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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Syonyx

    Version: 0.99 | Updated: 04/08/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

             |        * I A N  L I V I N G S T O N E'S *        |
        ___     ___        _______       _______  ____           ___
        |  \   |       /\     |    |   |    |     |   )   /\    |   )
        |   )  |--    /  \    |    |___|    |     |--/   /  \   |__/
        |   )  |     /____\   |    |   |    |     |  \  /____\  |
        |__/   |___ /      \  |    |   |    |     |   \/      \ |
                 --/   \          _   _    __   __    _
                 | |    \  |  | \/ | / \- /  \ /  \ \/ |
                 | |     ) |  | |  | |  | |__/ |  | |  |
                 | |    /  |__| |  | |__| \__  \__/ |  | TM
                 |_|__ /                |
    FAQ/Walkthrough by SYONYX
    Version 0.99
    Last updated April 7, 2004.
    Version history: 0.99 mark 2 (Apr 7/04): Spaced the guide out more for greater
                                             ease of reading.
                     0.99 (Feb 1/04): Fixed a few typos and took out gameshark
                                      codes, because I decided it was stupid to
                                      include them.  You can find them elsewhere
                                      if you need them.
                     0.95 (Sept 6/03): Complete walkthrough submitted.
    1. Introduction
    2. Controls
    3. Pickups: Weapons, spells, & items
    4. Monsters
    5. Walkthrough: A) Spire
                        I. Gatehouse
                        II. Entrance
                        III. Great Engine
                        IV. Chamber of Horrors
                    B) Labyrinth
                        I. Minotaurs!
                        II. Inner Chamber
                    C) Circus of the Damned
                        I. Welcome to the Circus
                        II. Corridor of Clowns
                        III. Pavilions of Horror
                    D) Pit
                        I. Outer Temple
                        II. Bell Tower
                        III. Inner Temple
                        IV. Catacombs
                        V. The Gauntlet
                        VI. A Pair of Fiends
                    E) Belfry
                        I. Nightmare Towers
                        II. Sunken Castle
                        III. Great Keep
                    F) Sewers
                        I. The Maze
                        II. Tunnels
                        III. The Hive
                        IV. Medusae's Lair
                    G) Trench
                        I. Forward Trenches
                        II. Headquarters
                        III. Inner Tunnels
                    H) Inversion
                        I. South Tower
                        II. North Tower
                        III. West Tower
                        IV. Central Tower
                        V. Northeast Tower
                        VI. Northwest Tower
                        VII. Tower of Robots
                        VIII. Treasure Halls
                        IX. Shooting Gallery
                    I) Dragon
                        I. Bloodbeast
                        II. Hydra
                        III. Vilefor
                        IV. Melkor
    6. Codes
    7. Closing
                                   1. INTRODUCTION
         Thank you for making use of this guide to Ian Livingstone's Deathtrap
    Dungeon.  Hopefully, the walkthrough and the strategy suggestions it contains
    will help you get through the many challenging sections of what is overall quite
    a difficult adventure game.  This is, as always, a work in progress.  Please
    feel free to share additional secrets, suggestions or findings with me, or ask
    for additional help with a particular section.  Contributions to this guide will
    be fully credited.  Correspondence may be directed to syonyx_faqs at yahoo dot
    LEGAL STUFF: The author and copyright owner of this document is Marc Lalonde,
    a.k.a Syonyx.  Please feel free to make gratuitous use of this document for
    personal enjoyment, in its intended function as a game guide.  Any use of this
    document or any part thereof with the aim of making financial profit is
    expressly forbidden, as is any false claims of authorship or ownership.
                                     2. CONTROLS
    L2: Shuffle (with direction buttons)                R2: First person view (hold)
    L1: Use selected magic                              R1: Defend
            Up: Walk forward                               Triangle: Jump
    Left: Turn left    Right: Turn right      Square: Activate objects   O: Run
            Down: Walk backwards                            X: Attack/select
                  Select: Open inventory menu     Start: Open pause menu
    Jumping: Use with direction buttons to move while jumping.  Jump indicator in
             top left of screen under health skull shows length of forward jump,
             which increases while running.
    Running: Holding circle will make you run without having to press forward.
             Circle + down lets you run backwards.
    Shuffling: You can't fall off the edge of anything while shuffling.  Hold L2 and
               press left/right to sidestep.
    First-person view: Use with direction buttons to look around.  You can fire
                       distance weapons and spells targeted to center screen.
    Attacking: Use with direction buttons for varied attacks.  Varies with weapon
               type (sword or hammer).  Combos only possible with swords.
               E.G. Swords: X: Thrust.  Hold: Thrust combo.
                            X + Up: Overhead chop.  Hold: Chop combo.
                            X + L/R: Sideways slash.  Hold: Slash combo.
                            X + down: Slash behind you.
                                     3. PICKUPS
    **** MELEE WEAPONS ****
    SWORDS: These edged weapons allow you to thrust, slash and chop, and perform
    devastating combos, as well as blocking enemies' direct attacks.  Special swords
    disappear after a certain amount of use; when getting weak, the icon in the top
    right of the screen will glow red.  Power drains only with connecting blows.  If
    you miss or are blocked, it doesn't use up the swords' magic.
      1. Sword: The regular sword, also known as "old reliable" will be your best
    friend for most of the game.  You begin with this in inventory.
      2. Venom sword: Based on the principle of like-defeats-like, this poisonous
    sword is most effective against the dungeon's poisoners: Spiders, snake women (a
    must), demon priestesses, the Medusa sisters, the Bloodbeast, and also the
    Hydra.  Eventually disappears with use.
      3. Silver sword: Anathema to the undead.  Especially useful in destroying
    axethrowers, skeletons, skeleton lords, knights, red knights, armors, and Handy.
    Also, it is the only weapon that can harm ghosts, or block their attacks.
    Eventually disappears with use.
      4. Red sword: Imbued with the essence of fire, this sword is the bane of
    demons and dragons.  Essential for use against pit fiends, Agrash and Melkor.
    Rare, so save them for when you truly need them.  Eventually disappears with
      5. Black spiritsword: Found only in Vilefor's lair, this devastating weapon
    slices cleanly through the toughest hide, but drains your health as you slash
    the enemy.  This drain is moderate, so you can tolerate it easily if your health
    is high.  Eventually disappears with use.
    HAMMERS: These top-heavy mallets are unwieldy to use.  You can't perform combos,
    you swing them more slowly than swords, and there is a brief recovery period
    after a hit.  You can still block with them.  Despite these limitations, they
    pack a powerful punch, and can smash enemies to bits with few hits.
      1. Warhammer: The standard of this weapon type, it will remain in your
    inventory permanently once found.
      2. Magic warhammer: More colorful, and definitely more powerful than it's non-
    magic counterpart.  Made by dwarves, these are the only weapons that can hurt
    the Rockmen.  But since you only encounter them in one level, feel free to use
    these hammers once in a while for a devastating punch.  Eventually disappears
    with use.
    UNARMED: Since you have the sword from the start and can never lose it, what's
    the point?
    **** DISTANCE WEAPONS ****
    Ranged weapons are a vital complement to the up close and personal approach of
    the melee weapons.  These let you destroy enemies without putting yourself
    within reach of their attacks, or sometimes before they even know you're there.
    Fine-tune your aim using first-person view and the directional buttons.  You
    can't block while equipped with any of these weapons.
      1. Blunderbuss: The weakest of the ranged weapons, but still very useful,
    thanks to abundant ammo.  Fires a burst of lead shot (think ball bearings) that
    spreads out as it flies away.  Often stuns weaker enemies momentarily, allowing
    you to fire again before they recover.
      2. Bomb: A spy vs. spy staple, these hand-held explosives pack a punch.  Just
    don't get caught in the blast yourself.  Hold X when equipped to throw further.
    Bombs will bounce off walls, floors and ceilings if thrown with enough momentum.
      3. Grenade launcher: Lobs explosive shells slightly less powerful than bombs
    in an arc.  Aim high to increase distance.  Grenades explode on contact with an
    enemy, yourself, or after a short period of time once they stop moving.
      4. Infernal device: This hard to find device is essentially a medieval rocket
    launcher.  Rockets take a moment to fire once you pull the trigger, but fly
    straight and true once they do.  Use the time lag to verify your aim.  Don't get
    caught in the rockets' powerful blasts.
      5. Firethrower: Known in some circles as the flamethrower, it does just that.
    You can burn continuously by holding X, but the fuel gets used up very quickly.
    Ends up being very useful against insects and spiders.  Range is shorter than
    other distance weapons, but still effective.
      6. Flamelance: Magical rifle that fires energy bolts.  A rapid-fire effect can
    be achieved by holding X.  Each shot is powerful but small, so requires good
    NON-WEAPON: Chalk.  It isn't going to hurt anyone, but lets you mark your path
    so you can find your way later.  You have enough for a few arrows in each level.
    **** SPELLS ****
    Magic scrolls allow you to cast powerful spells to aid you in your quest.
    You'll need them.  Use first-person view and the direction buttons to fine-tune
    your aim.
      1. Firefly: Increases illumination in the area around you.  No damage effects.
      2. Starspell: Flies straight and causes minor damage.  More useful against
    ghosts than other undead creatures.
      3. Fireball: The most common and most reliable spell.  Ball of flame flies
    straight until it hits a target or a wall.  Made of red magic, it is especially
    useful against dragons, demons and pit fiends.  Great for getting out of a fix
    where more enemies are piling up on you than you can handle with just a melee
      4. Razorspell: Shoots a small burst of razor-sharp blades in a straight line.
    Will slice and dice most enemies instantly.  Because it disperses as it flies,
    can sometimes hit more than one enemy at a time.  Useful when confronted by
    multiple enemies at once.
      5. Jetspell: Shoots a rapidly-spreading burst of rocks than explode on
      6. Great razorspell: Fires a cloud that will float ahead a short distance,
    then stay stationary and cut up anything that gets too close.  If placed well,
    can take out large numbers of enemies while you sit back and laugh.
      7. Arc of power: Can instantly electrocute up to 3 enemies, if they're not
    overly powerful.  Spell effect is more or less straight out from your line of
      8. War pigs: This spell launches pigs equipped with explosives that will blow
    up anyone they run into.  Bounces off walls and other surfaces.  Just don't get
    caught in the blast yourself.
    **** ITEMS ****
    MAGICAL ITEMS: These are added to your inventory to be used at your discretion,
    with the exception of the Ankh of vitality, which takes effect immediately.  You
    can only hold 5 of most of them, so don't hoard them unnecessarily.  If you run
    into one that you can't pick up because your inventory is full, use one of that
    item to gain the advantage of its effect without a loss of your stock.
      1. Health potion: Each one adds 15 to your health.  If your health is 85 or
    less when you pick one up, it will be used automatically.  They will be your
    savior in times of need, which will be frequently.  Can be used even in the
    middle of fighting.
      2. Antidote: Cures poisoned status.  If the enemy that poisoned you is still
    alive, wait until you kill them to use it, in case they just poison you again.
    Limit of 5 at one time.
      3. Strength potion: Imbues you with superhuman strength for a brief time.  In
    that time, a good hit will completely splatter most of your enemies.  A red glow
    around your body appears while the effect lasts.  Limit of 5 at one time.
      4. Speed potion: Increase your running speed only, for a fairly long time.
    The difference isn't huge, but it's enough so that you can outrun those nasty
    fast enemies, like mutant rats and mechanical scorpions.  Your feet will glow
    when you move while the effect lasts.  Limit of 5 at one time.
      5. Charm of icy cool: Makes you immune to the ravages of fire for a short
    time.  A must for dealing with firebreathers, fire-throwing demons,
    flamethrower-equipped mechanical fiends, and flame and fireball deathtraps.  You
    will be surrounded by a glittering icy aura while the effect lasts.  Limit of 5
    at one time.
      6. Warding: Once used, will reduce the damage you receive from enemy attacks
    and traps, but not falls.  The duration of the effect is determined by the
    amount of damage you take, not time, so feel free to use it early before you get
    into trouble.  Limit of 5 at one time.
      7. Anti-magic charm: Look like lightning bolts with eyes on top.  Once
    activated, make you immune to enemy magic (which takes the form of those energy
    beams with balls of energy moving along them) for a short time.  Use when faced
    with demon priestesses, Ugluk, the Bloodbeast or dragons, and especially the
    last medusa.  Limit of 5 at one time.
      8. Invisibility charm: Extremely rare, these render you undetectable to the
    denizens of the dungeon for a short time.  Use only in the most dangerous
      9. Ankh of vitality: Adds 100 to your current health, even if this takes you
    above the normal limit of 100.  Multiple ankhs can raise your health to
    astronomical levels.  The effect is instantaneous.
      1. Keys: Red, silver and gold, these must be located to open certain doors and
    operate some switches and lifts.
      2. Coins: Their only use is accessing red save points, which cost 5 coins to
      3. Crowns: Worth 3 coins each.
      4. Ammo: Blunderbuss shot, grenade shot, rocket launcher ammo (for infernal
    device), and flamethrower ammo.  Essential for use of distance weapons.
                                     4. MONSTERS
    In order of first appearance:
    1. IMPS: Nasty little blue buggers in red caps.  Like to moon you between
    stabbing sessions.  Will fall over when not dead yet.  Slash them from overhead
    while they're still down.  Attack: Close and distance.
