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    Secrets FAQ by RWhite

    Updated: 10/12/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                             / __|  ___   _     _  ____
                            / /    / _ \ | |   | ||  _ \
                           ( (    | / \ || |   | || | | |
                            \ \__ | \_/ || |__ | || | | | 
                             \___| \___/ |____||_||_| |_|
                        ________         ____
                       |  _   _ \   ___ |  _ \   ____    ___
                       | | | | | | / __\| |_) ) / _  \  / _ \
                       | | | | | || /   |    / | / \  || ____|
                       | | | | | || \__ | |\ \ | \_/  || \__
                       |_| |_| |_| \___/|_| \_\ \___|_| \___/
                         |  _ \   ____   _     _    _   _
                         | |_) ) / _  \ | |   | |  \ \_/ /
                         |    / | / \  || |   | |   \   /
                         | |\ \ | \_/  || |__ | |__  | |
                         |_| \_\ \___|_||____||____| |_|
              ___  _                     _                      _
             / __|| |      ___    ____  | |    ___   ___    ___| |  ___
            / /   | |__   / _ \  / _  \ | |_  / __\ / _ \  / _   | / _ \
           ( (    |  _ \ | ____|| / \  ||  _|| /   | / \ || / \  ||  ___|
            \ \__ | | | || \__  | \_/  || |_ | \__ | \_/ || \_/  || \__
             \___||_| |_| \___/  \___|_||___| \___/ \___/  \___|_| \___/ 
                                ____  _____  _____
                               |  __||  _  ||  _  |
                               | |__ | (_) || | | |
                               |  __||  _  || | | |
                               | |   | | | || |_| |
                               |_|   |_| |_||____ \
    Good day. This document is going to attempt to educate you in the weird
    world of console game cheatcodes, specifically Colin McRae Rally cheatcodes.
    The cheatcodes I have for the game have all been checked and verified, so
    don't nobody email me that they don't work, or you will come in for some
    heavy abuse. You have been warned...
    I must thank James Stevens (www.argonet.co.uk/users/jamess/ ) for his
    Playstation cheats website and also www.gameFAQs.com for putting my FAQ's on
    their site.
    In the future I hope to add detailed descriptions of all courses and cars
    and also some great playing techniques. 
    OK, on with the FAQ.
                                   | The Codes |
    All these codes must be entered on the 'Enter Your Name' screen. 
    TROLLEY     = Four Wheel Steering.
    FORKLIFT    = Rear Wheel Steering
    HELUMNNICK  = Your co-driver Nicky Grist sounds like an Elf.
    MOREOOMPH   = Doubles your cars power in every catagory.     
    BLANCMANGE  = Turns your car into a big block of wobbly green jelly
    BACKSEAT    = In the HeadCam view, Nicky Grist will grab the wheel when you
                  attempt to turn a corner.
    PEASOUPER   = All tracks can only be raced in a thick fog (Great fun in
                  2 Player).
    BUTTONBASH  = Press X and O rapidly to accelrate your car.
    DIRECTORCUT = Gives you the power to edit your rally replays.
    KITCAR      = Gives you a turbo boost when you press Select. You can only
                  use this when the bar is green and it does tend to make you
                  jump about a bit.
    DIDDYCARS   = Micro Machines V3 mode. 
    HOVERCRAFT  = Turns your car into the Back To The Future hovercar. Yahoo!
    TINFOILED   = Makes your car indestructible and also covers it in chrome.
    NIGHTRIDER  = All tracks can only be raced in the dark (Again, great fun in
                  2 Player).
    SHOEBOXES   = Unlocks all the hidden cars.
    OPENROADS   = Unlocks all the hidden tracks.
                       | How To Use The Cheats Effectively |
    TROLLEY = This code gives you Grade A steering capabilities. The car handles
              the tightest corners with ease and it is as though the car is set
              permanently on Higher-than-high sensitivity. If your using a Dual
              Shock control pad, only use a slight touch of the joysticks. Too
              much and you over steer. Using the hand-brake when using a normal
              control pad is sometimes enough to make you correct yourself. This
              is more of a hindrance than a help, but persevere if you really
              want to master it.
    FORKLIFT = Is great for stages with severe bends, one into the other. If you
               use the ditches on the inside of a bend to let you slide round it
               with ease, this will save you a lot of time. Especially good in
               the wet or on flat tarmac (New Zealand and Corsica respectively).
    HELIUMNNICK = Is totally useless unless your playing loud music and can't
                  hear your co driver anyway. 
    MOREOOMPH = Your engine power, accelleration, brakes steering and electrics
                all have double their power. Your car can also take more of a
                beating, since there's only half the damage to be repaired. Use
                this to your advantage simply by driving normally. If, however
                your driving the Audi Quattro, make sure you brake heavily on a
                tight bend, otherwise you'll just flip about. 
