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    New Game+ and Continue+ FAQ by Nev

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                                  Chrono Cross
                     New Game+ and Continue+ Mastering Guide
    Version: 1.01 27/11/00
    Author: Nev <Neville Collins>
    E-mail: nev@r67.net
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    Characters, Chrono Trigger: Race Demo and Radical Dreamers: Unstolen
    Jeweller are all (c) 1995-2000 Square.
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                         G A M E   I N F O R M A T I O N                    
    Title: Chrono Cross
    Series: Chrono Trigger and Radical Dreamers: Unstolen Jeweller sequel
    Developer: Squaresoft
    Publisher: Square (Japan), Square Electronics Arts L.L.C. (US and Canada)
    Genre: SRPG
    Players: 1
     System: SONY PlayStation 
      ROM Size: 2 discs (1300 MB)
      Memory Card: 1 block
      Analogue Control Compatible: Yes
      Vibration Function Compatible: Yes
      PocketStation Compatible: No
     Chrono Cross Release:
       Japan     18/11/1999 (NTSC format)
       USA       15/08/2000 (NTSC format)
       Canada    15/08/2000 (NTSC format)
                          The dream our planet once had
            Defeated the darkness and brought forth a brighter future.
              However, this was also the dawn of a new nightmare...
         The final battle over the legendary treasure, "The Frozen Flame"
                     A battle between dragons, humans, and FATE
             That will surpass even space and time is about to begin...
                      Our Planet's dream has not yet ended...
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Chrono Trigger Series
    3.  Clear Game Explanation and Features
    4.  Infinite Items Trick (Unconfirmed)
    5.  Endings
    6.  Characters
    7.  Best Equipment
    8.  @Rainbow Shells
    9.  Sprigg's Doppelgangs
    10. Window Frames
    11. Outroduction
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    1. Introduction
    This is a short guide for building up a "mastered" game file for an
    obscure little known RPG named Chrono Cross from Square. It is intended
    for players who either have completed, or are near completion (by that I
    mean you're a fair chunk through disc 2, at least at the Terra Tower).
    I'll warn you now, though I have tried to avoid any unnecessary plot
    spoilers, there are spoilers present, so please, for your own enjoyment
    of the game, if you haven't completed or near completed it DON'T READ ON.
    Anyways, it just covers all new features added to the game that you will
    receive upon completion, how to obtain all 44 playable characters, items
    required to forge their best possible equipment, the locations of all
    @Rainbow Shells required to forge the best equipment, a short list of
    Sprigg's Doppelgangs that can be accumulated from clear game to clear
    game, little secrets and how and when to trigger all eleven known
    endings. Its undoubtedly mostly covered elsewhere, but it is still nice
    for players to have a single guide for a lot of what there is to do after
    completing Chrono Cross, and I haven't seen some of this stuff anywhere
    else, like the complete US Doppelgang list, and location of all 23
    @Rainbow Shells, hope you find it helpful...
    BTW, I've tried to base it all on the US version, using the US names, as
    that's the version ppl will most likely be playing O_o
    2. Chrono Trigger Series
    Nothing to do with the guide, but to quickly recap for any younger gamers
    who don't know, Chrono Cross is the second sequel to a Super Famicom RPG
    called Chrono Trigger, widely regarded as one of the best RPGs ever
    alongside Final Fantasy IV-IX, Dragon Quest III-VII, any Zelda etc. IMO
    its a little overhyped, but enough of that =P Here's just a quick
    analysis of the series and related media ROMs...
    Chrono Trigger:
    Released in 1995 for the Super Famicom, ported to the US SNES, later
    remade for the Japanese PlayStation but not ported out of Japan, the
    direct prequel to Chrono Cross in which you control Crono, a silent
    protagonist in an adventure through various times, ending in a quest to
    save the planet from an entity named Lavos. There are many direct
    references in Chrono Cross to Chrono Trigger, and they should both be
    played, or else neither, to fully appreciate the complexities (and
    irregularities for that matter) of the plot.
    Radical Dreamers: Unstolen Jeweller:
    Released in 1996 via the Sattelaview dialup service for the Super Famicom
    add-on Broadcast Satellite System, and never ported out of Japan, it was
    a semi-sequel to Chrono Trigger done in a text adventure format. You
    control Serge, Kid and Gil (referred to in CC as Magil) (SPOILER
    WARNING!), who yes, is later revealed to be Janus/Magus from Chrono
    Trigger, trying to steal the Frozen Flame from Yamaneko (called Lynx in
    the US port of CC). Though it features characters from Chrono Cross,
    they're not the same, they're intended to be set on parallel worlds, so
    Radical Dreamers can be assumed to be set on a third world, "another
    another world" from Chrono Cross if you want, and though there are
    billions of cross references to each other they aren't directly linked
    in plot succession like Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. Just for the
    record, Guile from Chrono Cross WAS intended to be Gil, but was NOT in
    the final version, the developers have said as much in interviews. Don't
    ask me for the ROM image.
    Chrono Trigger Pre Release:
    Not a game in itself, simply a Japanese preview cart that was distributed
    to the Japanese gaming media, and somehow ended up dumped and put up on
    the internet... Don't ask me for it.
    Chrono Trigger Characters:
    Another pre-release dumped ROM, or it could be a BS piece of software,
    I don't know off the top of my head, but it has been dumped. Its just
    something that lets you view all the characters and enemies in the game.
    Again, do not ask me for it.
    Chrono Trigger Race Demo:
    Another non-game curiosity ROM that has found its way onto the Internet.
    It's just the race section from 2300 AD in a ROM. Don't ask me for it.
    3. Clear Game Explanation and Features
    Upon completing the game for the first time, regardless of which of the
    two possible endings you got, you'll be given the option to save the game
    after pressing the confirm firm button on the "fin" screen. Save it to
    your memory card, preferably not over your last save file from the game
    you have just completed, then in the New Game/Continue menu screen when
    you boot up the game, choose continue. You will have to change to the
    disc the game used to create the clear game file was on, if it is not all
    ready in your PSX. You'll notice the clear game file you saved at the end
    of the game has the number of stars you collected as yellow, character
    display, G and time being displayed from the file used to create the
    clear file. Select the file and the game will go back to the New Game/
    Continue Game screen, except now you have the option of New Game+ and
    New Game+: Start a new game with the stats and some of the elements,
    equipment and items you had in the game the clear game file was saved
    from, and one or two new features.
    Continue+: Choose another file, that has not been completed and is not
    already a Continue+ file, i.e. IS NOT a saved New Game+ file or Continue+
    file, and have some of the features from the game the clear game file
    used to start the Continue+ was saved from. 
    New Game+
    1. Relief Charm - the Relief Charm key item will be present in your Key
    Item list from the start, allowing you to choose a character to be
    substituted in Serge's place whenever you enter battles, meaning better
    balanced statistic bonuses from boss battles, and you get to mess around
    more with all the characters you have accumulated. Just select it in the
    Key items menu, then select the character you wish to be subbed in, if
    you want Serge back then choose Serge.
    2. Time Shifter - the time Shifter key item will be added to your Key
    item list from the start, allowing you to speed up play with the R2
    button, or slow it down with the L2 button. The buttons can be
    reassigned if you want. (Fast forward is vital in New Game+ to avoid
    tedious replays!).
    3. Time Egg - will be found by Serge when he awakes in Arni straight
    after the introduction. This enables you to go to the final boss at any
    time during the game, when used on the purple portal on Opassa Beach.
    Depending on when it is used, you will get different endings, all known
    of which are covered in section 4. Endings.
