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    Gem and Time Trial Guide by josher1212

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    (C) 2003-2004 josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
    I.    CONTENTS
    	a. Toad Village
    	b. Under Pressure
    	c. Orient Express
    	d. Bone Yard
    	e. Makin' Waves
    	a. Gee Wiz
    	b. Hang 'em High
    	c. Hog Ride
    	d. Tomb Time
    	e. Midnight Run
    	a. Dino Might!
    	b. Deep Trouble
    	c. High Time
    	d. Road Crash
    	e. Double Header
    	a. Sphynxinator
    	b. Bye Bye Blimps
    	c. Tell No Tales
    	d. Future Frenzy
    	e. Tomb Wader
    	a. Gone Tomorrow
    	b. Orange Asphalt
    	c. Flaming Passion
    	d. Mad Bombers
    	e. Bug Lite
    	a. Ski Crazed
    	b. Hang 'em High
    	c. Area 51?
    	d. Future Frenzy
    	e. Rings of Power
    	a. Hot Coco
    	b. Eggipus Rex
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    Overview of time trial
    After you get the level's crystal, there will be a floating gold
    clock at the start of the level. Grab the clock to start TIME TRIAL.
    Obviously, you want the best time. If you go fast enough, you will
    recieve a relic. There are 3 kinds of relics:
    Most of these are easy. There are a couple of tricky ones, but you should be
    able to get at least 15 to 20 of these before you beat Cortex and Uka, when you
    get the running shoes.
    Not too hard to get, but will challenge you. There are a few of these you could
    get without the shoes, but most of the running levels need them.
    REMEMBER THIS: There's a secret if you can get all 30 of these!
    Dubbed to be impossible on a lot of the levels. When I first played the game, I
    was impressed when my friend had only ONE! I have all of them now, so they're
    not impossible. These need running shoes, and even then you need near perfection
    on many of the levels. These are for experts only!
    These are better than platinum times, and will require the skills of a master
    to beat. I use a few tricks to beat these.
    Remember when I said that platinums were impossible? THESE are impossible
    times. The most of these that I've seen beaten by any one person is 10. These
    are the best times recorded during production by Naughty Dog and Sony staffs.
    I've beaten five of them, and am working on three more that I am close on.
    You can see these times for yourself after the "good" ending.
    The times are shown in this format:
    Relic Kind     Relic Time (interval from some other time)
    Strategies for getting it, and comments
    Level 1: Toad Village
    Boxes: 42
    Rating: 1/10
    Fairly easy level. After all, it's the first one!
    All 42 boxes are in plain sight. Make sure that you spin the slot boxes before
    they turn steel, if they do then you can't get the gem. I think there are three.
    Sapphire       1:03.00
    Rating: 3/10
    Try not to get hung up on anything. Get all the time boxes,
    and you can do this without the shoes. This is a sinch with
    them. Don't fret if you miss a box or two...or five.
    Gold             57.50 (-5.50 Sapphire)
    Rating: 4.5/10
    Use the same strategy as Sapphire, except now you can
    use the running shoes. It is possible to do this without them,
    by doing a lot of sliding. If you do, make sure you jump up
    before your slide ends.
    Platinum         44.03 (-13.47 Gold)
    Rating: 8/10
    This took me a few tries. You need to use the same strategy
    as with the Gold, only run along the inside of the corners
    to save time. You can't go invincible here.
    My Time          41.73 (-2.30 Platinum)
    I used the Platinum strategy.
    Developer Time   39.93 (-4.13 Platinum)
    Don't know how they got under 40 seconds.
    Level 2: Under Pressure
    Boxes: 92
    Rating: 3.5/10
    It can be tough to get used to the underwater levels. This one is also
    straightforward. But don't lose the underwater jetscooter(?) or you can't blast
    the coral and get all 92 boxes.
    Sapphire       1:46.00
    Rating: 1.5/10
    Really easy. You could probably get the gem and this at the same time.
    Don't forget to boost; if you don't, this is still possible, but very hard.
    Gold           1:17.90 (-28.10 Sapphire)
    Rating: 5.5/10
    Tough gold relic to get. Memorize the locations of the enemies and learn where
    to boost (R1 or Circle). You can't boost everywhere.
    Platinum       1:10.26 (-7.64 Gold)
    Rating: 7/10
    Easier than the first level, but you need to time the electric gates(?), so it
    may require a restart or three.
    My Time        1:03.80 (-6.46 Platinum)
    I used the Platinum strategy. Definitely time the electric gates.
    Developer Time   57.83 (-12.43 Platinum)
    This is impossible I think.
    Level 3: Orient Express
    FUN, FUN, FUN!!!  This level is so fun, and SO much easier than the previous
    games' levels like Crash 1's HOG WILD level because you can speed run at will,
    not constantly.
    Boxes: 51
    Rating: 9/10
    Hardest gem to get in the first 2 warp rooms. You obviously can't tell Coco to
    turn her tiger around to get a box, so if you're going for this and miss a box,
    just intentionally lose a life so you go back to the last checkpoint you hit
    and try again.
    Sapphire         41.00
    Rating: 0.5/10
    I never got this, and you shouldn't either. If you can't get this, just turn
    off the game right now. (I wanted to give this a 0/10, but I can't.)
    Gold             27.80 (-14.20 Sapphire)
    Rating: 2/10
    The easiest gold relic in the game, just speed through, get most of the boxes
    and you should get it.
    Platinum         18.10 (-9.70 Gold)
    Rating: 9/10
    Not easy at all to get, but very fun to try. You need to speed run through AND
    get every time box to do this. If you miss a box start over. The clock usually
    stays frozen at about 5.03 to 5.16 for a long time when I play this level.
    Only go on top of the second roof, there's 4 sec. worth of boxes up there and
    you need them all.
    My Time          17.06 (-1.04 Platinum)
    I used the Platinum strategy. Also jump a lot, it's a little bit faster.
    Developer Time   16.96 (-1.14 Platinum)
    This is really hard... I'm only 10 hundredths away!
    Level 4: Bone Yard
    Remember Crash 1's BOULDER DASH level? Well, this is much the same. Except
    you're being chased by a dinosaur instead of a boulder.
    Boxes: 66
    Rating: 2.5/10
    The gem is pretty easy because the dino breaks the boxes for you. But you don't
    get the rewards inside. Unlike in Crash 1, the boxes the dino breaks...they
    count towards being broken for your 66-box quota!
    Rating: 5.5/10
    The other gem is in the red gem route after the first chase. You need the red
    gem from level 12 to enter, though. This route has no boxes in it, but is
    tougher than the main area. Get to the end of the route and you will recieve a
    gem. There is an alternate exit in this area right after you get the gem.
    Sapphire       1:45.00
    Rating: 2.5/10
    I never got this, but you might... This is really easy. Just try to hit all the
    boxes and keep moving.
    Gold           1:40.20 (-4.80 Sapphire)
    Rating: 3.5/10
    An easy gold relic, I did it without the shoes. If you have them this is a
    Platinum       1:21.00 (-19.20 Gold)
    Rating: 7.5/10
    A hard relic made easier by the dino. During the chases, don't worry about the
    time boxes, the dinosaur will break them for you and the clock will remain
    frozen nonetheless. Don't forget to go invincible. I beat this with 1:15.26,
    can you say developer time!
    My Time        1:15.26 (-5.74 Platinum)
    I used the Platinum strategy. You want to lean Crash forward right at the end
    of the level after the second chase so he falls into the exit portal instead
    of on the ground, which would cost you time.
    Developer Time 1:15.36 (-5.64 Platinum)
    The trick to this is to stand as far away from the clock as you can before the
    dino would start chasing you, but there's an Aku box at the beginning of the
    level that is where you shoot from, so if you do this you don't get
    invincibility! When you would normally have it, just jump and spin the grass to
    make up the difference you lose. Actually you can do this with or without
    invincibility, my best time with it is my 1:15.26, I could probably get about
    1:14.33 or so without it...
    Level 5: Makin' Waves
    Boxes: 37
    Rating: 3/10
    Your first fully-3D level. Now your gems are hard-earned...NOT! This one is
    fairly easy. Just follow the path. All 37 boxes are along the main path. Just
    watch out for the bombs and you should do OK.
    Sapphire      1:08.00
    Rating: 4/10
    Your hardest sapphire yet. If you miss a box or two don't freak out.
    Gold            58.23 (-19.77 Sapphire)
    Rating: 6.5/10
    This is the hardest gold relic in the first warp room. There is a time box on
    the outside of a corner just after the first ship. Skip the box and go inside
    on the turn. Going on the inside of turns will save you time.
