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Reviewed: 07/02/09

Plot thickness doesn't get anymore insane than this

Chrono Cross is the sequal to the Super Nintendo game Chrono Trigger released by what was then Squaresoft. In this review, I will highlight all the right things Chrono Cross does and room where improvement is needed

Graphics 10/10
What can be said here. Chrono Cross is definitely the best looking game for the Playstation. There worlds come alive with very lavish detail and the character models are absolutely flawless. I was pretty skeptical when I first saw the artwork for the game. I thought, "How can they fit this into a game?" But I was completely amazed by the effort put into the environment. Definitely one of the best parts of this game.

Music 8/10
Now I will be the first to admit, I really don't find any of Chrono Cross' music memorable or even astounding for that matter. The thing that really stands out about the soundtrack of this game is the fact that every track definitely reflects the mood of the environment. My only problem with the music is the fact that it is too pop-influenced. While some may like this in a game soundtrack, I find it to get rather annoying within an hour playing the game.

Story 7/10
Chrono Cross defintely has a memorable story. I can't really delve into any of the topics the game portrays without spoiling any of it, but I can tell you that this is one VERY DEEP narrative, which brings me to my only problem. For a videogame, the story is INSANELY DEEP AND TOO PLOT THICKENED. It would have been much better to have produced another game continuing the story rather than putting the entire plot all on 2 discs. By the time you finish the game, you will be completely lost in all the details from the story. Things will begin to all run together, putting the player in a haze of confusion. Plus, for anyone who hasn't played Chrono Trigger, references made to it in Chrono Cross will completely fly over their head (which some important elements to the plot are referred from Chrono Trigger)

Gameplay 10/10
I for one like the gameplay of Chrono Cross. Battles are very fast paced and the element system is a great addition to an RPG (if you know how to use it). Chrono Cross is easily a 40 hour game with so many extras hidden in the cracks, the player will have to come back to fill in the gaps. Plus, there is a cast of 40 party members you can recruit, which will give the player endless possibilities on how to play the game. Certain party members will lead you on different paths but you will ultimately reach the same central location.

Chrono Cross is a definite buy if you can find a copy of it. If you are familiar with Chrono Trigger, then players will enjoy the references made back to the mother of the series (I found myself smiling a couple of times knowing that Guile was from the Zenan Continent and Tomal has a great grandson who lives in Arni).

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Chrono Cross (US, 08/15/00)

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