    2. ORCS: Big, green, and easy.  They tend to run right past you in their
    enthusiasm.  Attack: Close.
    3. SPIDERS: Spit poisonous venom from afar.  Easy to hack away at once you get
    close.  Once they're dead, be sure to chop off their legs and abdomen, just for
    fun.  Attacks: Close and distance (poisoning).
    4. FLAME WALKERS: Wind-up toys with built-in flamethrowers.  Keep your distance
    both before and after they're dead; once down, they self-destruct.  Mostly only
    harmed by blunt attacks.  Attack: Mid-range.
    5. WARRIOR PRIESTESSES: Brunettes in red leather with acrobatic double-sword
    action.  Throw daggers from afar.  Go down with a couple good slashes.  Attacks:
    Close and distance.
    6. AMAZONS: Red leather and mohawks.  If you have the time, block until they get
    bored and check their nails, then hack away.  Attacks: Close and distance.
    7. SNAKE WOMEN: Half reptile, half green-blooded woman, all pain.  Swing their
    maces and lunge from a short distance.  Get close enough, block, and slash.
    Weak to venom swords.  Attacks: Close.
    8. MINOTAURS: Can be bull-headed at times.  Block their poleaxe attacks, then
    kill with a thrust combo.  Attacks: Close.
    9. ALCHEMISTS: Evil, aproned inventors.  Cowardly run away and throw grenades;
    keep away from these until they explode.  Will self-destruct when fallen.
    Attacks: Mid-range.
    10. JESTERS: Insane hyperactive clowns with knives.  Are they men or women?
    Fall easily enough.  Attacks: Close.
    11. HELL CLOWNS: Like jesters, but in puffy pink outfits.  Attacks: Close.
    12. DEATH JUGGLERS: Another variation, in black and white checkers.  Attacks:
    13. DEMON PRIESTESSES: Armed with sword and staff, a nasty adversary.  Keep
    moving to dodge her spells.  Weak to venom swords.  Attacks: Close (poisoning)
    and distance (magic).
    14. AXETHROWERS: Mean, green, lean.  These ghouls throw an unlimited supply of
    axes (where do they keep them?) until you get close, then try to chop you down
    with the same.  Can take quite a beating to kill, unless you use a silver sword,
    or razorspells.  Attacks: Close and distance.
    15. PIT FIENDS: You may think they're T-rexes, but you'd be wrong.  They just
    happen to be virtually identical.  Big and terribly strong, you don't want to
    let one get close.  Attacks: Close (but they're so big, close for them is still
    a decent distance).
    16. ABYSS DEMONS: Four-armed green-grey demon, attack with sword and shield,
    sometimes by literally jumping into the fray.  Weak to silver swords.  Attacks:
    17. SKELETONS: These Ray Harryhausen rejects are easy enough in small numbers.
    Weak against silver swords.  Hammers work well too, and let you watch them smash
    apart.  Attacks: Close.
    18. SKELETON LORDS: Same as skeletons but wearing assorted bits of armor.  Also
    weak to silver swords.  Attacks: Close.
    19. GHOSTS: As intangible as they should be, though their ghostly sickles can
    make contact with you well enough.  A silver sword will put these souls to rest,
    and is also the only weapon that can block their attacks.  Attacks: Close.
    20. AGRASH, DEMON NECROMANCER OF THE ABYSS: This red devil can teleport where he
    wants, operate lifts, spit fireballs, and also spit a stream of fire when close.
    Weak against red swords.  Attacks: Mid-range and distance.
    21. KNIGHTS: Revived bodies of fallen soldiers in a long-forgotten war.  Being
    undead, they fall easily to silver swords, but are easy to kill with
    conventional weapons also.  Can shoot their crossbows from afar, but are usually
    too busy running toward you at top speed to bother.  Attacks: Close and
    22. ARMORS: With sword and shield, these undead creatures are found with
    knights, and are similarly vulnerable to silver swords.  Attacks: Close.
    23. RED KNIGHT: Tougher, red-armored version of the knight, without the
    crossbow, but with knives instead.  Attacks: Close and distance.
    24. HANDY, THE GIANT HAND: I guess that some necromancer's magic was only strong
    enough to revive the hand of the dead giant.  Crawls on it's fingers, and falls
    easily to a silver sword.  Attacks: Close.
    25. ORC SERGEANTS: They're bigger and meaner, equipped with armor and bigger
    swords, but thankfully aren't any smarter than your regular orc, as evidenced by
    their tendency to stop fighting and scratch their butts periodically.  Attacks:
    26. ORC CROSSBOWMEN: These orcs, the runts of the litter, try to compensate for
    their stature by becoming sniper troops.  They'll almost never move from their
    positions, so find a way to get them without getting stuck with too many bolts.
    Up close, they can still whack you with their crossbows for good measure.
    Attacks: Close and distance.
    27. MANTIS DRONES: Newly hatched, sexless red insects.  Their scissor arms pose
    little threat.  Attacks: Close.
    28. MANTIS WARRIORS: More favored by the queen than their drone brethren, these
    pale yellow bugs are bigger and deadlier.  They still squish nicely under a
    hammer strike, however.  Attacks: Close.
    29. POISON FLIES: Annoying little buggers, you can hear them from a little ways
    off.  If their path is unimpeded, they will swoop in quickly to bite you.  Can
    hang out on ceilings for extra annoyance.  Small, but their poison sting can be
    a real nuisance.  Attacks: Close (poison).
    30. INSECT QUEEN: Large and in charge.  An integral part of the hive, she cannot
    move from her post in the bottom of the insect lair, but this doesn't stop her
    from barraging you with an endless supply of stingers.  Tough to kill, and even
    tougher to love.  Attacks: Close and distance.
    31. MEDUSA SISTERS: Despite their ample cleavage, they ain't pretty.  The
    youngest is a vision is green scales and hair, armed with a sword.  The next is
    bald and real ugly, and tries to hack you with an axe.  Both of these two will
    poison you with their attacks.  The last, the only true medusa, can turn you to
    stone by looking at you, but her magic moves slowly.  Unfortunately, it also
    follows you when you move (you did look at her, right?)  With this ability, she
    doesn't need a weapon.  Attacks: Close (poison) or distance (magic).
    32.  UGLUK STORMFART: Short, levitating shaman and leader to the orc troops in
    the sewers.  Throws frequent bolts of magic at you from a distance, and up close
    will poison you with his shaman staff.  Plus, he can teleport, leaving you
    vulnerable when he reappears across the room.  Tough to kill with conventional
    weapons, though not nearly as much as some later foes.  Attacks: Close (poison)
    and distance (magic).
    33. RAT SOLDIERS: Ratmen with swords.  There isn't much else to say.  Attacks:
    34. RAT MUSKETEERS: Their weapons are pretty much the same as your blunderbuss.
    Hard to dodge, as the width of the shot increases once it leaves the barrel.
    Can also whack you with their guns when you get too close.  Attacks: Close and
    35. RAT OGRES: Combining the worst of each race, these steroidal hybrids walk
    softly on turkey legs and carry a big stick.  Attacks: Close.
    36. SKABULUS, KING OF THE RATMEN: A.k.a. rat ogre rex, this guy takes a lot more
    work to kill than his subjects.  Attacks: Close.
    37. ROCKMEN: These stone-bodied warriors can curl into boulders and roll around
    at high speeds, unfolding in front of you to wallop you good.  Invulnerable to
    all weapons but the magic warhammer.  Attacks: Close.
    38. AUTOMATA: Giant robots made of wood and metal.  Mindless but deadly.
    Standard equipment includes a flamethrower and a scissor hand.  Built to last,
    hard to kill.  Explosives are your best bet.  Attacks: Close and mid-range.
    39. MECHANICAL SCORPIONS: Steam and magic-driven contraptions of wood and steel,
    these smaller cousins to the hulking automata carry no flamethrowers, but they
    move very fast (faster than you, without a speed potion) and often trap you
    between their claws for some serious stinging with their tails.  A couple
    grenades should take care of these beasts, as long as you can get back far
    enough so it doesn't go sailing over them.  Attacks: Close.
    40. BLOODBEAST: This monstrosity graced the cover of the original Deathtrap
    Dungeon Adventure Gamebook, and is true to form in this incarnation.
    Indestructible except for his true eye, which is conveniently located behind all
    of his false eyes in the middle of his head.  Uses magic, spits poison, and has
    a nasty poison bite.  Weak to the venom sword, though again only in his true
    eye.  Attacks: Close (poison) and distance (poison and magic).
    41. HYDRA: Three-headed dragon poses a triple threat: each head can bite you,
    spit fireballs from afar, or shoot a stream of fire to roast you.  On the plus
    side, if you get close enough he can't touch you.  Stay up in his belly and hack
    away at him where he can't hurt you.  Weak to venom swords.  Attacks: Close,
    mid-range and distance.
    42. VILEFOR: Purple younger brother of Melkor, this flying menace hosts an
    arsenal of attacks.  First, he spits spiky mines that float towards you and
    explode on contact, or after a short delay.  Next, he spits a stream of fire,
    and also magic when close enough.  Finally, he has a nasty bite and isn't afraid
    to use it.  His hide is also quite tough.  Use the black spiritsword to pierce
    it.  Attacks: Close, mid-range and distance.
    43. MELKOR, THE RED DRAGON: The head dragon and final denizen of the dungeon.
    Evil to the bone, you must defeat him to earn your freedom.  Boasts a similar
    arsenal to Vilefor, he spits mines, breathes fire, throws rapid fireballs, and
    chomps you good given the chance.  Try to get him to come to the ground and chop
    away at him.  Weak to red swords, which are highly recommended in this case.
    Attacks: Close, mid-range and distance.
                                   5. WALKTHROUGH
    !! A) SPIRE !!
    I. Gatehouse                                                 Walkthrough Spire I
    Kills: 0/0
    Secrets: 0/0
    Pickups: 6/6; 3 Razorspell, 3 Fireball
    Advance through the doors into the gatehouse.  Keep advancing between the
    fireballs to the end, then climb up the wall on your right to get 3 razorspells.
    On the ledge, run to the other end and pull the lever on the wall.  Now, to jump
    to the other side, run lengthwise along the ledge, then turn and jump across the
    gap while you still have momentum.  Use the teleporter to get 1 fireball, then
    get 2 more at the other end of the ledge.  Jump back across and walk down the
    steps you came up.  Pull the lever by the doors.  Now does the floor look
    suspicious?  Walk backwards across the stones, and as soon as you hear the door
    start to close, run back towards it.  You'll still fall, but not as far, so you
    won't take damage.
    II. Entrance                                                Walkthrough Spire II
    Kills: 23/24 ; 12 Orcs, 9 Imps, 2 Spiders
    Secrets: 2/2
    Pickups: 24/24; Silver key, 9 Health potion, 2 Fireball, Razorspell, War Pig,
                    Arc of power, Flamelance, Bomb shot, 3 Coin, 4 Antidote.
    Open the gate and face 3 orcs.  Draw them back into the archway to keep them one
    at a time.  The 3rd will yield the silver key.  Climb the wall by the right door
    to get a razorspell.
    RIGHT SILVER DOOR: Activate the lift, then face 2 imps up top.  In one corner, a
    square lift is on the ground by a lever.  Activate the lift, then do 2 small
    run-jumps to the platform with the lever.  Pull it, then get the 2 fireballs
    that arrive.  Go back to the ground and climb the series of ledges along the
    wall on the opposite side.  Kill the 2 imps, then enter the room and pull the
    lever to kill the orc and get the lift.  Take the lift down, and enter the
    hallway.  Once you turn the corner, stay along the left wall.  Kill the orc and
    get the health potion.  Pull the series of switches, then obey the chalk arrow.
    Pull the lever and get the potions, then follow the arrow again to get back to
    the lift, but watch out for the orc.  Take the lift back up.  Face 2 more orcs
    and get the health potions.
    LEFT SILVER DOOR: Get the war pig from the ledge by the other silver door, then
    enter it.  Kill the 2 imps to open the gate, then progress.  Kill the orc on
    either side.  In the alcove, see the nozzles on the wall?  Don't pull that
    lever.  Pull the one on the rear wall instead to open another alcove, then pull
    the lever in there.  Take the lift it activated.  Get the arc of power on the
    other side, and pull the lever, then return to the middle room and pull the main
    SPIDER'S LAIR: [SECRET 1] Enter the secret room behind the column that moves and
    get the flamelance, then turn to face the imp.  The rear wall will rise to
    reveal a lever.  Pull it to raise the portcullis in the rear of the area behind
    the first silver door, and reveal 2 more imps.  [SECRET 2] Open the chest for a
    bunch of stuff.  Now climb the column blocks to the top and get the antidote.
    When you approach the lift at the other end of the room, 2 spiders will drop
    down.  Run around avoiding their venom spit until one kills the other, then move
    in and slash away.  Activate the lift and walk between the platforms when they
    connect.  From the one with 1 antidote, you can drop to the one with a health
    potion if you time it well, then drop back again.  Ride the lifts to the exit
    and kill the last orcs.  Sigh, and this is only the first level.
    III. Great Engine                                          Walkthrough Spire III
    Kills: 3/3; Flame Walker, 2 Imps
    Secrets: 2/2
    Pickups: 11/11; 5 Bomb, 3 Fireballs, Health potion, Coin, Venom sword.
