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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mike Strife

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    By: Mike Strife
    Platform: PSX, PC 
    Developers: Psygnosis, UGC 
    Based On: The Movie "The City of Lost Children" 
    1.0 Misc Info
     1.1 Intro 
     1.2 Copyright info 
    2.0 Game Info   
     2.1 Intro 
     2.2 Characters 
     2.3 Controls 
    3.0 Walkthrough
     3.1 Part 1: Rob the lighthouse watchman
     3.2 Part 2: Rob the Loan shark. 
     3.3 Part 3: Escape  
     3.4 Part 4: Get to the oil rig
    4.0 Trapped? 
     4.1 Cellar 
     4.2 Warehouse 
    1.0 MISC INFO 
    1.1 INTRO 
    	I first saw this game at a EB in my town. It was in the pre-owned section 
    for $7.99 (Canadian) I thought it looked pretty good though, I was a huge fan of 
    the Alone in the Dark series and it looked alot like AITD. So I bought it and 
    played for a bit. While playing I learned a few things about this game. 1) The 
    story which could be amazing is told so vauge in the game you wouldn't know 
    there was one at all. 2) Sometimes it's really hard to get past a part even if 
    you know exactly what your supposed to do 3) but you never know what your 
    supposed to do. The game is based on a movie which I haven't seen but intend to 
    soon, cause the story sounds like it could be really interesting. The movie is 
    in French with english subtitles, which not only makes it hard to watch but even 
    harder to find being a forign film. Now the games itself is really, really hard, 
    I mean incredibly hard, I had so much trouble getting though it, so I looked for 
    a walkthrough on the net. I went to tons of sites and only found one walkthrough. 
    But it was the worst walkthrough I'd ever read. Absolutely horrible. The 
    walkthrough itself was more vauge than the games story. That why I decided to 
    write my own, this isn't even close to the best game ever made, but it's a good 
    game and needs a good walkthrough. Anyway I hope this helps someone. Thanks for 
    	This document is not meant to be used in a for-profit manner, and nobody 
    may reprint /reproduce/distribute/post it without first obtaining my express 
    permission, and giving me credit for it. 	
    2.0 GAME INFO
    2.1 INTRO
    	There are strange things afoot in the city. Vans drive through the narrow 
    streets by night, screeching to a halt so burly men can throw children into the 
    back, then they vanish at high speed leaving only shadows behind. There used to 
    be lots of children here but now, it seems, only a handful remain. 
    	In the city's grim orphanage lives Miette. 12 years old and forced to 
    steal for a living, she's as cunning as a cat and twice as nimble. She gets 
    everywhere she shouldn't and drives grownups mad, but when you live in a city as 
    big as this there's just so much out there to explore. 
    	On a lonely oil rig, lost in the swirling fog of an unknown future, there 
    is a sad man called Krank. Aging prematurely because he can't dream, he kidnaps 
    young children, hoping that eventually he will find a way to steal their 
    sleeping thoughts and restore his youth... In the city, a brave and honest man 
    named One searches for his little brother, Denree, who has been kidnapped. As he 
    adventures, One is befriended by a young girl, Miette, the leader of a wild 
    bunch of orphans. Together, they adventure through post-industrial dangers and 
    bizarre encounters.
    	The opening cutscene begins with a man telling his younger brother to be 
    careful. He says lots of kids have been disappearing recently so he must be 
    careful. Suddenly a a strange old man with a wierd mechanical mask comes around 
    the corner and chases after the kid. Eventually the old man corner the little 
    boy. another man with the same mask as the first grabs the boy and throws him 
    into the back of a truck that drives away.
    Miette: A young girl who has lived in an orphange all her life. She is forced to 
    steal for a 		living. 
    Peuvre: Actually Peuvre is two people. She's a set of siamese sisters (Two 
    sisters joined 		together/permanantly attached) She runs the orphanage 
    and orders the kids to steal. 
