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    FAQ/Walkthrough by A.K.A

    Version: Final | Updated: 04/10/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                  ,'               `.
                                 /     _________     \
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                                               /     /
     ____  _____  _____  _     _____  _____   /__   /____   ___   ____  ____   ___
    /  __|/  _  \/  _  \| |   |  _  \/  _  \,'/  \,'|    \ |   \ |  __)|    \ /  _|
    | |   | | | || | | || |   | |_) || | | | / /\ \ | |) | | |\ || (__ | |) | | (_
    | |   | | | || | | || |   |     /| | | || |__| ||    / | || ||  __)|    / \_  \
    | |   | |_| || |_| || |__ |  _  \| |_| ||  __  || |\ \ | |/ || (__ | |\ \  _) |
    | |__ \_____/\_____/|____)| |_) |\_____/|_|  |_||_| \_\|___/ |____)|_| \_\|___/
    \____|                    |_____/   ,'
                                ,'    ,'
                               /     /
                              |     |________________
                              |                      |
                                 ASCII Art by Osrevad
    |                            Game: Cool Boarders 2                            |
    |                          Platform: Sony Playstation                         |
    |                            Genre: Winter Sports                             |
    |                 Producer: Sony Computer Entertainment America               |
    |                           Developer: UEP Systems                            |
    |                    Author of this FAQ/Walkthrough: A.K.A                    |
    |                     E-mail: arminjewell[at]yahoo[dot]com                    |
    |                               Version: Final                                |
                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1.0 Copyright Information
    2.0 Revision History
    3.0 Introduction
    4.0 Controls
    5.0 Moves
    6.0 Characters
       6.1 Yaggi
       6.2 Jin
       6.3 Cindy
       6.4 Irin
       6.5 Boss
       6.6 Snowman
       6.7 Gray
    7.0 Boards
    8.0 Courses
       8.1 Big Air Mode
       8.2 Freestyle and Competition Mode
       8.3 Other
    9.0 Walkthrough
       9.1 Freestyle (Under Construction)
       9.2 Competition
       9.3 Half-Pipe
       9.4 Master Big Air
    10.0 Music
    11.0 Secrets
    12.0 Thanks
                              1.0 Copyright Information
    Unpublished work Copyright 2002-2004 Armin Jewell
    This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright
    Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only--it cannot be
    reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any form (written
    or otherwise).  It is a free document that cannot be used in any sort of
    commercial transaction, including selling it or giving it away as a gift.  This
    FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by anybody (including webmasters,
    publishers, and magazine staff) without my expressed written permission.  This
    FAQ was created and is owned by me, Armin Jewell <arminjewell (at) yahoo (dot)
    com>.  It can be found exclusively at www.GameFAQs.com and at
    www.neoseeker.com.  All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and
    respected that are not specifically mentioned herein.
                               2.0 Revision History
    Final Version - April 10, 2004
    Finished up the Freestyle section.
    Version 2.5 - February 15, 2004
    Fixed up the stats of characters and boards (forgot the boards in the last
    update), got a beautiful new ASCII, and I finished up to Take it Easy.
    Version 2.4 - February 14, 2004
    I updated Bear in the Forest, and changed the Contributor name.
    Version 2.3 - January 31, 2004
    Changed the formatting a lot.
    Version 2.2 - November 3, 2002
    A added a new title.  Hope you like it.  Edited the Table of Contents a little
    Version 2.1 - July 20, 2002
    Finished the half-pipe section as well as the master big air section.  Finished
    Sunset Downhill in Freestyle mode.
    Version 2.0 - July 12, 2002
    Sorry for the long pause in the updating, had stuff to do.  Started the half-
    pipe section and the master big-air section.  Updated the freestyle mode and
    competition mode (sorry for the bad information!)  Edited some typos and such.
    Version 1.0 - June 26, 2002
    Started my first FAQ! Created a basic shell for all the things I want to put in
    it.  Finished Moves, Controls, Characters, Boards, Courses, Music, and Secrets
    and Shortcuts.  Started the walkthrough.
                                 3.0 Introduction
    This is my first FAQ for an outstanding game in Cool Boarders 2.  It is quite
    possibly one of the best snowboarding games in terms of quality of gameplay.
    It is a little lacking in the graphics department, but it is understandable as
    it came out in 1997.  If anyone has any questions about the game, or
    suggestions on how I could improve this FAQ or what I could add and you will
    get proper credit.
                                    4.0 Controls
    The controls in this game are very easy to get used to, unless you have played
    other snowboarding or trick-related games very recently.  Even so, it will only
    take about 5-10 minutes to get the basic idea of what controls are important
    and are used a lot.
    Turn - D-pad left/right
    - The basic turning control.  It will only slow you down a little bit.
    Sharp Turn - Square + D-pad left/right
    - A sharp turn that will slow you down greatly, and is needed in many parts of
    the game.
    Jump - X
    - The basic jumping control.  Keep in mind that you can't move once you press
    and hold X.  The longer you hold it, the higher you will jump.
    Weight Shift - D-pad up
    - This will make it so you don't jump with moguls, but you will slow down very
    Tuck Position - D-pad down
    - This is very useful in the game as it sometimes makes the difference between
    you going faster than the opponent or going the same speed.
    Change Stance - L1/R1
    - Will change your stance from goofy to regular or regular to goofy.  Not very
    useful in the game except when you must perform a fakie trick, which is when it
    is opposite of the rider's preferred stance.
    Change View - Triangle
    -This will change the camera angle.  There are two angles, one is behind the
    boarder, the other is the rider's point of view.
    Rail Slide (Grind) - R1/L1
    - This will grind your board on to a rail, which can lead to combos, but you
    lose a lot of speed on the rails.  To keep your balance on the rails and when
    being bumped by another player, press left and right on the d-pad to balance
    yourself.  Grinding rails is also useful when taking shortcuts in Pipeline
    Canyon and other levels as well.
                                      5.0 Moves
    Moves are the biggest part of the game obviously.  Doing moves by themselves is
    simple enough, but putting them together into combos gets trickier.  When you
    see an arrow connecting two buttons that means you have to press and hold the
    first button and then press the second button.  Here is a simple list of the
    grabs, spins, and flips you can do.
    Shifty - L1
    Lien Air - Down + R1
    Indy Grab - Up + R2
    Mute - Up + R1
    Stalefish - Down + R2
    Method - Down + L2
    Nose Grab - Tap Up + Hold Up + R1
    Tail Grab - Tap Down + Hold Down + R2
    Shuffle - L1?L2
    Indy Nosebone - Up + R2?L2
    Tweak - Down + R1?L1
    Stiffie - Up + R1?L2
    Melancholy - Down + R1?L2
    Spins and Flips
    - Spin right/left - When holding down X to jump, hold down right/left on the D-
    pad.  When you jump, release X and keep on holding the D-pad right/left to spin
    in that direction.
    - Front/Back flip - When holding X to jump, hold down up/down on the D-pad.
    When you jump, release X and keep on holding up to front flip or down to back
    - Misty - When holding X to jump, hold down a diagonal on the D-pad.  For
    example, hold down, right-down, right-up, left-down, or left-up.  When you
    jump, release X and keep on holding the diagonal on the D-pad to do a misty.
                                    6.0 Characters
    The characters in this game are very well done, and they a character for every
    type of gamer.  At the beginning you start out with four characters.  One of
    them is good at tricks, one has a lot of speed, one has a lot of balance, and
    the last one was a little bit of everything.  There are three secret characters
    and they are well worth getting.  All characters will follow this format:
    Rank - The best being 1, and the worst being 7.
    ______/6.1 Yaggi\______________________________________________________________
    Description: Yaggi is a trickster with good jumping and technique.  He is also
    pretty quick and accelerates pretty fast on his board.  He lacks some balance
    and power, and has a low top speed.  He is very good for beginners.
             Jump: | | | | | |
          Balance: | | | |
        Technique: | | | | | | | |
        Quickness: | | | | | |
            Power: | | | |
    Maximum Speed: | |
    Rank: 3/7
    ______/6.2 Jin\________________________________________________________________
    Description:  Jin is very strong and has lots of power and rises up to a high
    maximum speed.  He can perform pretty good tricks, but his balance prevents him
    from landing any of them.  Only experts should use him.
             Jump: | | | |
          Balance: |
        Technique: | | | |
        Quickness: | |
            Power: | | | | | | | |
    Maximum Speed: | | | | | | | | | |
    Rank: 6/7
    ______/6.3 Cindy\______________________________________________________________
    Description:  She is, I think, the worst player in the game.  She is well
    rounded in all categories, but that means she lacks in all categories.  Her
    strongest stats are technique, quickness and maximum speed, which makes her a
    tough opponent when she is a CPU since she has pretty good acceleration _and_
    top speed.  She is easy to handle and is good for beginners.