    4. Locked Door in The Bend of Time - will be unlocked, allowing you to
    fight Ozzie, Slash and Flea, which will get you a minimum of a Slasher
    (strong sword), Ozzie Pants (high defence helm, but with all status
    afflictions) and a Dreamer's Sash (start off with element level 2 in
    battle). And after beating them you can get a Dreamer's Sarong (start
    off with element level 8 in battle) from the giant blob-plant thing in
    the room. See the @Rainbow Shell section for more info.
    5. Chrono Cross - the Chrono Cross now has a function that it didn't have
    in your first playthru, it can be used in the Dimensional Vortex where
    you ended up after the Dragon Tear shattered at Another's Fort Dragonia,
    and where you meet Sprigg. Use the Astral Amulet on the portal in Home's
    Hydra Marshes where you exited the Dimensional Vortex with Lynx, Harle
    and Sprigg, and you'll end up in Sprigg's home. If you have obtained the
    Chrono Cross, you will get told it is reacting to the unstable vortex,
    use it in the Key Items menu and you will receive all characters from
    the past game that have been used to start the New Game+ you are playing,
    or all past games that have been played as the first playthru or New
    Game+s leading up to your current New Game+. This basically allows you to
    have all characters present in the party by the end of your third New
    Game+, if played correctly (as covered in section 6. Characters.).
    6. Statistics Carry Over - all stats, HP, Strength, Resistance, Accuracy,
    all, will be carried for each and every character, and all new characters
    that you recruit with have stats proportional to Serge's (i.e., high).
    This way you will be twice as strong by the end of a first New Game+ than
    you were at the end of a first normal playthru. You keep on levelling up
    stats all the way through, but it becomes a lot less frequent the more
    you replay, until certain stats reach a highest possible level, or you
    get to 99 stars. So don't worry that your Serge with 850 HP will not go
    to 999 HP, there is no way to make him without using a cheat peripheral.
    7. Equipment Retained and Lost - all equipment on all characters from the
    file used to start the New Game+ will be unequipped, placed in the list
    of all equipment and materials, and then the whole list will be present
    at the start of a New Game+, with the following exceptions:
    Mastermune - as Mastermune is present in the New Game+, and it wouldn't
    make sense to accumulate them (so make sure you forge a Spectra Swallow
    for serge in the New Game+). It won't even revert back to a Sea Swallow
    and be present as a second Sea Swallow in your equipment list, but if you
    complete the game before or without getting the Mastermune, you will
    retain the Sea Swallow you had from the start and have two any Continue+
    or New Game+ spawned from a clear file created from the game.
    Einlanzer - same as above, it/they is/are a key item, and regardless of
    whether you got one or two for Glenn, they will be lost.
    Hero's Blade - because it comes from the prop sword key item and is
    for an event involving Pierre.
    Master Hammer -  as it is required to forge @Rainbow Shell gear, even
    though not a key item, and is needed for an event involving Zappa.
    Dragoon's Honour - even if you got more than one, all are lost, as one is
    required for an event involving Guile and the Termina fortune teller.
    Blue Brooch - again, even if you somehow got more than one, all are lost
    as one is gained from the Sapphire Broach key item in an event involving
    Hero's Medal - a key item required in the recruiting of Pierre, and for
    an event involving Pierre. NOTE: If you complete the game with Pierre in
    the character list, then on the next New Game+ playthru you choose to
    take the Guile or Nikki route so don't get Pierre, then you use the
    Chrono Cross later to get Pierre into the character list, he will have
    the Hero's Medal equipped as you will have missed getting it by not
    recruiting him earlier.
    Hero's Shield - again, required for an event involving Pierre.
    Star Fragment - required for an event involving Starky.
    8. Key Items Lost - all key items, ALL, are lost, though the Time Egg is
    instantly regained and you will retain the Time Shifter and Relief Charm
    when starting a New Game+ from a clear file created from a New Game+.
    9. Elements Retained and Lost - uncertain one this... You will loose all
    Summon Elements, whether level 7 or 8, so stock up on Shiny Items at the
    end of games before creating a clear file to start a New Game+. All
    level 7 tech elements, except those automatically gained when a certain
    star level is reached, are lost, including Pip's as he returns to normal
    form if you changed him (I think... yet to confirm fully), and Steena
    looses her level 5 tech as well. So you will have to get them each time
    you play through the game. I still can't fathom a pattern to what spell
    elements you retain and what you loose though, I suspect some may have an
    upper limit whereby you will retain up to a certain number of certain
    elements, then you loose any over that number.
    10. G Carried Over - you will retain all G you accumulated in the game
    used to create the clear file.
    11. Star Level Carries Over - you will retain the star level you achieved
    in the game used to create the clear game, until you reach 99 stars, and
    will keep earning stars (though with less frequency) until you reach 99
    stars at about the start of a third time through the game.
    12. Time - resets to 00:00:00.
    1. Relief Charm - the Relief Charm key item will be added to your Key
    Item list, see New Game+ for details.
    2. Time Shifter - the time Shifter key item will be added to your Key
    item list, allowing you to speed up play with the R2 button, or slow it
    down with the L2 button. The buttons can be reassigned if you want.
    3. Time Egg - will be added to your Key Items list right away. This
    enables you to go to the final boss at any time during the game, when
    used on the purple portal on Opassa Beach. Depending on when it is
    used, you will get different endings, all known of which are covered
    in section 4. Endings. Of course, the number of endings accessible will
    be determined by how far you played through the game when it became a
    Continue+ game, so if you did it right at the end you will still only
    have two possible endings to see.
    4. Locked Door in The Bend of Time - see New Game+.
    5. Chrono Cross - you will loose the Chrono Cross from the game saved
    to create the clear file, but if you already have it in the file you
    are making a Continue+ from you'll retain that one, and all characters
    saved to the Chrono Cross in the game used to create the clear file can
    be recalled to the Continue+ game using the Chrono Cross in the Temporal
    Vortex, as with New Game+. See new Game+ and Characters section for more
    6. Statistics Carry Over - All statistics for every character in the
    game used to make the clear file used to make the Continue+ will be
    carried over and written over the stats of the characters in the first
    playthrough file. Any new characters found in the Continue+ file that
    hadn't been found in the game used to make the Continue+ file will have
    stats proportional to Serge's, i.e. high. Of course this helps
    immeasurably, making you near invincible if the file used to create the
    Continue+ had high stats. All stats will be higher, they won't be
    written over higher stats as you must have completed the game whose stats
    are being carried over, and Continue+ will only work on a first playthru,
    therefore must be lower (I think).
    7. Equipment Gained and Lost - see New Game+ conditions for equipment
    being carried over.
    8. Key Items Gained and Lost - see New Game+. All Key Items already
    accumulated in the file you are making into a Continue+ will be retained,
    but all from the game used to make the clear file, except the Relief
    Charm, Time Shifter and Time Egg (if you had them), will be lost.
    9. Elements carry over - see New Game+, see the critirea for elements
    being carried to a New Game+. As with equipment, this should mean the
    possibility for infinite elements, but I can't be sure...
    10. G Carries Over and is Added -  all your gold from the game used to
    create the clear file used to create the Continue+ game will be added to
    the amount of G in the game the clear file is used on to make the
    Continue+ game.
    11. Star Level Carries Over - your star level in the game used to create
    the clear file used to create the Continue+ file will replace that
    originally in the file (I think, not certain). It will be a higher star
    level as you must have completed the game whose star level is being
    carried over, and Continue+ will only work on a first playthru.
    12. Doubling Items - Read section 4. Infinite Items. I haven't confirmed
    it yet but it should work.
    13. Time - remains as it was on the game being made into a Continue+
    4. Infinite Items
    This is unverified to date as I have not played another first playthru to
    confirm it since realising it could be done, but in theory it will work.