    One: A circus preformer, not very educated or bright, but very strong. His 
    little brother was 		kiddnapped and he's out to find him, using 
    Miette's help.
    Denree: One's little brother. He was kiddnapped by a cyclops. 
    The Diver: Lives in a cave under the Ocean, he has very vivid nightmares which 
    are the result of 	the guilt of something deep in his past. Something 
    related to the kidnappings.
    Cyclop: There are actually six cyclops, they see through the one eye covered by 
    their 			mechanical masks. They were made by Krank for the sole 
    purpose of kidnapping children. 		Their weakness is loud noises. 
    Krank: No one knows where Krank comes from. He is a mysterious mad scientist who 
    lives on a oil 	rig near the city. He can not dream and because of this he is 
    aging prematurely. He 	kidnaps young children so he can find a way to steal 
    their dreams for himself. 	
    2.3 CONTROLS 
    Triangle: Pick stuff up/Drop Stuff/Select stuff in Inventory. 
    Square: Talk to people. 
    X: Action/Use Inv item selected. 
    Circle: Open Inv/Put selected item away. 
    R1: Run. 
    R2: Bend Down.
    Select: Bring up Menu. Options/Save/Load.
    PgUp: Pick stuff up/Drop Stuff/Select stuff in Inventory. 
    PgDn: Talk to people.
    Enter: Action/Use Inv item selected. 
    CTRL: Run.
    Alt: Bend Down.
    TAB: inventory.
    ** The run button can also be held down while climbing boxes or stairs to make 
    Miette move faster. 
    	 We become in control of Miette, an orphan who is made to run illegal jobs 
    for her owners. A pair of Siamese sister called Peuvre. While talking to the 
    sisters you will learn that your job is to steal money from a hut. The hut 
    belongs to the lighthouse watchman. Peuvre tells you to get the key from the man 
    outside the orphanage sitting in a chair. (If you stay in the orphanage too long 
    you'll get thrown in the cellar. To see how to escape the 'cellar' see the 
    trapped section below.)
    	Go out and talk to him, he'll give you the key and tells you to get lost. 
    Go past the man and dog and exit at the top of the screen. Go right on this 
    screen and follow the path to the very bottom of the stairs, going to the left 
    you should see a small alcove below the steps you just came down. Go in and pick 
    up a brush thats in there. Go back to the bottom of the steps. To your right 
    there is a path heading up. Take it. Go right on this screen and you be at a 
    pier. On you right is a pile of skids. Get on top of them and you'll find a 
    metal bar. Pick it up. The follow the docks down/left to the light house. Use 
    the bar on the control box to the left of the door. The light will go off and 
    the guard will come running to find you. Get behind the barrels and boxes on the 
    right of the door and crouch down. (You must be facing away from the boxes and 
    barrels to crouch, it's kinda tricky) When the guard comes he won't see you and 
    after inspecting the box he'll enter the light house. (If the guard catches you 
    you'll be forced to work in the warehouse. To see how to escape from the 
    wareshouse see the 'trapped' sections below!) 
    	Run back to where you got the metal bar and go up the stairs to your left. 
    Follow the path to see the small house. Use the key on the door to unlock it 
    then enter. Turn on the lights the switch is on the wall to the right of the 
    door. You'll see the safe but there somekinda electric current running through 
    it. Needless to say you can't get the money. Open the cash register and put the 
    brush inside. The register drawer won't shut. This stops the electric current in 
    the safe (Don't ask me what sense that makes I have no idea.) Open the safe and 
    get the coins. The alarm goes off and as you exit the hut the guard will catch 
    you. A man will save you by knocking out the guard. This is the older brother 
    from the intro cutscene. He asks you to help him find his brother but you say 
    you have to get home and run away. You are taken to the orphanage automatically. 
    Your now back in the orphanage, ask Peuvre about your next mission, your 
    supposed to break into the loan sharks home and steal whatever you can. Go to 
    the back of the classroom your in and take a bag of marbles off of the shelves. 