    Cross to the opposite side of the room and enter the middle column through the
    portcullis.  Take the lift, and get off it right away once you reach the top, as
    you see the temperature gauge on the wall rise.  Take the other lift across the
    gap.  Get the 3 bombs and kill the walker, then take the left corridor.  Take
    the lift down and drop to the floor, then pull 2 levers behind the rear
    structure.  Now climb the blocks across to the rear structure and pull the lever
    to get the venom sword.  [SECRET 1] On the way back across the blocks, notice
    that the last one rises as you walk on it.  Go down to the ground, and
    underneath this block is a secret area with 3 fireballs.  Now, climb back up and
    continue to the save point and beyond.  [SECRET 2] Take the lift on the right to
    a secret area and open the chest.  Go back down and take the other lift.  Use
    the levers to kill the seesaw imps.  Exit.
    IV. Chamber of Horrors                                      Walkthrough Spire IV
    Kills: 22/22; 11 Warrior Priestesses, 5 Amazons, 6 Snake Women.
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 10/10; Strength, Warhammer, 3 Razorspell, 2 Fireball, 3 Health potion.
    Enter the door and run past the first pendulum and stop.  The amazon will likely
    stop and get hit by the second pendulum.  Drop to the lower level on either side
    and kill the 3 warrior priestesses.  Take either door back up and advance past
    the pendulums to the next room.  Wait for a snake woman to appear, and stand
    blocking on the opposite side of a smasher, so that she enters the smashing
    space, then hold block and laugh as she gets creamed.  Repeat until the door
    opens.  In the next room, go left and pull the lever.  [SECRET 1] Drop into the
    space under the lift and get the strength potion.  Pull the lever again and take
    the lift up.  Advance room by room and take out the enemies.  In the last room
    pull the lever and return to the lift.  In the blue room (the presbytery), kill
    the warrior priestesses and open the 2 chests.  Trigger the blue wall and turn
    around quickly to block the girl.  Enter the new corridor and activate the
    switch.  The exit is now open.  Get the potions and pull the switch.
    !! B) LABYRINTH !!	
    I. Minotaurs!                                            Walkthrough Labyrinth I
    Kills: 33/39; 16 Imps, 17 Minotaurs.
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 24/29; Warding, 11 Health potion, 3 Bomb shot, 2 Razorspell, Rocket,
                    Blunderbuss shot, Flamethrower ammo, Gold key, Strength potion.
    From the main room,
    RIGHT PASSAGE: Activate the door than run back out of the entrance until it
    opens.  Each door you open will reveal 2 imps.  The first door only opens after
    you turn the wheel inside the portcullis.  The end of the hall harbors a chest.
    Leave and cross the main room to the other side, where the fire spout is now
    LEFT PASSSAGE: Open the door.  Open the first door with the first switch, kill
    the minotaur, and pull the switch inside.  This reveals a rocket in the back of
    the passage.  Now pull the other switch, kill the minotaur, and get the bomb.
    Now, across from the switches, drop into the pit and kill the minotaur.  Open
    the chest and pull the switch on the back of the rear column.  The switch by
    where you fell in teleports you out.
    SECOND LEVEL: You can now climb up to the second level and find a health potion.
    On this level, the corners have crumbling floors; jump across them.  Go left
    after climbing up and jump straight across the crumbling floor, then up the
    ledge on your left and pull the trigger.  This opens a space behind the
    crumbling floor you just crossed, with some shot and an imp.  You can throw a
    bomb into the space to kill him.  In the opposite corner from where you climb up
    is a door you need to open.    When you trigger the door, 2 imps appear behind
    you.  When you kill them, the door opens and 3 more imps come out.  (Right about
    now, the chimes might have expired, revealing more minotaurs.  There are 6 on
    the bottom floor, originating in the passages.  They might not all appear at
    once).  If the chimes have expired, 2 minotaurs will be inside the door.  Ride
    the lift up.
    THIRD & FOURTH LEVELS: Get the 2 health potions.  At the next lift, go right,
    and take the lift by the start of the catwalk.  Follow the path and pull the
    gold switch.  An imp will appear on the way back.  Go back down and
    cross the catwalk, and take the lift on the other side.  [SECRET 1] Leave the
    lift and trigger the wall on your right to reveal a magic warhammer.  Go down
    the hole and come back up here.  Cross the small bridge that moved to the other
    gold switch.  Use it, and take the bridge to the blunderbuss.  When you come
    back from the bridge a wall will have opened by the switch.  Take the path to
    the lift, then past it.  Get the health potions; 2 imps will appear behind you
    as you do.  Take the lift back down.  Now go to the opposite corner.  As you
    approach, a door will open and let a minotaur out.  Kill him and two more
    appear, along with flamethrower ammo.  Now open the opposite door.  An imp
    appears and runs away; don't follow him past the next door, or you fall to your
    death.  instead, enter the right alcove and trigger the wall, climb up and hit
    the switch.  This will lock the floor between the walls and give you a save
    point.  Now go kill the imp and pull the far switch.  Now go to the catwalk and
    jump to the floor that appeared.  Get the gold key and kill the 2 minotaurs.
    Trigger the wall across from the new floor, get the treasure and pull the
    switch.  This gives you 3 more minotaurs when you return to the corner on this
    floor with the gold door.  Open it and exit.
    II. Inner Chamber                                       Walkthrough Labyrinth II
    Kills: 24/26; 16 Imps, 2 Minotaurs, 4 Flame walkers, 2 Chaos Alchemists
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 41/43; 13 Health potion, 6 Blunderbuss shot, Gold key, Silver sword,
                    4 Coin, 2 Fireball, 2 Bomb, Charm of Icy Cool, Red key,
                    Razorspell, Greater razorspell, 2 Crown, Silver key, 2 Warding,
                    2 Flamethrower ammo, 2 Arc of Power
    ENTRANCE: Advance and kill the imp, then open the chests.  The right door opens
    first, giving you 2 imps and a switch, which opens the left door and 2 more imps
    appear.  The left switch opens the last door to give you the gold key.  Get it
    and open the gold door, then the next gold door, and kill the minotaur.  Now,
    avoid the crumbling floor and go right, climb and hit the switch, then straight
    across to another switch.  Now go forward more and kill the imp, then pull the
    switch on the right to start the moving floors.  You have to jump across the
    floors on the left side to the end to pull the switch that will stop the
    ACROSS THE BRIDGE: Once you're across the bridge, a minotaur will be on the
    right.  To the right, once you advance enough, the side panels will open and let
    imps out, but also reveal treasure.  At the end, the switch opens a wall near
    where you crossed the bridge, with a save point.  Before entering, take the left
    pathway to the treasure chests.  Open the right chest first and turn the wheel
    to turn off the firespout.  Down the longer corridor with the switch on a ledge,
    hit the switch then run across the floor, which will collapse.  Now walk to the
    hole and look down to see treasure on ledges.  Jump from ledge to ledge to
    collect it.  Open the first door and kill the imps behind you.  Pull the switch
    to lift the gate.  Get the treasure and teleport.  Return to where you were, but
    watch out, as the rockets are now firing again.   Now take the lift to the
    FIRST ALCHEMIST: Wait for the wall to open, but hide until the arrows are done
    shooting.  In the right passage, open the wall and kill the flamethrower
    knackerer and pull the switch.  In the back of the dark area in the rear of this
    passage is a moving wall with a greater razorspell behind it.  In the left
    passage, open the first wall for another knackerer and switch.  The next wall
    reveals a treasure room.  When you enter, the other wall to the left will open
    and reveal an alchemist.  Kill him for a bomb and get the treasure.
    SECOND ALCHEMIST: Advance halfway across the bridge.  Two walls will open and
    reveal more knackerers.  Kill them with distance weapons or spells.  Take the
    right branch and open the doors to get access to where the knackerer was.  Pull
    the switch to turn off one flamespout blocking the central door.  Now take the
    left branch and repeat.  [SECRET 1] Since you have the red key, enter the red
    door and get the treasure.  Now take the center door.  Open the silver door and
    the alchemist will come out on your left.  Kill him for another bomb.  Take the
    lift to exit.
    I. Welcome to the Circus                                    Walkthrough Circus I
    Kills: 21/21; 8 Snake women, 8 Jesters, 5 Hell Clowns
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 23/23; 4 Fireball, 8 Health potion, 3 Firefly, 2 Starspell, Red key, 2
                    Warding, Speed potion.
    Make a chalk mark where you start to orient yourself.  Turn right, and pull the
    right lever.  Enter the room it opens.  Once you reach the venom sword, one of
    the snake women will be freed.  Kill her to free the other, and kill her too.
    You can now open the last gate and get the treasure.  Now return to the save
    point and open the gate.  2 Jesters will come toward you, but won't cross the
    threshold.  Kill them, but don't enter further here.  Instead, open the wooden
    door and enter there.  In the center, put a chalk mark to orient yourself again.
    Go to the skeleton on your right and jump down there.  Pull the switch, get the
    potions, then teleport.  Now return to where you killed the jesters and advance,
    opening the first gate but not the others.  [SECRET 1] Go left twice and jump
    before the imps-in-boots get you (they're indestructible).  If you miss the
    treasure, try again.  Now take the left path (the only door that will open) and
    enter.  2 jesters will come from either side of you in the tunnel.  Continue to
    the snake women's lair.  Kill the first pair, then open the far door for
    another, and then a side wall will open with another, then the opposite side
    with two more.  Continue in this new passage, and pull the switch by the left
    mural.  Take the left door and open the second door.  Continue to the jack-in-
    the-box, which opens to give you the red key.  Continue back through the
    remaining doors, and go back to the crossroads.  Take the road opposite the
    entrance to the crossroads.  Open the door and quickly trigger the box so it'll
    blow up the enemies.  Follow the path, kill the baddies, open the left box and
    back away until the other one blows up.  When you come to a crossroad, 2 snake
    women come from one side, but can't cross the threshold.  It's fun to throw a
    couple bombs and watch them fly apart.  Kill the last 2 clowns before opening
    the door behind the snake women.
    II. Corridor of Clowns                                     Walkthrough Circus II
    Kills: 21/21; 19 Hell clowns, 2 Demon priestesses.
    Secrets: 4/4
    Pickups: 35/35; 3 Coin, Blunderbuss shot, 2 Antidote, 16 Health potion, 5
                    Fireball, Bomb, Gold key, 2 Arc of Power, 3 Razorspell,
    Follow the pathway to the save point and beyond.
    RIGHT PATH:  Pull the trigger to open the gate, then enter the knackerer's room.
    Run in, pull the lever, then run backwards out of range.  The right gate opened;
    enter it quickly.  Follow the path.  Use the side alcoves to avoid the
    knackerer.  Only the second box on the side is treasure, the others are bombs.
    Collect the goods then go back out via the switch by the first bomb box.
    LEFT PATH: Kill the clowns, advancing slowly.  Go through the door.  You see a
    clown far away, but when you approach him you'll be attacked from the sides as
    well.  One side alcove is deeper than the others.  Enter it and the far wall
    opens to reveal a knackerer.  Run away, then when it is in the opposite alcove,
    pull the switch on the wall to close it in.  Turn the wheel behind where the
    knackerer was to open the gate to the save point.  Go left and kill the clowns.
    [SECRET 1] Across from the entrance to this area, open the wall to reveal a
    treasure box. [SECRET 2]  So will the other wall in front of the other skeleton.
    Follow the path to cross the quad of doors you passed through earlier, but from
    the sides now.  Continue on, kill the clowns, and then approach the big door,
    behind which is a demon priestess.  Kill her to get the gold key.  Pull the left
    switch for another priestess behind you.  [SECRETS 3 & 4] The left and right
    switches also each open two walls.  The ones outside the big doors are secret
    areas.  Enter the gold door and kill the clowns.
    III. Pavilions of Horror                                  Walkthrough Circus III
    Kills: 36/37; 9 Axethrowers, 16 Snake women, 10 Death jugglers, Pit fiend.
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 45/45; 14 Health potion, Arc of power, 2 Jetspell, 9 Fireball, Red key,
                    2 Venom sword, 3 Firefly, Starspell, Blunderbuss,
                    3 Blunderbuss shot, Ankh of Vitality, 3 Bomb, 2 War pig,
                    2 Warding.
    First, go left from the save point and take the lift to face 2 axethrowers (I
    suggest using a warding).  Take the other lift up and fall through the hole to
    collect the goodies.
    SERPENT TEMPLE:  Go right from the save point to enter the serpent temple.
    Circle around the center and open the dark wall in the back, past the wooden
    door and portcullis.  Take that path to another dark wall, which opens to give
    you the red key.  Continue upward and drop into the space at the end to get the
    venom sword.  Turn right and run out.  Draw the snake women into the tunnel you
    were just in to avoid getting surrounded.  Pull the lever on the back wall to
    open the portcullis to get the treasure.  DO NOT go through the wooden door.  If
    you try to open the box in there, you will die.  [SECRET 1] The recessed wall to
    the left of the entrance reveals treasures.  The others reveal more snake women.
    CLOWN CAR PAVILION: With the red key, take the lift in front of the save point.
    Enter the door and get the treasure at the end of the hall, then enter the side
    door.  A car will drive out and unleash a long barrage of death jugglers.  After
    a moment, an axethrower will appear on the far platform.  If you get jugglers
    between you and him, his axes will kill them.  When you kill him, another
    appears on the other side.  Razorspells are useful here.  Once everyone's dead,
    the gate to the next pavilion will open.
