly stupid, you know, Peppor. Actually, if you must
    know... that centipede monster in the Hydra Marshes stole it from me! And I was
    enjoying that excitingly exciting expedition in the marshes up till then, too...!
    Peppor: What do you mean, a centipede monster stole your Element??? What, he
    snuck up behind you and picked all your pockets with his hundreds of legs or
    Solt: No Peppor... When I say stole, I don't mean he picked my pockets or anything
    like that! I mean he took it from me by laying a "Trap Element" in which my
    Element got caught!
    Peppor: What in spice's name are you talking about? Would you kindly explain to me
    what a Trap Element is.
    Solt: Well... Errh... It's difficultly difficult to explain in words, Peppor, so I
    will give you a demonstration. I will lay a Trap in front of you, Peppor, and then
    get you to use one of your special Elements.
    Peppor: Alright. Let's give it a go...
    Solt: 10-4, Peppor!
    [He casts the trap element on peppor, who's spell is stolen.]
    Solt: Now, you see how I took your Element there, Peppor? I used a Trap Element
    designed exclusively to capture "Black Hole" Elements! You see... each Trap Element
    only works on one kind of Element. They can't capture any Elements other than the
    ones they were designed to capture!
    Peppor: Shaking! Hmm... I see what you mean about having your Summoning Element
    stolen there... Alright, now I understand. So you can give me back my BlackHole
    Element now!
    Solt: Oops! I should have told you. I can't give it back to you. You can't get that
    Element back unless another monster is silly enough to have its Element captured...
    Peppor: Huh......? Well, I guess it doesn't matter, seeing as you've got your
    hands on it now... So...why don't you hurry up and use that Element you just trapped
    on the enemy! Come on... what are you waiting for...? Huh......?
    Solt: You know you can't use an Element until you have equipped it properly! So we'll
    have to wait until after this battle is over before we an re-equip it and use it!
    ...... Oops!
    Peppor: ... W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W- WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!?!
    Solt: Aaaaah! I'm sorrily sorry, Peppor! Please don't hit me... too hard!
    VIA. Villager Dialogue: Arni Village(Home World)
    [Serge’s House]
    Cat following Marge: Meow (high pitch).
    Marge: (The second line of the script and I’ve already missed the second thing Marge says…
    anyway, I responded “She’d never do that”).  Hurry along now and go apologize to Leena.
    Cat sleeping in corner: Meow (drawn out).
    [Main area of Arni]
    Kid by sawfish: Sergey!  Check out this sawfish!!!  Awesome, ain’t it!?  Poppy caught it down
    south, by the El Nido Triangle.  Nobody likes going down there, though.  They all say it’s
    creepy.  But this sucker sure looks tasty!  Mmmmmmm……
    Man by sawfish: Yo, Serge.  What do you think of this sawfish!?  Have you ever seen one this
    size!?  Hah!  This has got to be from the legendary Dragon King Palace!  Wouldn’t you agree,
    (Serge): You’re probably right!
    Man by sawfish: You think so, too!?  I knew it!  I just knew it!  If it really is true…then
    from here on out, happiness will be rolling into my life!  Business will pick up, money will
    start pouring in…I’ll be able to repair my roof, varnish my boat, buy a new sail…Eat as much
    squid gut pasta as I want up in Termina…Ahhh…Life is good…Yeah, right…!  Who am I kidding?
    That would definitely be too good to be true!  But thanks anyway, Serge.  Hahaha…Thanks for
    playing along.  Here’s a little something for you.  Give it to a girl you like.
    Serge received Komodo Scale without lifting a finger!
    Man by sawfish: I wish the legend was true, though…The Dragon King Palace…There aren’t enough
    dreams out there, lately!  Hah!
    [Radius’ Building]
    Man sitting in Radius’ room (?): Oh, it’s you, Serge.  I think the chief is outside.  He said
    he was going to teach some self-defense…He may be old, but he still has some fight left in
    him.  You kids better not misbehave, or else the chief will have to crack down on you all.
    Ash: We came all the way out here in search of the legendary treasure, but our funds ran out…
    Once I’m done cleaning in here, I have to do some yard work.  We gotta do something to cover
    our expenses…If I knew this was going to happen, I would’ve tried to persuade Sir Toma to look
    for treasure on the Zenan continent…
    Third in line at Record of Fate: That’s exactly right, Serge.  There it is…The Record of Fate.
    It records everything, good or bad.  If you see one of those things outside, don’t forget to
    record everything you’ve done so far.  Think of how terrible it would be if you lost your
    past.  There wouldn’t be anything you could do about it.
    Second in line at Record of Fate: If you listen closely, the Record of Fate will tell you
    lots of things.  Like what you should be doing next.  And when you can’t hear anything
    anymore…Well…I guess it means you don’t have a future…When that happens, you should just
    go home and go to sleep.  There isn’t anything you can do to change fate.
    First in line at Record of Fate: If you want to record what you’ve done so far, step up to
    the Record of Fate and open up the Menu.  Then select the block you want and follow the
    directions to save.  Easy, isn’t it?  But you should go look for another one.  I’m going to
    be here for a while.  Oh yeah, and if you go out onto the World Map, you can save without the
    Record of Fate.  No cutting in line, Serge!  Back of the line!
    Someone else (in line?): Serge!!!  Keep your hands to yourself PU-LEASE!!!
    Girl in North room: Time sure does fly.  Chief Radius has been living here for 4 years
    already.  He is such a bright, cheerful man.  Everyone in the village really likes him…I wish
    he could stay here forever…
    [Area outside of Radius’ building]
    Toma: Yo, my name’s Toma the 14th!  But people usually put “The Great Explorer” in front of my
    The Great Explorer Toma: I was just looking around for treasure…I have a sixth sense, you know.
    Yo!  I wasn’t gardening!  I…uhhh…was really looking for treasure!
    The Great Explorer Toma: Believe me, kid!  This ain’t gardening!  I’m real busy.  Now go away!
    Go on, scoot!
    Girl playing with Poshul: Hey, Sergey?  Wanna hear a secret?  It’s about Poshul.
    Serge: Sure, tell me!
    Girl playing with Poshul: Ok, but keep it a secret, OK?  Ready?  Poshul is such a pig when it
    comes to eating.  She’ll do anything if she’s fed her favorite dish.  Very unlady-like, isn’t
    it?  Tempted by food…
    Girl playing with Poshul:  Hey, Sergey (no, I’m not repeating myself)?  Wanna hear a secret?
    It’s about Poshul.
    Serge: Sure, tell me!
    Girl playing with Poshul:  What? What’s Poshul’s favorite dish?  I can’t tell you that!  It’s
    a secret between us ladies!
    Girl playing with Poshul: Hey, Sergey?  Wanna hear a secret?  It’s about Poshul.
    Serge: Han, that’s OK.
    Girl playing with Poshul: Fine!
    Poshul: Oh, hi Sergiepoo.  Me am a bit busy right now.  Have you already met up with Leena?
