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"A simply great game..."

Welcome to my review!

C&C Red Alert: Retaliation is truly a great PC game, and is just as good on the PS. It's a point-and-click game, and I don't like point-and-clickers...but this game is great. It's all about war, baby!!

Story 10/10
The story is basically this. World War II never happened, Adolf Hitler never rose to fame. You can be the Allies or the Soviets, there are two different disks. The Soviets main job is defend their countries from oncoming Allied attack, whereas if you play the Allied disk, you directing the attacks toward the Soviets. I prefer being the Allies...I love their commander!! Taken (almost) straight from the Allied commander....''Find they're fuel tank...blow the heck out of it! Find the supply base...blow the heck out of it! Find their base...blow the heck out of it!'' Hehe....

Graphics 9/10
Actually, the graphics here aren't too shabby. AH! I said shabby...I'm turning into my parents :p. There's a huge difference in all the trucks/cars/ATP's/etc. Surprising, since they're all the same color, you'd think they would all look alike, but actually, they're all very different. Same with the buildings. It's easy to tell what's your base, what's your Ore Refinery, Weapons Depot, Vehicle Depot, etc.

Sound 7/10
You can hear the civilians dying screams for mercy. You can plainly hear a missle blowing up a base. Heck, you can even hear the Ore truck picking up the rocks for money out in the field. There is one problem, though. There's no music!! What kind of a game doesn't include music? Oh well, it's a very minor complaint considering how great the rest of the sound effects are.

Gameplay 8/10
This game is strictly point-and-click. But, that doesn't necessarily mean that's a bad thing...You can highlight a group of Rifle Infantry, then click where you want them to go and...BOOM. They all go there and attack/defend whatever you want them to. You don't control whom they shoot directly, they do that on they're own. Give them the general direction, and they'll do the job for you.

To conclude my review...Go buy this game. Immediatley. Each mission is difficult, and lasts between 30 minutes-1 hour and 30 minutes, making for loads of playtime. You won't regret it...I didn't.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/21/00, Updated 10/21/00

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