    If done correctly it should add a quantity of all none vital items (i.e.,
    ones that you don't loose when starting a Continue+ or New Game+) to your
    items list, equal to the amount of items you have amassed by the end of a
    first playthru, just for beating the final boss each time you want to add
    that quantity. So say you amassed 12 @Rainbow Shells on a first playthru,
    you do this trick and you'll get 24, do it again and get 36, then 48,
    going up by the original number of 12 each time you beat the boss. First
    of all, to set it up and execute the trick, do the following:
    1. Play the game through on New Game mode, NOT NEW GAME+ OR CONTINUE+.
       Amass as many items as you can, especially @Rainbow Shells and
       @Rainbow Shell gear.
    2. When you have reached the very end of the game, got the Time Egg
       and the only thing left to do is fight the Time Devourer, save the
       game, and save it again to a different file on a second memory card,
    so you have a back up to copy from, and in case you mess up.
    3. Complete the game, when it asks if you would like to save, save the
       game as a clear file to a third file, NOT over either of the other
       two files you saved. The exit to the title screen.
    4. Go to continue, and select the clear game file, then go to Continue+
       select to use the Continue+ file on one of the two file saved at the
       end of the game.
    5. When the Continue+ game loads, you'll have all the items that were
       saved to the clear game file, and all the items you had at the end of
       the game, effectively double all the items you had at the end of the
       game except for stuff like the Mastermune and Einlanzer that don't
       get saved to the clear file.
    6. Complete the game again, and save the new clear game file over the old
       one. The double amount of items will be saved to the clear game file.
    7. Exit, turn off the PSX, remove the disc, turn it on so you go to the
       PSX's built in memory manager, delete the Continue+ file, copy the
       back up regular New Game file at the end of the game from the second
       memory card onto the first.
    8. Use the clear game file with double the amount of items to Continue+
       the copied regular game file at the end of game, you'll have all the
       items you accumulated, plus double that amount from the clear file.
    9. Repeat as desired, not bothering for one second to contemplate those
       who played the game through seven times to accumulate @Rainbow Shells.
    As I said, not 100% confirmed, but it should work, and should amass
    elements too, though not carrying 100% perfectly all elements, and amass
    a tonne of G...
    5. Endings
    There are 11 known endings to Chrono Cross, I am just going to give the
    conditions for them, not details, so as not to ruin them for you. The
    first 2 can be accessed the first time through, the other 9 can only be
    accessed in New Game+ or Continue+, using the Time Egg on Opassa Beach at
    certain times. If you have found anymore then e-mail me!
    Ending #1 - "Bad" Ending:
    Complete the game after defeating the Dragon God's temporary form in
    Terra Tower, without using the Chrono Cross properly.
    Ending #2 - "Good" Ending:
    Complete the game after defeating the Dragon God's temporary form in
    Terra Tower, use the Chrono Cross after using elements in the sequence
    yellow, red, green, blue, black, white during the final battle.
    Ending #3 - Developer's Room:
    Complete the game before talking to Leena on the Pier in Home's Arni
    Village, or recruiting Home's Poshul.
    Ending #4 - General Kid:
    Complete the game after talking to Leena on the Pier in Home's Arni
    Village or recruiting Home's Poshul, and before breaking into Another's
    Viper Manor.
    Ending #5 - Cat Fight, Red Scorpion and The Squirts:
    Complete the game after Korcha takes you to Gulldove after falling from
    Viper Manor and before completing Another's Fort Dragonia and Lynx
    becoming a playable character. Nikki and Razzly cannot be in the party
    Ending #6 - Magical Dreamers:
    Complete the game after recruiting Razzly in Home's Hydra Marshes, having
    chosen to go and get the Hydra Humour for Kid, and before completing
    Another's Fort Dragonia and Lynx becoming a playable character. Nikki
    and Razzly must be in the party.
    Ending #7 - Marbule Reborn:
    Complete the game after Lynx becomes playable and before you save Riddel
    from Hell Orcha in Another's Viper Manor.
    Ending #8 - The Dark Serge War:
    Complete the game after saving Riddel in Another's Viper Manor and before
    staying the night at Another's Hermit's Hideaway so triggering automatic
    events leading to Harle leaving the party. This is probably the hardest
    to get because of small time frame in which you can get it.
    Ending #9 - Lynx is Victorious:
    Complete the game after Harle leaves the party on the S.S. Zebless, and
    before defeating FATE at Chronopolis.
    Ending #10 - Kindergartens, Restaurant Scams and Alien Invasions:
    Complete the game after defeating Dario and getting the Mastermune, and
    before defeating FATE at Chronopolis.
    Ending #11 - Vengeance on the Humans:
    Complete the game after defeating FATE a Chronopolis and before defeating
    the Dragons God's temporary from in Terra Tower.
    6. Characters
    PLEASE NOTE: For this section I assume you know how to recruit each
    character, or have access to one of many guides that covers the
    recruitment of individual characters. This covers how to get all 44 on
    your character list, not how to recruit each one. I may implement that
    into a future if there is much call for it.
    All 44 Characters by New Game+
    To get all possible 44 characters in one game via New Game+s requires at
    least four playthrus, with two complete clear games, the third clear game
    should allow you to have all characters in the rooster using the Chrono
    Cross later in the game at Sprigg's house in the Temporal Vortex.
    The requirements are as follows:
    1. You must refuse to go with Kid at Cape Howl in Another in at least one
    game to make certain you get Leena, and Poshul if you didn't get her with
    the Heckran Bone in Home's Arni.
    2. You must choose Guile as your guide into Viper Manor in Another in at
    least one game.
    3. You must choose Pierre as your guide into Viper Manor in Another in at
    least one game.
    4. You must choose Nikki as your guide into Viper Manor in Another in at
    least one game.
    5. You must not get the Hydra Humour in at least one game so you get
    Glenn, Macha and Doc at least once.
    6. You must get the Hydra Humour in at least one game so you get Korcha,
    Razzly and Mel at least once.
    7. You must get all optional characters Luccia, Zappa, Miki, Janice,
    Draggy, Starky, Mojo/Mojoy, Turnip, NeoFio, Greco, Skelly, Irenes, Leah,
    Van, Sneff, Grobyc, Orlha and Pip, at least once. (Some characters I
    haven't listed also give you the option of declining, you must accept
    these characters at least once).
    8. In one of the games, you must complete the game as Lynx with Harle in
    the party rooster, using the Time Egg when she is still present, and
    save it, then continue with another New Game+ or Continue+, so Harle is
    able to be accessed.
    Do all that and from at least the third time through the game or more,
    when you use the Chrono Cross in the Temporal Vortex, you will have all
    44 characters, and in any clear games from then on you can get all 44
    characters listed below by using the Chrono Cross.
    Character List:
    Just a checklist of names, if you want more info, such as how to get
    some of their level 7 and Steena's level 5 techs, or how to find them,
    there are a billion guides out there that cover it. All names based on
    the US version, because as I stated at the start, that's what most ppl
    are likely to be playing. I know they're different in the Japanese ok!
      Serge/Lynx   Luccia       Harle        Irenes
      Kid          Poshul       Janice       Mel
      Guile        Razzly       Draggy       Leah
      Norris       Zappa        Starky       Van
      Nikki        Orcha        Sprigg       Sneff
      Viper        Radius       Mojo/Mojoy   Steena
      Riddel       Fargo        Turnip       Doc
      Karsh        Macha        NeoFio       Grobyc
      Zoah         Glenn        Greco        Pierre
      Marcy        Leena        Skelly       Orlha
      Korcha       Miki         Funguy       Pip
    I'll add how to obtain them and where to get their none-automatic tech
    elements if lots of ppl want me to, but its all covered so much elsewhere
    it would just double the size of this document needlessly.
