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    Boss FAQ by Ranma

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    Chrono Cross
    Boss FAQ
    Version 1.1
    By LightRanma@aol.com
    Disclaimer: You may not use this FAQ on your website or distribute it ANYWHERE 
    without my written permission first.  I usually say yes, but you have to ask me 
    first!  If I find anyone has done otherwise, I'll bring the law into it.  Thanks 
    for cooperating!
    I.  Introduction
    II.  Version History
    III.  Legend
    IV.  Boss Walkthrough
    V.  Conclusion
    VI.  Thanks
    I.  Introduction
    'Ello, and thanks for checking out another one of my highly acclaimed Boss FAQs!  
    (Yes, I can say "highly acclaimed" now.  ;)  My two other Boss FAQs thus far - 
    Final Fantasy VIII and Xenogears - have been very successful, and Chrono Cross 
    is easily the best game I've ever played aside from Chrono Trigger, so why not 
    write a FAQ for this gem of a game too?  Chrono Cross isn't really what you'd 
    consider a "difficult" RPG - I died once in the game, and that was on Square's 
    trademark optional superstrong boss.  Never once did I die in the course of the 
    game.  But just in case you're stuck somewhere, I'm here for ya.  You can E-mail 
    me if you have more questions about any RPG, but be forewarned that I don't 
    necessarily respond immediately.  Also, guide readers, DO NOT IM ME.  I keep my 
    IMs open for my girlfriend and really close friends, and if I talked to EVERYONE 
    that needed help, I'd be in IM Hell all day, so please, keep it in E-mail.  
    Also, ***THERE ARE *SPOILERS* IN THIS GUIDE.***  Not gratuitous spoilers, but in 
    this guide you'll find out who the final boss is for yourself - and Chrono 
    Trigger 2 is one experience that is a crime to spoil, so read this at your own 
    risk.  Thanks again, and enjoy!
    II.  Version History
    Version 1.0: The original version of this FAQ.
    Veraion 1.1: Corrected a horrible, terrible mistake in the Order of Elements for 
    the final battle.  MANY apologies go to those misled by my typo!  The correct 
    order is Yellow > Red, NOT Red > Yellow.
    III.  Legend
    Boss' Name
    Boss' HP
    Boss' Innate Color
    Boss' Location
    Boss' Attacks
    Spoils (common, then rare)
    Stealable Items (common, then rare)
    Difficulty (1, easiest; 5, hardest)
    Boss Strategy
    This layout is the exact same as my other Boss FAQs, so return visitors should 
    have no trouble here.  ^_^
    IV.  Boss Walkthrough
    Here's the complete guide to all the Bosses in the whole game, sidequests 
    included.  I've finished the game, so I'm not borrowing any strategy from a 
    guide.  ^_^
    - DISC 1 -
    Boss Fight #1
    Name: Mama Komodo
    HP: 160
    Innate: Blue
    Location: Lizard Rock (Home World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, various Blue Elements
    Spoils: @Fang, Tablet
    Steal: Nothing
    Difficulty: 2
    The only reason you need to be careful in this fight is because it comes 
    straight after a normal battle, and Serge's HP is still probably between 50-60; 
    this Boss' strongest attacks can do around 24-25, so just be wary.  Its physical 
    attacks aren't much, but you should make sure to keep your HP above 25.  Use 
    Elements like Fireball and Photon Ray to finish this guy... er, gal... er, 
    whatever off pretty quickly.
    Boss Fight #2
    Name: Karsh, Solt and Peppor
    HP: 115, 52, 60
    Innate: Green, Yellow, Yellow
    Location: Cape Howl (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Dragon Rider, various Red and Yellow Elements
    Spoils: Bone Axe, Power Glove; Ivory Vest, @Copper; Ivory Helmet, @Copper
    Steal: Nothing; Nothing; Nothing
    Difficulty: 1
    Get ready for the first of possibly six fights with the shakin' Dragoon wannabes 
    known as Solt and Peppor.  They're kinda like the Slash and Flea of Chrono Cross 
    - they're not necessarily bright or tough, but they're a constant enemy to the 
    party and they provide some comic relief.  Anyway, after some physical attacks 
    (which do little damage), a dialogue will begin between the three that basically 
    tells you what's in their arsenal (and yes, they do this almost every time you 
    fight them).  Their dialogue, though, can actually help you learn about the 
    game's systems, so you should pay attention.  But anyway, to win, all you really 
    need to do it focus on one enemy at a time.  You might want to take out Karsh 
    first - if you leave him alive for too long, he'll use Dragon Rider for some 
    moderate damage on one of your characters.  However, it's not necessary.  Solt 
    and Peppor are so weak that they're nothing to worry about.  Heal if you need 
    to.  Use Elements freely.  They'll go down soon enough, and you'll have another 
    Boss Fight #3
    Name: Solt and Peppor
    HP: 52, 60
    Innate: Yellow, Yellow
    Location: Fossil Valley (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Techs, various Red and Yellow Elements
    Spoils: Ivory Vest, @Copper; Ivory Helmet, @Copper
    Steal: Nothing; Nothing
    Difficulty: 1
    This battle is so easy I'm not sure why it's considered a Boss Fight - this 
    battle is the exact same as the last one with Solt and Peppor, exact without 
    Karsh - which, as you might expect, is bad for them.  The two might try and pull 
    off a couple of Techs, but they hit for low damage.  Bust out your physical 
    attacks and Elements and they'll go down in no time.
    Boss Fight #4A
    Name: Acacia PVTs
    HP: 70 each
    Innate: Yellow
    Location: Viper Manor Bluffs (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks
    Spoils: Tablet, Photon Ray
    Steal: Ivory Helmet, Capsule
    Difficulty: ?
    I personally went down Nikki's path to Viper Manor, and haven't fought the 
    Bosses in either Guile or Pierre's path, so I'm using a guide for the strategies 
    here.  If I get the time to replay the game along another path, I'll rewrite 
    these Bosses.  You should be able to trust the guide, though.  All the Acacia 
    Privates use are weak physical attacks, so take them out with your own physical 
    attacks and Elements and you'll be just fine.  Be sure to heal fully after the 
    battle - you've got another Boss Fight coming up right after this.
    Boss Fight #5A
    Name: King Moaman
    HP: 245
    Innate: Black
    Location: Viper Manor Bluffs (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Flame Sword, Ice Sword, Gravity Blow
    Spoils: Gravity Blow, Power Glove
    Steal: @Copper, Feathery Dress
    Difficulty: ?
    Serge will be strongest against this Boss, but also take more damage from it 
    too, being an Innate White character.  That said, make sure you pay special 
    attention to his HP to keep him alive.  King Moaman's sidekicks cast Strengthen 
    and Nimble on their king, but that only makes him slightly harder to kill.  Use 
    all of your all-enemy Elements like Magma Bomb at the offset of the battle, and 
    be sure to keep your Element Level up for healing, just in case.  Focus on the 
    King first, since he's the most dangerous enemy in the fight.
    Boss Fight #4B
    Name: Acacia SGTs
    HP: 210
    Innate: Yellow
    Location: Viper Manor Gates (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks
    Spoils: ?
    Steal: ?
    Difficulty: ?
    These guys are only a little stronger than Acacia PVTs.  They also have more HP.  
    However, they're still easy - and to make this an even easier fight, allocate 
    some Green Elements to your characters.  Heal if you need to, and prepare for 
    the real Boss after this.
    Boss Fight #5B
    Name: Solt, Peppor and Ketchop
    HP: 80, 90, 260
    Innate: Yellow, Yellow, Yellow
    Location: Viper Manor Gates (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, various Red and Yellow Elements
    Spoils: @Copper, Electro Jolt; Uplift, @Copper; Silver Earring
    Steal: Ivory Helmet, Turn Black; Ivory Helmet, Tablet; Tablet, Power Glove
    Difficulty: ?
    Solt and Peppor are back - and this time, they've brought a "friend," Ketchop!  
    At the start of this battle, Ketchop will kill off one of your characters.  
    However, don't worry; always count on stupid Solt to do the wrong (or in your 
    case, right) thing and revive the fallen character!  Heal him or her immediately 
    back to full HP.  And then, start focusing your Techs and Elements on Ketchop - 
    don't worry about Solt and Peppor.  Later in the battle, Ketchop will use Solt 
    and Peppor like two baseball bats to attack your party - sure, it might hurt 
    some, but the bonus is that the two are automatically eliminated from the fight, 
    and all you need to do is finish Ketchop off!
    Boss Fight #4C
    Name: Cassowaries
    HP: 100
    Innate: Yellow
    Location: Shadow Forest (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks
    Spoils: Uplift, @Feather
    Steal: Ivory Mail, Electro Jolt
    Difficulty: 2
    These guys are a pain if for no other reason than that they take a long time to 
    kill.  They're not particularly strong, but they have a lot of HP and you'll 
    probably need to heal a little in the course of the battle.  Use your Techs and 
    Green Elements.  Nikki will help out a little in the fight, but not enough to 
    make a difference.  Just be persistent and you'll come out on top.
    Boss Fight #5C
    Name: Zoah, Solt, and Peppor
    HP: 200, 80, 90
    Innate: Yellow, Yellow, Yellow
    Location: Shadow Forest (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Dragon Rider, various Green and Yellow Elements
    Spoils: Ivory Mail, Bronze Glove; @Copper, Electro Jolt; Uplift, Tablet
    Steal: Knee Pad; Ivory Helmet, Turn Black; Ivory Helmet, Tablet
    Difficulty: 1
    Yet another fight with Solt and Peppor!  This one's no problem - it's almost 
    exactly like the past fight with Karsh - except with Zoah, and just a BIT 
    harder, but not by much.  Zoah, being Karsh's fellow Diva, uses Dragon Rider 
    like Karsh, and that's the whole trio's best asset.  Once again, Solt and 
    Peppor's attacks are dismal, making them nothing to worry about.  Just focus on 
    one enemy at a time - it doesn't matter in what order, though, relatively 
    speaking, Zoah's the strongest of the three.
    Boss Fight #6 (Optional)
    Name: Neo N-Bulbs
    HP: 160
    Innate: Green
    Location: Viper Manor (Another World)
    Spoils: Aero Saucer, Eagle Eye
    Steal: @Seed, Heal
    Difficulty: 2
    These guys can be deceptively tough, but only if you don't pay attention.  Their 
    physical attacks are somewhat strong, and they cast Bushwacker like there's no 
    tomorrow.  Just be on the lookout, and heal if you need to.  Yellow Elements 
    work extremely well on these guys.
