Review by GustaveXVIII

"This game dosen't get my vote but I guess it is ok"

What I think of this game:

Ok this game is alright average controls cool moves way better then the sequal. The sequal stinks. Nice objectives and good gameplay this game is worth buying but you'll be selling it to your friend a week after you beat it. I recommend Tony Hawk 3 over this game. Still like I said before it is an ok game and good enough to buy. I bought it beat it in 5 days then sold it to my friend and made 10 dollars.

The Goods about Dave Mirra:

This is one of the only freestyle biking games so it is the best and the worst. I say it has nice graphics if you like games from ten years ago but seiously the sound fits well and the moves are cool just like the X games cant do cool combos or land tricks such as Mat Hoffman but hey you can live without it.

The Bads and Horribles and Uglys about Dave Mirra:

Sad controls, and poor replay value the objectives can be anoying and stupid if you don't have the time. Sometimes I fall asleep during the game cause their is hardly anything to do on the game accept skate. The Hidden Characters are ok but not as good as Tony Hawks * Darth Maul, Ollie *
But I guess all games arent perfect.


Gameplay: 7/10

The gameplay is ok if you have objectives but if you are just doing freeskate forget it. They have very cool moves like rocket air, Triple Backflip, And Cool jumps. I say the
gameplay is average

Graphics: 7/10

Nice graphics but sad skin tone and facial expressions. this game does not detail the background. but everything else is quite ok if it dosent bother you. It bothers me I know that.

Sound: 6/10

The sounds are ok, ok soundtrack. Alright bike sounds and grinding sounds. not much else to say, I still prefer THPS3 for it at least has voice actors. But hey this game has ok sounds.

Fun Factor 8/10

Its fun I admit it. Once you beat it the fun factor drops from eight to one though. Not much fun after you beat it. But when your playing it it can be very entertaining. I say the fun of this game is great.

Replay Value 4/10

This game stinks after you beat it not much to really do but to ride and ride and ride and jump and ride and ride and ride and jump and ride and ride and ride and huh I fell asleep.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/02/02, Updated 09/02/02

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