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"One of squares best games..."

Well, it took about 5 hours of waiting for me to get a copy, but it was well worth it.


Gameplay - Very nice, the battle system is a different twist to the usual ''level up'' ''gain exp'' ''learn spells'' system, where you equip magic bought at stores, and in the end is really fun to use. Fighting can get very confusing at times, but once you figure it out, well... its simple. Weapon/Armor system is similar to ff8, where you get materials needed to build the upgrade. I'm not too fond of this system, and i never was. Note: The main character does NOT have super deformed hair, and does NOT have a humongous sword. Loading times are there too, but not very long, though they do get annoying after a while. Square does a great job here, though the story advances at a slow pace.

In short: Excellent!!!
Score: 8


Video - Beautiful... almost everything here is beautiful. FMVs are the best I've ever seen, and there are LOTS of them, normal gameplay is beautiful, similar to ff8... the world map could have used a bit more work, though. Everything in the game is colorful, and shows that square is still the best in the graphics department.

In short: Wonderful
Score: 9


Audio - Great, better than 90% of PSX games, but doesn't live up to the original CT. Its great that Square tries new things, and some fail. This is just average compared to all of Square's games, but better than alot of other games.

In short: Better than average
Score: 7 (5 is average!!!)


Replayability - Perfect... story branches out plenty of times, 40 characters... enough to make you play over and over and over.

In short: PERFECTION!!!!!!
Score: 10


To buy or to rent? - Id say rent, before you buy, because this game isnt for everyone.


Good points:
Excellent battle system
Excellent story
Excellent graphics
Excellent Loading times
Replay value

Bad points:
Slow moving story
Mute Serge


Overall: Wonderful game, one of Squares best ever
Score: 8

(note: this is my first review, so email me on tips of how to do better next time)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/19/00, Updated 08/19/00

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