    Platinum        53.26 (-4.97 Gold)
    Rating: 9.5/10
    Follow the same strategy as for the Gold relic, but you will need a lot of luck
    to get this. One thing that helps is after the first cannonball barrage there
    is a 1 sec. time box on the outside. Skip it and take the corner tight, it will
    save half a second or so. The trick to getting the last 3 sec. time box on the
    last ramp is to hit the ramp head on, then press Down on the D-pad. Coco's flip
    will cause her to reach the time box. Doing this is necessary for a platinum
    My Time         51.86 (-1.40 Platinum)
    I have no clue how I got this time.
    Developer Time  50.66 (-2.60 Platinum)
    This is sick...How do they get so lucky?
    Rating: 3/10
    All bosses in this game have 3 hit points except N. Gin.
    Tiny is easy to beat. If you're novice, it can be tough to dodge the lions.
    You have to jump on them or over them. When Tiny is attacking, just keep moving
    until he gets his weapon stuck in the ground, then spin him. Repeat this twice
    to get the Super Body Slam, which breaks steel-covered boxes. The controls are
    the same as the normal Body Slam.
    SECRET: When you get the Super Tornado Spin from N. Tropy, you can win extra
    lives here by spinning 5 lions in 1 super tornado spin! Do it again and again!
    Level 6: Gee Wiz
    Boxes: 100
    Rating: 3.5/10
    The biggest problem on this stage are the wizards (hence the name Gee Wiz!)
    They cast homing spells. The best way to avoid getting hit is just rush in and
    don't do anything fancy. Jump the spells and spin them. They aren't really a
    nuisance in time trial. The 100 boxes are in a straightforward path along the
    level. Don't forget the boxes in the bonus level!
    Sapphire       1:35.00
    Rating: 1.5/10
    Another easy relic. Plenty of time.
    Gold           1:22.73 (-12.27 Sapphire)
    Rating: 4.5/10
    Go invincible, don't get hung up on obstacles and swordsmen, and get every time
    box. This shouldn't be a problem either.
    Platinum       1:05.90 (-16.83 Gold)
    Rating: 7/10
    This can take a lot of patience, but I think it's pretty easy. Yes, an easy
    platinum relic! Just don't get hung up, get all time boxes, and run on the
    inside of the curves. Don't forget invincibility! You have to spin/slide the
    last swordsman into the stack of 6 Nitros at the end to get the best time.
    My Time        1:01.20 (-4.70 Platinum)
    I used the Platinum strategy.
    Developer Time   58.66 (-7.32 Platinum)
    A little too hard for me, but this is something to try if you got below 1:00.00
    on your platinum run (I got 1:03.83 for my platinum). Otherwise don't try it.
    Level 7: Hang 'em High
    Boxes: 96
    Rating: 3.5/10
    Easy gem to get. More than 90 of the 96 boxes are in plain sight; the others
    are just off the top of the screen. You'll need to use the hanging towels as
    springboards to get the other some-odd boxes.
    Sapphire       1:24.00
    Rating: 2.5/10
    Not hard at all. No invincibility required.
    Gold             52.63 (-31.26 Sapphire)
    Rating: 7/10
    This was one of the last 5 gold relics I got. This is quite difficult.
    You should have to try several times to do this. Invincibility is mandatory,
    as well as getting just about all the boxes. But you actually can do this
    without the running shoes, my best time without them is just over 50.00, but
    take into consideration that I've run through this level dozens of times,
    trying for the developer time.
    Platinum         43.80 (-5.87 Gold)
    Rating: 8.5/10
    You'll have to shave a few seconds off your gold route to get this.
    My Time          35.83 (-7.97 Platinum)
    I used the Platinum strategy. I replayed this after I got platinum and it will
    be hard for me to get lower than this.
    Developer Time   34.36 (-9.44 Platinum)
    Given enough practice, I could probably beat this!
    Level 8: Hog Ride
    Boxes: 13
    Rating: 1.5/10
    Harley Davidson fans rejoice! Crash rides a hog! (laughs)
    The groovy music might distract you from your goal. The crystal is nowhere in
    sight--you have to win the race to get it. The gem is easier, you just have to
    take it slow and make sure you break each box.
    Sapphire         45.00
    Rating: 3/10
    Easy, just break all the time boxes and get all the wheelies. Don't worry about
    holding them.
    Gold             41.46 (-3.54 Sapphire)
    Rating: 5.5/10
    3 and a half seconds is a big improvement on these levels. Hold the wheelies
    as long as you can and get all the boxes.
    Platinum         35.06 (-6.40 Gold)
    Rating: 10/10
    Very hard, this takes patience and flat-out mastery of the motorcycle. Drive up
    to the second Wumpa fruit until you see the clock, then wait for the traffic to
    finish; there's usually no more than 45 seconds of waiting. If you don't wait
    long enough, the last car will make you crash when you go over the last jump,
    erasing your perfect run! The secret to getting Platinum is holding the
    wheelie for the entire level, still getting all the time boxes. Go into the
    turns early to stay on course. If you lose the wheelie at any point before the
    big jump at the end, start over. It took me a couple dozen tries to get.
    My Time          34.13 (-0.93 Platinum)
    I used the Platinum strategy. Getting under this takes a lot of luck.
    Developer Time   33.96 (-1.10 Platinum)
    Getting anywhere under 34.30 will take a lot of luck.
    Level 9: Tomb Time
    Boxes: 95
    Rating: 8/10
    Don't bother. There are 95 boxes, but you can only get 75 of them right now.
    To get all 95, you need the purple gem from Level 13: High Time. Go through the
    purple gem route, then backtrack to get the boxes on the main route. This is a
    tough gem. Well, I IMAGINE you might be able to get it with a super combo, but
    you need the Super Tornado Spin from N. Tropy, the third boss, in the same warp
    room that the purple gem is in... So just get the purple gem and do it the
    conventional way.
    Sapphire       1:42.00
    Rating: 3/10
    Not that hard, go invincible and don't miss too many boxes. Don't take the
    purple gem route, it is longer.
    Gold           1:10.00 (-32.00 Sapphire)
    Rating: 5/10
    All the egyptian levels have big margins from sapphire to gold. This seems
    pretty tough at first, but once you figure out the level, this will be no
    Platinum         53.90 (-16.10 Gold)
    Rating: 10/10
    The hardest platinum in the game, but I have it! The secret is to slide
    (R1 or Circle) across the oil and land in the path of the buttons. Also make
    sure you've got enough invincibility to get the last 3 sec. time box in the air
    (you will likely have just enough left.)
    My Time          52.66 (-1.34 Platinum)
    Be persistent, this took me a lot of time to get. This level is the hardest
    platinum of the running levels.
    Developer Time   50.63 (-3.27 Platinum)
    I can do platinum, but I can't do this. The gaming god strikes again...
    Actually, someone's beaten this. See my Wall of Fame.
    Level 10: Midnight Run
    Boxes: 35
    Rating: 9/10
    Now that you have tiger-racing experience, this should be easier, even though
    Naughty Dog has upped the ante. There are fewer boxes this time, but they are
    harder to reach, and they all come before the crystal. If you don't have 35/35
    boxes when you get the crystal, crash and try again, or restart the level.
    Sapphire         51.00
    Rating: 0.5/10
    This has an absolutely GIGANTIC margin for error. You could miss
    a dozen time boxes and still get this relic.
    Gold             38.23 (-12.77 Sapphire)
    Rating: 2.5/10
    No trouble at all. You don't have to speed boost, but it helps in case you miss
    a few boxes.
    Platinum         18.20 (-20.03 Gold)
    Rating: 7/10
    There's actually a fairly easy platinum to be won here. If you jump a lot and
    get all the boxes, you can get as low as sub-14 seconds here! For those of you
    that think 16.00 is good, it's not good enough to get on MY Wall of Fame!
    How about 13.73?
    My Time          13.33 (-4.87 Platinum)
    This is really good, trust me!
    Developer Time   13.20 (-5.00 Platinum)
    This looks easy compared to my time, but it's not. Every time I pass under the
    hallway with the 3 time boxes, my time is 13.03 and every time I play it's
    always the same. It may seem easy because it's only a few hundredths off my
    time, but it's a lot harder than you think.
    Rating: 5.5/10
    Dingodile wants to roast you, but you have to turn the rotisserae on it to win.
    Dodge the fireballs he shoots upwards before they smack you on the way down.