    Boss Fight #7
    Name: Marcy
    HP: 525
    Innate: Blue
    Location: Viper Manor (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Cat's Cradle, Ice Blast
    Spoils: Ice Blast, @Iron
    Steal: Silver Loupe, Dancing Shoes
    Difficulty: 2
    Like the Neo N-Bulbs fight, Marcy is not necessarily hard, but her attacks are 
    easily the strongest you've encountered thus far, making it extra important to 
    keep an eye on your HP.  Cat's Cradle in particular does a lot of damage.  Marcy 
    also has a lot of HP, so you'll want to do everything you can to reduce them 
    quickly.  Dash and Slash always works well, and Red Elements will help you a lot 
    too, Fireball more than Magma Bomb.  The most important thing in this battle is 
    to keep your HP up - play smart and safe and you'll have no trouble.
    Boss Fight #8
    Name: Lynx
    HP: 820
    Innate: Black
    Location: Viper Manor (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Imbecile, Anti White, Hell Soul, Hell Bound
    Spoils: Pendragon Sigil C, Gravitonne
    Steal: Magic Ring, Power Glove
    Difficulty: 2
    Here it is - your first battle with the villain (at least for now!) of Chrono 
    Cross, Lynx.  Surprisingly, this battle isn't all that hard - he'll spend most 
    of the battle casting status changing Elements like Imbecile and Anti White on 
    you while you whack on him.  He cast Hell Soul once on me, but it didn't work.  
    It it does work on you, revive the fallen character immediately!  He tends to 
    cast Anti White on Serge, which makes sense.  Speaking of Serge, be extra 
    careful with him in this battle - although Serge will be most effective against 
    Lynx, the same goes with the opposite.  Heal when you need to - you probably 
    will, because of Lynx's nasty physical combos - and use all your Techs and White 
    (as well as other Colors except Black) Elements on Lynx, providing he doesn't 
    seal them.  Overall, not too tough, and the major plot twist that occurs 
    afterwards is awesome...
    Boss Fight #9 (Optional)
    Name: Wingapede
    HP: 430
    Innate: Green
    Location: Hydra Marshes (Home World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Acidic Gas, Poison Gas
    Spoils: Aero Saucer, @Letather
    Steal: Antitoxinal Cap, @Iron
    Difficulty: 2
    The most important thing for this battle is to have a lot of Antidote Elements.  
    You'll most likely get Poisoned a lot, and that starts to suck after awhile.  
    Poshul is good in this battle, since she's Innate Yellow and extremely strong.  
    Otherwise, as long as you use Antidotes when you need to, you'll be fine.  Use 
    physical attacks and Yellow Elements to bring this guy down quickly.
    Boss Fight #10 (Optional)
    Name: Pentapus
    HP: 600
    Innate: Blue
    Location: Hydra Marshes (Home World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Whop, Hexa Hitter
    Spoils: Aqua Ball, Ice Blast
    Steal: Nothing
    Difficulty: ?
    I personally haven't fought this guy, but he doesn't sound too hard.  An Innate 
    Red character would be effective in this fight, but be careful with his/her HP.  
    Red Elements and Techs will make short work of the Pentapus, but other Colors 
    also help.  For winning this battle, you get Razzly in your party!
    Boss Fight #11
    Name: Hi Ho Dwarves
    HP: 90
    Innate: Yellow
    Location: Hydra Marshes (Home World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Hi Ho Chorus, Hi Ho War Cry, Electro Jolt
    Spoils: ?
    Steal: Nothing
    Difficulty: 4
    This battle, in all truth, is one of the hardest in the early stages of the 
    game... and maybe the whole game.  Even with the best armor possible at this 
    point in the game equipped on everyone, the Hi Ho Dwarves' Hi Ho Chorus attack 
    is devastating at 60-70 damage on each character.  And there are SIX of these 
    guys.  Fortunately, the Dwarves can only use Hi Ho Chorus when there are five or 
    more of them alive, so focus ENTIRELY on eliminating two of them immediately.  
    Once they're down to four, they'll begin using Hi Ho War Cry that just hits one 
    character, thankfully, for moderately high damage.  Bring a lot of healing 
    Elements to this fight - Green Elements like Bushbasher help as well.  Don't 
    focus on hitting the whole group of them until you've killed off at least two of 
    them.  After you've sealed Hi Ho Chorus, the battle becomes substantially 
    Boss Fight #12
    Name: Hydra
    HP: 700
    Innate: Yellow
    Location: Hydra Marshes (Home World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Spirits Up, Spirits Down
    Spoils: Upheaval, @Bronze
    Steal: Nothing
    Difficulty: 3
    This battle is easier than the Hi Ho Dwarves one, but not by much.  If you think 
    three on one would be a piece of cake once again, think twice.  The Hydra is 
    seriously strong - it's easier to see why he's the master of the Marshes.  Its 
    physical attacks are strong enough to reduce a character by more than half their 
    HP if it attacks enough times.  Bring lots of healing Elements into this battle.  
    You also may want to consider putting a Yellow Innate character in your party as 
    a little more protection against the Hydra's attacks.  Green Innate characters 
    are a liability.  But anyway, hit hard and fast wth Elements and Techs, and as 
    long as you're able to heal consistently, you'll outlast the Hydra.  One more 
    thing - do NOT use Yellow Elements on the Hydra, because they'll heal it.
    Boss Fight #13
    Name: Dead Head
    HP: 700
    Innate: Black
    Location: SS Invincible (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Diminish, Death's Odor, Dark Breath
    Spoils: Hell Soul, Hell Bound
    Steal: Gravity Blow, Bronze Axe
    Difficulty: 3
    This battle isn't so hard as it is flat out annoying.  At the offset of the 
    battle, Dead Head will cast Diminish, making all your Elements (and his as well, 
    though) nearly useless for several turns.  But causing Elemental damage isn't 
    Dead Head's goal, you see - he'll use Death's Odor and Dark Breath while 
    everyone is Diminished to cause a variety of Status Ailments on all your 
    characters, most especially Darkness.  So, not only are your Elements and Techs 
    nearly worthless, but you'll have a hard time hitting Dead Head with your 
    physical attacks as well, making for a very annoying battle.  If you don't bring 
    Black Out into the fight, you'll just have to hope your physical attacks hit 
    until Darkness wears off.  And after a few turns, try using a Tech to see if 
    Diminish has worn off.  If it has, cast White Elements like crazy on Dead Head 
    to bring him down quickly, before he has time to repeat the Diminish-Death's 
    Odor pattern again.  Dead Head's physical attacks are generally weak, so don't 
    worry about dying so much as going crazy.  Heal if you need to.
    Boss Fight #14
    Name: Hi Ho Dwarves
    HP: 200
    Innate: Yellow
    Location: Water Dragon Isle (Home World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Hi Ho Chorus, Hi Ho War Cry, Electro Jolt
    Spoils: ?
    Steal: ?
    Difficulty: 1
    Oh no, not these guys again?!  Don't worry, this time they're easy.  Sure, they 
    still use HH Chorus and War Cry, but you're stronger and, they, unfortunately 
    for them, really aren't.  Both of those Techs do little damage now (10-20), and 
    these little *expletive*s are now yours to kill.  Pure physical attacks will win 
    you this battle, but Green Elements will speed up the process.  The real Boss 
    fight is after this one - don't think it's over yet!
    Boss Fight #15
    Name: Hi Ho Tank
    HP: 1000
    Innate: Yellow
    Location: Water Dragon Isle (Home World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Element Shot (Green), Element Shot (Yellow), Repair
    Spoils: Knee Pad, @Iron
    Steal: @Screw, Knee Pad
    Difficulty: 2
    This battle isn't too difficult.  The Hi Ho Tank doesn't have many attacks to 
    begin with, and after you cause a good amount of damage to it, you'll seal up 
    its Element Shot attacks.  To make this battle a lot easier, kill the two 
    Dwarves alongside the Tank first.  These guys can Repair the tank and restore a 
    lot of HP, and you don't want that.  If they're gone, there will be no Repairing 
    to worry about.  The Hi Ho Tank can dish out a lot of damage, particularly with 
    its Element Shot.  Keep an eye on your HP and heal when you get relatively low, 
    though, and you'll do just fine.  Once you cause enough damage to the tank, it 
    won't be able to use Element Shot anymore, and then it will rely purely on 
    physical attacks, which aren't that big a deal anyway.  Green Elements work well 
    in this battle, especially Aero Blaster.  Avoid using Yellow Elements.  Techs 
    are great, as always.  The Tank has a lot of HP, so be patient and you'll win.
    Boss Fight #16
    Name: Solt and Peppor
    HP: 150, 180
    Innate: Yellow, Yellow
    Location: Mount Pyre (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Red and Yellow Elements
    Spoils: @Copper, @Copper; Brace, Magic Ring
    Steal: Bronze Vest, Dancing Shoes; Plaster Cap, Power Glove
    Difficulty: 1
    You thought you had seen the last of these guys?  Far from it!  These guys are 
    pitifully easy, as always - Solt and Peppor's physical attacks are sickeningly 
    weak, and they have such low HP that the battle will be over barely after it 
    begins.  No strategy needed for these guys - just kill.
    Boss Fight #17
    Name: Fire Dragon
    HP: 850
    Innate: Red
    Location: Mount Pyre (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Fiery Breath, Weaken, Strengthen
    Spoils: Weaken, Magic Ring
    Steal: Magic Ring, Wisp Cape
    Difficulty: 3
    I have one piece of advice for you here - DON'T be fooled by this guy's size!  
    He may not be the huge creature in the magma nearby, but he is THE Fire Dragon 
    God, and as such, he's powerful.  He's quick, and his physical attacks are 
    strong.  But that's not the worst of it; his Fiery Breath attack is 
    frighteningly powerful, and if it doesn't kill a Blue Innate character in one 
    hit, it will most definitely bring him/her into crticial range.  As such, a Blue 
    Innate character is risky - he/she could do a lot of damage to the Fire Dragon, 
    but if the character has low HP, forget it - Fiery Breath will kill him/her in 
    one blow.  Use a lot of Blue Elements in this battle, and avoid Red Elements.  
    Techs work well, and as long as you heal after each Fiery Breath, you should be 
    strong enough to withstand the Fire Dragon's physical attacks until he goes 
    Boss Fight #18
    Name: Karsh, Zoah, and Marcy
    HP: 370, 436, 300
    Innate: Green, Yellow, Blue
    Location: Mount Pyre (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Dragon Rider, Axial Axe, Gyronimo, Cat's Cradle, 
    String Phone
    Spoils: Eagle Eye, Silver Earring; Gold Earring; Iron Vest, Dancing Shoes
    Steal: Aero Blaster, Iron Axe; Stamina Ring; Ice Blast, Nostrum
    Difficulty: 2
    Uh-oh.  This can't be good; you have to fight the Dragoon Devas all at once now.  
