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"One of the few real survival horror games,and this will make you crap yourself."

Story 8/10
The games story is about Jennifer Simpson, One of two survivors of a mass murder the took place a year ago. Under the care of Helen Maxwell, A professor, She tries to get back to living a normal life, Until someone is killed in the same way as the murders 1 year ago. Now there is a killer copying the using a giant pair of scissors(whoa!). He wants to hunt down and kill jennifer and as many people as he can, And he does so many,many times. Is it the same Scissorman from the past? Is it a copy cat? I'm not gonna tell you. Play and find out yourself.

Gameplay 10/10
This has to be one of the few games I would call real survival horror, You don't have guns to kill the attackers. Instead you have to hide or use items for the area your at in order to stay off the attack. But thats not even the half of it, The other half is not knowing where the scissor-wielding psycho will show up. During your adventure you will not run in o lots of badguys, Just one that will show up randomly to kill you. And when I say random I mean it. He will pop out of doors, Hide in showers ,and just show up when you least want him to. To me that is what makes this game great, You can't kill him, Only make him go away for a bit, But he will always show back up. Not only will he show back up, But he does it with style sometimes. In one part of the game if you enter a room why he is not around he will send you a fax that reads "Get Ready Im Comin' To Get Ya!" in what looks like blood, Or you might enter a room with some computers and he will show up and shake his giant scissors at you why the computers read "kill" on the screen. Damn scary.

Graphics 7/10
It is an old game (1997) so by todays standard they look like dung, But it has atmosphere and for its time they where the best. People look like everyday people you will se on the streets. Each area of the game is very different from the others. Blood looks like blood, Just everything looks right in this game.

Replay 10/10
With 10 endings that are all very different from each other (unlike some resident evil games) It has very good replay value to me, Plus with the randomness of the killer it's never the same game twice. So this get a very good score of 10/10.

Overall 10/10
With real horror,great plot twists,people in the game you grow to love and the biggest badass badguy ever....It deserves nothing less the a 10 in my book. This game is very hard to find now but if you see it grab it right away cause it is a very rare gem. If you like to be scared to the point you have to turn off the game to calm down then get this ASAP!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/03/06

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