    SERPENT PAVILION: First, get the treasure to the right.  The Ankh will be
    especially useful, as will the venom sword.  The next pavilion gives you a few
    snake women, that's all.  Leave, get the treasure and save.
    AXETHROWER PAVILION: Like the name says, that's what you get.  Try to draw some
    to the entrance without the door closing behind you.  Otherwise, run around
    avoiding the axes and kill them when you can.  They'll take axes in the back if
    you're positioned right.  Leave and get the health potions.
    JURASSIC PAVILION: Aargh!  Get the warding and run back into the last pavilion.
    He'll get mostly stuck in the doorway, and you can peg him with fireballs.  Hit
    him with physical weapons and he'll likely break loose and come for you.  Once
    he's dead, it's over.
    !!  D) PIT  !!
    I. Outer temple                                                Walkthrough Pit I
    Kills: 30/30; 18 Warrior priestesses, 8 Amazons, Demon priestess, Abyss demon.
    Secrets: 3/3
    Pickups: 23/23; 3 Coin, Rocket, 2 Antidote, 5 Health potion, Strength potion,
                    Fireball, Ankh of vitality, Venom sword, Blunderbuss,
                    3 Blunderbuss shot, 2 Starspell, Warhammer, Flamelance.
    TEMPLE ENTRANCE: Enter and face the warrior priestesses.  Get the coin on the
    shelf on the left.  [Secret 1] On the right, in a darkened area, a wall opens to
    reveal a couple treasures.  On the far wall, there are 2 health and 1 strength
    potions.  Enter the silver door and kill another warrior priestess.  Go down
    either side and kill the amazons, then enter to face the demon priestess.  When
    you do, 2 more warrior priestesses appear.  Draw them into a hallway, dispatch,
    and go back for the demon priestess.  The barrels explode when hit.  Try a
    blunderbuss to use this to your advantage. [SECRET 2] Examine the ark at the top
    of the room to lower a secret lift.  Take it to the ankh.  [SECRET 3] The right
    wall beside the ankh opens up to give you a venom sword.
    FURTHER IN: To the left after entering the door is a darkened wall, which opens
    to reveal a blunderbuss.  Use it to blow up the barrels beside it, then pull the
    lever they were hiding.  Now you can use the save point if you wish.  If you
    don't pull the trigger, then approaching the save point activates a trap.  Now,
    either side of the center room hides an amazon.  Kill them then enter the left
    door for an amazon and a warrior priestess.  Opening the opposite door also
    raises the wall behind it for another warrior priestess and treasure.  In the
    next room, kill the women and go to the back room.  Get the treasure on the side
    alcoves, including behind the statue.  Ride the octagonal floor down, advance
    and face a lot of baddies, including the Agrash warrior.  As soon as they
    appear, run back to the lift, and the wall beside it will be open for a
    blunderbuss shot.  Pull the switch at the rear to activate the lift in the last
    area.  Ride that lift to exit.
    II. Bell Tower                                                Walkthrough Pit II
    Kills: 36/37; 16 Warrior priestesses, 15 Amazons, Abyss demon, 2 Skeleton,
                  Skeleton lord, Demon priestess.
    Secrets: 3/3
    Pickups: 41/43; 9 Health potion, 4 Fireball, Warding, 3 Anti-magic charm,
                    Venom sword, 3 Fireball, 4 Razorspell, Ankh of Vitality, 2 Coin,
                    Silver sword, Red key, 2 Crown, Strength, Bomb, Gold key.
    FIRST BELL: Advance and take the open lift.  Go right and kill the enemies, take
    the alcove to the right and turn the wheel to open the wall behind you, then
    enter the far passage where there seems to be a lift, and pull the switch to
    open the other door by the lift you came down.  Enter, kill some more, open the
    chest on the right for a potion and the coffin beside it for a warding.  Cross
    to the other side for more killing (one amazon is on the ledge above the
    archways).  Open the wall on the left for 3 anti-magic charms.  Climb up and
    ring the first bell (using the action button), pull the lever, and kill the
    abyss demon.
    SECOND BELL: Take the lift back up and go through the now-unlocked door.  Go
    down slowly.  The wall at the bottom of the slope will open and release 2
    warrior women.  The wall at the next corner opens to reveal a lever.  Pull it.
    Continue down.  Go straight and climb up on the left for 3 coins.  [SECRET 1]
    Take the other open pathway and climb up on the left for a save point.  Open the
    door with the blue rim.  When the warrior priestesses appear, move to the side
    of the doorway so they can't hit you with knives, and wait for them to move in.
    Enter to get the rest.  When they're gone, the last alcove on the right will
    reveal treasure, but entering it releases more queens from the next alcove.
    [SECRET 2] Behind the treasure is a moveable wall with an ankh.  In the first
    alcove on the right is a lever that opens the silver door by the secret save
    point.  The door opposite the save point reveals 2 potions and a coin.  Through
    the silver door, the door on the left has 3 warrior priestesses and some
    treasure.  The far door leads to another pathway with more of the same.  Follow
    it around the corner and open the wall on the left for a silver sword.  Keep
    going and pull the lever, then return and go through the portcullis it opened.
    Continue and face some skeletons, then pull the bell and summon the demon
    priestess.  This also opens the wall to the first bell.
    DEMON PRIESTESS SHOWDOWN: Remember, she can only be harmed by direct physical
    attacks.  She's in the room where all the warrior priestesses appeared.  Killing
    her yields the red key.  Go through the opened wall to the first large room with
    the red portcullis.  Take the path to the top, and jump across the lifts.  The
    eternally moving lift brings you to a wall that opens to reveal treasure.  On
    the opposite end, do a long running jump to the other side of the other room.
    Turn the wheel before pulling the switch.  A running jump from the back of the
    key room will get you back across the gap.  Pull the switch to open the wall
    back to the start.  Enter the gold door to exit.
    III. Inner Temple                                            Walkthrough Pit III
    Kills: 33/33; 8 Demon priestess, 6 Warrior priestesses, 7 Axethrowers,
                  12 Skeletons.
    Secrets: 2/2
    Pickups: 36/38; Strength, Bomb, 2 Warding, Blunderbuss, 3 Blunderbuss shot,
                    7 Health potion, 8 Antidote, 3 Silver sword, Coin, Gold key,
                    Ankh of vitality, Jetspell, Fireball, Flamelance, 3 Crown,
                    Magic warhammer.
    Advance to the next door and a demon priestess will appear on your right.
    MAIN ROOM: In the next room, warrior priestesses appear.  Kill them and collect
    the treasures.  On the right, ride the silver block up and jump to the
    blunderbuss.  On the left, take the tunnel down, and open the wall opposite the
    entrance.  Pull the lever before opening the chest.  Notice all the dead who
    failed to do the same.  Repeat in the right tunnel, except you pull another
    lever instead of opening a chest.  Outside the tunnel, another lever has
    appeared that opens the curtain beside it, letting in 2 axethrowers.  Dispatch
    them and skeletons appear.  Lots of them.  When you get just one enemy at a
    time, save your silver sword.  Kill them all and the gold key appears.  [SECRET
    1] Now, the floor by the silver block will lower, revealing a secret area.
    THROUGH THE CURTAINS: Use the gold key on the lift and save if you like.  Pull
    the lever to open the axethrowers' passage further, revealing more of them, and
    2 demon priestesses.  At the end of this passage is a tunnel.  Enter it, get the
    silver sword, and exit it quickly, to avoid the trap.  Go back in and open the
    side wall to reveal a save point.  Back by the entrance is another tunnel with a
    silvery floor.  Enter it slowly to avoid the trap.  Pull the lever at the end
    then exit to the main room, where another curtain has opened.  Enter and take
    the tunnel, get the treasure, and ride the center lift down.  [SECRET 2] Stay on
    the right side and advance.  Get the treasure.  Back at the lift, trigger the
    side wall.  Now, go to the end of the passage behind the first curtain again and
    down the tunnel, where a new room will be found.  You think you can sneak up on
    the skeleton, but when you try another appears and attacks you.  Kill both and
    trigger the wall, except that the wall behind you will open and let out a demon
    priestess.  Kill her to open the wall you want.
    UPPER LEVEL: Jump across the gap and climb up to get the red key, which brings
    out a demon priestess.  Kill her for a save point.  Behind the red key, the wall
    moves to give you antidotes.  Jump back across, go to the next square, and take
    the non-green path behind it for a potion.  Run past the green part for an
    antidote.  Now go back to the square and jump the gap again.  Get the silver
    sword and open the wall.  Take the right path, then turn left and open the
    chest, duck out of the way, then collect the treasure.  Proceed to the end of
    the tunnel, staying along the wall to avoid the arrows, get the antidote from
    the ledge, and jump the gap again.  Now you get to face 2 demon priestesses at
    once!  Jump the gap once more, climb up and pull the lever, giving you a lift
    back down to the ground.  Take this and face 2 more demon priestesses, upon
    whose death the exit will be revealed.
    IV. Catacombs                                                 Walkthrough Pit IV
    Kills: 41/42; 14 Skeletons, 10 Axethrowers, 13 Ghosts, 4 Spiders.
    Secrets: 0/2
    Pickups: 39/52; Blunderbuss, 4 Antidote, 5 Silver sword, 11 Health potion,
                    3 Razorspell, Red key, War Hammer, 2 Strength potion, Warding,
                    Gold key, 3 Coin, Charm of icy cool, 3 Crown, Silver key,
                    Blunderbuss shot.
    CATACOMBS 1 & 2: Enter the catacomb behind the save point for some skeletons and
    treasure.  One last skeleton appears when you open the chest.  Drop down to the
    left after exiting this area and kill 2 axethrowers.  Take the right path,
    trigger the chest and back out quick.  Pull the lever and take the left path.
    Pull that lever and fight what gets released from the portcullis.  Upon killing
    the ghost, you get the red key.  Pull the lever inside the portcullis area, and
    get the potion.  Use the teleporter to return to the upper level to face 2 more
    skeletons.  Now you can use the red switch, which allows you to cross to the
    left and drop to the next level.
    CATACOMB 3: Kill the skeleton, or push him off the cliff, and drop down to the
    gold arch.  Enter the catacomb and take the left path.  In the back left there's
    a chest.  By the picture of Agrash, a lever opens the far door and lets out 2
    spiders.  Through that door, get the treasures on either side and the gold key.
    The floor will automatically activate when you step on it, letting in a bunch of
    axethrowers.  Run to the side and draw them to you.  Outside, the teleporter
    takes you back to the top, so don't take it, unless you forgot something.  Go to
    the opposite corner from the gold arch and jump to the next platform.
    CATACOMB 4: Trigger the wall and take the lift down.  2 axethrowers are hiding
    behind the column on your left.  Continue on and jump straight across the pit.
    Pull the lever and immediately move to the other side of the ledge.  Get the
    treasure and jump to the left side.  Pull the lever and jump to the opposite
    side, by 2 diagonal jumps to be safe.  When you exit out the other side, 2
    skeletons come from behind you.  Be careful not to get pushed off the edge.  Go
    through the portcullis and pull only the gold lever.  Ride the platform across.
    CATACOMB 5: Open the door across from the picture of the demon, then drop down
    to the next level and fight the skeletons.  Enter and kill the spider.  Get the
    antidote if necessary.  Pull the lever and get the silver key, releasing another
    spider.  Get the silver sword behind the wooden door, then open the silver
    wooden door and kill, er, dissipate a lot of ghosts.  Open the coffin in the
    back corner for treasure and pull the lever.  On your way out, fight 3
    axethrowers.  Drop to the next level and take the lift to exit.
    V. The Gauntlet                                                Walkthrough Pit V
    Kills: 18/18; 2 Skeleton lord, 2 Spiders, 3 Axethrowers, 11 Skeletons,
    Secrets: 3/3
    Pickups: 27/30; 4 Coin, Fireball, 7 Health potion, 2 Antidote, 2 Warding,
                    Infernal device, 2 Firefly, Rocket, Blunderbuss shot, Speed,
                    Charm of icy cool, 3 Arc of power, Greater razorspell.
    CROSSROADS: Enter the door.  When the wall opens, run past it to avoid the
    arrows, then enter it and pull the lever.  Take the only door you can and walk
    to the end.  Pull the lever and open the box, get the potion, then run back.  As
    soon as you clear the doorway, turn to avoid the fireballs coming behind you.
    Through the other door, stay along the left wall after you turn the corner.
    Open the far wall and pull the trigger.  Open the chest, then open the wall
    opposite the one you just opened and pull that trigger.  Now, enter the center
    door and pull the trigger behind the back wall.  Don't trigger the side walls or
    you'll get burned.  Now you can save.
    TOWARD THE GAUNTLET: Drop to the next level and turn around to face a skeleton
    lord and get antidotes.  Don't enter this area yet.  Drop down 2 more levels and
    fight a spider behind you when you reach the far side of that block.  Continue
    all the way to the right, pull the trigger, then come back.  Kill the
    axethrowers and enter the portcullis.  The right wall reveals a chest.  Now
    climb back up.  Enter and fight 2 skeletons to open the wall.  At the back is
    another and a potion. [SECRET 1] Open the wall opposite the one that opened
    automatically.  Find an infernal device!  Enter the new room to face a spider
    and 2 skeletons.  The gate opens via a switch behind the back wall in the second
    alcove on the left.  3 Skeletons emerge.