             Jump: | | | |
          Balance: | |
        Technique: | | | | | |
        Quickness: | | | | | |
            Power: | | | |
    Maximum Speed: | | | | | |
    Rank: 7/7
    ______/6.4 Irin\_______________________________________________________________
    Description:  She has lots of balance and has a reasonable amount of technique,
    which makes her a good rider to learn the game with.  Eventually though, her
    lack of power and max speed get exposed, and new characters with much higher
    technique come in, making her yesterday's news.  She is the best player for
             Jump: | | | | |
          Balance: | | | | | | | | | |
        Technique: | | | | | |
        Quickness: | | | | | | | | | |
            Power: | |
    Maximum Speed: | |
    Rank: 5/7
    ______/6.5 Boss\_______________________________________________________________
    Description:  The best player in the game, and usually the second secret
    character that people earn.  BTW, all secret characters have their own boards
    except for Boss.  For information on how to get Boss, look in the Secrets
    section.  Anyway, he is basically an advanced version of Cindy.  He has good
    stats all around and he can make the score light up.  He is good for
    intermediate players because his power can be mishandled and if the beginners
    are used to people like Irin or Cindy, than they will have a slightly harder
    time changing to him.
             Jump: | | | | | | | |
          Balance: | | | | | | |
        Technique: | | | | | | | |
        Quickness: | | | | | | | | | |
            Power: | | | | | | | |
    Maximum Speed: | | | | | | | |
    Rank: 1/7
    ______/6.6 Snowman\____________________________________________________________
    Description: It looks so much like a woman with a bow, but they called it a
    snowman anyway.  He is usually the first secret character people get.  Check
    the Secrets section for information on how to get him.  This character is all
    about speed.  Her board is a frying pan. I'm a big fan of tricks and not too
    much a fan on speed, so that's why he is ranked lower than Yaggi.  You will be
    lucky if you land a 360.  That's how bad he is at tricks.  This character is
    also hard to control because he can get up to monstrous speeds.  He is very
    useful for trying to get the time gold trophy in Freestyle mode.
             Jump: | | | |
        Technique: | |
        Quickness: | | | | | | | | | |
            Power: | | | | | | | | | |
    Maximum Speed: | | | | | | | | | |
    Rank: 4/7
    ______/6.7 Gray\_______________________________________________________________
    Description:  Probably the hardest to get secret character, but definitely well
    worth the effort.  Check the Secrets section on how to get him.  He is an alien
    with a UFO for a board and he is all about tricks.  You thought that pulling
    off an 1800 was a miracle, wait till you see Gray pull off a 4500.  Because of
    that, he makes up for his lack in power and maximum speed.  He is good for all
             Jump: | | | | | | | |
          Balance: | | | | | | | | | |
        Technique: | | | | | | | | | |
        Quickness: | | | | | | | | | |
            Power: | |
    Maximum Speed: |
    Rank: 2/7
                                     7.0 Boards
    One of the best parts of the game is the boards.  You can choose from three
    different types of boards to suit your needs.  Freestyle, All-Around, and
    Alpine.  There are also three different kinds of boards within these categories
    that you can pick their look from several choices.  Or, you can make your own
    board, which is really cool.  The boards have three different stats.  Maximum
    speed is obviously how fast it goes.  Response is how well your board with
    react and when doing tricks, or how cooperative it is.  Stability affects how
    you land, or when you get pushed over.  And yes, there are secret boards.  To
    find how to get the secret boards, look in the Secrets section.
    As you can tell by the name, these boards are designed to do tricks and
    consequently are not very fast.
    Type 1 Stats
    Maximum Speed: |
         Response: | | | | | | | | | |
        Stability: | | | | | | | | | |
    Type 2 Stats
    Maximum Speed: |
         Response: | | | | | | | | |
        Stability: | | | | | | | | |
    Type 3 Stats
    Maximum Speed: | |
         Response: | | | | | | | |
        Stability: | | | | | | | |
    Maximum Speed: | | | |
         Response: | | | | | | | | | |
        Stability: | | | | | | | | | |
    Again, the name tells all.  It is a mix between a freestyle and alpine board.
    It is pretty much a little bit of everything, and they are key to winning in a
    Type 1 Stats
    Maximum Speed: | | |
         Response: | | | | | |
        Stability: | | | | |
    Type 2 Stats
    Maximum Speed: | | | |
         Response: | | | | |
        Stability: | | | |
    Type 3 Stats
    Maximum Speed: | | | | |
         Response: | | | |
        Stability: | | | |
    Maximum Speed: | | | | | | |
         Response: | | | | | |
        Stability: | | | | |
    Alpine boards are just fast, they don't have much response or stability, and
    they are made for race, not for tricks.
    Type 1 Stats
    Maximum Speed: | | | | | |
         Response: | | |
        Stability: | |
    Type 2 Stats
    Maximum Speed: | | | | | | |
         Response: | |
        Stability: | |
    Type 3 Stats
    Maximum Speed: | | | | | | | |
         Response: |
        Stability: |
    Maximum Speed: | | | | | | | | |
         Response: | | |
        Stability: | |
                                       8.0 Courses
                                  8.1 Big Air Courses
    These courses are available in the big air contest and in competition mode.
    Stadium Kicker
    Length: 333 ft.
    Maximum Slope: 20.0 degrees
    Description:  The standard big air jump.  It is hard to get a lot of points on
    it, but practice makes perfect.
    Ice Fang
    Length: 666 ft.
    Maximum Slope: 37.0 degrees
    Description: A very good jump to practice your tricks.  If you move slightly to
    the left at the beginning of it then you can jump off the higher part of the
    jump and get more air.
    Titan's Toe
    Length: 500 ft.
    Maximum Slope: 48.0 degrees
    Description:  It is a half-pipe jump, and you can get some huge air and spins
    off of it.  I once got a 5400 with Gray on it.  But you have to jump at the
    right time to get the maximum amount of air.
                         8.2 Freestyle and Competition Courses
    This is where you will spend most of your gaming time.  There are nine regular
    courses and one secret course.  The nine courses are unlocked by playing them
    in competition, so they aren't really secret.  The tenth one is secret.  Look
    in the Secrets section to find out how to unlock it. (BTW, the lower the number
    for the difficulty ranking, the easier it is)
    White Resort
    Length: 8809 ft.
    Maximum Slope: 28.4 degrees
    Average Slope: 10.8 degrees
    Official Time: 1'45"000
    Description: The first course and definitely an easy one.  Lots of time to
    prepare for the jumps most of the time, and lots of straight and relatively
    flat ground.  The only problems someone might have are in the sharp turns
    halfway through the course.
    Difficulty Rank: 1/10
    Sunset Downhill
    Length: 9803 ft.
    Maximum Slope: 32.2 degrees
    Average Slope: 10.8 degrees
    Official Time: 2'00"000
    Description:  A fairly easy course, and definitely getting harder.  It is a big
    jump from White Resort, but it should be pretty easy to handle.  Watch out for
    the ice which makes you go faster but it makes turning harder.
    Difficulty Rank: 3/10
    Bear In the Forest
    Length: 10400 ft.
    Maximum Slope: 49.6 degrees
    Average Slope: 29.4 degrees
    Official Time: 1'53"000
    Description:  Almost everyone can agree that they hate this course.  With the
    unpredictable trees everywhere (it is actually the same every time but hard to
    memorize ALL of it) and a very intimidating cliff.  It is a very hard course
    because not only do you have to dodge the trees, but you also have to go off
    the jump, and sometimes you don't see it until you are already off of it.
    Also, the cliff after the first set of trees kills many people's attempts at
    beating the time record, or winning a race.  It is a very difficult course for
    early off.
    Difficulty Rank: 7/10
    Railroad Trip
    Length: 9233 ft.
    Maximum Slope: 34.0 degrees
    Average Slope: 23.5 degrees
    Official Time: 2'14"000
    Description: This level is fairly easy, but it adds some places that are hard.
    You are warned somewhat about that jumps, and it is fairly easy turning.
    Remember to jump over the gaps that don't have a bottom and not just ride the
    jump over it because you will fall in.
    Difficulty Rank: 4/10
    Take it Easy
    Length: 5580 ft.
    Maximum Slope: 34.9 degrees
    Average Slope: 22.6 degrees
    Description:  Do as the title says, because this one is pretty easy for the
    later levels.  Not much turning done, the straight downhill can cause some
    problems with the narrow sides, but that's about it.  Getting through the trees
    at the bottom is super easy if you beat Bear in the Forest.
    Difficulty Rank: 4/10
    Pipeline Canyon
    Length: 12833 ft.
    Maximum Slope: 41.3 degrees
    Average Slope: 30.8 degrees
    Official Time: 2'30"000
    Description:  This is where the levels start to get a little harder.  There are
    a lot more turns, a lot less time to think about what you are going to do and
    there are a lot of obstacles in the way.  There are also a lot of cliffs.  It
    might sound bad, but it is not as bad as it sounds and it is still pretty easy.
