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    Developer Times FAQ by Red Neo B

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 11/15/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
    Developer Times Faq
    Written by: Red Neo B
    Email: redneob17@hotmail.com
    Version: 1.4
    Start date: March 3, 2004
    Last update: November 15, 2004
    Copyright (c) 2004
    NOTE: This faq is for the European version of the game, in which the times
    are a little different from the American version, but the levels itself and
    the number of timeboxes are exactly the same, to my knowledge. If anyone can
    confirm this (or the opposite of course), please e-mail me. For further
    information, check section 6.
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Time Trials
    3. Developer Times Walkthrough
       1. Warp Room 1
          1. Level 1: Toad Village
          2. Level 2: Under Pressure
          3. Level 3: Orient Express
          4. Level 4: Bone Yard
          5. Level 5: Makin' Waves
       2. Warp Room 2
          1. Level 6: Gee Wiz
          2. Level 7: Hang'em High
          3. Level 8: Hog Ride
          4. Level 9: Tomb Time
          5. Level 10: Midnight Run
       3. Warp Room 3
          1. Level 11: Dino Might!
          2. Level 12: Deep Trouble
          3. Level 13: High Time
          4. Level 14: Road Crash
          5. Level 15: Double Header
       4. Warp Room 4
          1. Level 16: Sphinxinator
          2. Level 17: Bye Bye Blimps
          3. Level 18: Tell No Tales
          4. Level 19: Future Frenzy
          5. Level 20: Tomb Wader
       5. Warp Room 5
          1. Level 21: Gone Tomorrow
          2. Level 22: Orange Asphalt
          3. Level 23: Flaming Passion
          4. Level 24: Mad Bombers
          5. Level 25: Bug Lite
       6. Warp Room 6 (Secret Warp room)
          1. Level 26: Ski Crazed
          2. Level 27: Hang'em High
          3. Level 28: Area 51?
          4. Level 29: Future Frenzy
          5. Level 30: Rings Of Power
       7. Secret Levels
          1. Level 31: Hot Coco
          2. Level 32: Eggipus Rex
    4. Hints and Tips
    5. Wall of Fame
    6. NTSC vs. PAL
    7. Screenshots
    8. Version History
    9. Credits
    1. Introduction
    Hi! This faq is to help you beat the developer times in Crash Bandicoot
    Warped. Don't think I have beaten all the developers times though, but I do
    have all the platinum relics! I have beaten the developer time for about
    half of the levels and most of them are the usual run/jump/spin levels
    (in which I'm a master) :). Anyway, I hope you will beat some of those
    developer times too using my walkthrough so go ahead and read it!
    2. Time Trials
    In Crash Bandicoot Warped you can, after getting the crystal for a level,
    play that level in Time Trial mode (which you should know since you are
    reading this). You can get three different relics for beating that level in
    the given time limit. These are:
    Sapphire: These are easy to get on most of the levels, but some require
    some skill. You can usually get them without the running shoes.
    Gold: These are a little harder but still not very hard. On most levels you
    will need the running shoes and get most of the time boxes, but you can
    still make it if you make a mistake or two.
    Platinum: These are the hardest to get, on some levels almost impossible.
    You will definitly need the running shoes on the normal levels and get just
    about every timebox.
    My times/Developer times: These are almost impossible to beat. Some of them
    are a lot improved from platinum. You will need a perfect run to get these.
    You will not get a relic if you beat the developer times, and neither you
    will get one for beating my times, of course. ;)
    You will need all thirty relics to beat the game and they must all be at
    least gold to get 105%. Unfortunatly, you will get nothing extra for
    getting all thirty platinums.
    This faq is written for the PAL version of the game. For some reason, the
    developers made some minor (or for some people major) differences. These
    have been listed in section 6.
    3. Developer Times Walkthrough
    In this walkthrough I will give a very detailed walkthrough on most of the
    levels where I have beaten the developer time. On the levels I didn't get
    it on, I will give some tips on how you might be able to beat it.
    3.1 Warp Room 1
    3.1.1 Level 1: Toad Village
    This is the first level I got the developer time on. It's not that hard to
    beat actually.
    Developer Time: 0:39:93
    Invincibility: No
    The catch in the medievil levels is that the sand on the main path slows you
    down. So what do you do for a great time? Exactly! Touch the main path as
    Least as possible! Which means that you have to constantly jump on the
    (usually rocky) boundaries of the level. This may sound weird, but it really
    does save a lot of time. Throughout the whole level, keep jumping from wall
    to wall and take the shortest route that way. For further assistence
    on this strategy, check section 7.
    There is no reference object near the clock, so you just have to be lucky
    with your pattern on this level. Stand in front of the small lake and shoot
    the clock. Immediatly jump on the rocky wall on the right and keep jumping
    on it until you can’t go further, than jump to the other site and keep
    jumping on the boundaries of the level. When you get to the 2-box, jump on
    the sand, spin it, and jump back on the boundaries (0:11:10–0:11:60).
    Jump on the wall on the right and keep jumping past the benches and over the
    toad in the lake up ahead. Jump up to the 2-box (0:16:90-0:17:80) and then
    sprint over the bridge. After the bridge, jump on the left wall and then
    over to the right on, pastthe bench and the goat and onto the main path.
    Spin the three 1-boxes (0:23:80-0:24:90), jump on the wall on the left and
    of again to spin the next three 1-boxes with the time still frozen.
    Jump onto the wall on the right and keep jumping here. At the rock, jump of
    and run past the swordman over the bridge. Jump onto the left boundary and
    then over the pit to the right on. Climb the hill on this wall and keep
    jumping on it. Look out for invisible walls here. After the last lake, jump
    off and into the warp orb.
    My Time: 0:36:32
    3.1.2 Level 2: Under Pressure
    I don't have the developer time on this level, I barely got platinum and
    I'm not going to try to get a better time because I hate the swimming
    Developer Time: 0:57:83
    Invincibility: No
    I have no idea, not a single clue how on earth they can get this time. All
    I can say is you can not get hung up anywhere and start over when the
    clipping gets you stuck. I have been told that constantly spinning is the
    key to a fast time, but I had no luck with that so far.
    My Time: 1:09:88
    3.1.3 Level 3: Orient Express
    You go with Coco and her tiger. These levels are kind of easy to get
    platinum on, but the developer times are really hard. I matched it on this
    one, so far...
    Developer Time: 0:16:96
    Invincibility: No
    This one isn't as impossible as level 2 but it is very hard. You have to
    run (R1) the entire level, get all timeboxes and take the straightest path.
    Jumping a lot saves time and you can jump to the balconies from the ground
    if you go fast enough so do that if you want to beat this.
    My Time: 0:16:96
    3.1.4 Level 4: Bone Yard
    I have beaten the developer time on this one too, with more than 7 seconds!