    Me think she wath by the pier.
    Short guy talking to Radius: I did everything just as Chief Radius told me.  And now, the
    aches in my body are completely gone!  What a fine man our chief is.  Skilled, competent,
    caring…I heard he was quite a warrior in his prime.  You could learn much from our chief and
    grow up to be a great man like Radius.
    Middle man talking to Radius: The Record of Fate tells me not to go out to sea today.  That’s
    why I’m here for the chief’s lecture.  Go against the Record of Fate and you’ll regret it for
    sure.  Days like this, it’s best to take it easy!  We should all live in harmony with fate.
    Gonji: Hi, Serge.  I, Gonji, know all and see all! I can tell you all you need to know about
    using Key Items!  How about it?
    (Serge): Tell me, Gonji.
    Gonji: Good, good!  I’d be happy to.  Listen carefully, now.  When you want to give someone a
    Key Item, get within talking distance and press the [] button.  This will bring up the item
    menu.  Then, select the item you wish to give and confirm.  If all goes well, the person
    should respond.  It’s the same procedure for when you want to use a Key Item at a specific
    location.  Just select the item you wish to use.  No need to worry about making mistakes.
    The item won’t disappear if there’s no response.  Well, that’s about it.  Come to me anytime
    should you have any questions, boy.  Hwa-fah-fah-fah-fah!
    Gonji: Hi, Serge.  I, Gonji, know all and see all! I can tell you all you need to know about
    using Key Items!  How about it?
    (Serge): No, thanks.
    Gonji: Hmmm…?  You already know how to use Key Items?  Darn…I have to think of something new
    for next time…
    Radius: Oh, Serge, how goes it?  How would you like to join everyone for my lecture?  Today’s
    lecture is “The Fundamentals of Attack and the Art of Elements.”
    (Serge): Sure
    Radius: Excellent!  A true man, you are.  Well then, let’s get on with it.
    [Serge and Radius begin battle]
    Radius: Hoh-hoh-hoh…C’mon Serge!  Don’t hold back!
    [Serge Defends…because I’ve never mad him do that before]
    Radius: First, here’s some basic advice on attacking, so listen up young’un…!  You know that
    the three different attack levels - Weak(1), Strong(2), and Fierce(3) - each have differing
    accuracy, or “HIT%” values, don’t you?  Every time you hit your opponent, each of these values
    increase to make it easier for your next attack to hit its mark!  A good strategy is to start
    with Weak(1) blows, which have the highest chance of succeeding, and then build up to
    Strong(2) and Fierce(3) blows.  So, rather than attacking willy-nilly, you should aim to build
    up your HIT%.  If your Fierce(3) attacks don’t hit home, you’re just wasting your energy!
    [Radius attacks Serge]
    Radius: Weak(1)!
    [Radius attacks again]
    Radius: Strong(2)!!
    [Radius attacks a third time]
    Radius: Fierce(3)!!!
    [Serge attacks Radius a few times]
    Radius: Hoh-hoh-hoh!  You’re not even close!  Don’t be trusting in your HIT% too much there,
    boy.  As long as it’s not 100%, you still run the risk of missing continuously, don’t you!?
    Sometimes it pays to muster up the courage to use Strong(2) and Fierce(3) attacks straight
    from the start, too!
    [Radius attacks Serge]
    Radius: Fierce(3)!
    [Radius attacks again]
    Radius: Fierce(3)!!
    [Serge attacks Radius three times]
    Radius: Next, let’s check out the use of Elements!  When you use an Element, the color of that
    Element’s attribute remains on the battlefield in the form of the “Field Effect!”  Each time
    you consecutively use the same-colored Elements, the effectiveness of that colored Element
    group increases!  Here, I’ll show you…Let’s fill up all the Field Effect attributes with the
    color blue!  Try using a blue Element after me…
    [Radius uses TurnBlue]
    [Serge uses Deluge]
    Radius: Hey there!  Hurry up and turn all the Field Effect attributes blue, for crying out
    loud!  Don’t you know how to use them Elements or something, young’un?  If that’s the case,
    then listen up, boy!  It takes some explaining!
    Radius: First, you’ve got to choose “Attack” to do some physical damage to your opponent in
    order to get started!  Weak(1), Strong(2), and Fierce(3) attacks each add 1, 2, or 3 points
    to your Element Power Level.  Your current level is the number that appears above the “Lv”
    symbol under your name there, son!  Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you!  You won’t accumulate
    any power unless you actually succeed in hitting your opponent…So be careful!  You can’t
    afford to miss!
    Radius: Discharging this accumulated power is what using Elements is all about!  Once you’ve
    built up some power, you will be able to choose the “Element” option from the battle menu.
    When you select the Element option, gray-colored rectangular plates appear on the screen,
    don’t they?  Those plates are the Elements you currently have allocated.
    Radius: So…why don’t you try using one of those blue Elements you have there, boy?  Relax!
    They won’t disappear when you use them…You just won’t be able to use them again for the rest
    of this battle, that’s all!  Once you enter another battle, you’ll be able to use them again.
    So don’t hold back now…But even though I say this, I still have to stress that you’ve got to
    consider the appropriate time to use your Elements.  Otherwise, you’ll never be able to beat
    some of the harder enemies you’re bound to meet!  You’ve got to form the proper strategy, boy!
    Radius: Oh, but wait!  I’m forgetting something important…(It must be my old age!)  There are
    some Elements that disappear in a puff of smoke each time you use them!  The Element “Tablet”
    is just one example!  These are called “Consumable Elements,” and they have the symbol “x1” in
    front of their names.  These don’t regenerate after each battle.  However, the benefit of such
    Consumable Elements is that you can allocate up to five of these into the same Element Grid
    space.  Doing so allows you to use several of them in the same battle, unlike Basic Elements,
    which normally can only be used once in any one battle.  That is why Consumable Elements also
    have a number such as “x5” after their names.  That’s the number you currently hold in that
    Grid position.  This number will decrease as the Elements are used up for good.  However,
    after each battle, you can restock more for use next time.
    Radius: Anyway, enough about that.  More about actually using Elements…I’m sure you’ll notice
    that each time you use an Element, your Element Power Level (as shown by the “Lv” number) will
    go down.  It’s just simple subtraction, really!  For instance, say you’re currently at “Lv3”
    and you decide to use a “Tablet” Element allocated at “Lv1” in your Element Grid!  In this
    case 3 minus 1 leaves 2.  So your current Element Power Level will now be changed to “Lv2”!
    You can use Elements anytime, so long as your Stamina value is above 1.0.  So in this case,
    you’ll still be able to use Elements with a Power Level of up to “Lv2” right after using
    “Tablet” Element!
