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Reviewed: 10/28/03 | Updated: 05/24/06

Just a colorful game?

No, not really.

After the amazing game on the SNES which was called Chrono Trigger and its not so nice pseudo sequel that was Radical Dreamers, this game was released as the real sequel to Chrono Trigger. However, was waiting for it worthy? I think so, but it also seems to have its flaws. No, it isn't a perfect game, like many may state, but you would better read this review in order to actually know what this game's flaws turn out being.

After first putting this game on your PlayStation, you will be able to watch a really amazing introduction movie, which will show you some of the most impressive sequences, which was compiled from the ones you were able to see in the first disc, apart from allowing you to listen to a really great music.

After pressing the options to start playing, you are able to pick the name of your main character, which will happen to every character you get to control during the entire game, a selection which enables you to play a game whose character's names were completely picked only by yourself. After playing for a while in this first place, a city which you will find to be colorful and full of joy, you will be informed of your first quest, in which your character will need to face some battles for his first in-game time, making you enter in an interesting battle system.

In this system, which actually enables your your characters to perform hundreds of different combos, you are able to pick between attacks with different probabilities of working (or not), and the ones with less probability turn out being the more powerful ones. Apart from this physical commands, there are also magic-like commands, which generally go by the name of ''Elements''.

These so-called ''Elements'' have different colours, each one representing their elemental powers, being the red color used for Fire, blue color for Water, black color for the Dark element and so on... You are easily able to acquire all these as you defeat enemies or by having them get appear from inside treasure chests. However, by completing the many battles you'll face, you can also receive some spoils, which you will need to acquire in order to create better weapons, which can be crafted at the smith or simply by yourself only, using specific skills.

While you are playing the story, you will sometimes be able to pick one from among several different characters, all of which will help you in different ways and make your life easier in battles. Depending on your choices, you may have a slightly different game, making your experience even more enjoyable, since you won't know what to expect next.

Strangely, this is ability to get so many different characters turns out being one of this game's flaws. Such possibility will eventually award you with the opportunity to have too many characters for a single spot, making the player neglect some of them while taking others with him at all times. Eventually, there will be times where you will be required (or you'd simply have them) to have characters with certain skills along with your party, and you'll notice them to be levels below your preferred party. Don't get me wrong, having a lot of characters is usually nice, but with so many characters with the similar abilities for a single spot, this will eventually happen. Your party can also completely change from one moment to the other, making the game less predictable and more interesting, as you may even be able to control your worse enemy.

Finally, I must talk to about this game's world map... Since the storyline evolves in a way that concerns Fate, you will usually be able to play in two worlds which look really similar to each other, but they have indeed their small differences, depending on whatever happened in each of them. You can change between these two worlds by using some portal-like places, something that will surely help you lots of times. These 2 worlds and their unique events, which changed their history, will surely put you to think about everything, even about the meaning of life itself...

Concerning the story, once you speak to one of Serge's (the main character) girl friends, at this beginning of the game you are ordered to take a simple quest, which contains a small event that eventually takes you to a far more complex plot, one which will take into scenario like... Chaos itself.

Sometimes, you will even be able to control different characters from the ones you thought you would control, making you think not only about what is said and done in the game, but also about the philosophy of this game itself, something that it is up to the player to find out.

There is only a small problem, while there are some sequences perfectly created, there are also some sequences that aren't so good. These faulty ones will sometimes making you lose some of the interest you were (probably) having in the game, cooling down the story and also cooling down your own interest in this game.

Both the graphics and the sound in this game are excellent... While the graphics are up to the best you can see in this console 's games, even surpassing those of the amazing Final Fantasy IX, which is considered by most people as being one of the best-looking games in this system.

Both this game's sound and music are also great, as you will not only be able to listen to the incredible noises that some weapons can do but also hear some of the best musics on a rpg ever made for this console, something that you will surely enjoy as much as I did. Unlike what happens in some other games, in here you won't get bored of the music at all, since it changes from time to time, and in a way that you won't even notice that the music changed, a function that turns to be somehow funny and indeed refreshing, as there aren't many games with such type of thing...

I must also state that it will take you a lot of time to finish this game, apart from the main story you will also be able to enter some mini-games (like a dragon feeding one, which you will have to complete at least once in order to proceed in the story), which can not only grant you extra Elements but also some more stuff, the kind of bonus which they don't usually require you to get in order to continue playing the story and eventually finishing the game. They are just extras, nothing else.

You can also try to find out as much as possible about the many secret/extra characters or get one out of the many endings. Like what happened in the original Chrono Trigger game, this game also features several different ending sequences, probably not as many as this saga's previous game but eventually a nice amount of those. By completing the game once, you will also unlock an option which allows you to replay the entire game with the same items that you had at its ending, called "New Game +", which also turns out being a common unlockable in the Chrono series. This also makes it easier to defeat certain boss enemies and unlocking specific sequences, as it would usually be quite hard to accomplish such tasks without massive level up areas.

This game is surely a great rpg, it has some few flaws but it is a game that you must have on your shelf in order to consider yourself a true rpg fan. Fear not, this game is also good for all those people who just want to have some fun, which probably means YOU.

Unfortunately, it may be somehow to find it these days on stores, but if you ever find it, you MUST BUY IT, I promise you that this game will surely be worthy!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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