Review by Duel007

"A simply great addition to the Command and Conquer series"

This game is without a doubt one of the best strategy war games. It can be hard at first, but after knowing the control, you will build your army and go out to fight.

The graphics were good. But it wasn't really 3-D. It was 2-D but it still had a nice look to it. The landscapes had some dark coloring to them. The water was kind of bright, but was completely still. The only waves you will see is if you have a boat or submarine in the water and even then you only get a tiny wave right next to them. Some things had some detail, but not A LOT like some games. The game had some pretty good graphics even though it was 3-D.

The control was one of the hardest things to pick up on in this game. It was kind of like highlight the people you want and send them into battle or move them somewhere. The menu allowed you to enter codes and build power plants and other things that will help you. To enter a code you hit the O button for every shape you want. The right combination will unlock something.

The music was incredible. Most of the tunes were VERY fun to listen to. The opening theme was the best in the game.

The gameplay was pretty simple. You start out with a certain amount of units. With them, you must build your army from it. They give you a vehicle that can get you started on building things. The whole map is pitch black and you must move towards it to reveal new land. You can set the number of other armies you will be fighting against. Up to three besides you. They will build their bases up too. They sometimes even attack you or another base when they are ready. Basically, destroy all the other computer's to win. You can even set one person to protect someone else.

This game is very addicting. You will find yourself coming back to it just to blow some things up. Whether it's making tanks and killing people with them or making a pack of dogs and sicking them on people, this game offers non stop fun.

Overall, this game gets a perfect 10. The game had very little flaws and is my favorite strategy war game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/28/02, Updated 09/27/02

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