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Reviewed: 03/03/08

A Game That Continues To Travel Through Time

Now I will be honest, I have never played Chrono Trigger. I have heard about it, but I never bothered to buy it. Of course if it is half as good as Chrono Cross is then I will do anything to get my hands on it! Chrono Cross is the PS1 game that completely revolutionized games. Chrono Cross is by far the best game to have ever graced this earth with its stunning graphics, complex storylines, and unique battle system. Now that I have made it obvious how I feel about this game let me explain it thoroughly.

Graphics 6/10 - Well the game graphics aren't anything special, but it is a PS1 game when I was a kid I thought that they were amazing. The FMVs in this game still are amazing to me I must say. The FMVs had amazing graphics that made you feel like you were watching a movie! You could see detail so well that you almost began to forget you were playing a video game! The graphics themselves though were gritty and are fairly blurry on a small television. When you are in battle or in a small room (basicly when the camera is closer to your characters) the graphics do improve. The landscape is a lot more stable than the characters themselves, though the enviroment in the FMVs amaze me. Basicly the graphics in this game were great for their time, but might not be considered to great in this age.

Music 10/10 - Well, I started listening to this music and then took a break from the game. I went to listen to some other music, and almost cried as I rushed back to my playstation to hear the beauty that is the music of Chrono Cross. This music is purely amazing and relazing. If you ever want to meditate, sleep, or relax, turn on Chrono Cross and listen to the music as it peacefully sweaps you away into realms unknown. You will hear this music, and then try and find a soundtrack to download onto your iPod. I could listen to this music for years and still enjoy it. Drums lash out like thunder, while violins calm you like ocean waves. If you don't like video games I would still suggest buying the soundtrack simply because the music is so beautiful.

Storyline 10/10 - I don't want to give too much of the storyline away because half the fun of this game is the fact that you are slowly unconvering the plot bit by bit, but I will explain some of it. You see you play Serge (Serge is th default name you can change the name of your character if you wish) who is a seventeen year old boy who has lived in a quiet village all his life with no worries at all. Well this all changes very soon, as Serge is mysteriously sent into a parallel world where he has been dead for ten years! You see this game's storyline has a lot to do with fate, and the question, "What would've happened if I had done things differently." Basicly this other world is how things would be if Serge had died when he was seven. As you progress through the game you uncover pieces of the puzzle that explain why you were sent to the other world, and how you died, and basicly what is really going on. This game also has its own "religion" in which the world is protected by a variety of dragons, each of whom represent the elements. If you want to discover this amazing storyline then you will have to play the game!

Gameplay 10/10 - I know this is said a lot, but it is just too exciting. This is the first game that didn't copy Final Fantasy's gameplay style! This is just pure insanity huh? You see for combat you have physical attacks, and you have elements. Your physical attacks are broken down into three attacks: weak, strong, and fierce. Weak has the most accuracy but the worst damage, fierce has the worst accuracy but the best damage, and strong is in the middle. As you attack more you gain more accuracy for all of your attacks, and with good timing you can also do combo attacks that do a good deal of damage. Now to explain elements. Elements are basicly magic. You don't have mana, or any other form of magic energy. Instead everytime you attack you game an element level. You have a grid in which you place your elements onto and each row is a different level. For instance: If I have an element on the first row of my grid it is a level one element, so I need to hit once with a weak attack to cast it. Weak attacks give you one element point, strong gives you two, and fierce gives you three. This is a very unique, yet confusing system and it might take a little while to get used to things. Travel is as follows. You travel from area to area on the world map. When in these areas you accomplish whatever needs to get done, and then you move on. I would say you spend about eighty percent of your time in towns/dungeons, and the other twenty percent on the world map. The final and most exciting thing in this game is that there are no levels! Instead of spending hours getting experience you just upgrade your elements and weapons to get stronger. You also gain more gridspace, and health along the way, but this is in no way asociated with levels. The gameplay for this game is truly unique, and I can gaurantee that you won't quickly forget it.

Replayibility 10/10 - With nine alternate endings, and over fourty different characters, most of whom can not be collected in one play through you can bet that you will be playing this game over and over again. This game is very lengthy as well so once you but this game you are going to be occupied for a long time. You will want to beat the game, and then start over so you can collect different characters, and end the game with a different outcome. You can also choose to start a new game+ which starts a new game, but transfers over your stats from your previous games, so you can do things that you might not have been able to before.

Overall 10/10 - If you like solving puzzles, unique gameplay, complex stories, long games, beatiful music, stunning FMVs, and good replay value, then this is the game for you! I praise all of the magnificant people who assisted in making this game, and I encourage all to play it. Note: Because this game is fairly old and our world moves to fast for its own good you will most likely have to find a store that specificaly sells old games, or buy the game off of ebay. I hope to see everyone help heal the scars of time!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Chrono Cross (US, 08/15/00)

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