Review by KasketDarkfyre

""I can't do that!""

-Visuals 3/10-

The highest ranking that this game gets in terms of what it has to offer is a score of three. Pitting your small, undetailed character in a huge, detailed, shadow filled, uncolorful world, doesn't make this anything to really see.

While the game does offer some of the best backgrounds that you can find in a point and click game, they are too dark, and too shadowed to really see anything that the game has to offer. Mindful of that, you can't really tell where you are in terms of what part of the background you happen to be searching in.

Disappointing to the maximum, this will remind you of Chronicles of the Sword, another one of those dreadfully slow point and click games that has disgraced the Playstation in years past.

-Sound 1/10-

Nothing. A very very low tone in the background, and the constant speech line of ''I can't do that!'' is all that greets your gameplaying ears. This is another disappointment in terms of what you can hear, rather than what you can see. You would figure, that with a game that was so dark and shadowy, you could at least enjoy the background music of the game..

No dice here, and if you're looking for sound clips, don't bother...they are few and far between, and even going through a door nets you nothing in terms of a door slamming, or a lock turning.

-Control 1/10-

It's point and click. While this may seem simple, you have to flow your pointer over the background that you traverse through to find the smallest of items, and have the pointer on the right part of the doorknob to get it to turn and open...otherwise, all that you're greeted with, is the incessant sound clip of ''I can't do that!''.

-Gameplay 1/10-

As far as point and click gaming goes, something has gone seriously awry here...yes they are slow and time consuming, and yes, they can play on your last nerve, but this is ridiculous. IF you're not sharp enough with your eyes, you won't be able to pick up the first item in the game that will unlock other areas for you to explore. Don't bother with listening for something...that does you no good.

This is a game full of puzzles...but the game of puzzles here is some insanely difficult, that you'll have trouble getting past the first 20 minutes of the game, and getting the little girl out of the room she's locked in, and out into the actual world. This doesn't make for fun, or for excitement. It makes for boredom and sorrow...the sorrow of knowing that you psent some money on a game that doesn't do a bit of good but have nice box art.

-Overall 1/10-

This game, in the words of my fellow reviewer Dy$e, sucks. Big time. There are puzzles to wrack your brain, but there is nothing in terms of battles, or even's just a linear, point and click game with nothing going for it. ALthough, for those that like this form of torture, this game might be right up your alley...if not, and you're looking for something in a point and click game that might have some sort of purpose and meaning to it, avoid this game.

Don't rent it, and certainly don't waste your money buying's trash.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 04/04/00, Updated 04/04/00

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