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"This game is rental material."

Chrono Cross was expected to be the greatest RPG this side of the universe, but it fails miserably to capture the magic that its predecessor accomplished.

I confess that I submitted to the hype machine when I purchased Chrono Cross a few weeks after it came out. I checked out plenty of reviews before cautiously giving the vendor my fifty bucks. The overall score on the game was a 10, so it was a wise investment, right? Much to my chagrin, the story didn’t grab me at all, and the supporting characters are nothing to write home about. It was an all around disappointment, a dud, a failure, and a waste of time.

Before continuing, I will not write out this review like my other ones where I would add ratings to “Graphics, Gameplay, Replay Value, etc.”, simply because I wouldn’t know how to review an RPG. I have played the genre for years and I have a good amount of games, but I am in no form to write the details. Instead, I will explain what the biggest flaw of Chrono Cross is:

The Story

The story for Chrono Cross isn't very intriguing. I have played through 20 hours of CC to tell you this, by the way. And for the record, the story doesn't get any better as the game progresses, which is a sad discovery. You are Serge, a blue haired kid living in a Fisherman Town. It's a simple life to say the least, until you warp into another dimension only to find yourself dead and buried. I admit that this was a great start to a story as it grabbed me by it's hooks.

Here I am, standing in front of my tomb as it reads that I died of drowning, and three guards from Viper Manor startle me. They reveal that I am a ghost and they must capture me. All of the sudden, a buxom, young girl comes to my aid and we fight off the baddies.

So far, so good, but when going towards Viper Manor, you will need recruit people to your party. This is where the game lost me. Each character you recruit is about as simple as they come. They want to get into Viper Manor for their own reasons, but that doesn't mean squat if I don't give a damn about the character. So what if Guile wants to join to get some loot from the castle? What about me!? WHAT ABOUT SERGE?!

The mess continues because you can recruit more than 50 different people all around the game's world. While meeting new people can be great, Chrono Cross shows me that you can screw that feature up royally. Each character joins Serge for no reason at all. There is no back story on them. Nothing at all.

Suikoden made recruiting over 50 people fun, not only because the story was strong, but because THERE WAS A REASON TO RECRUIT SO MANY PEOPLE. There is no reason in Chrono Cross to recruit that many characters, which is why the story is lackluster. Serge himself isn't interesting enough to be the main character. In fact, none of the characters in Chrono Cross stand out at all. It's like watching a bad movie with actors that have potential.

''Why is everyone rating this game so highly?''

Disbelief. They can't fathom that a game following up a blockbuster like Chrono Trigger can be so horrible. Chrono Trigger was right on the money with the characters and the story, which is why Chrono Cross was a long awaited sequel. Everyone must agree that Chrono Cross can't hold a candle to Chrono Trigger in the story department.

Chrono Cross gets a 5 because the music is great and the graphics are excellent. -5 points for the bad story and lame characters.

If you want to see what all the hype is about, please rent this game first. If you enjoy deep stories like Final Fantasy VII, you will not like Chrono Cross.

Do not believe any other reviewers out there, for my word is the truth, and I shall speak it until I perish.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/04/00, Updated 12/04/00

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