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Reviewed: 07/23/00 | Updated: 07/23/00

The term Chrono is a little misleading, but the game is great none the less

Well, after nearly begging my friend to let me borrow his Chrono Cross (and I am referring to the Japanese version, but the North American version is exactly the same, except for the language of course), he finally let me. And my begging really was not wasted. This is one of the best RPGs, I have ever played! Everything about it is perfect. The only flaw I find is that the term ''chrono'' (meaning time) is a little bit misleading. Chrono Trigger had a lot more to do with time then this one.

One of the biggest dissapointments of this game is that it makes very little referance to the original Chrono Trigger. This game takes place 20 years after Chrono Trigger and features a hero by the name of Serge. As I have aleady said, the game features very little time traveling (hence, the term Chrono is a little misleading in the title). Although the plot is extremely good, there are huge gaps in it where basically nothing exciting happens.

The gameplay is somewhat different then Chrono Trigger. The battles uses ''stamina points''. The stronger the attack the more stamina points used. And stamina is regained over time. Although that is not that difficult to use, it's kinda confusing the first time through the game if you don't have a instruction manual to help you. But other then that, everything else is almost exactly same as Chrono Trigger. Characters can use multi-character techs, which allows more then one player to do a team up attack. A bright part of the gameplay is the number of playable characters, there are lots. Also, just like in Chrono Trigger, multiple endings are offered, and for those of you who love to cheat, a new game + can be earned (new game + is my personal favorite, and should be use to enjoy the story, but not to go over repetitive battles).

The graphics are really good in Chrono Cross. The battle scenes are really impressive when it comes to the 3D graphics. It is even more impressive when fighting huge elaborate bosses. The world map is a big improvement from Chrono Trigger (taking into account the the PSX is a lot more powerful then the SNES). All the magic, and even the physical attacks look very impressive. But the FMVs (full motion video) is where the bragging should be done. These are some of the best FMVs available on the PlayStation, and can only be compared to a few select games.

The audio is also done really well. Although most of the songs are different from those heard in Chrono Trigger, they have the same basic jist to it. Basically, all Square Soft did was rearranged the songs from Chrono Trigger and used it in this game. But despite of that, the songs are still really good. It is definatley something you would listen to outside of the game. The sound is also very well done. Everything from a sword clanging to the growl of a monster is realistic and great.

The fun factor is quite high at first, and jumps to extremely high as you learn the game. Since the new stamina system can be quite confusing, it's not very fun to learn. But once you do, the game becomes one of the funnest gaming experainces you will ever face in your lifetime. The replay value is extremely high because of the good story and the fact that there are multiple endings. Also the new game + is good for those who just like to slaughter enemies.

Overall, this is a fantastic game, despite few flaws. Buy, BUY, BUY,BBBBUUUUYYY!!!

Fun Factor:9.5
Replay Value:10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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