    Then he will shoot a heat beam at you, breaking through his crystalline
    shielding. Rush in and spin him before you get hit. Then back away before his
    flame thrower blows up or you'll be singed as well. The blast extends to all
    but the edges of the room. Repeat this process twice more to get the Double
    Jump, which lets Crash perform a second jump in midair. I will warn you that
    the fireballs are harder to dodge the second and third times.
    Level 11: Dino Might!
    Boxes: 112
    Rating 1st gem: 7/10
    Rating 2nd gem: 7/10
    Back to the dinosaur age. But Crash finds a baby T-rex that's willing to give
    him a ride for the first half of the level. As with Tomb Time, you cannot get
    all 112 boxes right away unless you got the yellow gem in Level 27, which is
    the death route for Hang 'em High.
    Sapphire       1:34.00
    Rating: 2/10
    This is easy, aren't all the sapphires? Make sure you get all the boxes and
    you'll score this easily.
    Gold           1:25.76 (-8.24 Sapphire)
    Rating: 4.5/10
    Harder. Not that bad though. Get all the boxes and use the running shoes. Even
    if you get hung up on a few obstacles, this is quite possible.
    Platinum       1:03.00 (-23.76 Gold)
    Rating: 8.5/10
    Quite a difference between this and the gold. Shoot the clock, use Gold
    strategy, but you can't get hung up this time. Oh yeah, don't ride the T-rex,
    it wastes time.
    My Time          53.96 (-9.04 Platinum)
    The trick to this is to jump up and spin the 3 sec. time box at the end because
    the level will end with the clock frozen if the dino breaks it. Yes, a whopping
    1.04 seconds better than developer time!!
    Developer Time   55.00 (-8.00 Platinum)
    Just use the above strategies. Two other people has done it so far, both with
    54.96, and I've smoked them.
    Level 12: Deep Trouble
    Boxes: 83
    Rating Reward Gem: 7.5/10
    Rating    Red Gem: 6.5/10
    The secret to getting 83/83 boxes is hit the ! box at the end of the level, then
    TURN AROUND and go back to the last 3-way crossroads you passed. It's below the
    spinning electric gates for those of you that can't find it. The outline box
    will now be a TNT. Touch it and swim away. It will blow up and open another
    area. Complete the area, getting all the boxes, and you will be rewarded with 2
    gems: The regular gem, and the red gem. If you don't take this path, you'll wind
    up with only 53 of the boxes. Oh by the way, don't forget to go back to
    Level 4: Bone Yard and get the other gem now that you have the red one!
    Sapphire       1:47.00
    Rating: 3/10
    If you were good at Level 2: Under Pressure, then this won't be hard at all.
    Gold           1:25.13 (-21.87 Sapphire)
    Rating: 6/10
    It's 22 seconds, but it's not a lot if you get everything and learn where to
    speed boost. You will probably want to use your Aku masks on the whirlpools as
    well as jet through them before they activate. Saves a lot of time!
    Platinum       1:18.36 (-6.77 Gold)
    Rating: 8/10
    If you got Gold this isn't a lot harder. Just use the same strategy.
    My Time        1:08.90 (-9.46 Platinum)
    This is my second biggest amount of time from a platinum on any level
    (the biggest is Level 20: Tomb Wader, with a 15.54 difference from platinum),
    aside from the secret levels. This is pretty good, but nowhere near the
    Developer Time 1:00.46 (-17.90 Platinum)
    I have no clue how they got this... not a single clue.
    I wish the person in the Wall of Fame who HAS would tell me...
    Level 13: High Time
    Boxes: 96
    Rating Reward Gem: 4/10
    Rating Purple Gem: 9/10
    Fairly easy gem, but watch out for the molotov cocktails the ninjas throw from
    the windows. They flame up. Get hit and Crash will fry. The purple gem is
    located here... It is on a death route. The way to enter is simple. Get to the
    skull-marked platform without dying in the level. Finish the death route
    (it's hard as heck) to get the gem. Consider getting the Bazooka from N. Gin so
    you can shoot the ninjas. Now that you have these gems, go back to Level 9: Tomb
    Time and get the gems there if you wish (and you do).
    Sapphire       2:12.00
    Rating: 0.5/10
    This is so incredibly easy, you could easily get the gem in this level at the
    same time if they'd let you into the bonus level.
    Gold           1:04.10 (-1:07.90 Sapphire)
    Rating: 8.5/10
    This is seriously hard. You have to improve by over a minute. This was the last
    level I got gold on (well, I technically never got it, I got a platinum when I
    was going for my last gold.) This takes persistence. The trick is shoot the
    clock when the carpet in back is at the lowest point. From there, everything
    should fall into place. Easily the hardest gold relic in the game.
    Platinum         56.96 (-7.36 Gold)
    Rating: 9.5/10
    I got this when I was trying for the gold relic. Don't slow down for the ninjas'
    flame blasts anymore.
    My Time          48.56 (-8.40 Platinum)
    I don't know how I got this, but I did.
    Developer Time   45.10 (-11.86 Platinum)
    I don't know who from SCEA or NDI did this, but... I can't say it's impossible
    because someone's done it... although just barely.
    Level 14: Road Crash
    Boxes: 25
    Rating: 5/10
    I'm not writing a strategy because all 25 boxes are time boxes in Time Trials.
    Get the gem when you get the relic.
    Sapphire       1:25.00
    Rating: 5/10
    Hardest sapphire in the game... But you'll get it with practice.
    Gold           1:20.73 (-4.27 Sapphire)
    Rating: 7/10
    If you got sapphire easily, then try for this; you'll get it in no time at all.
    Platinum       1:17.10 (-3.63 Gold)
    Rating: 10/10
    This is the second to last platinum relic I got.
    My Time        1:15.66 (-1.44 Platinum)
    Now, to the issue of developer time. I ALMOST beat it, but, the level's platinum
    is the hardest one to me. It took me a while to get lower than my 1:17.06 I got
    the first time for the platinum.
    Developer Time 1:15.53 (-1.63 Platinum)
    You have to be really good but I've seen this time obliterated... Check
    the Wall of Fame. I'm only 13 hundredths away on this one!
    Level 15: Double Header
    Boxes: 91
    Rating: 6.5/10
    It's hard but there are tougher ones, like the one in Level 9: Tomb Time. The
    reason is that it's pretty tough to get all 30 boxes in the bonus level. If it
    gives you trouble, come back with the Bazooka and shoot the boxes that are
    giving you that trouble.
    Sapphire       1:27.00
    Rating: 2/10
    Easy relic. Try to get all three masks.
    Gold           1:21.13 (-5.87 Sapphire)
    Rating: 4/10
    Read the Sapphire relic strategy. You can do this without running shoes. But
    you must get all three masks either way.
    Platinum         59.40 (-12.73 Gold)
    Rating: 9/10
    This one takes some patience. Go invincible and walk around the inside corner
    of the pits if you can, it saves time. My time is now 55.93!! Yes, beaten
    developer time!
    My Time          55.93 (-3.47 Platinum)
    I actually went in and improved my time a lot after I got platinum.
    Developer Time   56.00 (-3.40 Platinum)
    Just use the same strategy as above.
    BOSS 3: N. TROPY
    Rating: 8.5/10
    Creator of the Time Twister machine, N. Tropy is a tough boss.
    The hard part is getting to N. Tropy when he's vulnerable after the series of
    beams. The platforms you get are small and some of the jumps are angled.
    He begins by firing a circular heat projectile at you. Double-jump over it.
    Dodge the heat beams in a similar way, but wait a second if the beam comes from
    the front before jumping over it or it will hit you anyway. The second time he
    fires two projectiles. Double jump the first and duck (R1 or Circle) the second
    one. The beam pattern changes this time. The third time he fires three
    projectiles. Double-jump the first, duck the second, and double-jump the third.
    The beam pattern changes again the third time. Beat him to get the Death
    Tornado Spin, which allows you to spin longer and glide over long gaps.
    Press Square quickly four times to use it.
    Level 16: Sphynxinator
    Boxes: 105
    Rating 1st Gem: 6/10
    Rating 2nd Gem: 8/10
    I kept getting 101/105 until I discovered where the 4 missing boxes are:
    behind you when you start the level!!
    You need to shoot the clock from there as there are 6 seconds worth of time
    boxes when you begin the level. You cannot get the other gem unless you played
    Level 20: Tomb Wader first and got the blue gem. The blue gem route is tough.
    It has an extra life, some enemies, and OIL, OIL, OIL!!!
    Sapphire       1:42.00
    Rating: 3/10
    Fairly easy relic. Don't get stuck for a long time behind the walls.
    Gold           1:22.63 (-19.37 Sapphire)
    Rating: 6.5/10
    Don't be so lax about the walls; try to time them so you get stuck rarely.
