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Reviewed: 03/13/01 | Updated: 03/13/01

An attractive new type of xtreme gaming.....

Many types of 'extreme' sports games have been made, many have succeeded and many have failed. There are many snowboarding, skateboarding games but so far there have been very few BMXing games, and the few that there are don't really count. Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX is an all new experience because nothing like it has ever been seen. It's a must have for extreme sport lovers.

The games features is the only thing lacking in the game. There is a proquest, in which you have 4 objectives on each level on 3 difficulties. You have to beat these levels then beat 6 or so contests. That is the thing that is fun. There is a session option which is just like the proquest but if you win you don't get anything and a freeride to practice on. You can play 2 players and have games for trick matches, runs, biggest fall and the list goes on but that'll get quite boring after about ten minutes or so. You can unlock cheats that bring some fun into the game but not much seeings they all suck. You can unlock short crappy vids of few riders. The only thing I ever played was proquest. Not many options but it's still okay.

The graphics are great, nearly flawless. Everything flows and it's all good. There is detail in practically everything from the dirt, ramp, bike, rider, rails, everything. It's great! The views are selectable and all work so you can see fine and know when to end a trick. It's really neat how they made everything work from spinning wheels to your crash. The crashes are realistic looking too. That is what would happen if you did this, it's great.
A nine out of a possible ten for the graphics.

Controlling the game is something that is under rated in ALL games. You wouldn't be able to play it without them so why don't people critique them. Anyways the controls are totally different from many of the other extreme games that you'll have played like Cool Boarders and Tony Hawk. The are quite easy to learn and get the hang of though. The combo's are hard too because you'll have to hold both square and circle and the d-pad to use one so it's not so easy that it makes the game a breeze but easy enough to learn and do well. A nine out of ten for controls.

The sound is one thing that many games lack but not Dave Mirra. There is a great selection of music for the individual levels, the bike makes the realistic sounds it should, the player grunts etc as he should. It's all good. I sometimes listen to a CD but rarely because it has such a good soundtrack. 8.5 out of 10 for sound.

Now the thing that makes this game so great is the gameplay. It tops off all other BMX games and even IMHO Tony Hawks Pro Skater. You can pull a HUGE variety of tricks, whether it's a superman backflip or a 1080 or a can-can or practically anything else. It definately beats out matt hoffman's BMX and is pretty equal to Tony Hawk. There are also 12 levels for you to play on and many different riders with different bikes, clothes and attributes for you. The game has a huge variety and is better than any other BMXing and most skating games out there. The only thing that is a bum about it is the realism of the game. Trust me, i know that you cannot do a 50 foot 900 backflip and land on your head and get up and walk away. A 9 for gameplay.

Although the game is extremely fun for about the first 4 or 5 days you play it after you beat the game with two riders it gets boring and even more boring. I think that you should rent this game once maybe twice to get what you can out of it. 7.5 for Fun/Replayability

It's also probably the hardest extreme type game out there too other than THPS2 and maybe number 1 but it's definately hard. In the contest you just have to have a perfect run and hope that the other riders get low scores. There are also quite a few near impossible objectives on the other levels. 9 for difficulty.


Graphics 9/10
Almost perfect but a there is some room for improvements.

Controls 9/10
Pretty easy to learn but you'll have to play A LOT to know everything.

Sound 8.5/10
Great soundtrack and quite realistic.

Gameplay 9/10
Very fun and a HUGE variety but not too realistic.

Fun Factor 7.5/10
Very fun for about 4 or 5 days but boring after, RENT THIS GAME!

Difficulty 9/10
HARD, not easy HARD!

Overall 9/10
An attractive new type of extreme gaming. You should like.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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