    NEGOTIATING THE BLOCKS: Enter and kill the skeleton lord from afar.  Do a
    running jump to his platform from about 2 steps behind the archway (if you fall
    to the ground, there's a health potion and a firefly.  You can teleport back
    up).  Jump straight off the end of the platform to the next level, pull the
    right switch, then jump off the protrusion to the walls that just emerged.
    [SECRET 2] Climb up, and at the top open the wall on your left for a save point.
    Go down to the left and enter the area there, get the treasure, and pull the
    lever to teleport to a similar area.  Get the treasure and pull the switch
    again.  Leave and open the portcullis to fight 3 skeletons.
    THE GAUNTLET: Open the wall on your left, and take the slope to the top to pull
    the switch.  Watch the pattern of fire.  Now go down and run past 2, then 3
    firespouts and stop.  [SECRET 3] Jump down and teleport, return to the same
    spot, and drop down again, then open the wall by were the teleporter was.
    Teleport back up.  Stop at the same spot again.  Now, if you want, try to run,
    turn and jump the gap to the ledge across the hole.  The wall raises to give you
    a greater razorspell and a warding.  If not, step on the lift at the end to
    VI. A Pair of Fiends                                          Walkthrough Pit VI
    Kills: 7/7; 2 Pit fiends, 3 Abyss demon, 2 Agrashes.
    Secrets: 2/2
    Pickups: 39/39; 9 Health potion, Strength, 3 Anti-magic charm, 3 Speed, Bomb,
                    2 Arc of power, Fireball, 3 Crown, 3 Warding, 2 Rocket, Coin,
                    Greater razorspell, Red sword, Charm of icy cool, Venom sword,
                    Jetspell, Razorspell, Red Key, Ankh of vitality.
    HIGH AND DRY: Go straight to the save point and keep going straight to the end,
    turn left and find a chest.  Now take the right road and go straight to the end,
    running past the moving wall, and pull the switch on your left.  Now take that
    road straight back and take the other branch that leads to moving walls, making
    sure to stop on the charms.  Get the treasure and come back, then go all the way
    to the left.  Do a running jump across the gap, then go right and get the
    treasure, come back, run and jump straight across to the crown and pull the
    switch in the back.  Jump back and take the now-open path.  When you reach the
    rockets, the wall behind you will open and shoot fireballs, so get out of the
    way.  Take the lift down.
    ON THE GROUND: Open the portcullis and get the anti-magic charm, avoiding the
    pit fiend.  Stay to the right and go straight across the main room, entering the
    first passage on the other side.  Get the fiend to chase you, run to the end and
    pull the switch to watch it burn.  The other will be released and can be
    dispatched in the same way, yielding the red key.  [SECRET 1] The wall beside
    the lift raises for some treasure.  Now, behind the switch the wall is open for
    a save point and potions.
    SECOND WAY: Draw a fiend into the second passage on the right side of the
    starting room.  Run out the other side and pull the lever to trap and burn it.
    AFTER THE FIENDS: Take the left passage into where the second fiend was kept.
    [SECRET 2] On the way, open the wall on the right for treasure.  In the other
    area, the far left corner holds a chest.  On the right in the area with blue
    walls is another.  Some spells are behind the red save point.  Use the red key.
    At the far portcullis, an abyss demon appears.  The lever in his hole opens the
    AGRASH UNLEASHED: The lift takes you to a round room with 2 more abyss demons.
    Climb up somewhere to pick off at least one with distance attacks.  When they're
    dead, Agrash appears!  Keep moving to avoid his fireballs.  On the platform he
    appears on, you'll find a health potion.  The wall in the back gives a warding.
    The lift takes you higher, but he'll still follow you there.  The opposite
    platform hides an ankh behind the side wall.  Kill him and... another appears?
    I don't understand.
    !! E} BELFRY !!
    I. Nightmare Towers                                         Walkthrough Belfry I
    Kills: 23/24; 19 Knights, 4 Spiders,
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 27/29; Magic warhammer, 3 Fireball, 3 Razorspell, Ankh of vitality,
                    3 Bomb, Silver sword, 9 Health potion, Gold key, 2 Antidote,
                    Venom sword, Silver key, Red key.
    TOWER 1 & 2: Take the lift down and pull the lever without the skulls on stakes
    by it (big hint here).  Go back up and run across the bridge.  The next tower
    holds 2 knights.  Take the lift down.  Notice the pressure gauges on the walls?
    You have that long to open a chest before the lift rises again (with you on it
    or not) and fire fills the room.  To get all the treasure, use a charm of icy
    cool.  If you don't have one, go for the rear left chest (from the direction you
    faced on entering the tower) to get the ankh.  If you stay down there, once the
    fire is gone, you will teleport back up.
    TOWER 3 & 4: 3 or 4 Knights will run across the bridge to meet you, often
    falling off the side in the process (suckers).  The remainder will fight you in
    the tower, for a total of 7.  Open the chest and open the portcullises, drawing
    in the knights to kill them.  Take the left path to the next tower, where you
    face 2 more knights.  Go through the back to the next room.  [SECRET 1] Trigger
    the wall of skulls to teleport to a secret area, get a venom sword, and be
    teleported back instantly.  Take the lift down and leave the room.  Fight the
    knights and exit out the other side.
    LOWER LEVEL: On the ground now, 4 spiders roam the area.  Just run to avoid
    their venom spit, and slash them with the venom sword when you get in close.  AT
    the far end, behind the tower base, is a gold key gate, which gives you the
    silver key, which opens the way to the lift that takes you to the red key, back
    in the room at the other end.
    TOWER 5: Cross back to the middle tower, kill 2 knights, and use the red key to
    open the next tower to exit.
    II. Sunken Castle                                          Walkthrough Belfry II
    Kills: 19/20; Pit fiend, 16 Knights, 2 Red knights.
    Secrets: 2/2
    Pickups: 24/26; 3 Coin, 2 Strength, Warding, 4 War pig, Ankh of vitality,
                    Red key, 2 Blunderbuss shot, 6 Health potion, Magic warhammer,
                    3 Starspell.
    GATEHOUSE: [SECRET 1] Run to the right and press the small gold button beside
    the hole in the floor for a platform that takes you to a warding.  [SECRET 2]
    Open the back wall.  When you do, the big hole in the floor will fill up with a
    pit fiend, so be ready.  Hit him with a bunch of fireballs, or make him chase
    you back to the start.  Along the way, the floor will crumble and kill him.
    Jump across the last of it as soon as you think you can make it.  Enter the
    doors and kill the knights to open the side wall, which holds a red knight.
    Pull the switch to leave the gatehouse.
    COURTYARD:  To the left, a knight awaits.  When you enter the pen, the side
    walls raise and war pigs get thrown at you.  Avoid them and hopefully they'll
    hit the knight.  Straight ahead, a door opens to a room with a knight, a red
    knight, and crumbling floors.  Don't step on the center section until you're on
    the far side, running across to get the ankh, going back toward the exit.  On
    the right, the back wall lifts to reveal a save point.  Behind it, a portcullis
    raises to give you a chest, but darts shoot out when you approach it.  Cross the
    threshold then quickly back out to avoid them, then get the key from the chest
    to open the other gate.
    TOWERS: In this room, avoid the center floor, open the chests, kill the knights,
    and take the corner checkered lift.  Above, 4 knights come at you from behind,
    and their passage holds 2 potions.  Get the 3 chests and continue on to the next
    tower.  Continue to the room with the rotating checkered floating floor.  Jump
    to it as soon as it rights itself, and jump to one side to pull the switch.
    Don't wait too long to jump to the other side or the floor will crumble.  Once
    both switches are activated, a wall by the platform opposite the entrance will
    retract.  Ride the red lift to exit.
    III. Great Keep                                           Walkthrough Belfry III
    Kills: 26/26; 5 Red knights, 5 Armors, 6 Ghosts, Handy, 10 Knights.
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 11/12: Silver sword, 2 Bomb, Firefly, 5 Health potion, Magic warhammer,
                    Ankh of vitality.
    ATTIC: The floors crumble if you step on them, so use the beams exclusively
    wherever possible.  You can jump across a hole by running from the rear edge of
    the beam.  Jump to the right, then right to a full-floored area, then go to the
    end to get a silver sword.  When you do, a red knight appears behind you.
    Now go back and go straight across, and get the bombs on the left.  The wall
    behind the bombs moves to reveal a flame spout.  Stand in the corner to avoid
    it.  Jump outward and to the left when you can.  Go left and run to the shot,
    quickly running back.  Now jump straight across to the safe area.  The back wall
    opens to let loose a knight.  Continuing, ghosts assault you.  Use the silver
    sword on them.  At the end, pull the switch to work the lift.
    BANQUETING HALL: Leave the lift and face... a giant hand?  Along the same wall
    as the lift it came up on, open the next door and go to the red lift.  Take it
    up and fight a knight and a red knight, then pull the switch under the walkway
    to open the far portcullis.  Fight 2 more knights then pull the other switch.
    Climb the red ledge and take a couple steps forward until you see fire.  Now
    turn around and jump across the gap to turn the wheel on the wall.  Now you can
    jump back and cross the bridge without fire.  Press the gold button at the other
    end.  By the red lift is another knight.  Kill him and return to the big room.
    The floors crumble in places: look for where they look different.
    LEFT DOOR: 2 Knights await you, firing their crossbows.  The walls behind each
    of them move to reveal 2 more knights (each), and also a switch on the right
    side.  This opens the back wall of this room, giving you access to the gold
    RIGHT DOOR: Take the lift up to an ankh of vitality, then back down again.
    FAR RIGHT DOOR: A red knight is hiding inside on the right.  Continue down the
    hall to get 2 armors.  [SECRET 1] At the end, the wall moves to give you a magic
    warhammer.  Climb up the right wall (on your way to the end) and follow the path
    to the end to press the gold button.  Don't take the lift down if the floor
    outside is already crumbled.  If it isn't run across it quickly before it does.
    Another red knight is now by where you climbed up.
    Once you hit all three gold buttons, the large door opens.  Once you step on the
    lift, you exit.
    !! F) SEWERS !!
    I. The Maze                                                 Walkthrough Sewers I
    Kills: 26/26; 16 Orcs, 2 Orc sergeants, 8 Orc crossbowmen,
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 21/21; 4 Bomb, 12 Health potion, Coin, Red key, Grenade launcher,
                    Gold key.
    RIGHT BRANCH: From the starting crossroads, go right and climb up into the hole
    in the left wall.  Follow the path to a bomb, then 2 orcs in a room.  Killing
    them (potentially with the bomb you just found, from the ledge of safety) opens
    the gate to the second crossroads.  Get the potion and kill the orc in the
    alcove, then enter the maze.  Follow the right wall around the maze, killing
    orcs and picking up treasures as they come.  Open the wooden walls, but don't
    enter the first one yet.  When you come to a portcullis, don't bother going in,
    because you can't get up the slope.  You'll reach a portcullis with a sergeant
    behind it.  Kill it, then go out the wooden wall, continuing to follow the
    right.  Get the health potion off the crumbling floor and continue.  Kill a
    crossbowman.  Run across the next crumbling floor to find an orc and a coin.
    Jump back and continue to the right to return to where you started from.
    [SECRET 1] Where the floor crumbled under the potion, jump down to find a secret
    area and a teleporter back to the last crossroads.  Enter the room behind the
    first wooden door you opened and run to the opposite side.  Open the door, enter
    and take the lift, kill the crossbowman and take the red key.  Return to the
    start of the level.
    LEFT BRANCH: Use the red key to open the door at the end, which opens onto the
    catwalk with the crossbowmen that you ran under earlier.  Kill them both (I
    suggest a bomb for the first one from the doorway with a hasty retreat, and the
    blunderbuss on the second) and continue to find another further in, with 2 more
    on the side.  Once you're in the second room, drop to the ground, get the stuff
    under the catwalk, open the door and take the lift, then kill the crossbowman on
    either side and take out the one on the catwalk from there.  Jump back to the
    catwalk and continue to the lift.  When you approach the skeleton on the floor
    ahead, orcs will come at you from ahead and behind.  Continue on, and a
    crossbowman will be waiting around a corner.  A bomb bounced off the wall will
    take care of him.  He yields the gold key and 2 potions, and he's the one at the
    top of those slopes from earlier.  The gold key lets you exit opposite the
    starting save point.
    II. Tunnels                                                 Walkthrough Sewer II
    Kills: 22/22; 11 Orcs, 1 Orc sergeants, 4 Orc crossbowmen, 6 Ghosts,
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 17/17; Blunderbuss, Warding, 4 Blunderbuss shot, 4 Health potion,
                    Fireball, 2 Silver sword, Strength, 3 Anti-magic charm.
    Stand on the green mesh and hit action to ride the lift down into the tunnels,
    leaving you at a 3-way crossroads.
    LEFT PATH: Climb up to reach a save point.  If you want, climb up to the right
    from here, run and jump all the way across the gap to the warding.  You must
    promptly turn around and jump down to the left or right, however, or rockets
    will pummel you.  The jump is really tough, so it may not be worth it to you to
    bother.  If you jump to the right from the warding (left when facing the
    warding), you can take this path to the secret area (see below).