    Get all the boxes and you can do this.
    Platinum         56.70 (-25.96 Gold)
    Rating: 10/10
    You have to find the absolute best timing and get all the time boxes.
    Don't forget about the two 3 sec. boxes behind you! If you shoot the clock from
    where the boxes are, you should have at most 0.10 on the clock, maybe even
    exactly zero! This one took me nearly 40 tries to get everything right.
    I've only ever beaten it twice, with 55.20 and 56.23.
    My Time          55.20 (-1.50 Platinum)
    I don't know how I got this, but I did. I'm not going to try to get lower than
    this, it's a waste of my gaming time. I always get hung up on something.
    Developer Time   50.63 (-6.07 Platinum)
    You can't get hung up on anything at all. Hey, notice that this is the same
    developer time as on Tomb Time, and they're both tomb levels too? Wouldn't
    it be funny if they were both achieved by the SAME developer? Well, they're
    Level 17: Bye Bye Blimps
    Boxes: 11
    Rating: 4/10
    After I was going so slow on this level, I realized I was constantly holding
    the brake down! The brake slows you to 1/3 of your regular speed. If you don't
    make the same mistake I did this is an easy level and even an easy gem.
    You're in an airplane and your initial goal is to shoot down 11 boxes and
    7 blimps while surviving fire from enemy planes. The blimps don't fight back.
    Just shoot them a dozen times each.
    Sapphire       1:09.00
    Rating: 4/10
    Tough if you're not used to the plane levels...
    Gold             58.40 (-10.60 Sapphire)
    Rating: 5/10
    If the sapphire was easy this will be too. Just find a pattern.
    Platinum         51.50 (-6.90 Gold)
    Rating: 8.5/10
    You need very good accuracy and a good pattern. I got a time of 45.30 on this
    level and this was my pattern.
                                6                                   -
               5                               7                    -
         4                                                          -
                            3                                       -
                                                2                   -
                         Clock                                      -
                                        1                           -
                         Start                                      -
    Now you know why I don't draw maps in ASCII...
    My Time          45.30 (-6.20 Platinum)
    I suggest using a different pattern, perhaps shooting #2 first and #1 second.
    You just have to experiment, experimentation is what the plane levels are
    Developer Time   38.63 (-12.87 Platinum)
    No clue...
    Level 18: Tell No Tales
    Boxes: 61
    Rating: 8/10
    This gem... you'll need to scavenge the 61 box locations, as some are well out
    of the way.
    Sapphire       1:42.00
    Rating: 2/10
    Easy relic, just avoid getting hung up on tight turns and get all the boxes.
    Gold           1:25.63 (-16.37 Sapphire)
    Rating: 7/10
    Hard. Get all the time boxes, go on the inside of the turns, and hurry, hurry,
    Platinum       1:05.23 (-20.43 Gold)
    Rating: 9/10
    This takes persistence, but once you find and practice the route this one is
    easier than you think. Don't go to the right side of the ship to get the
    15 sec. worth of time boxes, I know it sounds tempting but it actually won't
    save you any time at all.
    My Time        1:04.60 (-0.63 Platinum)
    Developer Time 1:01.70 (-3.53 Platinum)
    I don't know how you do this...
    Level 19: Future Frenzy
    Boxes: 133
    Rating 1st Gem: 9.5/10
    Rating 2nd Gem: 5/10
    Lots of boxes in this level, but you can only get 96/133 at this point. You
    can't get either gem until you have 20 relics, then you enter the level from
    the Level 29 entrance. This gem is HARD!
    Sapphire       2:01.00
    Rating: 1.5/10
    You will get this in no time at all, believe me...
    Gold           1:34.00 (-27.00 Sapphire)
    Rating: 4/10
    Not a lot harder, just get all three masks and avoid the lasers.
    Platinum       1:19.63 (-14.37 Gold)
    Rating: 9/10
    This is pretty tough. You need to figure out where to skip a time box so
    everything falls into place.
    Don't try to jump around the lasers--you can't do it on this level.
    My Time        1:13.80 (-5.83 Platinum)
    See the Platinum strategy.
    Developer Time 1:07.47 (-12.16 Platinum)
    No clue... I wonder if they did this on a prototype version, because
    the time doesn't end in a 0, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8.
    Level 20: Tomb Wader
    Boxes: 88
    Rating Reward Gem: 7/10
    Rating   Blue Gem: 10/10
    (laughs) This level is not at all based on the Tomb Raider franchise.
    But if you fall into deep water Crash will drown and you'll try again with one
    less life left in reserve. There are a LOT of Nitros here (more than 25!)
    and a Blue Gem. The death route is so hard, you'll feel like calling the
    programmers a bunch of jerks trying to get the reward Blue Gem at the end.
    The regular gem is tough, too.
    Sapphire       2:44.00
    Rating: 1/10
    This is the most time given to beat any level, so you betcha it's easy.
    Gold           1:45.03 (-58.97 Sapphire)
    Rating: 6/10
    The correct timing at this point is when the bug is at the far left, then
    go, go, go! Don't try this until you get the shoes, I got a time of 2:09.00 or
    so without them...
    Platinum       1:24.00 (-21.06 Gold)
    Rating: 8/10
    Watch out for the dudes with the shields. You have to either go above them to
    spin them or slide into them, or they bounce you back. I prefer sliding into
    My Time        1:08.46 (-15.54 Platinum)
    I got through two cycles quicker than what is required for the platinum.
    To do this you have to take a lot of INSANE risks, but if you do it right,
    you'll crush the developer time, like I did! Yes, 2.70 seconds better than
    developer time!
    Developer Time 1:11.16 (-12.84 Platinum)
    I'm finally giving a strategy for this developer time, and if you do it right,
    I guarantee you that you'll get it on the first correct try! This is long and
    very detailed, so pay close attention.
    Most guides have the timing for this level at when the bug is at the far right.
    The timing for this strategy is when the bug is just right of the far left.
    Perhaps a crude ASCII diagram will help:
    |XXXXXX123456XXXXXX| B = ideal position of bug
    |XXXXX        XXXXX| C = gold clock
    |  BB              | numbers = tile position (left to right)
    |  BB              | X = pits
    |XXXXX        XXXXX|
    |XXXXX        XXXXX|
    |XXXXX      C XXXXX|
    When you first enter the level, hit restart right away or this won't work.
    You will want to shoot the clock just before the bug walks onto the far left
    tile of the set of four. From there, shoot the clock while aligning yourself
    with the fourth column of floor tiles (see diagram). You break a 1 sec. time
    box and should have 4.96 to 5.13 on the clock right now. Don't worry about the
    second water section, just run through it. Slide into the shield guy, then spin
    the switch underwater. About 18.80 would be good now. You will need to
    double-jump to reach the first Aku box. 21.50 to 21.90 is good here. Run through
    the rest of this section.
    Now, here's the trickiest part. The water should be high now. You will need to
    double-jump onto the second Aku box, then double-jump and super tornado spin
    over the shield guy. Ignore the 1-sec. box on the right, where the Aku crate is.
    Then either double jump or spin the 2-sec. time box up high. 32.00 to 32.60 is
    good at this point. The next water area has two pushing sections that pop out
    of the walls.
    When you get past the first one, you should have about 40.00 on the clock. Then,
    you'll see three 1-sec. boxes. Break them. You should have about 43.00 here.
    The water should be about ready to recede. Double-jump, then super tornado 
    spin over the pushing section (if you can without losing time, land on it),
    then slide into the shield guy (or jump over him if you landed on the pushy
    wall.) For the lowest time, you have to break the third Aku box before the
    water starts to rise. If you don't, you'll have to wait until the water recedes.
    (Even if you don't, you'll still be able to get developer time--I did it with
    1:10.60 and missed this.) When you break the 1-sec. box, you should have around
    52.40 on the clock. From there, just run. The water won't rise while you're
    invincible. Make sure you have enough invincibility to get the last 2-sec. box
    without being hit by the Nitros at the end. Follow this strategy and you'll get
    around 1:08.00 to 1:09.50, depending on your skill.
    BOSS 4: N. GIN
    First Form: 5 Hit Points
    Second Form: 7 Hit Points
    Rating: 10/10
    Very tough fight. If you lose in Phase II, the battle goes back to Phase I.
    You can't recover your health at all in the fight.
    N. Gin, Phase I, attacks with missiles that do 10% damage and a rapid-fire laser
    that does a LOT of damage. Hit anything that flashes yellow and any missiles.
    3 hits destroy the missiles.
