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Very solid platform action!11/10/148-BitPenguin
Once you beat the game 100% but before that the game is a smashing good time01/13/01Billslates
Crushing on the Playstation10/28/03BladeBlur
Good but lots of room for improvements04/20/00brado997
Crash is a revolutionary game08/16/05Chosengamer
It was another typical platformer but it was done well06/21/10Cikmin30
A good game, but improvement is needed04/20/01Fireblade
Get this IF YOU CAN!03/06/08GaidenGuy123
Crash Bandicoot is a well made adventure game09/12/02gnome25
Mario and Sonic are better, but Crash is pretty cool too03/11/00Greatest One
Best game for the Playstation? Yup.09/11/09gregpauls
The first game of the awesome series, Crash Bandicoot still is a fun game today.09/22/09Gtdriver
The first batch of Crash before Crash came back is worth some cash!11/29/01HarryCarey
Brings an new meaning to the phrase "Crash and Burn"03/11/02HatesTheInternet
The best game ever made, I think.01/13/01HWesley
Crash Bandicoot: A Worthy Challenge08/28/06Joe Blow
A great start to a series!05/07/02Lagunathemoron
Crash gives Ninendo a run for the money.06/29/09Link03456
Good old schooler with a few kinks.11/25/01Madgamer
An EXCELLENT game. A classic. And now only $20!01/13/01Matt13400
They Just Don't Make Games Like This Anymore07/09/09Mattbox2
One the best ps1 games06/20/11paskapetteri
A decent start to a great series05/21/08PentiumMMX
Very good game. I just don't understand the guy with the N on his head...11/16/00Psxmasta
Crash is a failed experiment but cortex has made him mad12/07/02rebelZ
Caught Between Two Worlds04/07/15SpaceOddity87

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