    And although that may seem like a frightening task indeed, it really isn't as 
    hard as you think it would be.  The biggest threat in this battle is Karsh - his 
    normal attacks don't pack much of a punch, but if he gets a chance to use Axial 
    Axe on you, expect 100-200 damage per character.  Take him out first with Yellow 
    Elements and Techs.  Zoah is the next biggest threat - his Gyronimo technique 
    could quite possibly take out one of your characters, so kill him before he uses 
    it, if you can.  Marcy is kind of nonexistent in this fight; she's actually 
    WEAKER than she was at the library in Viper Manor, however she does have a new 
    Tech called String Phone, so beware.  You should worry about her last, though.  
    Overall, not a tough battle.
    Boss Fight #19
    Name: Taurusoid
    HP: 1200
    Innate: Green
    Location: Fort Dragonia (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Green Elements, Back Drop, Body Press
    Spoils: @Fang, Iron Best
    Steal: Trap Tornado, Trap Sonja
    Difficulty: 2
    The first Crystal guardian in Fort Dragonia (if you're going in order), 
    Taurusoid will take a long time to take down, because he has the most HP of any 
    Boss thus far in Chrono Cross.  Fortunately, he's not all that hard, as his 
    ridiculously-strong looking Techs aren't all THAT powerful.  He uses these Techs 
    somewhat frequently though, so you should keep an eye on your HP, just in case.  
    If you have one (you probably don't at this point), use a Trap Tornado Element 
    on Taurusoid, because he can and probably will use Tornado on your party.  
    Having an Element to trap this not only saves your party from 100-200 damage per 
    character, but nets you the best Green attack Element in the game (besides the 
    Green Summon Elements).  Just keep at it with physical attacks, Yellow Elements, 
    and Techs, and he'll go down eventually.
    Boss Fight #20
    Name: Giant Gloop
    HP: 800
    Innate: Blue
    Location: Fort Dragonia (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Blue Field, Gooey Goo, Take In
    Spoils: Aqua Ball, Ice Blast
    Steal: Antiviral Cap
    Difficulty: 1
    This is an extremely easy battle.  Giant Gloop's physical attacks are weak, and 
    none of its Techs are particularly devastating.  Watch out when it uses Blue 
    Field, though; if you let the Field stay all Blue, its attacks will do 
    considerable damage.  To counter this, cast a (preferably) Red Element on him.  
    Not only will this do a lot of damage, it'll offset the Field Effect at the same 
    time.  Use Red Elements and Techs mercilessly against this guy - is there a 
    reason to take longer than you need to?  Overall, probably the second easiest 
    (or easiest) battle in Fort Dragonia.
    Boss Fight #21
    Name: Son of a Gun
    HP: 365
    Innate: White
    Location: Fort Dragonia (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Meteor Shower, Kissy Face, Shine On
    Spoils: @Iron
    Steal: @Screw
    Difficulty: 2
    Boy, is this guy annoying.  You're probably thinking "wahahaha!!!  365 HP?!", 
    right?  Don't be fooled.  This sucker has extremely high Defense and will make 
    even your Techs like Dash and Slash look like nothing.  He has high Magic 
    Defense as well, so Elements will be hardly any better against him.  A Black 
    Innate character will help a LOT in this fight, if you have one.  Serge will be 
    causing little to no damage with his attacks, so you should have him cast Black 
    or other Color Elements on him, except White.  Everyone else should use Techs 
    and Elements.  It'll take awhile, but he'll go down.  Be careful when Son of a 
    Gun uses Meteor Shower, especially with a Black Innate character in your party.  
    This attack will hurt all your characters - a lot - so be ready with some 
    healing Elements.  Oh, and Kissy Face is one of the most hilarious Techs in the 
    game.  ^_^  Creepy monster, eh?
    Boss Fight #22
    Name: Bunyip
    HP: 400
    Innate: Red; Black
    Location: Fort Dragonia (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Fireball, Magma Bomb; Physical attacks, Gravitonne, 
    Free Fall
    Spoils: Nothing
    Steal: Free Fall, Trap Black Hole
    Difficulty: 2
    This is one of the coolest Boss battles in the game.  At first, this Boss 
    appears to be a relatively harmless, Red Innate monster.  But that's until you 
    cause enough damage to it - then, in a rather grotesque scene, he "evolves" into 
    a harmful Black Innate creature.  But then the background also gets all awesome, 
    and the whole battle is just really cool.  It shows off what Square can really 
    do with a PlayStation... but anyway, just pound on this guy with physical 
    attacks until he changes into his second form, and then let loose with White 
    Elements and Techs, especially with Serge, who will be causing the most damage 
    in this battle.  This Boss' physical attacks are particularly strong, especially 
    against Serge, and Free Fall is an extremely powerful Black Element (you can 
    Trap it for yourself if you have a Trap Free Fall Element!).  You'll definitely 
    need to heal in this battle.  However, it won't take long for this guy to go 
    down and you'll soon be heading to your destiny atop the Dragon Tower...
    Boss Fight #23
    Name: General Viper
    HP: 820
    Innate: Yellow
    Location: Fort Dragonia (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, G-Force, Air Force
    Spoils: Dragoon Gauntlet, Mythril Mail
    Steal: Stamina Ring
    Difficulty: 1
    LOL, what a joke this guy is.  Who does General Viper think he is, taking on a 
    group of three teens loaded for bear?  If you thought this might be a 
    ridiculously easy battle, you were right.  Viper can attack only one character 
    at a time, and even though the damage is kinda high, it's not bad and you can 
    heal easily.  Even his Techs aren't much to worry about, and with only 820 HP, 
    Viper's got a date with his maker.  Unload on this guy and have fun - the next 
    battle's much harder.
    Boss Fight #24
    Name: Lynx
    HP: 1000
    Innate: Black
    Location: Fort Dragonia (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Meteor Shower, Photon Beam, Glide Hook
    Spoils: Pendragon Sigil B, Sky Djinn Ring
    Steal: Pendragon Sigil B, Sky Djinn Ring
    Difficulty: 3
    This time it's no shadow like in Viper Manor - this Lynx is the real thing.  You 
    need to be careful in this fight, especially with Serge - not only is Lynx 
    strong physically, but he tends to chain his attacks up to five or six times and 
    cause a lot of damage in the process.  Add to that the fact that he's got Level 
    3 and 4 White Elements at his disposal (which do a surprising amount of damage 
    given that he's Innate Black), plus a Tech, and you've got a fight on your 
    hands.  Photon Beam isn't particularly nasty, and neither is Glide Hook.  But 
    WATCH OUT when Lynx uses Meteor Shower, and especially near death, his physical 
    attacks.  Have those healing Elements ready for those attacks!  Unload on him 
    with all the White Elements you've got, not to mention Techs (especially Serge's 
    - Dash and Slash and Luminaire will help greatly in this battle), and end this 
    fight as soon as you can.  Lynx tends to be relentless with his attacks and 
    Elements near death, so don't keep him there; hurry up and finish the process.  
    After this battle, the perfect plot of Chrono Cross takes a HUGE and 
    unprecedented turn...
    - Important Note -
    The game enters an entirely new chapter at this point, and if you're reading 
    ahead (which you should avoid doing, you spoiler you!), you'll notice that Serge 
    is not mentioned for quite awhile in the Boss fights.  That's because he's now 
    in Lynx's body, and as such, I will refer to him as Lynx as in the game.  Don't 
    be confused - the Lynx I'm referring to is a good guy, not a bad guy!
    Boss Fight #25
    Name: Radius
    HP: 750
    Innate: Green
    Location: Arni Village (Home World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, various Elements, Long Shot
    Spoils: Pendragon Sigil C, Gravitonne
    Steal: Heal, Magnify
    Difficulty: 1
    This is a "silly battle," much like the one against General Viper.  Really - how 
    much chance does an old man - admittedly, a talented old man, but an old man - 
    stand against a feline demi human, a kind old lady, and a harlequin?  Okay, 
    maybe it sounds kind of even, but this geezer will go down so easily when 
    matched against your three members that you'll barely need to use Elements.  
    Wail on Radius with physical attacks and Techs, and pay him back for the 
    "tutorial" he gave you at the beginning of the game.  ^_^
    Boss Fight #26
    Name: Mega Starky
    HP: 2800
    Innate: White
    Location: Sky Dragon Isle (Home World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Meteorite, Meteor Shower, Raydiation
    Spoils: Mag Negate
    Steal: Angel Charm, White Brooch
    Difficulty: 3
    Yikes, this guy has a lot of HP!  And man, is he big too!  This is primarily 
    what makes Mega Starky somewhat challenging - his many, many HP allow him to 
    take a long time before being defeated.  His physical attacks are moderately 
    strong, but the real threat comes from his White Elements that he casts - Lynx 
    will be in extra danger here.  Keep him protected, and keep your HP up.  If 
    you're not careful, Meteor Shower could end your game.  Use physical attacks, 
    and Lynx's Black Techs (Glide Hook and Feral Cats) do wonders on Mega Starky.  
    Bring a lot of healing Elements to this fight, because it'll take awhile.  For 
    winning, you'll get Starky as a party member!
    Boss Fight #27
    Name: Sage of Marbule
    HP: 1500
    Innate: White
    Location: SS Zelbess (Home World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Turn Elements, various White Elements
    Spoils: Mythril Helmet
    Steal: Nothing
    Difficulty: 2
    This guy is deceptively strong.  You may think this to be another "silly 
    battle," but don't be fooled.  He can dish out a lot of damage, especially to 
    Lynx, by using his powerful White Elements.  Also, the Sage just LOVES to cast 
    Turn Black and then use a strong White Element on that same character in the 
    same turn, so make sure to bring some healing Elements.  The sage is somewhat 
    frail though, so it won't take long to cut his 1500 HP down to nothing.