    Developer Time: 1:15:36
    Invincibility: Yes
    At the start, do not get the clock but jump down and walk forward. Stand
    next to the third box you see and turn around. You can shoot the clock from
    here, which saves a lot of time. You can now do two things: Wait for the
    clock to hit and then spin the box next to you which is now an Aku Aku so
    you can get invincibility, or just run when you've shot and don't get
    invincibility which you don't actually need anyway. I prefer the second
    Run after shooting and the dino will come after you. Jump over the bone or
    whatever it is and run past the boxes. Keep running and look out for the
    lava. Spin the 1-box and jump down (0:05:70-0:06:10). You don't have to
    spin the rest of the time boxes as the dino will do it for you during the
    Keep running and jump over the lava. Run past the bird on your right and
    jump over the next bone. Run past the boxes and jump over the lava again.
    Dodge the three birds in a row and jump down, you're safe from the dino
    now. Keep running, ignore the first Aku Aku and jump over the TNT boxes.
    Jump up to spin the 2-box (0:27:10-0:28:40) and run forward. I recommend
    getting this Aku Aku because the next part could be difficult. Jump over
    the lava and grass up ahead (never spin it) and kill or dodge the
    waterdude. Jump over the next grass and the bone and dodge the next
    waterdude. Look out for the nitro and spin the 2-box behind it (0:38:80-
    0:40:00). Jump over the grass next to the lava and keep running and jump
    over the next lavapit. Dodge or kill the next waterdude and jump over the
    grass and lava (I usually lose my Aku Aku here). Keep running and don't
    spin the switch, it will do no good, run until you get to a 1-box and spin
    it (0:52:90-0:54:20). You do not have to spin the rest of the boxes.
    During the second chase just keep running past all the grass, lava, boxes,
    birds and nitros until you get to the end of the level. Don't jump down
    here but let yourself fall in the warp orb to save time.
    My Time: 1:07:80
    3.1.5 Level 5: Makin' Waves
    Same here as on Level 2: I'm happy with my platinum relic.
    Developer Time: 0:50:66
    Invincibility: No
    You just have to get all the timeboxes, find some shortcuts or something
    and be really good with the waterscooter. Make use of Coco's flip by
    pressing down on the D-pad to reach high boxes.
    My Time: 0:53:16
    3.2 Warp Room 2
    3.2.1 Level 6: Gee Wiz
    This levels platinum is easy, at least to me it is and I think the
    developer time isn't that hard as well.
    Developer Time: 0:58:66
    Invincibility: Yes
    Use the same strategy as in the first level here.
    Walk past the clock and stand a little past the shadow. Shoot the clock,
    Then jump onto the wall on the right. After the two toads, jump off to spin
    The first Aku Aku. Jump on the left wall now and keep jumping until you get
    To the 2-box. Jump off and spin it (0:07:00-0:07:40).
    Jump the pit and onto the boundary on the left again. When you get to the
    Stack of boxes, jump on the sand and up to spin the three 1-boxes, this can
    be done in one spin (0:11:20-0:12:10). Jump past the toads via the walls
    again and jump the pit and the bench. Now jump on the wall on the left and
    immediatly jump towards the 3-box and spin it (0:14:20-0:15:20). Land on the
    right boundarie and jump of it to the left to spin the second Aku Aku on the
    Run past the goat and the toad and jump the pit onto the wall on the left.
    On top of the hill, jump over to the other side and jump the right wall past
    the wizard.
    Jump past the goat and jump the pit to spin the 1-box in the lake (0:24:80-
    0:25:80). Keep jumping and cross the bridge. Jump past the swordman
    onto the left wall and jump past the toad next to the pit. Spin the third
    Aku Aku to get invincibility and run into the 2-box next to it (0:31:50-
    From here just keep jumping on the walls traversing to the other side when
    you think it’s the right point and blast through everything. Make sure you
    get both 1-boxes in the stack of boxes after the wizard. Your invincibility
    will end near the two swordmen near the end of the level. From here just
    run past the goat and the toad and after the bridge jump past the stack of
    nitros into the warp orb.
    My Time: 0:52:64
    3.2.2 Level 7: Hang'em High
    I also have the developer time on this level. Trust me, you'll be at the
    end of this level before you know it.
    Developer Time: 0:34:36
    Invincibility: Yes
    First of all, jump all the way up via the bouncy ledges to reach the clock.
    Shoot the swordman before you start en then walk on the wooden bridge and
    walk back until you can see the lightcoloured ground again. You should now
    be able to shoot the clock.
    Shoot it and start running and jumping over the holes until you reach the
    first Aku Aku. Spin it and then use the fakir to get up on the high
    platform (sometimes he’s not near the platform, in that case you’ll have to
    jump to it yourself. Now, jump up a little bit towards the bars but make
    sure you don’t grab them! Superspin across while getting the 2-box on the
    way and land on the other side. This move saves about 2 seconds(0:07:70-
    Slide into the monkey and it will probably take out the fakir behind him.
    Spin the two boxes and the fakir if he’s still there (0:08:90-0:11:10).
    Jump on the first bouncy rug and then jump high up the spin the 3-box in
    the air while the time is still frozen. After  landing, spin the second Aku
    Aku and doublejump up the ledge. Dodge the monkey and jump on the first
    boucy rug and from there jump all the way to the ledge up ahead to spin
    the 1-box (0:12:80-0:13:20) Then jump on the bars and spin the third Aku
    Aku to become invincible. Blast your way past the bars without getting hung
    up and make sure you get the 3-box after the  scorpion (0:17:90-0:19:10).
    Jump off the bars and keep running and doublejump up the next ledge. Jump
    on the first bouncy rug again and do a long jump to the far ledge. Keep
    running through everything and you should have just enough invincibility
    left to get the 2-box up high above the bouncy rug (0:27:20-0:28:30). Dodge
    the monkey and spin the switchbox to spawn a hidden 1-box. Spin it and then
    run to the exit.
    My Time: 0:28:96
    3.2.3 Level 8: Hog Ride
    This one is really, really hard. I finally beat it after long hours of
    practice and a lot of luck. Actually, it could be even faster, because I
    didn't even get a perfect run when I got it, but I'm not going to try.
    Trust me, it's very hard to get under 34 seconds on this level.
    Developer Time: 0:33:96
    Invincibility: No
    I can't really give you a strategy on how to beat this. The only thing I
    have to say is that you have to keep the first wheelie you get until the
    very last ramp of the level to beat this! And of course get all the time
    boxes while doing this. Try to get the straightest path possible and don't
    hit anything to get under 34 seconds. One more important thing: wait for
    the traffic to clear! Those annoying cars could ruin your time if you
    don't. Just wait about 30 seconds before starting, but ride up until you
    see the clock first or it will disappear.