    Radius: Did you get the gist of it, sonny?  Now do you see the importance of developing good
    battle tactics?  You could build up a little power, then use an Element, build up a little
    more power, then use another Element…repeating this over and over.  That’s OK!  Or you can
    build up your Element Power to its maximum level and unleash a barrage of Elements, one after
    another.  That’s no problem either!  Use whatever strategy you think will work to defeat each
    of the enemies you come across.  It’s up to you.  There are hordes of monsters out there that
    you’ll never be able to defeat by physical attacks alone!  You’re going to need to master
    Elements to get by, boy.  Well, sorry for the long lecture there, sonny.  My explanation about
    Elements is officially over…Why don’t you try and use one now?
    [Radius uses BlueField]
    [Serge uses Cure]
    Radius: See!  The field is completely blue now.  Any blue Elements you use now will sure pack
    a punch!  Here!  Try this out…
    [Radius uses AquaBall]
    [Serge whoops up on Radius (I’m on New Game+ for the second time)…but apparently, he doesn’t
    Radius: Hoh-hoh-hoh!  Was that too much for you?  Sorry about that, young’un!  Conversely,
    when there is a lot of blue in the Field Effect attributes, the Elements of the opposite
    color, red, will be weakened!  So try to discern your enemy’s attack pattern and fill the
    Field with the opposite color of his attacks as a form of defense.  This strategy of using
    Elements is sure to come in handy, so put it to good use, sonny!
    [Radius uses Cure on Serge]
    [Serge uses FlyingArrow]
    Radius: Hoh-hoh-hoh…How was that?  You learn something there, boy?  Anyway, I guess it’s time
    to bring this lesson to an end.  Here you go…Hah!
    [Radius attacks a few times]
    [Serge attacks (much stronger) a few times]
    Radius: Huh?  You’ve grown mighty strong since the last time I fought you!  If that’s how it
    is then, try this for size, young’un!  This’ll teach you to respect your elders…Hah!
    [Radius uses AquaBall and it does very little damage]
    [Serge beats up the old man]
    Radius: Ho-ho-houch!   I’m getting tired more easily in my old age!  But nonetheless, well
    done there, young’un!  You’re quite proficient now…thanks to my tutoring!
    Radius: Well now, did you find it helpful?  Come again, sonny.  I promise to take it easy on
    Radius: How about it?  Would you like to join my lecture?  Today’s lecture is “The
    Fundamentals of Attack and the Art of Elements.”
    (Serge): Maybe next time.
    Radius: Oh?  It does not interest you?  Oh well…Come again, sonny.  I promise to take it easy
    on you!
    [Main area of Arni]
    Old lady on the left (near the sawfish): Hello, Serge.  Beautiful day today, isn’t it?  Sure
    feels great outside.  Ahhh…Just being able to bask in the sun all day sure is a nice change.
    They say the rain cleanses one’s spirit, but at our age, we’ve had enough cleansing, heh-heh.
    Old lady on the right: Yes, I know.  I wonder if those outsiders are back digging, now that
    the rain’s let up?  They must be conducting some kind of investigation up there in Fossil
    Valley.  I can’t comprehend outsiders.  Why would they want to dig up a place like that?
    Lady at shop: Why, hello there, Serge!  Can I interest you in something?  I have some great
    Elements.  Would you like to take a look?
    (Serge): No, thank you.
    Lady at shop: Oh…Oh well…Come again sometime.
    [Leena’s grandmother’s house]
    Leena’s grandmother: Good morning, Serge.  Don’t tell me you just woke up!?  Don’t you know
    that the early bird gets the worm?  Leena’s over there on the pier.  Looks like her mother
    asked her to baby-sit.
    Leena’s grandmother: You’ll find Leena on the pier.  You can see her from here.  Better hurry
    on over now.  Take my advice, Serge.  Don’t make girls angry.  You’ll be luck you get away
    with only a broken neck, hwa-hwa-hwa…!
    Cat: Meow (mid-pitch).
    Leena’s grandmother: You used to cry and run away at the mere sight of a pussycat.  Do you
    remember…?  When you were about wee high, you were attacked by a panther demon.  I guess it
    left an emotional scar.  But it’s good that you’ve overcome that fear.  Girls will think
    you’re a weenie, running away from cats!
    [Main area of Arni]
    Lady by pier: The pier’s up ahead.  Listen, don’t be messin’ with those boats.  I’m sure you
    understand…A boat is like a limb to our fishermen.  Pull any stunts like last time, and I’ll
    whack you in the head!
    Kid at pier: Yippieee!!!
    Fisherman: Zzz…Zzzzzz…Ugh!
    [Fisherman wakes up]
    Fisherman: Oh, it’s you, Serge.  Beautiful day, huh?  You caught me dozin’ off there.  By the
    way, Serge?  Do you like the sea?
    (Serge): Yes
    Fisherman: Oh, really?  Yeah, the sea sure is great.  But just remember, Serge, don’t take the
    sea too lightly.  Usually, you’ll find the sea to be vast, deep…full of strength and energy,
    yet kind and gentle.  But once it becomes angry, it can turn into the most frightening monster
    you’ve ever seen, engulfing everything…Close your eyes and prick up your ears.  Can you hear
    the cries of countless men swallowed by the sea?  The hidden secret the sea whispers?  I
    recommend you learn to sense the mood of the sea.  That’s if you don’t want to join the
    fellows already on the bottom.
    Fisherman: Hey, Serge.  I recommend you learn to sense the mood of the sea.  One as young as
    you shouldn’t end up on the sea floor.  I haven’t been to Water Dragon Isle in a while.  You
    can catch great fishies over there!  But I only go there once in a blue moon.  I want to leave
    them in peace…
    [Serge has a discussion with Leena…refer to full game script]
    [Serge shows Komodo scale to Leena]
    Leena: H-Hey…!  Is that a Komodo dragon scale!?  Where’d you get it?  Someone gave it to you?
    No, no, that won’t do.  I don’t want it if someone just handed it to you.  You need to go out
    and get them on your own, OK, Serge?  No cheating now!
    Leena: Come on, Serge!  Get your butt over to Lizard Rock already.  I think I really deserve
    about a hundred scales, but I guess 3 will do for now.  Once you get all 3 scales, wait for me
    at Opassa Beach.  You know, it’s south of Lizard Rock.  And…I’ll only accept scales that YOU
    personally collect.  I don’t want any that were just handed to you.
    [Main area of Arni]
    Una: Yo, Sergey!  I heard you totally blew off Leena this morning.  I didn’t think you had it
    in you!  That was real gutsy of you!  I guess that kinda shows her who’s boss, eh?
    Una: Don’t tell her I said so, but my sister’s a bit uptight, you know?  Could you, like,
    break her in a little?  You know, make her act a little more ladylike?  You have my support
    all the way.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed for ya.
    Una: Good luck, Sergey!  You have my support all the way.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed for
    Little Girl outside of nearest building: Hey, Sergey!  Do you know what’s popular among the
    village girls these days?  A necklace made from Komodo dragon scales!  You know, those
    monsters that eat fire!  I want to get some for Kiki, but there’s no way I can beat those
    monsters…Ohhhh nooo!  If I don’t do something about this now, Kiki might start liking Lolo!