    If you're still having trouble getting all of them, I'll show you exactly
    how I did it:
    1. First Game (none New Game+ or Continue+, just a regular New Game):
    I got Completed the game with the good ending (either of the two possible
    endings is OK), and in my character list when I completed the game were:
      Serge        Luccia       -            Irenes
      Kid          Poshul       Janice       -
      Guile        -            Draggy       Leah
      Norris       Zappa        Starky       Van
      -            Orcha        Sprigg       Sneff
      Viper        Radius       Mojoy        Steena
      Riddel       Fargo        Turnip       Doc
      Karsh        Macha        NeoFio       Grobyc
      Zoah         Glenn        Greco        -
      Marcy        Leena        Skelly       Orlha
      -            Miki         Funguy       Pip
    This means that all these characters are saved to the Chrono Cross, and
    can all be recalled to a game in the future, if I use the Chrono
    Cross in the Temporal Vortex, and they aren't already present in the
    2. Second Game (New Game+ from clear file saved at end of first game):
    In the next game I completed the game with ending #7, the only characters
    in the character list were:
      Lynx         -            Harle        -
      -            -            -            -
      -            -            -            -
      -            -            -            -
      -            -            Sprigg       -
      -            -            -            -
      -            -            -            -
      -            -            -            -
      -            -            -            -
      -            -            -            -
      -            -            -            -
    BUT, I used Pierre as the Viper manor Guide, and went to get the Hydra
    Humour to save Kid, so before I lost all the characters present at Fort
    Dragonia the characters list looked like this:
      Serge        Luccia       -            -
      Kid          Poshul       -            -
      -            Razzly       -            -
      -            -            -            -
      -            -            -            -
      -            -            Mojoy        -
      -            -            -            -
      -            -            NeoFio       -
      -            -            Greco        Pierre
      -            Leena        Skelly       -
      Korcha       -            -            Pip
    This means that in addition to all the characters from the first game
    saved to the Chrono Cross, Harle is added, and so are Pierre, Korcha and
    Razzly, though they weren't present when I completed the game, they get
    saved to it to as they are actually technically present in the party, but
    won't be accessible till Lynx changes to Serge. If you are wondering why,
    when Harle has been in your party in all games where you play till after
    Harle leaves, as Pierre, Korcha and Razzly have been present in this game
    but at the time you complete it have "left", but why she doesn't get
    saved when you complete the game after she leaves, its because she leaves
    PERMANTLY, Pierre, Korcha and Razzly are technically still on your
    character list, you just can't access them.
    So the current list of characters I can recall using the Chrono Cross in
    any New Game+ or Continue+ created from this game now looks like this:
      Serge        Luccia       Harle        Irenes
      Kid          Poshul       Janice       -
      Guile        Razzly       Draggy       Leah
      Norris       Zappa        Starky       Van
      -            Orcha        Sprigg       Sneff
      Viper        Radius       Mojo/Mojoy   Steena
      Riddel       Fargo        Turnip       Doc
      Karsh        Macha        NeoFio       Grobyc
      Zoah         Glenn        Greco        Pierre
      Marcy        Leena        Skelly       Orlha
      Korcha       Miki         Funguy       Pip
    3. Third Game (New Game+ from clear file saved at end of second game):
    In the next game, I played all the way through again to get the good
    ending, but I chose Nikki as the Viper Manor guide, and chose to get the
    Hydra Humour (IMPORTANT: as if you do not, you cannot get Steena's Level
    5 tech as the De-Hydrate won't appear. Apparently it should, but I
    didn't encounter it when I went to the place on Hydra Marshes late in
    the game, so...). Once Kid had rejoined the Party after the orphanage
    fire event, I went to Guldove and got Mel, so the character list for
    this game looked like:
      Serge        Luccia       -            Irenes
      Kid          Poshul       Janice       Mel
      -            Razzly       Draggy       Leah
      Norris       Zappa        Starky       Van
      Nikki        Orcha        Sprigg       Sneff
      Viper        Radius       Mojoy        Steena
      Riddel       Fargo        Turnip       -
      Karsh        -            NeoFio       Grobyc
      Zoah         -            Greco        -
      Marcy        Leena        Skelly       Orlha
      Korcha       Miki         Funguy       Pip
    The characters not present are Harle, Guile, Pierre, Glenn, Macha and Doc
    - all of whom have been saved and can be retrieved from the Chrono
    Cross, so take the Tears of Hate and Love to the Divine Dragon Falls,
    make it, take it to the Temporal Vortex via the portal in Home's Hydra
    Marshes, use the Chrono Cross and your character list will look like:
      Serge/Lynx   Luccia       Harle        Irenes
      Kid          Poshul       Janice       Mel
      Guile        Razzly       Draggy       Leah
      Norris       Zappa        Starky       Van
      Nikki        Orcha        Sprigg       Sneff
      Viper        Radius       Mojo/Mojoy   Steena
      Riddel       Fargo        Turnip       Doc
      Karsh        Macha        NeoFio       Grobyc
      Zoah         Glenn        Greco        Pierre
      Marcy        Leena        Skelly       Orlha
      Korcha       Miki         Funguy       Pip
    All characters, including Harle back in your party for the end of the
    game. Nikki and Mel will be saved to the Chrono Cross permanently along
    with all the others, and now all 44 characters can be recalled in all
    future games.
    That is not the only way to do it, but it is the joint quickest way to do
    it by New Game+s (there are other way of doing it just as quickly, but
    I've done it this way and confirmed it to work).
    All 44 Characters by Continue+
    Zach Keene has devised an even quicker way of getting all 44 characters
    into one file by using Continue+s. Given some thought, this is probably
    the quickest way to get all characters into one single file, and not only
    that it gives hand item multiplying bonuses by doing repeated Continue+s
    and using multiple save file!
    <This is all Zach's excellent original work, so big credit to him>
    1. Start a new game.
    2. Save your game before selecting a guide to Viper Manor, and keep that
    save (call it Save A).
    3. Continue as usual (for the sake of illustration, pick Guile at Vipor
    Manor and choose not to save Kid), but make another save before Harle
    leaves your party (call it Save B).
    4. After getting as many characters as possible, beat the game (but keep
    a save right before you do so, call it Save C). Choose to save after you
    beat the game (Save D).
    5. Continue+ into Save A, but select a different guide to Viper Manor
    (Nikki for example), and make a different choice of whether or not to
    save Kid. (In this example, choose to save Kid.) After getting all the
    characters you can from this (Nikki, Macha, Glenn, and Doc for example),
    go back to Opassa and beat the game again. Replace Save D with the save
    you make after beating the game.
    6) Continue+ back into Save A, and get the last Viper Manor guide (Pierre
    in this case.) Beat game, replace Save D, etc.
    7) Continue+ into Save B (with Harle), beat the game, replace Save D,
    8) Continue+ into Save C, go to Sprigg's and use the Chrono Cross. Voila!
    All 44 characters in less time than it takes to go through the game
    twice. Hopefully that made sense. But it works; I've got a 44 Character
    file at only 56 stars, not to mention a nice surplus of @Rainbow Shells
    from all that Continue+ing. 
