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Reviewed: 02/24/01 | Updated: 02/24/01

Tony Hawk or Dave Mirra. It should only be Tony Hawk.

This game is terrible. I hate all biking games, but this is almost, beyond bad. This game really, really sucks. How could anyone actually like this game. I try to beat all the games I have, even if I don't like them, but this one is just dumb. I hate this game. In the match of Tony, between Dave, Dave shouldn't even be in it. Even though I hate biking and skateboard games, this one is really bad.

The graphics are really bad. You can't give them a three or four because their on Play Station, but these were really bad. I can't give them more than a five, because they were so bad. They weren't terrible, but they were bad. I think Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX, should be re-maid without all of the bad problems.

The gameplay, is just, some of the worst graphics I've ever seen. First off, it is nothing as simple, as Tony Hawk, and nothing as easy as Tony Hawk. You can even control the biker, and you can only do the same stupid moves, with out moving the stick a hundred times. The only reason, I gave it a two, was because, at least it was challenging, other than not being able to do a trick.

The controls were terrible. Terrible, is the only word you can use to describe them. First off, you have to press about two buttons just to go off a ramp. Second, you never know what the controls are. And third you don't have any idea, about what to do. The Controls can probaly be better, if they were on a computer. Or worse. The Controls are some of the worst I've ever seen, I'm my life.

This is the Overall score. It get's all the points for Dave Mirra Freestly BMX. Since, all the other features were so bad, I figured give the whole score this. The sound was pretty clear, but really bad. The music was okay, but it could have been much, much better. If you want you can, change the music(possibly the best choice in the making of the game).

Rent/Buy-Don't Even Waste Your Money
If you have the choice to Rent or Buy this game, don't bother doing either. I'd rather save $5 than waste it on such a stupid game. The game was just plain bad. Nothing good about it, just bad.

Fun Factor-0
What Fun Factor?

I had to give the game a three because it had okay sound, and graphics, but otherwise, the game was better off not being made(to me anyway.) But, this game is really bad. I think it should be sealed up in a vault. This is one of the worst games, I've ever played.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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