    N. Gin, Phase II, attacks with missiles that do 10%, a purple, hard-to-dodge
    blast that does 6% damage, and a slow-moving gold particle that takes a lot of
    hits to destroy and does about 20% damage. The bottom area is always vulnerable
    and it shoots out the gold stuff. Destroy it first then destroy the side
    weapons. The missile launchers come last. Beat him to get the Bazooka.
    Hold L2 to raise the gun, aim with the D-Pad, and fire with Circle.
    You'll use this a lot in the gem routes you gave up on earlier.
    Level 21: Gone Tomorrow
    Boxes: 87
    Rating 1st Gem: 8.5/10
    Rating 2nd Gem: 8/10
    Go get the Green Gem from Level 23: Flaming Passion first.
    That's the only way you can get either of the gems in this level.
    If you see outline boxes, don't break any of the nearby boxes or blow up nearby
    TNT boxes; if you do, you'll come up 3 boxes short of the 87 needed for the
    gem. The green gem route is pretty tough...
    Sapphire       2:05.00
    Rating: 1/10
    This is plenty of time, but don't take too long on the robots.
    Gold           1:25.60 (-39.40 Sapphire)
    Rating: 5/10
    Another easy relic, just don't get hit. You can go invincible twice in this
    Platinum       1:02.10 (-23.50 Gold)
    Rating: 8.5/10
    Go invincible twice, jump around the inside corner of the lasers and robots,
    and shoot the clock of course! One more thing...wait a little while after you
    go invincible the first time because if you try to jump down to get a 2-sec.
    box, you'll fall through it. You may also want to shoot it from the right with
    the bazooka.
    My Time          58.16 (-3.94 Platinum)
    You definitely have to jump around the robots and lasers to get this.
    Really, only the first part of the level matters, because for the side-scrolling
    part on, you are invincible.
    Developer Time   55.46 (-6.64 Platinum)
    No clue at all...
    Level 22: Orange Asphalt
    Boxes: 20
    Rating: 7.5/10
    This is the toughest mororcycle level to hold wheelies on.
    Area 51?: Level 28 is a very close 2nd. To get a box over a ramp you will need
    to almost stop or perform a risky jump over the pit. If you fail you'll have to
    start over because the game restarts you in front of the box...
    Sapphire       1:36.00
    Rating: 4/10
    A tough sapphire. Just get all the boxes and hold the wheelies as long as you
    can. This is more or less a general strategy. Remember you can't hold a wheelie
    through sharp turns.
    Gold           1:31.80 (-4.20 Sapphire)
    Rating: 7.5/10
    All the relics on this level are hard.
    Platinum       1:21.80 (-10.00 Gold)
    Rating: 10/10
    My Time        1:17.36 (-4.44 Platinum)
    Developer Time 1:16.70 (-4.90 Platinum)
    Level 23: Flaming Passion
    Boxes: 75
    Rating Reward Gem: 4/10
    Rating  Green Gem: 7/10
    Another Arabian-style level. No boxes along the death route. Very
    straightforward and an easy gem. Death route is not so hard this time.
    Sapphire       1:43.00
    Rating: 2.5/10
    A pretty easy relic, make sure you don't get hung up on any one section.
    Gold           1:13.10 (-29.90 Sapphire)
    Rating: 6/10
    This is relatively hard. Get all the time boxes and run and you should be fine.
    Platinum         59.40 (-13.70 Gold)
    Rating: 9/10
    Tough to get. There are so many corners you have to cut to get this, it just
    takes practice. I've had enough practice to get 50.93 on this level!
    Developer time!
    My Time          50.93 (-8.47 Platinum)
    The timing mechanism is simple to understand once you find it, but complicated
    to explain, so you'll have to find it on your own. HINT: The reference object
    is the first enemy in the level.
    Developer Time   51.10 (-8.30 Platinum)
    If I didn't mess up a jump on my run, I'd have beaten this by 4 or 5 seconds!
    Level 24: Mad Bombers
    Boxes: 11
    Rating: 9/10
    I HATE THIS LEVEL!!! Only 5 planes to take down, but you have to hit 10 tiny
    engines to win! And enemy fire does double damage! I hate it.
    The trick is to barrel roll a lot to avoid their shots.
    Sapphire       2:08.00
    Rating: 3/10
    Just finish with a decent pace and you'll get this.
    Gold           1:55.23 (-12.77 Sapphire)
    Rating: 6.5/10
    Don't know nothing, never got it.
    Platinum       1:38.16 (-17.07 Gold)
    Rating: 9.5/10
    I got really, really lucky to get this; it's hard.
    My Time        1:32.16 (-6.00 Platinum)
    This takes a great deal of luck and I've never come within 10 seconds of it any
    other time after I got it. I'm not very good at the plane levels except MAYBE
    Level 30: Rings of Power. And that's a BIG maybe.
    Developer Time 1:24.10 (-14.06 Platinum)
    This is just sick...
    Level 25: Bug Lite
    Boxes: 120
    Rating 1st Gem: 8/10
    Rating 2nd Gem: 9/10
    If you run out of light the screen will black out except for Crash and the gem
    lift. Oh for your information you need every colored gem to make it to the 2nd
    regular gem. It might be possible without the green gem but I don't think you
    can make the leap even with a Super Combo. There are 40 boxes in the usual
    bonus level, but nothing along the all-gem path.
    Sapphire       1:49.00
    Rating: 1.5/10
    A pretty easy relic, don't get hung up for a long time, though.
    Gold           1:34.86 (-14.14 Sapphire)
    Rating: 5/10
    Not hard at all. There are 3 Aku crates stacked on top of one another, so
    you will go invincible every time.
    Platinum       1:14.93 (-23.93 Gold)
    Rating: 7.5/10
    I almost got this on my first try. Get all the boxes, don't forget to shoot the
    clock. One more thing, when you go invincible, try to make it to the coffin
    enemy near the end of the interior section of the level as your invincibility
    runs out.
    My Time        1:08.60 (-6.33 Platinum)
    It gets really hard to improve from this, but I can do it. This is almost a
    developer time.
    Developer Time 1:08.00 (-6.93 Platinum)
    This isn't impossible by any means, but you can't get hung up behind any of the
    Rating: 9/10
    The real fight is between Aku and Uka. Dodge all of their attacks, and spin
    Cortex when his shield is down. From there, spin him into the open vent.
    Do this three times to win the Running Shoes. With the shoes,
    hold down R2 to make Crash run faster. This ability has Time Trial written all
    over it...
    This one is in the instruction manual. When you get 5 relics,
    jump on the platform near the LOAD/SAVE monitor and you'll go to a secret warp
    Level 26: Ski Crazed
    Boxes: 100
    Rating: 9/10
    The toughest jetski level to get the gem on. Some of the boxes require you to
    break away from bombs and even Nitros. Time Trial is fun because you can freeze
    the clock for half the level!
    Sapphire       1:16.00
    Rating: 1/10
    For once, I'd say that this sapphire is TOO easy. This one should be about
    1:09.00 or so. You will have plenty of time to beat this in, but make sure
    to get the majority of the time boxes in the second half of the level.
    Gold             50.50 (-25.50 Sapphire)
    Rating: 4.5/10
    Yet another easy relic.
    Platinum         33.30 (-17.20 Gold)
    Rating: 9/10
    If you have more than 33.30 by the time you reach the 7 sec. worth of time boxes
    huddled between the bombs, hit restart. The clock is frozen for the entire
    last half of the level after this point.
    My Time          31.20 (-2.10 Platinum)
    Platinum takes persistence to get, but you can go pretty low on this level.
    You don't have to get all the boxes on the second half to keep the clock frozen.
    You can miss about 3 seconds' worth, I think.
    Developer Time   28.63 (-5.50 Platinum)
    The red and yellow booeys on these courses are hollow, you can go right through
    them. When you have a choice to go for a 2 or a 3 sec. time box, go for the 2;
    the 3 will put you outside and won't save time. It IS possible to get both of
    the 2 sec. boxes above the ramp after the clock starts to freeze for the second
    half of the level, but it's hard. And one more thing, ignore the 1 and 2 sec.
    time boxes on the outside ramp, you actually lose a second getting them.
    Level 27: Hang 'em High (10 relics required for entry)
    Boxes: 0 (There are Nitros, but the Nitro Switch is in the main level)
    Rating Yellow Gem: 8/10
    This is the death route for Hang 'em High: Level 7. All this is for is the
    yellow gem. It would waste your time to try to get anything else, and you
    probably wouldn't have 10 relics by level 7 anyway. But it is possible to
    have ten of them! For the time trial and regular gem, go up to Level 7.