    Boy…Am I in a fix…
    Little Girl outside of nearest building: There’s no way I can get a scale from one of those
    monsters…If I don’t do something about this, Kiki will fall for Lolo for sure!  Oh…boy…!  What
    am I gonna do!?
    [Serge gives Little Girl the Komodo Dragon Scale]
    Little Girl outside of nearest building: W-W-Wait a minute!  Sergey, is that a Komodo dragon
    scale?  NO WAY!!! Is it real!?  Uhhh, Sergey…How about giving it to me?  Please!  Pretty
    Pleeease!  Oh, come on Sergey!  I won’t ask another favor for the rest of my life!  Now,
    (Serge): No way!
    Little Girl outside of nearest building: CHEAPSKATE!  Fine, forget it then!  Oh, my dear
    Kiki!  My heart is full of despair…!
    [Serge gives Little Girl the Komodo Dragon Scale]
    Little Girl outside of nearest building: So, how ‘bout it, Sergey?  C’mon, can I have it?
    Please…?  C’mon Sergey…!  My life depends on it!  Pretty please with sugar on top?
    (Serge): Sell if for 1,000G
    Little Girl outside of nearest building: W-W-WHAT!? I don’t have that kinda money!  You…!
    Good-for-nothing!  Lowlife!  Numbskull!  Nincompoop!  Rinky dink!  Cheese-ball!  Noodle-head!
    Dunce!  Lame-o!  Doo-doo head!  Just forget it.  Moneygrubber…
    [Serge gives Little Girl the Komodo Dragon Scale]
    Little Girl outside of nearest building: So, how ‘bout it, Sergey?  C’mon, can I have it?
    Please…?  C’mon Sergey…!  My life depends on it!  Pretty please with sugar on top?
    (Serge): Sure, take it!
    Little Girl outside of nearest building: R-R-Really!?  Y-Y-You sure!?  YES!!!  ALRIGHT!!!
    Thanks a million, Sergey!  Here, let me give you this!  Put it to good use, OK?
    Serge received Uplift
    Little Girl outside of nearest building: Oh yeah, and one more thing.  Do you know what
    Poshul’s favorite food in the whole entire world is?  Heckran bones!  She’d do anything to
    get her paws on one.  She’d obey your every command if you give her one.
    Little Girl outside of nearest building: ALRIGHT!  Thanks, Sergey!  I’ll be sure to invite
    you to our wedding!  Oh yeah.  Did you know that Poshul goes nuts over Heckran bones?
    Basically, she’ll do anything you want if you give her one!
    [Fisherman’s Hut]
    Celine (Komodo Dragon): …ummm makes a Komodo Dragon noise.
    Kiki: Sergey!  Don’t be mean to my Celine!
    Kiki: Isn’t my Celine cute!?  Daddy found her by Lizard Rock.  A lot of baby Komodo dragons
    play out there.  I guess it’s kinda like their hangout.  And you know what, Sergey?  Don’t
    tell anyone what I’m about to tell you, OK…?  It’s a secret…Lolo said he was going to get me
    some Komodo dragon scales!  Heeeee!  What should I do!?
    Fisherman’s wife: Do you know about Lizard Rock, southwest of the village?  I’ve heard that a
    mother Komodo dragon comes out every once in a while.  I’ve told Kiki numerous times not to
    play there, but…She never listens to me.  I guess kids will be kids.
    Fisherman’s wife: That Kiki!  I wonder if that child knows how worried I get.  That goes for
    you too Serge.  You shouldn’t be playing out there.  It’s dangerous.
    Old man: Hello there, Serge.  Word has it that Komodo dragon scales are quite popular among
    the young’uns these days.  So you’re collecting them too, huh?  What, to make a silly little
    (Serge): No way!
    Old man: Oh, then forget it.  You’re no fun…Listen Serge, you have to live a little.  Some
    words of advice…Mega-babe chicks, rock-me-to-the-bone music, and slap-me-silly beverages!
    Old man: Hello there, Serge.  Word has it that Komodo dragon scales are quite popular among
    the young’uns these days.  So you’re collecting them too, huh?  What, to make a silly little
    (Serge): That’s right!
    Old man: HeeeHeeeHeee!  Well said, Serge!!!  You truly are a man of the sea!  They don’t call
    me the “Komodo Dragon Expert” for nothing.  Let me give you some pointers.  Clean out your
    ears and listen well, Serge.  This is truly top secret.  My Super-duper Secret #1 - Rock n’
    roll to trap the sucker!  My Super-duper Secret #2 - Use the lay of the land and make a
    surprise attack!  My Super-duper Secret #3 - There is always one that likes to play tag!  Run
    with all your might!  Beware, these dragons are mighty cautious and run at high speeds.  You
    must face them with your wits, courage, and tenacity.  Use your lightning start and run like
    the wind!  Whip past it with all your might!!!  But I guess there’s no point outrunning it…
    Anyhow, it’s all about guts, my boy!  So once you catch up to it, you must fight.  Kick that
    little sucker’s butt!  But don’t get your own butt kicked!  Hehehehe…That’s about all I can
    teach you about the ways of an expert.  Now go, Serge!  Go for the gold and bring forth a
    brighter tomorrow!!!  Hehehe…Sorry…
    Old man: What?  You want to hear my super-duper secrets again?
    (Serge): Thankfully, no.
    Old man: You don’t have to hold back, you know…I’m sure you’ll be able to succeed me as a
    Komodo Dragon Expert!  Devotion is the key, Serge.
    [Fisherman’s Basement]
    Cat: Meow (high-pitched)
    Fisherman: Oh…Ah…Hi Serge…I was lost in my thoughts there.  You know how Kiki’s growing up so
    quickly?  Sometimes, I’m just amazed at how much she resembles her mother.  Yeah…I guess my
    wife is like that, too.  She’s been very much like her mother since as long as I can remember…
    I guess that demonstrates how life continues to live on through generations.  It’s been about
    10 years since I became a fisherman.  Back then, I still had other aspirations, but I ended up
    succeeding my dad.  I guess you can say, everything here represents 10 years of my life.
    Lion sharks, sawfish, 6-horned narwhales, you name it…They represent all my hard work and
    dedication.  I love my job, and I’m happy with my current lifestyle and all…but lately, I get
    to thinking when I see Kiki…About how I could’ve had a different future…If I had chosen a
    different path 10 years ago…Then I’d be living a completely different life than I am now.
    I’m not saying which one wouldn’t been better…But I just wonder where the other path may have
    led me…I guess the longer you live, the more you wonder about another “you” that might have
    been.  Boy…Life sure is complex…OH!  Hey, Serge, you want this?  Here, take it.  It’s an
    amulet I made from a lion shark tooth 10 years ago, when I decided to become a fisherman!
    I don’t need it anymore.  I have my wife a Kiki watching over me.
    Serge received Shark Tooth!