    NOTE: I found it is not extremely neccesary to wait for the traffic. If
    you’re skilled enough you should be able to wave through the traffic. I
    did this when getting my record so it might even be an advantage, although
    I had an extreme amount of luck.
    My Time: 0:33:36
    3.2.4 Level 9: Tomb Time
    I love this level, I just love it. Not as much as Sphinxinator and Bug
    Lite, but I just love it.
    Developer Time: 0:50:63
    Invincibility: Yes
    Kill the snake and then destroy all the boxes near the clock before
    shooting it. Then stand on the last square before the path goes down on the
    far left. From here, shoot the clock and start running. Jump over the pit
    and up the stairs. You should get up stairs with this height in just two
    jump. Jump the next pit and jump over the oil on the floorbutton. Spin the
    first Aku Aku and a 1-box here (0:07:20-0:07:60). Keep running and remember
    to always slide across oil you can't jump over. Open the next door and jump
    through it. The next part is tricky.
    Jump diagonally to the falling squares and immediatly do another diagonal
    jump to the path. This move saves a lot of time. Keep running and spin the
    switch box and immediatly after that jump to the left and onto the moving
    platform and jump again to the path.
    Now run forward past the monkeys and slidejump over the block. Spin the
    next Aku Aku and look out for the darts, then spin the 1-box (0:23:00-
    0:23:70). Now quickly run past the fireman on the left and spin
    the third Aku Aku. Make sure to grab the 2-box and keep running. The doors
    will be open while you are invincible. Grab the next 1-box and jump over the
    oil (0:27:50-0:28:30). Jump across the two pits with the pillars and past
    the darts to get the two timeboxes near the  stairs (0:35:20-0:36:10). Slide
    across the oil and you should have enough invincibility left to get that 3-box
    up high (0:37:20-0:38:50).
    Now keep running past the fireman and the snake. You don't have to hit the
    last switchbox. Just jump to the left platform and from there to the middle
    one. Now jump up the stairs and run to the exit.
    My Time: 0:45:88
    3.2.5 Level 10: Midnight Run
    You go with the tiger again. I don't have the developer time here, but I don't
    think it's possible anyway, at least for me it isn't. When I get the last three
    1-boxes I always have 0:13:64, always. Maybe there's a 1-box more in the
    American version, but I doubt that.
    Developer Time: 0:13:20
    Invincibility: No
    Just use the same hints and tips on this level as in level 3 and you might
    have a chance of beating this. It's a little too hard for me though.
    My Time: 0:14:36
    3.3 Warp Room 3
    3.3.1 Level 11: Dino Might!
    I got this one too, it's not that hard actually, everything just has too be
    Developer Time: 0:55:00
    Invincibility: No
    When you start, stand next to the steamy thing and shoot the clock from
    there. Run and spin the Aku Aku and immediatly doublejump up to spin the 3-
    box (0:01:50-0:01.90). Jump the grass and spin the fish, then jump the lava
    and spin the three timeboxes behind it one after eachother, not with a
    superspin which will cost time (0:03:40-0:03:80). Keep running past the
    steam until you come to another fish. Jump straight in it and let Aku Aku
    take care of him, then keep running past the waterdude and the yellow gem
    platform. Jump the lava on the right side to avoid the grass and spin the
    fish. Spin the next fish between the lavapits too and run past the dino
    (you don't have to ride it).
    Spin the three 1-boxes behind the dino, but not in a superspin (0:18:90-
    0:19:60). Keep running and jump the lava to spin the two 1-boxes in one
    spin, that should be possible (0:19:40-0:20:20). Jump over the lava and the
    grass again and run past the nitros. Ignore the dino and keep running, look
    out for another waterdude. Jump the bone and the lava and try to get the
    three 2-boxes in one spin, but it's okay to use a little superspin here
    Spin the next 1-box while the time is still frozen and keep running to spin
    the next 1-box up ahead, the time should still be frozen now. Jump over all
    the lava and superspin through the stack of boxes to get the 3-box
    (0:33:10-0:33:60). Now slidedoublejump up to the 2-box and make sure to hit
    the switchbox above it, then superspin in the air until you can walk on the
    iron crates and jump up to get the 3-box (0:33:70-0:34:30). From here just
    keep running, the dino will break all boxes for you. Get the Aku Aku if you
    want and just run past all dangers, you'll learn the route. One more
    important thing: you have to jump up and spin the last 3-box in the air
    near the end above the lava yourself for the best time, because if the dino
    breaks it, the clock will freeze later and you will end the level with a
    frozen clock, wasting time. Let yourself fall into the warp orb to end the
    My Time: 0:47:72
    3.3.2 Level 12: Deep Trouble
    Like the name says, this level is deep trouble, at least for me. I got
    platinum on my first correct try and never did the level again.
    Developer Time: 1:00:46
    Invincibility: No
    As for level 2, I haven't got a single clue how they got this. Use they
    same hints and tips as on level 2 and use the Aku Aku's to blast through
    the whirlpool, you can't get invincibility anyway. You might try this if
    you are good at the swimming levels, if you suck (like me) don't try it.
    My Time: 1:16:52
    3.3.3 Level 13: High Time
    God, I hate this level. This is my least favorite runninglevel. I always
    get hung up on something, especially those annoying bouncy rugs.
    Developer Time: 0:45:10
    Invincibility: Yes
    I can't give you many hints on this one, just don't wait or slow down for
    anything and be very lucky. You have to shoot the clock a little bit after
    the carpet in the back is going up after getting to it’s lowest point, and
    then just hope. I'm probably never gonna get this one.
    My Time: 0:52:64
    3.3.4 Level 14: Road Crash
    This level is kinda hard to get platinum on, but if you got it easily, try
    for the developer time. I might get it someday myself.
    Developer Time: 1:15:53
    You have to be very lucky for this. You have to find the straightest path
    and keep your wheelies as long as possible. You know the drill.
    My Time: 1:16:80
    3.3.5 Level 15: Double Header
    Aahhh, another one of my favorite levels, it's just like Toad Village and
    Gee Wiz. The developer time for this one is not that hard, but you gotta
    know the level by heart.
    Developer Time: 0:56:00
    Invincibility: Yes
    So far, I found the walljumping strategy doesn’t really work in this level.
    This is because it is pretty hard to find a good route over the walls,
    looking at the timeboxes and enemies. Therefor, I haven’t gotten any better
    time yet and the walkthrough hasn’t been changes. Feel free to experiment
    yourself though.
    First, shoot the double header, then stand next to the little curb sticking
    out of the wall on the left. From here, shoot the clock and start running.
