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"One of the worst games I've ever played"

Deathtrap Dungeon. The name should give it away.
Based off of Ian Livingstone's "Fighting Fantasy" Books, (which, although I've never heard of them, sounds like a D&D ripoff) this game takes the pen & paper
game & puts it into a videogame.

The basic story is that you are a warrior who has ventured into the town of Fang, where the twisted king has designed a dungeon full of traps that he throws traitors & other criminals into. Nobody has ever escaped from it (aside from the goofy looking guy in the intro who makes it back to a tavern SOMEHOW.) This evil king also is a gambling man who has devised a challenge. If a foreign warrior gets through and defeats the evil dragon at the very end, the victor would recieve 10,000 gold (Actually, the intro screws up again. In the manual, it says 10000 gold, but in the intro, the VO says 'riches beyond their wildest dreams.) That is basically the setup for almost every other fantasy game of its time. Go in, kill stuff. The same rehashed formula again.

Okay, so you put the game in, start a new one, and start playing, or whatever you want to call it. Now, I don't remember which category I should start on first, because when you start playing, all of the standard categories that games are graded on just leap out and say "I suck!"

The graphics are horrific. The old ATARI classic 'Pitfall' has better graphics. I'm not even joking. Okay, maybe that's not fair to compare a classic to this. This game is 3d (woo-hoo) but that's the only thing going for it, because all the textures are jagged, 8-bit color, they change angles frequently (kind of like all the other EIDOS games.) The characters are modeled poorly, and the frame rate sucks even when you are the only entity onscreen!!

What better music to play with bad graphics than bad music. I don't know who writes music at EIDOS, but whoever it is should be fired, if they haven't been already. The only music I liked from an EIDOS game would be the main theme from LOK:Soul Reaver, but I'm getting beside myself, this music blows.
And the sound is just as bad. The best sound you'll hear out of this game is the voiceover in the intro.

Gameplay is a joke. You just hack and slash, like in every other action game. Normally, you would have different moves by pressing button combonations, using different items, etc. This game has one move: Hack. And the only button you have to hold to do it (that's right: you can HOLD the button and it'll swing your sword all you want) is X. Enemies pop up out of nowhere, the AI sucks. Most of the time, though, you'll be jumping, killing, and running around figuring out what switch flips what door open, and usually that door is clear across the level. I do give them brownie points for letting you be able to decapitate the trolls.

So there you go. If you are unlucky enough to have this game (thank goodness I got it for free along with 10 other games with my old PS) I think you'll agree. And if you don't have it, then keep it that way, for your own sake.

Gameplay:1.1 (1 + 0.1 brownie points for troll decapitations)
Overall: 1.5

Oh, and one more thing: the manual must've been for some completely different game, because nothing in it has so many mistakes in it.
The guy on the disc looks nothing like the guy you play as, and in the manual, it looks like he's holding a gun! In medieval times!!


Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 06/21/07

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