    Boss Fight #28
    Name: Garai
    HP: 1987
    Innate: White
    Location: Isle of the Damned (Home World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Will Breaker, Triple Cut
    Spoils: Dragoon's Honor
    Steal: Nothing
    Difficulty: 4
    This is most DEFINITELY the hardest battle you've fought so far - you'll come to 
    the brink of death more than once.  Do NOT bring a Black Innate character to 
    this fight other than Lynx; Garai, being White, will be able to level any Black 
    character, including Lynx, quite easily.  Bring plenty of Healing Elements to 
    the fight and allocate all your Revive Elements - put more on your other party 
    members than on Lynx, because he'll most likely be the one dying.  Garai's 
    physical attacks and insanely powerful, and he tends to link them up to three or 
    four times, most especially near death.  When he does this to Lynx, it usually 
    means death or critical range.  Also, his Will Breaker Tech is something of an 
    instant death attack - if it doesn't kill the person he uses it on, it'll come 
    REAL close, and it will most certainly kill Lynx if he's not at full HP.  Triple 
    Cut is a lot less of a threat, but it still hurts and you need to be wary.  Keep 
    your HP up at all times, and revive any fallen characters immediately.  Hit 
    Garai fast and hard with Black Elements and Techs - end this battle ASAP.  Near 
    death, Garai tends to be relentless with his physical attacks.  Be careful, and 
    know that there's a good chance you may not come out of this battle with 
    everyone alive and kicking... but at least Garai will be dead.  For good.
    Boss Fight #29
    Name: Highwayman
    HP: 2000
    Innate: Blue
    Location: Dead Sea (Home World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, various Blue Elements, Exhaust Gas, Rampage
    Spoils: Nimble, @Mythril
    Steal: Nothing
    Difficulty: 3
    Well, this is sort of a "random" boss fight.  This guy scarily reminds me of 
    Johnny ("The MAN") from Chrono Trigger.  Though, Highwayman is much tougher than 
    Johnny ever would have been.  Bring some Black Out Elements to this fight - 
    Highwayman's Exhaust Gas Tech causes Darkness on all your characters, and that's 
    not something you want to have to worry about in this battle, because Highwayman 
    is pretty strong.  Like Garai, he chains his physical attacks up to three or 
    four times, and those attacks are strong in themselves.  You'll most likely need 
    to heal in this battle - Rampage is an all-party hitter that does moderate 
    damage to everyone.  He uses this Tech a lot.  However, Highwayman seems 
    somewhat frail; destroy him with Red Elements and Techs, and he'll have 0 HP 
    pretty quickly.  In all truth, the biggest threat in this battle is Exhaust Gas, 
    and if you have some Black Out or Panacea Elements allocated, that shouldn't be 
    a problem.
    Boss Fight #30
    Name: Miguel
    HP: 1950
    Innate: White
    Location: Dead Sea (Home World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Turn Black, Anti Black, Meteor Shower, Photon Beam, 
    Genius, Holy Dragon Sword
    Spoils: Dreamer's Scarf
    Steal: Nothing
    Difficulty: 5
    Another "silly battle," eh?  Not on your life.  Miguel may be a frail, old 
    little man who hasn't done much but guard the Dead Sea for the past few years, 
    but this guy is no pushover.  In fact, he's arguably the hardest Boss in all of 
    Chrono Cross.  But I guess that's to be expected, as he is the guardian of the 
    destroyed future that is the Dead Sea.  Well, anyway.  I strongly advise against 
    bringing any Black Innate characters besides Lynx into this fight, because 
    Miguel can easily kill them.  Let's review his attacks in the order they're 
    listed above, shall we?  His physical attacks are a joke - when he does one of 
    these, be EXTREMELY thankful he didn't kick your ass that turn.  Anti Black is 
    also somewhat of a relief, unless he uses it on Lynx; obviously, Black Elements 
    and Techs will be the most effective tools against Miguel.  Photon Beam wouldn't 
    normally be much of a problem, but Miguel almost ALWAYS casts Turn Black on his 
    target before using Photon Beam (in the same turn), and if not, he'll use Genius 
    on himself to boost the power.  Sometimes he'll do both.  Whatever he does, 
    he'll come close to killing any character with this attack, especially Lynx.  He 
    usually can't kill with this, though, unless your HP runs too low.  He will do 
    the same with Meteor Shower - first he'll cast Genius, and as an added bonus, 
    any of your characters who have been previously turned Black by him we'll take a 
    lot of extra damage.  You can expect Meteor Shower to do anywhere from 100-250 
    damage on all of your party members.  Finally, his biggest threat - his sole 
    tech, the Holy Dragon Sword.  If (a) the target is Black, and he will be, since 
    Miguel always casts Turn Black before using this in the same turn, (b) the 
    target has below 300 HP, and/or (c) you don't have any Revive Elements, this 
    character's gone for good.  You can expect Holy Dragon Sword to kill almost 
    every time.  Do NOT be stingy with the Revive and Healing Elements - you'll need 
    them to their fullest in this fight.  Kill Miguel as fast as you can, but heal 
    when you need to or you'll never win.  Miguel has high Defense and Magic 
    Defense, so it'll take long time before he goes down.  When he's in critical 
    range, he seems to use Holy Dragon Sword and Meteor Shower relentlessly.  Good 
    luck in surviving, it won't be easy.  Fortunately, this is about as tough as 
    Chrono Cross gets - there's one more Boss fight that's harder than this one, but 
    it's optional.
    Boss Fight #31
    Name: Roachster
    HP: 1245
    Innate: Blue
    Location: Viper Manor Sewers (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Jitter Bug, Bug Kamikaze
    Spoils: Elbow Pad
    Steal: Nothing
    Difficulty: 1
    Roachster is a joke.  Although he's probably the ugliest Boss in the game, I'll 
    give it that.  But other than THAT Roachster is one of the easiest Bosses you'll 
    ever fight.  Its physical attacks are weak, and so is its Techs, although Bug 
    Kamikaze is hilarious.  Just pound on it with physical attacks, Red Elements, 
    and Techs, and its feeble 1250 HP will be drained quickly.  No problem.
    Boss Fight #32
    Name: Hell's Cook
    HP: 2800
    Innate: Red
    Location: Viper Manor (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, various Red Elements
    Spoils: Gold Pendant, @Mythril
    Steal: Nothing
    Difficulty: 2
    Otherwise known as Dark Orcha, this guy may have a lot of HP, but he's a 
    pathetic fighter (though he's pretty decent when he's on your side).  He'll cast 
    weak Elements like Fireball and Magma Bomb, which should do little to no damage 
    at this point in the game.  He'll also cast Fire Pillar and Magma Burst, but 
    they're no real threat.  His main threat, and this is actually something you 
    need to watch out for, is that he casts Volcano sometimes - which is the most 
    powerful Red attack Element int he game, sans the Red Summon Elements.  If you 
    have one, use a Trap Volcano Element on Hell's Cook early in the battle.  Also, 
    his physical attacks are somewhat powerful, but nothing dangerous, and as long 
    as you play smart you'll have absolutely no trouble with this battle.
    Boss Fight #33
    Name: Grobyc
    HP: 2800
    Innate: Black
    Location: Viper Manor (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Rocket Fist, Hair Cutter
    Spoils: Defender, Free Fall
    Steal: Nothing
    Difficulty: 2
    This fight is amusingly easy.  You'd think a super robot engineered for 
    assassination and combat would be some kind of threat.  Well, he's not.  Grobyc 
    is pretty weak compared to your characters, although he just loves to link his 
    physical attacks many times, and the damage can really rack up on Serge.  His 
    Rocket Fist Tech is nothing to worry about, although the hilarious Hair Cutter 
    can do some decent damage, so keep an eye on your HP.  Grobyc's Defense is 
    pathetic, so he'll go down quickly, especially with Serge's physical attacks and 
    Boss Fight #34
    Name: Guillot
    HP: 1001
    Innate: Yellow
    Location: Viper Manor (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Hat Edge
    Spoils: @Mythril, @Screw
    Steal: Nothing
    Difficulty: 1
    This is one of the easiest battles in the game - and that's unexpected, since 
    there's so much gossip of Guillot being this massively powerful Porre weapon.  
    Guillot won't end up doing much damage to your party, and Green Elements coupled 
    with physical attacks will be more than enough to take this thing out.  And the 
    HP total above is not a mistake, Guillot ACTUALLY HAS 1001 HP at this stage in 
    the game.  ^_^  There will be two separate battles with Guillot, but neither 
    should be a problem.
    Boss Fight #35 (Optional)
    Name: De-Hydrate
    HP: 1042
    Innate: Black
    Location: Hydra Marshes (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Gravitonne, Hell Soul, Black Hole
    Spoils: Free Fall, Resistance Ring
    Steal: Daemon Charm, Hell Bound
    Difficulty: 1
    This fight is even easier than the one with Guillot - it almost seems like this 
    battle was meant for an earlier stage of the game.  De-Hydrate's attacks will do 
    below 10 damage most likely, and Gravitonne and Hell Soul are something to laugh 
    at.  However, Black Hole - when used by ANYTHING - can decimate your party, so 
    bring some healing Elements just in case!  Otherwise, just kill and go.
    Boss Fight #36
    Name: Orlha
    HP: 1800
    Innate: Blue
    Location: Guldove (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Blue Elements, Multipunch, Punch Drunk
    Spoils: @Mythril, Waist Pad
    Steal: Kung Fu Shoes
    Difficulty: 3
    Orlha may look like a sweet, young girl who happens to be bartender, but she's 
    got some MEAN martial arts skills, and she's not afraid to use 'em.  In fact, 
    she's more than a match for your heroic band of three.  Her physical attacks are 
    strong, and she links them throughout the battle.  She's got a wide range of 
    Blue Elements and she's not afraid to use 'em - she's even got Iceberg, and you 
    can expect that to do 100-200 damage to everyone.  Multipunch isn't too much of 
    a threat, but the AWESOME looking (and equally amusing) Punch Drunk Tech will do 
    a lot of damage to one character.  Make sure you allocate many healing and 
    Revive Elements to your characters; you'll need them.  Take her out fast so you 
    can minimize the damage she can do to you.  Not only is Orlha powerful, she's 
    FAST, and she also have a high Evade % - she'll be evading a lot of your 
    physical attacks.  Good luck, and keep a close eye on your HP!
    - Important Note -
    At this point in Chrono Cross, the party's objective is to defeat the Six Dragon 
    Gods of the Six Elements to gain their blessing, and, ultimately, their Relic.  
    With all six Relics, the party will gain access to the Sea of Eden.  As far as I 
    know, you can fight all the Dragon Gods except the Sky Dragon in whatever order 
    you want - the Sky Dragon must be fought last.  The following order isn't 
    necessarily the easiest or hardest order to fight them in; it's just the order 
    I... wrote the guide in... right.  ^_^  Anyway, the way I see it, there are 
    three "hard" Dragons and three "easy" ones, and although I've never fought the 
    Black Dragon (it's optional and I missed it), I've heard it's one of the "hard" 
    ones.  Good luck!