    LEFT PATH: From the starting position, look behind you and see the arrow holes
    up on the wall.  Now go left and climb up.  Advance and kill the orc that comes
    at you.  Get the health potion on the right, then go left to find and orc and a
    sergeant together (for a little fun, back up once they come after you.  They'll
    stop at the edge of their "area", toss them a grenade and use first-person view
    to watch them fly apart).  Go left to the gate, which opens to let out an orc.
    Climb up and get the potion and fireball on the sides, the latter with a
    surprise orc behind it.  Continue through the other side and get the blunderbuss
    shots on the ledge to the right, but get down again quick or you're a
    pincushion.  Return to the area where the sergeant was, go left and open the
    door at the end to kill 2 crossbowmen.  Their room holds a silver sword and 2
    switches that open gates elsewhere.  Leave and climb up to the right, then
    follow the path.  A door on the right opens as you approach, with another orc
    behind it.  Enter this room and go right.  Open the coffin for a strength
    potion.  Now get your silver sword ready and go back to kill some ghosts, who
    were disturbed by your coffin robbing, apparently.  Open the opposite coffin for
    more of the same, and the other 2 coffins on the left for another silver sword
    and some shot.  Go out the door and continue to the right.  If you fall into the
    lower level at any point, you could take this path to get back up.
    [SECRET 1]  At some point, go to the big gap beside the ledge with the
    blunderbuss shots that filled with arrows (straight from the starting point), do
    a big run and jump straight across.  Go to the gate, open it, and wait for 2
    sets of fireballs to pass.  Go to the end, get the blunderbuss on the right, and
    pull the switch to drop 2 orcs on you from above.  When you step on the lift it
    takes you down to the lower level, by the lone switch.
    LOWER LEVEL: At the bottom is yet another orc.  Enter the area with the
    skeletons on the ground and a crossbowman will come out.  Chase him down and
    kill him to spawn another orc.  Go straight to the end, pull the lever to open
    the wooden wall, and open the chest for anti-magic charms.  Now enter the large
    area to hunt and kill some more.  When you're done, pull the switches in the
    back to open the door, which leads to the exit.
    III. The Hive                                              Walkthrough Sewer III
    Kills: 33/33; 6 Mantis drones, 10 Mantis warriors, 10 Poison flies, 2 Spiders,
                  Insect Queen.
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 37/38; Firethrower, 2 Flamethrower ammo, 7 Health potion, 4 Antidote,
                    Blunderbuss, 4 Blunderbuss shot, Infernal device, 7 Rocket,
                    3 Fireball, Firefly, 3 Razorspell.
    Kill the 6 bugs one by one to drop the energy barrier at one end of the room.
    Squish them good with the hammer.  Open the pink wall for a firethrower, then
    enter the corridor.  3 mantis warriors come at you, and the end of the hall
    holds 4 poison flies, one at a time.  Slide down and kill another drone, then
    another warrior that comes from behind when you start to walk along the path.
    Now a save point is revealed.
    SWARMING GROUNDS: Slide down to the next area.  Straight ahead, the wall lifts
    to reveal a, er, chest.  In the large room, a mantis warrior awaits on either
    side of the entrance.  A series of them emerge from various walls.  When they're
    dead, take the path at the opposite end of the room, and run to the potion
    before the floor collapses.  Kill the spider below (the firethrower works well
    here, as against all insects).  To get to the antidotes on the left, push the
    wall beside the ledge in from the opposite side.  While you're over there, open
    the side walls just past the block you push in and get the treasure.  [SECRET 1]
    Climb up and advance to face another spider and some poison flies.  When a path
    to the right appears, quickly run in and out over the crumbling floor.  Continue
    forward to the end, then right into the circular room.  Kill all the flies
    without falling in the middle.  Look down into the center to see the queen.  The
    easy, and smart, way to kill her, is to burn the stalactites over the hole so
    they fall on her.  Once they all do, she's dead.  If it wasn't quite enough,
    drop a couple grenades on her.  Alternately, if you're stuck down on her level,
    use the infernal device, and just keep moving to avoid her spines.  Once she's
    done with, on the upper level, a teleporter is revealed that brings you to the
    exit, which is through a door behind her on the lower level.
    IV. Medusae's Lair                                          Walkthrough Sewer IV
    Kills: 15/15; 3 Medusa sisters, 4 Orcs, Orc sergeant, 6 Orc crossbowmen,
                  Ugluk Stormfart.
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 31/31; 4 Antidote, 2 Grenade launcher, 2 Grenade, 3 Bomb, 3 Fireball,
                    War pig, Infernal device, 3 Rocket, Ankh of vitality,
                    6 Health potion, 5 Razorspell.
    LAIR OF THE MEDUSAE: Exit the short tunnel you start in and turn right to face
    the first medusa sister.  Once she falls, you can grab the 2 antidotes on either
    side of the starting point, on the outsides of the tunnel.  The second sister is
    somewhere ahead to the left.  Run around a bit and she'll find you.  Moving
    ahead in the room, you reach a threshold where the ground slopes down slightly.
    Past this on the right is the last medusa sister, the only one who can turn you
    to stone.  Her gaze-beam moves slowly but will follow you.  The only ways to
    stop it is to get a wall between you and it, or use an anti-magic charm.  If you
    don't have one of the latter, use the first and throw distance attacks at her.
    Once she's dead, portcullises rise on either side of the room, on the upper
    level along each far wall.  [SECRET 1] On the right side, the rear wall opens to
    reveal a secret area.
    LEAVING THE LAIR: Along the back of the room, opposite the starting point,
    another save point and lift, one that works, are revealed.  Take the lift up and
    find 2 orcs waiting for you.  Take the hallway to find 2 orc crossbowmen waiting
    above you.  Climb up quickly and kill them physically; you won't take too much
    damage.  Alternately, be creative with a distance attack.  Take the right side
    of the upper level and a wall moves to reveal another area.  Cross it and pull
    the switch in the pit on the right (the left burns you; you can see a spout
    above the switch) to open the door and opposite wall, which holds an orc who
    gives up a grenade launcher when dead.
    ANTECHAMBER: Your best bet is to run in, dodge the crossbow bolts and kill the
    orcs in person.  If you stay behind, others will just teleport in beside you
    until there's a lot to deal with at one time.  After 4 crossbowmen come a
    regular orc and a sergeant.  Once everyone's dead, Ugluk appears.  Use an anti-
    magic charm or keep moving to avoid his bolts.  Up close, he blocks a lot of
    attacks, and his will poison you if they connect.  A good number of sword chops
    or a few edged spells will take the wind out of his sails and open the rear door
    to the exit switch.
    !! G) TRENCHES !!
    I. Forward Trenches                                         Walkthrough Trench I
    Kills: 31/31; 16 Rat swordsmen, 8 Rat musketeers, 4 Rat grenadiers, 3 Rat ogres.
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 12/12; 2 Grenade launcher, 2 Grenade, 4 Health potion, Red key, Coin,
                    Silver key, Gold key.
    IN THE TRENCHES: Open the gate and run out to face 2 rat swordsmen.  If you wait
    until the gate is almost closed, then run out and run back in, you can trap only
    one ratman in with you for an easy kill.  Now you're safe in the first trench.
    Climb up at either end (there're mines in the middle; don't step on one or it's
    game over), run forward and jump across the next trench.  Kill the musketeer,
    then run across to the other cannon to kill the other one.  In the trench below
    you can find 4 rat swordsmen, one at a time for easy kills.
    TRENCH 3: Climb up behind the cannons on the sides (more mines in the middle)
    and see the rat grenadiers along the back on a block.  Most of the grenades will
    just land in the trench in front, but some might bounce up to you, so be
    careful.  Jump over to one, climb up and kill him, then go back and get the
    other from the opposite side.  4 more swordsmen are in the trench.
    UNDER THE TRENCHES: Take the left lift down from the trench to fight a rat ogre
    and get a chest.  Take the right lift down to fight a swordsman.  [SECRET 1] The
    wall opposite the entrance opens to reveal some treasure.  Go to the right to
    fight 2 rat ogres, one at a time, who are waiting in alcoves on the left.
    Continue on and open the first portcullis.  Activate the lift, then walk into
    the right wall so you'll get off before the roof spikes impale you.  Take the
    other lift and walk out above the guard towers in the next area.
    BEHIND THE WALL: Kill the grenadier, then drop down and use your position to lob
    grenades into the other two nearby towers.  In the far corner (closest to the
    previous open area) you'll find a save point slightly sunken, by another
    grenadier's tower, which you can climb into to kill him, and then shoot another
    grenade into the last tower.  Ahead, drop grenades or bombs into the trench,
    then jump in to finish off whoever's left.  The grey wall in the center of the
    trench opens to a tunnel that holds a musketeer on either side, who would rise
    to the top level when you broach it, unless you kill them here.  The gold key is
    also in the trench, letting you open the last door to exit.
    II. Headquarters                                           Walkthrough Trench II
    Kills: 24/24; 24 Rat musketeers.
    Secrets: 1/1.
    Pickups: 8/9; Warding, 3 Health potion, Strength, 3 Razorspell.
    PILL-BOXES: [SECRET 1] Walk straight into the square impression in the mound and
    press action to teleport to a secret area, above the right pillbox.  Drop down
    toward the back and shoot the musketeer through the window.  Run across to the
    other side and do the same.  Continue with the other 3 pill-boxes, always
    watching for mines.  Pull the lever in the middle of the area and ride the lift
    OVER AND UNDER: Follow the corridor down the slope.  After the first corner,
    walk backwards, because a musketeer will come out of the wall at the corner
    after a certain distance.  Repeat at the next corner with a different wall.
    Once you pass the table, take the lift up into the first pill-box.  Pull the
    lever to go back down and face a rat who comes from the side of the table.
    Continue onward.  After the wooden section with torches, a musketeer is waiting
    on the right in a small alcove.  Throw him a bomb for a laugh and a save point.
    Now run around, kill a bunch of musketeers one by one, and take the lift with
    the skulls up into the pill-box with the gold switch.  Pull it to open the
    command center.  Take the underground pathway back.  After the wooden hall with
    the torches, kill a musketeer, then jump over the pit that now appears.  Don't
    go for the potion: there are mines all over the floor.
    COMMAND CENTER: Run toward it, and pass it on either side close to the center,
    so you'll take probably only one residual rocket blast.  Climb the block at the
    back and up to the top.  The top is covered in mines, so don't run around
    without looking.  From beside the hole, drop in a couple bombs to take out a
    bunch of rats, then jump in to finish off the last couple.  Open the chests and
    take the lift at the back to exit.
    III. Inner Tunnels                                        Walkthrough Trench III
    Kills: 15/15; Rat ogre, 2 Mutant rats, 9 Rat musketeers, 2 Rat swordmen,
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 11/11; 7 Health potion, Speed, Red key, Warding, Crown.
    Enter the door and kill the rat ogre, who doesn't seem to care if you shoot him
    several times with a blunderbuss.  Pull all 4 levers to open the left raised
    door.  Take it for another save point (already?) and 4 potions on the sides,
    then continue.  If you take the left path, at the top of a small bump in the
    path, the floor will crumble.  [SECRET 1] If you drop down the hole, you'll lose
    50 health, but you'll get a speed potion.  However, you'll also get burnt if you
    don't trigger the wall and teleport out quickly.  At the end of either
    path from the save point (left or right), you can step onto a bridge, which
    lowers once you do.  On the ground, the room leads into a set of large corridors
    which hold 2 mutant rats.  The "good" way to kill them is to lead them into a
    room whose entrance is marked by a huge picture of a rat head with bloody fangs
    on either side.  It's along the wall if you stick to the right after entering
    this section.  In the room, there are 2 levers which collapse the floors in
    front of them after a brief delay.  Lead a rat onto the floor, then pull the
    lever to both impale and burn it.  Alternately, you can hit it with a couple
    rockets, or use some other method of your choosing to destroy it.  That speed
    potion comes in handy too.  Once both rats are dead, both red doors in the back
    of that room will open.  There are musketeers on either side, who won't see you
    until you get closer to them, and another straight across behind a grill who can
    shoot you right away.  Run straight across the room and open the door.  Take
    either side up to the metal door, which opens to that middle musketeer.  Kill
    him by blowing up the TNT box for fun, and for the red key.  Open the wooden
    doors to get the side rats, then go back down and open the red gate.  Many
    musketeers live in the next room.  Draw them into your hallway and kill them in
    a controlled fashion.  Once they're gone, get the warding on the right inside
    the room, then continue on for 2 swordsmen and the rat king himself.  He isn't a
    major threat, but will take a while to kill with just a sword.  Claim his crown
    and move on.
    !! H) INVERSION !!
    I. South Tower                                           Walkthrough Inversion I
    Kills: 22/22; 10 Rat swordsmen, 8 Rat musketeers, 2 Rat ogres, 2 Rat grenadiers.
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 22/22; 6 Blunderbuss shot, Blunderbuss, Coin, 3 Fireball, Red key,
                    7 Health potion, 2 Grenade, Grenade launcher.
    SOUTH TOWER: Shoot the rat in front of you in the back, then run out and back in
    to draw in the musketeer on the right.  Kill him, then the next in the far right
    corner, then in the near left corner, and in the final far left corner.  Pick up
    the blunderbuss and shot and take the lift down.  Open the gate to fight 2
    swordsmen, then shoot the far barrels to reveal a chest.  A rat ogre is hiding
    behind the columns beside it, however.  [SECRET 1] To the left of the switch (on
    the left wall of this room), the grey wall opens to give you some shot.  The
    opposite wall opens to the red key, and going through here lets you kill some
    rats from behind, as opposed to taking the wooden door by the switch.
