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    Boss FAQ by Lagunathemoron

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    Crash Bandicoot: Warped
    Boss FAQ
    By James "Lagunathemoron" Wardle
    22nd December 2002
    Introduction: Welcome to my Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Boss 
    FAQ. At the moment, Gamefaqs does not have a Boss FAQ for 
    this popular game, and since this game has several 
    challenging bosses I thought to lend a hand.
    1) Disclaimer
    2) Bosses
    a) Tiny the Tiger
    b) Dingo Dile
    c) N. Trophy
    d) N Gin
    e) Dr. Neo Cortex and Uka Uka
    3) Credits
    4) Version History
    5) Contact
    Disclaimer: I wrote this FAQ and I don't want anyone to rip 
    off my hard work. If you want to have this on you're 
    website, then please E mail me asking so, and if I give you 
    permission, keep it updated often, I don't want people E 
    mailing me with a question in the newer version of the 
    walkthrough, and the F.A.Q/Walkthrough has to REMAIN THE 
    SAME! That means no name swapping, changing in writing. If 
    you do, make sure you have a good lawyer. I have listed 
    some DO'S and Don'ts here.
    Print this F.A.Q, and use it for help.
    E mail me if you have a question or tips which are NOT 
    listed in here.
    Direct friends to here for help.
    Try and make any profit off this
    Take credit for  of this
    E mail me with a question which has been answered someone 
    Put this on a website WITHOUT permission
    If you E mail me with a question, please list the game you 
    are talking about. (I write F.A.Q's for quite a few games 
    you know) Also, please be specific with the questions / 
    tips. Don't E mail me and say "How do you get past the 
    thing near the thing"
    This FAQ is copy write (C) James Wardle / Lagunathemoron
    2) BOSSES
    First Boss: Tiny the Tiger
    Tiny the Tiger's Health: 3
    Tiny is back from his defeat from the last game. This time 
    he serves his purpose as the first boss and he is tricky... 
    at first. He jumps around with his weapon trying to stab 
    you, he is fast so keep running. He will jump around four 
    or five times, to avoid him, keep away from his shadow 
    rather than Tiny himself, when he is dazed, spin attack 
    him. He will then send around twenty lions from the holes 
    to attack you, there is no way to defeat them except for 
    jumping on them, or just avoid them until they disappear. 
    Then he will jump for about five or six times, attack once 
    again and avoid his lions. Tiny will now attack at full 
    force, a whopping seven jumps at major speed. Once he has 
    finished his attack, strike. If you keep dying, after the 
    third time or so, you will get a free mask which should be 
    more then enough to help defeat Tiny.
    Second Boss: Dingo Dile
    Dingo Dile's Health: 3
    I am sure that this boss, Dingo Dile is the cloned voice of 
    Steve Irwin. Oh well. To defeat this... thing you need to 
    run around his prison whilst he shoots at you. The first 
    time is easy, just keep away from the round circles on the 
    ground. When Dingo Dile has finished his attack, he will 
    aim at you and fire, this causes some of the prison to 
    break down, he does this about three times but don't worry 
    as there is a slim chance you will be caught in the beam. 
    When you can get a decent path to him, quickly spin attack 
    him or do a belly flop, you have to run away as close to 
    the screen as possible in about three seconds, be careful 
    not to be caught in the prison. Dingo Dile will then 
    explode, taking just one piece of energy from him. Now he 
    will fire many more bullets at you, faster too so keep 
    running around avoiding them, it is best if you run 180 
    degrees then run in the other direction. Once he has 
    finished, he will fire his beam once again, so make your 
    way through his Armour, then strike and run away to avoid 
    his explosion.. Finally, he will fire around five times but 
    in sets of three, run like crazy then hit him one more 
    time, remembering to avoid the blast.
    Third Boss: N. Trophy
    N. Trophy's Health: 3
    The third boss is N. Trophy. He has a life-force of three 
    and he has many attacks. For those who have played The 
    Wrath of Cortex, you will be familiar with the style, but 
    for those who don't; N. Trophy uses several attacks which 
    can either be countered with a double jump or a duck/slide 
    attack. Once you make it across the several raised 
    platforms, spin attack N. Trophy. You need to do this three 
    times in order to win. Just like Dingo Dile or Tiny the 
    Tiger, he becomes for vicious once you have hit him twice.
    Fourth: N-Gin
    N-Gin's Health: 6(?)
    This is quite possibly the hardest boss in the game. 
    Instead of controlling Crash Bandicoot, you fight the boss 
    with Coco in a space ship. N. Gin appears in a giant robot, 
    just like he did in the last game and he reveals his weak 
    spots as he does. The first time you hit him involves 
    hitting the revealed colored parts on him when he fires 
    rockets at you. First dispatch of the rockets by 
    firing/avoiding them and then hit him. Then N.Gin will 
    reveal around six areas for you to shoot, but they shoot 
    back causing big damage. When it seems to be over at this 
    point, Tiger comes to Coco's rescue and attaches himself on 
    to the spaceship, now here's your chance to fire more 
    powerful shots at the holes. N.Gin could still be alive, 
    however if he still show signs of life carry on shooting 
    his robot suit. Sorted!
    Fifth Boss: Dr. Neo Cortex
    Cortex's Health: 3
    The final battle! Rather then you just fighting Dr. Neo 
    Cortex like you usually do, most of the fighting is between 
    the two masks, Aku Aku and Uka Uka. For the fight, you 
    cannot touch the fighting masks, if you do you must start 
    over with one less life. Whilst avoiding them, both you and 
    Cortex will fight, he will send weapons of destruction to 
    get you, avoid them then knock him in to the pit. Repeat 
    this three times whilst avoiding the two fighting masks to 
    complete the game. Well done!
    3) CREDITS
    James Wardle - For writing this Boss FAQ
    CjayC - For hosting Gamefaqs and for posting this FAQ
    1.0 This is the first version, I have typed strategies for 
    all five bosses.
    5) CONTACT
    If you wish to contact me about this FAQ, please send an e 
    mail with "Crash Bandicoot 3 Boss" or something like it in 
    the subject to james@planter.karoo.co.uk and I will try my 
    best to answer E mails. If you send me Spam or anything, 
    you will be blocked.
    Alternatively you can get me on AIM. My username is 
    Lagunathemoron. Again, abuse this privilege and I will 
    block you.

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