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"A must-have game for anyone who likes RPGs"

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Gameplay - RPG
Town/Options: 85/100
Controls: 90/100
Battle Sequences: 98/100
World Map Movement: 93/100
Secrets: 82/100
Puzzles: 90/100
Difficulty: (1 easiest, 100 hardest) 50/100

Storyline: 95/100
Cut-scenes: 90/100
Cinematics: 98/100

Sound FX: 94/100
Music: 80/100
Battle attacks: 95/100
Spells sequences: 99/100
Camera angles: 89/100

First minute: 9/10
First hour: 8/10
First day: 10/10
Second day: 10/10
Remainder of first week: 10/10
Second week: 10/10
First month: 10/10
Second month: 6/10

Overall: 96/100

Well, if you had ANY remote liking of either SquareSoft games OR the RPG genre, BUY THIS! NOW! WHY ARE YOU STILL READING? Go to Best Buy or Toys R Us or open another window and order it online!
Well since you ARE still reading...

Well this is what it all boils down to. It's great. Fighting is unique, hard to explain and based on a ''stamina point'' system. You use different types of attacks varying in strength. You also cast GORGEOUS spells known as ''elements'' which you can purchase or find from monsters. They are permanent items unless you sell them or they are special ones known as ''consumables''. As you use elements it leaves residues of them on the field creating a ''field effect'' shown by a meter in the top left corner. The more of the same element you use, the better it becomes for that battle.

If only it had that Vagrant Story-Forging type system. It does have a forging system which is pretty good, but it's not to my liking.

I am starting to not like analog for some reason. It makes it hard to control when selecting on menus.

Battle Sequences:
That system sure is unique

World Map Movement:
Good control, good map design.

MILLIONS of secrets. There are 44 different playable characters all leading to different endings

Not really that hard.

Difficulty: (1 easiest, 100 hardest):
You CAN'T get past a certain amount of stats unless you beat certain bosses, eliminating the EXP system. Makes it a bit harder, but it's an RPG, which automatically proves it to be not that hard.

The game focuses about 20 years (from what I hear from other sources, there is no time in the game that they say it's 20 years) after Chrono Trigger, the fabulous rpg for SNES. Now I know what you're thinking. Squaresoft-FinalFantasy, and FF sequels have NOTHING to do with each other. Well Crono Cross does have ALOT to do with it's predecessor -- GASP .

You are Serge, a young lad (age 7) who lives in a small town of Arni. He was doing his normal errands (you know, classic RPG stuff. Fighting some strange monsters that only Square can come up with, helping out some girl in the village) when all of a sudden he got thrown into an alternate reality. It really hits the fan now.

Nice. a little drop in the framerate though at some points

Quality squaresoft stuff.

Sound FX:
Nice ambient environment sounds.

I hate the fighting background music.

Battle attacks:
Gosh they are pretty.

Spells sequences:
These are even prettier than the battle attacks

Camera angles:
It's basically a fixed position through most of the world-map and it changes like FF style through the parts of areas.

You can't put it down. Period. Even after you beat it, guess what. You can start over with ALL YOUR OLD STATS and do different endings! This adds infinite replayability for us RPG die-hards.

As I said before. If you even REMOTELY like RPGs, go buy this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/18/00, Updated 08/18/00

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