    Level 28: Area 51? (15 relics required for entry)
    Boxes: 24
    Rating 1st Gem: 2.5/10
    Rating 2nd Gem: 10/10
    If you think Level 22: Orange Asphalt was hard, try racing against 6 UFOs,
    not cars, in the DARK! WITH ONLY YOUR HEADLIGHTS!! This is a tough race,
    but you get a gem instead of a crystal for winning this race. The gem for
    breaking 24 boxes is really easy. Just run through the course to learn where
    they are because you can't see them right away. Go slow and you'll get it.
    Sapphire       1:53.00
    Rating: 4.5/10
    The relic times are pretty huddled up in this level, which means you'll get
    them easily or miss them by a lot.
    Gold           1:49.80 (-3.20 Sapphire)
    Rating: 7/10
    It's only 3.20 seconds but this is very tough actually. Time is hard to make up
    on this level.
    Platinum       1:44.50 (-5.30 Gold)
    Rating: 10/10
    This was the last platinum I got.
    My Time        1:43.00 (-1.50 Platinum)
    Developer Time 1:38.96 (-5.54 Platinum)
    To beat this you have to swerve around the pit where the second big jump is and
    not hit the ramp, still keeping the wheelie. I've done all of that but keeping
    the wheelie. None of the times on the Wall of Fame do this trick.
    Level 29: Future Frenzy (20 relics required for entry)
    Boxes: 37
    This is the gem route for Level 19: Future Frenzy. To get either gem you'll
    need to take this route, so just get them both at once. Time trial is on
    Level 19.
    Level 30: Rings of Power (25 relics required for entry)
    Boxes: 33
    Rating 1st Gem: 4/10
    Rating 2nd Gem: 2/10
    Both gems are easy. The airplanes race slow, and the boxes aren't that hard
    to shoot down. Get the gems when you do the time trial for the sapphire.
    The only thing that can mess this up is if you miss a ring or two and have
    to turn around...
    Sapphire       1:20.00
    Rating: 2/10
    Easy relic, but I got 3:21.16 my first time through because I was holding
    the brake down by mistake the entire time!
    Gold           1:01.46 (-18.54 Sapphire)
    Rating: 5.5/10
    Fairly hard. Don't forget that you only need to hit the side of the ring
    to make it count. Also you can barrel roll through a ring to get even more
    of a speed boost.
    Platinum         51.76 (-9.70 Gold)
    Rating: 9.5/10
    Try to keep the trail purple the entire level. There are no time boxes,
    just shoot down the Nitros so they don't get in your way.
    My Time          50.93 (-0.83 Platinum)
    This was the time I got platinum with. It's hard. If you want proof,
    look at the Wall of Fame...
    Developer Time   47.93 (-6.93 Platinum)
    I can't see how this is possible. This is just sick... so sick...
    These two levels are accessed through other levels and are the key to getting
    105%. My favorite thing about these two levels is that platinum relics are
    virtually automatic on these levels! The other thing I like is on Level 32,
    Crash rides baby T-rex for entire level and it is a great extra life loop!
    Level 31: Hot Coco
    This is accessed through Level 14: Road Crash. Look for a sign with an alien's
    face on it. Run into it and you'll find this secret level.
    Boxes: 70
    Rating: 10/10
    This gem is one of the toughest in the game. The 70 boxes are scattered
    throughout the level, and there's no particular direction you have to go.
    After you get some tough boxes, break open one of the four checkpoint boxes.
    Platinum         Automatic
    Rating: 0.5/10
    Just go clockwise from the start, find the nitro switch, come back, and get to
    the exit. You'll find the pattern I'm talking about. I did this in over
    1:30.00 initially and I still got platinum. You'd have to go ridiculously
    slow on these levels to get any other relic.
    My Time          29.80
    It gets hard to improve from this because I think there's a special pattern
    to get the super-low times like sub-20 seconds.
    Developer Time   14.60 (-15.20 My Time)
    Honestly, I don't see another pattern for this level. Maybe you have to break
    just about every box in the level and have the clock frozen for say, 2 minutes?
    Still, I can't see the pattern they used... My guess is you have to go right
    from the start and find the right boxes to break to get the detour that saves
    you time, but I don't see how this is possible... Only a select few have found
    this correct balance and two of their times are on the Wall of Fame.
    The other time is my 29.80.
    Level 32: Eggipus Rex
    This is accessed through the yellow gem route on Level 11: Dino Might!
    The secret is: After the first checkpoint in the yellow gem route, make sure
    you lose Aku, then let the second pterodactyl carry you up. He will drop you
    off in this secret level. This is a fun level and a good extra life loop.
    Boxes: 0
    Rating: 1/10
    You get the level's gem at the end.
    NOTE: The following times are my estimates of what the time trials' relic times
    actually are.
    Sapphire       1:32.00
    Rating: 0.5/10
    No one should ever get this relic unless he/she is curious about what the time
    for the relic is.
    Gold           1:18.56 (-13.44 Sapphire)
    Rating: 0.5/10
    I actually got this relic, but most players don't. Most players don't even find
    this level.
    Platinum       1:11.30 (-7.26 Gold)
    Rating: 0.5/10
    This is what most people get on their first attempt.
    My Time          49.53 (-21.77 Platinum)
    Once you get under 50 seconds it's hard to improve. I imagine you have to
    really take some risks or find a timing factor somewhere in this level,
    but there is no reference object to watch in the vicinity of the clock...
    Developer Time   41.10 (-30.20 Platinum)
    You have to find some kind of shortcut.
    1. Shoot the clock!
    Use the bazooka to shoot the clock from ahead, it can save a lot of time.
    2. Go invincible if you can!
    When you are invincible, you can blaze through a section of the level. Also on
    levels like Hang 'em High, you seem to go a lot faster on the bars when you're
    3. If you can't go invincible, use your Akus at the end!
    Especially on troublesome levels, it helps to use up your Akus at the end or in
    troublesome spots.
    4. Slide across the oil!
    In levels like Tomb Time, it saves you a lot of time if you slide (Circle)
    across oily spots.
    5. Go inside!
    Cutting corners saves time. Do it when you can.
    6. Don't double jump or super spin!
    They generally waste your time. Only do it if you need to cross an obstacle
    or I tell you to do so. If I do, there's a very good reason!
    7. Wait for the traffic to clear!
    On the motorcycle levels, it's important to wait for the traffic to finish their
    run before you go for even a gold relic.
    8. Videotape your runs!
    For console users, you can put an empty tape into your VCR and hit record while
    you have the game on, and it might tape your game play! Then when you need
    to watch your run, just play the tape, find out where you did wrong, and do it
    I listed my best times in the Time Trials sections for each level, but for your
    convenience I'll list them all here.
    Level  1: Toad Village          41.73
    Level  2: Under Pressure      1:03.80
    Level  3: Orient Express        17.06
    Level  4: Bone Yard           1:15.26 -- DEVELOPER TIME --
    Level  5: Makin' Waves          51.86
    Level  6: Gee Wiz             1:01.20
    Level  7: Hang 'em High         35.80
    Level  8: Hog Ride              34.13
    Level  9: Tomb Time             52.66
    Level 10: Midnight Run          13.33
    Level 11: Dino Might!           53.96 -- DEVELOPER TIME --
    Level 12: Deep Trouble        1:08.90
    Level 13: High Time             48.56
    Level 14: Road Crash          1:15.66
    Level 15: Double Header         55.93 -- DEVELOPER TIME --
    Level 16: Sphynxinator          55.20
    Level 17: Bye Bye Blimps        45.30
    Level 18: Tell No Tales       1:04.60
    Level 19: Future Frenzy       1:13.80
    Level 20: Tomb Wader          1:08.46 -- DEVELOPER TIME --
    Level 21: Gone Tomorrow         58.16
    Level 22: Orange Asphalt      1:17.36
    Level 23: Flaming Passion       50.93 -- DEVELOPER TIME --
    Level 24: Mad Bombers         1:32.16
    Level 25: Bug Lite            1:08.60
    Level 26: Ski Crazed            31.20
    Level 28: Area 51?            1:43.00
    Level 30: Rings of Power        50.93
    Level 31: Hot Coco              29.80
    Level 32: Eggipus Rex           49.53
    I have read several other Crash Bandicoot FAQs and these are the best times I've
    found. If you have a better time than any of the listed times, e-mail me with
    the level name and the time. Due to some ridiculously low times I have been
    e-mailed, I am now setting "proof thresholds" for each level. If your time is
    lower than any of the "threshold times", then I must have a screenshot in order
    to officially post your time. If you do not send me a screenshot within
    60 days of submission, I will erase your submitted time from the Wall of Fame.