    Difficulty Rank: 6/10
    Freezing Point
    Length: 12246 ft.
    Maximum Slope: 49.8 degrees
    Average Slope: 40.1 degrees
    Official Time: 2'08"000
    Description:  Good luck with this one.  This is in my opinion the hardest level
    in the game.  It is so fast and it has many sharp turns and cliffs.  Everything
    is ice and the jumps come up on you almost instantly.  It is really hard, and
    it takes A LOT of practice to go down the course and get the medals.  See if
    you can go down the course without falling.  Good luck.
    Difficulty Rating: 10/10
    Winding River
    Length: 9833 ft.
    Maximum Slope: 34.7 degrees
    Average Slope: 29.6 degrees
    Official Time: 1'55"000
    Description: This level is actually pretty easy for a higher level.  Not many
    sharp turns, lots of open terrain, and pretty good warning on the jumps except
    for one especially in the tunnel.  The trees also can complicate things, but
    all in all it is fairly easy.
    Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Snow Ruins
    Length: 8880 ft.
    Maximum Slope: 62.7 degrees
    Average Slope: 46.2 degrees
    Official Time: 2'06"000
    Description:  This is the highest level except for the secret one, so you've
    got to expect it to be challenging.  Keeping that in mind, it is a frustrating
    course.  It doesn't look that hard, but looks are definitely deceiving.  There
    are many, many steep drops that require precise turning.  It is pretty easy to
    do tricks, as they are set up at the end of long flat parts of the run.  All in
    all it is a tough course, but very do-able.
    Difficulty Rating: 9/10
    Dive Into The Cave
    Length: 4316 ft.
    Maximum Slope: 58.5 degrees
    Average Slope: 30.2 degrees
    Official Time: 1'05"000
    Description:  This is the secret level.  By the way, you don't play this level
    in Competition, but you play it only in Freestyle.  It is actually pretty hard,
    but once you can beat the level it becomes a lot of fun, to see how many points
    you can get off of the last HUGE ass jump!!  I have gotten 1842 with Gray, so
    try to beat that!
    Difficulty Rating: 8/10
                                        8.3 Other
    Length: 800 ft.
    Inclination: 20 degrees
    Width: 83 ft.
    Wall Height: 20 ft.
    Transition: 26 ft.
    Description:  It is obviously not that hard to complete the level, but to -
    beat- the level is very hard.  The way to beat the level is to get the secret
    character from it by scoring a certain amount of points, which can all be found
    in the Secrets section.  The difficulty would be 10/10, but you can complete
    the level by just riding down the middle.
    Difficulty Level: 7/10
    Board Park
    Length: 7833 ft.
    Maximum Slope: 36.0 degrees
    Average Slope: 12.4 degrees
    Description:  The beginner's course.  You should go here only if you want to
    get mad air for fun, or if you are beginning and want to try out the controls.
    A very good course for learning, and it is super easy and it doesn't go very
    fast, with a slope of only 12.4.
    Difficulty Rating: 0/10
                                    9.0 Walkthrough
    This is probably what you've all been waiting for, and is the bulk of FAQ.
    I will give hints on how to complete each of the levels, as well as my advice
    on who to use and what board to use.  You can choose to take my advice or not,
    I don't care, but I will give you it if you are struggling in the game.
                                   9.1 Freestyle Mode
    This mode is for people who want to do the levels on their own and race only
    the clock and....the point totals.  Or, it's for people who want to complete
    the game.  This is the place to explore the levels before you do them in
    competition, but it is also a place to unlock a character, and unlock all of
    the other boards.  BTW, the gold medal for trick and total is the same for
    every level.  I will still post it on every level, but keep that in mind.
                                    White Resort
    Gold Medal in Time: Better than 1'45"000
    Gold Medal in Trick: Better than 2500
    Gold Medal in Total: Better than 5000
    Shortcuts: No
    Personally, I would go first and get Boss from competition mode, because it
    becomes so much easier to complete the levels.  But if you can't do that, then
    start out with Yaggi on the first run.  Depending on what metals you are going
    for read on accordingly:
    *** Gold Medal in Time ***
    Here are the basic rules for racing for time medals.  Rule one: NEVER jump
    unless there is a cliff with no bottom.  It slows you down too much.  Second
    rule: Hold "Down" on the D-pad as much as possible.  It will make a big enough
    difference to maybe even win or lose.  But, the problem with that, is that you
    must keep on holding down.  If you quickly let go and press it again during the
    jump, he will try to do a back flip.  So avoid changing your grip on it during
    a jump.  And finally rule 3: never press up.  Never, there is not a time were
    you would need to do that.  There might be sometimes were it is nice, but you
    don't need to.  Keep your finger away from that button.
    I would use Yaggi and an Alpine board type 1 for the first time medal.  As soon
    as you see Yaggi at the gate hold down so you can get lots of speed.  Remember
    not to jump of the first jump, and ignore the announcers jeering.  Keep going
    straight until you turn, you might have to let up a little on the down button
    to get the turn, and make sure you don't hit the walls here.  Once you pass the
    second checkpoint, it will get narrower, but it is no big deal, just keep on
    following the path left until you see your path going into a wall.
    At this point, let go of the down button and move towards the right hand side
    of the screen so you don't hit the corner.  Quickly sharp turn left, then
    right, and the jump should be in front of you.  But you aren't jumping off it
    of course.  Keep holding the down button and hold down left to get into the
    tunnel with out scraping the outside wall.  When you get to the tunnel, you
    might have to let go of down for a few seconds turning right.  Once out of the
    tunnel only a jump stands in the way of you completing the level, and hopefully
    breaking the time record.
    *** Gold Medal in Trick ***
    It is pretty easy to get a gold medal in trick, seeing as it is the first
    level. You start off and immediately press X and left or right to spin to get
    ready to jump.  You won't hit the tree.  When you jump, you should get at least
    a 540, and try to add two tricks, no matter how bad, it helps a lot.  You
    should get from 500-600, depending on how good your grabs are.  Now hold down
    and gain as much speed as you can.  As soon as you see the next jump, and you
    are lined up, you should hold X, because hopefully, you can do a misty, or even
    two misties if you have Boss.  Your goal is to get about 900-1000 points.
    The reason you need such high points is that basically there is three jumps you
    need to worry about in this level, in that two of them are very quick and
    sudden and take a lot of practice to get a good move off.  But, to win, you do
    need about 250-350 points on the next two jumps.  After the, hopefully, 1000
    point jump, continue on until you get to the third jump, which is after the two
    sharp turns.  All you need here is 250-350 points, so spin as much as you can
    and do a tweak or melancholy.  A 360 melancholy would be great at this point.
    After that keep on going until you have your sharp turn right.  Sharp turn so
    much that you almost stop close to the left wall.  Quickly then, face the jump
    and hold X to get as much air as possible.  If you fell, or got a low score on
    the last jump, here is a chance to redeem your self.
    For the last jump, it depends on how well you did during the rest of the
    course.  If you scored toward the lower end of my ranges, you need to get
    around 600.  If you were at the higher end, you need a mere 300 points.  For
    600 points on a jump, I would do the same thing as the first jump, but with
    more spin or better grabs.  For 300 points, I would spin and do a tweak or
    melancholy.  With these guidelines, you can easily get up to 2500 points for
    the gold.
    *** Gold Medal in Total ***
    Getting a gold metal in total on the first level is very simple.  Just go for
    tricks, but don't fall.  Don't worry about the clock, it is your friend.  Try
    to get around 3000 points in about 1'55"000 and you will get that gold metal.
    A way to get 3000 points would be to step up the performance in the two "bad"
    jumps, for example, get 450 on each instead of 300 and that's 300 more already.
    Also, instead of going for what you need on the last jump, go for 700 or 800.
    It very easy as long as you get lots of trick points.
                                  Sunset Downhill
    Gold Medal in Time: 1'48"000
    Gold Medal in Trick: 2500
    Gold Medal in Total: 5000
    Shortcuts: No
    *** Gold Medal in Time ***
    This course is also very easy to complete.  But, it is harder than White
    Resort; so don't get your hopes up.  Again, unless you have any other secret
    characters, use Yaggi.  Even though he isn't the fastest one, to me he is the
    easiest to control, and I got the most comfortable with him.  That is very
    important.  I would use an Alpine Type 1 board.
    You start out going over a jump, then you get to a sharp turn up ahead, and
    this little section can really change your time.  It is a sharp turn left, then
    right and then left again.  If you do well here, you will do very well.  To do
    this section well just TAP the square button in the direction you want to go
    and you should be able to make it through there without a scratch.  Continue on
    until you get to the HIGH jump.  Continue on top of the ice, and stay to the
    left, you will have to turn kind of sharply on the ice, so use the square
    button as appropriate.
    When you get to the first logs, stay to the left and go through that opening.