    Spin the first Aku Aku and jump over the bench. Avoid the toad and keep
    running to spin the 1-box (0:05:30-0:05:70). Run past the double headers
    and toads and look out for the nitros and pits. Keep running and dodge the
    two swordmen. Then spin the 2-box and the 3-box between the nitros, this
    must go in one spin! (0:17:60-0:18:10)
    Run through the lake and spin the second Aku Aku before jumping past the
    double header. Jump over the next pit and slidejump up to the 3-box high
    up, then jump the bench and the goat and spin the 1-box while the time is
    still frozen (0:20:50-0:21:00). Keep running and avoid the goat and the
    wizard and spin the two 1-boxes (0:28:20-0:29:00). Now spin the third Aku
    Aku to become invincible.
    Now just keep running and blast through everything. Your invincibility
    should end after you get the 2-box near the goat between the pits (0:45:10-
    0:45:90). Cross the brigde and dodge the rest of the enemies (use your Aku
    Aku's!), then run to the exit.
    My Time: 0:52:20
    3.4 Warp Room 4
    3.4.1 Level 16: Sphinxinator
    I adore this level, it gives such a thrill when you find the right timing and
    everything falls into place.
    Developer Time: 0:50:63
    Invincibility: Yes
    When you start, grab the clock and restart or the perfect pattern won't work.
    Then walk backwards and stand behind the four boxes and target the clock. Now,
    wait ABOUT two seconds before shooting the clock! I said about, so find out for
    yourself what the best timing is.
    Shoot the clock and time your spin for the two 3-boxes (0:00:00-0:00:12). Run
    and jump over the pits and you should be able to get the next two timeboxes
    while the time is still frozen. Run past the mummy and spin the 1-box and the
    first Aku Aku (0:01:20-0:01:60). If you timed it right, the spikes should be
    going down when you run through them and the door up ahead should be closing
    when you jump over the pit, then you will reach the door just when it's opening.
    If not, you'll get hung up by the door, don't forget the 2-box in front of the
    pit. This next part is tricky: for the best time you have to supercombo the the
    ledge on the far right without going over the platforms. This can be done, but
    if you prefer going safe over the platforms, go ahead, it will cost you about 4
    tenths. Either way, spin the next 1-box (0:09:80-0:10:50).
    Keep running past the mummy and you should make it through the door, then spin
    the 2-box and jump around the darts (0:13:50-0:14:20). Jump on the oil on the
    right side to avoid the nitros and slidejump over the stone to land in front of
    four 1-boxes. For the best time, you have to spin these in one spin (0:17:20-
    0:18:10). Climb the stairs and the door should be opening for you. The next part
    is difficult: you have to spin the 3-box, then jump up and spin the 1-box
    (ignore the other 1-box) and then stand in front of the 2-box and the second Aku
    Aku, jump up and on your way down hit them without hitting the TNT's (0:18:80-
    Keep running and avoid the spikes and the mummy, then hit the 1-box and run
    through the spikes which should be down (0:20:80-0:21:90). Then jump on the oil
    and immediatly slidejump twice to cross the oil quickly, hit the 1-box around
    the corner (0:27:30-0:28:50). Now jump on the pillar and jump to the second one
    as soon as you see it. This is important: you CANNOT jump to the right to get
    past the fireman, you WILL get hit! Wait for the fire to go to the right, then
    jump to the left and grab the third Aku Aku.
    From here just keep running to the end and get all timeboxes, they are not
    hidden or somthing. You don't have to hit the last floorbutton as the door
    should be opened already. Blast through the monkeys and jump in the warp orb.
    NOTE: Alternate strategie
    This strategie will get you a time of about 1 second faster than when you do the
    above. However, it is very dangerous and not recommended for people with a weak
    heart, as it can be very stressy.
    After climbing the stairs at about 17 seconds, superspin through the row of
    boxes. Yes, you will lose an Aku. Keep running like you normally would and at
    the end of the pillar ride, jump immediatly. You will probably get hit by the
    fireman and lose your second Aku.
    For safety you can get the Aku box behind him, after that continue into the next
    area. If you’re lucky the door up ahead is open, you can then run past the mummy
    and jump through. If not, you’ll have to start all over again. Dodge the monkeys
    and spin through the wall of boxes. You should hit the 2-boxes and get through
    at the same time without getting hurt. Slide across the oil and make sure to hit
    the last floor button now, or the door will not be opened. Dodge another bunch
    of monkeys and jump in the warp orb.
    My Time: 0:44:64
    3.4.2 Level 17: Bye Bye Blimps
    I hate the plane levels, I had to try this one about 20 times before I even got
    Developer Time: 0:38:63
    Invincibility: No
    For this you need an extremely good accuracy and a good pattern. I think the
    best pattern is this: After hitting the clock, shoot the blimp on the far right,
    then the one to the left, then the one to the left of that one and after that
    one the one to the far right again and then shoot the rest in order (hope you
    understood that, probably not). At least, this is the pattern I got platinum
    My Time: 0:49:84
    3.4.3 Level 18: Tell no Tales
    When I first did this level I had no idea how I could ever get platinum, and now
    I'm trying for the developer time! It should be possible for me.
    Developer Time: 1:01:70
    Invincibility: No
    You have to take the straightest path and use your Aku Aku's when a bomb gets in
    your way. Start when the tide is low and the clock above the water and
    everything should be fine. You can't miss a single box, exept the five 3-boxes
    at the back of the ship somewhere in the middle, you actually lose some time
    getting them.
    My Time: 1:02:96
    3.4.4 Level 19: Future Frenzy
    To be honest, I have no idea how I got this developer time. I just did the level
    and got it without even trying for it. I guess it's easy then...well, no it's
    Developer Time: 1:07:47
    Invincibility: Yes
    Shoot the clock when the first laser has just turned off, the run on the right
    side and jump up to get the three 1-boxes, (0:02:40-0:02:80). Run past the next
    laser and jump over the nitro onto the 3-box (0:03:80-0:04:40).
    Now keep running and jump around the next laser on the right side and spin the
    1-box (0:05:80-0:06:30). Avoid the fat thing (what is that?) and run through the
    next laser that should be off. Run past the stack of boxes and then jump around
    the last laser to turn off before jumping on the platform at about 10 seconds.
    After landing, run and jump over the box, then slide into the boxes (0:21:90-
    0:22:80). Jump over the two ufodudes and spin the first Aku Aku, then jump over
    the laser, doublejump on the ufodude and cross the pit via the platform that
    should be green, if not, doublejump the pit. Jump over the spikes and spin the
    second Aku Aku and a 2-box (0:31:20-0:32:60).
    Jump over the laser and the ufodude and spin the 1-box, then jump the spikes and
    slide under the laser to spin the third Aku Aku and a 2-box (0:38:00-0:39:50).
    Now blast through everything and don't get hung up by the lift, your
    invincibility should end near the three lasers, make sure to jump to the 3-box
    to shortly after the lift to get it (0:44:20-0:45:90). Keep running and spin the
    2-box above the nitro and get in the lift(0:51:60-0:53:40). After the lift use
    your Aku Aku's for the rest of the enemies if they stop you and make sure to get
    both 1-boxes near the end, then run to the exit.