    Times submitted before 10/22/03 are excluded from this rule.
    An * after the time means that I have a screenshot of that time.
    A ? after the time indicates I need a screenshot, but don't have one.
    A "D" after the time indicates a beaten or matched developer time.
    Only 1 time per level per person is kept. If you send a better time for a level
    than the one you have on the Wall of Fame already, it will be replaced by the
    faster time. If two or more individuals have the same exact time on a level and
    it qualifies for the Wall of Fame, they will all be recognized. The only
    prerequisites are that your time is at least a gold relic time and you play
    on the NTSC version of the game. All times from the PAL version are moved to
    the PAL Wall of Fame.
    Level  1: Toad Village    1ST   41.13   insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
    Threshold:   40.46        2ND   41.33   Lee Ratzu
                              3RD   41.73*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              4TH   43.16   Claude Rena
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level  2: Under Pressure  1ST   59.90   crustin@muw.edu
    Threshold:   58.13        2ND 1:01.80   carl_byv2000@yahoo.com
                              3RD 1:03.80*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              4TH 1:06.60   insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
                              5TH 1:07.06   nickwhiz1@aol.com
    Level  3: Orient Express  1ST   16.90 D Claude Rena
    Threshold:   16.90        2ND   17.03   insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
                              3RD   17.06*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              4TH   17.36   nickwhiz1@aol.com
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level  4: Bone Yard       1ST 1:14.63*D insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
    Threshold: 1:13.10        2ND 1:15.23 D Gbness@aol.com
                              3RD 1:15.26*D Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              4TH 1:16.60   laurams@super.net.uk
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level  5: Makin' Waves    1ST   51.70   nickwhiz1@aol.com
    Threshold:   49.33      T 2ND   51.86*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              3RD   52.63   Claude Rena
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level  6: Gee Wiz         1ST   58.13 D carl_byv2000@yahoo.com
    Threshold:   59.00        2ND 1:00.70   insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
                              3RD 1:01.20*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              4TH 1:01.93   nickwhiz1@aol.com
                              5TH 1:04.03   Claude Rena
    Level  7: Hang 'em High   1ST   33.93?D insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
    Threshold:   34.13        2ND   35.80*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              3RD   35.90   england@netlinkcorp.com
                              4TH   42.23   Claude Rena
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level  8: Hog Ride        1ST   33.93 D nickwhiz1@aol.com
    Threshold:   33.70        2ND   34.06   FFfreak987@aol.com
                            T 3RD   34.13*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                                            Claude Rena
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level  9: Tomb Time       1ST   50.23 D insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
    Threshold:   50.00        2ND   52.63   David Kososki
                              3RD   52.66*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              4TH   52.70   Claude Rena
                              5TH   53.00   nickwhiz1@aol.com
    Level 10: Midnight Run  T 1ST   13.23 D Gbness@aol.com
    Threshold:   13.23                    D hello1732@netzero.com
                                          D nickwhiz1@aol.com
                              2ND   13.33*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              3RD   13.43*  insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
                              4TH   13.46   nickwhiz1@aol.com
                              5TH   13.73   Claude Rena
    Level 11: Dino Might!     1ST   53.96*D Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
    Threshold:   53.60      T 2ND   54.96 D insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
                                          D england@netlinkcorp.com
                              3RD   56.20   nickwhiz1@aol.com
                              4TH 1:00.63   Claude Rena
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 12: Deep Trouble    1ST   59.63 D carl_byv2000@yahoo.com
    Threshold: 1:01.00        2ND 1:06.93   nickwhiz1@aol.com
                              3RD 1:08.90*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              4TH 1:10.26   nickwhiz1@aol.com
                              5TH 1:16.13   insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
    Level 13: High Time       1ST   47.13*  insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
    Threshold:   45.26        2ND   48.56*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              3RD   53.20   Claude Rena
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 14: Road Crash      1ST 1:14.06 D carl_byv2000@yahoo.com
    Threshold: 1:14.36        2ND 1:14.70 D insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
                              3RD 1:15.66*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                            T 4TH 1:16.43   nickwhiz1@aol.com
                                            Claude Rena
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 15: Double Header   1ST   53.80 D carl_byv2000@yahoo.com
    Threshold:   53.13        2ND   55.93*D Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              3RD   56.60   nickwhiz1@aol.com
                              4TH   56.63   insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
                              5TH   59.26   Claude Rena
    Level 16: Sphynxinator    1ST   51.93   carl_byv2000@yahoo.com
    Threshold:   50.63        2ND   52.06   insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
                              3RD   52.56   Claude Rena
                              4TH   53.96   nickwhiz1@aol.com
                              5TH   55.20*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
    Level 17: Bye Bye Blimps  1ST   38.46 D carl_byv2000@yahoo.com
    Threshold:   38.60        2ND   38.53 D acru@home.com
                              3RD   45.30*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              4TH   46.40   insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
                              5TH   48.36   Claude Rena
    Level 18: Tell No Tales   1ST 1:01.10 D nickwhiz1@aol.com
    Threshold: 1:00.30        2ND 1:01.33 D insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
                              3RD 1:03.20   Claude Rena
                              4TH 1:04.60*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 19: Future Frenzy   1ST 1:08.80   nickwhiz1@aol.com
    Threshold: 1:06.70        2ND 1:09.66   Gbness@aol.com
                              3RD 1:13.80*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              4TH 1:13.93   insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
                              5TH 1:17.43   Claude Rena
    Level 20: Tomb Wader      1ST 1:08.46*D Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
    Threshold: 1:10.40        2ND 1:11.06 D skye_zero@hotmail.com
                              3RD 1:13.83   nickwhiz1@aol.com
                              4TH 1:17.20   Claude Rena
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 21: Gone Tomorrow   1ST   54.20 D carl_byv2000@yahoo.com
    Threshold:   53.83        2ND   55.10*D insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
                              3RD   55.43   nickwhiz1@aol.com
                              4TH   58.43*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              5TH   59.06   Claude Rena
    Level 22: Orange AsphaltT 1ST 1:17.36   nickwhiz1@aol.com
    Threshold: 1:16.50                      insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
                                         *  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              2ND 1:19.73   acru@home.com
                              3RD 1:20.00   Claude Rena
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 23: Flaming Passion 1ST   46.80 D insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
    Threshold:   48.20        2ND   50.66 D nickwhiz1@aol.com
                              3RD   50.93*D Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              4TH   56.30   Claude Rena
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 24: Mad Bombers     1ST 1:21.63 D nickwhiz1@aol.com
    Threshold: 1:20.73        2ND 1:24.76   insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
                              3RD 1:32.16*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              4TH 1:33.30   Claude Rena
                              5TH 1:35.00   DrrNic300@netscape.net
    Level 25: Bug Lite        1ST 1:06.72 D ice666@geocities.com
    Threshold: 1:07.06        2ND 1:07.56 D Ross Apostolov
                              3RD 1:08.60*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              4TH 1:09.03   insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
                              5TH 1:12.46   Claude Rena
    Level 26: Ski Crazed      1ST   28.50 D insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
    Threshold:   28.80        2ND   31.20*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              3RD   31.50   nickwhiz1@aol.com
                              4TH   32.56   Claude Rena
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 28: Area 51?        1ST 1:41.06   nickwhiz1@aol.com
    Threshold: 1:40.26        2ND 1:42.40   carl_byv2000@yahoo.com
                              3RD 1:42.46   insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
                              4TH 1:43.00*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              5TH 1:44.30   Claude Rena