    Fisherman: I just get this feeling that there’s another me living another life…It’s just a
    funny feeling I have.  Sounds crazy, huh?  But, if for any reason you happen to meet him…I
    want you to give him that amulet.  And tell him, “it’s from the other you!”  Alright then!
    Off to catch some more fish!  I need to buy Kiki a new dress, you know.
    Man by poster: Humina, humina, humina…!  She sure is pretty!  What a knockout that dancer
    Miki is!  The port town of Termina has its share of dancers, but no one, I say, NO ONE
    compares to Miki.  But mind you, I’ve never actually seen Miki dance…Oh…how I would love to
    see them jiggle…Err, I’m talking about her arms, of course.  Whoa…!  Serge!  Don’t tell
    grandma about this!
    Dingo: Yap…
    Man at table (on right): Yo, Serge.  Have you heard anything about them group of thieves up on
    the mainland?
    (Serge): I think…I haven’t
    Man at table (on right): You really haven’t been keeping up, have you?  It’s pretty big news,
    even in El Nido.  Those mysterious thieves have broken into a bunch of houses up on the
    mainland.  They’re cold-blooded bastards.  They’ll go to any extreme to get money or jewels.
    Even the powerful nation of Porre can’t seem to get a hold of them.  I think they call
    themselves the Radical Dreamers…Wouldn’t want to run into those bandits…
    Man at table (on right): Yo, Serge.  You want to hear about them group of thieves up on the
    mainland again?
    (Serge): Not interested.
    Man at table (on right): Fine.  Maybe next time I’ll tell you about the birds and the bees.
    Man at table (on left): Looks like the Viper Festival will be cancelled again this year.  Our
    only celebration of El Nido Archipelago, down the drain…There hasn’t been anything good to
    talk about since the army from Porre took over the islands 3 years ago.  We wouldn’t have to
    put up with this situation if General Viper and the dragoons were still here…
    Waitress: Why, hello, Serge.  Do you want to hear the real truth about the world?  Insanity
    leads to chaos,
    Then to solitude …
    The fruitless effort of adding
    Meaning to what is meaningless,
    A lone, crimson tear
    Falls to the sea…
    The echo of the remaining star
    Cries out in the infinite vacuum
    The least I can do
    Is send my distant prayers
    Over the wind of time,
    Setting sail on dreams…
    …Well?  How’d you like it, Serge?  Were you moved?  I’ve been dreaming about becoming a poet
    since I was little.  I want to cross the continent and make a name for myself with just a
    pencil and paper…But look at me…I’m in this puny village in the middle of nowhere, waitressing
    in this run-down shack.
    Cook: WhatCHA say about my restaurant!?  You can quit anytime, you know.
    Waitress: Yikes!  Just kidding…!  I was just kidding!  I was just saying how good the work
    environment is.
    Cook: ………
    Waitress: Hm?  You want to hear my poem again, Serge?
    Serge: Uhh…No, thanks…
    Waitress: (Sigh…) So you don’t want to hear it, huh…?  I guess I’m just another one of those
    unappreciated geniuses…
    Cook: Tasty…!  CHA-CHA-CHA!  Healthy…!  CHA-CHA-CHA!  Why don’tCHA try my Heckran soup!
    That’s my specialty!  Soup made exclusively from Heckran bones.  Don’t mean to brag, but
    nobody can make soup like I can! CHA-HA-HA-HA!
    Barrel: No answer…It’s just a “barrel”…
    [Upper room in Café]
    Dingo: Yap…
    [Main area of Arni]
    Old man by entrance: Well now…You’re in Arni.  What brings you here to this quiet, seaside
    village…?  Oh, it’s you, Serge.  Just don’t be goin’ near Hydra Marshes to the east if you go
    outside.  Don’t want you to run into those evil dwarves and that Hydra, now.
    Old man by entrance: By the way, Serge…You’ll be turning 17 pretty soon, no?  What do you say
    we men head out to sea and take on a lion shark!?  Only when you’ve defeated a lion shark can
    you call yourself a true man of the sea!  Hehehe…!
    VIB. Villager Dialogue: Arni Village (Another World)
    [Main Area of Arni]
    Old Man at Entrance: Well now, you’re in Arni.  What brings you here to this quiet, seaside
    village?  There isn’t much excitement here, but please relax and stay awhile.
    Old Man at Entrance: Are you new to this region?  Then I’d advise you to stay away from Hydra
    Marshes.  Ever since the Hydra was wiped out several years ago, the water over there’s gone
    bad.  I hear the water’s actually poisoned.  Better not set foot in there, young man.
    Old Woman at Poster: Humina, humina, humina…!  What a hunk!  This here is Nikki from the
    Magical Dreamers!  As luck would have it, Nikki is holding a concert in the port town of
    Termina!  There is a heaven on earth!  It pays to live to an old age.  I can’t believe I’m
    actually going to be able to hear Nikki’s beautiful voice!  Who, stranger!  Don’t tell gramps
    about this!
    Man at Table (on Left): This year’s Viper Festival is going to be some event!  They’re going
    to have a famous minstrel band there.  You see that poster over there?  He’s the lead guitarist
    and vocalist of the band.  He dresses flamboyantly, but he drives the women mad, young and
    old!  He puts on a powerful show, too.
    Man at Table (on Right): Yo, stranger.  Have you heard anything about them group of thieves up
    on the mainland?
    (Serge): Thieves…?  No, I haven’t
    Man at Table (on Right): You haven’t heard, eh?  Where are you from stranger?  It’s pretty big
    news, even down here in El Nido.  Those mysterious thieves have broken into a bunch of houses
    up on the mainland.  They’re cold-blooded bastards.  They’ll go to any extreme to get money or
    jewels.  Even the powerful nation of Porre can’t seem to get a hold of them.  I think they
    call themselves the Radical Dreamers…Wouldn’t want to run into those bandits…
    Man at Table (on Right): Yo, stranger.  You want to hear about them group of thieves up on the
    mainland again?
    (Serge): No, thanks
    Man at Table (on Right): Fine.  Well, take care of yourself, and watch out for them Radical
    Cat: Meow (high-pitched)
    Waitress: Hi there.  Haven’t seen you around before.  Are you from Termina?  So how’s it going
    over there?  I bet everyone’s really excited about the Viper Festival!  What…?  My poems?
    What are you talking about?  I gave up on them ages ago!  It was just a stupid dream I was
    obsessed with.  I never did have any talent…But…how do you know about that?  Nobody knows
    about my poetry…It really doesn’t matter anymore whether I’m writing poems or not…Nobody would
    give a hoot about someone writing poems in a tiny little café in the middle of nowhere…
    Cook (Female): Oh, a tiny little café in the middle of nowhere, huh?  But just remember,
    dreams do come true.
    Waitress: Hmph!  Do you honestly believe that?  We live in the middle of nowhere, in this tiny
    village, leading small lives…Nothing’s ever going to change, no matter how hard you try.
