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I was not familiar with the series until this very game. I am going to risk you not reading the rest of my review by saying this sentence, but oh well… Once I played this game for the first time I was absolutely blown away. It was unlike anything I was used to up to that point. And still to this day, I do not play any other series of “war” games beside the Command and Conquer series.


Wow, the gameplay is the absolute best part of “CC: RAR.” Basically you are given the choice of 3 different types of ways to play the game. There are two disks from which to choose… the first being the ALLIES, and the second being the SOVIETS. Each disk contains missions and stories, which are very different from one another. The third play option is known as a “skirmish,” or basically a huge free for all, against the various computer opponents. This is virtually the same as the missions, however you are given customization options to increase your fun level.
The gameplay it self is incredible. In both the missions, and the skirmishes you are charged with the task of building an army from the ground (quite literally). You must construct buildings, units, and vehicles in order to vanquish your opponent (your opponents vary according to what side you choose). Because both sides have their own special buildings, soldiers, and weapons you are given many, MANY different ways in which to build up your army. The gameplay is pretty smooth, although sometimes in the skirmish mode, you have a bit of lag, when you are facing to many enemies. But other than that, the gameplay is a dream.

Score: 9/10


Depending upon the disk that you choose to play is the story that you embark on. Both contain the same premise, to destroy the other side (ALLIES or SOVIETS). Throughout the story mode are various scenes of real people acting out the events transpiring. The story is not extremely in depth, however, it serves its purpose of tying the various battles together. A very pleasant aspect of the story line is that the actors are actually quite competent and often times very funny. The story is not incredible, but the story is not the focus of the game anyway.

Score: 5/10


Hmmm… I have mixed feelings about the audio portion of the game. Most of the background music is very good but the sound effects can sometimes be overused and is therefore repetitive and slightly obnoxious. But still, the music is good; it fits the genre to a tee. The graphics are decent. During this time of Playstation, there was some better looking stuff, but still it serves it purpose of complementing the gameplay.

Score: 6/10


Ok, this is a great part of this game. First off, unless you are an absolute war strategy GOD, it is going to take you a good while to beat both the ALLIES and SOVIETS disks. But once you are done with those there is still a good amount for you to do. The skirmish mode opens the door for countless hours of you creating and customizing your own war scenarios. Really, it is great. I still am not tired of skirmish after almost three years. You have almost 125 different battle maps with different terrain and resources to chose from. Plus you can take all the time you want to cultivate a massive army (no time limit). I think you would actually have to try to get bored of this game, but I wouldn’t suggest it.

Score: 9/10


Honestly, this is a great game. Like I said above I have had this game for 3 or 4 years, and I still love it. In my opinion this is the best installment of the CC series. Even some of the newer installments (although they have improved graphics) cannot compare in terms of gameplay with CC: RAR. The audio/video, and the story are not the best but the gameplay and the replayability are out of this world, so I would suggest for you to go out and give it a shot. You can probably find it for 15$-20$ now a days; it is a worthwhile investment. I really would like to give it one point higher than the score I am about to give it, but the storyline and slightly outdated graphics keep me from doing so…

Overall Score: 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/02/02, Updated 03/02/02

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