    Alternately, taking the wooden door makes it easier to kill the grenadier, and
    you can still enter the secret area from the other side.
    SECOND TOWER: Run across the bridge and kill the musketeer.  You probably can't
    avoid a couple grenade hits from the guy above.  Pull the switch to open the
    wall behind you, where 2 musketeers are waiting, then and ogre further and 2
    swordsmen.  Pull the switch on the far end to stabilize the floor, then go get
    the shot.  Open the other gate to exit.
    II. North Tower                                         Walkthrough Inversion II
    Kills: 36/36; 4 Rat ogres, 18 Rat swordsmen, 5 Rat musketeers, 9 Ghosts.
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 33/33; Razorspell, 4 Bomb, 8 Health potion, 4 Fireball, 4 Starspell,
                    Silver key, 3 Blunderbuss shot, 3 Coin, Strength, Speed,
                    Silver sword, Flamelance, Warding.
    Walk straight, stopping before each flame spout.  If you want to, you can stand
    on the second spout, turn right and jump to the walkway below, picking up a
    razorspell.  In front of the razorspell, a teleporter periodically appears to
    take you back to the top.
    NORTH TOWER: Open the big doors and find 2 rat ogres around the corner, as well
    as 2 treasure chests.  Open the far door to fight a seemingly endless rush of
    rat swordsmen.  I suggest staying back and hitting them with a blunderbuss.
    Once they're all dead, go to the end of the hall and open the door for one last
    rat.  [SECRET 1] In the triangular far end of this room, open the wall for the
    silver key.  Ride the lift up to the next save point.  Advance, and at the
    second movable wall, hit action to open both that one and the one you just
    passed, releasing 4 musketeers.  Run back to the entrance to take them on
    directly.  At the far end of this hall, the wall opens to reveal a room of
    coffins, with (obviously) a bunch of ghosts.  Either before or after you kill
    them, you can open the wall of eyes to reveal the silver sword.  As soon as you
    touch it, though, back up to avoid the arrow trap.  You can go around the rim of
    this room to open the chests.  The coffin beside this room also opens.  Now take
    the bridge to the next tower.
    CENTRAL TOWER (BOTTOM): As soon as you open the door, 2 musketeers start firing
    on you.  Either return the favour or run in to slash them.  Take the lift down.
    If you have the silver key, you can get the flamelance, but back out again
    quickly.  Open the large doors to fight 2 rat ogres, then out the other side of
    their room to exit.
    III. West Tower                                        Walkthrough Inversion III
    Kills: 27/27; 18 Rat musketeers, 7 Rat swordsmen, 2 Ghosts
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 20/20; 5 Health potion, 3 Flamethrower ammo, Arc of power, War pig,
                    Gold key, 2 Starspell, Warding, 2 Fireball, 2 Jetspell,
                    2 Razorspell.
    WEST TOWER (BOTTOM): Cross the bridge to the west tower.  As soon as you open
    the door, 2 musketeers start firing.  Run in and dispatch them, then open the
    door to find a swordsman behind.  Look into the room and kill the other 2
    swordsmen from afar.  Enter the room and notice that the side walls will likely
    all open.  Trigger the first wall on the left and kill the swordsman to get a
    potion.  Open the second left wall for the same, plus flamethrower ammo.  Open
    the second right wall, and a musketeer will appear in front and behind you, with
    another inside the wall on the right, through a grate.  Kill him by shooting the
    barrel next to him.  Pull the switch in here to open the side wall, with another
    musketeer.  Now you can open the first right wall to pull the switch in there,
    but when you enter the room, 2 more musketeers appear behind you.  The switch
    opens the far door.  Take the lift up.
    WEST TOWER (TOP): Go left to past the silver gate and trigger the right wall at
    the end, then the next wall in.  Open the chest quickly and get the gold key,
    then run out via the moving walls again before the imp in a boot gets you.
    He'll follow you, so try not to let him get back into the main corridor, where 2
    musketeers are waiting for you.  Back in the entrance, take the right path now.
    Jump across the crumbling floor and take the lift up.  When you get the treasure
    on the left, 3 musketeers appear in front of the doors.  Killing them releases 3
    swordsmen in the far end of the room, and they get you 3 musketeers behind the
    doors.  [SECRET 1] Open the gold gate for a secret area, containing a couple
    ghosts in coffins, a treasure coffin and a chest.  If you want to avoid the
    ghosts, open the treasure coffin leaning up against the wall, then the chest,
    then get out.  Open the doors to reach the bridge to the next tower, where a
    musketeer is waiting.  Shoot him full of holes as you cross.
    IV. Central Tower                                       Walkthrough Inversion IV
    Kills: 29/29; 24 Rat swordsmen, 2 Ghosts, 3 Rock monsters.
    Secrets: 2/2 (my score gave me 2, but I don't know what the second is.)
    Pickups: 20/22; 10 Health potion, Flamelance, 2 Warding, 3 Blunderbuss shot,
                    Flamethrower ammo, Strength, Starspell, Gold key.
    Either side holds 5-6 rat swordsmen who appear in rapid succession.  I suggest
    staying back and quickly taking them out with a blunderbuss to avoid major
    damage.  Each group gives up some shot when dead.  The left side holds treasure,
    the right a lift that activates by pulling the switch.  Exit the tower and cross
    the bridge.  Another swordsman is inside the door on the right.  Take the left
    tunnel and kill the rat.  Another appears further in the tunnel, as do 2 ghosts
    as you approach the chest.  [SECRET 1] Open the chest in the back of this tunnel
    for a "secret" area (though not really much of one).  More rats are waiting back
    in the entrance.  Now go up the middle and to the left of the walled-in room
    with the key.  Kill the first rat that appears, then the next that appears
    behind you when you advance.  Now go around the right side for 3 more.  Open the
    wall at the back between the two gates.  Take the lift up and follow the hall to
    the end.  When you start to walk out to the landing on the right, 2 rats appear
    behind you, and another back by the lift.  Pull the switch outside on the
    landing to reveal arrows on the wall inside. Re-enter the hall and open the gate
    across from you.  Pull the right switch (the arrows pointed to the torch) and
    enter the next room.  Open the right door, pull the switch inside, then open the
    left door and do the same to open the far door.  Enter that one and go to the
    teleporter, which brings you to the gold key.  Leave via the gate and open the
    gate across from you to get the treasures.  Now take the blue lift on the right
    side of this area down to the gold gates.  Open the left one and advance to the
    chest.  Now go out the other gold gate.  I hope you brought a magic warhammer.
    If not, once you leave the wooden corridor, around the wall to your left is a
    switch that destroys the floor ahead.  The 2 rockmen across the way will fall
    into the floor.  The switch also opens the wall to your left, releasing another
    rockman (the chest behind him is a fake).  If you can't kill any, just run
    instead.  On the other side of the pit, which you can run around, the exit door
    V. Northeast Tower                                       Walkthrough Inversion V
    Kills: 12/12; 4 Rat ogres, 4 Rat musketeers, 4 Rat grenadiers,
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 27/28; 5 Blunderbuss shot, Ankh of vitality, Flamelance, Invisibility,
                    Grenade, Warding, 6 Health potion, 5 Fireball, 3 Rocket,
                    Strength, Red key.
    [SECRET 1] Walk off the bridge in the direction of the arrow to land on a secret
    platform, which you trigger to ride back to the top.  Proceed to the tower
    straight ahead.
    NORTH TOWER: A rat ogre awaits on either side in the next tower, and killing
    each makes another appear.  The best way to kill them is before they know you're
    there.  On the left, the rat ogre is by a barrel that you can shoot from
    outside.  Use a bomb or such to destroy the next one on the left that appears
    behind the column.  Now, you can enter and face the ones on the right one at a
    time.  Pull the switch behind the right column and open the gate to get the gold
    key.  Back out and trigger the wall in the left front corner, enter and open the
    right gold gate.  Go in there, approach the normal gate, and the wall behind
    will open to reveal 2 musketeers.  Kill them and the next gate opens.  Enter,
    and 2 more musketeers are on either side of the next room.  Pull the gold switch
    on the right.
    NORTHEAST TOWER: Back up to the branch in the bridge you started on and open the
    gold gate.  Enter, open the chests, and pull the lever to work the lift.  At the
    top, a grenadier will appear in each of the 4 directions, and each leaves a
    potion when dead.  You can hit them with rockets from the ground to avoid any
    pain.  A simple run-jump can take you across to any of the spaces.  You have to
    quickly pull both switches in sequence to open both gates, which will close in a
    short time.  Practice your jumping, hit both switches, then jump straight across
    to one gate, get the treasure and return.  Repeat, doing the switches in the
    opposite order, so you can jump straight to the other gate.  Activate the lift
    to get back down.  You can now open the red gate without fear of frying.  Doing
    so exits you.
    VI. Northwest Tower                                     Walkthrough Inversion VI
    Kills: 13/13; 7 Rat musketeers, Rat swordsman, 5 Rat ogres.
    Secrets: 2/2
    Pickups: 14/14; 3 Blunderbuss shot, Ankh of vitality, 3 Firefly,
                    2 Health potion, Strength, Speed, 2 Bomb, Fireball.
    Step off the edge of the walkway onto a turtle.  Ride him into the northwest
    tower, where 3 rat musketeers are waiting to take potshots at you.  Use a
    warding and shoot them from the turtle.  Jump off to solid ground.  On the left,
    opening the door releases the forcefields, giving you 2 musketeers on the left
    and a rat ogre on the right.  Kill them, then go out the door for 2 firefly
    spells.  Now take the tunnel leading upward in the right corner.  At the top,
    kill the swordsman before he notices you, then the rat ogre, pick up the shot,
    and open the right door to face 2 more musketeers.  Kill them and exit out the
    other side of the room after getting the treasure off the shelves.  [SECRET 1]
    Pull the tapestry where the arrow is pointing to open the chest behind you.  I
    wonder if other tapestries do anything?  [SECRET 2] Pull the one back in the
    room you got off the turtle in to get the ankh without getting fried.  Back
    upstairs, continue through the next door and fight 3 rat ogres, one at a time.
    Continue and trigger the wall at the end of the tunnel to re-emerge at the top
    of the slope.  Pull the tapestry ahead of you to open to exit door on your
    VII. Tower of Robots                                   Walkthrough Inversion VII
    Kills: 4/4; 2 Automata, 2 Ghosts.
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 23/23; Warding, 3 Bomb, Grenade launcher, 6 Grenade, 5 Rocket,
                    2 Flamethrower ammo, Fireball, 3 Health potion, Flamelance.
    On the walkway, drop from the middle to the walkway below to pick up a warding,
    and teleport back to the top.  Enter the steel door at the end of the walkway.
    To the right is a save point.  Pull both levers on either side of the door
    quickly to reveal some arrows on the floor.  Go left, as they indicate, and run
    to the end to find a teleporter.  Take it, then go through the door in this area
    (moving quick to avoid the automaton's flamethrower) and step on the turtle.
    Ride him to his destination, hop off and enter the door.  Open the right wall
    and follow the path around, pull the switch when you're in the back, and
    continue around.  Use the teleporter.  On the ledge you're on, get the grenades
    and pull the switch.  Now you can kill the automata by dropping grenades in
    their holes, where the forcefields dropped.  Once they're dead, as evidenced by
    their self-destruct blasts, drop to the ground.  Collect the flamethrower ammo
    they leave and enter the teleporter room.  Open either coffin to release 2
    ghosts and get some treasure, as long as you have a silver sword.  Teleport up
    and go through the door.  [SECRET 1] Trigger the wall on the right just inside
    the steel door for some weapons.  At the end, open the wooden door and exit.
    VIII. Treasure Halls                                  Walkthrough Inversion VIII
    Kills: 8/8; 3 Flame walkers, 2 Rat grenadiers, 2 Rat ogres, Automaton.
    Secrets: 0/0
    Pickups: 30/32; Blunderbuss shot, 5 Health potion, Grenade Launcher, 8 Grenade,
                    3 Rocket, Ankh of vitality, 9 Fireball, War pig,
                    Flamethrower ammo.
    Advance to the skeletons and a flame walker will come out of the door.  Back up
    and kill it for some blunderbuss shot.  From just behind the skeletons, drop to
    the side to land on the lower walkway for a save point and potion.  Teleport up
    and proceed through the steel door.  Just inside, use distance attacks to kill
    one grenadiers on either side.  Now you can go down and get the treasure with
    minimal damage, as once you kill the second grenadier, a continuous flow of
    monsters come at you on the ground.  The 4 chests in the rear of the room all
    explode when you open any of them.  Pull the switch to lower the lift, with you
    still up top on the ledge, and drop a couple bombs to kill at least one rat
    ogre.  Go down and deal with the other.  2 more walkers come out next, the
    second as soon as the first falls.  You can ride the lift back up if you want to
    deal with them from safety.  Otherwise, just run around them and give them a
    couple whacks.  The center floor crumbles once they're dead.  Next comes... an
    automaton!  He rides a lift up the center.  He seems tougher than the last ones,
    too, taking at least 3 rockets to kill.  Again, take the lift to safety and peg
    him from up there if you can.  As soon as he dies, the center lift goes down.