    With the next set of logs, go over to the right through the opening, and jump
    over the single log.  This is the easiest way for me.  Continue on through the
    checkpoint and you will see a very steep cliff.  Hold down and stay towards the
    middle, careful not to fall!  After that, stay on the inside of the rising
    mound to insure that you don't fall off.  Just keep on going through the rest
    of the course, turning regularly.  You don't need to turn sharply, but you can
    let off of the down button to get the turn you need.  You should be able to get
    it fairly easily.
    *** Gold Medal In Trick ***
    For the first jump, at the start of the run, hold down what you decide to do
    for a trick.  It is very easy to do even a 750 off this jump, so shoot as high
    as you can, and restart if you fall.  For the next jump, try to guess where the
    jump is going to be before you see it and hold X to get a better jump.  This
    just comes with practice.  You should get about 1000 points on this one, since
    it is high and gives you lots of prep time.
    For the next jump, try to get around 500-600.  After you do this, you are
    pretty much at 2500, so the next jump needs a 360 grab or something to get over
    2500.  This is a very easy course to get 2500 on.
    *** Gold Medal in Total ***
    Basically, go for the extra mile points wise.  It is very easy to score upwards
    of 3500 points if you have Boss or even better Gray.  If you get about 3250 and
    a decent time of about 1'55"000 then you should be fine for the total part of
    this course.
                                 Bear In The Forest
    Gold Medal In Time: 1'43"000
    Gold Medal In Trick: 2500
    Gold Medal In Total: 5000
    *** Gold Medal In Time***
    Using Yaggi is recommended again especially this time because you need lots and
    lots of control to be able to get through this course.  I would again recommend
    an Alpine Type 1 board, but if you feel you can't control it, you can change to
    a board with more handling.
    You start out in the beginning and you must turn right, then left to a pretty
    high jump.  Again, like all times in this game, do not jump unless it is needed
    to get over a cliff or something like that.  So then you will land and in front
    of you will be a sea of trees.  This part is nothing compared to what is coming
    ahead.  Carry on to the next section.
    When you pass this first group of trees you will hear the announcer saying it's
    going to be a sharp turn.  Indeed it is, and the alternative to not making it
    sharp enough is down the cliff, losing valuable seconds.  So make sure you are
    careful.  Once you pass that little corner you will just be going through many,
    many trees and many checkpoints.  You will eventually come to a huge drop off,
    with ruins on your left as you land.  This is a pretty big jump, but still you
    must ignore the temptation.
    Continue right and go through the tunnel and here you might want to jump to
    avoid some trees.  It is pretty random whether or not you will hit a tree, so
    just hope for luck.  Continue down the right side to avoid another jump and
    continue into the finish line.
    *** Gold Medal in Trick ***
    This is going to be pretty darn difficult if you ask me, and you will probably
    have to restart this level many times just to get enough points on the first
    jump.  Yaggi is recommended here at the beginning for his high statistics in
    Tricks.  Remember to take your time, as you are not being times for what you
    are doing.
    Start out and try to get a line to the jump as far away as possible and try
    some things out.  This is the first jump and it is very easy to restart and try
    again, so see what works and what doesn't to get you the maximum combo for the
    maximum amount of points.  I would say you should do a trick combo of a minimum
    of 500, and I have gotten it up to 900 before so keep trying for that 700 to
    800 range.
    Once you complete that jump, you will have one jump before you pass the sharp
    right turning section, and it will be off to the right.  There are several
    jumps that are like this in this level, making it pretty difficult to get a
    good jump.  The key to getting a good score on them is to do some very nice
    trick combinations with a fair amount spin to accentuate it so it generates as
    much points as possible.  After that second jump continue on to the sharp right
    turn and past it to find another jump right after it.
    On these jumps, if you can manage to get 450 to 500 you will be in great shape.
    There are three of these short dinky jumps, and around them will be tree after
    tree after tree...you get it.  Continue on until you see a narrow drop off.
    This is really your big chance and your only chance to reach that 2500 mark.
    It is a very high drop, maybe the highest in the game, rewarding you for
    getting through the course.  You need to get at least 750 points here, and that
    should be the bare minimum that you should end up with.  If you prepare well
    enough for this jump, you will beat this level easily.
    *** Gold Medal in Total ***
    For this I would still use Yaggi, and the main thing to do here is to keep
    yourself going fast.  Especially for this, points don't matter as much and you
    are better off with a faster time than a good trick score.  So, in the end you
    ideally want to keep your time under 1'50"000, or even under 1'55"000, and you
    want your trick to be around 1750-2000.
                                   Railroad Trip
    Gold Medal In Time: 1'59"000
    Gold Medal In Trick: 2500
    Gold Medal In Total: 5000
    *** Gold Medal In Time ***
    Yaggi again here, because he is the best at being consistent and by now if you
    have been using him you should be getting used to his style.  Continue on this
    easier course with an Alpine Type 1, to be able to smoke the competition.
    Actually the clock, in this case is what you are trying to smoke.
    Start off in the beginning and go through the first couple corners, and then
    you will get to a jump at the beginning, and that's where you can get some
    time.  Make sure you don't jump and continue on.  You will continue and get to
    an icy section, which will straighten out to get to a nice big jump.  Continue
    forward and you will get to a point where there is a log.  I highly recommend
    against going on it, because if you fall its pretty much all over then.
    Past the log, keep going left and make a nice sharp turn where it looks like it
    is sharp to continue on.  Going over the next jump, land and quickly turn right
    so you can catch an edge on the ice landing.  Continue and jump over the next
    pit, and continue from there.  Continue around the corners and when you get to
    the next jump, you must do a jump, because you cannot fall here, and if you
    miss it you will be in trouble.  So make sure you jump.  Once you land that,
    continue forward into the finish line.
    *** Gold Medal In Trick ***
    Who should we use...hmm maybe Yaggi?  From now on, I don't think I'll even need
    to say it again.  Anyway, from the start, using Yaggi, on this jump it is very
    easy to get a good line, and if you mess up it is very easy to start over.  As
    soon as you can set up a line and hold it with a spin.  I'd recommend a spin,
    but if you feel brave, go for the flips.  On this jump you should get anywhere
    from 600-900.
    For the next jump, you won't have as much preparation time because of the ice
    section before it.  My advice now is to definitely use a spin with a couple
    tricks.  Here if you get around 500-600, you will be in good shape.  So far you
    will have about 1300 or so.
    Next, you can do a pretty good trick here, but the jump itself isn't the
    biggest, so don't try for too much.  You come upon it fairly nicely, fairly
    straight, so you shouldn't have trouble setting up a line.  I would recommend
    maybe even a misty or something here, because if you can land one it would do
    much better than a spin.  Either way, try to get around 600-800 points here.
    On the next jump, it is kind of the same thing.  You have plenty of room to set
    up, but the jump itself is lacking.  It is after a steep ice section and you
    can set up carefully from far away.  When you jump, you almost have to do a
    spin here because of the lack of room.  If you get 400-500 here you are in
    great shape.
    On this final jump, your main concern is getting a good spin off.  You have
    much room to get there and a set-up like you could never hope for.  If you jump
    at the right time you will have plenty of air, but not too much as usual.  The
    best thing is to do a spin with a tweaked grab or a double regular grab.  This
    should get you around 600-800 points, and that should get you the gold trophy.
    *** Gold Medal In Total ***
    For this, the main concern is definitely to get a fast enough time.  If you can
    get 500 on each trick (there are 5 jumps) and still get a very good time you
    got it.  This might be a little tough, so another way, is to get maybe 3,000
    points which is very possible here, and get maybe a time of 2'05"000 at the
    most.  Either way, you should get the gold.
                                     Take It Easy
    Gold Medal In Time: 1'05"000
    Gold Medal In Trick: 2500
    Gold Medal In Total: 5000
    Shortcut: Yes
    *** Gold Medal In Time ***
    Yaggi with an Alpine Board anyone?  Okay sounds good.  This course is just as
    the name says, very nice and easy.  But if you want the Gold, you can't take it
    nice or easy, and you have to finish this relatively short course in only a
    minute and 5 seconds or less.  Let's get started.
    From the start, ease around a couple of corners to get to the first jump.  It
    is relatively big, but don't jump.  Land and continue going right along the
    rocks.  Make sure you give yourself enough room to maneuver along the side
    without hitting any of the rocks jutting out.  Swerve left and keep going until
    the next checkpoint.
    When you land the jump, stay to the left side of the hill so you don't fall
    down the endless cliff on the right side.  Continue on the left side going
    right, and you will get to a small drop off with rock formations on both sides
    of you.  Don't turn at all, unless you really have to, so that you don't hi the
    sides.  Coming out of that do a square turn so you don't fall coming out.