    Quickly exit. In the alley your now in theres a door right above you. Go up and 
    enter it. Your now in the kitchen. Here is one of the only other kids still in 
    town. Talk to him, then try to take a bottle labeled 'potion' off the table. 
    After he says he'll give you the potion if you get back his marbles, give him 
    the bag of marbles. Take the sleeping potion and search the kitchen on the 
    counter near the table you'll find a chicken leg, pick it up. Go back into the 
    alley. In the alley you'll see a staircase going down, and one going up. The one 
    going up leads to the home of the guy sitting in the chair. The one going down 
    leads to the cellar. In the corner by the stairs leading to the cellar you'll 
    find two empty wine bottles pick them up. Now go past the dog to the north exit 
    of the alley, before leaveing the alley go into the corner on the right, in here 
    you'll find a marrow bone, pick it up. Exit the alley through the north entrance 
    on your left. Follow the path, go all the way down the stairs to where you got 
    the brust from the alcove in the wall. Go past the alcove to the end of the path 
    and you'll see a drunk man, talk to him until he says he's hungry. Give him the 
    chicken leg. Then he'll offer you some wine, go to the barrel to the left of him 
    and use an empty bottle to fill it up with wine. Go all the way back to the 
    orphange alley. Give the sleeping potion to the man in the chair. He'll fall 
    asleep. There's a basket hanging in the air the the right of him. It's tied to 
    the stairs using a knob. Turn the knob to lower it a little bit. Then grab the 
    sausage and door handle inside it. Go up the stairs to the right of the man. 
    Turn on the light using the switch to the right of the door. Go down, and keep 
    going straight as far as you can, you should find a pair of keys there, pick 
    them up, then leave the home. Back in the alley you can't get to the loan sharks 
    home because the dog is blocking the way. So give the dog the marrow bone. Then 
    go into the door to the right of the dog house. 
    	At the bottom of the steps you can go left or right. The loan sharks home 
    is to the left. Go left and talk to the guard. He won't let you past. Go back to 
    the bottom of the steps then go right this time. You'll see a man working on his 
    truck. Talk to him, then when he looks into the engine grab the pliers off the 
    ground by his truck. Go up a bit and you'll see a bell attached to the wall. Use 
    the pliers on it to cut it loose, then pick it up, go back down the left path to 
    the guard. Use the bell on him. Hmm? See the effect. Aparently the guard doesn't 
    like noise. How can you make it louder? Move over to the stairs beside him and 
    hit the stairs with the bell. The guard will fall into the water. Now enter the 
    loan sharks home. Walk to the center of the house and go up, there is a table 
    here with a small safe on it. Get the safe. Move left and down, into the corner. 
    There is a large safe here with a scale to the right of it. Put the small safe 
    on the scale to open the big safe. Go to the big safe and pick up the gem inside. 
    Leave the house. As you exit you will be attacked by the cyclops. 
    3.3 PART 3: ESCAPE
    	You almost drowned. Good thing the diver saved you. This must be his place. 
    You'll wake up in a small room, it looks like the basement of some place. There 
    is one other person in the room with you, the diver, he is on a bed and looks 
    sick. There is a key on the shelf behind him but when you try to get it he stops 
    you. In one of the corners of the room you'll find a block of wood behinds some 
    crates and piles of stuff. (It's the corner to the left of the wall levers.) Get 
    the pieve of wood and go to the right. There are two levers on the wall, pull 
    the left one down and use the wood on it, then pull the right one down and a 
    loud ringing will starts which has an effect on the guy in the bed. Go past him 
    and get the key from the shelf. He starts mumbling about how he created a 
    monster named Krank, and its kidnapping children to steal their dreams because 
    the monster can dream himself. Climb on the grey box near where you got the 
    piece of wood and look through the parascope. You'll see a lot of kids get on a 
    boat then it takes off. Use the key to open the only door in the room and exit.   