    Boss Fight #37
    Name: Water Dragon
    HP: 2800
    Innate: Blue
    Location: Water Dragon Isle (Home World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Deluge, Iceberg, Tsunami Beam
    Spoils: *Blue Whale
    Steal: Blue Plate
    Difficulty: 4
    I found the Water Dragon to be one of the "hard" dragons, because it has a lot 
    of different Blue attacks to decimate your party with.  At the start of the 
    battle, cast a Trap Iceberg Element, because the Water Dragon will most likely 
    cast Iceberg, and you don't want that extra damage done to your party.  Plus, 
    you get that Element.  Bringing a Red Innate character may be a liability, 
    because the Water Dragon's physical attacks are quite strong and he links them.  
    Plus the fact that his sole Tech, Tsunami Beam, does a lot of damage to a NON 
    Red Innate character.  It's your choice, but if you do, definitely make sure 
    that character has no Revive Elements on him/her, because the character will 
    most likely die at some point in the fight.  The Water Dragon has a lot of HP, 
    but it's nothing you haven't faced before, so bust out the Techs and Red 
    Elements and this guy will go down.  Just keep yourself healed and be wary of 
    Tsunami Beam, which the Water Dragon uses ludicrously often.  Also, don't forget 
    to steal the Blue Plate (if you can).
    Boss Fight #38
    Name: Earth Dragon
    HP: 3100
    Innate: Yellow
    Location: Earth Dragon Isle (Home World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Earthquake, Giddy Breath
    Spoils: *Thunda Snake
    Steal: Yellow Plate
    Difficulty: 2
    The Earth Dragon is a pushover, and definitely one of the "easy" dragons.  The 
    Earth Dragon seems to be frail even against a Yellow Innate character - plus, he 
    isn't that powerful anyway, so don't worry about bringing a Green Innate 
    character to this fight.  The only thing you should watch out for with this guy 
    is his physical attacks, which are somewhat powerful and linked - a lot.  
    Setting an Element Trap for Earthquake early on will save you the extra damage 
    later, and net you the best Yellow attack Element in the game.  I don't remember 
    it too well, but I don't seem to recall Giddy Breath being much - if any - of a 
    threat to my party.  Pound on the Earth Dragon with physical attacks, especially 
    from a powerful Green Innate like Karsh, and he'll go down in no time.  The 
    Yellow Plate will be helpful if you can steal it.
    Boss Fight #39
    Name: Fire Dragon
    HP: 3400
    Innate: Red
    Location: Mount Pyre (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Fiery Breath, Fire Breath
    Spoils: *Salamander
    Steal: Red Plate
    Difficulty: 3
    The Fire Dragon falls somewhere in the middle of the Dragon Gods, but seems to 
    lean slightly on the "easy" side.  The beginning of this battle is a joke 
    because the Fire Dragon is no more powerful than he was when you fought him 
    before.  However, just attack him physically - don't steal, or waste your Techs 
    or Blue Elements yet!  After he takes enough damage, he'll evolve into one hell 
    of a big dragon, and will get much stronger.  His physical attacks will be 
    powerful and linked, but Fiery Breath will be weak at both stages of the battle.  
    The one attack to WATCH OUT FOR is Fire Breath; used on a Blue Innate character, 
    this will most likely kill, and if it doesn't, will most certainly bring him/her 
    into the critical zone.  Used on any other character, it will hurt badly.  I 
    don't recommend bringing a Blue Innate into this fight for that reason.  
    However, the Fire Dragon's main weakness is his limited number of attacks; he 
    won't do anything outside of physical attacks, and Fiery and Fire Breath, so 
    you'll know what to expect.  Wail on this guy with Blue Elements and Techs, and 
    he'll go down shortly.  Don't forget to steal the Red Plate - but only once he's 
    evolved!  If you steal at the beginning of the battle, you'll get only a Magic 
    Boss Fight #40
    Name: Tyrano
    HP: 1600
    Innate: Red
    Location: Gaea's Navel (Home World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Dino Bite
    Spoils: Resistance Ring
    Steal: Power Seal, Gold Earring
    Difficulty: 1
    The Tyrano may look menacing, but he's a pussycat, and makes for one of the 
    easiest battles in the game.  Ignore the weak enemies he has with him and focus 
    your attacks entirely on Tyrano, and he'll go down amusingly quickly.  His 
    attacks are somewhat damaging, but not to the point where you can't heal without 
    getting alarmingly low on HP.  Clean up the regular enemies afterwards.
    Boss Fight #41
    Name: Green Dragon
    HP: 3700
    Innate: Green
    Location: Gaea's Navel (Home World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Carnivore, Tornado, Green Field, Bad Breath, Toxic 
    Spoils: *Genie
    Steal: Green Plate
    Difficulty: 2
    Why the Green Dragon is the one of the only ones not to have an Element in front 
    of his name and is not called the Wind Dragon I will never know, but I do know 
    one thing - he's crabby, and his many years stuck on Gaea's Navel have made him 
    terribly weak.  Don't fret about taking a Yellow Innate character into this 
    fight, in fact, I recommend it.  Set a trap for Carnivore or Tornado early on - 
    even though the former is not particularly damaging and the latter isn't much 
    stronger when used by this enemy, they're both good Elements to have in your 
    collection.  The Green Dragon's physical attacks are pretty weak, even when used 
    on a Yellow Innate.  And yes, they are linked, but they're STILL not that big a 
    deal even then.  Bad Breath can be an annoyance, but it's nothing special, and 
    Toxic Breath simply deals low damage to your whole party.  The most annoying 
    thing about the Green Dragon is his knack for casting Green Field religiously, 
    which will actually make his Elements damaging.  However, since this guy's ALSO 
    slow, you can simply cast a differently-colored Element and cancel out the 
    effect.  Chances are he'll waste another move casting Green Field again.  If you 
    can remember, steal the Green Plate from the dragon.
    Boss Fight #42 (Optional)
    Name: Black Dragon
    HP: 3900
    Innate: Black
    Location: Marbule (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Anti White, Black Elements, Dark Breath, Gravity Bomb
    Spoils: *Grim Reaper
    Steal: Black Plate
    Difficulty: 4
    To be able to battle the Black Dragon - and trust me, you want to - you must 
    complete the Home World Marbule sidequest to reunite the demi-humans and do that 
    whole Magical Dreamers concert thing.  I never did, and I never got to fight the 
    Black Dragon.  I regret that, because it has an absolutely essential item you 
    can steal...
    All the sources I've read say that the Black Dragon is definitely one of the 
    "hard" dragons, if not the hardest of them all.  Thankfully, unless you're 
    unwise enough to bring a White Innate into your party, he will have no advantage 
    against Lynx.  If you can manage it, bring Fargo into this battle at all cost; 
    you must steal the Black Plate if at all possible, because it will make a 
    future, otherwise-near impossible optional battle a LOT easier.  This guy's 
    physical attacks are strong, and his Dark Breath will remind you of Highwayman; 
    it has the uncanny effect of causing Darkness on all your characters.  To 
    rememdy this, bring plenty of Panacea, Purify, and Black Out Elements to this 
    battle.  After a Gravity Bomb attack, all your characters will be in critical 
    condition, so be sure to allocate a lot of healing and Revive Elements, and keep 
    your HP up!  Don't use White Elements at the offset of this battle; doing so 
    will only result in retaliation in the form of Anti White castings.  Instead, 
    use powerful Elements of various Colors except Black in the early rounds of 
    battle.  You may want to set an Element Trap for Free Fall too, because the 
    Black Dragon will most certainly cast it.  Remember, steal the Black Plate at 
    all costs!
    Boss Fight #43
    Name: Sky Dragon
    HP: 3800
    Innate: White
    Location: Sky Dragon Isle (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, White Elements, Null State, White Breath
    Spoils: *Saints
    Steal: White Plate
    Difficulty: 4
    The Sky Dragon of the White Element is probably the hardest of all the dragons.  
    Lynx will most definitely die in this battle, and you'll be lucky to make it out 
    with him alive.  The Sky Dragon's physical attacks are very strong and linked, 
    and although the Sky Dragon will use weak White Elements like Meteorite and 
    Photon Beam, it will also use strong ones like Meteor Shower and Holy Light.  
    Early on you should set an Element Trap for Ultra Nova, the strongest White 
    Element in the game, because the Sky Dragon WILL use it and if it successfully 
    hits you, it will probably wipe out your party if they're not at or near full 
    HP.  The Sky Dragon uses a Tech called Null State often.  During the next few 
    rounds following the casting, no attacks will do anywhere near their full 
    potential, so do NOT waste your best Black Elements and Techs during this time!  
    Once things return to normal, immediately bust out Glide Hook, Feral Cats, and 
    Forever Zero on the Sky Dragon, and you'll be doing a lot of damage.  White 
    Breath, especially if any of your members have been turned Black, will hurt your 
    characters a LOT and most likely kill Lynx.  If you have Fargo in your party, do 
    not forget to steal the White Plate!
    Boss Fight #44
    Name: Dario
    HP: 3500
    Innate: Black
    Location: Forbidden Island (Home World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Dash and Gash, Sonic Sword
    Spoils: Snake Fangs, Pendragon Sigil A
    Steal: Nostrum
    Difficulty: 6
    This optional battle against Dario is easily the most difficult battle in the 
    game.  Glenn's older brother will pull no punches in this fight, and you're 
    already at a huge disadvantage because you MUST have Riddel in your party, who, 
    quite frankly, sucks (AND is a White Innate).  I highly, HIGHLY recommend you 
    fight this battle with Lynx and not Serge, so that you will not have two 
    characters that are weak to Dario.  If you don't have the Black Plate (stolen 
    from the Black Dragon), you're in for a near-impossible fight.  If you do, this 
    battle will be much easier and you'll actually be basically invulnerable.  But 
    most people won't get the Black Plate and that is why I'm writing this strategy.  