    That’s just the reality of it all…
    Cook (Female): ……(Sigh…)
    Waitress: What!?  I don’t want to talk about the poems.  Leave me alone!
    Pot: No answer…It’s just a “pot”…
    [Upper Room of Café]
    Cat: Meow (high-pitched)
    [Main Area of Arni]
    Little Girl Outside of Nearest Building: Hey, hey, stranger?  Do you know what’s popular among
    the village girls these days?  A bracelet made from a rainbow shell.  I want to get some for
    Kiki, but those shells are so hard to find…Ohhh nooo!  If I don’t do something about this now,
    Kiki might start liking Lolo!  Boy…Am I in a fix…
    Little Girl Outside of Nearest Building: A rainbow shell…You have to be super lucky to find
    one…If I don’t do something about this, Kiki will fall for Lolo for sure!  Oh…boy…!  What am
    I gonna do!?
    Una: Oh, hi.  Are you new here?  Leena?  I think she’s on the pier, baby-sittin’.  She should
    be on the pier.  Are you a friend of Leena’s?
    Una: Yeah, my sister still needs to work on her temper…She has those temper tantrums, you know…
    You get a slap in the face before she even opens her mouth.  I’m sure if she gets herself a
    boyfriend, she’ll act a little more ladylike…
    [Fisherman’s Hut]
    Old Man: I can’t comprehend my son anymore.  He hasn’t worked in years.  There was a time when
    he had his heart set on becoming a man of the sea, just like his old man…But look at him now…
    Praying to that silly lookin’ doll day and night.  What has gotten into him…?
    Fisherman’s Wife: 10 years ago, my husband’s friend lost a son…The boy drowned at sea at the
    tender age of 7…And soon after, the boy’s parents passed away, too.  Such a sad turn of events…
    That’s when my husband changed.  Never did I imagine he would end up like this…His way of life
    has changed completely.
    Fisherman’s Wife: People sure change…Swayed by time, and unforeseen turn of events…It’s really
    disheartening, but there’s nothing we can do.  No one can change or defy time or fate…
    Kiki: ……Daddy always spends his time downstairs…He won’t play with me…And he gets real mad if
    I go down there, too…He didn’t used to be like that…I bet he doesn’t like me anymore…
    [Fisherman's Basement]
    Cat: Meow (high-pitched)
    Lickey the Cat: You received a sacred lickaroo from Lickey the cat!!!  …NOT!  (Lickey licks
    Lasery the Cat: You felt a beam of light from Lasery the cat!!!  …NOT!  (Lasery’s eyes light
    Aurey the Cat: You felt an aura of longevity from Aurey the cat!!!  …NOT!  (Aurey sends out an
    Straw Doll: No answer…It seems to be just a straw doll…
    Fisherman: Oh, hello there.  I just finished praying.  Here, take a look.  It’s called Mojoy.
    It’s a good luck charm from the Far East.  Can you feel the love and affection oozing from
    it!?  It’s just such an amazing messenger of love and courage!!!  Think about it, my brother.
    How our everyday lives are controlled by uncertainty and fear…Our spent yesterdays, and an
    uncertain tomorrow…How we live a meaningless today…This holy item, filled with the prayers of
    people today, protects us and supports us.  Come, my brother.  Let us pray together and bring
    piece of mind to our hearts!  (Raising his hand toward Mojoy) Where you can find true love and
    piece of mind…?  Within Mojoy!!!
    [Serge gives the Shark Tooth to the Fisherman]
    Fisherman: This is a tooth from a ferocious lion shark!  And look at the size of this thing!
    Judging from the size, this baby must have been a good 15 feet!  Don’t tell me you’re the one
    who caught it…?  WHAT!?  What did you say!?  Another me…!?  So, the “other me,” who became a
    fisherman asked you to give this to me…?  What are you talking about!?  That’s enough!  There
    is only one ME!  How can there be another ME out there!?  ……Sure, there was a point in my life
    when I thought about becoming a fisherman…That was a good 10 years ago…But I couldn’t do it…I
    gave up that path right then and there.  I just gave up…I don’t care what you say.  This is
    the path I chose, and I don’t regret it…Besides, you can’t just change the way you live in the
    blink of an eye.  Now, if you would please put that thing away and leave me alone!
    Fisherman: I have nothing more to say.  Now, please leave!
    [Main Area of Arni]
    Old Lady by Pier: The pier’s up ahead.  Listen, don’t be doin’ any mischief to them boats.  A
    boat is like a limb to our fisherman.  But I guess outsiders like you wouldn’t understand.
    (Hey, did anyone else notice that she said “fisherman” rather than “fishermen” this time,
    sticking to the fact that there’s just that one guy that had the sawfish in “Home World” now…
    way to go Squaresoft).
    Kid: Yiippeee!!!
    Fisherman: Zzz…Zzzzz…Hwaah!!!  The tranquil sound of the waves does it to me every time.  It
    makes me so sleepy.  I bet the lullaby we heard in our mothers’ wombs was kinda like this.
    One day, we will all return to the Mother Sea…Embraced by her lullaby…
    Fisherman: In due course, your time will also come to return to the sea, young man…
    [Refer to entire game script for the Leena conversation]
    [Leena's Grandmother's House]
    Poshul’s Doghouse Sign: “Thith ith my houth!!!  Keep out!  And beware of Mad Heckrans!  Me
    have embarked on a rong journey.  Pleathe do not come rooking for I.”
    Leena’s Grandmother: Greetings, sonny.  You’re a new face in this village.  A friend of Leena,
    perhaps?  You’ll find Leena out there on the pier, baby-sitting.
    Leena’s Grandmother: Hmmm……I have this funny feeling I’ve met you somewhere before, sonny…Very…
    strange…Perhaps my memory is finally catching up with my age…
    Cat: Meow (mid-pitched)
    Leena’s Grandmother: That reminds me…The boy who lived next door was terrified of cats.  But
    that was more than 10 years ago.  That boy was attacked by a panther demon when he was very
    young.  I guess it left an emotional scar.  Poor, poor boy…No one ever imagined such a tragedy
    would take place several years later…
    [Main Area of Arni]
    Lady at Shop: Hello!  Can I interest you in something?  I have some great Elements.  Would you
    like to take a look?
    Serge: No, thank you.
    Lady at Shop: Oh…Oh well…Come again some time.
    Old Lady near Serge’s House (on Left): Looks like it’s gonna be another scorcher today.  It
    hasn’t rained in quite a while…I don’t know how much longer us old-timers can stand this heat…
    Old Lady near Serge’s House (on Right): By the way…I wonder if the Termina knights are still
    digging that hole?  I suppose they’re conducting some kind of investigation…In any case, I’m
    sure General Viper has a good reason.
    Kid by Serge’s House: Have you heard anything about the El Nido Triangle down south?  Everyone
    says it’s really creepy over there.  Some say you can hear strange voices.  Some even claim to
    have seen a huge glowing egg down below!  I tell ya, adults are so superstitious!  They try to
    act all tough, but  this kinda stuff scares them.