    	Go up a small set of stairs and follow the path, theres a grey cement base 
    of a pillar along the path with a railing infront of it, search the side of the 
    base nearest the top of the screen to find a lighter. Pick it up and continue 
    following the path. You'll go up and down some stairs and finally up a large set 
    of stairs. Climb on the boxes and over the wall, then climb down. In the corner 
    to the left of the boxes you'll find a candle in the shadows. Pick it up and go 
    up to the large table. Get the scissors of it and put the candle down. Use the 
    lighter to light it. It will burn the rope while you hide behind a door. The 
    rope will break sending a large box throw a trap door and a women will run out 
    of the house, while shes inspecting you sneak in. Here you mean the older 
    brother again. He thinks you were killed by the cyclops. (old men in masks) and 
    is surprised to see you. You tell him the cyclops is kidnapping kids and taking 
    them away to the oil rig. You decide to find a way to the rig so you can save 
    all the children. While you are talking the lady returns and yells at you. The 
    big brother stands up for you and tells you to run away.  
    	Outside of the house follow the twisting path until it branches, you will 
    have two ways to go, a very obvious north path, and a barely visible path going 
    left, go left off the side of the screen and you'll see a man painting a boat, 
    talk to him, then head up the large set of stairs behind the boat. Walk along 
    the long walkway until you see a window ledge with a tin can on it, get the tin 
    can and continue along the walkway. You'll enter a alley on your right is a 
    tatoo artist, keep going north past the tatoo artist until you get blocked by a 
    railing, on the left side on the railing in a pile of stuff is a atomizer, pick 
    it up. Talk to the tatoo artist, try to grab the map from the artist's stand, 
    then go back to where the guy was painting the boat. He should have moved to the 
    right side by now so pick up the paint brush by his paint can and dip the brush 
    in the paint can. Go back to the branch in the road and go up the other way. 
    You'll see a path to the left, one north on the left side of the screen and two 
    stair cases near the bottom of the screen. Go down the right staircase and talk 
    to the man in the boat, the go down to the very end of the dock. Pick up a stick 
    from the ground here. Go back on the stair case and exit the screen to the left. 
    Use the paintbrush on the guard here and he'll fall into the water, go down to 
    the end of this dock and talk to the fisherman, keep talking to him until you 
    ask what he's fishing for. He'll reply he lost his tin in the water. Give him 
    your tin can and he'll tell you how to get the map from the tatoo artist. Go 
    back to the screen with all the paths and stairs and go north as soon as you 
    enter the screen from the left side. Follow this path to the circus preformers 
    place. On the porch of his place is a bottle of flees. Use Stand below it, to 
    the left of the preformer and use the stick to knock it over, then play the 
    music box the the left of you, the fleas will bite him. Use the Atomizer on him 
    to get rid of the fleas then take his watch. Go back to the screen with the 
    paths and stairs and exit off the right side of the screen. Go all the way back 
    to the tatoo artist. Go to the little spot to the left of his booth and face 
    right. Press the action button and part of the booth with fall and hit the 
    artitst knocking him out. Take the map from the front of the booth. No go all 
    the way back to where you got the stick, by the man in the boat. Give him the 
    map. (Save your game cause this is the very end, and you don't wanna have to do 
    anything over) Give One the watch/compass and watch the ending cutscene. 
    4.0 TRAPPED? 
    4.1 CELLAR
    	It's easy enough to get out of the cellar all you have to do is find the 
    door, it's in a corner between a open crate and large bookcase. Just look in 
    ever corner of the room for it, then examine it, they forgot to lock it. Open it 
    and you'll be right outside the orphanage. 
    	To get out of the warehouse climb on the boxes next to the entrance, use 
    the action button on the control box above you and Miette will put the fuse back 
    in. Then go up the steps to your left and press the switch to the left of the 
    door, it will be open and you can go back to the game. 
    This Document Copyright August 2001 Mike S. Maritgnetti
    You can e-mail me questions or comments to mike_strife@hotmail.com

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