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"Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty fun."

This game pits the good GDI forces against the rebellious brotherhood of NOD. The reason I didn't say NOD is ''evil'' or ''bad'' is because they just fight for what they
believe in. This game uses a system of battle that requires
you to rescue, capture, or destroy something or someone by giving you units or by giving you a Mobile Constuction Vehicle(MCV) so you can create a base and build up an army to beat the enemy. This is challenging unless your experienced in the Command & Conquer series and you aren't this is the easiest of the series, but don't get me wrong something doesn't have to be simple to be the easiest, trust me this game is no pushover. I have some advice for you readers be merciless because if you aren't, I promise you won't live in the game for long! This game is NOT for the faint hearted you will see people burst into, and you will see blood and explosions, and you will hear screams of death. This game is not censored in any way. Don't buy it unless you can handle it, but if you can handle it I urge you to buy it,it is an excellent game.

My ratings

''How fun is it'': 8
It's pretty fun if you can handle. I myself like blowing the crap out of stuff.

''Control'': 7
It's pretty easy to control once you get the hang of it.
I suggest reading the manual 3 or 4 times and playing the first mission a couple of times to get used to it

''Audio'': 4
The only sounds in battle you hear are screams gun shot ''hello'', ''affirmative'' and stuff like that.

''Video'': 8
The out of battle scenes are awsome! But the in battle graphics blow! They're just little guys with flashes of light that explode into little balls of blood.

You can play a couple of times before it gets a little boring, when that happens just move on with the series.

''Buy or Rent capabilities'': 8
This has great buying potential, but rent it first, if you can beat it over a weekend don't bother buying it it doesn't
really have great replayability levels. But I won't stop you I'm not your mother.

I apoligize for anything offensive in this review.

That's my review, BYE!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/26/00, Updated 02/26/00

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