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"Don't rent, don't even buy!"

When I first stumbled into Deathtrap Dungeon, I thought I would be spending my money on a quality game. Unfortunately, I was very wrong. When I first played it while I was testing it, I was enchanted. I thought of myself to be in an RPG-like realm. I was in Fang. I actually got addicted to the game (for two hours). I thought I would never play another game for the next week. And again, I'm wrong. I was having quite some fun in the beginning, but when the gates of the castle closed, that was when the frustration kicked in. The puzzles are a no-brainer yet extremely difficult to accomplish. The sound effects are quite hard to distinguish from one another and…. now before I bombard you with my complaints, I should familiarize you with the storyline of the game. It is the town of Fang, the town has been taken by the Red Dragon. The Count, Baron Sukumvitz, has decided that for the security of the villagers, the Dragon will be kept inside a dungeon. The Baron offers a reward to anyone who can come inside the dungeon, slay the dragon and return alive. The reward would be his weight, in gold! And for this reason, the dungeon has been filled with traps and hordes of other deadly monsters. The Dragon has shown no signs of disagreement, saying that he enjoys the sport. As brave mercenary, you will brave the dungeon, and try to beat the infamous Red Dragon. Cool, huh? I thought so when I first played.

Gameplay- 3/10
Deathtrap Dungeon is basically just another one of those lame Tomb Raider clones Eidos Interactive has been releasing since the success of the original TR series. You will really get stired of just slashing and hacking everything else. The puzzles are quite easy, but it is very difficult to find the locations of switches and it is always laid out with a very Tomb Raider-like trap (like a rolling boulder) that is for some reason, very hard to evade. Your weapons are mostly made for close hand-to-hand combat, although there are arrows and weapons that work as a grenade launcher. Fighting here is quite hard and you will often end up on the losing side. It is also very difficult to stay alive with only a few health potions, and a LOT of enemies. The dungeons are large areas and it is difficult to find your way out without a map. Fortunately, the game tells you your objectives before every level, but it is still hard even with that help.

Graphics- 4/10
This is probably the strongest point of the game. The game contains a lot of eye candy, especially your enemies. You will battle many very interesting, medieval and mythical creatures ranging from ogres to orcs, from goblins to Medusa, and of course, the Red Dragon (not to mention the great amount of blood and gore). But unfortunately, the screen is almost always dark and fire is the only light source you have inside the dungeon. It is hard to see what is going on, thus, you often miss hard to find switches. It's also hard to fight in the dark. Maybe the echoing laughter of the goblins can warn you of their approach, but once they find you and you are in the dark, you will more likely find yourself killed.

Sound- 4/10
The sound becomes a real nuisance. The enemies' moans and laughter isn't scary, it is annoying. Most sounds seem very identical to each other. It's hard to distinguish a certain sound, which is to your disadvantage because the screen is often dark and the sounds of the creatures are the only warnings you often get. The sounds produced by traps are loud and very uncomfortable to hear.

Overall, the game is not that bad, but not even good either. It is very mediocre, I don't even think many guys around even know about this game. Don't buy, don't even rent, borrow from a friend.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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