    7. Best Equipment
    If you want everybody's best weapons, that's a lot of @Rainbow Shell, it
    can be done on just over three playthrus (I did it at the same time I got
    all 44 characters), using fast forward in clear games and avoiding
    fights, that's maybe 100+ hours. Not too bad when you consider the 200
    hours required on a single playthru of FFVII, to get seven three piece
    master materia sets and all stats to 255 from the Gelinka, though you'll
    get sick of going through the plot by probably the second time. Anyways,
    you'll need: 
    1 Mastermune - Serge (though Spectra Swallow is slightly stronger, the
    Mastermune does critical hits much more frequently and so does more
    damage on average)
    1 Spectra Swallow - Serge (so you have a weapon for Serge at the star
    of clear games when you loose the Mastermune)
    1 Prism Dagger - Kid
    2 Spectral Staffs - Radius, Sprigg
    3 Spectral Rods - Guile, Riddel, Razzly (you may prefer Flower Rod for
    2 Einlanzers - Glenn
    6 Spectral Swords - Viper, Fargo, Glenn, Turnip, Steena, Pierre (can be
    5, but with 6 you have one for Glenn when you loose the Einlanzer at the
    start of clear games, but then again, by the time you have Einlanzer you
    won't have Turnip, Steena, Fargo or Viper, but never mind... You may also
    prefer Viper's Venom for Viper ('cause it looks cool!), and Hero's Blade
    for Pierre, for being able to use his level 7 tech if you give him the
    three piece hero set)
    2 Spectral Guns - Norris, Starky (you may prefer to give Starky a Plasma
    Pistol, 'cause its his personal weapon, though weaker)
    2 Prism Picks - Nikki, Irenes
    4 Rainbow Axes - Karsh, Zappa, Funguy, Leah (you may prefer to give
    Zappa the Master Hammer because he's the blacksmith...)
    1 Betta Carotene - Janice
    1 Prism Lure - Korcha
    2 Prismrangs - Van, Mel
    4 Prism Pellets or 4 Pack of Lies - Sneff, Luccia, Doc, Harle (Pack of
    Lies don't require @Rainbow Shells, but you can only get one per game. I
    give Sneff and Harle Pack of Lies as they're a magician and jester, so
    its more personalised, Luccia and Doc I give Prism Pellets (even though I
    have 4 Pack of Lies O_o)
    3 Cristalpan C6s - Leena, Orcha, Macha
    12 Spectral Gloves - Poshul, Zoah, Marcy, Miki, Draggy, Mojo, NeoFio,
    Greco, Skelly, Grobyc, Orlha, Pip
    Assuming that you want all the strongest weapons rather than
    personalised weapons, including the backups for Serge and Glenn, and
    you use 2 Prism Pellets and 2 Pack of Lies, because you're the type
    of person who would have renamed Robo as Prometheus if Chrono Trigger
    had allowed you to, and bearing in mind you don't (and can't) forge
    the Betta Carotene, that's a grand total requirement of:
    41 @Rainbow Shells
    41 @Shiny Embers
    41 @Shiny Dews
    41 @Shiny Leafs
    41 @Shiny Sands
    41 @Shiny Salts
    41 @Shiny Soots
    27 @Humours
    18 @Leathers
    16 @Fangs
    10 @Feathers
    11 @Screws
    8 @Scales
    7 @Furs
    6 @Coppers
    5 @Eyeballs
    3 @Carapaces
    1 @Bone
    962400 G
    (NOTE: not accounting for the fact you can get a free Spectral Glove per
    After amassing all those weapons, you can get by on as few as three sets
    of Prism Mail and Prism Helmets, changing them round for which ever
    characters you have in the party. You'll want at least five Prism Mails
    though, if you have two sets equipped on the two characters in Another's
    Fort Dragonia, you'll loose their body armour, so two of the Prism Mails
    for a good chunk of the game. You'll also want three Yellow Plates for
    fighting the Criosphix, of which you can only steal one per playthru when
    fighting the Earth Dragon. If you're crazy enough to forge 44 sets of
    Prism Mail and Prism Helmets though, that'll be:
    88 @Rainbow Shells
    44 @Denadorites
    44 @Leathers
    44 @Carapaces
    44 @Fangs
    44 @Screws
    88 @Shiny Embers
    88 @Shiny Dews
    88 @Shiny Leafs
    88 @Shiny Sands
    44 @Shiny Salts
    44 @Shiny Soots
    1795200 G
    If you're sane though, and make 5 Prism Mails and 3 Prism Helmets, then
    you'll need a much more realistic:
    8 @Rainbow Shells
    5 @Denadorites
    5 @Leathers
    5 @Carapaces
    3 @Fangs
    3 @Screws
    8 @Shiny Embers
    8 @Shiny Dews
    8 @Shiny Leafs
    8 @Shiny Sands
    5 @Shiny Salts
    5 @Shiny Soots
    170400 G
    If you're crazy enough to make all pieces of @Rainbow Equipment to have a
    complete set for everyone, that's approx. six full playthrus, collecting
    at least 21 of the 23 known @Rainbow Shells covered in the next section
    in each playthru, or doing the infinite item trick till you have 99
    @Rainbow Shells, forging at least 30 of them into stuff, then proceeding
    to get 30 more @Rainbow shells...
    8. @Rainbow Shells
    This is the location of all 23 @Rainbow Shells or @Rainbow Shell
    equipment that are in the game, verified thanks to Emeralda and the
    Ultimania Guide, each can only be got once per playthru meaning if you
    want a set of @Rainbow Shell gear for every character that's a lot of
    playthrus. The one rarely dropped by the Wight Knight and the one rarely
    stolen from Dark Serge must be credited to Dan Birlew and Tom Schmidt
    from the official Chrono Cross Brady games guide as I didn't know of
    their existence till I saw them in it, and the one from the boy under the
    bed in the Orphanage on Fire I learnt about from Emeralda. DK also told
    me how to get the Dreamer's Sarong, so big credit to him.
    @Rainbow Shells Obtained in Battles
    1. Wight Knight: Isle of the Damned (Home World), once you have got
    Garai's Keepsake key item from Radius at Hermit's Hideaway in Home World,
    you can reach the third area at the Isle of the Damned. Lure the
    WillO'Wisp floating around all the way around the area by walking slowly
    in front of it, being careful not to touch it and enter battle, until
    you have directly adjacent to the suit of armour in the lower left area.
    It must be very precisely positioned for it to work, but fight and defeat
    the enemies you encounter by touching the WillO'Wisp, and when you
    return to the field screen after the battle a ring of flame will resonate
    around the surrounding area, and hopefully if you were positioned right,
    activate the Wight Knight so you'll fight it. This is the annoying part,
    most of the time, when you beat it, the Wight Knight will drop an @Iron,
    if anything, there is a very rare chance it may drop a @Rainbow Shell.
    This one is too fiddily and takes to long to reset Imo, as it is so rare
    its best not to be fussed, just be happy if you get it by luck. I have
    never encountered a Wight Knight anywhere else, once you beat the one at
    the Isle of the Damned it won't come back, so be sure you have Sprigg
    beat it with a Forget-Me-Not Pot equipped. It may occur at the bend of
    time, but it must be incredibly rare as I've never seen it, add that to
    the rarity of it dropping a @Rainbow Shell and its not worth it. I only
    have ever got one from the Wight Knight, on my third playthru, so it
    does exist, its just rare as heck.
    2. Criosphinx: Earth Dragon Isle (Another World), after beating the
    Earth Dragon in Home World, you'll have activated the geyser in Another
    World, allowing you to go to the place where you fought the Earth
    Dragon, but in Another World. There you will encounter an optional boss,
    Criosphinx. There are two ways to do this battle, either way you can
    steal a @Rainbow Shell from him. The first way is to answer his riddles
    by using an element of the corresponding colour to the colour he is
    riddling, and use a stealing element to steal it. This way you'll take
    no damage at all unless you use an incorrect element. Or you can fight
    him outright and steal it too. You'll need Fargo, Mel or Kid in the
    party, this can be done any time on either disc after beating the Earth
    This is the important bit no other guides seem to make clear: If you are
    going to fight him outright to get the very useful Sunglasses
    accessory that Criosphinx drops and cannot be forged or found anywhere
    else in the game, you MUST attack him right away before he starts to
    riddle, then you need to do about 17000+ HP damage and eventually he will
    die. You can steal a @Rainbow Shell from him at any time during the
    fight, if you get a @Denadorite, reset, as @Denadorite occurs about
    equally as often as @Rainbow Shell as the reward for stealing, so you
    should get a @Rainbow Shell after just one or two attempts. PLEASE NOTE!