    My Time: 1:02:00
    3.4.5 Level 20: Tomb Wader
    On this level, I got the biggest amount of time from the platinum relic on any
    level with more than 22 seconds. You gotta take some insane risks to crush the
    developer time.
    Developer Time: 1:11:16
    Invincibility: Yes
    First, grab the clock and die to active the timing mechanism. Then stand near
    the bug and shoot the clock when it touches the far left square when coming from
    the right, then start running.
    Spin the wheel to open the door and run into the water, it should be low. Spin
    the 1-box and the water should start to rise (0:04:50-0:04:90). Run past the
    mummy and jump in the water with the TNT's, it should be low when you land so
    just run through here. Climb the stairs at the end and kill the shieldman. The
    best way to kill them is sliding into them. When you reach the water, it should
    be lowering, but you may need to wait a second. Spin the wheel and doublejump to
    spin the first Aku Aku, then climb the stairs and avoid the block and the mummy.
    The next part is tricky.
    You have to jump on the second Aku Aku box in the water, then supercombo over
    the shieldman and land on the iron block. The water should now be low, so
    quickly doublejump up to the right and superspin over the nitros grabbing the 2-
    box on the way (0:30:60-0:31:50). When you climb the stairs the water should be
    rising so you have to wait again at the next water area. P.S: It doesn't really
    matter if you got hung up a little so far, because you have to wait here anyway,
    so don't start over if somthing goes wrong a little. From here, your run must be
    flawless though.
    When the water is lowering, jump or run to the wheel, spin it and run past the
    blocks and climb the stairs behind them to spin the three 1-boxes, the water
    should now be about to rise (0:41:00-0:42:10). The next part is really
    For the best time, you have to doublejump to the block and press the
    squarebutton THREE times to land on the block when it's sticking out of the wall
    (the water should now be high) and immediatly jump over the shieldman to land in
    low water, then dodge the bug and quickly climb the stairs to spin the third Aku
    Aku before the water starts to rise again. This is very difficult and if you
    don't make it, you'll have to wait for the water to lower again before spinning
    the last Aku Aku.
    Either way, when you're invincible the water won't rise so you can just blast
    through everything until you get to the end, but you do need to spin the wheel
    to open the door yourself, because your invincibility won't do that, keep that
    in mind.
    NOTE: Alternate Strategie
    Like in Sphinxinator, this level has a very difficult alternate strategie, this
    one will save you about 1,5 seconds. Again, do not attempt this if you have a
    weak heart.
    After spinning the first Aku Aku, climb the stairs and jump over the hole on the
    right side of the mummy. Jump on top of the 1-box and from there jump towards
    the second Aku Aku box. If you’re lucky, you’ll land on it and can continue the
    level like normal with a superspin. You’ll have to move a little bit faster but
    you can still make it.
    If you don’t land on it, you’ll land in the water that will be low by then.
    Quickly spin the Aku and jump the pit, then immediatly slide into the shielfguy,
    jump on the iron block, superspin to the other side while getting the 2-box in
    the air and jump over the nitros while the water is rising and you should just
    make it up the stairs. Quickly run further and continue like normal.
    This all has to go very fast and you can’t hesitate or mess up a single moment.
    Good luck...
    My Time: 1:01:32
    3.5 Warp Room 5
    3.5.1 Level 21: Gone Tomorrow
    I actually got this developer time when I was writing this, lol. It's kinda hard
    but you just have to be lucky.
    Developer Time: 0:55:46
    Invincibility: Yes
    Really, the only part you have to worrie about is the beginning, because you'll
    be invincible for the rest of the level, as there are FOUR Aku Aku boxes. First
    of all, shoot the ufodude right in front of you. There isn't a tight time
    mechanism, so shoot the clock and start running. Jump the gaps and spin the
    first Aku Aku and the 1-box (0:02:50-0:02:80). Avoid the two...things and spin
    the 1-box and the second Aku Aku in one spin (0:04:90-0:05:30). Dodge the first
    rocket and then jump around the robot on the right side and spin the two 2-boxes
    (0:07:50-0:07:90). Dodge the next two ufodudes and then jump past the robot on
    the left side before he fires. Avoid the thing and doublejump to the 3-box up
    high before running through the laser (0:11:90-0:12:50). Then avoid the next two
    ufodudes and doublejump to spin the three 1-boxes in one spin (0:14:70-0:15:40).
    Dodge the two weird things and jump on the platform.
    From here, jump over the first laser and then spin the 1-box and the third Aku
    Aku to blast your way to the platform at the end, making sure you get every
    timebox. At the last 2-box, you’ll have to jump at the very tip of the edge. If
    you do it precicely right, you’ll grab the 2-box and still jump to the other
    side. If you’re too early or late, you’ll end up not getting the box or fall to
    your death. In the next area, run up to the fourth Aku Aku and blast your way to
    the end of the level.
    My Time: 0:50:60
    3.5.2 Level 22: Orange Asphalt
    Another motorcycle level, this one is the hardest I think, but you can keep your
    wheelies quite long sometimes so try your best for the developer time if you
    want to beat it, I haven't.
    Developer Time: 1:16:70
    Invincibility: No
    This is quite possible but you have to find the absolute straightest path all
    boxes and everything. When you get to the ramp and the giant pit you can go
    around the pit on the right so you don't lose your wheelie and when you get to
    the wheelie after the ramp you don't have to drop it as the next wheelie in the
    curb will move you to the left. Just get a perfect run to get this.
    My Time: 1:20:48
    3.5.3 Level 23: Flaming Passion
    Another one of my favorites where I crushed the developer time. This is one of
    those levels that everything goes right and falls into place once you find the
    right pattern, which I will tell you!
    Developer Time: 0:51:10
    Invincibility: Yes
    When you start grab the clock and die to activate the time mechanism. Then jump
    up to the two boxes and spin them so they don't get in your way. Now target the
    clock and when the swordman in the back is at his furtest point from you and
    turns around, shoot the clock and start running.
    Jump on the bouncy rug and jump over the swordman, then jump on the next bouncy
    rug and on the legde to spin the first Aku Aku. Run past the swordman and jump
    the gap using the carpet. Run past the flame woman and then jump the two carpets
    around the corner and dodge the monkey after them. Run past all flame women and
    jump on the far carpet and from there to the ground. Jump up and spin the two 2-
    boxes without hitting the TNT's, land on the bouncy box and from there jump all
    the way to the far ledge (0:17:00-0:17:50).
    Keep running and jump the two carpets, then land in a spin to get the second Aku
    Aku and jump the next gap using another carpet. The next part is tricky: jump on
    the boucy boxes on the right and veer to the left to spin the swordman on he
    ledge. From there, quickly (double)jump on the carpet and then crouch doublejump
    to reach the high ledge. Quickly use the bouncy rugs to get on the upper ledge
    before you get toasted and spin the third Aku Aku to become invincible. You
    should have about 28 to 29 seconds on the clock now.
