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"Undeniably the best 32-bit release for Squaresoft since Final Fantasy VII and an excellent addition to Chrono Trigger."


Hey, It's been quite a while since i've written a review, but this game is just screaming 10! 10! Chrono Cross is plum full of colorful characters, gorgeous areas, awesome battle options, and tons upon tons of gameplay/replay. As Chrono Trigger revolves around time travel, Chrono Cross revolves around cross-dimensional travel. You are constantly greated by characters that could join your team, but then others cannot, you always have options with different outcomes, characters, and elements. The new element system is a new twist on the materia thing from FF7, and the forging weapons is kinda like the weapon system from ff8 and secret of mana. And the battle system is all new with different hits like weak, strong, feirce, and Tech. All in all Chrono Cross is sure to please many RPGers alike especially those fans of the original.

Graphics 10/10- I've heard many say that these graphics put Legend of Dragoon's to shame, NOT TRUE! But these are excellentgraphics nonetheless. Very colorful backgrounds put you back into the Chrono Trigger realms you love so much. And the cinema scenes are the best to be seen yet except LOD.

Control 10/10- With the loads of battle options and easy to access menus, there's never a dull moment. With anolouge compatability you will have the choices of vibration and left anolouge sensitivity for optimum gameplay.

Sound 10/10- The music in this game is awesome. Returning tunes from Chrono Trigger as well as new great music offers new experiences memories of great times. While the battle music really anoys me the resst makes up for it. This is also some of the most mood setting music i've ever heard.

Gameplay 10/10- Ah, now this is truely great. You control any three characters at one time. Each character has his/her own weapons and own elements. Elements are powers (magic) you buy/find and equip. Each character has an innate element too which makes them that much more powerful with elements of that color. You can turn enemies different colors for your advantage and pick your teams carefully depending on their elements.
Also, you have different regular attacks. Weak, strong fierce. Each with their own hit percentage that goes up after a hit.

example: You start a battle, you have three different hit choices--Weak 85%--Strong 73%--Fierce 61%. You have a hit bar that limits how many hits you could do. The bar is seven--weak is 1, strong is 2, fierce is 3 so if you attack with weak first your bar will go down to six and then if you use a strong your bar will go down to 4. Since you have only a 61% chance of hitting with fierce, you should use weak first which would take the fierce hit % up to 77% so a good combo would be weak-weak-strong-fierce.

You also have power levels, the more bosses you beat the higher your power level is. If your power level limit is at three, you must do three hits to fill your power up to three. When it reaches three, you can do a tech which is a powerful blow of that characters innate element. They also can use them at power level 5 and 7.

Lastly, you don't go up levels traditionally. Instead you just gain stat upgrades after battles but you can only go so far cause you are limited. You can increase your limit by defeating bosses whic increases stat. limits with stars.

Story 10/10- You are Serge, a young boy from a small fishing village. You seem to have a knack for battle. Life is just smae old, same old until your friend Leena askes you to gather some komodo dragon scales. After, you do so you meet up with her on the beach but you are dragged into a world thats not your own pitted against foes of evil and sided with allies of the strange. Will you survive? will you get back?

Replay 10/10- As with Chrono Trigger, you get the new game plus which maes the whole game worth playing again. You can now get all 48 characters, and all 10 endings with minimum fuss, you can get special items, and fight secret bosses and all sorts of good stuff, just like Squaresoft.

Overall 10/10- Almost as good as Chrono Trigger, but Somehow doesn't retain the charm of its predecessor. Still an awesome game with superb everything. Have fun with this explosive title guarenteed to delight RPG fans everywhere.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/21/00, Updated 08/21/00

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