    Man by Serge’s House: Arghhhh!  I just haven’t been able to hit a big one lately, you know?
    I’m not really concerned about the money or profit.  I just have this urge for a challenge…
    C’mon, baby!  I know you’re out there!  I need some excitement!  Give me a big catch!
    [Serge’s House]
    Dingo: Yap…
    [Serge's Room]
    Komodo Dragon: What are you doin’ here, man…?  This is my island.  Well, I’ll let you rest
    here for a little while, man…So you wanna rest, man…?
    (Serge): Yes, please.
    Komodo Dragon: Have a good night, man.
    [Serge Sleeps]
    Komodo Dragon: That’ll be exactly, 100G, man…Didn’t I let you rest here?  Quit complainin’,
    [Serge Pays]
    Komodo Dragon: Thanks, man…!
    Komodo Dragon: This is absolutely, positively my island, man…But since I have such a big
    heart, why don’t ya rest here, man…?  So you wanna rest, man…?
    (Serge): Nah, forget it.
    Komodo Dragon: Man…
    [Serge's House]
    [As Serge is about to leave a Man walks in]
    Man: Huh…?  Who the…?  What are you doing in my house?  My house isn’t a playground for you
    kids, alright?  Go play outside.
    [Serge says something…apparently asking where his mother is]
    Man: Huh…?  Who?  Marge…?  Who the heck’s that?  I’ve lived in this house for 5 years now.
    Sorry, that name doesn’t ring a bell.  Whatever with all your gibberish, man…Just get outta
    [Man pushes Serge out of the way and walks past him]
    Man: I said, I don’t know!  Geez, you’re such a pest.  I’ve never heard of any Serge or Marge,
    OK!?  Maybe you hit your head in the wrong place or something?
    [Area outside of Gonji's Building]
    Cat: Meow (drawn out)
    [Gonji's Building]
    Man by Window: Yes?  You want to see the chief?  Huh?  Radius?  Who’s that?  Gonji is our
    chief.  There’s no one by that name here.  You must be mistaken.
    Gonji: You’re a new face around here…We don’t get too many visitors.  My name’s Gonji.  I’m
    the chief of Arni.  Why don’t you stay and rest awhile?  Can’t offer any extravagant
    entertainment, but make yourself at home.
    Third Person in Line at the Record of Fate: That’s right.  The Record of Fate records
    everything for us, good or bad.  So when the time comes for us to bid adieu, our life story
    will live on in the Record of Fate.  Think about how terrible it would be if you left this
    world with no record of your very existence.
    Second Person in Line at the Record of Fate: The only things the Record of Fate doesn’t touch
    upon are life and death.  I don’t mind, really…I don’t think I really want to know.  More
    importantly, what should I see first at the festival in Termina?  Should I go catch Nikki’s
    concert?  The mermaid dance show?  Hmmm…What to see…
    First Person in Line at the Record of Fate: Every time I come to a decision, I always wonder
    what would have happened if I had decided the other way.  Maybe I should have done this
    instead of that…Maybe I made the wrong decision…But luckily, we have the Record of Fate.  It
    tells us exactly what choices to make.  I can’t imagine life without it.  Everyday would be
    filled with anxiety and fear.  No cutting in line!  Back of the line!
    Lady in North Room: Just between you and me, our chief, Gonji, is really stingy.  I can’t cook
    a decent meal if I don’t have fresh, quality ingredients!  And then he complains about how
    terrible the food tastes…I can’t stand it!
    VIC. Villager Dialogue: Chronopolis
    [See the Chronopolis Section of the Main Script for the game-integral dialogue.]
    [Front Hall]
    Statue: Chronopolis Military Research Center "May there be everlasting peace for the
    children of the world." 2400 A.D.
    Ghost: Perhaps what we are doing is wrong? If this experiment succeeds, we will be able
    to control time. We will have complete control over history, and in a sense, become
    a presence, much like god... If so, what meaning is there to the history of mankind?
    But it's too late, now... We can't afford to fail in this experiment. If, for some
    reason, anything goes wrong, the banti-annihilation energy will probably overwhelm us.
    Who knows what the consequences may be?
    [Second Floor Lab]
    [A ghost pushes a button making the map of just an ocean appear.]
    Ghost: Originally, El Nido was nothing but ocean.  The El Nido Archipelago is purely
    artificial, created by FATE. It was a remodeling plane that took place 10000 years ago.
    A plan to include island, blessed with nature, in the sea of El Nido. The main island of
    El Nido, Earth Dragon Isle, Water Dragon Isle, Black Dragon Isle... The development of
    Elements, using the energy of the natural world... The distortion of memory terminal
    devices called the Records of Fate that could survey and guide people's lives... The
    research center staff, who had their memories erased, left the center, and began a life
    outside amidst nature. This is how FATE's paradise came into existence.
    [The map changes to the regular one.]
    Ghost: And for over 10,000 years,  FATE has been watching over and guiding the
    descendants of the staff who left this research center. Everything was in perfect harmony.
    That is, until 14 years ago, when a boy came into contact with the Flame on the night of
    the storm.
    Ghost in Corner: Where was the lock release for the elevator again? My mind's been blanking
    out lately...
    [Third Floor Western Lab]
    Computer in Back: --LAVOS-- An extraterrestrial life-form that is thought to have fallen
    from the heavens 65 million years ago. On the timje line that existed before history was
    changed, Lavos was assumed to have slept deep below the planet's surface... Sleeping and
    consuming the planet's energey up until the day of destruction known as the "Apocalypse."
    There are those who believe that, 12 thousand years ago, the legendary ancient magical
    civilization known as Zeal came into contact with Lavos.  That fateful encounter is said
    to have resulted in Zeal dissappearing from the surface of the planet within the space
    of a single night. However, the very existence of the ancient kingdom of Zeal has never
    been proven, so up till this day this theory cannot be confirmed. On some time lines,
    Lavos appeared on the surface of the planet in the year 1999 and brought the world to
    ruins. However, a group of young time travelers saw where their planet's history was heading
    and, through their actions, rewrote time. This very research facility exists on that new
    time line... In a world where, thanks to the defeat of Lavos by the young adventurers, the
    Apocalypse never happened... On a temporal vector where human civilization continued to
    evolve unhampered. All the data on Lavos that was obtained from tracing different parallel
    world possibilities has proven to be volatile, with fluctuating discrepencies. Perhaps, at
    this point in time, it is nearly impossible to obtain any true information on Lavos.