    From here just keep running to the end and be careful not to miss any carpets,
    you jump next to them very quickly. Don't forget the last 3-box in the air near
    the end and then jump the carpets to land near the warp orb and jump in.
    My Time: 0:41:36
    3.5.4 Level 24: Mad Bombers
    Okay, this used to be one of my most hated levels (if not THE most hated). But
    now I don't think it's really that hard to get platinum, the developer time is
    very hard though.
    Developer Time: 1:24:10
    Invincibility: No
    I was really lucky when I got my time. There are two good patterns to do this:
    the first one is to just shoot the plane in front of you when you start and
    shoot the rest in order, taking the plane that is closest to you each time; the
    second one is to veer left at the start, heading for the healthbox, then turn
    around when you reach it, grab the clock and shoot the plane in front of you and
    the rest in order. I got my time with the second one, but you still gotta have a
    great accuracy.
    My Time: 1:25:00
    3.5.5 Level 25: Bug Lite
    For me, this level is heaven compared to the previous one. Also, I crushed the
    developer time with more than 8 seconds, I got under a minute!
    Developer Time: 1:08:00
    Invincibility: Yes
    When you start, spin the snake up ahead and stand in it's place. From here,
    shoot the clock and start running. Jump the pit and dodge the enemies here, you
    usually don't have to spin them. Keep running and spin the 2-box (0:05:90-
    0:06:20). Jump the next pit and spin the two 1-boxes, it is possible to get them
    both in one spin and this is needed for an amazing time, but be careful with the
    TNT crate (0:06:50-0:06:90). Cross the falling squares and pick up your firefly
    along with a 1-box and the first Aku Aku (0:08:40-0:08:90). Run through the
    tunnel and spin the 1-box, then dodge the mummy after it (0:12:40-0:12:90). Now,
    the next door is the key to the rest of the level:
    If the door is just closing when you reach it, start over. If the door is just
    opening when you reach it, perfect, keep running, you will make it through the
    next door easily if you don't mess up on the stairs. If the door is opening
    about 1 or 2 seconds before you reach it, keep running anyway. In this case, you
    have to use your Aku Aku to run into the mummy, so the door will stay open,
    otherwise it will close.
    Anyway, after passing the door spin the 1-box and head for the three Aku Aku's,
    (0:26:20-0:27:50). Keep running and spin two (or three) Aku Aku's to become
    invincible. Now just keep running through the tunnel and blast through
    everything, make sure you get all the timeboxes. Your invincibility will end
    just when you pass the door after the mummy.
    Now keep running and run past the darts and the mummy on the right side, you
    should make it through the door. Jump the next pit and keep running until you
    get to the two 1-boxes. Spin them and spin the one behind the snakes as well
    (0:58:10-0:59:30). Now just keep running past the nitros, use your Aku Aku's
    when needed and jump over the last pit into the warp orb.
    My Time: 0:59:92
    3.6 Warp Room 6 (Secret Warp Room)
    This is the warp room where you are taken after jumping on the platform in the
    middle of the main warp room area, which will appear after getting five relics.
    3.6.1 Level 26: Ski Crazed (5 relics required)
    Before I started writing this, I played the level a couple of times...well, a
    lot of times, and finally got my platinum relic, but it's still three seconds
    from the developer time.
    Developer Time: 0:28:63
    Invincibility: No
    Just use the regular waterscooterlevel tips to get this, but you must be
    perfect. If you have under the developer time when you get the two 2-boxes and
    the 3-box between the bombs somewhere in the middle, you have a chance, since
    the time will be frozen for the rest of the level! You can even miss a box or to
    and still get it. Try to get both 2-boxes and both 1-boxes above the ramp, it
    can be done and forget about the 2-box on the right near the start, you lose
    time getting it.
    My Time: 0:31:76
    3.6.2 Level 27: Hang'em High (10 relics required)
    This is an alternate entrance for Level 7: Hang'em High, but it's only to get
    the gem, you can't start the time trail from here (too bad, because you would
    get an amazing time if you could!).
    3.6.3 Level 28: Area 51? (15 relics required)
    This is another motorcycle level, with two major differences from the rest of
    them: 1. You race against ufo's, 2. It's in the dark so you can't see a thing.
    Under these circumstances, try to beat the developer time if you want, but I
    won't bother.
    Developer Time: 1:38:96
    Invincibility: No
    I don't think this is impossible but you have to keep your wheelies as long as
    possible. You can avoid some pits on the right side to keep your wheelies so do
    that. Just play the level a lot to learn where the timeboxes are and you might
    be able to get this.
    My Time: 1:43:84
    3.6.4 Level 29: Future Frenzy (20 relics required)
    This is an alternate entrance to Level 19: Future Frenzy, but as in level 27,
    it's only to get the gem (and the rest of the boxes). You can't start the time
    trial from here.
    3.6.5 Level 30: Rings Of Power
    This is an unusual level. You go with the plane, but you don't have to shoot
    anything down. Instead, you have to race some dudes and get through all the
    rings. The race is quite easy, but the platinum is really hard, not to speak
    about the developer time.
    Developer Time: 0:47:93
    Invincibility: No
    The trick is to keep the trail of your plane purple throughout the whole level,
    which is hard, if not impossible. To get a purple trail, you have to hit square
    when going through a ring. This will give you a boost and you will need to to
    this at EVERY ring to beat the developer time. I can't get it, because I always
    lose the trail when flying in the long distance between the two rings in the
    middle. Keep in mind that you only have to hit the edge of a ring to make it
    count, so do that to cut corners and save time.
    My Time: 0:53:24
    3.7 Secret Levels
    As you may know, there are two secret levels in the game, both found in Warp
    Room 3. In the American version of the game you get an automatic platinum relic
    on these levels. Unfortunatly, in the European version, you don't.
    3.7.1 Level 31: Hot Coco
    This level is accessed through Level 14: Road Crash. Ride up to the aliensign to
    the left of the road somewhere in the middle of the level and crash into it to
    be transported to Hot Coco.
    Developer Time: 0:14:60
    Estimated Platinum Relic Time: 0:20:00 (PAL only)
    Invincibility: No
    First, I thought this was impossible, but it isn't, I almost got it, but I
    missed one 2-box when I got my time so it's very much possible. I know the
    ultimate routh to get this, so I'll give you a walkthrough anyway.
    When you start grab the clock and start over. Then wait about one second and
    start. Grab the clock and get the two 2-boxes right in front of you between
    the bombs (0:03:00-0:03:20). Then go around the island and get the 2-box up
    ahead and then go to the right and grab the 2-box on the right of the island
    with the bomb circling around it (0:05:10-0:05:60). After getting it go
    straight and jump to the two 2-boxes, then veer to the left and right around
    the island to get the next 2-box and the 2-box up ahead (0:06:30-0:06:90).