    Continue on and head over the next jump.  There is a shortcut heading left into
    the trees, but I recommend against it, because if you miss the shortcut its
    pretty much all over.  Continue, take the sharp turns as sharp as they need to
    be, and then go into the tunnel for the jump.  When you land, avoid the trees
    as best as you can, and stay to the right so you can avoid the last jump, which
    is on the left.  Continue down the hill to the finish.
    *** Gold Medal In Trick ***
    This is actually a very, very easy place to get 2500 in, as the jumps here can
    be seen way in advance and it is relatively straight going towards them.  For
    the first jump, you can try over and over again to get a great line as soon as
    you can.  From there it is really up to you.  You can either do some misties or
    do a huge spin.  Either way, you should get at least 700-800 points here,
    because while some of the other jumps are bigger, they don't have as much prep
    For the next jump, you will have much prep time and your line should be
    perfect.  The only problem is the size of the jump, and the landing comes up
    pretty quick.  Don't get too greedy, I'd recommend just doing a spin with some
    good grabs to get good points.  For this jump, get around 500-700 points.
    For the next jump, you won't have a whole lot of speed, but again the prep time
    is great and this time your jump is absolutely amazing with space underneath
    it.  I would recommend getting around 700-800 again here, because if you do it
    will pretty much be smooth sailing the rest of the way.  You can do some flips
    here if you feel lucky.
    For this jump, the tunnel jump, you won't be able to do much.  The prep time
    here is very miserable and you can't really get much going.  The best thing to
    do is to keep it simple here and get maybe 400-500 points and move on to the
    final jump.
    The final jump can be tricky because it's through all of the trees.  It is a
    jump that is fairly good because its big enough, but getting a solid line can
    be tough and getting more than 600 points here is a challenge.  If you need
    more than 600 points at this jump then you might as well go for it all, but if
    you need maybe 200 or 300 points, take it easy and do a solid spin and grabs to
    get 400 points and the Gold Trophy.
    *** Gold Medal In Total ***
    This is a very easy level to get a gold in total.  The main reason is that the
    jumps are so big and easy that getting a lot of points isn't really that tough.
    I would recommend getting around 1'10"000 or less, and getting point totals of
    around 2250 and that should do the trick.
    (Thanks to Tom Hayes for all shortcuts)
    About halfway down the course, there is a section with lots of trees on the
    left hand side. Somewhere within that mass of green there is actually a
    shortcut. Swerve around the trees, and try and go as far right as you can.
    Hopefully, you will fly out the other side and land on the other part of the
                                     Pipeline Canyon
    Gold Medal In Time: 2'18"000
    Gold Medal In Trick: 2500
    Gold Medal In Total: 5000
    *** Gold Medal In Time ***
    From the start, head down the beginning of the course staying in the middle of
    it.  When you get to some vertical pipes, go in-between them, and then stay in
    the middle of the hill, as it gets narrow.  On the other side is your first
    jump, and remember not to actually jump.  From that jump, continue forward and
    follow the course.  When you get to a right turn make sure you stay right,
    because you don't want to run into the pipe, not only will you fall, but also
    you will lose any momentum going over the hill. Continue on, turning when you
    need to and when you get to a series of three pipe, go in-between them as well
    instead of avoiding them, until you get to the next jump and the checkpoint.
    From this jump, stay to the right to avoid the fence.  You will then get to a
    huge drop off, and if you can grind on the snow-covered pipe, you will be
    taking the shortcut seen below.  Anyway, jump down and head to the left as the
    sign says.  Here make sure you stay in control because there are a lot of
    little turns to take, and at the end there is a sharp one, so be ready for it.
    After the sharp turn, keep going and you'll come up to another jump, very
    suddenly I might add.
    From that jump, you will land, go forward and you will get to the long stretch
    with a huge mogul in the middle.  The mogul is long and narrow down the middle,
    in essence cutting the course in half.  What I think you should do to get the
    most speed here is to stick to one side so you can use the mogul to carve on
    and things like that.  Once this section is done you will get to another
    checkpoint and a jump.
    From this jump, head forward and eventually you will reach a part where there
    is a cliff in the right and pipes jutting out on the left.  The key to going
    the fastest and not falling is to stay on the ice, but turn very, very early to
    get around the pipes, and you will be just fine.  From there, to geo the
    fastest stay to the right and go into the icy part, but make sure you don't
    fall.  Keep on going and you will come to another checkpoint and this time you
    need to jump over the pit.
    From that final jump, head forward, and you will face probably the hardest part
    of the course.  You will get to an opening in the course, then it will close up
    and warn you of a sharp turn.  I really don't know how not to fall here, as it
    is a jump right into a wall.  Anyway, keep going from there, and it will open
    up again.  Just stay focused and turn around it, and when you get to the next
    two pipes, turn right of the first and left of the second and through.  From
    there, head down the course, being careful at the icy part, and going in-
    between the two huge pipes and into the finish.
    *** Gold Medal In Trick ***
    Whew, this is probably the first harder one of many to come.  Getting tricks
    here require quick thinking and accurate skills.  Anyway, get your best board
    and best rider and here we go.
    For the first jump, there isn't a whole lot of time to get ready, but you need
    to take very inch of snow you can get.  If you get a good line, go for a spin
    and a double grab.  This is one of the harder jumps; so don't worry about acing
    it.  Get around 500-600 points and you'll be fine.
    For the second jump, you'll have much more prep time.  You can full execute a
    good spin, or even a misty if you feel lucky.  Anyway, you can start a line as
    soon as you get past the three pipes in the way, or if you feel safe enough,
    you can get one before that.  Whatever you do, you need to get some points
    here, and I would recommend around 600-800 points here.
    For the third jump, landing it is hard to do.  You are given maybe 20 feet of
    prep time and all you can really do is a flip!  If you have Boss, flipping here
    is a good idea, because he will land it.  If you don't have Boss, do a 180 or
    360 (whatever you can get) and do some nice grabs.  You should try to get
    around 400 points here.
    For the fourth jump, here is the other jump where you need to get some good
    tricks in, because you won't get a much better shot.  Coming out of the "mogul"
    section, you should be in control enough to get a line and do some spinning.
    Spin as much as you possibly can and get a good grab, or even two in and you
    should be getting around 600-800 points.
    For the fifth and final jump, you just need to finish off whatever you didn't
    get.  In most cases, it could be around 500-600 points, so I'll write for that.
    This jump has a fair amount of prep time and you can really do whatever you are
    comfortable with.  If you feel risky enough to try a flip/misty, go for it, but
    I myself am not that risky, so I would suggest a spin with some good grabs to
    get the points that you need.
    *** Gold Medal In Total ***
    Since getting a lot of points in this course is relatively tough, the best way
    to go about doing this is to get a big time, and don't try to get a huge score.
    If you can, that's terrific, but it is really tough to get a score over 2800
    for trick on this course.  Get a time of about 2'22"500 and a score of about
    2250 and you will get the total.
    (Thanks to Tom Hayes for all shortcuts)
    This shortcut is near the part of the course with the blue fence of the left
    side. Once you are at the blue fence, you should notice a snow-covered pole
    leading off into the distance. Grind this pole by jumping onto it sideways.
    Alternatively, get to the shortcut by jumping up the part of the mountain where
    the pole goes.
                                      Freezing Point
    Gold Medal In Time: 2'05"000
    Gold Medal In Trick: 2500
    Gold Medal In Total: 5000
    *** Gold Medal In Time ***
    Start out in the beginning and it will introduce you to the fast and blinding
    speeds of this course.  Just tap left and right as needed around the corners
    and then at the end make a nice square turn to avoid falling.  You can then
    continue on to the first jump.  You will land and come up to some rocks.
    The rocks are best if you can completely ignore them.  The problem with them is
    that they are tricky. Some of the rocks you can use as a jump (not for points)
    and others you will just fall down on.  If you can completely ignore them that
    would be terrific and it is a hard task.  Continue on through some corners, and
    when the announcer says this next curve is a sharp one, it is probably the
    sharpest turn in the entire game, so take it nice and easy through that turn.
    Continue on from there to the next jump.
    Landing that jump, you will get to the same sort of stuff you have been doing,
    but now, it is all on ice.  So you must take extra care to hold right or left
    to get through the corner.  Make sure you can make it through every corner.
    Eventually you will get to the third jump, and then you will get to more icy
    Continue on, and you will eventually find yourself coming up to a wooden
    bridge. Do your best to stay in the middle of the bridge, and make sure you
    aren't holding X so you can move.  Once you get over the bridge, continue past
    some turns and you will get to a checkpoint and the final jump.
    From the final jump, land it and you should see some huge yellow signs.  You
    are about to come up to the fence section, and it is tough.  Always you want to
    avoid hitting the fence, because it screws you up greatly.  Turn left quickly
    at the beginning of the section, then a nice sharp right into the last section.
    Continue on down the course from there to the finish.
