All rebel forces have been summoned and the entire League has been placed on Full Battle Alert... Repeat: Full Battle Alert... Enemy activity is high and extremely hostile... Proceed to the first moon of Gallonigher System for debriefing... Be warned: this is not an exercise... Repeat: this is not an exercise...


*Action packed deep space dogfights across 5 spectacular solar systems
*Strategically advance through more than 70 non-linear missions, with over 5 endings
*High-spec space craft arsenal, including Scouts, Bombers, Interceptors and Stealth Fighters
*Ballistic weaponry, including EMP Guns, Plasma Cannons and Tracker Missiles
*Stunning in-game graphics, soundtrack and cinematic special effects
*More than 50 enemy types, including mercenaries, scavengers and deadly Naval squadrons

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#5 highest rated PS simulation game (#139 on PS, #12956 overall)


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#40 hardest PS simulation game (#763 on PS, #19194 overall)


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#29 longest PS simulation game (#662 on PS, #12382 overall)


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