    If you do not attack right away, and he starts to riddle, he cannot be
    beaten normally and you cannot get the Sunglasses he drops. Likewise, to
    activate the riddling, just defend with all three characters and it will
    start, and you're element levels will boost to level 8 each time you have
    all three characters defend for a round. Unfortunately normal battle
    element rules apply when fighting him outright, and he'll counter lots of
    the time with powerful yellow elements. I did over 30000 HP damage to him
    whilst he was riddling and he simply doesn't die. Also, his HP is listed
    as 13000 by many guides, and the Official guide, but I have recorded the
    damage I dealt and it took over 17000...
    Ok, now, on a first playthru, you can beat him, but you'll need a Yellow
    Plate armour stolen from the Earth Dragon equipped to defend yourself
    from his attacks, and it will take ages, so I would recommend just
    stealing a @Rainbow Shell and solving the riddle. On clear games, beat
    him outright and steal the @Rainbow Shell and to get the Sunglasses as
    they provide all kinds of boosts and multipliers to your physical and
    elemental attacks.
    And just so you know, Criosphinx can only be fought once per playthru.
    3. Dark Serge: Fort Dragonia (Home World), when he appears in the
    elevator room and you fight him, you'll need Fargo in the party to
    do his level 3 tech element Pillage, to steal a @Rainbow Shell from
    Dark Serge. It is more likely that you'll get a Trashy Tiara, about 7
    times out of 8 probably, but persevere and reset if you get a Trashy
    Tiara and eventually you'll get it. Dark Serge does not occur at the Bend
    of Time as he is a boss, so you can only do it once per game.
    4. Polis Police: Chronopolis (Sea of Eden), as soon as you enter
    Chronopolis at the start of disc 2, and have heard the shadow's
    conversation, when you try to proceed you enter the boss fight with
    Polis Police. You must have Fargo in the party to do Pillage, you can
    steal a @Rainbow Shell from Polis Police. It seems you sometimes get
    Capsule elements by stealing from the Polis Police too, but I can't say
    whether it happens more or less frequently than @Rainbow Shells, it
    seems about equal to me. You can only fight Polis Police once per
    playthru, and he doesn't occur at the Bend of Time.
    @Rainbow Shells Obtained Outside of Battle
    5. Arni Village (Another World), when in Arni Village in Home World at
    the start of the game talk to the girl working in the bar and listen to
    her poetry. Then talk to the same girl in Another's Arni and she'll tell
    you that she gave up on poetry. Any time after you have the Astral
    Amulet, and therefore access to both worlds, speak to the girl in Home's
    Arni and she'll give you a book of poems, take it to the girl in
    Another's Arni, show it to her in key item menu, and she'll give you a
    @Rainbow Shell.
    6. Arni Village (Another World), check the merchants stall and time
    before completing Fort Dragonia in Another World and you will
    find a @Rainbow Shell, only to be told it is not for sale. Return any
    time in the game after you return to Another World as Lynx through the
    Hydra Marshes, and the village will be deserted so you can just take
    it, in the name of the age-old tradition in RPGs of stealing NPC's
    personal belongings...
    7. Termina (Another World, when you first visit Termina in Another World,
    talk to the merchant at the Viper Churros stall by the fortune teller on
    the bridge on the right hand side of town. Tell him 100GP is too high,
    and tell him to set it to 60GP. Then go to Skelly's Grandmother's house
    and walk to the window and you'll see an event showing the merchants new
    found success, and return at any time in the game and he'll give you
    free churros that'll replenish your health. Return after Serge's rebirth
    and get another free churro, and you'll find a @Rainbow Shell too.
    8. Viper Manor (Another World), in the treasure room right of Luccia's
    lab, take the Decor Shield key item from the wall next to the snake
    statue and put it on the suit of armour without a shield through the key
    item menu. You'll fight five Man-O-Wars. After beating them, push the
    snake statue in the middle of the room so that it is symmetrical with the
    other one, and a panel will open. You can't get the chests yet though.
    Wait till the Porre occupation of Termina and the Acacia Dragoon guard
    will have moved, push the snake statue into position again, the go and
    check the torch where the Dragoon was standing, and push the switch. You
    can now get to the two chests behind the panel, one contains a Viper's
    Venom, General Viper's personalised sword, and the other has a @Rainbow
    9. Water Dragon Isle (Another World), the architect standing in front of
    the dried up waterfall will ask you to take the key item Sturdy Ribs,
    part of Skelly. Take them, collect all the other parts and get Skelly to
    join your party. Then return to Water Dragon Isle and speak to the same
    architect to receive a @Rainbow Shell.
    10. Earth Dragon Isle (Another World), when you get control of Korcha's
    boat, go to Earth Dragon Isle and talk to the captain of the
    investigation team, standing next to the blow hole. Then go down through
    the quicksand, and check the Rockroach blocking your way in the next
    area. Go back to the surface through the blowhole and talk to the
    captain of the expedition again. Return any time after the events at
    Another's Fort Dragonia and talk to the captain twice, he'll give you an
    @Rainbow Shell the second time.
    11. S.S. Zebless (Home World), at the Vegas Casino, play the roulette
    game. you need to score over 10000 points and you'll get a rank 1 item.
    The first time you'll get a @Rainbow Shell, but after that it will be a
    @Denadorite, so only one per playthru. The easiest way to get enough
    points is to cheat, pause the game and unpause till you pause it so that
    the roulette is pointing to between South and West. Hold down X (or
    whatever you have as confirm), unpause the game and it will land on
    North every time, doubling your score. The slow motion function of the
    Time Shifter in clear games doesn't work here, as if you needed to cheat
    even more...
    12. Chronopolis (Sea of Eden), on the 3rd floor, the room at the back of
    the room left of the elevator, where you see a computer display talking
    about Lavos, there is a @Rainbow Shell in the chest.
    13. Orphanage on Fire (Another World), after defeating FATE, when you use
    the Chrono Cross or Mastermune to go into Kid's past, in the first
    room of the orphanage, beat the Lava Boy(s), then check the clock, a boy
    will run out, talk to him and say it'll be ok, and he'll give you a
    @Rainbow Shell.
    14. Orphanage on Fire (Another World), after defeating FATE, when you use
    the Chrono Cross or Mastermune to go into Kid's past, Lucca's mother's
    room, beat any Lava Boy(s), then check the bed, a boy will run out, talk
    to him and say it'll be ok, and he'll give you a @Rainbow Shell.
    15. Viper Manor (Another World), after Kid has rejoined after the
    Orphanage on fire event, go to Luccia's lab in Another's Viper Manor
    with kid in the party. Kid'll read a letter and you'll get a @Rainbow
    Shell at the end. No, again, Serge, Norris, LYNX and Guile are NOT Janus.
    Nor, Magus, nor Gil. Guile was intended to be the Gil character from
    Radical Dreamers, but IS NOT in the final code of the game, the
    developers have said this in interviews.
    16. El Nido Triangle (Another World), after Orphanage on fire event, you
    can enter the Triangle and go underwater as you could in Home's Triangle.
    There is a chest with a @Rainbow Shell in the first area, in the upper
    right corner.
    17. El Nido Triangle (Another World), same as above, in the second area
    with the flying saucer, on the far right side of the screen is another
    chest with a @Rainbow Shell.