    Computer in Corner: --HUMANS & REPTITES-- 65 million years ago, the Reptites who evolvved
    from reptiles had developed their own unique civilization... This was long before the
    ancestors of humans, who evolved from primates, had developed their civilization. Excavations
    carried out on the central continent of Zenan have revealed that the Reptites already had
    advanced architectural skills in the prehistoric era. But the fall of Lavos to the planet,
    and the resulting Ice Age this brought about, rang the death knell for the Reptites and their
    civilization. After that the Reptites slowly dissappeared from the stage of history. However,
    in the distant past humans could have been defeated in the contest of evolution, and the
    Reptites could have continued to develop... It is not unthinkable that such a time line
    could exist in other dimensions. Everything is purely a problem of possibilities, and the
    world is only stabilized by the viewpoint of the one who observes it.
    Computer on Right: --DNA-- -The Seeds of Life- The human body is made up of 50 to 60 million
    cells. Each of these cells contains genes in the form of DNA. These are the fundamental
    building blocks that exist inside the cell's chromosomes. They store genetic information
    that can be passed on from parent to child. The structure of DNA is common throughout all
    life, throughout all universes. Through DNA recombination, life-forms take on differing
    forms with variable abilities.
    Ghost: The DNA records are poems and music... Adenine and Thymine... Guanine and Cytosine...
    Rythym and Melody... Perhaps the DNA of the ones who made contact with the Flame is
    recomposed by the sound they generate within? I wonder if life-forms are just dreaming in
    and endless flow of music?
    [Third Floor Eastern Lab]
    Brain Terminals: Model of Brain analysis/Model of Brain evolution
    Ghost1: The life-forms on this planet developed from single-celled microorganisms to
    protozoans... Then from fish to amphibians... from reptiles to mammals... and eventually to
    humans. Beginning with a cerabral neocortexs, which only exists in higher mammals... The
    anthroped brain enlarged at an accelerated pace until it became the human brain we know.
    Could the reason for the abnormal development of the human brain be the biological
    contamination caused by Lavos? That would mean that humans are really a heterogeneous
    life-form, or "foreign matter," as far as the planet is concerned. Humans are a sudden
    mutation caused by the contact with Lavos -- an alien life-form that fell to this planet
    from space. That is why humans are, biologically speaking, unbalanced and half-finished.
    Internally inconsistant and disconnected, the human existence is plauged by contradictions.
    An incomplete species, torn between love and hatred, whose very being is self-contradictory.
    >From the planet's viewpoint, humans are just destroyers and a cursed, yet perhaps pathetic,
    blight on the world.
    Ghost2: We control human emotions by using neurotransmitters. That means, by manipulating
    the nerve transmitters inside their brains, it's possible to control the feelings and even
    the personalities of humans. FATE uses the Record of Fate to connect directly to the brains
    of the humans with whom they come into contact. FATE not only imprints what actions the
    humans should take into their brains, but also rewrites their personalities and feelings.
    Ghost3: Memory scanning and rewriting is not that difficult a thing. As a matter of fact,
    it is possible to simulate the thoughts and feelings of each individual. These are all
    just electric signals that flow around the circuitry of the brain, after all.  The vessels
    of flesh can be reproduced through cloning... And the "soul" stored within these fleshly
    vessels can be simulated as well... Thus, one could even go as far to say that death itself
    no longer exists. Of course the expiration of an individual begin as a variation within
    the species, still occurs. Overall, we can reverse the old maxim and say that where there
    is no death there will be life...
    [Fourth Floor Eastern Lab]
    Ghost at Right Computer: The lost, ancient magic civilization of Zeal... If it really did
    exist, someone may have even traveled through time to this period.
    Ghost in Right Corner: We may appear to be a military research center, but we're
    actually conducting research on "time."
    Ghost at Computer in Back: This research center was established under the utmost
    secrecy by the central regime.
    Ghost at Left Computer: We're conducting a simulation of phase metastatis.
    [Fourth Floor Western Lab Door]
    Guard: The experiment will begin soon. Please evacuate to your designated positions. We
    will do the same in case of an emergency.
    [Fourth Floor Western Lab]
    Computer: The Record of Fate is exposed!?
    [They stand in front of the record of fate computer.]
    Computer: Two worlds that are so close, and yet so far in nature, exist in different
    dimensions. Under the surveillance of the main computer of Chronopolis... "FATE."
    In other words, FATE, has always been observing the 2 parallel worlds, and guiding them.
    FATE has been manipulating the world of El Nido, in order to avoid any major change to
    the history it knows. If an event on El Nido influences the main continent, the year
    2400, in which FATE exists, would change. This paradox could potentially lead to great
    disaster... The Records of Fate - FATE's Terminals ' - collect data from around the world,
    and input guidance directly into the minds of its users. In this discreet wway, FATE is
    able to control the lives of people without them knowing. Guided by fate, the people
    of El Nido lead a harmonious life. In a sense, they are nothing more than puppets of
    FATE. An instruction to the young girl in Arni 01 to give up going to the main continent
    as a poet. An instruction to the man in Arni 02 to give up becoming a fisherman. A plan
    to avoid any point of contact with the main continent, so as not to affect history.
    However.... Ever since the formation of the Dead Sea 10 years ago... FATE has been unable
    to intervene directly with World 01. The best FATE could do was cross the dimension and
    receive data through the Records of Fate. And with much difficulty, FATE succeeded in
    binding Miguel to the Dead Sea as a watchman...
    Ghost on Right: This FATE contains a massive amount of historical data dating up to the year
    Ghost to right of fate computer: FATE is a large-scale prototype, completed in the year 2300.
    It integrated the old Mother Brain computer circuitry into a more powerful super-computer.
    Ghost to left of fate computer: This is the observation room. This is where we observe the
    2 parallel worlds.
    Ghost on Left: The main computer of Chonopolis is called "FATE".
    [They check out the computer in the left room.]
    Computer: It all began with a notebook my mother handed me... She told me she found it while
    cleaning out the closet. This old notebook, covered with mold, was a diary that belonged
    to my grandfather, who passed away years ago. It contained my grandfather's distant
    Karsh: Does this device play back archives?
    Steena: Looks like someone's memoirs.
    Computer: ...... I wonder if you still remember... How we first met... and our many
    adventures... It all seemed like a dream... We ran like the wind duirng those warm,
    summer days... long ago... You were a piece of a star, that fell from the sky... I can
    still relive the memories of those days long past... Just by closing my eyes like such,
    and whispering your name into the desolate night... Kid... Kid... Radical Dreamers
    - Le Tresor Interdit -
    Karsh: What's this...!?
    Steena: Radical Dreamers...!? What does this mean?
    Karsh: There's a conversation with a comrade.
    Computer: Are you ready, Kid? I know you're anxious, but stay on your toes.
    Yeah, likewise, mate! You mess up, and I'm leavin' you behind! Got that, Serge? C'mon,
    Magil, let's go. That bastard Lynx is gonna get what he deserves! Say your prayers!
    ...Not that it'll do ya any good!!!
    Karsh: ...... This seems to be an archive from a different time than our own.
    Steena: Aside from the two worlds we already know about... other worlds and times may
    also exist...
    Ghost: The chief said he was going out for a walk. He's probably by the docks somewhere
    gazing out to sea.
    Copyright 2000-2001

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