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Reviewed: 10/25/01 | Updated: 10/25/01

The Sad Face Of Time Ravaged This Once Great Game

Cool Boarders, the first main stream extreme sports video game that made an impact on the video game market. Although playing it now it may seem like a mediocre game at best, when it first came out people marveled at its excellence. Compared to today’s market, the levels and amount of boarders would be laughable, but once again, when it came out they were huge amounts.


You can choose from one of many boarders, from there you will enter a series of competitions for to compete in and master. During this time, you must get the lines down perfect, and set up your jumps perfectly to rack up some serious points. After each level, you will be rewarded with another level to go onto and repeat the process all over again. Although it may seem kind of trite and boring, it is still surprisingly difficult and fun.


If there is one thing that will turn many people away from this game is its graphics. Cracks in the graphics and obvious polygons are almost constant. The boarders are not up to par at all. They seem to be made out of about six different boxes, one for every major part of the body. The course design is not great to say the least. Looking at the backgrounds you will see a few things... large blocks and some shades of color, that is about it. If you are looking for a great looking snowboarding game, I would recommend a newer version of the game.


I am an avid fan of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series, and their incredible controls. After getting them mastered and set in stone in my head, it was hard for me to think of how the controls for any other sports game could be. So when I dusted off this classic and began to play it, I got frustrated in a record amount of time. The first major thing that is wrong with it would have to be how you jump. Instead of being able to move around while you are holding down on the jump button, as soon as you push down that button, you become locked in the same direction as you were in. This gets old quick when you are used to Tony Hawk. Another difficult task is the trick process. To perform many of the tricks, you will have to hold down multiple buttons at the same time, just to get the trick pulled off. This may not seem like it will be a hard task, but it is much more difficult than it may seem.


When you play an extreme sports game, you will notice one of many things. The first one being sound effects. There is always some ''hip'' guy saying a catch phrase like ''Rock On!'' and ''Gnarly'' This is no exception to the rule, and in fact has one of the best one liners in the history of extreme games. Who can not like the saying ''Uep Systems''. When I first heard that graceful saying, I fell in love and never let go. Along with great sound effects came an average soundtrack. Like many of the other things, it was a great soundtrack at the time, but unfortunately it has not stood up to the test of time.


Being a fan of Cool Boarders, I think that Cool Boarders is probably the second worst of the series, right behind Cool Boarders 2001 (The Playstation version, not the PS2 one, which by the rocked). It had the shades of being a great game, which came to perfection in Cool Boarders 2, but just did not have all of its cards stacked right in the original. As the game continues to get older, its fun factor decreases rapidly. There is not too much more to explain, beside it just is not as fun as it once was.


Older games will often have higher replay value. This is a generality, not a rule to follow. It all just depends of the kind of game. Platformers will always have a huge replay value, but sports games seem to suffer horribly. Newer, updated versions come out just about every year, with all new features and better everything. Cool Boarders just is not too much fun to play after you have done it once or twice.


One thing that has not gotten worse over time is the challenge of Cool Boarders. When it first came out, it was a fairly difficult game. Today, it has only gotten harder, especially if you are used to the masterpiece Tony Hawk. If you are looking for a challenging game that is cheap, Cool Boarders should be an option in your head.


One thing that was never real good in early Playstation games were their multiplayer modes. There were no real games to play. All you could really do is just board down a hill and then see who can get to the finish line the quickest. There are also a few more competitions like a half pipe and big air, but other than that you can not school your friends with your skill.


Cool Boarders, to all of my knowledge, was the first real snowboarding game for a major console outside of NES. Even if there were other games out there, Cool Boarders blew them away with its all new options and choices in games. One of the more original games that you can get for under $10


Unless you are a huge fan of snowboarding games, Cool Boarders will not be entertaining to just about anybody. There was a time when it was one of the funnest games that you could get, but the face of old age has struck again.


There is no need to rent this game anymore, if you are thinking about getting the game, go ahead and do it. There are better games out there, and I would not recommend this one more than any of the other ones.


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