    18. Terra Tower, (Another World), in the room above the room after the
    room with the big head in, behind one of the waterfalls on the second
    level is a chest with a @Rainbow Shell in.
    19. Terra Tower, (Another World), from the room with #18 in, go to the
    top right corner of the room and walk right so you slide down. You'll
    land next to a hole, go through it to get a Betta Carotene, Janice's
    strongest weapon, cannot be forged, made with a @Rainbow Shell. You'll
    want at least one, but once you have one, in clear games you can
    dismantle it for the @Rainbow Shell, especially since no one else can
    use a Betta Carotene.
    20. Terra Tower, (Another World), in the room after where you fight
    Pyrotor, follow the ladders and in the middle of the room you can go
    down a ladder to a chest with a @Rainbow Shell in it.
    21. Terra Tower, (Another World), in the same room as #18, go to the
    top of the room and down the ladders on the left hand side until you
    reach another chest, inside is a Spectral glove, the best weapon for
    Zoah, Marcy, Poshul, Miki, Draggy, Mojoy, NeoFio, Greco, Skelly,
    Grobyc, Orlha and Pip, if you have 12, or even three, you may want to
    dismantle it for the @Rainbow Shell, but chances are you'll keep it
    intact for any of the characters, as it is the most common weapon
    amongst playable characters. 
    22. Terra Tower, (Another World), in the room above the room with #19
    and #18, that leads on to the Viper Manor Library, in the top right
    hand corner there is a chest with a @Rainbow Shell in it.
    23. Bend of Time, (Another World or Home World, New Game+ or Continue+),
    after beating the game and starting a New Game+ or Continue+, you will
    be able to access the door at the back of the Bend of Time. In there you
    will see a very large blob-plant thing, talk to it and run round the room
    3 times, then you will fight Ozzie, Slash and Flea from Chrono Trigger.
    After beating them, the very large blob-plant thing wobbling about in the
    centre of the room, talk to it and it'll tell you to guess a number
    between 1 and 20 that he is thinking of, and he'll give you three clues.
    Run around the room so you hear the number of beeps of the number you want
    to guess, and then talk to him, he'll say if its correct, higher, lower,
    if you're doing the right thing etc, and if you get it within three
    attempts you'll get a Dreamer's Sarong, if not you can just try again.
    The Dreamer's Sarong is an accessory made with a @Rainbow Shell, and
    cannot be forged or found anywhere else in the game. It gives you a
    starting elemental level of 8 in battle, so unless you have three
    accumulated through clear games, and you want the @Rainbow Shell for
    something else, you really won't want to dismantle it. Use three
    Dreamer's Sarongs and getting the good ending is incredibly easy...
    @Shiny Item Techniques
    The other materials required for forging the best equipment are of course
    @Shiny Items obtained when a summoning element kills an enemy. All these
    techniques are intended for New Game+ and Continue+ files, not first
    @Shiny Ember, Dew, Sand and Leaf are easy after a Continue+ and New Game+
    or two New Game+s, you should have two Dreamer's Sarongs preferably or at
    least a Dreamer's Sarong and Dreamer's Scarf, equip one on the character
    you want to cast the summoning element, and the other on another
    character, along with the field element of the corresponding character
    (you will have the field elements you got from the bosses in Terra Tower
    from past playthrus, if you have that character with a Dreamer's Scarf
    rather than Sarong put the field element into a element level 2 slot, it
    will have -3, but still work). As soon as you enter a battle, cast the
    field, then the summon, unless the enemy has very high HP or is a boss
    they'll die and you'll get some shiny stuff.
    @Shiny Soot and Salt are a little more complex as there are no Blackfield
    or Whitefield elements in the game. For @Shiny Soot, I'd recommend
    putting Mothership or Grimreaper, along with a Dreamer's Sarong, on any
    dark affiliated character, then go to Another's Fossil Valley any time
    after you return to Home as Lynx, enter from the south entrance and go up
    to fight the Shadow Cat bouncing around. Once you enter battle, kill any
    Tutanshamans as they cast red elements, then defend till the Shadow
    Cat(s) have used their Shadow or Hypnosis tech element tree times in a
    row, and cast the black summon. You'll want to equip the character
    casting the summon with a Daemon Charm or Black Brooch to prevent
    Hypnosis having an antiblack effect on them...
    Then leave Fossil Valley and repeat till you have all the @Shiny Soot you
    @Shiny Salt is the same pretty much, except you'll want to give Unicorn
    or Saints to Serge or another white affiliated character, and then go
    Terra Tower and fight Myxomycetes and Cupoids till they turn the field
    all white and cast the summon. You'll almost certainly want a Dreamer's
    Sarong on the character you're using, as well as a White Brooch or Angel
    Charm for protection from Antiwhite effects that can be caused from some
    of the Cupoids' attacks. The down side is it can only be done towards the
    end of the game, and not after Terra Tower changes to its final form...
    9. Sprigg's Doppelgangs
    Another thing that can be accumulated over clear games, Sprigg's
    doppelgangs are CC's equivalent of Gau's Rages in FFVI, Quistis's blue
    magic limit breaks in FFVIII etc. Except Sprigg actually turns into the
    enemy, explaining her measly four element slots, poor stats etc. To gain
    the doppelgang, Sprigg must beat the enemy in battle, to remember it she
    MUST have a Forget-me-not Pot equipped as an accessory. NOTE: Any other
    character can learn a doppelgang for Sprigg if they have a Forget-me-not
    Pot equipped too, in fact this is required for Acacia PVT, Acacia SGT and
    Neo-N-Bulb, all of which cannot be fought under any conditions after
    Sprigg joins the party.
    Forget-me-not Pot Locations:
    1. Chest in Chronopolis under stairs to right of the first floor elevator
    2. Steal from Peppor when you go to Another's Isle of the Damned with
    Karsh, after checking the chest in the right tower of Another's Viper
    They are required to beat Janice on Home's S.S. Zebless too, as any
    doppelgangs you attain can be used in the battle arena to beat her.
    Some of these enemies can be encountered in the Bend of time, those
    with #s by the will occur in the corresponding portal from the ASCII
    diagram below. those with ?s beside the number should occur in the
    corresponding portals as all other enemies from the same area do,
    but I haven't encountered them yet, or least not noted it. N/A means
    the enemy doesn't occur in the Bend of Time's portals. the portals
    are numbered in the order in which they appear, for them to appear
    you must defeat enemies from all the areas which they represent and/or
    complete certain events, i.e.. portal 10, the last portal, will appear
    after you have fought enemies from Terra Tower and beaten the Dragon
    God's temporary form to complete Terra Tower, portal 1, the first
    portal represents the enemies from the start of the game, from Lizard
    Rock in Home and Another and Fossil Valley in Another. And just as
    some enemies appear in multiple locations with different stats, they
    occur in multiple portals with different stats:
        Locked door to Ozzie, Slash and Flea 
        |                          __
        |    _____________________||_________________
        /|  /  _       _       _  ||   _       _     /
       | | /  |_|     |_|     |_| ||  |_|     |_|   /    _________
       | |/    9        7      5  || _ 3       1   /____/         /
       | /                        ||| |                    _     /
       |/                         ||/_\---Blob-plant      |_|-----Portal
       /                                         ____          /  to world
      /   _       _       _       _       _     /   /_________/   map
     /   |_|10   |_|8    |_|6    |_|4    |_|2  /
    Some of these enemies cannot be found outside of The Bend of Time after
    you recruit Sprigg, so can only be doppelganged if you beat them at the
    Bend of Time, if you didn't have a Forget-me-not Pot equipped at the time
    you fought them earlier. Some can only be got by fighting them on a
    Continue+ or New Game+ with a Forget-me-not Pot prior to Sprigg joining.