    *** Gold Medal In Trick ***
    This is actually not as tough as it might seem.  The key here is to make sure
    you get a good trick off for each jump, and because there are a lot of jumps
    you can do this well.
    *** Gold Medal In Total ***
    Doing this is pretty tough.  The thing you would probably want to focus on is
    getting a good time, because if you do that it is worth a lot in this very
    tough course.  Getting a lot of trick points is good, but a good time is
    better.  I would suggest getting around a 2'15"000 if possible, and a 2000 in
    trick to secure your total.
    (Thanks to Tom Hayes for all shortcuts)
    About halfway down the course, there is an area on the left side of the course
    that has some trees. Hold left when you get to this area, and jump until you
    reach the top of the hill. This is a very annoying shortcut because of the huge
    amount of trees.
                                      Winding River
    Gold Medal In Time: 1'46"000
    Gold Medal In Trick: 2500
    Gold Medal In Total: 5000
    *** Gold Medal In Time ***
    Start out in the beginning and you will see a small gap straight ahead.  You
    need to actually jump to get over it, and then continue on.  When you come up
    to a point where there are trees ahead and a sharp right, you need to quickly
    press a square + right combination to get around the corner.
    Follow the track now around a few nice easy turns, and then when the turn looks
    like to goes straight, into the blue, turn right.  If you didn't turn right you
    are probably falling down the cliff, so make sure you turn right to avoid it,
    and press square if you really need to do that.
    Continue along the cliff with some nice turns and then you will get to an icy
    tunnel that has a 180-degree turn on ice.  Do your best, you will have to slow
    way down anyway, so take your time and do that.  Take the first jump and then
    follow the path again.
    From the first jump, head straight and you'll get to a three tiered jump.  You
    can go on either of the three levels, but you just need to go over this one, so
    it doesn't really matter.  From this jump, head forward and you'll go down four
    or five small jumps and then you'll make a nice sharp right turn into another
    jump.  This jump goes over a river, so make sure you jump.
    After this jump, you will hit a tree section, which is very, very easy to get
    through.  After the tress section is a spot that is very annoying.  It will
    look like a small jump into an incline.  Either you jump, risk falling and
    going into the river, and land high enough where you make it, or you can not
    jump and hold down so you get as much speed as you can going up the incline. 
    Whatever you do, make it up the jump.
    After the incline, keep heading along the cliff edge and you will get to a
    jump, which you can just glide over.  Right after that is yet another jump,
    which you can again just glide over.  Then, the rest of the course is just
    turns, right down to the end of the course.
    *** Gold Medal In Trick ***
    The main problem with this is not hitting the sides of the cliffs when you do
    take your jumps.  Many times you can align yourself up with the jump but will
    go right into the wall, lowering your score a lot.  Make sure before you set up
    for your jump that you won't run into the cliff.
    For the first jump, you will have very little if anytime to do anything to set
    up the jump.  You should most definitely do a spin because you will not get a
    flip in.  The main thing here is to get some good grabs in to make a good
    combination, since you won't be spinning nearly at all.  If you get around 500
    points you are decent, 400 is not so good, and 600 is great.
    For the second jump, it is a little more prep time but even less room to make
    an error.  The jumping area is very tiny, and your landing is big.  For which
    of the three to choose, if choose the highest one, so you can get the most air.
     Getting 500 points here would be great.
    For the third jump, you again don't get a lot of space to set up unless you
    know it is coming.  This jump is much easier than the last one because both the
    landing and jumping areas are so huge.  I'd say try to get around 500 here, and
    if you do you will be golden.  The second jump isn't as important to get a lot
    of points in, but this one and the first one will make or break your level.
    For the fourth jump you finally get something to work with.  You can see it
    from relatively far away and you can judge where to line it up.  Make sure
    again you don't run into the left cliff, because it is very easy to if you try
    to set up too early.  You should be able to get around 700 points here because
    the jump and landing is so high.
    For the final jump, it is even easier.  Line it up from when you land the
    fourth jump and you will have an 800-900 point jump ready to go.  Get some good
    grabs in there with a good spin and you'll get the trick total easily.
    *** Gold Medal In Total ***
    This is fairly easy to do.  The best thing you can do is focus on time, and get
    a good score in the background.  The easiest way is to zip through the first
    part of the course, not worrying too much about doing good tricks, and then
    when you get to the last two jumps you can unload and really get a good score. 
    I'd say if you get a 1'50"000 and a 2000-2500 you should be fine.
                                        Snow Ruins
    Gold Medal In Time: 1'58"000
    Gold Medal In Trick: 2500
    Gold Medal In Total: 5000
    *** Gold Medal In Time ***
    This level is pretty darn tough compared to the last one, and you will find
    yourself falling a lot the first time or two that you try it out.  Eventually,
    through this guide and experience, you will get to master this course.
    Anyways, from the start head down the course, and you will eventually see a
    snow-covered rock in the middle of the course.  If you head to the right, it
    will be slow and easy, if you go to the left it will be faster but more
    difficult.  To get the time, go to the left, and you will get to a jump with a
    gap, so you must jump over it.
    From the jump, continue forward around some corners, then suddenly on a right
    corner it will be a huge drop-off, a very steep part of the course that is very
    hard to get control in.  The worst thing to do is fall always when going for
    time, so hold square or down and square to make sure you can get through.  It
    will level out again and then it will split once again to the left and right of
    a rock, so go left again to go the faster way.  There is a gap after the next
    jump, so make sure you are jumping over it.
    After that jump, head down the next couple corners and again you will come to a
    huge drop-off where you have to make very quick reactions once again.  Once you
    get through that section, you should get to a jump after a little straight
    away, and that has a gap underneath it.  After that jump you will right away
    come upon another jump with a gap underneath it, then you can just glide down
    to the finish.
    *** Gold Medal In Trick ***
    For the first jump, it is fairly easy to get a good line off of it, and to get
    a decent spin with some grabs attached to it.  To get a good set up, hold down
    X only when you are absolutely positive you will not hit something, because
    every jump in this level is important.  I'd say that getting around 500-600 is
    a great range, but if you can get closer to 600 it will help you out later.
    For the next jump, it is pretty much the same set up as the first jump, so look
    ahead and make sure you won't run into anything, and then make your best jump
    with about 600 points.  If you can, try to have around 1100-1200 points at this
    point.  The last couple jumps are really easy to get points off of, but you
    shouldn't have to rely on them.
    For the third jump, you need a big point boost.  You have this and one more
    jump to get the other 1300 points, and I would suggest going for it on this
    jump.  I would still suggest doing spins unless you really know what you are
    doing and can time your misties right.  You should get at least 700 points, and
    if you can get 800 points you will set yourself up great for the last jump.
    This last jump can either be really nerve-racking or it can be very easy.
    Depending on how well you did on the last jump of course, you can take it easy,
    or go for it all.  You basically need to make up for any points you didn't get
    here, so go for the gold and do a big spin with some good grabs to nab that
    trick total.  This is a tough one to get, but stick with it and you'll succeed.
    *** Gold Medal In Total ***
    To get this total is going to be a little challenging, so has the rest of the
    level.  The main focus for your total here should be getting a fairly decent
    trick score.  I think getting 2500 is very tough, so getting 2000 here is a
    great feat.  Get around 2000 points and maybe 2'05"000 and you'll nab the
    (Thanks to Tom Hayes for all shortcuts)
    This is the most creative and fun shortcut in the entire game! Whereas all the
    normal shortcuts in the game just skip a bit of the track, and don't take you
    anywhere new, this shortcut takes you to a whole new part of the level!  But
    this is also the most difficult shortcut in the game; so don't expect it to
    work straight away. Here's how to do it: About halfway down the course, in the
    distance, you should see a roof. If you want to take the shortcut, slide over
    the jump, and angle yourself so you are pointing the front of your board at the
    roof. Hopefully, you should land so that you go in-between the pillars. Enjoy
    the most amazing shortcut in the game!
                                   Dive Into The Cave
    Gold Medal In Time: 0'58"000
    Gold Medal In Trick: 2500
    Gold Medal In Total: 5000
    *** Gold Medal In Time ***
    For this there are four different combinations of ways you could complete this
    level.  There are two forks in this level, one at the beginning and one in the
    middle.  Eventually they all end up going to the same place, but those are the
    ways to get there.  I will split up each section so you know how to get through
    each section.
    First Left Turn - If you take the first left turn, you will be going through an
                      icy tunnel.  There is a drop off on the left side, so make
                      sure you stay on the right side and that you don't fall off
                      the edge.  You will curve around a little bit then you will
                      get to a jump, which will then come back to the middle.
    First Right Turn - If you take the first right turn, you will also be in an icy
                       tunnel, but in this one there is no drop-off.  Stay down the
                       middle of the track and in control as much as possible until
                       you get to a jump over a gap, which you need to jump over.
                       You will then get to a crossing of the two paths.
