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Reviewed: 11/22/00 | Updated: 11/22/00

A new era of BMX video games.

This has got to be the year's most surprisingly breakthrough game, the first one to feature an all bmx biking video game, so at least it's original. Although I haven't played Matt Hoffman's pro BMX yet, I will no matter what still like this game very much.

Ooooo, very decent pictures! Everything looks and feels as real as it can get. The trick animations also look fantastic, and so do the bikes. It is able to see exactly what every trick looks like and done. The crashes are also the ones that make you say, ''Ouch! His neck would be broken from that!'' I guess the character design can be improved a little, because you never get to see the face of the rider other than the character select screen. What makes up for that though, are the different character clothes, in which all riders have 5 selectable outfits.

It might be just a tad confusing at first, but the learning curve would be around 1 hour until you're comfortable about pulling off double backflips. I thought there might have been a little too many moves, as it takes almost a minute just to scroll all the way down the move list. I realized that this just adds to gameplay, cuz the harder-to-do tricks gives you more points, which separates you from the rookies and their ''easy'' tricks. There are 12 levels in the game, including some popular ones, such as Woodward, PA. There's also competition levels scattered around; two runs, see who gets top scores. What I like about the competition levels are that It doesn't matter if you got a 92 the first run and some other guy got 99.2 on his first. You can still win! On the second run, he'll most likely get something like 74.3, so you still have a chance. It will also start judging on variety, unlike THPS which did mostly points. Overall, the gameplay will keep you busy for hours and hours.

One big control factor is the trick modifier button. Let's say that the modifier button is circle. You press up and square to do a backflip, and up and circle to do a X-up. You can do them separately, or combine the two! Press up and square, immediately then up and circle, and you'll be doing a ''backflip x-up''. Pretty cool idea huh. It might be sometimes frustrating to pull off a certain trick. Say you were trying to pull off a backflip. Your fingers will sometimes press the wrong buttons, like diagonally down instead of down, pulling off a tailwhip. No one to blame but yourself there. =)

A very nicely arranged soundtrack, ranges from rock to nice slow country. I didn't think that some tracks fitted the level, as a boring, slow song was played during an exciting competition. That brings me to the main flaw of the game, it's the same soundtrack for every damn level!!! This means that you'll be hearing some songs repeatedly played if you're stuck on a level, not cool. (subtracts one from the 10)

This is the other problem that I have with this game. Yes, there is a multiplayer, but no split screen multiplayer. So if you're doing a best out of 2 minute run, you'll be sitting there for 4 minutes because each one of you go separately. Borriing. One thing that I did like was they included horse in the game, hurrah hurrah! There were also other modes, mostly pointless like longest skid and highest fastplant. (subtracts one from the 9)

8/10 is still a pretty good score from me, I've never given a 10 before, err I don't think. I'm very strict on my video games :) Go out there and buy this game everyone!!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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