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"Tony or Dave? What do you think?"

After two straight hours of playing this game I got bored of it. This game has the hardest objective ever in a game. It takes A long time to beat this game. About 5 hours plus. That would seem like a short time but if you play this game it would feel like an eternity.

Gameplay (6/10)
You will probably get tired of playing this game as I have stated earlier. The reason is because of the of the hard @$$
objectives of the Proquest. You're going to spend a long time trying to complete them. For the other modes they only supply you with ten minutes of fun. Then they get stale. The only thing good about the gameplay is that there are a lot of tricks to do in the several modes you get to play. Some of them are session, freestyle, 2 players, etc. You can even come up with your own new tricks by combining two tricks together.

Challenge (5/10)
This game is hard. This game is slightly harder then THPS2.
Although if you play Proquest some of the objectives are too easy. If you can't beat THPS2 don't play this game.

Control (9/10)
The controls are great. By just pushing two or three buttons you can do a trick. The controls are easy to learn. You will be doing combos in no time. Sometimes the controls are a little bit hard though. That's the reason it didn't get a perfect score.

Sound (10/10)
The music in the game is just great. There are tracks from different artist played on each level. The also sound decent too. The sound effects are good. They sound pretty real. IMO sound effects in games should sound real.

Graphics (8/10)
The graphics are great. They look smooth. The graphics are up to par with those of THPS2. The only thing wrong with the graphics is that once in a while when a rider falls his head goes through the ground.

Replay Value (2/10)
The replay value is short if there is any. You WILL get bored with this game.

Fun Factor (1/10)
Very fun to play for about two hours. An extra two hours fun if you have friends. Does that explains it?

Overall (6/10)
A decent game to play for a short time. Very hard. You should rent this one before you decide to buy it. I don't know why anyone would play this game when there is the fun-to-play game known as Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/14/01, Updated 07/14/01

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