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"Another great game for the Command & Conquer series"

Introduction Command & Conquer Red Alert Retaliation is the third game for the Command & Conquer series on Playstation. It was originally done for the computer. This is a strategic war game. The difference from C&C Red Alert and C&C Red Alert Retaliation is the storyline and a few new extras. On the Soviet Side, you now have Tesla Tanks, which is a mobile Tesla Coil which shoots electricity at the enemy. You'll also have M.A.D. Tanks, which destroy half of any structure or tanks anywhere (but leave soilders unharmed). On the allied side you now have Chrono Tanks, which uses a system similar to the Chronosphere in that this tank can "shift" from one place of the map to another. You can also use the playstation mouse to have that computer feel.

Story What would happen if Hitler never existed? A war between the two most powerful forces on the planet: The Allies vs. the Soviets. This game allows to chose which side you're on by giving you two discs: Allies and Soviets. The story for the Allies is protecting the world against the Soviet Empire. The story for the Soviets is total domination and advancement of rank. I personally like the storyline from C&C Red Alert better, but at least this game continues the Allies vs. Soviets story. I'll give this a 9/10.

Graphics I'm sorry to say that the graphics to this game aren't really that great. It's the same as the previous game. The background lacks any innovation. The opening sequene is a great exaggeration to the actual game. The people, tanks and buildings are all right though. I'll give this category a 6/10.

Sound/Music The music here fits the game. It is basically war music, and done very nicely. The people screaming when killed and the shells hitting their targets are also done well. I'll give this category a 10/10.

Gameplay This is the best part of the game. You control a team of men, tanks, and/or MCV (Mobile Construction Vechicle) to accomplish the task of destroying the enemy, or accomplishing a certain task. If you start off with a MCV, your goal is to build your base and use it to crush your enemies. You can build a wide variety of things including men, tanks, Tesla Coils, planes, and even a kennel.

Replay The replay here is excellent. There's an option called the skirmish mode. In the Skirmish Mode, you can choose what you want in an attempt to rid the enemy off a streach of land. You pick your map from over 100 maps and fight over the computer for control of it. This is the basic battle, a feature in which I personally like. This catagory easily gets a 10/10.

Two-player Don't even attempt this! For it you'll need the playstation link cables, two T.V.s, and two playstations. It's a waste. Don't buy this game if you attempt to use it for two-player purposes unless you have all of the above. This gets a 2/10.

Overall 9/10 The graphics aren't up to par but the replay value is excellent. This game is hard to put down, once you get used to the battle system. The A.I. is alright, but I sometimes feel that it should use more of its capabilities. It's still pretty tough (especially on hard mode). Also building structures wherever you want lets you use your own design to shape your base. It's never the same game twice.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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