    Then go to the left and get the two 2-boxes between the bombs, then veer to
    the right and jump the ramp to the right (ignore the one on the left) and get
    both 2-boxes and the one under water and immediatly jump the next ramp to get
    the three 2-boxes (0:09:40-0:10:30).
    Now, veer to the left and jump the ramp to the right to get a 2-box and hit
    the nitroswitch, don't miss it! Go to the right and get all five 2-boxes
    between the bombs, then go straight and get the two 2-boxes between the bombs
    near the shark. Keep going along the side of the level until you get to the
    next two 2-boxes between some more bombs, the time should still be frozen by
    here! Keep going and carefully get the three 2-boxes huddeled between a lot
    of bombs, as well as the three 2-boxes between some more bombs up ahead. The
    time you have now will be your endtime, as the end of the level is just to
    the right.
    NOTE: I have had several emails of people telling me that if you time it
    right, you can use the waves to get over the nitrobarrier. That way, you can
    get a time of under 3 seconds without even getting the nitroswitch. I haven’t
    accomplished this yet, but I do believe it’s possible. However, this is
    certainly not how the developers did it and might be considered cheating a
    bit. Try it if you like, but keep in mind you’re fooling the game...
    My Time: 0:15:80
    3.7.2 Level 32: Eggipus Rex
    Lol, I always thought it was Eppigus Rex, but whatever. To get here, first
    get the yellow gem. Then enter Level 11: Dino Might! Get on the yellow gem ride
    and when the dinosaur chases you, let the second birddino grab you and you will
    be warped to Eggipus Rex.
    This is the last level I got the developer time on, it's hard but fun to try.
    It took my a while to get under 40 seconds, but getting my time takes an extreme
    amount of luck, everything has to go perfect for that time.
    Developer Time: 0:41:10
    Estimated Platinum Relic Time: 0:42:00 (PAL only)
    Invincibility: No
    I can't really give you a walkthrough on this one, you just have to hope
    everything falls into place, when the first steamy thing is off when you
    reach it, it's okay. When going up the ledges at the end of the first part,
    it saves a lot of time when you turn in the air instead of on the ground.
    Also, you could try to run the first part of the level and shooting the
    clock, but I don't think it saves any time.
    My Time: 0:37:84
    4. Hints and Tips
    Here are some hints and tips that could (and should) help you getting
    amazing times:
    1. Shoot the clock
    In every level where you can, shoot the clock form as far as possible, it
    will save time.
    2. Don't double jump or superspin
    If you don't have to, don't do it, it wastes time.
    3. Slide across oil
    In the levels with oil, it will save a lot of time when you slide (R1)
    across the oil.
    4. Wait for the cars to clear
    In the motorcycle levels wait until all the cars (or ufo's) finish. You
    can't see them finish actually, so just wait about a minute before
    5. Cut corners
    Always cut corners if you can, it saves time.
    6. Avoid sliding after shooting and falling off bars
    You can avoid sliding after shooting (very annoying) by releasing the fire
    button (O) before you start running. When you press forward while stil
    holding O, you will slide.
    To avoid falling off bars after jumping to them, release forward just for a
    moment and press it again, then you will not fall off.
    7. Use your Aku Aku's at the end
    If you have one or two Aku Aku's left at the end of a level, use them to
    blast through things that get in your way.
    8. Learn the level
    If you want to beat the developer time, it's a good idea to play the level
    a lot first and learn it by heart. Get to know the tricky parts and find
    out the best timemechanism or pattern before attempting the developer time.
    5. Wall of Fame
    The times on this wall of fame are either my times or times I found on the
    web which are better than mine. Please email me your times if you have
    beaten any of mine or the developers, a screenshot would help.
    DT = Developer Time
    *  = Screenshot or Video confirmation of time
    Level                    Time              Achieved by         My Time
    -----                    ----              -----------         -------
     1: Toad Village         0:36:32*(DT)      Red Neo B           0:36:32*(DT)
     2: Under Pressure       0:54:36 (DT)      Juraj Kuruc         1:09:88
     3: Orient Express       0:16:84 (DT)      Julien Boisiaud     0:16:96*(DT)
     4: Bone Yard            1:07:80*(DT)      Red Neo B           1:07:80*(DT)
     5: Makin' Waves         0:50:12 (DT)      Tom Yang            0:53:16
     6: Gee Wiz              0:52:64*(DT)      Red Neo B           0:52:64*(DT)
     7: Hang'em High         0:28:84*(DT)      Julien Boisiaud     0:28:96*(DT)
     8: Hog Ride             0:33:36*(DT)      Red Neo B           0:33:36*(DT)
     9: Tomb Time            0:44:96 (DT)      Tom Yang            0:45:88*(DT)
    10: Midnight Run         0:12:84 (DT)      Julien Boisiaud     0:14:36
    11: Dino Might!          0:46:88 (DT)      Julien Boisiaud     0:47:72*(DT)
    12: Deep Trouble         0:58:04 (DT)      Julien Boisiaud     1:14:00
    13: High Time            0:37:40*(DT)      Julien Boisiaud     0:52:64
    14: Road Crash           1:14:06 (DT)      Carl_Byv2000        1:16:80
    15: Double Header        0:51:68 (DT)      Juraj Kuruc         0:52:20*(DT)
    16: Sphinxinator         0:44:64*(DT)      Red Neo B           0:44:64*(DT)
    17: Bye Bye Blimps       0:38:46 (DT)      Carl_Byv2000        0:49:84
    18: Tell No Tales        1:01:08 (DT)      Julien Boisiaud     1:02:96
    19: Future Frenzy        1:02:00 (DT)      Red Neo B           1:02:00*(DT)
    20: Tomb Wader           1:01:32*(DT)      Red Neo B           1:01:32*(DT)
    21: Gone Tomorrow        0:50:36 (DT)      Julien Boisiaud     0:50:60*(DT)
    22: Orange Asphalt       1:16:68 (DT)      Julien Boisiaud     1:20:48
    23: Flaming Passion      0:41:04 (DT)      Julien Boisiaud     0:41:36*(DT)
    24: Mad Bombers          1:15:16 (DT)      Julien Boisiaud     1:25:00
    25: Bug Lite             0:59:92*(DT)      Red Neo B           0:59:92*(DT)
    26: Ski Crazed           0:27:88 (DT)      Julien Boisiaud     0:31:76
    28: Area 51?             1:35:40 (DT)      Julien Boisiaud     1:43:84
    30: Rings Of Power       0:48:76*          Insane_Pyro28       0:53:24
    31: Hot Coco             0:14:00 (DT)      Julien Boisiaud     0:15:80
    32: Eggipus Rex          0:37:84*(DT)      Red Neo B           0:37:84*(DT)
    6. NTSC vs. PAL
    It has been brought to my attention that there are some minor differences
    between the NTSC (American) and PAL (European/Australian) version of the
    game. I've had a long discussion on the Gamefaqs/Neoseeker message board
    about this with some fellow players. We came to the conclusion (although
    not all of it has been confirmed yet) that these are the differences
    between the two version. Differences with a * are confirmed.