    NOTE: Emeralda has told me there are 72 listed in the Ultimania Guide, so
    unless the Ultimania Guide is wrong and their are more (which there
    probably are not), this is the first complete list based on the US
    version, and I had to find them all manually, so I hope you appreciate
    this. Emeralda has also translated the enemey occurances in the Bend of
    Time so I can now confirm they are all correct thanks to her.
    Doppelgangable Enemies:
    Acacia PVT     N/A  Acacia SGT     N/A  Aero-Guard     9
    Air Frame      6    Alphabat       4+5  Beach Bum      1
    Beeba          N/A  Bubba Dingo    1+5  Bulb           2+5
    CatBurglar     4+6  Cassowary      2+5  Combat         4
    Combot         9    Crossbones     3    Cuscus         2+5
    Cybot          4+6  Daffy Dwarf    3+6  Daggy Dwarf    3+6
    Dead Beat      3+6  Dodo           2+5  Drongo         N/A
    Dwarf          3+6  Flea           N/A  Fossicker      8
    Gerridae       2+5  Gizmotoid      9    Gloop          2+5
    Gobledygook    2+5  Googhoul       4    Gremlin        7
    Gurgoyle       6    Gyroblade      9    HotDoggity     4+6
    Komodo Pup     1    Lagoonate      6+8  Mama Dingo     1+5
    Man-At-Arms    2    Man-Of-War     2    Mantarrey      6+8+9
    Myxomycete     10   Neo-N-Bulb     N/A  Opah Fish      1
    Ozzie          N/A  Paper Boy      4    Porre PVT      N/A
    Porre SGT      N/A  Portalgheist   2    Potty          2
    Prehysteric    8    PreyMantis     8    Puffy          9
    Rockroach      8    SandSquirt     1    Scorpoid       3
    SideSteppa     6+9  SnibGoblin     3    SnobGoblin     3
    Spearfisher    8    Sprigg         N/A  Slash          N/A
    Taurminator    6    TotalChaos     4    Tragedienne    7
    Tutanshaman    8    Tzete Fly      1    Whoot          10
    WightKnight    N/A  WillO'Wisp     2+6  Wingapede      N/A
    Witchetty      5    Wraith         1+3  YellowBelly    8
    10. Window Frames
    Another little group of hidden things to accumulate as its doubtful
    you'll find them all on your first playthru. I'm not going to cover them
    all as you should try to find them yourself, and if you get really stuck
    webrunner has done a big guide on how to find them all at GameFAQs. If
    you're wondering what they are, look in the customisation option on the
    main menu O_o Anyway, here is the list of confirmed window frames, all 15
    listed in the Ultimania guide (so no hidden 16th in the Japanese version
    as is rumoured) both those hidden and accessible from the start, so you
    can check how many you managed to find:
    Arnian Wood
    Simple Line
    Tropical Paradise
    Snakes & Orbs
    Porre's Furnace
    Valencian Cloth
    Quill and Papyrus
    Iron Plate
    Monster's Mouth
    Infrared Vision
    Tea for Three
    Our Favourite Martian
    Guldovian Stitch
    11. Outroduction
    If you have anything to contribute, questions to ask or errors to point
    out, e-mail me at nev@r67.net. All contributors will be fully and
    correctly credited for their work. I'll try to answer as many queries and
    requests for help as I humanly can, as long as they're not about
    something directly tackled within this guide.
    History (forwards chronologically):
    Version: A.00 (Alpha)
    17/11/00 Failed two maths exams today thanks to Chrono Cross, so decided
        |    to put my misspent time's gained knowledge to use on this guide.
    22/11/00 Finished all but the admin stuff, short one to write ^_^
    Version: 1.00
    22/11/00 v 1.00 release
    27/11/00 v 1.01 Confirmed Bend of Time occurance, quantity of window
        |    frames and number of @Rainbow Shells in the game thanks to
        |    Emeralda (and corrected some errors-eep), added Zach Keene's
        |    method of getting all 44 characters and wrote in some sites I've
        |    authorised to put up the guide
    The latest version of this Guide can be found at:
    http://redrival.com/nev (probably)
    I'll update as and when is necessary, or when I receive new info to add.
    Once again, it may not be hosted or used anywhere not mentioned without
    my express permission. E-mail me and wait to receive my permission before
    you put it on any site. And if you are reading this after buying it for
    hard cash in a pirate video game store in Indonesia I'd LOVE to hear from
    And just for reference, this file, v1.01 should be 71.9 KB in .txt
    format, 24.4 KB in maximum zip compression, and around 116 KB in .doc
    format. If it isn't, and/or you didn't find it at one of the above sites,
    please inform me. This Guide was written in Microsoft Notebook, WordPad,
    and spell checked with Microsoft Word 97 (so please excuse all the typos
    Stuff to Do:
    If anyone wants to help on these feel free to mail me and you'll be
    Update any missing or incorrect information
    Maybe expand the characters section to include how and where to recruit
    them, and how and where to get their none automatic elements, but it
    would be in the far future, and I'd make it as short and compressed a
    list as possible to save ppl paper and ink if they want to print it
    Maybe do a new section on where to find and trap the rarer elements in
    the game to accumulate them, and/or where to find and steal the rarer
    items in the game...
    Confirm infinite item trick properly...
    Confirm the Pip returning to original form in New Game+ and Continue+
    Figure out the level 5 Steena problem.
    Check lots of conditions for Continue+.
    Verify the HP changes on enemies from first playthru to clear game.
    Thanks to Square of course for making the game.
    Thanks to CJC for being such a dedicated gamer and project director at 
    GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com>.
    Thanks to DK, Emeralda and Draco Light at the FFO forums who have helped
    me on little probs every now and then in CC. Especially thanks to
    Emeralda for loads of info including doppelgang Bend of Time locations
    from the Ultimania Guide, and for going to great lengths to help me
    confirm stuff like @Rainbow Shells!
    Big thnaks to Zach Keene for devising the quickest way to get all 44
    characters in the game, and writing it out!
    Thnaks to all at FFO <http://www.ffonline.com> for that matter for
    putting up with me every day O_o
    Tahnks to Dan Birlew and Ken Schmidt for the excellent Brady Games
    Official Strategy Guide, which I must give credit to for 2 Rainbow shell
    Tnahks to Christian, don't know why he just seems to worm his way into
    credit listings...
    Thnaks to Project K <http://www.projectk.com> for importing it to the UK
    for me.
    Thanx to Viper Computers for mod-chipping my PAL 5552 PSX so I could
    play disc 2 of Chrono Cross and stop breaking the laser with disc swaps.
    And a big fat finger to Square Europe for not importing Chrono Cross to
    at least the UK. France and Germany is understandable with the auto
    accent translation problems, but the English version is complete. Maybe
    I'm being too harsh. Hang on, no I'm not, we may have to wait till 2001
    for a PAL FFIX >_<
    One last thing, try choosing Pierre or Nikki as your Viper Manor guide in
    a game where Guile is saved to the Chrono Cross. Bring Guile into the
    character list at the end of the game with the Chrono Cross in the
    Temporal Vortex, then put him in the party and go and speak to Another's
    fortune teller in Termina. Those who persist on the Guile/Alf and Magus/
    Janus/Gil/Magil debate won't be disappointed ^_^
    "I think happiness is being able to loaf without stress."
    Elle to Ark; Tenchi So-Zo: The Creation of Heaven and Earth, aka
    Terranigma, aka Illusion of Gaia 2, aka Soulblazer 3, aka Illusion of
    Time 2 aka Gaia 3
    (c) Neville Collins 2000

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