    First of all, you will not be using Elements or Techs on Dario.  Not only do 
    they not do much good, but the ensuing counterattack will most likely wipe your 
    party out.  You're going to stick to strictly physical attacks in this battle so 
    that Dario will act normal.  Dario has a distinct battle pattern, that, I've 
    found NEVER changes; physical attack combo, Dash and Gash, physical attack 
    combo, Sonic Sword, repeat.  Let me give you a small run-down on the amount of 
    damage to expect from these attacks; Dario's physical attack combos, when you're 
    not defending, will do around 60-90 damage per hit, and on a White Innate, 100-
    130.  This will always kill Riddel unless she's defending.  Dash and Gash will 
    do 200-350 to a non White Innate, 400-500 to a White Innate.  This will always 
    kill Riddel and Serge period.  Sonic Sword is a relief at a measly 50-60 damage 
    to a non White, and 80-120 damage to a White.  How in the WORLD do you stand up 
    to this?  Usually, not until a New Game +.  But I did do it - how, I'm not quite 
    sure, but I did it.  First off, remove all Elements from your three strongest 
    party members.  (I used Lynx, Karsh, and the obligatory Riddel).  Then fill ALL 
    their Element Slots with healing and Revive Elements - all of them.  Like I said 
    earlier, you won't be using attack Elements on Dario.  Engage battle with Dario, 
    and just use physical attacks on him.  Defend at the end of every turn you can 
    and never use up all your Stamina if at all possible.  You do not want to be 
    left defenseless.  This battle will go SLOWLY because Dario has incredibly high 
    Defense Power - even Karsh's fierce attack only does around 80-90 damage.  And 
    yes, Dario has 3500 HP.  When it comes to Lynx, Dario will probably never kill 
    him as long as you heal often, and your other character should be okay too as 
    long as he's not a White Innate and he has a lot of HP.  Riddel will die often, 
    and it's actually best to leave her dead because it's just too risky to revive 
    her and leave your characters defenseless.  Realistically, Dario will NOT be 
    able to kill your other two characters if you keep healing.  Then it just comes 
    down to a battle of attrition - who can last the longest.  When Dario starts 
    keeling over, don't let up - he'll be relentless in his efforts to kill you!  
    Whether he has 35 HP or 3500 HP, Dario can kill you, so don't take anything for 
    granted in this fight.  For winning, you get Serge's best weapon (yes, better 
    than the Spectral Swallow), the Mastermune, and access to the Lucca's Burning 
    House sidequest (which, I might add, is simply a perfect moment in video gaming 
    Now then, if you have the Black Plate, simply equip it on whoever you want, 
    preferably not Riddel.  Dario's physical attacks will still damage the equipped 
    character, his his two Techs will heal the character!  In essence, this 
    character will be invulnerable in this battle.
    Boss Fight #45
    Name: Dark Serge
    HP: 3000
    Innate: Black
    Location: Fort Dragonia (Home World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Level 6 Elements, Glide Hook, Feral Cats, Forever 
    Spoils: Pendragon Sigil A, Stamina Belt
    Steal: Trashy Tiara, @Rainbow Shell
    Difficulty: 5
    I'll bet you're more than ready to take this guy out, right?  You're so fed up 
    with Dark Serge you'll take him out no problem, right?  That's what I thought, 
    and I almost had my head handed to me.  Allocate a LOT of Heal All, Cure All, 
    and Recover All Elements as well as any Revive Elements you may have - you'll 
    need them.  Set a trap for Black Hole early on, since Dark Serge will use it and 
    if he hits with it, it will DECIMATE your party.  Since Dark Serge is 
    (strangely) Black Innate, he won't be able to hurt Lynx as much as your other 
    members.  You may actually want to consider bringing two Black Innates to this 
    fight, just for added insurance.  Dark Serge has powerful physical attacks, and 
    he links them more than any other Boss so far in the game; I've counted up to 
    seven consecutive attacks on the same character.  Dark Serge just loves to use 
    Elements of all Colors, and in the course of the battle, he can use Volcano 
    (very dangerous), Iceberg (also very dangerous), Tornado (not too bad), 
    Earthquale (kinda dangerous), Black Hole (lethal), and Ultra Nova (also lethal).  
    That is the reason why you need all the all-healing Elements.  Glide Hook, once 
    again, is nothing to worry about, but Feral Cats is, and Forever Zero will bring 
    your party to its knees.  Ironically - and it felt kinda cool, too - the only 
    one alive at the end of my battle with Dark Serge, and consequently, the one who 
    put him down for good, was Lynx.  That just may happen for you too.  Just 
    remember, the most important thing is to have a lot of healing Elements to spare 
    in this fight.
    - Important Note -
    The plot of Chrono Cross takes yet another huge turn at this point in the game.  
    When you reach the Room of Rituals atop Fort Dragonia, Serge will be reborn by 
    the Dragon Tear.  YAY!  No more Lynx!  (I, for one, was getting extremely tired 
    of him by then.)  Once again, I will be referring to Serge/Lynx as Serge.  ^_^
    Boss Fight #46
    Name: Vita Unus/Dos/Tres
    HP: 2500/2500/70
    Innate: Red/Green/Blue
    Location: Sea of Eden (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, various Elements
    Spoils: Vigora/Earring of Light, Diva Dress/Diva Dress, Golden Tiara
    Steal: White Brooch, Diva Dress/White Brooch, Holy Healing/White Brooch, 
    Difficulty: 2
    Frankly, I didn't need to prepare much for this very odd fight.  Vita takes its 
    form depending on which of the three Fates you visit last; Present is Unus, 
    Future is Dos, and Past is Tres.  However, all three Fates exist in Vita; they 
    shut down in the order you visited them as you deplete Vita's HP, and they all 
    attack differently.  However, I never noticed much difference in their attacks, 
    and they were all the same to me - weak.  Vita's physical attacks can rack up 
    the damage, but not to the point where you'll ever be in critical condition 
    before you can heal.  Vita will also use various high level Elements, but it 
    never once used anything REALLY strong on me like Ultra Nova or Black Hole.  
    Just wail on this creepy thing with Techs and Elements until it goes down; it 
    won't take long.
    Boss Fight #47
    Name: Polis Police
    HP: 3200
    Innate: White
    Location: Chronopolis (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Megaton Fist, Bazooka
    Spoils: Phys Negate, Capsule
    Steal: @Rainbow Shell
    Difficulty: 4
    At first you may think this thing is a normal enemy, but don't be fooled!  This 
    is a Boss, and an extremely strong one at that.  The number one rule of this 
    fight: allocate ALL of your Revive Elements - your characters WILL die and there 
    is no avoiding it.  Also, allocate a lot of healing Elements.  I strongly advise 
    against bringing a Black Innate into this fight.  Serge, with his Mastermune if 
    you have it, will still be effective against Polis Police, because of its 
    incredibly low Defense.  From the offset of this battle, wail on this thing with 
    your best Black Elements, and especially Serge's Techs.  This is one battle you 
    want to get done with as soon as you can, because Polis Police is stronger, 
    physically, than any enemy you've faced before, except for maybe Dario.  His 
    physical attacks are strong and linked, and Megaton Fist (cue screaming old man 
    here) will do around 300-400 damage to a single character.  If that doesn't drop 
    one of our heroes, then Bazooka will, at a whopping 600-650 damage to a single 
    character!  Revive immediately after Bazooka - it will always kill - and spread 
    out your Revive Elements, don't just allocate them all to one person.  If you 
    can end this battle quickly, you should come out all right.  If you can, 
    summoning Mother Ship or Grim Repaer will help.
    Boss Fight #48
    Name: Fate
    HP: 5000
    Innate: Black
    Location: Chronopolis (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Gravity Blow, Gravitonne, Free Fall, Diminish, Heat 
    Ray, Dark Energy
    Spoils: Magic Seal, Holy Healing
    Steal: Earring of Light
    Difficulty: 2
    Finally - this is it.  Serge and company are face to face with Fate, the entity 
    that controls everyone's lives from the future through the Records of Fate.  As 
    big and ominous and tough as you think Fate might be, its older version, the 
    Mother Brain from Chrono Trigger, was tougher.  (Yep, Fate and Mother Brain are 
    one and the same - Fate is just an "upgraded" version.)  If you've played Chrono 
    Trigger, you'll know this fight to be a lot like the fight with Black Tyrano at 
    Azala's Castle; throughout the fight, Fate counts down from 5 to 0, and then 
    unleases a mean attack at 0.  However, unlike Black Tyrano, Fate unleases a 
    different attack at each number (but they're always the same attack on each 
    number).  At 5, it will cast Diminish.  After it does, avoid using Elements and 
    Techs, as they will be very ineffective; resume using them once damage goes back 
    to normal.  At 4, it will cast Gravitonne for amusingly small damage on the 
    entire party, even on White Innates.  Nothing to worry about.  At 3, it will use 
    its first Tech, Heat Ray, which will do considerable damage to one character and 
    sometimes add Darkness.  Heal and remove Darkness after this if you feel it's 
    necessary.  At 2, it will cast Free Fall, and when used on a White Innate, this 
    will do a lot of damage.  You'll most likely need to heal after one of these.  
    Better yet, cast an Element Trap for Free Fall on Fate; you're sure to get at 
    least one of these great Elements.  At 1, it will, for some reason, cast Gravity 
    Blow, the weakest Black Element in the game, twice on random characters.  Both 
    of these hits will do under 10 damage most likely.  And then, at 0, it will use 
    its ultimate Tech Dark Energy, which will do pretty high damage (150-250, if I 
    remember) to the entire party.  Always use a Recover All or Heal All Element 
    after this, and make sure you keep your HP at a reasonable amount.  Otherwise, 
    besides its weak physical attacks, that's all Fate does, and its attack pattern 
    is sickeningly easy to predict.  Exploit this weakness and bombard Fate with 
    Techs, Elements, and physical attacks, and although it will take awhile - Fate 
    has 5000 HP, the most you've seen thus far - it won't be that hard of a ride.
    Boss Fight #49
    Name: Royal Jelly
    HP: 1657
    Innate: Blue
    Location: El Nido Triangle (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Vortex
    Spoils: Resistance Belt
    Steal: Earring of Light, Magic Ring
    Difficulty: 1
    *IMPORTANT!*  Make sure that the two members accompanying Serge are a Red Innate 
    with a Level 8 Element Grid and Starky.  Don't worry, this is an easy battle 
    anyway.  The only - and I mean ONLY - attacks that will damage this transparent 
    jellyfish are Red Elements.  On your Red Innate (I used Kid since she's 
    extremely powerful), allocate *Salamander, and on your other characters, have at 
    least three Red Elements.  Since Royal Jelly very rarely uses his one (weak) 
    Tech, Vortex, it'll be quite easy to make the Field Effect all Red and summon 
    Salamander.  This alone might kill Royal Jelly; if it dosesn't, finish it off 
    with a few Fireball or Fire Pillar or whatever Red Elements you want - it should 
    only take a couple.  Oh yeah, and the reason you want to take Starky is because 
    the event that happens immediately following this battle requires Starky to be 
    in your party, and it really sucks to have to backtrack through the El Nido 
    Triangle just to get him.  ^_~
    - Important Note -
    At this point, you will enter Terra Tower, the "final dungeon" of Chrono Cross.  