    - The times in the PAL version can only end with a 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8 and
      they are always divisible by four. In the NTSC version you can get any
      time. *
    - In the PAL version, you will not see the developer times, like in the
      NTSC version, no matter what your % is. *
    - You will not get an automatic platinum on the secret levels (or at
      they require a fast time to get them instead of a ridiculously low time
      in the NTSC version.) Also, you will never get to see the times you have
      to get for your platinum relic, since these levels don't have a warp
      orb. You'll just have to do your best and hope you got it. I tried to
      figure out what the platinum time was and wrote an estimated time next
      to the developer times for those levels for your convinience. To view
      your best times for the levels you'll have to go to the level and press
      start, and you'll get to see your best 3 times. *
    - The relic times (and those for platinum in particular) are a little
      different sometimes. Most of the times thery're minor differences, like
      2 milliseconds, but there are levels where the difference is greater, up
      to 2 seconds. *
    - Crash runs faster in the PAL version than in the NTSC version. (could be
      true since my times have some minor to major differences with
      insane_pyro28, an American player)
    - Coco's Tiger goes faster in the NTSC version than in the PAL version.
      (could be true since several American players have got better times than
       me on this level, although I tried many times)
    - The airplane goes faster or holds a longer purple trail in the NTSC
      version than in the PAL version. (highly likely since insane_pyro28
      informed me of a time he got on this level of 0:47:.. and I tell you that
      is impossible in the PAL version; also, the time difference for platinum
      is 2 seconds)
    - The little dinosaur goes faster in the PAL version than in the NTSC
      version. (don't think so, cause I think I just mastered Eggipus Rex and
      American players don't bother to get better since they get an automatic
      Platinum relic) ;)
    If you know anymore differences or can confirm any of these listed, please
    email me. A player with both the PAL and NTSC version of the game would be
    a great help.
    7. Screenshots / Videos
    I have made some screenshots of my developers times and hosted them on the
    internet. To view them, copy the following links to your addressbar and hit
    enter. The images are hosted by NURV ((c) bobbonew) and are about 0.10 MB
    Toad Village   : http://stickypapers.com/nurv/image_view.php?id=10325
    Bone Yard      : http://stickypapers.com/nurv/image_view.php?id=10326
    Gee Wiz        : http://stickypapers.com/nurv/image_view.php?id=10328
    Hang'em High   : http://stickypapers.com/nurv/image_view.php?id=10329
    Hog Ride       : http://stickypapers.com/nurv/image_view.php?id=10330
    Tomb Time      : http://stickypapers.com/nurv/image_view.php?id=10331
    Dino Might     : http://stickypapers.com/nurv/image_view.php?id=10332
    Double Header  : http://stickypapers.com/nurv/image_view.php?id=10333
    Sphinxinator   : http://stickypapers.com/nurv/image_view.php?id=10334
    Future Frenzy  : http://stickypapers.com/nurv/image_view.php?id=10335
    Tomb Wader     : http://stickypapers.com/nurv/image_view.php?id=10336
    Gone Tomorrow  : http://stickypapers.com/nurv/image_view.php?id=10337
    Flaming Passion: http://stickypapers.com/nurv/image_view.php?id=10338
    Bug Lite       : http://stickypapers.com/nurv/image_view.php?id=10339
    Eggipus Rex    : http://stickypapers.com/nurv/image_view.php?id=10341
    NOTE: I have gotten lots of new times since the last update but I haven’t
    had time yet to take pictures. Expect them soon.
    I have recieved an email of a fellow PAL player, Julien Boisiaud, who
    informed me about some videos he made of his records. They are pretty big,
    but well worth it, especially if you want to beat some Developer Times.
    These videos are property and courtesy of Julien Boisiaud, do not steal his
    work or publish them anywhere without his permission.
    Videos URL: http://lavenant.olivier.free.fr/Crash%20Bandicoot%203%20Warped/
    8. Version History
    Mar 6, 2004: version 0.5  - About half of the faq is finished.
    Mar 7, 2004: version 0.75 - About 75% of the faq is finished, all five
                                regular warp rooms are done.
    Mar 9, 2004: version 1.0  - First full version. I have all platinum
                                relics now! Only submissions and better times
                                will be added from now on.
    Mar 12, 2004: version 1.1 - Not really a major update, but it's worth a
                                tenth anyway, because look at my new times
                                on Bone Yard, Tomb Time and Hog Ride!!
                                I also fixed some grammar errors and updated
                                the credits section.
    Mar 20, 2004: version 1.2 - Updated about every section. I improved a lot
                                of my times including great new times on
                                Mad Bombers and Eggipus Rex. Also fixed some
    Jul 19, 2004: version 1.3 - Updated the faq with two new sections and
                                submitted times from Juraj Kuruc, a PAL
                                gamer. I also got some new times and you can
                                now view my screenshots!
    Nov 15, 2004: version 1.4 – Wow, that’s been a while. Big update this time.
                                All but one developers times have been beaten.
                                A lot of new times and strategies have been
                                added from several players. Special thanks to
                                Julien Boisiaud for some videos with great
                                strategies. Also fixed some errors and improved
                                a bunch of my own times.
    9. Credits
    I want to thank:
    Me - for writing this
    You - for reading this
    Naughty Dog, SCEE and UIS - for making one of the best platform games ever
    Josher1212 - for a great strategy on Tomb Wader he discribes in his faq
    Julien Boisiaud <gerard.boisiaud@worldonline.fr> –  for submitting several
    videos as proof of his
                                                       times and to show me
                                                       some great strategies.
    Juraj Kuruc <jurajkuruc@post.sk> - for sending in his times
    Insane_Pyro28 <insane_pyro28@yahoo.com> - for informing me about the
                                             possible differences in the two
                                             versions of the game, and for
                                             sending me his screens and a WOF
    C Jay C - for posting my faq on Gamefaqs
    The Neoseeker crew - for posting my faq on Neoseeker
    bobbonew (of Neoseeker) - for creating NURV, the program I used to host my
    The only sites who have my permission to post this faq are:
    - www.gamefaqs.com
    - www.neoseeker.com
    If I see this faq on any other site, I will not be pleased and you will be
    In trouble. If you want this faq on your site, ask me for permission
    first, which I will probably give you.
    End of Faq
    Copyright (c) 2004 Red Neo B

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