    You want to be on it, so as soon as you see him falling over, run to the lift.
    Otherwise, it'll cost you about 200 HP to reach the exit.  Pick up the
    flamethrower ammo the automaton leaves behind too, if you can.  Jump on the
    turtle and activate him to exit.
    IX. Shooting Gallery                                    Walkthrough Inversion IX
    Kills: 24/24; 17 Rat musketeers, 5 Flame walkers, 2 Automata,
                  2 Mechanical scorpions.
    Secrets: 0/2
    Pickups: 26/34; Grenade launcher, 11 Grenade shot, 5 Health potion,
                    3 Flamethrower ammo, 3 Bomb, War pig.
    SHOOTING GALLERY: Save your game then ride the turtle.  Wait until landings
    appear on either side.  On the left, a flame walker will appear.  On the right,
    2 rat musketeers.  A turtle is just past the landings, and another musketeer
    will appear on that.  I recommend lobbing grenades at the musketeers, then
    switching to the flamelance to kill the flame walker before you get too close.
    Continue with the flamelance or the blunderbuss to get the turtle-riding
    musketeer.  The pattern repeats, but with the sides reversed, at the second set
    of landings.  After that one, you'll need to jump to the turtle on the right to
    continue, because yours will go under one of the landings and knock you off if
    you stay.  The best way to move to the other turtle is to jump straight over to
    it while it is running parallel to you.  Ahead, a few more musketeers await.  At
    the end, jump off the turtle and get the potion.
    AUTOMATA: Enter the room and 2 flame walkers come down lifts on the sides.  Kill
    them and another appears.  They each yield flamethrower ammo.  After them come 2
    automata at once.  Run away and blow them up however you like.  While they're
    still alive, since they're slow you have time to get the weapons and health
    potions from the large rooms.  Once they're down, new enemies appear: mechanical
    scorpions!  They're fast.  Use a speed potion if you have one.  Each will take
    2-3 grenades to keel over, but you have to hit them too, and when they get close
    your grenades just sail over them, unless you use first-person view and tilt
    down.  If they trap you between their claws, try to jump out.  Once they're both
    dead, the forcefield drops in one of the large side rooms to let you exit.
    !! I) DRAGON !!
    I. Bloodbeast                                               Walkthrough Dragon I
    Kills: 22/22; 8 Knights, 5 Red knights, Bloodbeast.
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 30/30; 6 Health potion, 2 Silver sword, 2 Rockets, Speed, Warding,
                    Arc of power, Venom sword, 2 Fireball, Ankh of vitality,
                    Charm of icy cool, 2 Blunderbuss shot, 2 Grenade shot, Antidote,
                    3 Jetspell.
    ENTRANCE HALL: A warding would be helpful here.  Enter the room and lob a
    grenade at the knight dead ahead.  Another knight appears once you kill the
    first.  A red knight waits ahead in a depression on the left well.  As you kill,
    others appear.  Run around to avoid arrows until you can get close to your
    enemies.  To your right, a silver sword is in an alcove to help you out.  The
    middle floor lowers when you trigger it to reveal some treasure guarded by fire.
    The right switch (when facing the fire) turns off the spouts, but also turns on
    a deadly rocket trap in the treasure room, so run through the fire (a warding
    helps, and you'll get another inside) to get the treasure and run back out.  The
    left switch brings you back up.  In the far right corner, the wall lifts to give
    you another wall, which lifts to reveal a switch, but also triggers a fire
    spout, so back off once you trigger the second wall.  The switch gives you a
    save point.  Another flame spout activates as you leave, so run to avoid it.
    The moveable wall in the far left corner hides 3 knights.  Run away once you
    open it or they'll stick you full of crossbow bolts.  Kill them and pull the
    gold switch to open the portcullis that lets you continue.
    BLOODBEAST: 2 Knights await around the corner to the right.  Kill them for a
    save point and get the gold key.  This opens the gate to the lift that takes you
    up to the bloodbeast.  An anti-magic charm and venom sword are called for here.
    Either get close directly in front of him, or use the teleporter on a ledge on
    one side of the room to take you in front of him.  Block his attacks and stab
    his eye when you can.  If you're poisoned, it's best to wait until you kill him
    to use your antidotes, so you'll only need one.  Use health potions when needed
    in the meanwhile.  You'll know when you hit his true eye, as a little green
    spurt will come out and he'll reel for a moment.  Keep it up until he dies.
    Don't fall in the pit on the opposite side of him from the entrance.  On either
    side of the entrance, open the chests for the dragons' hoard.  Now climb up
    where the teleporter was and keep going.  Knights and red knights await around
    the final corner and down in the columned area.  The first 2 red knights give up
    health potions.  If you need an antidote, trigger the light wall to the right of
    where you jumped down.  Kill the red knight that emerges for an antidote and
    jetspells.  Use the lift in the far corner to exit.  Apparently I found a secret
    area, but I never noticed a message saying so.
    II. Hydra                                                  Walkthrough Dragon II
    Kills: 15/18; 14 Demon priestesses, Hydra.
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 20/26; 5 Health potion, 10 Antidote, 2 Rocket, Strength, Speed,
                    Venom sword.
    ENTRANCE HALL: Proceed to the columned room.  There are 2 switches on each side,
    on columns.  Pulling either switch on either side unleashes 3 or 4 demon
    priestesses, 2 at once, on that side.  Killing each set gives you an antidote
    and health potion.  Now pull all 4 switches in rapid sequence to open a wall on
    the right side.  The switch in there turns on the lift right inside the entrance
    to the room, which brings you to a save point and a lever that opens the way to
    the next section.  Take the long hallway at the opposite end of the room.
    DRAGON'S LAIR TOP: When you emerge, note the series of thin gray pathways that
    lead into the center and around the rim of the room.  Take the narrow rim around
    the room.  As you start to move towards each corner or the middle of each wall,
    a demon priestess starts shooting magic at you.  Stay back out of range and hit
    her from afar.  A well-placed fireball works great, or you can lob grenades or
    use another method of your choosing.  Pull the lever in each corner.  Once all 4
    are pulled, you can go to the center platform and pull the lever there.  This
    opens a door along the rear right wall of the room.  Drop to the ground, as the
    four pathways now have active firespouts to prevent your return.
    DRAGON'S LAIR FLOOR: If you fall down to the ground before completing the tasks
    up top, you'll have to fight the hydra the long way.  Get in close so he can't
    hit you, and just keep hacking or bashing away at him.  It takes a good while,
    but he'll die eventually.  Look for little splashes of blood to indicate that
    you're hitting him correctly.  Assuming you completed the sequence of levers,
    enter the rear room and open the chest.  [SECRET 1] Trigger the back wall for a
    secret area.  When you try to open the gate to the venom sword, it shows you a
    gold switch.  In fact, there are 6 you must pull around the main room.  Run
    around clockwise and pull them all, avoiding the hydra when he comes after you
    as you go for the last switch, on the left side of the rear wall.  Just keep
    moving, and come back and get the venom sword once you're done.  Use this on the
    hydra for a much faster kill.  Once he dies, a teleporter appears in the
    treasure room, which now unlocks if you didn't open it before.  Teleport back to
    the entrance to the lair, where the second door is now open.  Take the lift down
    to exit.
    III. Vilefor                                              Walkthrough Dragon III
    Kills: 1/1; Vilefor.
    Secrets: 1/1
    Pickups: 8/8; 4 Ankh of vitality, 2 Flamelance, Warding, Black spiritsword.
    Possible strategy: Leave the ankhs in place until you kill Vilefor.  Pick them
    up before exiting, after potioning your health to 100, so you have ample health
    to fight Melkor with in the next level.  This can give you 500 health going in!
    GETTING THE SPIRITSWORD: When running around, don't just take a straight line.
    Zigzag around a bit to avoid the mines he spits out.  When they glow red, stay
    back until they blow.  Also, when you trigger a door, run around a bit while
    waiting for it to open to avoid getting blasted.  First, go to the far right
    corner and pull the trigger by the moveable wall.  Enter it and take the lift
    up.  Grab the ankh and pull the switch on the wall, then ride the lift back
    down.  Exit and run to the right tower.  Open the door and ride the lift up to
    the middle level.  The back wall is now open.  Get the ankh and pull the gold
    switch.  Exit and run to the left tower.  Open the door and take the lift to the
    very top.  Beside the door, pull the switch.  Inside by the lift one side wall
    is open now.  Pull the switch but immediately move to the corner with the
    flamelance to avoid the arrow trap.  Cross over and pull the other gold switch.
    Now use the top level to run to the starting tower, in the front of the room.
    In there, pull the switch.  The floors will crumble, putting you back at the
    starting point without hurting you.  Run to the far tower, and ride to the top,
    where the rear wall is open to reveal the last gold switch.  Pull it to raise
    the spiritsword.  Get it.  If you haven't already, open the left moveable wall
    and take the lift up to another flamelance.
    FIGHTING THE DRAGON: If you want to, use the fireball cannons on the second
    level to weaken Vilefor, but it's difficult to get them to connect, and in the
    meanwhile you're vulnerable to his mines.  On the ground, run around avoiding
    the hazards until he lands, then get in close and hack away at his belly.  Stay
    close or his bites will hurt you bad.  It'll take more than one round with the
    spiritsword to kill him.  He'll take off and fly around some more in between
    melee sessions.  Take some shots at him with the flamelance if you want, but
    never take more than a few without moving, to avoid his mines.  When he's dead,
    the exit is on the ground floor in the rear tower.  [SECRET 1] In the exit room,
    the wall on the left made of squares opens to reveal a secret treasure room.
    Take the red lift to exit.
    IV. Melkor                                                 Walkthrough Dragon IV
    Kills: 1/1; Melkor.
    Secrets: 0/0
    Pickups: 20/28; 4 Rocket, Speed, Flamelance, 2 Charm of icy cool, Gold key,
                    2 Anti-magic charm, 3 Ankh of vitality, 2 Warding, 2 Strength,
                    2 Red sword.
    ENTERING THE ARENA: Pull the lever by the left wall to open it (note: as soon as
    you do so, the save point vanishes).  Run around the rim until you approach the
    rocket.  Stop right on it as a block falls in front, then immediately behind
    you.  Climb over the one in front and pull the switch on the other side.  Climb
    back over both and run back to the entrance, where the right wall is now open.
    Follow that rim.  Notice the blocks above, which don't extend to the edge of the
    path.  Stay on the outside to avoid them.  Get the silver key and run right
    through to avoid the final block.  Run back all the way to the left and pull the
    silver switch to open the wall beside it.  Enter here and take the lift behind
    the gate down.  Run and jump once you're on the crumbling floors to clear them.
    In the room, pull the switch on the wall, then climb the block that lowered to
    the next switch.  Enter the room it opens.  Notice that the lock by the fireball
    spouts is open.  Pull the wooden lever diagonal from them to lock them, then
    pull the switch.  Enter the space it opens and pull that switch.  Back outside,
    along the opposite wall, climb to the top of the second block from the side
    closest to where you entered this area and pull the top switch.  Re-enter the
    red room and get the gold key in the section that opened.  Use it on the gold
    skull-marked wall.  Line yourself up with the passage, back up as far as you
    can, and run and jump from the end of the first crumbling floor to avoid a spiky
    death.  Go out the door to the arena.
    IN THE ARENA: Run around to get the charm and the ankh.  Take any teleporter
    down to the next level.  Run around again to get the rockets and red key, but
    you don't need to enter the red door.  You can still get a red sword on the
    bottom level.  Use the forward teleporters to move to the middle platform, then
    the teleporter there to get to the bottom.  On the bottom, the 4 switches on the
    pillars each trigger a magic attack that will hurt Melkor only if he's close to
    the center platform.  Basically, you want to wait until he lands on the
    platform, then teleport to it, and either teleport to the ground and pull a
    switch, or take him face on.  If you do so, you want the red sword, and also use
    warding, strength, speed, and whatever else you want.  Get in close, slightly to
    the side of his head, and hack with the sword.  Melkor's very good at biting and
    slashing you with his claws.  He doesn't really have a blind spot like the other
    dragons.  Your best bet is to hit him a couple times then retreat to the
    teleporter.  If he catches you in a series of bites, back out as quick as you
    can and reposition yourself, or else your health will vanish quickly.  Once he's
    dead, it's all over.
                                     6. CODES
    LEVEL SELECT: From the opening screen, before you load a game, enter the
    following button combination:
                 L1, R1, Triangle, Triangle, Square, O, R1, L1
    If entered correctly, you will hear the warp sound.  You can now choose the
    "load game" skull and select any of the levels, the same way you can once you
    clear them.  Remember that you start with only the basic equipment.  If the code
    doesn't work, try it without a memory card with a DD save on it.
                                   7. CLOSING
    Why version 0.99?
      I consider this guide only about 99% complete at this time.  There are a
    couple of secrets I missed, and some minor bits of info I want to add, like how
    much of each type of ammo you get from each pickup.  I may or may not post an
    update eventually.  Right now I'm pretty burnt out on Deathtrap Dungeon.
      As stated in the introduction, I am always open to contributions, comments,
    suggestions, and requests for additional help related to this guide.  A better
    ASCII art header would be very welcome too.  Please direct correspondence to
    syonyx_faqs at yahoo dot com.
      And to see my other work, check out my gamefaqs contributor page at:
    Thanks for reading and playing!
    Syonyx 2003, 2004.

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