    However, don't fear, the game won't END here, and you WILL return to the World 
    Map eventually.  Anyway, I wanted to make you aware of the Elemental Dolls 
    (there is one for each Color) you will now be fighting.  They all use Techs and 
    Elements strictly of their Color, and they all have the Omega Color attacks, 
    which all hurt, and badly.  Like the Dragon Gods, there are three hard Dolls and 
    three easy Dolls.  Unlike the Dragon Gods, the Dolls must be fought in this 
    order except for two - the White and Black Dolls are switchable.
    Boss Fight #50
    Name: Terrator
    HP: 2200
    Innate: Yellow
    Location: Terra Tower (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Earthquake, Omega Yellow, Wave of Fear, Spirits Up, 
    Spirits Down
    Spoils: Yellow Field
    Steal: Yellow Brooch, Earth Charm
    Difficulty: 3
    The first of the Elemental Dolls you will face is Terrator, the Yellow Doll.  
    He's one of the hard ones in my opinion.  However, I don't necessarily recommend 
    against bringing a Green Innate into this battle, because I don't think it will 
    necessarily be THAT hard.  Terrator's physical attacks hit hard and linked, so 
    make sure you bring a lot of healing Elements.  Set a Trap for Earthquake early 
    on, because Terrator will surely cast it.  Ah, and you will now be introduced to 
    the Omega Color attacks, which are basically the ultimate attack Element in each 
    group.  In this case, Terrator has Omega Yellow and he sure as hell isn't afraid 
    to use it.  You can typically expect this to do around 200-350 damage on one 
    character.  It will use Spirits Up and Spirits Down at the beginning of the 
    battle, respectively increasing his Defense and lowering yours.  If you heal 
    after each Omega Yellow, though, you should be fine.  Use Green Elements and 
    Techs.  Oh, and prevent the Field Effect from becoming all Yellow at all costs!  
    Boss Fight #51
    Name: Pyrotor
    HP: 2400
    Innate: Red
    Location: Terra Tower (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, Inferno, Omega Red, Sadness Wave, Happy Wave
    Spoils: Red Field
    Steal: Red Brooch, Flame Charm
    Difficulty: 2
    Next up is Pyrotor, the Red Doll.  He's much easier than Terrator; the biggest 
    difference is that his physical attacks seem weaker.  Go ahead and bring a Blue 
    Innate into this fight if you want, there's no risk, really.  Set a Trap for 
    Inferno if you like, because it's a pretty good Element to have.  Sadness Wave 
    and Happy Wave will decrease your and raise Pyrotor's Attack Power respectively.  
    And, of couse, Omega Red is the ultimate Red Element, and you can expect it to 
    hit hard on whoever it's used on.  Heal immediately after its use, and if you do 
    use a Blue Innate, keep his or her HP up.  Use Blue Elements and Techs on this 
    Boss Fight #52
    Name: Anemotor
    HP: 2500
    Innate: Green
    Location: Terra Tower (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, various Green Elements, Carnivore, Omega Green
    Spoils: Green Field
    Steal: Green Brooch, Forest Charm
    Difficulty: 3
    Your third oppponent will be Anemotor, the Green Doll, and also another one of 
    the easy ones.  Unlike Terrator and Pyrotor, Anemotor has no status altering 
    Techs, making him even easier.  Oftentimes he will use weak Green Elements like 
    Aero Saucer and Bushbasher.  However, you should set a trap for Carnivore 
    because he will use that and it hurts.  Also, Omega Green seems to be one of the 
    more hard-hitting Omega attacks, so you'll need to keep an eye on your HP.  
    Otherwise, Anemotor's physical attacks are bleak and you can take this guy out 
    with Yellow Elements and Techs.
    Boss Fight #53
    Name: Gravitor
    HP: 3000
    Innate: Black
    Location: Star Tower (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, various Black Elements, Omega Black
    Spoils: Black Hole, Black Brooch
    Steal: Daemon Charm
    Difficulty: 4
    Both Gravitor and his opposite, Luxator, are definitely the hardest of all the 
    Dolls.  As you may have guessed, Gravitor is the Black Doll, and as such, that 
    makes Serge extremely vulnerable.  Gravitor's physical attacks are very strong, 
    and Gravitor will use even powerful Black Elements like Black Hole and Free 
    Fall.  Omega Black will, as expected, decimate one character, and possibly kill 
    Serge.  Allocate a lot of healing and Revive Elements for this fight.  Serge 
    with his Mastermune will cause a lot of damage to Gravitor, and overall, he 
    shouldn't take too long to take down; he's just strong.
    Boss Fight #54
    Name: Luxator
    HP: 3000
    Innate: White
    Location: Star Tower (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, various White Elements, Omega White
    Spoils: Ultra Nova, White Brooch
    Steal: Angel Charm
    Difficulty: 4
    Luxator, the White Doll, is basically Gravitor's exact opposite - it's no 
    stronger and no weaker than Gravitor, and it attacks the same way except in that 
    it uses White, and not Black, Elements.  Of course, you should avoid brining any 
    Black Innates to this fight because Luxator is powerful.  His phyiscal attacks 
    are very strong and linked, and you should cast an Element Trap for Holy Light 
    because Luxator WILL use it (well, probably) and it WILL hurt.  Luxator does 
    like to use weak Elements like Meteorite and Photon Beam, but he will use his 
    share of Meteor Showers and Holy Lights - enough to leave you crying for mercy.  
    He may also use Ultra Nova; be extra wary of that and keep your HP up!  And 
    Omega White is one of the most damaging Omega attacks yet.  Otherwise, Luxator 
    seems to fall quickly like Gravitor did, but just a little more resilient; Black 
    Elements and Techs will take him out soon enough, though.  Just don't forget the 
    healing Elements!
    Boss Fight #55
    Name: Aquator
    HP: 2800
    Innate: Blue
    Location: Star Tower (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, various Blue Elements, Omega Blue
    Spoils: Blue Field, Blue Brooch
    Steal: Sea Charm
    Difficulty: 2
    Ah, finally, the last Elemental Doll - Aquator, the Blue Doll.  Thankfully, 
    after those last two nasty fights, you're treated to an easy battle; Aquator is 
    probably the easiest out of all the Dolls, except for Pyrotor, I'd say.  His 
    physical attacks will fail to do very much damage to you; however, he will cast 
    Deluge and possibly Iceberg, so don't forget the healing Elements and set 
    Element Traps for those Elements - Iceberg especially.  His most damaging 
    attack, obviously, is Omega Blue, the final Omega attack you'll face.  It seems 
    to be one of the weaker ones; however, it will bring a Red Innate to its knees 
    even at full HP, so be wary of your HP.  Otherwise, don't be afraid to bring a 
    Red Innate into this battle, and repeated hits with Red Elements and Techs will 
    be more than enough to bring this guy down.
    - Important Note -
    Make sure you have your three best characters equipped to the max, and that 
    you're totally ready, because the finale of Chrono Cross beings here... however, 
    what I said before still stands - you will return to the World Map before the 
    game ends.
    Final Boss Fight #1
    Name: Fused Dragon
    HP: ?????
    Innate: All
    Location: Star Tower (Another World)
    Attacks: Physical attacks, various Elements, Omega Yellow, Omega Red, Omega 
    Green, Omega Blue, Omega Black, Omega White, unnamed Tech
    Spoils: Earring of Hope
    Steal: Holy Light
    Difficulty: 3
    This is it - the first final battle... against the Fused Dragon.  I refuse to 
    call it the Time Devourer, because it's not really that!  You'll see what I mean 
    after this battle.  ^_^  This beast is truly all the Dragon Gods fused together.  
    And, what with all the AWESOME music and setting, you'd think this would be an 
    epic battle... but unfortunately, it's one of the relative easiest in the game.  
    I came nowhere close to dying, but you need to keep an eye on your HP.  Anyway, 
    the Fused Dragon will assume all the Innate Colors during the course of this 
    battle; how fast it switches Innates will be dependent on how fast you cause 
    damage to it.  Let's review this beast's attacks - first, its physical attacks 
    are actually pretty weak - definitely not as powerful as Luxator's or 
    Gravitor's.  Second, depending on what its Innate is at the stage in the battle, 
    it will use all Level Elements to assault your party.  For this reason, you'll 
    obviously need healing Elements... but even the Element attacks aren't THAT 
    powerful.  And finally, you'll notice that the Fused Dragon has every Omega 
    attack.  That may scare you, but he doesn't use them very often - maybe once per 
    Innate change, and not even once sometimes!  And as long as you have a lot of 
    healing Elements, like I said before, you'll be just fine.  The Fused Dragon 
    also has one "unnamed" Tech were it flies offscreen and then low and and through 
    your party.  As nasty as this looks, it only does 60-100 damage to everyone and 
    will hardly be enough to scratch your heroes (Serge had 574 HP in my game).  
    Okay then... on to the strategy!
    The Fused Dragon will start out White, and the setting will be the Star Tower.  
    It will probably not cast Omega White and focus more on Meteor Shower - in fact, 
    I don't remember it casting Holy Light, even.  Serge with the Mastermune will 
    cause major damage to the Fused Dragons in all forms, so even physical attacks 
    work quite well.  Hold off on using Techs until the Fused Dragon changes to the 
    Innate opposite of one of your characters; in other words, don't use Techs until 
    you can do max damage with them.  In this stage, I remember the Fused Dragon 
    using Photon Ray, Meteorite, and Meteor Shower in the way of Elements.  After 
    taking enough damage, the scene will shift to Earth Dragon Isle (this background 
    changing reminds me of the Lavos Core!) and the Fused Dragon will assume Yellow 
    as its Innate Color.  He will continue using physical attacks, and start using 
    Yellow Elements such as Upheaval, Electro Bolt, Earthquake, and yes, Omega 
    Yellow.  You'll most likely need to heal by this point.  If you have Karsh in 
    your party, you're in for a major treat; physical attacks and one Axiomatic 
    should be well near enough to make the Fused Dragon assume its next Innate - 
    Red.  The scene will change to Mount Pyre, and you'll start being on the 
    receiving end of a lot of Red Elements.  The Fused Dragon will probably use 
    Fireball, Magma Bomb, Magma Burst, and Inferno... and possibly Omega Red.  