    Level 30: Rings of Power  1ST   49.50   nickwhiz1@aol.com
    Threshold:   49.13        2ND   49.53   carl_byv2000@yahoo.com
                              3RD   50.53   insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
                              4TH   50.93*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              5TH   51.13   Claude Rena
    Level 31: Hot Coco        1ST   17.33   Claude Rena
    Threshold:   16.00        2ND   18.53   insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
                              3RD   19.70   nickwhiz1@aol.com
                              4TH   29.80*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 32: Eggipus Rex   T 1ST   41.80   carl_byv2000@yahoo.com
    Threshold:   42.90                      JABandicoot@aol.com
                              2ND   42.46   Claude Rena
                              3RD   43.03   nickwhiz1@aol.com
                              4TH   43.80   insane_pyro28@yahoo.com
                              5TH   49.53*  Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
    ---PAL WALL OF FAME---
    Level  1: Toad Village    1ST   37.88*D Red Neo B
    Threshold:   40.46        2ND   39.64?D Beau Sexton
                              3RD   41.28   Jeroen Van Lent
                              4TH   42.28   Tom Yang
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level  2: Under Pressure  1ST   58.64 D Tom Yang
    Threshold:   58.13        2ND 1:08.52   Jeroen Van Lent
                              3RD 1:09.88   Red Neo B
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level  3: Orient Express  1ST   16.40*D Hannah Diprose
    Threshold:   16.90        2ND   17.40   Red Neo B
                              3RD   17.42   Jeroen Van Lent
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level  4: Bone Yard       1ST 1:08.32*D Red Neo B
    Threshold: 1:13.10        2ND 1:13.96 D Tom Yang
                              3RD 1:17.80   Jeroen Van Lent
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level  5: Makin' Waves    1ST   49.98 D Tom Yang
    Threshold:   49.33        2ND   52.88   Jeroen Van Lent
                              3RD   53.16   Red Neo B
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level  6: Gee Wiz         1ST   54.92*D Red Neo B
    Threshold:   59.00        2ND 1:03.32   Jeroen Van Lent
                              3RD   EMPTY
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level  7: Hang 'em High   1ST   30.88*D Red Neo B
    Threshold:   34.13        2ND   40.68   Jeroen Van Lent
                              3RD   EMPTY
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level  8: Hog Ride        1ST   33.72*D Red Neo B
    Threshold:   33.70        2ND   33.92 D Jeroen Van Lent
                              3RD   34.63   Tom Yang
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level  9: Tomb Time       1ST   46.92*D Red Neo B
    Threshold:   50.00        2ND   49.76*D Jeroen Van Lent
                              3RD   50.14 D Tom Yang
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 10: Midnight Run    1ST   14.36   Red Neo B
    Threshold:   13.23        2ND   EMPTY
                              3RD   EMPTY
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 11: Dino Might!     1ST   47.72*D Red Neo B
    Threshold:   53.60        2ND   56.64   Jeroen Van Lent
                              3RD   EMPTY
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 12: Deep Trouble    1ST 1:16.52   Red Neo B
    Threshold: 1:01.00        2ND   EMPTY
                              3RD   EMPTY
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 13: High Time       1ST   45.78   Tom Yang
    Threshold:   45.26        2ND   52.64   Red Neo B
                              3RD   EMPTY
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 14: Road Crash      1ST 1:16.64   Tom Yang
    Threshold: 1:14.36        2ND 1:16.80   Red Neo B
                              3RD   EMPTY
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 15: Double Header   1ST   52.20*D Red Neo B
    Threshold:   53.13        2ND   56.16   Jeroen Van Lent
                              3RD   EMPTY
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 16: Sphynxinator    1ST   45.80*D Red Neo B
    Threshold:   50.63        2ND   51.32   Tom Yang
                              3RD   55.24   Jeroen Van Lent
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 17: Bye Bye Blimps  1ST   48.12   Jeroen Van Lent
    Threshold:   38.60        2ND   49.84   Red Neo B
                              3RD   EMPTY
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 18: Tell No Tales   1ST 1:01.00   Tom Yang
    Threshold: 1:00.30        2ND 1:02.96   Red Neo B
                              3RD   EMPTY
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 19: Future Frenzy   1ST 1:05.56*D Red Neo B
    Threshold: 1:06.70        2ND   EMPTY
                              3RD   EMPTY
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 20: Tomb Wader      1ST 1:02.88*D Red Neo B
    Threshold: 1:10.40        2ND 1:20.64   Jeroen Van Lent
                              3RD   EMPTY
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 21: Gone Tomorrow   1ST   53.68*D Red Neo B
    Threshold:   53.83        2ND   53.92 D Tom Yang
                              3RD   EMPTY
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 22: Orange Asphalt  1ST 1:16.56 D Tom Yang
    Threshold: 1:16.50        2ND 1:19.08   Jeroen Van Lent
                              3RD 1:20.48   Red Neo B
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 23: Flaming Passion 1ST   42.80*D Red Neo B
    Threshold:   48.20        2ND   EMPTY
                              3RD   EMPTY
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 24: Mad Bombers     1ST 1:21.34 D Tom Yang
    Threshold: 1:20.73        2ND 1:25.00   Red Neo B
                              3RD   EMPTY
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 25: Bug Lite        1ST 1:00.92*D Red Neo B
    Threshold: 1:07.06        2ND 1:12.24   Jeroen Van Lent
                              3RD   EMPTY
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 26: Ski Crazed      1ST   31.76   Red Neo B
    Threshold:   28.80        2ND   EMPTY
                              3RD   EMPTY
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 28: Area 51?        1ST 1:43.12   Jeroen Van Lent
    Threshold: 1:40.26        2ND 1:43.84   Red Neo B
                              3RD 1:46.80   Tom Yang
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 30: Rings of Power  1ST   49.38   Tom Yang
    Threshold:   49.13        2ND   53.24   Red Neo B
                              3RD   53.52   Jeroen Van Lent
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 31: Hot Coco        1ST   16.96   Tom Yang
    Threshold:   16.00        2ND   17.24   Red Neo B
                              3RD   40.20   Jeroen Van Lent
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Level 32: Eggipus Rex     1ST   37.84*D Red Neo B
    Threshold:   42.90        2ND   45.88   Jeroen Van Lent
                              3RD   EMPTY
                              4TH   EMPTY
                              5TH   EMPTY
    Naughty Dog - for creating this game
    Brad - For showing me this game
    Myself - For writing this document and doing necessary research
    Vicarious Visions - For continuing the Crash Bandicoot series.
    GameFAQs.com - For hosting this document.
    Neoseeker.com - For hosting this document.
    insane_pyro28@yahoo.com - For his Wall of Fame times.
    God - I wouldn't be here without Him.
    Jeroen Van Lent - For convincing me to make a seperate WOF for
    PAL players.
    All of you who have submitted me times, including
    crustin@muw.edu - 1 time
    insane_pyro28@yahoo.com - 4 times
    Claude Rena - 30 times
    DrrNic300@netscape.net - 1 time
    Beau Sexton - 1 time
    Lee Ratzu - 1 time
    Jeroen Van Lent - 18 times
    Red Neo B - 30 times
    Tom Yang - 16 times
    David Kososki - 1 time
    You - For reading this.
    v1.28 - Added more Tom Yang times.
    v1.27 - Updated times.
    v1.26 - Updated times.
    v1.25 - Updated times. Error fixed in PAL WOF.
    v1.24 - Updated times.
    v1.23 - Updated times.
    v1.22 - Updated times.
    v1.21 - Corrected more errors.
    v1.20 - Made a PAL Wall of Fame. Corrected spelling errors.
    v1.13b- My email changed, so I had to submit an update.
    v1.13 - Someone finally beat the developer on the first level. More times.
    v1.12 - Sorry for the wait, I have updated the best times list.
    v1.11 - More times, plus I finally beat the developer time on Tomb Wader
    with a REALLY good time. I also am accepting only NTSC version times from
    now on (sorry PAL players...)
    v1.10 - More times. Some corrections made, and anti-cheating measures
    added. Policy on file attachments has been created. Wall of Fame expanded
    to keep the best FIVE times.
    v1.09 - More times, and the anonymity of the Wall of Fame times has been
    v1.08 - More updates, plus I beat the developer time on Flaming Passion, my 4th
    developer time!!
    v1.06 - Now I have a Crash Bandicoot WALL OF FAME!!! And it keeps the best
    THREE times!!!
    v1.05 - More updates, plus I beat the developer time on Dino Might! And check
    out my time on Tomb Wader!!
    v1.04 - I have updated times, and I'm closing in on two new developer times,
    check out my time on Double Header!!!
    v1.03 - I beat my first developer time on Bone Yard!
    v1.02 - Updated times. I now have all 30 platinum relics.
    v1.01 - Added new times and updated strategies for certain levels.
    v1.00 - Initial guide was finished.
    That's all! Now go ahead and use this to get better times!
    What?! You're still here?
    Oh, you're looking for the secret for getting all the gold relics?
    Okay, here it is...
    When you get 30 relics, all gold or better, go near Coco and an ultra-secret
    gem will appear. Grab it and you'll see a fireworks show. That is the secret to
    105% completion. Unfortunately, you don't get anything for getting all
    30 platinum relics except tons of bragging rights and a position in the Crash
    Bandicoot elite (and possibly the Wall of Fame.)
    I had to find that out the hard way :(
    COPYRIGHT 2003-2004
    -- END OF FILE --

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