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Reviewed: 03/18/00 | Updated: 03/18/00

Eh. Not bad, but then agaig, it ain't that good either

Strategy Games. The staple of any gamers lust for world domination. I've heard much about the C&C series, so, I picked this title up fromt he local gaming store at a pretty good price, to see how well it played.

-Graphics {6/10}-

While the battlefields are well detailed, the rest just sort of falls short. The little men, which are your soldiers, don't do much outside of turn to small bloody splotches on the grass when killed off.

The tanks and other vehicles, vary with their sizes and what they do...nice switch up, but it can get a little confusing, and again, these turn more into potholes in the landscape...I was hoping for some pieces of machinary to go flying into the air and litter the ground all around the explosion.

Unfortunately, it doesn't happen this way. There is very very little detail, and even the fire-fights look like the small sketchings you would do in the middle of a 4th period english class with the little stick figures.

A nice touch however, is the mid-cut scene's in the game with the respective leaders of each army, depending on what disc you play. It's a nice touch, and you'll keep your eyes glued. But that about does it.

-Sound {6/10}-

Muddled. At least the action. The voices are pretty neat, and so are the death screams of whomever is getting shot up, or blown up, and there is a little something in the way of music, which changes up from time to time.

It can put you into a droning daze if you're not careful...but, this being one of those games where the enemy sneaks up on you, and starts firing, you have to keep the sound on, and you have to be able to hear it.

-Gameplay {6/10}-

Yes, it's a strategy game. There are alot of things to do in the game, but after awhile, it gets a little boring waiting for something to happen. You set up factories, defend towns, kill off the opposing army, and break things.

Sounds like loads of fun, right? Well, you have to wait for things to happen before it really hits the fan. You're always the underdog...they have more stuff than you do, regardless of what side you play. House rules...and they're the house..they'll almost, until you get some experience under your belt playing this, always win.

The interface in this is a bit confusing, and some things, you have to wait for to be unlocked. At first, you'll spend your time capturing the enemies stuff, and then using it against them. But again, this game is time consuming, and if you're not one for patience...well, this will fray your nerves.

-Replay Value {6/10}-

There are two disc's. The Allied disc, and the Soviet disc. After you've played, and beat might take on a friend. But after that? There isn't much left in terms of playing this title over again.

-Overall {6/10}- the name of the game, patience and waiting is another part of this title. If you can sit through it, you'll be rewarded with the feeling of wiping out the other army and creating general havoc. If you like a faster paced game, then you should definately look elsewhere.

The replay value, graphics, sound and gameplay is all run of the mill strategy game filling. This game does have it's high points, and if you're a strategy nut like myself, then you'll like it...if you're looking for something along the lines of Sim-City...then look towards Civilizations.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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