    BLANCMANGE = Your car turns into a big green piece of jelly. This makes your
                 eyes go a bit funny. However, if you flip your car, you don't
                 just crash about aimlessly, you will land flat on your roof
                 where you can start driving again.  
    BACKSEAT = Is another silly cheat with no other effects. Basically, it's
               just a decoration, but is annoying in HeadCam mode (Although why
               you'd want to use this mode anyway defeats me). 
    PEASOUPER = This is great for practice runs. As there are no fog tracks, it
                is also great for letting you have clear and precise control of
                your car. 
    BUTTONBASH = Makes the game ten times harder, and you also have to contend
                 with steering, and if your holding the joypad at a funny angle
                 to help you grip, you've got no chance.  
    DIRECTORCUT = This allows you to edit your rallies in transition mode.
                  That's about it really. 
    KITCAR = Wow! What a great cheat! Pressing Select makes you do a turbo
             boost. In New Zealand or England you can do some really cool
             stunts. Or, in Sweden you can use it to help you. On the 3rd stage
             there is a fast curved section. My only advice for attempting to
             use this is to make sure you have yourself positioned for landing
             before you launch, otherwise your going to end up in the trees for
             most of the stage. 
    DIDDYCARS = Another funny one, this makes the gameplay exactly like that of
                Micro Machines V3, another CodeMasters masterpiece. Your car
                will be significantly smaller too, but the camera angle makes it
                quite difficult to play. 
    HOVERCRAFT = Makes your car float in the air as you drive! This doesn't
                 really have any effects on your car, except that your car can
                 (literally) fly round corners. Using the handbrake on a tight
                 hairpin will result in you desperately trying to gain control
    TINFOILED = No damage to your car? Do I have to spell it out? So how can
                this help you then? Hmmm, maybe your car /might/ be at it's peak
                performance for the rest of the rally, but I might be missing
                the point. 
    NIGHTRIDER = In the dark. 2 Player. Fast track like Australia.
                 Nuff said. It's just a shame that the two cars can't hit each     
                 other. In my opinion, this is the one thing missing from Colin
                 McRae Rally that could make it last a lot longer.  
    SHOEBOXES = Unlocks all the cars for you to drive. There are 4 different new
                cars to drive, the Ford Escort MkII, the Ford RS200, the Lancia
                Delta Integrale and the Audi Quattro, each with their own
                different rallying capabilites. 
    OPENROADS = Unlocks all the tracks. Well actually, it unlocks all the hidden
                tracks, so 4 then. The head-to-head tracks can now be raced on
                in Practice or Championship mode.   
    That's it for now. Before I go, I'll tell you of my more recent FAQ
    projects. My Grand Theft Auto Mission Guides for Liberty City, San Andreas
    and London 1969 are all on GameFAQs now, and Vice City will appear very
    soon. My Driver cheatcode guide will appear on there too, as will my TOCA
    Touring Cars 2 cheatcode guide.
    I have also started work on 2 new guides, namely a Repton 3 password and
    bugs guide and a walkthrough for another BBC game Ravenskull. 
    Both these games, despite their age (Repton 3 was published by Superior
    Software in 1985, almost as old as me!) are excellent games. Repton 3 is a
    puzzle game where the object is to control Repton, a lizardman, collect all
    the diamonds, collect the crown and defuse the time bomb. All this within a
    time limit. There is also hazards like falling rocks (Remember
    Boulderdash?), Monsters that hatch from eggs, spirits which you have to
    guide to a a cage to unlock a diamond and safes which you have to collect a
    key to unlock. In my opinion, this is one of the best games ever, just for
    sheer originality, even if it does borrow a few things from Boulderdash
    (Even though the original Repton came before Boulderdash).
    The other BBC game, Ravenskull is a sort of puzzle and adventure game. You
    must guide your man through 4 levels which include a catacombs (With serious
    hazards) and a beehive (For the Ravenbees). Again, you have to collect all
    the treasure, solve some taxing puzzles, use objects, and get back all 4
    pieces of a crucifix. I recently posted a reply to a thread on the
    comp.sys.acorn.games about an existing Ravenskull walkthrough I wrote when I
    was younger and got a horde of emails telling me to post it somewhere ASAP!
    I am also beginning to write a Secrets, Bugs, Tips, Tricks and Cars Guide
    for Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto London 1969. Also planned is a
    Mission Guide for Grand Theft Auto 2, which is due out on October 22nd this
    Anyway, I've rambled on for long enough. Time to go, thanks for your time.
    Rob White,

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