    After either of those first two ways that you go you will end up on the other
    side of a jump.  After the jump you will go a little ways and come upon a very
    narrow bridge.  You must not fall here, it will make it very tough to get the
    time.  Once you cross the bridge you will come upon another jump over a gap,
    and then it will split into two directions again.
    Second Left Turn - If you take the left route, you will go through a small
                       tunnel.  After the tunnel you will go outside of the cave,
                       and make sure you are turning right throughout this part so
                       you dont fall off.  After you get back inside, stick to the
                       left side to avoid falling, then continue on until you reach
                       the jump, where the paths cross one last time.
    Second Right Turn - If you take the right route, you will stay in the cave.
                        Stay down the middle of the track and avoid hitting the
                        walls and you will come up to a small jump down to a place
                        with lots of pillars.  Go around them as best as you can
                        using the square button, and then you will go around a
                        couple corners to a jump, where the paths meet again.
    When you land your jump you will get to where the paths cross again.  You will
    come upon yet another bridge to cross dauntily, just make sure you get across
    it without falling.  You will then pass through a checkpoint and get to a huge,
    huge jump.  Once you land that you will glide to the finish.
    *** Gold Medal In Trick ***
    On the first jumps, which are pretty much the same, I'd recommend not getting
    too fancy.  Get some good grabs and a little spin to get around 500 points. 
    The same would also go for the third jumps, just get around 500 points and then
    let your good skills on the other two jumps take over there.
    On the second jump, you can get a pretty good line coming off of the bridge, so
    you can get a good trick off of it.  I'd try to get around 700-800 points
    minimum, so you don't leave EVERYTHING on the last jump.  If you leave around
    700 points for your last jump you should be good.
    On the last jump, go for it all.  You can't really get as good of a line as
    most would like, but it still is a huge jump and you can get lots of spin or
    flips with some terrific grab combinations to put this medal in the bag.  Get
    whatever you need to finish it off.
    *** Gold Medal In Total ***
    The most important thing with getting a good total is to get a good time.  If
    you get around 3000 but you get a time of 1'15"000 you won't pass.  Get some
    decent tricks off of the jumps, but don't go overboard.  You can go overboard
    on the checkpoint jumps, because they are easy to get a good trick off on.  I'd
    say get around 1'03"000 and about 2250 points to get the total.
    (Thanks to Tom Hayes for all shortcuts)
    Go through either of the 1st tunnels, and then go through the 2nd left tunnel.
    Near the beginning of the tunnel, you should notice a small ledge on the right
    side of the tunnel. Jump up onto the ledge. You get to go through a waterfall,
    as well as having the opportunity to jump down one of the biggest drops in the
                                 9.2 Competition Mode
    Competition mode is the essence of Cool Boarders 2.  Many people get frustrated
    as I did, until it became easy.  I will give you advice on what board I think
    you should use and I will also give guidelines in what score to shoot for in
    the trick section of the competition, and for the racing, see my Freestyle
    walkthrough for getting a gold medal in time.  Remember, though, DO NOT restart
    the competition if you got second or third and you are still way in the lead.
    Even though I make it sound like it, you don't have to get first in every race.
    I have never even done that.  Also, if you decide not to take my advice, never
    use Freestyle Type 2, because Type 1 is better in two categories and the same
    in the other category, so it is pointless.
    Stage 1
    Big Air Course: Stadium Kicker
    Racing Course: White Resort
    Recommended Board: Freestyle Type 3
    Recommended Rider: Yaggi
    In competition mode, you can't use secret characters, so Yaggi is the best bet.
    Keep in mind, once you choose him, you can't change who you are later.
    Anyways, all I would do here is spin, but if you spin from the start, you will
    crash.  So as soon as you can hear Yaggi's snowboard "wooshing" against the
    snow, hold down a directional button to spin.  It is also when the beeper to
    start going stops.  If you do it correctly, you should land and get a score of
    around 550, which is enough at this stage of the game.  Also: DO NOT DO ANY
    GRABS.  If you do, you will crash, even with just a shifty.  You don't need to
    get first place, and if you are good enough, you can start in 4th place at the
    LEAST and still win.  But if you did what I explained here, then you should be
    in first or second place at the start of the race.  If you have any questions
    about this, email me.
    Stage 2
    Big Air Course: Stadium Kicker
    Racing Course: Sunset Downhill
    Recommended Board: Freestyle Type 3
    In competition mode, you can't use secret characters, so Yaggi is the best bet.
    All I would do here is spin, but if you spin from the start, you will crash.
    So as soon as you can hear Yaggi's snowboard "wooshing" against the snow, hold
    down a directional button to spin.  It is also when the beeper to start going
    stops.  If you do it correctly, you should land and get a score of around 550,
    which is enough at this stage of the game.  Also: DO NOT DO ANY GRABS.  If you
    do, you will crash, even with just a shifty, because it always takes to long.
    I would aim for starting in the top 3.
    Stage 3
    Big Air Course: Ice Fang
    Racing Course: Bear in the Forest
    Recommended Board: Freestyle Type 3
    A new big air place!! Yay!  I really hate stadium kicker.  But anyway, there is
    a secret here that is very easy to do.  As soon as you see Yaggi and you can
    control him, hold down left and X.  He should inch slightly left and eventually
    go off the higher part of the jump, and spin.  You can also do grabs at the
    beginning of the jump, as long as you don't start your grabs too late.  Doing
    this will ensure a start in first or second place.
    Stage 4
    Big Air Course: Ice Fang
    Racing Course: Railroad Trip
    Recommended Board: Freestyle Type 3
    As soon as you see Yaggi and you can control him, hold down left and X.  He
    should inch slightly left and eventually go off the higher part of the jump,
    and spin.  Also, do grabs at the beginning of the jump, as long as you don't
    start your grabs too late.  If you don't do grabs, your chances of getting
    first place are slim, as Boss is heating up now and doing well.  Doing this
    will ensure a start in first or second place.
    Stage 5
    Big Air Course: Stadium Kicker
    Racing Course: Take it Easy
    Recommended Board: Freestyle Type 3
    This is actually pretty hard.  Boss is doing mad tricks of 750 off of the jumps
    now so you must compare.  So that means you can't just spin anymore.  Use the
    same strategies and spin, but you must also fit in two NORMAL grabs, like a
    Mute to a Stalefish.  Trying to do a Mute to a Tweak or Stalefish to Indy
    Nosebone will result in a crash; you just don't have enough time to do three-
    button tricks (except for tail and nose grabs).  You don't need to get first
    after the big air section, because it is a pretty easy course, and you should
    be able to move up one or two places in the race.
    Stage 6
    Big Air Contest: Titan's Toe
    Racing Course: Pipeline Canyon
    Recommended Board: Freestyle Type 1
    A new board!!  Crazy!  You now need to change boards to the highest response
    and stability, because you have to be free to pull off whatever tricks you want
    to get the highest points you can.  If you want to, you can try doing misties
    now.  Remember with this board always do at least TWO grabs.  The competition
    is getting fierce and you must do the same.  Titan's Toe is a very easy course
    to get high points on.  From the beginning, try to do a misty.  You could be
    able to three misties if you jump off it right, but otherwise it will only be
    two misties.  If you are good enough at this course, you can start in third
    place and still win easily.
    Stage 7
    Big Air Contest: Stadium Kicker
    Racing Course: Freezing Point
    Recommended Board: Freestyle Type 1
    You do not know how frustrating this is.  It is very nice of them to put the
    save point right before this because this takes lots of practice to get first
    in.  First of all, on the jump, Boss and Irin are doing 800s, so you need to
    pull off something like a 1080 Method to Stalefish, which would be ideal in
    this situation.  Remember to use the same trick that I told you about.  For the
    second jump, try a misty with a grab.  You can also practice on that course to
    get the timing right on your misties.  You MUST get first in the big air
    section of this race.  If you can get first, you can now start worrying about
    getting first in race.  I know it is a tough course, and you have the slowest
    board for a reason.  Anything faster for a beginner would be way too much to
    handle.  For a professional at this game, you can use an alpine board, but good
    luck getting first place after starting in eighth place.  You get the point.
    Starting in first is very big on this course, and if you do that, just pray
    that you won't fall, too many times.
    Stage 8
    Big Air Course: Ice Fang
    Racing Course: Winding River
    Recommended Board: Freestyle Type 1
    This level is probably the easiest of all other ones after the last save point.
    Many people I know have had problems with it, but for me, it is a cinch.  You
    do need to get a good amount of points, not really a problem with a Freestyle
    Type 1, but you need to do good spins + good tricks to do well, maybe even do
    flips and misties, if you can time it right.  If you can get in the top three,
    you should be able to get first.