    Obviously, the only Element out of that group that is REALLY powerful is Omega 
    Red, although Inferno can do decent damage.  If you have Orlha in your party, 
    you'll be able to devastate this stage of the Fused Dragon with her Sister Hoods 
    and Punch Drunk Techs.  Otherwise, just keep beating this guy down and watch out 
    for Omega Red.  The next area you will move to is Gaea's Navel, and you will be 
    facing the Green Innate version of the Fused Dragon.  I distinctly remember it 
    using Carnivore, Tornado, and Omega Green on me, so be very wary of its attacks 
    in this stage!  It also used Bushwhacker, Bushbasher, and Aero Blaster I 
    believe.  (Why, oh, why do these powerful Bosses waste time with low Level 
    Elements?)  Norris will be especially effective against this version, with his 
    Yellow Techs like Top Shot and Sun Shower.  The next transformation it will make 
    is to Innate Blue, and you will be fighting in Water Dragon Isle.  This version 
    is no harder than the other versions - you'll be hit with Elements like Ice 
    Lance, Ice Blast, Deluge, Omega Blue, and possibly Iceberg.  I can't remember if 
    it used Iceberg on me, but it may have, and if it does, you can expect it to 
    hurt.  Omega Blue seems to be less of a threat than Iceberg, and hopefully 
    you'll have some all-healing Elements left in your Grids - and hey, if you do 
    run out of healing Elements, you can always have Serge use Chrono Cross to 
    recharge your Elements.  ^_^  If Kid is in your party, she'll kick the Fused 
    Dragon's arse so hard it'll kiss the moons - namely, with her Hot Shot and Red 
    Pin Techs, and her uncanny Magic casting abilities.  Finally, things begin to 
    get a little interesting as the Fused Dragon assumes Black as its Innate color, 
    and the scene shifts to Marbule.  This is probably the one point of the battle 
    you should be especially careful in and get over with quick, as Black Elements 
    are notorious for being particularly nasty.  The Fused Dragon will use Gravity 
    Blow, Hell Soul, Hell Bound, Free Fall, and possibly Black Hole on your party 
    here.  Be especially careful of Black Hole, as always, and also, as always, keep 
    an eye on Serge's HP, especially if the Fused Dragon decides to use Omega Black!  
    Serge, however, in turn, will make short work of the Fused Dragon as he beats it 
    up with Flying Arrow and Dash and Slash (Luminaire seems to be less effective 
    here).  I'll bet you're getting sick of this by now - don't worry, we're almost 
    done.  Finally, the Fused Dragon will change back to White for its final effort 
    to kill you off, and the setting will revert back to the Star Tower.  Be careful 
    if you have a Black Innate in your party; it will use the Elements it did 
    before, plus Omega White and possibly Ultra Nova.  Keep your HP up and the 
    pressure on - Guile will definitely finish this battle off quickly, but if you 
    don't have him, Serge will do just as well, as will your two other characters.  
    Use all your remaining Techs and high level Black Elements to finish off the 
    great Fused Dragon once and for all.
    And the world is saved... the quest over.  Or is it...?
    Not on your life!
    - Important Note -
    This is it; do absolutely everything you want to do before going to Opassa Beach 
    in the Home World!  The gateway to the true final battle is there, and if you 
    want to beat this perfect game the true way, take my advice and make sure you 
    have these steps done:
    - Make sure each of your characters has a Level 1 and 2 attack Element of EACH 
    color in Levels 1 and 2 of their Element Grids.
    - Make sure Chrono Cross is equipped on Serge's Level 8 Element Slot.
    - Make sure you have healing and Revive Elements allocated to each of your 
    - If possible, don't bring any Black Innates into the fight.
    - Save your game.
    - Make sure the volume on your TV is loud.  ^_^
    That's it!  Once you've done everything you wanted to do and fulfilled those 
    steps, say goodbye to the El Nido Archipelago and head to Opassa Beach.  If 
    you're in Another World - you probably will be - cross to the Home World as 
    usual.  When you get there, your heart will skip a beat; Crono, Marle and Lucca 
    are waiting for you, situated around a new Gate.  This time the battle is for 
    real.  The three Chrono Trigger heroes will clarify the story of Chrono Cross 
    and explain all the relations to Chrono Trigger.  Make sure you talk to all 
    three of them for the whole story!  Once you've braced yourself, step into the 
    new light on the beach and use the coveted Chrono Trigger (for those who haven't 
    played CT, the Time Egg)...
    Final Boss Fight #2
    Name: Lavos, the Time Devourer
    HP: ?????
    Location: The Darkness at the End of Time
    Innate: White
    Attacks: Various Elements, Omega Yellow, Omega Red, Omega Green, Omega Blue, 
    Omega Black, Omega White
    Spoils: Nothing
    Steal: Nostrum
    Difficulty: 2
    And lo and behold, here is Schala, the long lost Princess of Zeal Kingdom!  
    Chrono Trigger veterans will no doubt be heartbroken at seeing her in this 
    state; after the destruction of the Ocean Palace, she was thrown into the Time 
    Stream where she unwillingly fused with Lavos.  Lavos absorbed half of her kind 
    heart and spirit (and  assumingly her purple hair, too) and now half of her is 
    the Schala we once knew, and half of her... wants to destroy the world, like 
    Lavos.  There are two ways you can win this battle; you can simply defeat Lavos 
    and ultimately destroy it, along with Schala, once for all, and get the bad 
    ending (the credits roll, and that's it).  Or, you can do what a real Chrono 
    Trigger would do and do the right thing - free Schala from her imprisonment 
    within Lavos and end her suffering (which has, theoretically, been agonizingly 
    long at 13020 years).
    If you must see both endings, then defeating Lavos and Schala is a joke.  I 
    guess Lavos was weakened greatly from its fight with Crono and friends; in 
    Chrono Cross, it's pretty weak and actually easier than the Fused Dragon.  It 
    seems partial to Green Elements, but also likes to use Blue and Yellow Elements.  
    Lavos will use many, many low level Elements like Bushbasher and Aero Saucer on 
    you, and also, many many high level ones like Carnivore, Tornado, and Omega 
    Green (and possibly those category Elements of the other Colors if you let it).  
    You'll definitely need to heal a lot, but on the whole, Lavos isn't that strong 
    and destroying it once and for all with physical attacks and Techs may be time-
    consuming, but it's not difficult.  Lavos seems to have high Defense, and even 
    Serge will have a tough time causing a lot of damage, but on the whole, if 
    you've come this far you will not have any problems whatsoever.  Watch as Lavos 
    and Schala are destroyed in glorious rays of light, and the threat to the future 
    is temporarily averted as Lavos becomes sealed away in the Time Stream once 
    However, to truly destroy Lavos once and for all, save Schala, and unite the two 
    worlds, you must use the Chrono Cross.  How, you ask?  Well, you know those 
    weird little symbols that appear at the top of the screen after using Elements, 
    when you have the Chrono Cross equipped?  That's the key.  You must cast the 
    Elements in a certain order to create the Melody of Life and Harmony that will 
    free Schala.  And, you will know what this order is if you've been paying close 
    attention to the game.    But if you didn't pick it up, don't fear - that's why 
    I'm here.  ^_^  The catch is, this order is very delicate and cannot be 
    interrupted by an Element out of order even once, and Lavos just loves to 
    disrupt your order.  So why it may sound impossible, Lavos is actually so slow 
    that you will get six turns to its one.  "But there are seven Elements!" you 
    say.  Very true - however, strangely enough, once you cast a Black and then 
    White Element on Lavos, that will seal its attacks forever unless you cast 
    another regular Element on it.  So, theoretically, you'll be able to take all 
    the time you need to prepare for the seventh and final Element.  There's only 
    one way you'll be able to get off six Elements in six turns, though, and here's 
    the strategy.  First, ignore your Elements entirely and attack Lavos physically 
    with all your characters until your Element Levels are at 8 all around.  Once 
    that's done, Defend until your Stamina is once again 7 with everyone, and then, 
    just wait for Lavos to attack one more time with these steps completed.  Once it 
    assaults your party, begin the Element sequence, which is Yellow > Red > Green > 
    Blue > Black > White > Chrono Cross, on the next turn.  With Serge, cast 
    Fireball; with character two, cast Uplift; with character three, cast 
    Bushwhacker; with Serge again, cast Aqua Beam; with character two again, cast 
    Gravity Blow; and with character three again, cast Photon Ray.  That's it!  
    You've sealed up Lavos' attacks for good now.  Switch back to Serge and build 
    his Element Level back up to 8.  And finally, unleash the Chrono Cross.  In the 
    ensuing cinema, which is easily one of the most perfect moments in video gaming 
    history - the music is astounding throughout the ending - Lavos will truly be 
    destroyed once and for all, and Schala will be freed from her long imprisonment 
    within Lavos after 13020 years.  Serge has united the two worlds, Schala has 
    been freed, Lavos has been destroyed, and the second chapter in the Chrono saga 
    comes to a close.
    But is the threat truly vanquished?  What about the Frozen Flame, and what 
    horrible fate has befallen the kingdom of Guardia?  And what about "The Entity" 
    that Lucca spoke of in Chrono Trigger?  In no way is this incredible series 
    finished yet - there are still too many loose ends.  There will almost certainly 
    be a third Chrono game to close up the plot for good.  But in any case, 
    congratulations for finishing what is probably the most magnificent RPG ever 
    made so far, except for the possible exception of Chrono Trigger.
    V.  Conclusion
    Congratulations on finishing Chrono Cross!  I hope my guide helped you with this 
    game, as I put a lot of time and effort into it.  If you have any RPG questions, 
    as always, E-mail (DO NOT IM ME!!!) me at LightRanma@aol.com, and I will get 
    back to you when time allows.  Later, and thanks for checking out this FAQ!
    VI.  Thanks
    I would like to thank the following people/entites for their help.
    - Square Soft, for fulfilling every RPGamer's dream and releasing a sequel to 
    one of the most magnificent and perfect RPGs ever made, Chrono Trigger
    - Square Soft (again), for making Chrono Cross a magnificent game in itself and 
    a more than worthy sequel to Chrono Trigger
    - Yasunori Mitsuda, for being the God of Music, the hands down best music 
    composer in the world, and for composing such breathtaking scores for Chrono 
    Trigger and Chrono Cross (and Xenogears, but that doesn't belong in this guide 
    ;).  I've never heard more magnificent music.  He is truly an incredible man, 
    and a legend of music.
    - BradyGAMES' Official Chrono Cross Offcial Strategy Guide, for the HP totals, 
    spoils, and stealed items of the Bosses
    - And Ryo, for being the only one of my friends who actually uses my guides if 
    he gets stuck in a RPG.  ^_~
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    meaning to what is meaningless.  A lone, crimson tear falls into the sea... the 
    echo of the remaining star cries out in the infinite vacuum.  The least I can do 
    is send my distant prayers over the wind of time, setting sail on dreams..."
    - Arni Village Resident
    ~ Copyright 2000 ~

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