PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File03/06/01DarkSnow131K
All endings and some variations! Just go to Opassa Beach and beat the final boss.
Save Game File11/26/01HolyBomb131K
Contains 99 of every item excluding the Mastermune because of the start over. Contains almost all characters and about every element as well. All weapons excluding Mastermune, All armors, accessories are here. 99 Elements as well.
Save Game File07/19/04ChandooG131K
Read : Each save leads to endings, meaning go to the beach ASAP and use the time egg to view different endings from each save. Save 1 leads to best/second best ending, second save is a new+ save.
Save Game File09/06/00GaMeFaCe131K
Save after beating the game, almost every character, Serge pumped up and has prism weapons, and has a lot of elements.
Save Game File05/25/03jvtruman59K
Save with all characters (including Harle).
Save Game File02/17/01LLin75K
Saves at (almost) every ending.
Save Game File07/27/04ChandooG131K
Saves from various locations in disc 2, there's also a new + save aswell..
Save Game File07/26/04ChandooG131K
Saves from various points in disc1. New game + used so you have access to time speed device and time egg too.
Save Game File09/03/00Nemesis131K
Serge and Kid at 999 HP, and max stats. It also contain the New Game + feature, as well as the Chrono Cross item, and the all-powerful MasterMune sword.
Save Game File07/20/01CDexter131K
Serge, Fargo, Karsh...End of game, 48 stars, near last boss.
Save Game File03/08/11DJ_Shang_Tsung131K
Some interesting saves in the game (without any cheats), including final battle. There are 37 characters with good parameters, good equipment & different elements. Also "New game+" mode is available.
Save Game File04/18/07air_luigi131K
Start in disc 2 with a great number of characters and other saves. No cheats.
Save Game File09/24/00t.sakurambo131K
Warps you straight to the Programmers' Ending on Disc 2.

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File11/14/07Fuuinashi33K
100% Complete, New Game+ and 10 saves at many points in the game, ready to see each Endings. 99 Stars, All Elements, All characters with best weapons, 44 Prism Mails 3 Sunnies 3 Moonies 3 Sarongs, Maxed Pip Grid, 2.7 mil G.
Save Game File10/24/14asddsaqwe2K
Beginning of game with Time Shifter and Relief Charm; 0 stars; NOT on new game+
Save Game File12/20/09blade391942K
Max Money with some Max Items

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