    Stage 9
    Big Air Course: Titan's Toe
    Racing Course: Snow Ruins
    Recommended Board: Freestyle Type 1
    The creators of this game give you a gift here.  Sure, the course is hard and
    can cause lots of problems and can get frustrating, but the big air jump makes
    it MUCH MUCH easier to get first in this place.  I consider this place an
    automatic first place with what you can do on the jumps.  Just do misties and
    grabs like the other time you were on Titan's Toe.  After this, if you got
    first, you will unlock all the courses and unlock the mirror mode in both
    freestyle and competition mode.  Congratulations!  You have just completed
    Competition mode.
    Half-Pipe Mode
    Half-pipe is, in my opinion, the hardest part of the game.  It took me
    sooooooooooooo long to finally get over 37.5 with a score of 38.2.  You should
    be able to do from 8 jumps to 12 jumps in the course.  You have to balance it
    out with several different categories in which you are judged on.  You get
    scored from a rank of 1.0 to 10.0 with 10.0 being the best.  Maybe in a future
    revision, I will create an ideal run for getting over 37.5.  If anyone needs
    help and is stuck, e-mail me with questions.  The categories that you get
    judged on and their descriptions are:
    -Standard Maneuvers: This is basically doing the grabs.  Technically, it is a
    technique that is not a spin of any kind.  This forces people to use a variety
    of grabs.  Repetitive grabs lower your points, and when you try to do the best
    trick, you usually go for the same grabs.
    -Rotation:  How much you spin.  You can't do too much spin though; otherwise
    your score will go down.  I don't recommend doing more than one flip, if that,
    because they don't help you much in rotation.
    -Amplitude: How fast and how high you go.  Try to go as fast and high as
    possible, all the time.  This will give you a high score in amplitude, one of
    the easier categories to get 10.0 on.
    -Landing:  Obviously, how well you land.  Basically, if you want to get over
    37.5 you cannot fall.  You might be able to fall once if you do everything else
    perfectly with lots of speed and height.
    -Technical Merit: How accurate your jumps are.  This one kind of confuses me,
    but just do well in all other categories and usually this one will follow also.
    Master Big Air
    Master Big Air is a good place to practice your tricks, with a little pressure,
    with a reward for doing over 100 tricks.  You get a ranking for how many "cool"
    tricks you can perform.  If you get over 100 you are a "Cool Boarder!!"  There
    are other rankings too, and maybe I'll get around to those in a later revision.
    You automatically use Yaggi you don't have any choice.  I think the board is
    Freestyle Type 1, because this is the only normal board that can do the tricks
    you need to do.  The tricks vary in order, and I will try to list them all in
    as close of order as I can.  For every trick that you do, you gain 10 seconds.
    A couple hints first though.
    -Always do more than you have to on spins and misties.  You never have to do
    double front or back flips.  For example, a lot of times it says a 180 grab to
    grab.  You can do an 1800 if you can and it will still count.  Or for a misty
    540, a misty 720 will work just fine.
    -On the last tricks that require lots of spin or a 720 misty, don't be afraid
    to fall on purpose on a jump and get an "uncool."  Falling down will usually
    slow you down enough so you can hold down X long enough to do a misty 720, or a
    big spin.
    -It can get frustrating.  Do not throw a fit.  With practice, it will
    eventually work and you will get gray.
    -When doing misties, if they don't tell you front or backside, it is a
    frontside because they will always tell you id it is a backside misty.
    Here is a sample run.  It varies the most in how much spin you must do.  After
    100 jumps, you can continue doing tricks, but they won't get harder.  The trick
    after 100 tricks is that the trick will disappear after they show it to you,
    until you get another "uncool."
    F___=Frontside (how much spin)
    B___=Backside (how much spin)
    Bflip=Back flip
    Bmisty=Backside Misty
    *=Shows you how to do the trick before you attempt one.
    **=The clock starts at the start of this jump.
    -Lien Air*
    -Indy Grab*
    -Mute Grab*
    -Fakie to Shifty*
    -Misty 180
    -F180 Shifty
    -Tail Grab
    -Indy Nosebone
    -Fakie to Stiffie
    -F180 Mute Grab
    -B180 Indy Grab
    -F180 Lien Air
    -Fakie to B180 Stalefish
    -Bflip Indy Grab
    -F180 Method
    -BFlip Indy Grab
    -F180 Method
    -Flip Mute Grab
    -Misty 180 Lien Air
    -Flip Nose Grab
    -Misty 180 Lien Air
    -Flip Nose Grab
    -F180 Nose Grab
    -B180 Tail Grab
    -Bflip Tail Grab
    -F180 Indy Nosebone
    -B180 Stiffie
    -Flip Melancholy
    -Bflip Shuffle
    -Bmisty 180 Melancholy
    -Shifty to Mute Grab
    -Stalefish to Shifty
    -Mute to Indy Grab
    -Shifty to Lien Air
    -Lien Air to Mute Grab
    -Method to Mute Grab
    -Mute Grab to Lien Air
    -Stalefish to Method
    -Lien Air- Stalefish
    -Stalefish to Mute Grab
    -Indy Grab to Mute Grab
    -Shifty to Tweak
    -Mute to Indy Nosebone
    -Indy Grab to Stiffie
    -Stalefish to Shuffle
    -Stalefish to Tweak
    -Nose Grab to Shifty
    -Tail Grab to Stalefish
    -Nose Grab to Indy Grab
    -Tail Grab to Mute Grab
    -Nose Grab to Lien Air
    -Tail Grab to Method
    -Indy Grab to Melancholy
    -Mute Grab to Tweak
    -Stalefish to Indy Nosebone
    -Lien Air to Stiffie
    -Method to Stiffie
    -Method to Melancholy
    -B180 Shifty to Indy Grab
    -F180 Shifty to Method
    -Fakie to Flip Mute Grab to Shifty
    -F180 Mute Grab to Stalefish
    -F180 Indy Grab to Stalefish
    -Misty 180 Method to Indy Grab
    -Fakie to Bflip Indy Grab to Lien Air
    -F180 Stalefish to Method
    -Bflip Method to Stalefish
    -B180 Indy Grab to Shuffle
    -Flip Mute to Indy Nosebone
    -Bflip Shifty to Melancholy
    -F180 Stalefish to Tweak
    -B180 Stalefish to Melancholy
    -Misty 180 Method to Tweak
    -F360 Nose Grab to Method
    -Flip Nose Grab to Stalefish
    -Misty 180 Tail Grab to Shifty
    -B180 Nose Grab to Mute Grab
    -Bflip Tail Grab to Indy Grab
    -Bside Misty 180 Tail Grab to Lien Air
    -Flip Indy Nosebone to Shifty
    -F360 Melancholy to Mute
    -Misty 180 Stiffie to Indy Grab
    -B1260 Tweak to Mute Grab
    -Bflip Melancholy to Method
    -B540 Indy Nosebone to Mute Grab
    -Fakie to Bside Misty 180 Tweak to Method
                                       10.0 Music
    Here is a list of all the song titles.  I couldn't find the artist and if
    someone has them please email them to me and I will give you full credit for
    Big Born
    The Red Hot Mamma
    Lynch Law
    Fast N' Loose
    Say A Cut Rank
    Mr. Rain
    Diatomic Power
    That U Scream
    Rambling Low
    Make A Cool Trick
    Go Teke Go
                                     11.0 Secrets
    This section will tell you how to unlock all secrets in the game.
    There is only one button code for this game, which will give you new outfits
    for some of the players.
    -To unlock the special freestyle board, you must earn 5 gold medals in
    freestyle mode for trick points.
    -To unlock the special alpine board, you must earn 5 gold medals in freestyle
    mode for time.
    -To unlock the special all-around board, you must earn 5 gold medals in
    freestyle mode for total.
    -To unlock the Snowman, either complete Competition mode on hard, or you must
    get a gold medal in all 10 courses for time, trick and total in freestyle mode.
    -To unlock Boss, you must first get first place in competition mode on normal,
    then you must ALSO place in first on mirror mode to get him.
    -To unlock Gray, either get a score of 37.5 or higher on the half-pipe, or
    complete 100 tricks on Master Big Air.
    -To unlock the extra levels, you must place first in Competition mode.
    -To unlock the secret level Dive Into The Cave, you must get a gold medal for
    time, trick, and total in all nine regular levels.
    -To unlock new outfits, at the main menu press: Down-R1-Up-R1-Down-R2-Up-R2-Up-
    Up-R1-Down-Down-R2.  You should hear "Here we go" if you did it correctly.
                                       12.0 Thanks
    -Thanks to Sony for a great game
    -Thanks to UEP systems for developing the game
    -Thanks to Tom Hayes for the shortcuts
    -Thanks to RedLoser@aol.com for stats for Gray and help on describing
    the characters.
    -Thanks to osverad for a great ASCII art at the top.  Here is his AIM(nahuwe)
    and Email(omohas(SPAM)iosrevad@hotmail.com) and that if anyone wants him to do
    some ASCII for them, just ask him.
    Unpublished work Copyright 2002-2004 Armin Jewell

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